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UPDATE: The Last Jedi Blu-ray Best Buy And TARGET Exclusive Editions Revealed

Here is something interesting! Blu-ray ads for The Last Jedi have made their way into the random ad sections of Facebook. Were they released too early? Or are these just unofficial images? We’re unable to confirm, but they look legitimate to us. In the meantime, see what’s planned for supposed Best Buy and TARGET exclusive editions of the Blu-ray. Special thanks to JTA reader Alex P. for sending us these images!


UPDATE: you can also pre-order the Best Buy Steel Book here and The Target Exclusive here.

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  • Has Been Kenobi

    Which edition will come with the teaser poster image I wonder, if any? That one I’d buy.

    • Ivar Muñoz

      fack ypu

  • Gloriouscollector

    I really like Targets edition, not really a fan of the steel book stuff. Man I can’t wait to see The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi back to back.

    • You know what else I just noticed like…this week, In the Target edition of TFA, you can see they had re-designed Luke’s Green Lightsaber hilt and it sits on a table with Kylo’s and Anakin’s. Only a slight change in the emitter, BUT it makes me wonder what they originally intended. Maybe just Luke having the Hilt hanging from his belt originally at the end, but I can’t believe all this time later I just noticed this lol

  • bnicks87

    Both of these look really nice. I’ll either get the Target or the standard release.
    For the last 2 films I just got the standard releases. I didn’t like the art on the steelbooks, or Target’s flimsy TFA packaging and their 3-inch thick RO box.

  • TonyE

    i don’t like that I will buy this, and then buy it again after episode 9 is released and we finally have the sequel trilogy set.

    • Gloriouscollector

      Yeah it’ll be really cool if Lucasfilm released all three trilogies in separate box sets.

      • TonyE

        definitely thinking they will, then another box set with all 9 films for like 800 bucks

        • Well…HOPEFULLY we will get all 4K blu-rays which will include all deleted scenes, original theatrical releases, commentary, etc. etc. Hey…Disney owns the rights to A New Hope now lol It can happen!

          • TonyE

            now makes me wonder if they would throw the side films in a box set like that with all 9 episodes

          • Gloriouscollector

            I’m guessing that will be a separate box set.

          • TonyE

            yes makes more sense actually

          • Gloriouscollector

            Yeah I can picture it, The Anthology Set featuring Rogue One, Solo, and Kenobi.

          • Then we’ll need a definitive Clone Wars boxed set with Genndywars, The Clone Wars theatrical, 5 seasons, Lost Missions, and story reels.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for that.

  • That steelbook is very VERY different from the rest if it is legit.

  • Jaken Wraith

    I think what they are going to do, if it follow’s suit like the last couple Year’s. I think before the first time we see anything for “Solo”,it will be after “The Last Jedi” hit’s on Blu-Ray. They will push the “TLJ” date up, instead of having two Star Wars Movies promotion’s running at the same time. I think it will release in late Feb, or early March, then they have two Month’s to promote “Solo”. A very tight window, that will happen only this one time.

  • Aldo

    4K!!!!!! Can’t wait.

    • scarletspider

      Disney is buying Fox, so the problem will soon be gone

  • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

    Rumor has it that when the films ends there is a 3hr commentary with Ruin Johnson explaining everything wrong with the film

    • zerobobby77

      I heard that it will include up to 70 hours of unused Finn and Rose material

      • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

        Yeah I heard that was the deleted scene where they teamed up with antifa on canto bight to take down the patriarchy

    • joecooltheman

      So funny I forgot to laugh.

      • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

        Yeah that’s how I felt in the theater

    • Has Been Kenobi

      I guess I should be upset you didn’t like the last Jedi, but ruin Johnson made me chuckle 🙂

      • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

        I agree, the whole thing was a joke

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Nice artwork, hopefully will use the same for the UK Zavvi release that I have on pre-order.

  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    Never preordering an exclusive from Target again after that crappy cardboard cover for TFA that requires sliding the discs in and out to store.

