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Prototypes for the figures were on display several times in the past, so this shouldn’t be a complete surprise. But it’s always good when SH Figuarts decides to actually produce a prototype. The Force Awakens Han Solo and The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker (Crait) both appear in a magazine scan. If you are not new to SHF you know the routine, first there’s the magazine scan, then follows the official announcement by SHF and you can usually pre-order the figures soon after. Both figures are expected to be released in December 2019. It remains to be seen if these two figures will be the only ones SHF release for The Rise of Skywalker or if SHF is also under embargo and will show off Rise of Skywalker figures later in the fall.

SH Figuarts Han Solo and Luke Skywalker

SH Figuarts Han Solo and Luke Skywalker

In my opinion the sculpt for Han is perfect, this IS Harrison Ford, Luke, maybe because of the beard (beard is notoriously difficult to sculpt) looks a little bit off perhaps. But the overall shape of the face seems to be correct. Also, why does SHF give Luke this bright hair as well, similar to the Hasbro TVC version? Is it possible that both Hasbro and SH Figuarts were given out of date reference material for Luke and that his appearance (hair color) changed later? This also means SHF will beat Hasbro to the punch and release their version of Crait Luke sooner. The TBS version is expected to be released in Q1 2020 or so.

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The cover for the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary has been revealed. You get a very good look at one of the Knights of Ren. Also shown on the cover is the all new TIE Dagger (named thusly because it has pointy wings), also the wings seem to have a hue of red, maybe they are piloted by Sith Troopers? Click the image below for an ultra high resolution version of the cover, make sure to expand the photo once you click on it for maximum resolution!
One question still remains: what good are vibro scythe blades in a universe with blasters and lightsabers?

The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary

Click for high resolution version!

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Let's Talk About Nothing... I Mean SDCC

I hope all of you have recovered from yesterday’s fabulous helmet shaped Star Wars Hasbro Panel at SDCC. That was an impressive display of nothing, as far as new action figures are concerned. So while Disney most certainly prevented Hasbro from showing anything that will be released on Triple Force Friday, my idea was that we could still talk about something else. Why not talk about what other things were revealed at SDCC by companies not beholden to Disney, companies that are actually allowed to show stuff? So what is your favorite newly revealed toy? Click through for a bit more about Hasbro and then let’s talk toys!

Artist's rendering of Hasbro's SDCC Star Wars panel

Artist’s rendering of Hasbro’s SDCC Star Wars panel

Full Story

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GTP Space Walls Is Now An Officially Licensed Product!

This was annouced at SDCC as well today: popular maker of Death Star like walls GTP Toys & Collectibles now has an official Star Wars license, which means the “space walls” are now an official product!

The new space walls will, as it seems, no longer be modular though, you will be able to get complete sets that recreate entire sections of the Death Star. These new Death Star walls are in 1/12 scale, so for The Black Series only [edit: while no 1/18 scale sets were shown GTP will announce 1/18 scale sets at a later time!]. The walls now also include flooring and LED lights, so it’s a huge upgrade from the previous option. But this also means you can no longer arrange the walls any way you like, it remains to be seen if you can combine several sets into a larger set.

The new license could also mean that the walls see wider distribution, especially outside the USA! It’s great that the popular space walls are now officially licensed, which means GTP can also do much more now, without infringing upon Disney’s IP even more or in fear of getting sued eventually. Thanks to JTA regular Matthew C. for the alert!

Update: it now seems that there will be 1/18 scale space walls sets after all! According to our colleagues from Bantha Skull the clip system used until recently apparently ingringes on a LEGO copyright, so all the sets are non-modular and that also means any 3.75 in sets that use these clips had to be discontinued when GTP got a proper license from Disney. But GTP will soon make an announcement about a 3.75 inch scale set! So stay tuned!

The walls former known as space walls

The walls former known as space walls

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All the excitement for the new helmets and great Star Wars dioramas may have overshadowed this piece of news. Or in this case, it’s telling what Hasbro didn’t talk about at all at the SDCC panel. 5 POA 3.75” modern style movie figures were not mentioned with one single word. Hasbro merely said that 3.75 inch figures will get made for the Retro line and TVC, they didn’t mention Force Link one single time.
And then, during the Q&A, one person asked about more toys for Star Wars: Resistance. Hasbro’s short reply? Nothing is planned at all. So what does that mean? It looks as though 5 POA 3.75 inch figures, unless they are Kenner replicas, are dead? Also, Hasbro doesn’t seem to believe at all in the Resistance cartoon. If the toys and the show were a success, Hasbro would certainly be happy to offer more. Instead they offer nothing. We know season 2 of Resistance is coming, but it was probably greenlit long before season 1 even aired (it’s how animation works). So what does it mean for the show when it has zero toys? And what does it mean for 3.75 inch collectors if the 5 POA line is cancelled in favor of stylized 5 inch Galaxy of Adventures figures? It seems 3.75 inch collectors will only have TVC now. And Retro figures. What is going on here? Or will Hasbro reveal a 5 POA 3.75 line for The Rise of Skywalker after all, but only on Triple Force Friday? There are zero rumors for any 5 POA figures though. So maybe the line is dead. Many of you asked for it. But the question is, are you happy now that 5 POA might be dead? TVC didn’t benefit at all from that, as is evident.

