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Star Wars Action Figures Struggling At Retail?

A recent article on Seeking Alpha shows a somewhat disturbing trend. Several national buyers of key retailers across several international markets were asked how Star Wars action figures rank in their sales statistics. And the results should be cause for concern for Hasbro and Disney. Click through for more details!

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How Would Trade Tariffs Affect Star Wars Toys?

The USA and China are currently engaged in a trade war, it’s not the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems that is in question, the US administration is of the opinion that China is taking unfair advantage of free trade, so more and more imported goods from China are subject to trade tariffs. What would happen should the US administration impose a 25% tariff on virtually anything produced in China? Including toys? How would and could Hasbro react? What effects would consumers feel and what scenarios are there? Click through for details!

President Trump meets Xi Jinping in China

President Trump meeting Xi Jinping in China in 2017

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The Cost Of Hasbro’s Star Wars License

Whenever you want to make a Star Wars toy, you need to have a license. This should be pretty common knowledge. Lucasfilm and Disney protect their intellectual property and whoever wants to make anything based on Star Wars needs a licensing agreement. Now, these agreements are usually secret, other than some very basic facts, no specific details are released, so it’s usually very difficult to know how much money is involved.
While digging through the internet I was able to find a (somewhat redacted) licensing agreement between Hasbro and Lucasfilm from October 1997, an agreement that was extended several times in the meantime until 2020. And while redacted, it is still very informative, so informative that I think anyone should click through now to read all the details and to finally find out how much Hasbro is paying for that Star Wars license! You may be very surprised. Also, a very interesting question will be answered: who actually owns anything Hasbro makes? So, click through for everything you need to know about Hasbro’s Star Wars license!

Mickey Mouse and Rich Pennybags

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Star Wars Is The Number 3 Toy Property Worldwide

While the retail apocalypse is a much discussed topic, with the disappearance of TRU in the USA and UK the most memorable blow to brick and mortar toy retailers in the past few months, the toy market still saw very strong growth in the first half of 2018 in most markets, including the USA which posted really strong numbers. And one of the leading trends of the global toy market? It’s collectables and youth electronics! How did action figures fare? And where exactly is Star Wars? It used to be the number 1 toy property worldwide not so long ago. But not anymore. Click through for more details!

LOL Surprose

The Number 1 Toy Property Worldwide

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Fairfax Financial New Owner Of Toys R Us Canada

Website Retail Dive reports that the auction for the Canadian branch of Toys R Us was canceled on Monday, since there were no other qualified bids for the Canadian Toys R Us stores other than the $235 million “stalking horse” offer by Fairfax Financial. Once the deal is approved Fairfax Financial will own the 83 Canadian TRU stores.

Toys R Us Canada and Terence and Philip

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Irish Toy Retailer Smyths will acquire the Toys R Us Stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This deal includes 93 TRU stores and 4 online shops. There are also some new developments for TRU in the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia! Click through for more details!

Smyths Toys

Update: Smyths will rebrand the TRU stores. Details added to the article!

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Solo Toys Dated Later At TARGET Than Anticipated

If you’ve been having trouble locating the newest Solo toys at your closest TARGET brick and mortar, you may not be surprised to learn that when given the DPCI a TARGET employee informed me that the Solo product launch was dated for a 4/15 reset, which is after the 4/13 street date. Patience is the way of the Jedi, friends, and we may have to wait a couple days yet…

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As our childhood continues to whiddle away, another nail in the coffin is hammered in. is no longer active and the store locater site “” makes it’s debut. Excuse me while I go cry in an active corner of the internet…

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Toys R Us Canada To Be Auctioned Off

Toys R Us has released documents, giving details for the purchase of the Canadian equity sale. Click through to read more about the Toys R Us Canada auction!Toys R Us Canada and Terence and Philip

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Toys R Us Founder Dies at 94

A captain always goes down with his ship. You can read the full story here.

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Can't Or Won't Back The Barge? Back Toys R Us Instead!

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian is still serious about his efforts to buy up to 400 Toys R Us stores in the USA and to keep the name alive. He and several other unnamed investors have already pledged $200 million. But they need much more money to actually have a chance. Larian needs to raise another $800 million. How to do that? Click through to learn more!

Isaac Larian

Isaac Larian CEO of MGA Entertainment

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BREAKING NEWS! Toys R Us Liquidation Starts Thursday 3/22

USA today posted a new article outlining the liquidation plan for the closing specialty toy store. 

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LEGO Revenue Down In 2017 By 8%

LEGO released its full year results for 2017 earlier today. And after more than a decade of constant growth LEGO saw its first revenue decline in 2017. Revenue was 5.8 billion USD, which is 8% less than 2016. Net profit was 1.7 billion USD, a 17% decrease.

This is what LEGO had to say about their Star Wars line: “LEGO Star Wars products, released in the second half of 2017, performed in line with expectations.”

Make of that what you will. The question is, what were their expectations? I think it’s safe to assume that LEGO Star Wars probably saw some decline, which would be in line for the overall trend for Star Wars toys in 2017.

Did you buy any of the TLJ LEGO sets last year?

You can read the full report here.

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Toys R Us UK Is Going Into Administration

Toys R Us UK is filing for insolvency. After the company failed to find a buyer and a 15 million pounds VAT bill was due on Tuesday, Toys R Us UK went into administration today. (more….)

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Jakks Pacific Reports A Loss For 2017

Jakks Pacific, known by most here for making large scale Star Wars figures, reports a net loss for 2017 of 83.1 million USD.

Jakks Pacific

2017 saw fewer sales for Star Wars, Frozen and Tsum Tsum. Net sales for the fiscal year were 613.1 million USD, which is 13.1% less than in 2016. This is in line with the overall downward trend for Star Wars toys in 2017. Jakks Pacific cites various reasons for the loss but singles out the TRU bankruptcy in the US as a contributing factor and less interest in some film licenses.

Have you bought a Jakks Pacific Star Wars figure in 2017?

You can read the full press release here.

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