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Hasbro Toys Shop Lists Latest 6" Figures' Product Pages!

And from what we have been told, the stock is imminent. Get ready for the carnage! Hasbro Toy Shop has just added product pages for the latest The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures. Check out DJ (Canto Bight), Clone Captain Rex, and Rey (Island Journey). Extra special thanks to JTA reader Agustin for the alert!


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  • matt

    Think I might get a Captain Rex. Looking forward to Grand Moff/ Governor Tarkin as well.
    That’s it from Hasbro. Now, where are those Prequel SH Figuarts that were solicited last month?

    • Has Been Kenobi

      It’s a great figure 🙂

    • Matthew Sebastian Wang

      They haven’t actually solicited anything other than ANH Ben Kenobi and ANH Darth Vader so I wouldn’t expect them anytime soon.

      • matt

        The ANH Vader us already out… but the ANH Kenobi has been doing the rounds for the last two years – hope he’s released soon though.

        I’m expecting the Phantom Menace stuff to come out next year, in time for the 20th anniversary.

        That said, they look amazing amd I’m not sure my inner fanboy can wait that long!

        • Matthew Sebastian Wang

          They’re redoing Vader with sor goods this time

          • matt

            He’s up for pre-order along with TLJ Luke.
            Definitely an improvement on the last one, soft goods cape, and much taller too 🙂

  • 11Eleven11

    That cloak looks like crap. These are three easy passes. DJ is going to be a peg warmer if they put him in another assortment.

    • General Hux

      Steve Evans himself said (in this thread) that the cloak shown in the image is nit final.

  • My walmart is clearing all their 6 inch black series, regardless of age. I might actually have a shot at finding Rex in the wild.

  • ElectrifiedVader

    Thanks as always to JTA for the product updates, I’m really anxious to check out the new facial printing on these figures. Could we possibly define “imminent” as pertaining to this post? I’ve been hovering and refreshing for 3 hours and nothing. The way it was worded I interpreted ‘stock is imminent” and “get ready” as though it was happening this morning…

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      HTS always stocks their product around 4:15-4:18 AM EST so i’d start setting an alarm if you want this. they do like dropping on dates that are divisible by 5, such as the 10th and the 20th of the month.

      • padawanbear

        Jaina Solo wave dropped on the 11th this week.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          oh gotcha. and last month. this wasn’t the first time she popped up on HTS…but i agree it’s not an exact science, but i’ve been close enough to get what i want

      • ElectrifiedVader

        Yes, that has been typical… but of late it seems as if they’ve been changing that up a bit. I noticed Jaina going up mid-morning a couple of times, when she wasn’t up at 4am. I actually liked the 4 am thing because I always wake up around that time before work. I miss out if stuff goes up during the day. Thanks for the info though! Based on the wording of the post, I had hoped they were going up today… oh well.

  • HothHan

    For those that of you with the Convention Rex do the arms really have the range of motion shown in the one shot?

    • Jaden Korr

      Yep! They redid the elbows, and now the shoulder pads can slide into the torso (like the RO troopers).

      • Has Been Kenobi

        It’s so much better!!

        • Jaden Korr

          My hope is that for future clones they’ll at least use the new arms, if they won’t retool the torso (the new Rex one has the weld lines), though I’d love if they would. Then again that’s based on my assumption that it’s the torso that is allowing the shoulder armor to slide under, and not a change in the shoulder armor.

          TL;DR: make future clones as posable as Rex!

      • Andrew Wirshborn

        The crossed arms was one of the first poses I put mine in

    • Has Been Kenobi

      It’s such a great clone figure 😀 the only nitpick I have is the left hand doesn’t have a trigger finger, so you’ll need to fix that

  • Jon Morgan

    With TRU in Nashville looking like this since TFA, there is no new hope…. The other TRU has about 25 K2-SO’s somehow and no other BS6 single packaged figures.

    • bnicks87

      Hey, the gang’s all there!

    • Josh Greulich

      It’s the same here. That is what all three in the Columbus area look like.

    • Barbecue17

      This is one of the biggest reasons why Hasbro should have changed up the packaging on the Last Jedi Force Friday series. The 40th should have been a retail “palate cleanser” that added some new product and kept a retail presence while the Last Jedi product offered a completely new package and SKU. I really think that would have encouraged retailers to clearance out older product, preventing any future logjams.

      • Jeff Wickson

        Yeah…the Force Awakens packaging could have been yellow. Then the TLJ packaging Red…then Episode 9 could be blue or green. Oh well.

  • mic windu

    I’m holding my breath for TVC news.. so if you would be so kind I’m a little purple in the face!

