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1:6 Scale Figures

Greedo (Bounty Hunter) - Scum & Villainy - 1:6 Scale Figures

Name: Greedo (Bounty Hunter)
Collection: Scum & Villainy
Number: Item #21331
Edition Size: 750 (Exclusive) 1977 (Regular)
Scale: 1:6 Scale Figures
Source: A New Hope
Availability: December 2010
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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It’s becoming mind-blowing at this point how Sideshow Collectibles is able to make the next 12” figure better than the previous ones. The Militaries Of Star Wars line has been heavily milked in the last couple of years (all with wonderful results) and some of the other collections have been left on the backburner for quite some time. Specifically, they left the Scum & Villainy collection hanging for way too long but thankfully brought it back with a vengeance with the release of Greedo (Bounty Hunter) just in time for Christmas 2010. The figure supersedes every stringent standard Sideshow has in place for their figures and for the very first time, the Prometheus body type has been perfected in ways we never expected. With each release, the body types they use seem to get improved, but it appears as if Sideshow has mastered them now. Greedo has the tightest joints of any 12” figure to date and he can maintain any pose you wish. And Sideshow has found ways to incorporate realistic details in the costumes, skin type and accessories that have always been great in the past, but have been brought to a new and incredibly better level here. The head sculpt of the 12” Greedo is simply amazing. It’s absolutely perfect in our estimation. You won’t find a better likeness of Greedo anywhere. From the transparently opaque metallic purple eyes to the very last “hair” in his Mohawk, Greedo is expertly recreated in one-sixth scale and this may just be the definitive Greedo collectible of all time. It’s much better than the Gentle Giant Ltd.. mini bust. And the colors and finer details like the paint applications and soft-goods are better than Hasbro’s 2006 VTSC Greedo action figure. We dare say it’s better than their life-size bust of Greedo, but it’s much easier to grab all of those fine details to an even higher level when a collectible is that large!

While we’re enthralled with every approach to this figure, we’re perhaps most impressed with how accurate Sideshow got all of the colors on Greedo, from his uniform to his more organic areas. The vest isn’t too light, his jumpsuit isn’t too dark and the yellow blood stripe going down the entire uniform is the perfect ribbed yellow. He is wearing a sateen suit that has just the right amount of sheen to it and then it is dulled by the yellow edging. And just like how we see him in the film, his uniform beautifully contrasts against his dark green skin and his purple eyes pull it all together. His boots seem to be mirrored from the Hasbro figure. They are the short gray boots where the hem of the pants tuck into them. It looks fantastic of course. Sideshow Collectibles included an interchangeable hand already posed with a gun and this is exactly the way we would have wanted this. His fingers are way to long to try to futz with putting a gun in them. And this way we don’t have to worry about breaking them. So this convention works beautifully. And even though the gun can’t be removed, it still “jiggles” in Greedo’s fingers adding extra authenticity that he is actually holding it and that it’s not just glued to his hands. If you remember the train wreck that was Hasbro’s 1997 JC Penney’s exclusive Greedo, well, there is obviously no comparison between these two figures, but it is such a pleasure to get a perfectly accurate 12” scaled version of Greedo into our collections. It really makes you appreciate how far we have come and how far technology has taken our collectibles. Greedo also comes with a removable blaster pistol that can be placed in his functioning holster and he also comes with a glass full of dark blue liquid that can be held in his “opened” hands very well. If you place the glass in between his “thumb” and his “first finger” it stays in place quite well! We’ve already mentioned how much we love the head sculpt, but we feel this cannot be addressed enough. This is absolutely 12” figure making at its finest.

But what about that exclusive accessory? Oh man do we absolutely love it! We honestly didn’t know how Sideshow Collectibles was going to approach the WANTED poster as far as what material they were going to use to manufacture it. Would it be cardboard? Would it be rolled up paper? No, it’s neither. Sideshow actually developed a stunning Plexiglas poster. It is shiny, thick and it glistens and the artwork on it is spectacular. It’s full of Aurebesh and symbols (like Jabba’s tattoo) that are strewn throughout the Star Wars universe and we loved spending the time seeing what Sideshow squeezed into this surface area. You’ll need to admire this pieces a few minutes in order to take in all of its artistic qualities too. While this WANTED poster was certainly off screen, we think it is a most perfect idea to include with Greedo, especially as an exclusive accessory. Sideshow can be hit or miss with exclusive accessories and this is one of our most favorites to date! It’s very believable and we kind of wish someone in George’s camp would have thought to include it in the film somewhere. (Maybe Sideshow Collectibles could influence this with this clever accessory in an upcoming Special Edition of A New Hope. Or is that blasphemy?) Greedo interacts marvelously with the previously released Mos Eisley Cantina 12” Figure Environment. The chairs have been designed to seat the 12” figures perfectly and this is especially true for Greedo. The table couldn’t be in better proportion with Greedo and this is important for recreating realism in collectibles from the films. And when you set it all up with Han Solo in the mix, well, it’s one spectacular diorama! (See our photo gallery to see this.) Greedo (Bounty Hunter) is the first Cantina alien in the 12” figure line. Momaw Nadon is coming soon and rumors abound that quite a few more are on the way too. Bring them on Sideshow! We can’t get enough! Greedo is amazing! And we want more amazing figures!

Greedo (Bounty Hunter)


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Added: December 23, 2010
Category: 1:6 Scale Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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