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January 2006

Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant
[Chuck | 01/31/06]

     Rounding out the Gentle Giant Ice variants are the AT-AT Driver and the Wampa. And, to see them all you can click on the group shot. While we didn't set out to do it, we managed to have a record setting month here at JTA! Todays guides mark 127 new guides for the month of January! Well on pace to outdo 2005! Stay tuned as we continue to bring you daily Visual Guides, 365 days a year!


Star Wars Action News Podcast
[Pete | 01/31/06]

     Hello everyone once again, Marjorie and Arnie hope you had as good a weekend as they did. They spent Saturday with the Paducah Fan Force in Kentucky dominating silent auctions, winning drawings, watching the prequels, and making new friends in the process. They talk about their trip in the latest episode of Star Wars Action News, and pictures are on the web site at
     And Arnie talks about some of his favorite video games from the Star Wars era as he is hyped for the Star Wars: Empire at War game. He has even released his own Star Wars video game which he wrote in 1999. All the details are in the show.
     Also, do remember the first of the month is fast approaching, so when February rolls around please go vote for us at Podcast Alley! The direct link can be found on our web site at

Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant
[Pete | 01/30/06]

     The next pair of Ice variant bust-ups to be added to the Gentle Giant Visual Guide are the evil Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader and Bacara's great grandson, a Snowtrooper.


Celebrating 25 Years at
[Chuck | 01/30/06] has 25th anniversary prints celebrating the Star Wars Universe (2002) and The Empire Strikes Back (2005). Click below to take a closer look at these very creative prints, both celebrating 25 years of Star Wars!


New Sponsor - Stand Tall Display!
[Pete | 01/30/06]

     The Jedi Temple Archives would like to welcome the Stand Tall Display System, a new and great way to display your colleciton, to the family:

     Hello, I’ve been a Star Wars collector since I was a kid in the seventies and have projected that interest into a healthy obsession. Over the years I’ve struggled to display my ever growing collection in a manner that lets every figure share a little of the limelight. With that in mind I started designing a Display System that gave me the versatility to create interesting displays that maximized my shelf space. The outcome is the Stand Tall Display System.
     Click here to see detailed images and read all about the story of the Stand Tall Display System and how it will make you collection display the best it can be!

Sideshow Reveals 12" Packaging!
[Pete | 01/30/06]

     Sideshow Collectibles decided that the Star Wars 12" figure line needed something extra special for the packaging and they came up with a great looking four panel package that lets you rebox your figure (in case you'd really want these works of art inside a box!). Click the image below to take a closer look and learn about the sedign process. Forums Contest Voting
[Pete | 01/30/06]

     The entires are in for the Forums contest and now is your chance to make a difference...stop by and vote for who you think has the best customs, display, high end collection and more! Click here to join their forums and in the fun!

Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant
[Chuck | 01/29/06]

     The Gentle Giant Hoth chase bust-ups are now making their way into our guides, starting with the heroes: Luke and Han. Previously only available as randomly inserted chase figures, you can now buy the complete set through Gentle Giant.


Tomy Helmet Series at Gentle Giant
[Pete | 01/27/06]

     Gentle Giant is proud to announce it will be importing a quantity of the TOMY's Star Wars Helmet Collection Series 1 into the US for purchase. Retailing at $5.99, these helmets are blind boxed and may include one of the following helmets; Darth Vader, C-3PO, Stormtrooper, X-wing Pilot, TIE Pilot or Rebel Fleet.

Master Replicas Announces Y-Wing
[Pete | 01/27/06]

     Master Replicas Mr. Blog has finally revealed what all those teaser pictures belong to...the Y-Wing! This fantastic ship is made of machined aluminum and brass components and quality resin construction with injection molded details. It comes complete with a display base and COA. It will be on sale to Collectors Society members at 9:00 PST January 31 and to the general public on February 2. Don't forget to join the Collector's Society for a coupon to save $100 off the $799 price!

Vintage Chewbacca Obscure Variation
[Chuck | 1/27/06]

     If you are a vintage variation hunter, this auction just might interest you. You don't see this around much so I thought it was worth a mention. The vintage Chewbacca doesn't have many variations, and no major ones to speak of. The most popular being the green bowcaster. This one, however, is big enough to warrent a mention: The iridescent greenish brown pouch. Take a closer look at this hard-to-find vintage variation:


Visual Guide Update – The Saga Collection
[Chuck | 01/27/06]

     The last of the exclusive hero & villain mini hologram pack-ins are now added to the Saga Collection visual guide. Take a closer look at these holograms below, and don't forget to check out alliance collectibles for their complete stock of Saga Collection figures!



Sideshow - Heroes of the Rebellion 12" Line
[Pete | 01/27/06]

     Sideshow Collectibles has announced that the next line of 12" figures will revolve around the Heroes of the Rebellion. The article highlights our favorites such as Princess Leia and Han Solo...Who will be in this lineup? Stay tuned to JTA and Sideshow Collectibles in the next few weeks to learn who we'll see as the first Hero of the Rebellion figure! Click here to read more about this next exciting lineup of 12" figures from Sideshow!

