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Toy Fair 2012 - JTA Asks Your Questions - Hasbro Answers Them!

Posted by Paul | February 11, 2012 at 08:35 PM ET

We had an overwhelming response to our post asking our readers what questions you wanted to have answered by Hasbro. It was a very difficult finding time to speak to Hasbro officials, but we did manage to get a few snippets of information for you. (And some of the answers are actually hopeful!) Click through to see if your question got addressed, and if you didn't ask one, see what other asked and the answers that await them!!

Q: Are there plans to reissue ahsoka (cw44), the armored savage opress, or commander bly.

Hasbro: Ahsoka (CW44) will NOT be rereleased. The realistic version of her is coming in The Vintage Collection and should serve as the replacement. Hasbro realizes that not enough of that wave made it to retail. Often production of figures changes on the fly and Hasbro had to make quick decisions with this wave at the factory level to ensure that it even got released. What is out there is out there. "Armored" Savage Opress will be rereleased. The availability of the rerelease it TBD. Hasbro realizes that Commander Bly could stand another chance at retail, but they are limited with how many can be slotted per year and right now Bly is not on their radar, but they will keep him in mind for the future.

Q: Would you make a movie asajj ventress and bring back durge?

Hasbro: We love the original and Tartakovsky series Clone Wars but none of the characters are remotely in the parking lot because the focus is elsewhere for now. (Editor's Note: A realistically styled Asajj Ventress based on her look in Filoni's The Clone Wars is very possible.)

Q: If Jocasta Nu doesn't win the current fan choice poll and comes in 2nd place again, will you just make her figure for next years AOTC release ?? It's the perfect time for her. She always ranks high in the polls. Use some of the money you make from all the simple clone repaints and get her done.

Hasbro: (Editor's Note: Hasbro let it slip to us that Jocasta Nu did indeed come in second place for the Fans' Choice poll this year.) If we did tool and release a Jocasta Nu figure, January 2013 would make the most sense to do that. (Smirks)

Q: Will we see updated versions of Nute Gunray and Rune Haako this year, considering the stupendous job you recently did on Daultay Dofine? Yes and it would be a great chance to release Gunray's mecho chair as well!

Hasbro: No. The Neimoidians are such a niche fan-favorite species that we would would expend our time and energy making never-before-released characters like Tey How. Tey How would be the next one we would attack.

Q: Is a Vintage Collection version of the Max Rebo Band planned? I think a set of the original 3 members would look nice with the Vintage Collection Jabba/Oola/Salacious Crumb set. Preferably in Vintage style packaging. Bring on the Rebo Band, and please let Sy be based on the original 1983 puppet.

Hasbro: (Editor's Note: Hasbro's eyes light up.) No, but that would make a really great exclusive. We will have to write that one down for consideration.

Q: Is the astromech droid family going to grow larger? And if so, what sculpt is it going to be the definitive? The BAD sculpt or the R4-G9 one?

Hasbro: We love the sculpt but nothing more is planned to use this sculpt in 2012. It's definitely a possibility for 2013.

Q: Aside from the delayed Dr Evazan, can we expect anymore Cantina Patrons in 2012? Sign me up for Takeel, Yerka Mig and Arliel Schous.

Hasbro: Unfortunately nothing more is planned for 2012, but we can assure you that a lot of characters from the Cantina (my personal favorite scene from Episode IV) are in the workds for 2013.

Q: Absolutely absolutely please ask about the Tonnika Sisters situation. How can they appear in a VW superbowl ad but not be made into figures? Is this some sort of legal way around getting them made? If so, AWESOME, but if not, why even let the commercial be made and tease and slap the fact that we can't have them made as action figures in our faces? Something to that affect. Please just ask about their status as figures. Couldn't Hasbro just make the likeness more generic and release them as "Cantina Patrons" in the way they called Captain Fordo "ARC Trooper Commander"?


Well yeah, don't forget the upcoming Brea & Senni Tonnika. I mean they must be making them right... RIGHT! They have to. They're all over the small screen (Clone Wars and VW commercial). Just think of the millions of [Super Bowl] viewers that these two hotties were just dangled in front of (and the millions of dollers spent to surreptitiously get these two out of the shadows and into the limelight). So there must be a greater cause then just selling more Beetles, right... RIGHT?!!

Hasbro: They're not coming and we will not be able to make these figures.

Q: Many collectors have been frantically searching for the SOTDS Mandalorian Assault Transport at both retail and online stores. I believe the vehicle only saw release in Canada and know that it commands a hefty sum online. Does Hasbro have any plans to reissue this awesome vehicle to US collectors?

Hasbro: The Mandalorian Assault Transport unfortunately did not make it out in time. Retail has discontinued the Shadow Of The Dark Side phase of The Clone Wars line so there isn't a place for it on shelves now. Orders placed through Entertainment Earth should be fulfilled. That may be your best bet for this vehicle because this vehicle has not been considered for release anytime in the near future.

Q: Why are there more Sandtroopers and Ep. III clones on the 2012 carry-forward list?

Hasbro: These are new figures added to The Vintage Collection. The Sandtrooper is a new sculpt and is dirty and has an orange pauldron and the Episode III clone trooper is a SHock Trooper, new to The Vintage Collection.

Q: In the cadre of the Lucas as stormtrooper and the Lucas family figure set would Hasbro consider making a special edition set unmasking the characters of Star Wars, namely Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mahew Dave Prowse and Warwick Davis. Hasbro could use already existing workable sculpts of the figures and tool new heads or masks with the faces of the actors underneath. For instance you could lift off the head dome of R2-D2 and find the head of Kenny Baker smiling up from inside the droid. You could take Darth Vader's mask off VC-06 to see the face of Dave Prowse, etc.

Hasbro: We had long ago brought this concept to Lucasfilm and it was rejected. We have also come to accept that kids are not interested in seeing the actor who played the character. And we don't think there is enough of a collector market to support it either. But that's moot anyway since we're unable to pursue it further thanks to Lucasfilm axing the concept.

Q: Please confirm that the Gammies are coming.

Hasbro: Plenty are coming.

Q: Will the Scuba trooper be available separate form the sub?

Hasbro: No. You can pretty much bank that a figure released in the Class 1 line is exclusive to that vehicle. It helps promote interest in the line. There are reasons that "new" figures are packaged exclusively with these mini-rig type vehicles.

Q: Really impressed with the pod racing characters this year. Any chance we'll see an updated Sebulba? The POTJ figure just doesn't cut it! He could really benefit with more articulation and modern sculpting aesthetics - also he'd be great to go along with the re-release of his pod racer.

Hasbro: Don't quote us on this, but Sebulba is on our radar for an all-new sculpt.

Q: Will any Republic Gunships be released? TIE Fighters? AT-TE? It's great seeing Slave 1, the AT-AT, the MTT, and many other vehicles being reissued and released; but what about the Republic Gunships? We haven't seen them on store shelves since 2009!

Hasbro: A new Republic Gunship is on our radar. (Editor's Note: Please let it be the Bad Kitty!)

Q: Paul, maybe you could ask them where we currently stand on seeing a proper Ep. V repaint of Slave I from The Rise Of Boba Fett Ultimate Battle Pack.

Hasbro: (Editor's Note: The looks on their faces made them guilty as sin.) An Episode V release of this Slave I is possible.

Q: what ever came of the Darth Vader Funeral Pyre? will it ever get to be produced or is it dead in the water???

Hasbro: There are no plans to release this item.


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