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Sneak Peek! Rey (Starkiller Base) - TBS6 [P3] - Kmart Exclusive

Posted by Paul | April 27, 2016 at 08:56 PM EST |

The review is coming tomorrow morning, but you can check out the full gallery and the Collector Notes now. Check out the Kmart exclusive Rey (Starkiller Base) The Black Series [Phase III] 6" figure HERE.

Sneak Peek: Takodana Encounter Multipack - The Force Awakens

Posted by Paul | April 05, 2016 at 07:53 PM EST |

Right now check out a sneak peek look at the Takodana Encounter multipack. The full review is coming tomorrow, but you can check out the full photo gallery now! We wish to thank Litzy Public Relations and Hasbro for their generous assistance getting us this advanced copy to share with our readers. Check it out HERE!


We Reach 2500 RDRs Tomorrow! And We Want To Thank You!

Posted by Paul | March 26, 2016 at 11:31 AM EST |

I honestly don't know where the last (nearly) seven (7) years has gone. But as of tomorrow, JTA will reach 2500 reviews in our database: a review every single day since May 24, 2009. Since its inception, we've amassed just shy of 11 million views in the database. That's astounding to us and I am very thankful. With all landmarks, we like to celebrate them by either introducing new categories or showcasing a truly special item. So for tomorrow, we're going to open up a brand new category of Star Wars figures that our readers have been asking us to review for a while now. Be sure to stop by tomorrow to check out the new category of reviews that we will be adding, and be sure to always comment and reminisce with us on the previous items already reviewed. I want to personally thank all of our readers who have made the column what it is today. From the emails received to the comments posted, it's nice to get the encouraging feedback from you. I am thankful for the breadth of readership we have, from fans all over the globe including non-English speaking countries, from Star Wars actors to product licensees, from doctors to neurosurgeons, from lawyers to arbitrators, from professionals to homemakers, from scholars and professors to editors from chefs to custodians, from unemployed to employed. You're all an equally special part of the JTA family and we're honored you share your time with us. Thank you!

We have had actors from the Star Wars films comment in our Research Droids Reviews comments before in the past. They've usually wanted to chime in about the toys Hasbro and other licensees made based on the characters they brought to life in the films. Now actor Mike Quinn, the man who played fan favorite Nien Nunb in both Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens adds his own two cents about The Force Awakens Build A Weapon Hasbro Nien Nunb figure, the correct height of the character, as well as his experiences working with George Lucas and JJ Abrams. Definitely check what he had to say!. And leave your own comments too!

Unkar Plutt: More Than Meets The Eye!

Posted by Paul | February 26, 2016 at 08:44 PM EST |

If you read our review and participated in the discussion in the comments for Unkar Plutt, you may have noticed a comment from a very important person revealed a special feature that was worked into the figure as an Easter egg to give a nod to a scene in the novel. Well, this is the deal. Unkar Plutt's swivel right forearm is removable and in its place you can attach the Build A Weapon part which helps put this novel storyline together. Pretty cool! It's always great to know the backstories to these action figures! Keep 'em coming! Check out the revised gallery and review HERE!

UPDATE: We have also learned from one of our Facebook readers that a supposed deleted scene exists where Chewbacca rips off Unkar's arm!

Check Out The Latest Two-Packs!

Posted by Paul | February 17, 2016 at 11:06 PM EST |

Reviews are coming soon, but you can check out full galleries and Collector Notes on the new First Order Snowtrooper Officer/Snap Wexley and Sidon Ithano/First Mate Quiggold Two-Pack sets!


An Early Look At Rey (Resistance Outfit) Build A Weapon Figure!

Posted by Paul | January 16, 2016 at 04:38 PM EST |

You want to see and know everything about the hugely controversial Rey (Resistance Outfit) Build A Weapon figure and see how it stacks up in The Force Awakens line? Of course you do! She is tomorrow's review, but check out the full photo gallery, review and Visual Guide right now!!

The FO Stormtrooper Gear Is Interchangeable!

Posted by Paul | January 10, 2016 at 06:32 PM EST |

We have some good news to report. As expected, the extra gear from the First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper and the First Order Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper fits perfectly on the super-articulated First Order Stormtrooper figure from The Black Series [Phase III] Walmart exclusive line. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we review the Amazon exclusive set in its entirety and provide over 80 images for your perusal.


Droid Factory Four-Pack Astromech Droids Have Different Names

Posted by Paul | January 05, 2016 at 06:24 AM EST |

In November, Disney released a pretty swift astromech droid four-pack. On the back of the packaging, it gave collectors indication that all four characters would make an appearance in The Force Awakens. As with anything we're told, many of us were skeptical about this. After all, save for one R0-4LO, the rest either looked like or had names to droids we saw throughout the Star Wars saga. But the packaging was right. All four can be seen in Episode VII (mostly in Resistance scenes). After receiving, The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary a couple days ago, I discovered that so far half of these droids actually have different names. Perhaps their memory systems were wiped out somewhere within the Star Wars timeline and ultimately given new identifies. Click through to see a breakdown of what we just learned.