You Buy Now! Weekly Update
[Pete | 01/27/06]

     Check out all the great new Star Wars stuff in stock at You Buy Now. You can read a quick recap of this week's happenings right here!
     New Arrivals This Week

  • Star Wars Saga Collection
  • Star Wars Titanium Vehicles
  • Star Wars Unleashed
  • Star Wars Customs

  • Mini-Bust Sale at TFAW
    [Pete | 01/27/06]

         Things from Another World is offering 15% off select Star Wars mini-busts. So, if you are still in need of a Han Solo, Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader or an Empire Strikes Back Yoda, just click the links to order yours today.

    Jedi Temple Research Droid Hasbro Rumors
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         The Jedi Temple Research Droids are always hard at work and today they have come up with a piece of information that we have all been trying to nail down...Bounty Hunt figures...they came across something that will be called the Ultimate Galactic Hunt 2006 promotion which will indeed involve the Vintage Style figures and special packaging that will be worth something for the avid collector. How many you will need to claim the prize still remains a bit unclear...the Droids are cleaning up after Darth Vader and the 501st and some records have been destroyed.
         They also came up with another bit of info that involves something of a HOF assortment that will include the likes of Anakin Skywalker, Chewbacca, ARC-170 Clone Pilot, Commander Bacara, Darth Vader, Destroyer Droid, General Grievous, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, Yoda and a SA Clone Trooper.
         Please remember that the Temple is in ruin and dust can effect the Research Droid's processors, so all of this is just rumor until Hasbro says its not.

    Guide Update – Unleashed Battle Packs, Pt. 4
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         The Unleashed Battle Pack update is complete with the addition of the Heroes that battled alongside with the Wookiees and the Clones. Tarfful, Chewbacca, Yoda and Aayla Secura were all leaders in their battles and now you can view them by clicking below or by heading over to the Unleashed Visual Guide.


    Battle of Hoth at Alliance Collectibles!
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         Need AT-AT Drivers? Snowtroopers and a few extra General Veers? An extra Power Droid or two wold be great also...Well, stop in at Alliance Collectibles and stock up! They've got a fresh truck in of all your Battle of Hoth favorites but hurry in and place your order before the inventory just melts away!

    Entertainment Earth Astromechs!
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         If you have not ordered your set yet, now is the time! Entertainment Earth has both Astromech 5-pack in stock and waiting to ship so Click here to order your set today!

    Guide Update – Unleashed Battle Packs, Pt. 3
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         The Unleashed Battle Pack updates in the Visual Guides continue. This time we have added the Wookiee Warriors set to the group. These four different Wookiee Warriors come complete with flying Wookiee braids! But...we're not done yet. Check back later today for the Heroes of the Kashyyyk & Felucia campaigns!


    Dark Horse April Comic - Star Wars: Rebellion #1
    [Pete | 01/26/06]

         Dark Horse is pleased to present another all-new Star Wars series for 2006! Set between the events of Episode IV A New Hope and Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Rebellion explores the desperate struggle of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. Delivered in high-octane, widescreen style by writer Rob Williams and artist Brandon Badeaux, Rebellion features shocking revelations about characters from Luke’s past! Click here to read more

    Visual Guide Update – Unleashed Battle Packs, Pt. 2
    [Chuck | 01/25/06]

         Still not quite convinced about these new battlepacks? This latest wave just might help you decide once and for all! Four more clone troopers, this time the extremely cool camouflage clones from Kashyyyk, round out todays Unleashed Battlepack double-header. Enjoy!



    ACPin – Kashyyyk Battle
    [Pete | 01/25/06]

         Kashyyyk is a lush jungle planet where treetops serve as homes for the native Wookiees, a towering fur-covered species known to be ferocious warriors. The planet serves as a navigation gateway for the entire southwest quadrant of the galaxy, making it of prime strategic importance. During the Clone Wars, the Separatists attempted to subjugate Kashyyyk by invading it with their droid armies.

    Visual Guide Update – Unleashed Battle Packs
    [Pete | 01/25/06]

         As the 2nd wave of Unleashed Battle Packs just about hit the stores we are ready to unleash them into the Visual Guides ! The first set we present to you is Aayla Secura's 327th Star Corps from the Battle of Felusia. The set contains Commander Bly and three of his troops. Check them out below and don't go far...another set will be here shortly!


    New Arrivals at Entertainment Earth
    [Pete | 01/25/06]

         Entertainment Earth just got in a bunch of great new stuff including the Bounty Hunters Gift Set, Star Wars Transformers Wave 1 and the very sought after Clean Clone Trooper Bust-Ups 4-Pack!! Click here to head on over and place your order.

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant
    [Chuck | 01/24/06]

         The Gentle Giant visual guide gets a special update today, and just in time as the Collector's Club Exclusive electronic Salacious Crumb statue starts to hit doorsteps. Going on sale only a week ago, Gentle Giant did a great job turning these around. While he's not the unique holiday gift version, this detailed 1/6th scale statue is a great addition to anyone's Gentle Giant collection. Limited to just 2500 (and still available to order), he features something no other Gentle Giant Star Wars statue has had: electronics! The flickering eye of C-3PO adds a very nice effect!


