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Very First Look At The Galaxy's Edge Merchandise [UPDATED!]

It was announced a while ago that visitors of Disney’s all new Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars attraction would be able to buy “in-universe” merchandise. Now an article on gives us a first look at this merchandise. You’ll be able to buy clothing (Jedi robes, as well as First Order and Resistance outfits), custom made lightsabers, Holocrons, Jedi and Sith artifacts, plush creatures or “artisan style” plush toys of various famous Star Wars characters plus a few other things such as musical instruments. Of special interest to JTA readers will probably be that you can also buy your own custom made BB or R-unit droid (which sounds like Disney’s build-a-droid). What seems to be missing, at least it was not mentioned or shown in the article, are Imperial outfits or more old-fashioned Rebels outfits. While the various toys and artifacts seem to span all movies and eras, most of the clothing you can buy (other than the Jedi robes) appears to be focused on the new entertainment. Check out more photos of the merchandise over on!

UPDATE: Please check out the new Galaxy’s Edge article on io9 for all the details you will ever need to know! Basically all the questions you still have will be answered! Including what the droids you can build will be: they will be fully radio controlled, so probably at least the size of a Sphero. And the droid, when you control it through Batuu, will even interact with various things you will encounter along the way. A Disney spokesperson also explains why Batuu (and not some established planet) was chosen and how Galaxy’s Edge can change with any new movies and shows.

Galaxy's Edge Merchandise

Some of the merchandise you can buy at Galaxy’s Edge

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JTA reader Mark G. alerts us to an important detail featured in an article by Baron’s featuring information on what everyone needs to know about the Galaxy’s Edge theme park coming to Disney. In it, it strongly hints at the possibility we could see exclusive action figures. Check the article out for yourself!

“Star Wars merchandise in shops will come in unique packaging that downplays the logos. Another is that merchandise based on familiar characters will take on new looks. The imagineers visited the archives at Lucasfilm for early concept art. As a hypothetical example, an artisan figure of a familiar character might look slightly off, with the back story being that residents of Batuu have never seen that character, so they don’t know exactly what the figure should look like.”

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For starters, this article by the New York Times has some stunning shots of Galaxy’s Edge, but nearly just as incredible is the amount of money Disney is investing in their theme parks. Around the world, expansions to Disney Parks are being built, and Galaxy’s Edge (the coolest of them all) is only one of them. Click through for more… Full Story

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Shop Disney Parks App Has Sandcrawler Playset Again!

If you’re interested, the Sandcrawler Playset is IN STOCK at the Shop Disney (app) only as of this post. You also get free shipping with orders $75 or more. Special thanks to rivesjunctionite for the alert!

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Sandcrawler Playset IN STOCK On The Shop Disney App

If you’re interested, the Sandcrawler Playset is IN STOCK at the Shop Disney (app) only as of this post. You also get free shipping with orders $75 or more. Special thanks to rivesjunctionite for the alert!

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New Holiday Disney Droid Factory Figure Revealed: R4-H18

Our friends at Jedi Business have shared an image on social media which shows the latest Disney Droid Factory astromech Droid: R4-H18. This translucent droid will make a nice addition to this annual release schedule.

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More Droid Factory Sandcrawler Playsets Arriving!

The reports are starting to come in that the Disney Droid Factory Sandcrawler Playset is making a more frequent appearance at Disney theme parks as of this posting. Jedi Temple Archives provided the world with the BREAKING NEWS first look report at its packaging as well as the vehicle and figures inside. Learn everything you want to know about this incredible item in our RDR of it RIGHT HERE. We have it all: pictures, video, quick facts details, and comparison shots.

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Disney Star Wars Toybox TIE Fighter Hits Disneyland

JTA reader and friend Mario M. sends us a store report letting us know that the Toybox TIE Fighter has hit Disneyland. These things look great!

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New Millennium Falcon And Figure Set Hits Disney Parks

JTA reader and friend Mario M. sends us an image of a new miniature-sized Millennium Falcon that has been put out at Disneyland theme parks in CA. It looks pretty great.

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Disney Parks has released an unlisted video on YouTube featuring video footage of a drone flying over the construction site of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim, California.

The 14 acre Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open in 2019. And construction seems to well on its way to completion next year.

But look for yourself:

Are you already planning a trip?

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BB Unit 4-Pack and R4-X2/Y5-X2 Two-Pack On Disney Shop Parks App

These two sets are NOW AVAILABLE on the Disney Shop Parks App! Special thanks to JTA reader Thomas S. for the alert!

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R3-H17 Droid Factory Figure

With special thanks to Ricardo from The Astromech Collection for forwarding us this image, it looks like the holiday edition R3-H17 should be imminent at Disney Parks. Check out the carded image of this cool droid!

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New The Last Jedi Droid Factory Sets Revealed

We received a look at two Droid Factory Sets from The Last Jedi. Click below for a closer look at the R4-X2/Y5-X2 two-pack and the BB-series 4-pack!

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Disney Parks' R3-BOO17 Arriving!

JTA reader and friend Mario M. sends us word that R3-BOO17 is hitting Disney Parks in Orlando and should be arriving in CA shortly. This is one figure I have been waiting for since its announcement at SWCO!

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Step Into The World Of Star Wars, Literally!

ILMxLAB and The Void have come together to bring us a brand new Hyper Reality Experience called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire will allow fans to move freely in an untethered, social, and multi-sensory experience, including interaction with friends, fans, and Star Wars characters.” Read more about this exciting coming attraction at don’t know about you, but this seems like one more step in the direction of us wielding “real” lightsabers (kinda)!

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A user on Reddit recently uncovered the source code for the official Disney Parks Blog which had the words “Galaxy’s Edge” attached to it. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a HECK of a lot better than Star Wars Land. Though there is no official confirmation yet, it may be officially announced today so stay tuned. You can view the source code here. Thanks to JTA Reader Richard for the heads up!

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Can't Wait To See More Of Disney's Star Wars Land?

Neither can I! Ever since it was announced, I was making plans to borrow my niece so that I could take a trip to Disney when it opens. It sounds so amazing with all the interactive properties that immerse you in A Galaxy Far, Far Away. And now the official Star Wars Facebook page has given us a look at the models for Star Wars Land (I sort of hope they tweak the title) that they revealed at D23 Expo. Click here to look at all the beautiful images.

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Disney Parks BB-8 Droid Factory Figure Loose Images!

Through a combined effort of friends Mario M. and Josh M., we’re able to provide some close-up images of the new Disney Parks Droid Factory BB-8 figure. She how Disney approached this figure, it’s pretty cool! The last image has been Photoshopped to correct the deco on the character’s main eye. Check them out!


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3.75" BB-8 Hits Disney Parks!

Look what new figure has just hit Disney Parks today! JTA friend Mario M. has found the new BB-8 figure in California this morning at his local Disney theme park! As you recall, this figure was revealed at SWCO this past April.

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