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December 2007

Big Bad Toy Store New Year's Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 30, 2007 at 09:06 PM ET |

    Hi - Happy New Year from BBTS! - here is a quick update from about our year-end sale, some new preorders, many more new arrivals, and thank-you note for a great year:

NEW YEAR'S SALE - 28% OFF FOR 2008:   Bring in the new year with deep discounts on everything we carry that is not marked as 'new' or 'preorder / backorder' - Thousands of items are in stock and listed at 28% Off! Browse through your favorite menus and start saving.

More 2008 Product Images at Rebelscum

Posted by Chuck | December 30, 2007 at 09:04 PM ET |

    Our Friends over at Rebelscum have gotten a hold of some images of a few rumored 2008 products: The Force Unleashed Battle Rancor and Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter. Stop by and check them out!

Brian's Toys Newsletter #443

Posted by Chuck | December 29, 2007 at 10:08 AM ET |

     New shipments of the Exclusive Battlefront II Clone & Droids Packs have arrived and are now in stock at Brian's Toys. Also new are the Sideshow 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi (A New Hope) and the Master Replicas Luke X-Wing Scaled Helmet.  Still looking for some awesome deals?  Our After Christmas Sale is going on until late January!  Don't forget to place a pre-order for the Luke Skywalker ROTJ Lightsaber V2, the LAST Star Wars item that was ever made from Master Replicas. The edition size was limited to 1,500.  For more great collectibles, head on over to for everything Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, and MOTU.

Brian's Toys

Up to 90% Off at Entertainment Earth's After Xmas Sale!

Posted by Chuck | December 28, 2007 at 10:59 AM ET |

     Make sure you stop by Entertainment Earth for their huge After Christmas blowout sale! They have some sweet deals going on, including a Gentle Giant Han Solo Statue for only $89.90 and some sweet Sideshow deals! Click here to check out all their hot deals, some up to 90% off!

Sideshow Collectibles - PF Anakin Now Available

Posted by Chuck | December 28, 2007 at 10:41 AM ET |

    Sideshow Collectibles has the previously announced Anakin Skywalker Premium Format Figure up for pre-order. Click here to get the exclusive version!

Star Wars Action News - Episode 122

Posted by Chuck | December 26, 2007 at 10:15 AM ET |

    We're sending out this newsletter one night late so that we at Star Wars Action News can wish all of you a very, very Merry Christmas and happy holidays. However, we don't want this to be a silent night, fill the silence with the latest episode of Star Wars Action News...

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Chuck | December 25, 2007 at 05:00 AM ET |

     Merry Christmas from everyone here at Jedi Temple Archives!

Hasbro's Questions & Answers #45

Posted by Chuck | December 22, 2007 at 01:53 PM ET |

    The Christmas edition of the Hasbro Q&A is now live...

Brian's Toys Newsletter #442

Posted by Chuck | December 22, 2007 at 01:47 PM ET |

    Christmas is finally upon us, and while it may be too late to get your shopping done, we have literally thousands of products discounted!  All Power of the Force 2, Power of the Jedi, and Episode I items are 15% Off! New this week, we have bobbleheads of Han Solo, greedo, and yoda.  Pre-orders of Wave 2 from the 2008 Collection are now up, along with the new Evolutions packs that include the Fett, Sith, and Jedi Legacy.  For more of the huge discounts we have or other great products, head on over to  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Brian's Toys

Sideshow Collectibles - Premium Format Anakin Skywalker

Posted by Chuck | December 21, 2007 at 09:44 AM ET |

    Sideshow Collectibles announces their lates Premium Format Figure: Anakin Skywalker from ROTS! They don't give too much away, but from what the hints they dropped and from what they show we should be getting the Sith version (or maybe the exclusive will come with a swappable head with Sith eyes?) Stop by and check out their sneak peak!

And, speaking of Premium Format Figures, EU customers get a second chance at the PF Boba Fett. There's only a few of these to go, so if you are on the fence about picking up this hightly detaild PFF, now's your chance!

The Force Unleashed at

Posted by Chuck | December 20, 2007 at 08:05 PM ET | has the 2008 wave 2 ready for pre-order, shipping in February. Stop by to check them out!

Gentle Giant R2-D2 Statue Shipping Update

Posted by Chuck | December 20, 2007 at 07:52 PM ET |

    Gentle Giant sends a small update concerning the December ship date of the R2-D2 Statue...