    Hoth Wave in at R2DToys
    [Pete | 01/24/06]

         R2DToys has the Hoth Wave hot off the truck and ready for shipping! Head on over and check it can get the entire wave at just £6 per figure!! Don't forget they are currently offering 30% off all Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith Products! This sale will end soon, pick up a bargain while you can!

    Luke Skywalker Ep. IV SE - Order Now!
    [Pete | 01/24/06]

         The Episode IV Luke Skywalker SE signed my Mark Hamill himself is now on sale to Collector's Society members. There are only 750 of these in existence, so act fast. Click here to order yours now...history shows they can sell out in under an hour! Please note: You must be logged in to view the saber.

    Sideshow 12" at the Star Wars Shop
    [Pete | 01/24/06]

         Attention all Hyperspace Members! The Star Wars Shop will have a limited quantity of the new 12" Sideshow Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi figures in stock starting today! Hyperspace members will have just 3 days to buy these awesome figures when if there are remaining figures available, they will go on sale to the general public. Click here to head on over to the Star Wars Shop.

    12" Plo Koon eBay Find
    [Pete | 01/23/06]

         The highly sought after 12" Plo Koon action figure has been spotted on eBay along with a couple other goodies you just won't find in this uncirculated AFA graded Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight and Han Solo AT-ST Disguise. Just click the link to take a look!

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 01/23/06]

         Of course the Clone Troopers did not stay all nice and clean during the Clone Wars, so Gentle Giant took care of that too by producing a battle damaged set for the Star Wars Shop. Check them all out in the Gentle Giant Visual Guide or by clicking below!




    Star Wars Action News – Steve Sansweet Interview - Pt. 2!
    [Pete | 01/23/06]

         The Jedi Temple Archives and Star Wars Action News are proud to announce they have formed an Alliance! Starting today, you will be able to find JTA news over at SWAN and JTA you'll find prominent and easy links to Star Wars Action News so you can listen to your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast..not to mention we'll be helping each other out from time to time to bring you even more complete coverage of the collecting world and events that you want to know more about!
         Star Wars Action News Podcast's newest episode goes even deeper with Mr. Sansweet discussing his professional role at Lucasfilm, including how he got his start and how involved he is in such things as Star Wars Celebration 3. They also ask him about upcoming projects, such as the animated TV series, the live-action TV series, the Star Wars movies remastered in 3-D, and the possibility of a Star Wars Celebration 4.
         SWAN has also begun another contest with AndrewsToyz in which you can win a Gentle Giant Yoda mini-bust, a Star Wars Shop exclusive Wedge Antillies figure, or a 2006 Saga Han Solo in Carbonite or Boba Fett figure! Listen for details on how you can win one of these great prizes! click here to listen to the Steve Sansweet interview and all the rest of the fun at SWAN!

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 01/22/06]

         Clone many people just can't get enough of them! So, Gentle Giant decided to help out and give us some Clone Trooper Army Builder bust-up packs! Today, we've added (most of) the clean version of our favorite clones...and to make up for the lack of a white of the 2 Commander Gree chase bust-ups! Check them all out in the Gentle Giant Visual Guide or by clicking below!



    Visual Guide Update – Saga Collection, Part 2
    [Chuck | 01/21/06]

         And you thought we were done for the day! Another Saga Collection Hoth wave figure pilots his way into the guide today! The newly sculpted (and awesomely done!) AT-AT Driver is the 2nd update in our Saturday double-feature! After you get your hands on one of these, you will most definately want more, so check out Alliance Collectibles to pick up a few more to pilot your army of AT-ATs!

    Clone Wars Gunship at
    [Pete | 01/21/06]

         The rumored Clone Wars Gunship has made an appearance over at Click here to pre-order this way cool version of the gunship taken from the Clone Wars animated series. It is due for a May 1 release retails for $44.99.

    Visual Guide Update – Saga Collection
    [Chuck | 01/21/06]

         The Saga Collection updates continue as we fill out the newest wave, from the Battle of Hoth. Every command center needs power, and what better way than to have a few of these cool power droids walking around. And, all the way from the dunes of Tatooine he even comes with a treadwell pal! So, check out these two new additions to the droid world, then head on over to Alliance Collectibles and start filling your command center with droids!

    R2D Toys 30% Off Clearance Sale!
    [Pete | 01/21/06]

         R2DToys is having a huge sale including 30% off all ROTS product to make room for new products in their new warehouse as their plans for up-sizing tier operation move forward! Click here to check out all the great deals! They even have the Anakin Skywalker ROTS Lightsaber FX for just £59 / €84!! And don't forget to check out all the great new arrivals from SW Transformers, Kubricks, 2006 TSC and more. Read the full newsletter right here and then head on over to R2DToys and start shopping!


    Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Ep. IV SE & Sneak Preview
    [Pete | 01/21/06]

         Have you signed up for your Master Replicas 2006 Collector's Society yet? If not, now is the time...on January 24, 9am PST, the Luke Skywalker Ep. IV SE will go an sale to SC members. If any of the only 750 are left for sale by January 26 non-SC members will have a shot at it, but why take the chance? Sign up for your membership so you don't miss out the Master Replicas Blog, an interesting image has popped up for an announcement to come next week...can you guess what the next Studio Scale vehicle will be?