UPDATE: Hasbro officially confirmed in a post panel interview that the basic 5 POA 3.75 inch action figure line is no more. Only the Retro collection and TVC will have 3.75 inch figures from now on.


The end.

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SDCC Hasbro Black Series Reveal

That was probably the most boring Hasbro panel ever. I have no words for it. Click through for the one piece of news I have.


Live from the Star Wars SDCC Panel

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The SDCC Star Wars Collectors Panel

There were some announcements during the Star Wars Collectors panel, here companies such as Hot Toys, Kotobukiya or Diamond Select reveal their new products! Click through for a quick list of what was revealed!

Diamond Select Rey Statue

Diamond Select Rey Statue

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Entertainment Earth is Hasbro’s launch partner for SDCC 2019! Tonight at 8:30 pm EST you will be able to exclusively pre-order any newly revealed toys for Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers and Power Rangers on Entertainment Earth! Entertainment Earth will offer pre-orders in three waves. Wave 1 is later today, waves 2 and 3 are on Saturday and Sunday respectively, always beginning at the same time, 8:30 pm EST (that is 1:30 am CEST).

It is unknown if the SDCC exclusives can also be pre-ordered, so check out the Entertainment Earth website later tonight! We will also keep you up to date once we know more!

Click here to go to the pre-order page for Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers and Power Rangers!

Entertainment Earth SDCC

Click to go to the EE pre-order page!

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Before The Hasbro Panel: What Do You Hope To See?

Later today there will be this year’s SDCC Hasbro panel. Before we discuss what has actually been revealed, I would like to give us all one last opportunity to talk about what we would like to see. So what are your expectations? What is it you wish will be revealed? What is it you think will actually be revealed? Do you feel any excitement at all? Maybe Hasbro will have a nice surprise for collectors, this can never be ruled out. One thing is certain though: the various “new” figures in the dioramas which made the rounds yesterday are merely custom figures, that means no Bib Fortuna or Rancor or any of the droids will be revealed, so whatever it is Hasbro will unveil, it will either confirm rumors we already know or they may actually have a few surprises in store no one knows about yet. So what else do you think Hasbro may have for us?

San Diego Comic Con Logo

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Nothing new was revealed at the Hasbro SDCC Star Wars breakfast event, but Hasbro did show things like the Hyperreal Vader and newly revealed Sith Trooper, they also had the SDCC exlusive “Jedi Destiny” three pack on display. Here is a high resolution photo of the three figures in the pack. Let’s hope there will be individual releases later down the road.

SDCC Jedi Destiny

Click for much larger version and then enlarge the photo even more for full resolution!

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Sith Trooper Costume Displayed At SDCC

The Sith Trooper action figure was revealed a while ago, now the actual costume was also displayed at SDCC, the official Star Wars site has the story. Click the photo below for a good look at the all new trooper variant created for The Rise of Skywalker! You can also see what seems to be their new standard weapon. Overall, the Sith Trooper seems to be a nice blend of various trooper elements from across the trilogies, they certainly look better than the standard white First Order Stormtroopers first introduced in The Force Awakens.
There was also a sign (which has apparently been removed) with a short description of who the Sith Troopers are with following inscription:

In its ultimate push towards galactic conquest, the First Order readies an army of elite soldiers that draw inspiration and power from a dark and ancient legacy.

So the idea that the Sith Troopers may be Palpatine’s personal army is probably debunked by this. But as usual, we know almost nothing and have to wait until the movie is released. It’s doubtful JJ Abrams or Lucasfilm will tell us a lot more about Sith Troopers before the release date.

Sith Trooper Costume

Click for large version!

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Some Photos From Hasbro's SDCC Preview Night!

As usual there was a preview night before SDCC kicked off properly and Hasbro showed off nothing that we haven’t seen before, but it was still a chance to see the recently revealed Sith Trooper in the flesh. So click through for a few photos!

Hasbro Black Series Action Figure

Photo: Matthew K / The Fwoosh – click for full version!