The Black Series 6" Wave 3 Sneak Peek!

Posted by Paul | December 11, 2015 at 10:22 PM EST |

And here is a sneak peek at The Black Series [Phase III] wave 3! These are coming very soon to our daily RDRs!


WARNING! We have reviews and image galleries ready for the First Order Flametrooper and Finn (FN-2187) TBS6 figures, but there are HUGE spoilers in the text for Finn (FN-2187) so we're warning you now – it's a big one! You have been warned! Anyway, for those brave enough, enjoy the very first sneak peek look at these wonderful new figures!


Walmart Exclusive The Black Series 3.75" Wave 3 Sneak Peek!

Posted by Paul | December 09, 2015 at 09:33 PM EST |

We have been sitting on these figures for two days because we received the TBS6 Han Solo and Jango Fett wave unexpectedly sooner. Straight from China, check out the Walmart exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] wave 3 figures in our RDRs right now. Reviews are coming very, very soon. Oh, and so is Han Solo.


PLEASE NOTE: Removing our watermarks from our images and placing them on other message boards and/or eBay is a violation of our image use policy and is subject to action.

We're working on the reviews now, but in the meantime enjoy full galleries and Collector Notes on 2016's The Black Series [Phase III] Han Solo (Episode VII) and Jango Fett (Battle of Geonosis) 6" figures. We sincerely thank our wonderful source for getting us these samples early!

How You Can Win Entertainment Earth's Imperial Forces TBS6 4-Pack!

Posted by Paul | November 30, 2015 at 05:57 PM EST |

The Entertainment Earth exclusive "Imperial Forces" four-pack is arriving on doorsteps. Thanks to all of our eager readers for writing in letting us know theirs have arrived too! With special thanks to Entertainment Earth, we have also received our sample today! Our photo gallery and review are moments from being completed. More importantly, we are also teaming up with Entertainment Earth to give one of our special readers (from the USA and/or Canada only) one of these awesome sets for FREE. Find out how tomorrow!


TBS 3.75 Walmart Exclusive Wave 2 Full Photo Galleries And Reviews!

Posted by Paul | November 23, 2015 at 08:58 PM EST |

Check out complete reviews and photo galleries of The Black Series [Phase III] Walmart exclusive wave 2 figures right now in our Research Droids Reviews!! Some of the content needs some tweaking, but we wanted to get these out to you as soon as possible. Enjoy! Thanks to all who were involved to get us these samples as soon as possible.


Walgreens Exclusive Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath) Sneak Peek!

Posted by Paul | November 17, 2015 at 09:11 PM EST |

The review is coming tomorrow, but you can get a sneak peek at the gallery and Collector Notes right now HERE. Check out Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath) Walgreens exclusive from The Black Series [P3] 6" line!

See The Amazon Exclusive TBS6 Four-Pack Gallery And Review RIGHT NOW!

Posted by Paul | November 08, 2015 at 07:52 PM EST |

Get a sneak peek of the Amazon exclusive "unnamed" The Black Series [Phase III] Phase I Clone Trooper Commander/Phase II Clone Trooper/Imperial Stormtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper Officer multipack right now. It's tomorrow's review, but you can check it out now. For the record, it's nicer than we ever expected. CLICK HERE to check it out!


Today we are opening up a new Research Droids Reviews database, featuring miscellaneous reviews that don't quite fit into our main collectible-based database. We've worked hard to make this new database different enough from our Core database (this time with a bronze theme), yet similar enough so you can still follow along with the format that you are used to. This will act as a companion database, featuring (at first) reviews from both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels television shows. We've gone in and back-filled all of Mike Taber's reviews from the final The Clone Wars season (The Lost Mission episodes) and the first Season of Star Wars Rebels. This should give you plenty to peruse as we get ready to start adding new episodes of Star Wars Rebels this week!

Also, starting very soon, Mike is going to go back and review the first 5 seasons of The Clone Wars, in chronological order (as defined by This should be a fun way for everyone to revisit that awesome series! We will add these reviews during 'down time' when Star Wars Rebels is not airing.

What are you waiting for? Click through and start checking out the newest addition to Jedi Temple Archives ...and start adding your discussion on each episode!

First Order Snowtrooper Officer RDR Gallery Ready

Posted by Paul | October 09, 2015 at 10:39 PM EST |

We finished our gallery for the Toys R Us exclusive First Order Snowtrooper Officer. You can check out the images and Collector Notes right now if you wish. Click HERE to be taken there.


