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Ahsoka Tano With Rotta (The Clone Wars) - Maquettes

Name: Ahsoka Tano With Rotta (The Clone Wars)
Number: Item No. 11669
Edition Size: 1300
Source: The Clone Wars
Availability: October 2009
License: Gentle Giant, Ltd.

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Ahsoka Tano is assigned to be Anakin Skywalker's Padawan. She graduated to Padawan at an early age, in part, as an effort by Master Yoda to teach her new Master, Anakin Skywalker, a greater sense of responsibility, but it was also necessitated by the Clone Wars. Regardless the reason for her advancement, Ahsoka remained eager, almost overly so, to prove herself worthy of her status as a Padawan.

When The Clone Wars plot was announced and revealed that Jabba The Hutt’s son was kidnapped, many became worried about how trivial the film was going to be overall. To be honest, it was a valid concern. Kidnapping has become part of the Jedi’s business now? Despite the initial fears, this part of the plot line actually became an interesting and important part of the film to help explain why Jabba The Hutt developed such a distaste for Jedi, like Luke Skywalker in particular. (And this was all based on the Sith's deception, a lie, and not the true acts of the Jedi.) Ahsoka Tano, a new Togruta character introduced in the film, played a viable role in the transportation of this stinky Huttlet and through her adventurous travels became another favorite character in The Clone Wars film. Gentle Giant Ltd.. captures Ahsoka Tano With Rotta beautifully in their popular Maquettes line and we think it’s one of the finest produced to date.

The sculpt for the Ahsoka Tano With Rotta Maquette is quite perfect in every way. Not only have they mastered her likeness perfectly well, but they have also captured her affect and mannerisms brilliantly. The facial features, patterns and overall shape of her physique is just astounding. Ahsoka approaches things in a crouching manner with her lightsaber at her side (or held in her hand in that unique position) and that’s exactly what is represented here in this high end collectible. The sculpt of Ashoka With Rotta is truly flawless. And what makes the piece even better is an immaculate paint job which brings to the table the character and personality that makes her such an enjoyable Star Wars character. It takes time to configure a three-dimensional rendering of a character on a two-dimensional screen, but more difficult to apply to a statue. But Gentle Giant Ltd.. has effortlessly achieved this brilliantly. Have no fears because Gentle Giant Ltd..’s artists have done a magnificent job on the Maquette and it’s quite amazing to see how realistic it looks, even if it’s based on an animated 3D model.

Gentle Giant’s artists have managed to capture the imperfections of various dirt marks on her outfit (especially in the off-white pants) and the glistening sparkle in her eye. He skin color is the exact shade you would have hoped for and her lightsaber hilt and blade are dead ringers to what you see in the television show every week. Rotta is also expertly designed and painted. Multiple shades of color were used to bring his organic and pudgy structure to life. Rotta looks concernedly relaxed in the backpack resting against Ahsoka’s dorsal side. His eyes are bright and full of life as if he knows the young Padawn is there to take care of his every need and get him back into the safety of his father’s arms. but while he seems trusting of Ahsoka's care, he also seems perplexed on where the nextsteps of his adventure will lead him. The Ahsoka Tano With Rotta Maquette is a modern day work of art. If you’re into the Maquettes line, you’ll absolutely need this one for sure. It's absolutely gorgeous and well made.


Gentle Giant Ltd..
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Added: July 20, 2011
Category: Maquettes
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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