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Star Wars: Resistance Nominated For An Emmy

Star Wars: Resistance has been nominated for an Emmy in the “Outstanding Children’s Program” Category. Also nominated in this category are “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, Carmen Sandiego (both Netflix shows), the HBO documentary “Song of Parkland” and HBO show “When You Wish Upon A Pickle: A Sesame Street Special” (Pickle Rick anyone?).
Dave Filoni and team did win an Emmy (three, actually) for Star Wars: The Clone Wars several years ago, Rebels was nominated several times but didn’t win, so Resistance is the third Star Wars animated show to be nominated for an Emmy.
Also, Star Wars: Resistance will see a home media release on August 20th. Will you buy the DVD for your kids (or yourself)?

Star Wars Resistance


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What exactly is going on at Disneyland Anaheim and Galaxy’s Edge? We talked about an alleged lack of visitors to the theme park before, when several YouTube videos were released that showed a surprising lack of people in the park. Some commenters here on JTA pointed out how the YouTube videos were taken early in the morning, when the park is more empty than later in the day. But on Twitter several people also pointed out how empty both Galaxy’s Edge and Disneyland Anaheim seem to be this summer, and one mother of a theme park employee even posted that Disney is cutting down working hours for some employees, due to a lack of visitors.
But now AZ Central has posted a story on their website using aerial photos of company Nearmap. The photos were taken on July 4th and show Galaxy’s Edge from above, with individual people clearly visible. And the park is more or less empty. These photos were not taken early in the morning, but in the afternoon, as you can tell by the shadows. Click through for more info!

Galaxy's Edge Empty

Galaxy’s Edge on July 4th – Click for larger version!

Full Story

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Hot Toys Announces Solo Movie Version Of Darth Maul

If you ever wanted to own a version of Darth Maul with robotic legs, now is your chance. Hot Toys just announced an all new Darth Maul figure as he appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Darth Maul is an all new figure, has posable eyes, his accessories include an LED lightsaber, a lightsaber blade with motion blur effect, his seat from the movie, the usual hands and there will also be (small) hologram versions of both Darth Maul and Qi’Ra. Maul has a tentative release date of Q4 2019 / Q1 2020. He should go on pre-order very soon. If you want to know more details and see many more photos, showing off the figure in various action poses, please go to the official Hot Toys website!

Hot Toys Solo A Star Wars Story Darth Maul

Click for full photo


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How Important Is Star Wars For Hasbro?

In light of yesterday’s Cookie Monster shaped news I think it’s time we Star Wars collectors take a step back to see where Star Wars toys are in the grand scheme of things in 2019. Click through for a short article!

Cookie Monster and Star Wars Action Figure

Om nom nom!

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The brand new Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker Sith Trooper was revealed just now by The Star Wars Show on YouTube! He will also come as an SDCC exclusive with exclusive packaging and weapons! But he will also come later in the basic line! Click through for a photo of the SDCC version!

Black Series Sith Trooper

Click for larger version!

Full Story

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Has Action Figure Collecting Become Too Much Work?

Every now and then I ask myself if collecting something, anything really, is still fun or if something has become too much work. In a perfect and ideal world a company such as Hasbro would make sure that anyone who wants to buy something gets the chance to do so – by either simply walking into a store and finding things on shelves and pegs, or by going online and buying from Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Dorkside Toys or any other etailer. But reality is different. The “exclusive” figure or set has become a staple of collecting, exclusives are no longer the exception, but have become the norm. And scarcity seems to be a concept companies like Hasbro or Funko (and not just them) seem to like a lot. Why? Click through for some thoughts about collecting!

SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Soon not available in stores near you

Full Story

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I only learned about this now, but on June 29th 2019 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a special back to back screening of Rogue One and Star Wars A New Hope. What makes this so special is that Star Wars was, for the first time in decades, shown in its original, unaltered, pre special edition version. And according to someone from the audience it was an immaculate 70mm print of Star Wars. The only change to the original 1977 movie was the addition of “A New Hope” to the title crawl.
Apparently, the Academy needed a special permission from George Lucas himself to screen the original version of Star Wars. That begs the question if George Lucas still has some say over what happens with the movies he made. If the Academy needed Lucas’ permission and not just Disney’s that would imply “yes”. Does Lucas still own the prints of the unaltered movies? So even if Disney owns Star Wars, would even they need George Lucas’ permission, if Disney wanted to release the original, unaltered versions of the original trilogy movies on Blu-Ray? Or wanted to make some additional changes (updated CGI) to the special editions for a potential release in 4K? Also, if Lucas allowed the screening, could it mean he’s open to re-releasing the original versions in high definition? Read more about the screening on!

