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JTA reader and friend Martin M. asked to share this blog post he wrote almost two decades ago. He wrote this after he saw The Phantom Menace the first time with his nephew, who was five at the time. It’s worth reading. Check it out!

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Yak Face Reaches Out To Jedi Temple Archives!

Out of the blue, I received a lovely email from Sean Crawford, the man who played Saelt-Marae (Yak Face), commenting on our vintage Kenner The Power Of The Force Yak Face review. Click through to see what he had to say. We’re honored to hear from him.

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Amazon Is Cancelling Skiff Preorders!

We have numerous reports from JTA readers that Amazon is cancelling Skiff preorders!. This is what the official email says:


Due to a lack of availability, we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order:

“Star Wars The Vintage Collection – Episode VI Return of The Jedi – Jabba’S Tatooine Skiff Collectible Vehicle”

We’ve canceled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. We must also apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion.

Either Hasbro underestimated demand or something else is going on here. Let’s hope anyone who wants a Skiff can eventually get one from any of the other etailers!


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Happy 75th Birthday To George Lucas!

It’s hard to believe, but today is George Lucas’ 75th birthday. We wish the Maker the best and thank him for the legacy he left us. And we hope he consults the heck out of The Rise Of Skywalker.

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Jedi Temple Archives wishes our readers who are mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. We’d also like to wish a general Happy Mother’s Day to all who are impacted by those with love for Star Wars. The importance of your role in your children’s lives is immeasurable. Thank you for what you do!

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Please Participate In New Star Wars Survey!

Data scientist Mark White has set up a Star Wars survey that wants to examine what both casual and hardcore fans think about the Star Wars franchise. This survey is not linked to Lucasfilm or any other company, rather, it’s a side project of Mark’s, who is a Star Wars fan himself.

The survey takes about 10 minutes. You will be asked about your opinion on the movies, the characters (and where applicable you get to choose how much you like the same character in the OT, PT or ST), there are also some political questions. Mark promised to share the results with us. I believe this survey could provide us with a very interesting snapshot of the current state of Star Wars fandom. The last scientific Star Wars survey I know of is from December 2017 (by Morning Consult), before The Last Jedi was released. This new survey can give us an important update, especially in light of what happened after The Last Jedi. So I ask you to please take the time for the survey! Also, you are encouraged to share the link, so as many people as possible can take it.

Click this link to take the survey.

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Spanish company ASIS Film Models is known for making custom Star Wars figures. These are made from resin and hand-painted.  The sets are extremely limited. Of course, these figures come at a price. But if you are a TVC collector who wants to add some all new  figures to your collection from the sequel trilogy, which Hasbro will probably never make, then the ASIS figures may be of interest for you! Click through for some more info! Thanks to JTA regular Darth Rizzen for the alert!

ASIS Carded Bobbajo and Crusher Roodown

Bobbajo and Roodown come on resealable cardbacks

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YouTube Channel FXitinPost has released their very own reimagining and recreation of the duel on the Death Star between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. While the original duel was quite static and short, this reimagined duel adds many new scenes and is more in line with what we saw in the prequels or in Rogue One. Some of the CGI  does look a bit wonky here and there (this is made by fans who don’t have the budget of ILM), but the overall result is quite impressive. How do you like this reimagined scene?

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Let's Talk About Benioff & Weiss For A Moment

I have to admit something: I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I used to watch it but gave up several years ago when I realized I found the series to be boring (all the talking, and then some more talking…), nihilistic (I really hate it when people you root for die all the freaking time!) and generally nothing I really enjoy (because of all the endless talking and dying). However, every now and then I do read about the series or I watch a YouTube review about Game of Thrones. Just to have a general idea of what’s going on, and to know how it all ends.
But ever since season 8 began a few weeks ago I have noticed a serious increase in complaints about the writing and general direction of the show, with some people comparing the Night King episode to “The Last Jedi”, and it wasn’t meant as a compliment. So I wonder… are Benioff & Weiss really up to the task of writing a Star Wars movie trilogy? After reading so many negative things about the show lately I am somewhat worried! I would like to get your thoughts and feedback here. So leave your comments and I am looking forward to discussing Benioff & Weiss with you. And if you need to talk about Game of Thrones, do so, but let’s try to focus on the upcoming Benioff & Weiss Star Wars trilogy and whether or not you think the two if them are the right people for the project.

Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke

Someone knows how Game of Thrones ends…

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An Idea For A New Star Wars Toyline

What would Star Wars be without the space ships? The iconic Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, X-Wing, TIE-Fighter and of course the Death Star are all instantly recognizable and have become pop culture icons.
But what if you want to collect Star Wars space ships? Well, there are of course various Hasbro toys that focus on playability and are neither accurately proportioned nor collectibles in the true sense, and Hasbro mostly focuses on the smaller ships. Then there are the Hot Wheels ships, but these are tiny. There are also various model kits, but model kits are a niche and not everyone has the patience or skill to put together a kit and paint it. Both Bandai and Revell offer model kits, there are also various “snaptite” kits that are very, very easy to assemble and even come with some electronics and some pre-painted parts. But still, these are very, very basic and come with very little paint. And they are still model kits. So I think we may have some untapped potential here! Click through for some thoughts about a Star Wars space ship / vehicle toyline!

Revell stardestroyer model kit

The very basic Revell snaptite Star Destroyer model kit

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Tales From The Wife Of A Star Wars Addict Blog Post

JTA reader Aldo S. shares a blog post by his wife entitled Tales From The Wife Of A Star Wars Addict.” We suggest you check it out!

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Alexa, May The 4th Be With You

Here are some fun Star Wars-themed Easter Eggs from Alexa to help enjoy May the 4th

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Vintage Kenner Prototype Bib Fortuna Sells For £36,000!

Holy cow! A prototype of the vintage Kenner Bib Fortuna figure sold for £36,000 at Vectis auction. See the full story at BBC. Special thanks to JTA reader Chris M. for the alert to this story!

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Happy Easter 2019!

Jedi Temple Archives wishes all of our readers a very Happy Easter and Resurrection Day. We’d also like to wish everyone a Happy Passover as well. Thank you for being part of the JTA community.

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The Force Is In All Of Us!

Most people here will probably remember the discussion about Kathleen Kennedy wearing a “The Force Is Female” t-shirt.
YouTube Channel Steele Wars did interview Kathleen Kennedy during SWCC and she was asked about that. And a very interesting tidbit was revealed: Kathleen Kennedy was genuinely surprised that that was even a topic or controversial, she didn’t know about any of the fan discussions. She then goes on and sets the record straight: the Force is in all of us (maybe even your cat). If you rewind the interview to the beginning you will also learn that Lucasfilm didn’t really have a plan for the whole trilogy, Kathleen Kennedy admits it in a very roundabout way, but it’s obvious that whatever plan they did have evolved a lot. .

The Steele Wars YouTube channel also revealed that Daisy Ridley really cannot get behind the idea of “ReyLo” (to the major disappointment of ReyLo fans everywhere, most certainly). The Steele Wars SWCC interviews are quite informative, so maybe check out some of the other videos as well. You can also find interviews with JJ Abrams, John Boyega, Naomie Ackie, Oscar Isaac and Anthony Daniels.

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JJ Abrams Doesn't Want To Play Games With Audiences

There are still some new SWCC interviews released. In this one here MTV News talks to JJ Abrams about how much the plans for the trilogy have changed since the beginning. JJ Abrams gives a very roundabout reply (which basically means: yes).

JJ Abrams also mentions in the interview that they weren’t looking to play games with audiences. Not every last little secret may be demystified, but they knew they had to give fans a satisfying conclusion. Also: JJ Abrams feigns surprise when it’s mentioned that Ben Solo is the only Skywalker left and that it must be him therefore that rises. JJ would never confirm or deny anything here, in true JJ fashion, but it begs the question if JJ has some other Skywalker in mind. JJ outright circled around the question if we will learn more about Rey’s backstory in IX. And he also confirms once more that he consulted with George Lucas before he even began writing the movie.

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Star Wars Celebration 2020 Will Be In Anaheim

Now, that may surprise some, but the next Star Wars Celebration will be held in Anaheim next year already. So what things could Lucasfilm show off in 2020? Season 2 of The Mandalorian? The Cassian Andor show? The Obi-Wan series? Something new and unexpected? Will you attend? I suppose this is the perfect excuse to visit Galaxy’s Edge and to spend some time with your fellow Star Wars fans!


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Nothing So See Here Move On, Move On...

