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Tell Us About Your First Star Wars Action Figure!

What was your very first Star Wars Action figure? And when did you get it? Was it a gift? Did you buy the figure with your own pocket money? Do you still own the figure? Tell us in the comments and share some fond memories! Click through for my tale about my first Star Wars action figure!

Kenner Luke Skywalker


It was 1978. I hadn’t even seen Star Wars yet. I would only see the movie in late 1978 or so in some small shoebox cinema, almost a full year after release in Germany. Star Wars was released in February 1978 in Germany. A full 9 months later than in the USA. Those were the days!

But of course I knew about Star Wars, then called “Krieg der Sterne” in Germany. There had been reports on TV about it. So one afternoon I headed to my very small local toyshop just around the corner. It wasn’t even a toyshop really, it was a fashion store that also had a small toy section.

And they had this box with Kenner Star Wars figures. I think I drove the shopowner almost crazy, because I couldn’t decide on what to buy. Darth Vader looked kind of cool (remember, I knew nothing about the characters, I had only heard about the movie in general) but also very evil, I didn’t like evil characters. Obi-Wan looked old, not cool at all… and then there was this youthful looking hero staring into the sun, he appealed to me. But still, Darth Vader looked really cool… but in the end I took Luke Skywalker home with me, good had triumphed over evil.

I would never own a classic Darth Vader Kenner figure. I had Bespin Han, ANH Leia, C-3PO, 2-1B, Lobot, R5, R2, a Snowtrooper, and much later a POTF Darth Vader. Not very many figures, actually. C-3PO, R5-D4, Lobot and 2-1B have survived, they stand on my shelf. The others were lost to time, Luke Skywalker too, unfortunately (at one time I had two or three of him actually). But I will always remember him being my very first Star Wars action figure.

What’s your story? Tell us in the comments!

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