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Disney's Star Wars: Assessing The State Of The Franchise Since The Sale

The state of Star Wars since the sale to Disney has generated a lot of discussion, which only intensified after The Last Jedi was released. Three Star Wars films have been released since the sale to Disney and Solo: A Star Wars Story is just around the corner. In addition, we have Star Wars Rebels, Battlefront II, and the various novels and comics that have been released under this new leadership. Now that we a significant amount of material to work with, let’s open up the discussion of “Disney’s” Star Wars a little more. I have put together a list of questions that are intended to assess the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership, as well as your hopes for the future. We take pride in the wonderful community that has been established here and would love it if you participated in this discussion. As always, please keep the discussion civil and be respectful of differing opinions. Click through to see the full list of questions.

  1. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
  2. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
  3. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
  4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
  5. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
  6. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
  7. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
  8. What do you want to see in Episode IX?
  9. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
  10. How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?
  11. What future standalone films do you want to see?
  12. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
  13. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
  14. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
  15. Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?  


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  • I’ll have to get back to you after I’ve had an adult beverage or two.

    • Mike_5555

      Martin, you win. This is in no way a competition, but you win.

      • Thanks, but I don’t think anyone really wins if you have to ask this many questions about the franchise. Disney’s neck-breaking pace with the movie schedule really hurts quality. I also believe they need to find more experienced directors who’ve honed their craft. Ron Howard fits that bill, but I have no interest in the Solo movie. Like I’ve said before, I’ll see Ep. IX, but I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll see the Obi-Wan movie if it gets made, but after that, I’m moving on.

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      Not really…but let’s see:
      1. I can not say I’m happy with Disney at this time. Improvements I’d like to see would be: A= a respect of all of the creative efforts made from 1977-2014 in respect to the Expanded Universe. George Lucas was wise to be inclusive of things that he liked (example: AAYLA SECURA in films and THE CLONE WARS) Stop forcing everything into “CANON” because it isn t working! Put out stories and let the fans decide if it is canon.; OR just make a note at the beginning of all stories of WHEN IT TAKES PLACE IN THE STAR WARS TIMELINE AND LET THE FANS DECIDE IF IT IS CANON. B= Longer lead time for story developments before releasing new films and t.v. shows. NO NEED TO RUSH; TAKE TIME TO MAKE IT EXCELLENT. C= Let videogames be developed by other companies besides E.A. D= Get consultation from the creator GEORGE LUCAS and honor his input!(WOULD YOU DO IT FOR WALT DISNEY IF HE WERE STILL ALIVE?)

      2.THE FORCE AWAKENS=F+(too many weaknesses to list)
      ROGUE ONE= B+(biggest weakness: the score underdeveloped)
      [Cannot rank THE LAST JEDI until we see it]

  • Aldo

    1. Yes
    2. TLJ, RO, TFA
    3. Not better than OT but much better than PT
    4. Kylo Ren Most, Finn Least
    5. Most Fav moment: Luke vs Kylo on Crait – Least Fav moment Canto bight
    6. I’m ok with the pace, assuming there is a break after the 3rd standalone…..
    7. December BY FAR
    8. a character and environment introduced that is cool as jabba and his palace. and I want to see LANDO
    9. I’m sort of looking forward to SOLO
    10. If solo is good then yes
    11. Ob-Wan, Boba-Fett, Young Yoda
    12. Spielberg
    13. Love rebels and battlefront 2…..have not seen clone wars
    14. maybe….caravan of courage 2?
    15. Yes, all rebels.

  • Oh boy. Can’t wait for all the “Star Wars is ruined forever and ever and Disney is the devil and Kennedy is taking a dump on Star Wars and everything before Disney was perfect and Rian Johnson is a stupid hack and even Mark Hamill hates the new films and The Last Jedi was the worst thing to ever happen to me since polio and if you like the new Star Wars material, you’re a dumb SJW snowflake” comments this’ll be flooded with.