The R2-D2 statue originally scheduled to ship December 2007, is being canceled and will be resolicited.  At this time, we don’t know what the new ship date will be or if the pricing will remain the same, but as soon as we have new information, we will be posting it on our website and sending out an email.  For those members of our collectors club who have already placed a pre-order through our website and would like to keep your original pre-order, please confirm this AFTER the new information is sent out.

Gentle Giant Ltd.

Star Wars Action News - Episode 121

Posted by Chuck | December 20, 2007 at 12:10 AM ET |

    The year is winding down and our thoughts can't help but turn to the big Star Wars moments of 2008. 2008 will be a big year for Star Wars, and one of the first salvos Lucasfilm will be firing at your wallet is The Force Unleashed. Delayed from 2007, The Force Unleashed will be a game, a book, comics, toys, and more. Already some Force Unleashed items are appearing on shelves, the minis. Guest reviewer Darth Cheddar provides us a review of these items...

Curious about Hasbro's 2008 Plans?

Posted by Chuck | December 17, 2007 at 08:29 PM ET |

     Hasbro wants to remind everyone that everything may not be what it seems...

Documentary: The People vs. George Lucas

Posted by Chuck | December 16, 2007 at 08:38 PM ET |

    Director Alexandre wanted us to help spread the word about a new documentary titled The People vs. George Lucas. Click here for the details...

Urban-Collector Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 16, 2007 at 08:24 PM ET |

    Urban Collector has some great limited time specials for Star Wars Gentle Giant collectors! Stop by Urban Collector today and see what deals you might find!

ACPin Update: Tantive IV Boarded

Posted by Chuck | December 15, 2007 at 10:17 AM ET |

    The rebel troopers rush through the corridors of the Rebel Blockade Runner and take up positions in the main passageway. They nervously aim their weapons toward the door and suddenly a tremendous blast opens up a hole through the blast door... Stop by and check out the latest creation from those crafty guys at ACPin!

Brian's Toys Newsletter #441

Posted by Chuck | December 15, 2007 at 10:10 AM ET |

    Newsletter #441 introduces a new and modified look!  A more simple look and a table of contents to make it easy to jump around!  In other news, we have a complete set of vintage star wars comics which also includes annual issues and ROTJ comics.  30th Anniversary Wave 7 is now available for individual purchase.  We also have two great vitnage items in, a 12-back Takara Luke and Death Star Space Station, both graded AFA 85.   Finally, Brian's Toys has 12 new One of Each Clubs for all the die-hard collectors out there.  Become one of few people to receive your wave of figures first by joing the Premier Membership!  To learn more, check out!

Brian's Toys

Sideshow - 12'' Han Solo (Smuggler) Now Available

Posted by Chuck | December 14, 2007 at 02:56 PM ET |

    The PPO for Sideshow's latest 12" figure Han Solo (Smuggler Tatooine) is now live! Jump over and order yours before the exclusive version is all gone!

Sideshow - 12' Han Solo (Smuggler) Pre-Order Today

Posted by Chuck | December 14, 2007 at 07:00 AM ET |

    Don't forget... Today is the day for the PPO for the Han Solo (Smuggler Tatooine)! Classic Trilogy characters have sold out fast in the past, so if you want this one make sure to stop by Sideshow for their streamlined Pre-ordering, which kicks off at 1PM EST Today!

Urban-Collector Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 10, 2007 at 08:15 PM ET |

    December brings more New Arrivals and Pre-Orders to Urban-Collector. In addition, we've added a new section to our site for those that like finding products at great prices - appropriately titled 'UC Deals'. Check it out!

The Force Unleashed Multipacks Due Out at Walmart

Posted by Chuck | December 10, 2007 at 08:11 PM ET |

    It looks like those mysterious Stormtroopers from The Force Unleased that showed up loose over at belong to some new multi-packs exclusve to Walmart. Check them out right here.

Big Bad Toy Store Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 09, 2007 at 07:13 PM ET |

    Hi - Here is a quick update from about ~100 more new preorders and a wide variety of new arrivals, plus updates on many highly anticipated items arriving soon...

KSWCC National Charity Raffle Ends Soon

Posted by Chuck | December 08, 2007 at 02:38 PM ET |

    Our friends at KSWCC wanted us to remind everyone that there are still a few days left to enter their national raffle to win some very nice prizes, including a Studio Scale Master Replicas Millennium Falcon! Plus, the cost is now half of what it was before! All the details can be found here...