New TFA Photo Galleries Added: Sarco Plank, Asty And Droids Two-Pack!

Posted by Paul | September 17, 2015 at 10:16 PM EST |

We have added complete galleries and Collector Notes for X-wing Pilot Asty, Sarco Plank and the R2-D2/C-3PO Two-Pack: all from The Force Awakens line. Check them out!


New The Black Series [P3] 6-inch (Wave 2) Figures Added

Posted by Paul | September 13, 2015 at 05:05 PM EST |

We just added photo galleries and collector notes for the following The Black Series [Phase III] 6" figures. Check out new images for the Guavian Enforcer, Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron.


More And More Stuff Is Getting Added To Our RDRs....

Posted by Paul | September 12, 2015 at 05:56 PM EST |

This is just another reminder to keep checking out The Force Awakens RDR databse because stuff is continually being added. We just added the Darth Vader/Ahsoka Tano two-pack and the BB-8/Unkar's Thug/Jakku Scavenger three-pack.

New Hasbro Star Wars Stuff - See Them As We Add Them!

Posted by Paul | September 08, 2015 at 12:36 PM EST |

Many of you have figured this out already by going through the back door, but new Photo Galleries and Collector Notes are available to peruse in our Research Droids Reviews database of the latest Hasbro products. Because we only post one new item per day in this column, it will literally be the end of the month (and perhaps significantly after) before we get through everything. Feel free to check out the new products as they're added from The Force Awakens line and The Black Series [Phase III] lines. Thank you!

It all began this month 20 years ago!

First Order Stormtrooper Review And Images Coming Soon!

Posted by Paul | June 29, 2015 at 09:45 PM EST |

Our First Order Stormtrooper has arrived on our doorstep! RDR and VG coming soon!

The Black Series 3.75" Wave 8 Recap (RDRs and VGs)

Posted by Paul | June 13, 2015 at 02:32 PM EST |

It's a wrap! We have concluded our exclusive look at wave 8 of The Black Series 3.75" line. In case you missed any RDR or VG entry, click through for the complete summary!

What Have We Here?

Posted by Paul | June 06, 2015 at 02:17 PM EST |

Come back tomorrow to find out!

TBS [P2] Wave 7 Stormtrooper (#08) IS NOT A Straight Repack!

Posted by Paul | May 19, 2015 at 07:48 PM EST |

Well blow me down! To my shock, I just learned that 2015's The Black Series [Phase II] Stormtrooper is NOT a straight repack of 2013's The Black Series [Phase I] Stormtrooper (#13) figure. Besides a much better and cleaner paint job, Hasbro has also added some missing paint operations on the abdomen area (and one or two other spots as well). But the biggest change? Hasbro took the 2004 VOTC Stormtrooper portrait, slightly tooled the way it attaches to the ball-socket joint and has given this figure an all-new head sculpt. It looks SO MUCH better than the Sandtrooper head sculpt, so this was a major plus. The only remaining disappointment now is the slot in the back for a survival backpack. Why must Hasbro do these upgrades so incrementally? We think that this is now the best Stormtrooper money can buy. We will be placing orders for many more! The review to this figure will be coming shortly to our RDRs, but I thought you would like to know about this potential quantity-ordering altering news. Oh, and they changed his number from #15 to #08 to make the sequence (right now) gap free thanks to the cancelled indefinitely postponed Princess Leia Organa (Yavin Ceremony) figure.

A Quick Look At The Figures That Make Up Legacy Collection [2]

Posted by Paul | May 16, 2015 at 09:22 PM EST |

We have added a few if the figures to our RDRs index from the Legacy Collection [2] non-Amazon exclusives wave. Check out the cool cardbacks and revisit our thoughts about these figures.


We have a sneak peek for you today of The Black Series wave 8 Commander Thorn and Jawas. We're not adding them to the RDRs right now because we don't have the whole wave and the Jawas are incomplete. Again, these are samples from eBay seller viperskingdom. In short, Commander Thorn is very nice. The deco is great and the articulation is all there. However, we are more impressed with the Jawas. We have new definitive Jawas (take your pick on which one). The sculpts are excellent and the details are pure perfection. (They just need a dirty final wash.) Both are missing the smaller silver guns, but both have the ionization blasters. Although separately sculpted parts, the bandoliers are glued to both Jawas and are not removable. Both Jawas have no articulation below the swivel waists.

Review_CommanderThornJawasSneakPeek006  Review_CommanderThornJawasSneakPeek005  Review_CommanderThornJawasSneakPeek014  Review_CommanderThornJawasSneakPeek018

Commander Jorg Sacul (Rebel Pilot) RDR Gallery Ready

Posted by Paul | May 05, 2015 at 09:27 PM EST |

We finally have our Commander Jorg Sacul (Rebel Pilot) gallery ready. Click through to see the MIA gallery or check out the review HERE in its entirety.