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I believe these figures will go up for pre-order later today just like the 3/34 5 POA figure wave of DJ, Rey, Leia, and luke.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    pass TLJ figures are DOE bring on 6” Gran Moff and TVC

  • MrStevie18

    Small note. The cloak shown on the Rey is not final. There are other images that show the correct cloak. Thanks

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    i think im going to get 4 Reys. one to keep in box, and three more for heads/hands. gonna use speeder rey and this rey to make an ultimate Jakku Rey

    • Has Been Kenobi

      But what’ll you do with the other two?:) I’m unclear as to the arithmetic you used

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        taking the heads of the other two and putting one on Training Rey and the other on my OG jakku rey that doesnt come with the speeder.

        • Has Been Kenobi

          Ah nice! Hope they swap ok ???? 🙂

        • Quick question, what happens with the 2 headless Reys?

        • Indiana Skywalker

          I attempted the head swap last night. With some “futzing” it will work, however, I was not fond of the outcome. Mileage will likely vary from person to person regarding this customization.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            which head swap did you try? the plastic flesh tones are probably off. i just wanted to replace all my rey heads with this new Island Journey head.

          • Indiana Skywalker

            I attempted to place the Island Journey head on the various Rey figures but was not personally pleased by the results. The flesh tones were a bit jarring in some cases as you suspected. Hopefully you will be more satisfied by the customization.

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I’m guessing if it says coming soon on HTS then it means they will be up for order soon.

  • Brian B.

    Got the last Rey at my TRU earlier today. I was incredibly surprised by it. The presence of a single Royal Guard led me to believe the rest of the wave was also there at one point, so I’m still looking out for DJ. I’m happy with the Hascon Rex so I won’t be going crazy looking for that one.

    • Indiana Skywalker

      I was able to locate them at Target last night as well. Though it may just be my personal perception, the face sculpt/print appears to be of better quality than the Convention version. The Rey I located was surprisingly well done, the face printing was impressive and the cloak, albeit better than the photo (as mentioned by Mr. Evans, still requires a thread to be placed in the hood portion so that it will sit properly without appearing “baggy”. At this point I would like them to re-release many of the human characters with this new technology as it is far superior into opinion than anything offered in the human category thus far for the 6″ line.

      • Has Been Kenobi

        True. I’m old fashioned and like some of my action figures to look like action figures 🙂

      • Brian B.

        Oh yeah, I’ve seen pictures of Rex 2.0 and I’d definitely agree with you on it looking better than the Hascon one for sure. Still, the Hascon one’s very well done and while I’ll still pick up the new Rex if I see it, it won’t be a figure I’m absolutely dying to track down cause I’m quite happy with mine as is.

    • Has Been Kenobi

      The hascon Rex is really well painted.

  • jerome

    just bring on the bounty hunters, dewback set, and rebel trooper….

  • CptnRx

    Hey guys, bit off-topic, but does anyone know when TVC will be released? Cheers!

    • General Hux

      April 20th with the Han Solo launch.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Can’t wait to not find these on shelves, due to the legions of Rey, Kylo Ren and Luke not budging, plus the unexpected return of dreaded shelwarmer overlord Zuvio and his minion Finn (Jakku).

    Still, thanks for the link! ????

    Funny, on the these photos the face prints looks more like SH Figuarts’ “dot matrix” tech than Marvel Legends’ “wet” and more continuous prints.

    I finally found what bothers me with the DJ figure: the expression. Hasbro’s DJ is alert and focused, while the real DJ constantly looks half asleep and wears a sardonic expression.

    • Josuethefanboy_7

      Well DJ is already old and he’s been living in many places I mean come on give Boba Fett a break.

      • Has Been Kenobi

        Boba fett? Boba fett, Where?

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Took me a while but I think I finally got this!
        Is it a reference to that weird internet rumour of DJ being “a Fett” or alternatively “sir Vicrum Fett”?

        That was fun to speculate on, but in the end his one turned out to be like many internet rumours: a pile of bantha poodoo. ????

        Neither The Art of SW:TLJ nor the Visual Dictionary mention any kind of relationship with the Fett clan/family. “DJ” isn’t even a name or initials, it just stands for his motto “Don’t Join”. So no, no “DJango” reference… ????

        • Josuethefanboy_7

          Their keeping him a mystery for now, all the visual dictionary says is that he has different beliefs and knows sonething the others don’t wich is an important piece for the fate and future of the whole Star Wars saga.

  • TheSegaMan

    I NEED Rex. I’m even considering Rey, which I never thought I would do given how ugly so many of her figures have turned out. Hope these start showing up in stores near me soon!

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