    [Pete | 01/21/06]

         The Winter Specials are still going strong over at Brian's Toys with price breaks from ROTS to Master Replicas. They also have in the very rare and unique Vintage Foreign Villain Set, Hero Set and Creature Set!! Click here to read their entire newsletter.

    Kotobukiya Bly at
    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         Kotobukiya has sculpted one of the coolest clones from Revenge of the Sith and now he's up for pre-order at the Star Wars Shop. Commander Bly was on Felucia when Order 66 came through and he and his troops cut down Aayla Secura in cold blood. Click below to pre-order your Koto Bly today!

    Kotobukiya Bly

    Sideshow 12" Kit Fisto - ORDER NOW!
    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         Today is the day when you can pre-order the first ever 12" Kit Fisto figure! Head on over to Sideshow Collectibles at 10am PST to place your order for what promises to be yet another great addition to any collection. The Sideshow Exclusive edition accessory is a defeated battle droid head!! must be an active newsletter member and a online user account holder to place your order.

    Kit Fisto 12

    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         The next in the Star Wars spud family has sprouted...and it is R2D-Tater!! He can be seen in this auction by Midcotoys. Hop on over and check it out!

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         We continue to fill out the Revenge of the Sith wave of Gentle Giant Bust-Ups with the addition of the Sith Eyes variant of Anakin Skywalker, the Clone Trooper with his blaster and General Grievous! What's on tap for tomorrow...tune in again to find out. In the meantime, just click below for a close look at these Bus-Ups!


    New Arrivals at Action HQ
    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         Action HQ has the 2nd wave of Unleashed Battle Packs and the EE Astromech Droid 4-packs hot off the truck and in stock, ready to ship! They also have the Kotobukiya Darth Maul on sale for just $69.95...Stop in Action HQ and place your orders before all these great items disappear!

    Free Star Wars Stuff at
    [Pete | 01/20/06]

         TFAW is giving away free Star Wars stuff with orders of $35 or more of in stock merchandise. All you need is at least 1 Star Wars item in the cart and to use the coupon code SWGIVEAWAY and you could end up with the rare clear brown Chewbacca Bust-Up variant, a Yoda Bust-Up or one of six limited edition foil or chromium cover Star Wars comics for free!

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Chuck | 01/19/06]

         Another round of bust-ups make their way to the Gentle Giant visual guide. The 4th wave of bust-ups are dedicated to ROTS, capturing the key characters in cool poses, as Gentle Giant tends to do. The key varients in this set are a pair of clonetroopers and a 'sith eyes' Anakin. Andrew's Toyz can hook you up with Gentle Giant items, including wave 5 (Hoth Wave). Look for more from wave 4 in tomorrows update!


    Saber-Stand Update
    [Chuck | 01/19/06]

         Mark from Saber-Stand wanted us to remind you of his ongoing deal: Buy 4 stands, get a fifth free! So, get with your buddies and make a group order and save some money! It's time to get those expensive FX sabers off the floor and on wall where they belong! Mark has plenty of pictures over at to show exactly how his unique stands work, and we did a thorough testing of the stands ourselves. You can read our complete review here.

    Force FX Lightsaber Stands

    LEGO Star Destroyer and Sail Barge Up Close
    [Pete | 01/18/06]

         The great folks over at LEGO have sent over some great images of the upcoming Sail Barge and Imperial Star Destroyer building sets...including some nice shots of the alternate sets that can be built from the ISD...a T-16 Skyhopper or the Outrider! Click below for an up close look!


    Master Replicas 2006 Collectors Society
    [Pete | 01/18/06]

         Master Replicas has announced the plans for the 2006 Collectors Society which includes a brand new version of Master Windu's lightsaber features an elegant matte finish, over $300 in coupons, collectible pin, membership card, the chance to purchase Collectors Society exclusives and much more! Click here to go to Master Replicas and order your Collector's Society kit today!

    You Buy Now! Weekly Update
    [Chuck | 01/18/06]

        You Buy Now! reports in with all of their latest deals. You can read their entire newsletter for everything Star Wars and beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact Brian at if you have any availability or order questions.

    You Buy Now!

    Gentle Giant Salacious Crumb and Ice!
    [Pete | 01/18/06]

         Gentle Giant is offering the Salacious Crumb mini-bust (2,500 pieces) and the complete set of 6 Battle of Hoth "Ice" bust ups to tier Collectors Club members while supplies last. The only way you can buy them is through their newsletter and they are limited to 1 per person per day.


    More Scaled Sabers at
    [Chuck | 01/18/06]
 has even more .45 scaled sabers available. The latest editions include the Obi-Wan Weathered Episode IV Scaled Replica Lightsaber and the Luke Skywalker Episode IV Scaled Replica Lightsaber. The weathered Obi-wan saber was previously only available as a European/Walmart exclusive, and now is available worldwide. So, if you've been hunting for this one, now is your chance! They also still have a nice variety of other cool scaled sabers available, including the very cool SWshop exclusive Limited Edition Black Chrome Anakin Skywalker Mini Lightsaber.

