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Black Series

SDCC Hasbro Black Series Reveal

That was probably the most boring Hasbro panel ever. I have no words for it. Click through for the one piece of news I have.


Live from the Star Wars SDCC Panel

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The brand new Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker Sith Trooper was revealed just now by The Star Wars Show on YouTube! He will also come as an SDCC exclusive with exclusive packaging and weapons! But he will also come later in the basic line! Click through for a photo of the SDCC version!

Black Series Sith Trooper

Click for larger version!

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A quick search for “Star Wars Black Series Galaxy’s Edge” on eBay will show you several sellers already offering either single sets or all three sets of the Black Series Galaxy’s Edge exclusive figures. It may well be that eBay will be the only source for international collectors (and those who will not or cannot go to Disneyland) to get a hold of the all new Hondo, DJ-R3X, Commander Pyre, Mountain Trooper, a Mouse Droid and two all new Porgs. On top of that you will also get C-3PO with the new 4-LOM style elbow joints and a photo real The Last Jedi Rey, and she does look quite nice, the sculpt really comes alive with photoreal.

Price for a single set begins at $90, there are offers for all three sets beginning at $160, but another seller wants $370 for three sets in “near mint” condition.

Will you resort to eBay to get these figures? Or will you wait and hope Hasbro might eventually release the new figures in the mainline? Another question is if photo real The Last Jedi Rey will see an Archive release or if she will only be available in the exclusive Smuggler’s Run set. In my opinion it would be a wise choice by Hasbro to make only the packaging exclusive, but to offer the all new (and repainted) figures to all collectors worldwide eventually. But there is no official word yet.

Black Series Hondo Ohnaka

Shared Galaxy’s Edge and eBay exclusive?

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The Black Series has come a long way. At first hated by many TVC collectors (and still only begrudgingly accepted by some more than 6 six years later), welcome by many others, the line, despite being successful, soon became the target of ridicule because of the extremely lackluster paint apps. That was further exarcebated when S.H. Figuarts showed collectors what is actually possible, with faces that look stunningly real. But since then Hasbro has come a long way and ever since photoreal was introduced in early 2018 the figures finally look like humans and no longer like caricatures. However, that leaves collectors with quite a few not so good looking figures. With Hasbro’s Archive line collectors and newcomers now have a chance to buy updated versions. But what figures should Hasbro release in the line? Which characters need an update the most? Jedi Luke? Poe Dameron? Or maybe Hasbro should release an updated version of Jyn, so she no longer looks like Princess Jasmine? Which figures would you like to see in the Archive line, updated with photoreal? And bonus question: will photoreal cut it or is a a new headsculpt needed as well sometimes? Leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments!

The Black Series action figures

Click for larger version, if you dare

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And here some news that will certainly go over well… apparently the announcement even received loud boos at the presentation: there will be three exclusive Black Series sets for Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park. Click through for the pictures!

Black Series Smuggler's Run

Yes, Hondo will come to the Black Series, no, you will not be able to buy him anywhere

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All New Black Series Disney Parks Exclusive 4-Pack!

Out of the blue, unannounced and without any fanfare, a brand new Disney Park Exclusive Black Series 4-Pack appeared on the Hasbro Shop website today.

Click through for all the pictures!

Black Series Disney Park Exclusive

Mountain Trooper, Kylo Ren, Mouse Droid and Commander Pyre

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Black Series Darth Maul And Obi-Wan Promo Photos

Check out the official promo photos of the upcoming The Phantom Menace Black Series figures Darth Maul and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi! 

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photo-Real

Insider posted this video yesterday on the face-printing tech Hasbro uses. It’s quite fascinating. They show examples from Marvel Legends and The Black Series 6″. No mention that TVC has started using this tech, though. Take a look!


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The Black Series Rocket Trooper Up For In-Store Pre-Order!

JTA reader Aldo S. informs us that the The Black Series Rocket Trooper is up for in-store pre-order at Gamestop! So you may want to head to your local Gamestop and see if you can pre-order him too! Below is visual confirmation of Aldo’s pre-order! Thanks Aldo, for the alert!

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First Look At X-Wing Luke From The Archive Line

JTA regular Matthew Cohen provided us with a photo of the brand new X-Wing Luke in the Archive line. As it turns out, the production figure looks different and better than some of the promo photos in which Luke had quite red lips. The actual figure looks a lot more lifelike. But see for yourself!
Will you get X-Wing Luke? I do think the original release is still pretty good and X-Wing Luke is the one figure that needed an update the least. Now Bespin or Jedi Luke on the other hand…

X-Wing Luke Skywalker Archive Line

The photo was originally posted on Reddit. Click for much larger version!