I originally reported that the short interview with Tom Kane had been cut from the official recording of the livestream on the Star Wars YouTube channel. Several people commented that the clip is missing, I checked the recording by scrubbing through it two or three times and didn’t find it. But apparently it’s still there. Maybe I was just blind and didn’t see it. Anyway, you can find the clip around the 6 hour 36 minute mark. Nothing was deleted. Apologies for the confusion! 🙂

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The Rise Of Skywalker T-Shirts On Amazon!

Are you excited for The Rise Of Skywalker? Then be sure to get the official t-shirt. Amazon has multiple colors listed for $22.99 each!

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Mark Hamill Believes Star Wars Fatigue May Be Real

Mark Hamill was a guest on the Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast the other day and during the podcast he shared his thoughts about the current state of the Star Wars franchise. When asked if audiences may be tiring of Star Wars, this is what he replied:

“Yes,” Hamill said. “I’m not gonna tell them how to run their business, but is there a possibility of ‘Star Wars fatigue’? Yeah, I think there is. I’ve experienced it, to a certain degree. But they never listen to my ideas anyway, so who needs ’em?”

Perhaps Mark’s opinion on the current state of the franchise should worry Disney? Also, you cannot help but always feel a certain level of disappointment in Mark Hamill’s words when he speaks about Star Wars these days. And you can’t shake off the felling that Mark is not entirely convinced Disney is doing the right thing with Star Wars. So, what do you think? Is there Star Wars fatigue? I am not entirely sure there is, I think Star Wars merely needs fresh ideas, all new characters and movies that are not beholden to the OT era so much with rehashed ideas and nostalgia. Star Wars needs to move forward. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Mark Hamill

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Rian Johnson Reaffirms He'll Return To Star Wars

Despite ongoing speculation to the contrary Rian Johnson once more confirmed that he will return to Star Wars once he’s finished with all of the duties for his current movie “Knives Out”. Steve Weintraub of Collider mentions it in his tweet about Rian Johnson’s appearance at “CinemaCon”, where  Johnson talked about it.
So even if some fans would like for Rian Johnson to never return to the galaxy far, far away ever again, it seems we will definitely get two trilogies, one by Benioff & Weiss, another one by Rian Johnson. This also probably ends all speculation that Disney might give Star Wars a long(er) rest after Episode IX.

Rian Johnson at CinemaCon

Click for the large version


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Star Wars At The Box Office - A Comprehensive Overview

Today I would like to go back in time and take a look at how Star Wars performed at the box office. The franchise is almost 42 years old now, we’ve had 10 live action movies so far, there were ups, there were some downs. And even though comparing box office results from the late 1970s with those of 2018 is not really fair, there are still a lot of things we can look at. So click through for a very comprehensive overview of Star Wars box office performance. Some of the results may even surprise you!

Star Wars fans in 1977

Star Wars fans in 1977 in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre

Full Story

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If you pre-ordered the Walmart exclusive TVC Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard) figure, your credit card is probably going through quite a workout, probably while you’re reading this post. JTA reader and friend Josh M. alerts us to the horror that your orders from Walmart online are getting authorized every single day for the figures on your orders. I checked my credit card, and the same thing happened to me. Walmart customer service doesn’t understand what’s happening fully as my customer service experience was different and they actually tried to defend the multiple holds. When will this stop? When your card has no more credit for the authorizations?? Read Josh’s online chat below as he had better success than I did.


UPDATE: I got ahold of the Walmart Resolution Team (800-966-6546) and they were able to work with their Billing Department and get the extra authorizations removed from my credit card.

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The Importance Of Hardcore Collectors

Today I want to revisit a topic I talked about here on JTA several months ago: the pillars of the Star Wars franchise and the importance of collectors, and especially hardcore collectors, for the overall financial success of Star Wars. As you may remember, the article from 2018 showed that more than 45% of the alltime Star Wars revenue was made with toys. Today I want to better quantify the importance of hardcore collectors and why neither Hasbro nor Disney can afford to ignore them. So click through for an explanation as to why exactly hardcore collectors are so important.

Star Wars Collection

Hardcore Star Wars action figure collection

Full Story

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Disney Officially Owns 21st Century Fox

One year after the Walt Disney Co. announced the $71.3 billion merger, it’s official. The deal, which closed Wednesday at 12:02 a.m. Eastern time, reshapes the media landscape and makes Disney an even greater entertainment behemoth. In bolstering its trove of characters and stories, the acquisition also puts Disney in a stronger position to take on Netflix and other streaming companies when it launches its own service, Disney+, later this year. (more….)

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