    Obi-Wan Weathered Episode IV Scaled Replica Lightsaber   Luke Skywalker Episode IV Scaled Replica Lightsaber

    Visual Guide Update – Galactic Heroes
    [Pete | 01/18/06]

         The Galactic Heroes Visual Guide gets its first update in the 2006 line with the addition of Luke Skywalker and the Scout Trooper with their speeder bikes. Han Solo and Luke also join the group in their Hoth gear. All of these have been released back in 2002, but they all have spiffy new paint jobs. Click below of a close up look.




    Visual Guide Update – The Saga Collection
    [Chuck | 01/17/06]

         The Saga Collection updates continue, this time with another from the Battle of Hoth wave. This R2-D2 was previously available in the Walmart early bird kit, but this time he has that slightly used look. He was also available on the VOTC card, but he does not have the pop-off panel for the tools attachments. He does come with some pretty nice little accessories, pretty much what you saw while he was on Dagobah. Also included in this update is another hero hologram (Yoda).


    eBay Spotlight - Rocket Firing Boba Fett L-Slot Prototype
    [Pete | 01/17/06]

         Well, here is something that you don't see every day...a Rocket Firing Boba Fett L-Slot Prototype up for auction on eBay. Now, even if you don't have $18,000 to spend on one of Star Wars greatest grails, its worth the clicking over just to take a nice look at it!

    Patina Finish Titanium Forged Figure Images
    [Pete | 01/17/06]

         Images of the Patina Finish Darth Vader and Boba Fett Titanium Forged figures are now posted at the Official Site. Click here to take a closer look.

    2006 Disney Star Wars Weekends
    [Pete | 01/17/06]

         The Official Site has announced that his year's Star Wars Weekends will run between May 19, 2006 and running through June 11, 2006. Click here to head on over to the OS and read more.

    2006 VOTC Carded Images
    [Pete | 01/16/06]

         It looks like they are almost here...Check out this eBay auction by rose_productions for a case of the 2006 VOTC Figures. This round will include Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot, Tusken Raider, Greedo, Han Solo in Endor Gear and a Biker below to see a closer image of the cards.


    Visual Guide Update – Master Replicas
    [Pete | 01/16/06]

         It was one of the most intense battles in the Star Wars Saga and Master Replicas helped bring home a few pieces of that battle to the European audience. Today the Exclusives Section of the Visual Guides tonight is updated with the European Exclusive chrome versions of Darth Sidious' and Yoda's .45 scaled lightsabers. Each lightsaber comes with a special stand indicating the European Exclusive. Click below for a closer look.


    Star Wars Action News Podcast – Steve Sansweet Interview!
    [Joris | 01/16/06]

         Star Wars Action News Podcast's newest episode is up and ready for your listening pleasure. This week, the first half of our interview with Steve is in our latest podcast. Steve talks about what drives him to collect, why he chose Star Wars, and what happens to unopened food after ten years. Always entertaining, informative, and sometimes giving answers you may not expect.
         In addition, Marjorie and Arnie discuss the Star Wars X-Wing transformer, and reveal some rumors whispered in Arnie's ear by a Bothan spy...This is by far our best episode click here to listen to the Steve Sansweet interview and all the rest of the fun at SWAN!

    Star Wars Experience – Star Wars Reunion
    [Pete | 01/16/06]

         As we add brand new coverage we continue to update our Star Wars Experience section with many article of the past that deserve a home so that you can feel like you were there too!
         Today we add three full pages of articles and images from the Star Wars Reunion that was held in Paris, France this past May 13-15. This fantastic Star Wars convention in Europe featured concerts, costume contest, stars like Peter Mayhew and Warwick Davis, the folks you need to see to get the scoop on SW like Steve Sansweet and Rick McCallum, your favorite manufacturers showing their wares and more! Of course our Bothan contact David Guivant has all the details so click here for another Star Wars Experience!

    Visual Guide Update – Titanium
    [Chuck | 01/15/06]

         Today we round out the last 4 vehicles from the Titanium Series wave 6, including that elusive white TIE fighter. But, don't let the 'hard to find' hype send you spending more than you need for this one, as i've seen plenty of these around Walmart and Target lately. Take a look at what the rest of this wave looks like...



    Visual Guide Update – The Saga Collection
    [Pete | 01/14/06]

         The Hoth wave has just started to hit the shops and we have the first few loose images for you in the Saga Collection Visual Guide tonight. A brand new sculpt of General Veers joins a fan favorite, Cliff, er, Major Bren Derlin along with a repaint of an army builder favorite...the Snowtrooper. And we've also added the Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-hologram. Check out the images by clicking below!


    Battle of Coruscant at Entertainment Earth
    [Pete | 01/14/06]

         Now is your chance to make sure you can get the Utapau Trooper, Scorch and Coruscant Fire pilot for your collection. EntertainmentEarth has the Saga Collection 3 case assortment ready for pre-order so you can get those 1 per case figures you know you'll be wanting plenty of! to place your order now. Newsletter – Winter Specials
    [Pete | 01/14/06]

         The Winter Specials are still going strong over at Brian's Toys with something from POTF2 through ROTS on sale! They also have in a bunch of "gold chase" .45 scaled Master Replicas sabers, Attakus Collection, Kotobukiya (including the 501st Trooper) and more! And don't forget that Coupon Code "NL339" expires at Jan. 15 at 11:59PM CST. Save $10 on orders over $50!