Brian's Toys Newsletter #440

Posted by Chuck | December 08, 2007 at 02:34 PM ET |

     On orders over $75, Brian's Toys is offering free shipping via UPS Grounds (U.S. Residents only).  This special offer is ending December 9th, so hurry and place yours orders soon!  This is another great week of new and exciting products for Brian's Toys.  We have the Exclusive TIE Bomber and ARC-170 Fighter vehicles, Emperor's Royal Guard, Sideshow Bossk Bust, and G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Wave 4 figures - All New and In Stock!  We've also received new shipments of the Master Replicas Darth Vader (ANH) F/X Lightsaber.  The holidays are fast approaching, and if you are looking for great presents this christmas, check out Brian's Toys selection!

Brian's Toys

Visual Guide Update - TAC Endor Ultimate Battle Pack, pt. 3

Posted by Chuck | December 07, 2007 at 09:39 PM ET |

     The Endor Ultimate Battle Pack updates finish today, with the vehicles and accessories included in this set. Stop by the 30th Anniversary Visual Guide for the complete Endor UBP set of Visual Guides!



Hasbro's Questions & Answers #44

Posted by Chuck | December 07, 2007 at 09:03 PM ET |

    After a short holiday break, the Hasbro Q&A is back ...

Sideshow - 12'' Han Solo (Smuggler) Preview

Posted by Chuck | December 06, 2007 at 11:10 PM ET |

    Sideshow Collectibles announced the next in their 12" series tonight: Han Solo (Smuggler Tatooine) from ANH! Stop by and check out the preview! Pre-orders begin December 14th, so make sure you are a newsletter subscriber before then!

Visual Guide Update - TAC Endor Ultimate Battle Pack, pt. 2

Posted by Chuck | December 06, 2007 at 07:18 PM ET |

     The Endor Ultimate Battle Pack update continues, this time we take a look at the villains in the pack. This is a great group of army builders, with a few kit-bashed and a few repaints. Check out the complete UBP line-up in the 30th Anniversary Visual Guide.



Saber-Stand Update

Posted by Chuck | December 05, 2007 at 08:02 PM ET |

     Looking for a great stocking stuffer for that Star Wars fan in your life (or you)? Stop by Saber-Stand to see what they have to offer. This is a great stand to go with the soon-to-be hard to find Force FX sabers!

Visual Guide Update - TAC Endor Ultimate Battle Pack, pt. 1

Posted by Chuck | December 05, 2007 at 07:05 PM ET |

     The Target exclusive Ultimate Battle Packs are out, and these things live up to their names! Take a look at our first round of updates from the Endor Ultimate Battle Pack: Heroes. Stop by the 30th Anniversary Visual Guide to check out the figures coming next in this pack...



Urban-Collector Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 03, 2007 at 08:18 PM ET |

    It's hard to believe that December is already upon us.  Here at UC HQ, we've received our first significant snowfall of the year.  The snow couldn't stop our Star Wars Guard busts from making an appearance.  Stop by UC and check out our new Arrivals and Pre-Orders.

Star Wars Action News - Episode 119

Posted by Chuck | December 03, 2007 at 08:16 PM ET |

    The holidays are here. Stress is high. There's the stress of dealing with family, having the perfect dinner, and the biggest, finding the perfect gift for that Star Wars fan in your life...

Brian's Toys Newsletter #439

Posted by Chuck | December 02, 2007 at 07:30 PM ET |

    New Indiana Jones figures, Sideshow 12" Figures, and Masters of the Universe 6" Statues are just some of the highlights of our latest newsletter.  With the new Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film coming out next year, Hasbro is releasing new figures of characters from the many films, and we have them available for pre-order!  We've also received the Sideshow Leia Organa (A New Hope) and Luke Bespin in stock.  Our 30th Anniversary Manadalorian Sets, Wave 7, and Wave 7.5 have arrived and are being sent to customers now.  For more of our great selection of Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Masters of the Universe, head on over to!

Brian's Toys

Big Bad Toy Store Newsletter

Posted by Chuck | December 02, 2007 at 10:02 AM ET |

    Hi - Here is another quick update from about a great new batch of preorders and a ton of new arrivals - one of the best selection of items we've put together in a single newsletter all year long:

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