  • MFH

    Fandom be like: The film sucked. The film was great. In reality, we are all like:

  • matt

    I have the Blu-Ray of Rogue One, but I don’t have TFA at all in any format. Undecided about whether or not to get this one tbh.
    I quite liked TLJ, but I’m not sure I liked it enough to get it on DVD

    • Has Been Kenobi

      You could always borrow it from your local library, depending on if they do movie rentals 😀

      • matt

        I didn’t buy TFA on purpose :-O but TLJ, I kinda liked it, but not sure if I liked it enough to watch it again and again on DVD.

        • Has Been Kenobi

          That’s what I’m saying 😀 I don’t know how yours does it, but at my local library you can get free rentals of new movies for a week (once they’re on DVD).

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    I suppose they’re going to re-release it 6 months later in better packaging with more bonus content.

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      then 3 months after that we will get the Chrustmas Super Duper Most Bestest Jedi-ist Special Edition

  • The_Kilted_Fett

    This won’t sell either, because everyone hated it…

    • TonyE

      no. actually, not everyone hated it.

      • Has Been Kenobi

        You both have such compelling arguments, who do I believe????

        I mean, you obviously cause I didn’t hate it

        • The_Kilted_Fett

          In my personal life, I have yet to meet anyone who hated it. Including a dedicated SW Facebook group with 75+ members.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Same. I’ve talked about it with friends and coworkers and everyone has had an overall positive take on this movie. Even my dad enjoyed it, and he’s from an older, more conservative generation. 🙂

      • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job
        • TonyE

          yea, i always take screenshots of non-scientific internet polls to validate my arguments too.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Lol wth? Does throwing the word scientific take away from the validity of the rotten tomatoes poll? Lol what an idiot. Rotten tomatoes verified the poll had not been tampered with so yeah this is a VALID source

          • TonyE

            you’re like 15 right

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            No, I’m not but you must be with that weak non existent rebuttal

          • TonyE


          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            I’m 27, so now will you provide a coherent rebuttal

          • TonyE


          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            lol I have to provide proof of age to get a response to why the tlj didn’t suck. Yup citing sources to defend my answer and position is childish while asking for age confirmation and giving no rebuttal makes you an adult? Lol what a moron

        • I think this screenshot actually proves that the comment “everyone hated it” is factually incorrect.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            In most if not all acedamia 49% is failing? lol like the effort though

          • I am not discounting the “failing” or not grade. I’m discounting the stated “fact” from the earlier post. Ditto on your efforts.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            The guy who posted that can correct me if I’m wrong but common sense tells me he meant the majority hates it and he’s right. It’s impossible for everyone to hate it, autistic people like Tonye love it.

          • Then I sure as hell glad to be one of the minority, and not one of the name-calling majority.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Hey, go watch tlj free some space horses and drink alien tit milk and I’m sure you’ll feel much better

          • Certainly more interesting than conversing with you (and the milk drinking bit was truly ridiculous)

          • TonyE

            i think we are both dumber for actually having talked to this guy.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job
          • The fact that 90% of critics liked the moved, as did 49% of fans, or that 51% of fanboys and the bots and groups that join together and rig these unscientific ratings. Or are you simply a member of “’Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys,’ which… announced on Facebook that it had generated trolls to help review-bomb The Last Jedi’s score on Rotten Tomatoes.” Those Sir, are not facts. They’re opinions.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            What’s a scientific study of if a movie was good besides a poll, go ahead I’ll wait. See this is the biggest problem instead of provide any reason why this movie was good besides using bs buzzwords like its deep and transformative “which is a joke” you result to trying to discredit fans as fanboys, not true fans, bots Russians, etc and it’s pathetic

          • TonyE

            i think when you say buzzwords, i take it to mean people are using words you needed to google first to understand them.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            I think you haven’t answered the question, again, go ahead I’ll wait

          • TonyE

            49% in a poll where you can vote more than once, and that is also subject to review bombing because some people cannot handle that “their” star wars was ruined, is about as indicative of truth as your eloquence and argumentative skills are indicative of being good.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            You can’t vote multiple times and citing “they make several emails” is indicative of weaponized autism because you just can’t accept that most people didn’t like the film. It’s not just rotten tomatoes but every fan review site. The only people painting this film as good are paid shills and those that are autistic like yourself lol.