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Chuck | 01/13/06]

         Friday the 13th doesn't bring all bad things...take a look at the last of the very cool bust-ups from the Hoth wave (series 5) as they debut today in the Gentle Giant visual guide. This wave features some very nicely detailed bust-ups, and each figure is also available in a chase 'ice sculpt' version (look for those in our visual guides soon)... In the mean time, be sure to check out Andrew's Toyz for all your Gentle Giant needs, including the latest Hoth Wave of bust-ups!.



    R2DToys Update
    [Chuck | 01/13/06]

         R2DToys just sent word letting us know that the MBNA C-3PO Exclusive Bust from Gentle Giant (2500 worldwide) is now available! Head on over to order yours, and while you are there, be sure to check out the rest of their new arrivals!


    Sideshow 12" Kit Fisto!
    [Pete | 01/13/06]

         The next Sideshow Collectibles 12" figure has been announced and this one is a green, big eyed, big smile Jedi...Kit Fisto! Click below to get the details and don't forget to sign up for both the Sideshow newsletter and on-line account so you can pre-order yours at 10am PST January 20!

    2006 LEGO at Shop @ Home
    [Pete | 01/13/06]

         LEGO Shop @ Home has the first 5 of the 2006 ships up for order! Take your pick from the A-Wing, B-Wing, V-Wing, Slave I and TIE Interceptor or just get them all! Click here to browse their shop

    Visual Guide Update – Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 01/12/06]

         The Gentle Giant Visual Guide gets the cold shoulder today with the addition of the Imperials from the Battle of Hoth wave bust-ups. Darth Vader leads his AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper troops in search of the Rebels...will he catch them? Come back tomorrow to find out.
         Don't forget to head on over to Andrew's Toyz to pick up your Battle of Hoth bust-ups and all your Gentle Giant needs...including the International Edition of the Darth Maul Statue!


    You Buy Now! Weekly Update
    [Pete | 01/12/06]

         We are still catching up from the holidays but back on track now and ready for a very exciting 2006. We have a lot of great new items in stock as well as some new stuff available for pre-order. You can read a quick recap of this week's happenings right here!
         New Arrivals This Week

  • LE Gondorian Shield
  • Batman The Long Halloween
         New Items Available for Pre-Order
  • Anakin Skywalker Ep II Mini Lightsaber
         Don't forget, you can always check the "Pre-Orders" page on our site to see everything we currently have available to pre-order.

  • Visual Guide Update – Galactic Heroes
    [Chuck | 01/11/06]

         A pair of Galactic Heroes dangle their way to the Young Kids Visual Guide! Darth Vader and Darth Tater, lord of the Galaxy and lord of the pantry, are from a small spin-off line of Galactic Heroes known as Backpack Heroes. They are the last two to make it, filling out the Backpack Heroes section...


    .45 Scale 2006 Master Replicas Pre-Order
    [Pete | 01/11/06]

         Master Replicas has the first 3 .45 scale lightsabers of 2006 ready for order and 2 of them are in stock right now! They kick the new year off with scaled editions of Anakin Skywalker's saber as seen in Ep. II, Obi-Wan Kenobi's weathered saber from Ep. IV and Luke's Ep. IV saber. These are sure to sell fast so click here to place your order today!

    Star Wars Takes Top Honors at People's Choice Awards!
    [Pete | 01/11/06]

         Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith took some top honors last night when they walked away with the "Best Movie" and "Best Movie Drama" awards! Congratulations goes out to George Lucas and the entire crew for a job well done (...we could have told them that before the awards!) See the full list of winners right here.

    Gentle Giant Secret Mini-Bust
    [Pete | 01/11/06]

         Well, it seems like the Gentle Giant blog just might be the source for a bunch of great information. The Yoda Monument edition size has been confirmed at 1,000 with a retail price of $499, while the Boba Fett Statue will see a run of 6,500 pieces.
         In addition...they have shown us an image of what will be the next mini-bust to be revealed in a few weeks at Toy Fair in NYC...want to know what the image is? Head on over to the blog and then let us know your guess over in the Jedi Temple War Room.

    Visual Guide Update – Titanium Series
    [Pete | 01/10/06]

         The updates to the Titanium Visual Guide continue on with the latest surprise gift pack found at Wal*Mart. While it is unclear if this is a Wal*Mart exclusive or will be in all stores like the rest of the line this year, it is clear that a raw metal Millennium Falcon is pretty cool (now...if they wold only do one in black!). The Y-Wing and X-Wing have also received nice new paint schemes. Click below for a closer look




    UPDATE: War Room Server Update Complete
    [Pete | 01/10/06]

         This month seems to be Star Wars forum update month as the War Room makes it three different forums that are on my daily list of stops that is getting a face lift this week. It'll be down from about 3:30am Eastern Time and all you'll need to do is check here to see when it is back up and running.
         ** UPDATE ** The server update is now complete and the Jedi Temple War Room is now reopen for your enjoyment!!

    R2D Toys News Flash!
    [Pete | 01/09/06]

         Just in at R2DToys is the Bounty Hunter 7-pack, and armies of Commander Gree, Commander Bly and a few legions of the feared 501st! Head on over and build those ROTS armies before the line just fades away!