Classic Star Wars Poster


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Rumored Lego Star Wars Sets For Early 2020

We usually don’t cover much Lego news here, but maybe it’s of interest to some what sets Lego will release for the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker merchandise onslaught. So click through for a list of all the sets that will be released in October 2019 and then somewhat later in January 2020!

Lego 75270

Coming January 2020

Full Story

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Learn What Industry Professionals Say About Star Wars

YouTube Channel “Corridor Crew” has a relatively new, ongoing series called “VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGI” in which they critique various VFX from movies and tell the audience what’s either great or bad about them. Hearing this from people who work in the field can be highly interesting. A short while ago the Corridor Crew took on the Star Wars prequels. While many here remember bad greenscreen effects or overly CGI looking scenes (even if many of those used traditional models and miniatures) the VFX artists actually have a much more positive view of the effects in the prequels, since they were in many ways groundbreaking, and they will tell you why. They also point out when something didn’t work, but for them the good seems to outweigh the bad.
But then the Corridow Crew also has a brand new series called “Stuntmen react…” and in the video that was released the other day they go through a bunch of movies and tv shows (Mission Impossible, Punisher etc) and they also take a detailed look at the Last Jedi throne room fight. The professional stunt coordinator (he was, among other things, the stunt coordinator for The Punisher show) who analyzes the scene has a few interesting things to say about that, let’s just say he was less than impressed… So click through for two videos today, one that talks about the visual effects of the prequels and another that analyzes the Last Jedi Throne Room fight.

Attack of the Clones

Learn why this scene was groundbreaking

Full Story

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A Good Look At Some Episode IX Costumes

Five costumes from the upcoming movie The Rise of Skywalker are currently on display at the Essence Festival. Photos have appeared on the internet, I compiled them and made a collage of all five costumes that are shown. You can get a good look at the costumes for Lando, Finn, Poe, Jannah and Rey. Sadly, Kylo and Zorri seem to be missing. But nevertheless, this gives you a good chance to examine the costumes more closely and in more or less natural light, without added color grading.
Poe still looks like Nathan Drake, Lando can’t afford new clothes it seems, so he has to wear things from his younger days, Jannah looks interesting, even if the sandals look dubious, she should get an action figure, Finn should not get an action figure based on the costume (not another Han Soloesque costume please) and Rey seems to be wearing genuine Ugg boots? Are they still a thing? But otherwise her costume is ok, still very similar to her TFA costume, but with the added hood (you can’t see it here) the costume has some interesting things going on. This is her best look yet, in my opinion.
But what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The Rise of Skywalker Costumes

Click for much larger version!

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A Fun Look At What Could Have Been

While roaming the interwebs, Google picture search and subsequently finding some old articles from 2015 and 2016, I stumbled across a map for a proposed Star Wars Land theme park, made years ago, before Galaxy’s Edge was actually announced by Disney. Now, some of you may already know about all this, but maybe there are also some, like me, who see or hear about this for the very first time. So I would like to show you a fanmade map of a Star Wars Land theme park that never was. The question I have for you is: would that have been something you would have loved to go to? And do you think we might still eventually get a much larger Star Wars theme park in the future or has the time for that passed for good? Click through for the full picture and a few words about it!

Force World Theme Park

Full Story

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Popularity Of Star Wars Toylines

Ever since Hasbro introduced The Black Series in 2013 there has been much debate about the popularity of various Star Wars toylines. Is The Vintage Collection, despite its cancellation, still more popular? Is the revived Vintage Collection popular again? What about 5 POA figures? Or the Retro Collection? And then there is the question where we all are in the toyworld. How do the various Star Wars toylines compare to other things? Marvel Legends? Funko Pops? Or maybe even S.H.Figuarts? Now I have to say one thing here: this article is not about proving anything or to make anyone feel good or bad about what they collect. I merely try to find out how popular things are on Google. And of course there are some caveats. But I will get to that in more detail in the article. I think it might be interesting to see how various things are trending online. There certainly are some intriguing results. So click through for more info!

Vintage Star Wars Toys

The Empire Strikes Back vehicles and playsets from the golden days

Full Story

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No Tariffs On Toys Made In China For Now

The Trump Administration has announced to suspend the planned tariffs for “list 4” goods made in China – at least for the time being. Tariffs would have been 25% and “List 4” goods would have included toys and video games (including consoles). Several representatives of the toy industry made trips to Washington in recent times in order to change the opinion of President Trump. It seems to have worked for now. So fans of action figures or video games and consoles can relax a bit. Star Wars action figures will not get more expensive any time soon, or at least not because of tariffs.
Read the full story on io9.

Made in China label

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