Review_CommanderJorgSaculRebelPilotSWS001  Review_CommanderJorgSaculRebelPilotSWS003  Review_CommanderJorgSaculRebelPilotSWS012  Review_CommanderJorgSaculRebelPilotSWS016

An Advanced Look At The Black Series Wave 7: 3.75" Scale

Posted by Paul | April 10, 2015 at 11:43 PM EST |

We have an advanced look for you at wave 7 of The Black Series 3.75" line. Full disclosure: these samples have all been procured from eBay seller viperskingdom. This is the first time we have ever added these types of figures into our RDRs. But with literally nothing new to review and the Star Wars line in the state it is in it felt right to add them in this manner. Hopefully it will remain an exception. If final production samples vary greatly, we will add updates later and apprise you of all the changes. Reviews are coming shortly, but in a nutshell Chewbacca is the BEST A New Hope version of the character we have received. Darth Vader (Dagobah Test) came out incredibly better than we had anticipated. Commander Wolffe is a dream come true sculpt wise, but a horrid nightmare when it comes to his scale. Commander Doom and Captain Rex are also decent action figures that share many similar parts. They do however each have issues of their own. We'll get to all the details soon when the reviews go live starting tomorrow! Enjoy the advanced look in the meantime!


Rebels Saga Legends Wave 4 Early Sneak Peek!

Posted by Paul | March 24, 2015 at 01:44 PM EST |

Here is an exclusive early look at Rebels Saga Legends wave 4. Click any of the thumbnails below to check out the Endor gang and the awful dreadful Bly.


Early Look At Rebels Mission Series Wave 3

Posted by Paul | March 17, 2015 at 12:46 PM EST |

Check out early and partially edited photo galleries of the Rebels Mission Series wave 3 assortment in our Research Droids Reviews right now!


Here Is Your Sneak Peek!

Posted by Paul | March 16, 2015 at 07:22 PM EST |

Coming soon to RDRs! It starts tomorrow!

Rebels Toys: You Sure Talk About Them A Lot!

Posted by Paul | March 16, 2015 at 05:39 PM EST |

Thank you! We have been amazed by the interaction our readers have been giving our recent RDRs on the new Rebels products we have added recently. Would you believe we have over 4700 unique visits with many of you coming back to banter back and forth with others again and again in our comments just this past week? There has been a great deal interest in Saga Legends waves 2 and 3 and especially today's Imperial Troop Transport vehicle. We are thrilled that we are able to provide this environment for our readers to have these discussions. No matter your position on simply articulated figures and vehicles, you have to admit that they're conversation starters! We say all this to let you know that WE HAVE MORE SURPRISES COMING! You may get a sneak peek tonight, but if not, be sure to come back tomorrow to let the discussions continue!

UPDATE: Sneak Peek! Rebels Mission Series Wave 2

Posted by Paul | February 10, 2015 at 11:50 PM EST |

Our Rebels Mission Series wave 2 figures have arrived and we're adding them to our RDRs as we speak. More are on the way, but keep checking back as we still have a few more sets to add. Reviews will be forthcoming, but what you should know right off the bat is that Hasbro has significantly improved their quality control issues. These figures look great despite their minimal articulation. This is a huge step forward, whether you're pro or con 5POA (and less).


UPDATE: Original Trilogy sets now added!

Coming Very Shortly To RDRs

Posted by Paul | January 12, 2015 at 10:39 AM EST |

They're not your mother's or father's action figures....

Rebels RDRs Coming Soon, But You Can Check Some Out Now Early....

Posted by Paul | November 22, 2014 at 09:50 PM EST |

We're still in the middle of our Hasbro tribute in our RDRs, but we will indeed be getting to the Rebels figures on or around Thanksgiving after we finish it up. You can however check out some of our reviews on these items right now by checking the Rebels category page in our index. Click the image below for more.

Starting Today In FlashBack Reviews!

Posted by Paul | November 19, 2014 at 08:57 AM EST |

As wonderful as it is to reflect back on the modern Hasbro Star Wars line since its inception in 1995, there was one period of time that had changed our collecting minds forever. It's now time to "FlashBack" to an era we wish we all could return to because it was the greatest collection of figures Hasbro had ever put together for us. Because of this collection, the collecting community had never been happier, nor more invested in what Hasbro was doing at the time. It had its bumps and bruises, but overall was a success. And it brought back people who stopped collecting years earlier. Hasbro says they'd love to return to it one day, but very few of us are patient enough to wait to see if this comes to pass. So we will show our love and support for the greatest Star Wars basic figure line ever created by revisiting it one by one in our FlashBack Reviews. We knew you were waiting for this and now is the time. And we've made you wait long enough. The first FlashBack Review in this collection starts today!

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