    B4 the Dark Times Contest
    [Pete | 01/09/06]

         B4 the Dark Times has another contest up to help you wash away those winter blues...up for grabs and all you need to do is join their forums...head on over to before January 15th to get in on the action!

    Visual Guide Update – Star Tours Exclusive
    [Chuck | 01/09/06]

         The exclusives visual guide gets todays Visual Guide update, and this time its a pretty cool little 2-pack featuring what might be a first for Hasbro: A non-Star Wars Character dressed as a Jedi and packed with a regular Star Wars character! I can only be talking about Jedi Mickey of course! Click on the images below for a closer look at the latest from Star Tours!


    Star Wars Action News Podcast
    [Pete | 01/09/06]

         Star Wars Action News Podcast's newest episode is up and ready for your listening pleasure. How big does a Star Wars collectable have to be in order to be considered a "monument"? Marjorie and Arnie discuss the Yoda "monument" as part of a discussion of Gentle Giant's offerings past, present, and future. In addition, the "write in" portion of the Hasbro Fan's Choice poll is coming to a close and Star Wars Action News is letting its listeners decide their votes! Our own personal write in portion on the SWAN Forums is now closed, who made the cut? Who should we vote for? Listen to this episode to find out!

    Multiple Contests at MasEFX!
    [Pete | 01/09/06]

         Our good friends over at MasEFX are running a bunch of fun contests this month over in their forums that include showing off your collection wares! Check out the entire list of categories right here and the list of prizes from Medalionz Copper Coins, Galactic Heroes, Star Cases and more in this thread. Then post away and have fun!!

    Visual Guide Update – Galactic Heroes
    [Pete | 01/08/06]

         The Galactic Heroes Visual Guide gets another update today with the addition of the third Revenge of the Sith wave of 2005...featuring four sets of figures this wave includes some very well done repainted well done I'd just consider them brand new figures from the three new clones to the holographic Emperor! Take a closer look by clicking below.




   Newsletter #340
    [Chuck | 01/07/06]
 sends us their latest newsletter featuring tons of goodies! They've got the new clone trooper army builder bustups, some great prices on Master Replicas items, and much of their ROTS Hasbro items on sale. Read the whole newsletter to see what else they have to offer!

    Visual Guide Update – Titanium
    [Chuck | 01/07/06]

         The Titanium Visual Guide gets yet another update, this time 3 vehicles from the first basic wave of '06.


    LEGO Sail Barge and Star Destroyer Official!
    [Pete | 01/07/06]

         We reported it a few weeks back and now the Official Site has confirmed the Jabba's Sail Barge and the Imperial Star Destroyer as sets we'll see in 2006! Head on over for all the information and images that you need.


    Visual Guide Update – Titanium
    [Pete | 01/06/06]

         The Titanium Visual Guide gets another boost tonight with the addition of the 2nd Wal*Mart gift pack of 2005. The set includes repacks of the X-Wing and Slave I, but has repaints of the Swamp Speeder, ARC-170 and the raw metal TIE Bomber to round the set out nicely. Click below for your up close look at this set!




    Sideshow 12" Obi-Wan Pre-Order Today!
    [Pete | 01/06/06]

         Today is the day and the hour is 10 am Pacific time so set your alarms so you do not forget...the 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi from Revenge of the Sith goes up for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles! Their servers handled 750 orders in about a half hour for tier last pre-order and you know that this one will go fast too so be sure to be logged on and ready to go when the time comes!
         ** UPDATE **Now it the have until 12 noon Pacific time to get in to the priority pre-order...there are only 1,750 Exclusive Obi-Wans that will include a bonus General Grievous blaster!

    Obi-Wan Kenobi 12 Inch Figure

    R2D Toys News Flash!
    [Pete | 01/06/06]

         Just in at R2DToys is back in full swing of things now that the holidays are over and they have the new 2006 Saga collection of figures in stock are now £6 each (except for 1 per case figures at £7 each). They Also have tons of great new stuff on the way and are down to their last few ROTS items...get them before they are gone forever! Click here to read their entire newsletter or just head on over to R2DToys and start shopping!


    Star Wars Clone Wars Yoda Monument Pre-Order
    [Pete | 01/06/06]

         It's huge! Take home an extra large piece of the Star Wars universe with this massive sculpture! This statue measures 27-inches tall and is made if the finest fiberglass. Many fans have seen this in the Gentle Giant booth at conventions for a few years, and now fans can take it home! Head on over to and reserve yours today!

    Visual Guide Update – Titanium
    [Chuck | 01/05/06]

         To those paying attention, you might have noticed the expansion of our Visual Guide menu, bringing all the primary guides to the top layer of the menu for easier navigation. Also, we quietly branched off a new guide: The Titanium Visual Guide. The success of the titanium series has made it big enough to warrent its own guide now. So, to officially kick off that guide we bring you the latest two ultra titanium ships.


    Kentucky Star Wars Collecting Club Expands!
    [Chuck | 01/05/06]

         The KSWCC grew so much over the past year that an eastern Kentucky chapter is now open! Meetings are already scheduled for the second Saturday of every month.