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Well, I was informed today by my etailer of choice in Germany that they will most likely not get the US Disney Store exclusives Phasma (Quicksilver Baton) and Zuckuss. But they wished me good luck finding the figures elsewhere. Ok, ebay usually has everything and not getting the figures at all was never the problem, but ebay has ebay prices and of course you can get Zuckuss and Phasma both on ebay. And I pulled the trigger, but not without much grumbling. However, the whole bounty hunter collection would be pretty much useless without Zuckuss. The question now is, fellow collectors outside North America: were you able to find, pre-order or buy either of the figures in your country (other than on ebay, that is)? And dear Hasbro, why on earth is it so difficult sometimes to get figures to distributors or etailers outside of North America? And why can’t or won’t the various Disney Stores in Europe and elsewhere sell the figures? You had all the time in the world since TRU’s demise to figure out something? You do realize that Zuckuss is needed to complete the 6 inch bounty hunters and that collectors will be quite annoyed if they can’t get him?

Star Wars Black Series Phasma and Zuckuss

Not For Sale Outside North America?

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German etailer Toy-Palace will offer three Star Wars exclusive sets at the “Science Fiction Treffen” (Science Fiction Meeting) in the Technikmuseum Speyer in Germany this weekend, that is today and tomorrow on Sunday. Toy-Palace will sell the Han/Leia Hoth set exclusively at the con, as well as the TVC Aphra SDCC exclusive and the SDCC Han Exogorth Set.
According to the info Toy-Palace provided the Han/Leia Hoth set will be available online in Germany in November. So anyone who doesn’t have a chance to attend the SF Meeting in the Technikmuseum Speyer today and tomorrow can try their luck then. Expect this set to sell out quickly. We will notify you once the set is available for pre-order!

Han and Leia Hoth Black Series Exclusive

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This Is Why International Collectors Hate Exclusives

Dear Hasbro, a simple question for you: when will you see to it that the myriad of exclusives released for the Black Series or TVC will see proper distribution at regular MSRP in Europe and other territories, so that etailers don’t resort to importing from Asia themselves?
Why must international collectors pay a dummy tax for these exclusives again and again? Do you think a Black Series figure is worth $47? The sad thing is, this figure will most likely still sell out. General Veers who was $59 also sold out.
Dear readers, is the figure up for pre-order in your country too? What do you have to pay for Bespin Leia? Let us know in the comments!

Black Series Bespin Leia

In other news: Bespin Leia is up for pre-order, yeah!

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Sneak Peek At Enfys Nest And Her Swoop Bike

I received my Enfys Nest with Swoop Bike set a short while ago (in Germany) and wanted to give you a very brief look at the set. Nothing fancy. I’m not the resident figure reviewer on JTA. Paul’s review will follow shortly, most certainly, but before he will tell you all the details you’ll ever want to know let me show two or three photos! Click through for more!

Enfys Nest

I’m a highway star

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Black Series Archive Line Is Coming In 2018!

Hasbro revealed at their SDCC panel that they will introduce a new 6 inch figure line. A greatest hits line called “The Black Series Archive”. Hasbro will release 4-8 figures each year, they will select highly sought after figures for this line. All figures will come on blister cards and all human figures will be updated with the photo real technology. The first four figures, coming later in 2018, are Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88 and X-Wing Luke with photo real paint apps!

Black Series Archive

Black Series Archive. Source: Star Wars The Black Series Instagram Page

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After taking a look at both the Sequel and the Original Trilogy, today is the time to take a look at the Prequel Trilogy and what 10(ish) figures are most needed for the 6 inch Black Series! Click through for my top 10 picks!

Phantom Menace Celebration

When everyone was happy

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Recently I looked at some of the Disney era characters that need a Black Series figure. Today I want to do the same for the Original Trilogy. It’s not easy making a list of just ten characters, so I cheated a bit here and there. Anyway, click through for my top 10 picks of Original Trilogy characters that need a Black Series figure!

Star Wars Original trilogy cast

And they lived happily ever after

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Hasbro Keeps Innovating The Black Series Line!

Now that is interesting, JTA regular Matthew Cohen sent us two photos he found in a Black Series Facebook group which show a brand new feature of a Black Series figure. The Rebel Fleet Trooper actually has SHF style butterfly joints under his vest! Click through for the other photo!

Rebel Fleet Trooper

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There are some great deals being found still at Walmarts around the US. Click through to find out more!

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