          • TonyE

            is that the first time you have ever used the word indicative in a sentence? also, you might want to look up the definition of autism.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            When people lose arguments they attack people’s character lol please I’m just asking for your counter argument.

        • GIBBS v2

          This reminds me of when the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer debut a year ago everyone flogged it just cause it was the cool thing to do. Internet flash mobs.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Yeah except this isn’t a flash mob and it isn’t going away

          • GIBBS v2

            Being as apparantly butt hurt as you are over a movie is beyond silly. Grow up.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            I CARE about Star Wars. I’ve cared since I was 3yr old and 24yrs later I still care. I’m not going to stay silent about a movie that has sacrificed Star Wars story telling/lore to virtue signal. If you care so little then why are you on this forum in the first place?

          • GIBBS v2

            I made it clear that I care.

            But just imagine if you poured an ounce of the energy wasted here bashing a movie into say volunteer work or civil service.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Yup you care enough to tell dissenting opinions to shut up. Don’t give me some bleeding heart bs to try to make up for your previous stupid comment

          • TonyE

            its actually kind of impossible to care about stuff when you are 3, you must have an incredible memory.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            It’s not impossible you pseudo intellectual lol

          • TonyE

            of course its not, you have so much time in dad’s basement you might be here all week.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            I’m a former marine, 4yr college graduated, and federal agent but nice try. What do you do?

      • The_Kilted_Fett

        I loved it. I was being sarcastic.

  • Funtomaz

    All I want from the blu-ray are audio commentaries by Mark Hamill

    Commentary 1: as Jake Skywalker
    Commentary 2: as the Joker
    Commentary 3: as Mark Hamill after a few beers so his tongue is loose

    Now that would be funny and worth the money! 😀

    Instead we’ll get the usual “we’re all so great” “everything is fantastic” and “wow, look at these explosions!” commentaries 😉

  • General Hux
    • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

      I provide a poll proving my point and tonye uses an ad hominem to attack me and yet youre trying to slap the label to me lmao. This pic of you and tonye pretty much sums it up.

      • General Hux

        You called Tony autistic…That’s what we call an ad hominem attack.

        Good day.

        • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

          Guess tonye shouldn’t have brought a taun taun to a wampa fight lol

          • General Hux

            Okay, Straw Man.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Again please counter my evidence, 175,000 reviews (rotten tomatoes investigated no scary Russian bots) 49% approval (failing) on track to be the sharpest decline of any sequel in history. 94% theater drop in China (huge country with dense pop) and over 600million in revenue loss thus far. Please without using a deflection or strawman rebuff that

          • TonyE

            hey, well if the internet says its true, then its true right.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            Lmao wow that may be the most stupid argument I’ve ever heard

          • General Hux

            I wasn’t using strawman as a rebuff from your main argument. But that’s just the point, you strayed off the main argument by presenting something totally different to discredit someone else’s argument.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            It seems like you’re the one doing that. Again please counter my information

          • TonyE

            wow that was not funny.

          • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

            You’re right, a better joke would have been Poe making your momma jokes to hux lmao

        • TonyE

          its ok Hux, with the amount of time this dude has to troll, i’m not surprised he doesn’t understand words. this is the kind of dude that describes his mediocre job as “management” to the family at christmas, and how the office couldn’t do it without him.

  • TonyE

    it would make more sense if you used another disability to attack us. using one that doesn’t come close to what you are trying to say isn’t effective as much as your dad thinks.

    • TLJ was a Trekkie inside job

      What’s my dad have to do with this? Lol and no, autism seems just fine since you still haven’t made a counter argument

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