         The Flatwoods Public Library in Flatwoods, KY 1705 Argillite Rd Flatwoods, KY 41139-1364, has graciously agreed to give us the use of their conference room on the second Saturday of each month. The meeting time will be from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
         We will of course have opportunities to buy, sell and trade with each other, to share our latest aquisitions or creations, to play games or watch videos, and to get to know each other a little better.

    If you are from Eastern Kenucky and looking for a great collecting club, here's your chance to hook up with some KSWCC members without having to drive all the way to Louisville! Thanks to Greg Rankin for the heads up!

    New Titanium Gift Pack Found!
    [Pete | 01/05/06]

         Check your local Wal*Marts if you are a Titanium fan because we stumbled across an unannounced Titanium Gift Pack yesterday! This set includes a TIE Fighter, Landspeeder, Raw Metal Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and a red version of the Y-Wing! Newsletter – Winter Specials
    [Pete | 01/05/06]

         Brian's Toys huge savings continue on with tons of great new deals in their Winter Specials! From 500th Darth Vader to FX Sabers, Gentle Giant, POTF2 and more you've got to check out to see what awesome deals you can pick up!

    Visual Guide Update – Star Wars Transformers
    [Pete | 01/04/06]

         They're here...the Star Wars Transformers have made their way to the Saga Collection Visual Guide...We'll keep them there until we see if there really is more than meets the eye and the line keep growing past the 10 Transformers on tap for this year.
         Tonight we start out with the Darth Vader-TIE Fighter, General Grievous-Wheelbike and Obi-Wan Kenobi-Jedi Starfighter Transformers. They are much more interesting than I originally thought and we just might see a dedicated guide for these ships, er, robots in the near future!




    Premium Format Luke Skywalker Winner!
    [Pete | 01/04/06]

         We just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Tim Plummer being selected by Sideshow Collectibles to win the Premium Format Luke Skywalker! Stay tuned to JTA in the next few months...we'll be launching a huge contest with great prizes and multiple winners!
         In the meantime, don't forget that at 10am this Friday the next of the Sideshow 12" figures will be up for pre-order...the Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you'd like to get a shot at ordering the exclusive version don't forget to sign up for their newsletter and their web site to qualify!

    Jedi Temple Archives Now Offers News Syndication (RSS)
    [Chuck | 01/04/06]

         Now you can keep up with all your favorite news headlines from JTA right from your favorite internet portal news page, such as MyYahoo and Google. Want more information? Check our our RSS page to learn how!

    Star Wars Trader Reviews the Palitoy Death Star
    [Chuck | 01/04/06]

         Our friends over at Star Wars Trader NZ have reviewed a very cool vintage playset: The Toltoys and Palitoy versions of the Death Star play set. They have tons of very cool images with some very nice descriptions. If you like the vintage toys, this is worth a look!

    Code 3 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter SE Pre-order now!
    [Chuck | 01/03/06]

          Code 3 Collectibles has the most authentic reproduction of the TIE Advanced X1 Starfighter to date; complete with battle damage. Every detail of the original starship has been meticulously captured, and recreated in die cast with astonishing precision...and the signature edition is now available for pre-order!

    Visual Guide Update – POTF2
    [Chuck | 01/03/06]

         The addition of the deluxe snowtrooper to the POTF2 deluxe section officially closes out another section in the POTF2 guide. But don't worry, we still plan on bringing you more POTF2 updates! There's still plenty of work do do!


    Star Wars Action News Podcast
    [Pete | 01/03/06]

         Star Wars Action News Podcast's newest episode is up. This week Arnie & Marjorie look at the product releases which have been announced for 2006. From the waves of Hasbro figures to the Wizards of the Coast Miniatures game, and many other lines. Also, they take a couple minutes to remember the Star Wars talent which had been lost in 2005. They dedicate this podcast to many actors, some of whom we have had the honor in meeting in person and others whose talent has enhanced our entertainment through many years of Star Wars fandom

    Visual Guide Update – Episode 1 Deluxe Figures
    [Pete | 01/02/06]

         Today's Episode 1 Visual Guide update is the Deluxe wave. Each of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn come with lightsaber hilts that swing their lightsabers into attack mode! Want a closer look? You know what to do...


    Autograph Bounty Hunter Exclusive Signings
    [Pete | 01/01/06]

         The Autograph Bounty Hunter is proud to announce three very exclusive signings! First off is Sigbjorn Henanger, one of the original Hoth Rebel Troopers during the 1979 ESB shoot in Finse, Norway. Second he has been able to get a signing organised with basketball player Axel Dench, who played Wookiee Warrior Mermeru in Revenge of the Sith. Lastly, a signing has just been launched with Bravo 5, the only female pilot on the Squadron during the Battle of Naboo, with British actress Celia Imrie. Aside from these private signings, the Bounty Hunter will also be attending several shows in Europe in the coming months.

    Visual Guide Update – Episode 1
    [Pete | 01/01/06]

         The first Visual Guides of the new year will be the addition of the Episode 1 "The Final Lightsaber Duel". This cool 2-pack includes Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and a battle damaged Darth Maul. Click below for the first VG of 2006!




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