    BUT! Answers:

    1. Yup. As much as I loved the old EU, it’s nice to have Star Wars taken in new directions.
    2. TLJ, TFA, RO
    3. Can’t really touch the OT, but are so much better than the PT.
    4. I’m intrigued by Kylo Ren and his journey. Least favorite would admittedly be Rose. I didn’t love her arc in TLJ.
    5. Toss up between the Death Star blowing up Jedha I’m Rogue One and the TLJ Guard fight.
    6. I think one per year is okay. Solo is being shoved at us way too quickly. I wouldn’t mind an off year though to catch my breath, and also let Hasbro get some more saga material out there.
    7. December. It’s become an awesome tradition with my friends and family.
    8. I want to see where J.J. and co. will take me. I have no expectations or concrete images in my head. I’m along for the ride.
    9. Not in the slightest. It’s really the only thing I want to rag on a Disney for since it’s pointless. But hey, maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise.
    10. No. I don’t want it unless there’s good reason… and the Solo film is not good enough reason.
    11. Kenobi, Old Republic, Siege of Mandalore, a horror story, more exploration of the early Jedi and the Force.
    12. Depends on the story. Christopher Nolan, Taika Waititi, Dennis Villanevue all could have very interesting takes on the GFFA.
    13. Gaming is awful. Television is okay, but I really hope we get a live action and/or animated show to begin filling the gap between ROTJ and TFA. I’m totally fine with the book frequency.
    14. I wouldn’t mind one or two canon animated shows and one or two live action shows. They just need to commit to the scale and budget accordingly.
    15. Depends on the character. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rebels Crew make the jump. I’d love to see Ahsoka in a live action adventure!

    • Yawn. Put up or shut up, LOL! Come on man, just answer the questions and don’t worry about how others answer the questions.

      • I put up!

        • TorynGlavin

          Really agree that Solo is coming WAY too fast now. We need more time!

          • Mike_5555

            Absolutely. Honestly, a film a year is fast enough as is. This is way too short. They had the perfect reason to push it back with the director change too.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Maybe they were concerned at the time that pushing it to December would put it too close to E9? Then they ended up moving E9 back and it was too late to do it for Solo?

      • Eh, not worried. I answered! I just posted a bit prematurely. I’m a happy fan these days, and I personally think there’s a lot to look forward to. But I’ll admit, there’s some serious issues I have with TLJ, and Solo has me… well, not excited at all, so it’s not all slack jawed optimism and rainbows.

    • Echo82

      These have been fun to read, but you lost me on the opening rampage. Hope you had fun writing something most folks won’t read. Bye.

      • I’m sorry, I should’ve been asking for more white male characters unironically to keep your attention?

      • But, your overall point of a bitter, off-putting rant is not productive in this discussion. So I’ll own up to that one, no snark.

    • ILoveSand

      I was thinking the Old Republic for a TV show. If done right, you could really develop the characters over time and build the story. There would be so much to tell, since it could be like a total blank slate for Disney, or even if they borrowed form the EU, that is a lot to go through. But I would like to see the darker tones to show through so no Disney channel for that show. But a movie could be good too.

    • hammyhamster

      Regarding your opening comment / edit: How does posting your true feelings make you a “whiny jerk”? Disney HAS altered the legacy of the Star Wars. They have fundamentally changed the story and values of the original six movies. Feeling that way doesn’t make you whiny or a jerk, it makes you honest.

      • It was me pretending to be one of the “the sky is falling/everything is ruined/Star Wars is for SJW snowflakes now” people to make fun of them. It was mean spirited on my part and counterproductive. My true feelings are that I’m happy with where Star Wars is right now, and I’m just as enthusiastic and excited as ever.

        • hammyhamster

          I appreciate the honesty.

  • Charlie Carden

    I just tuned in to see what the whiners would have to say. I’ll check back.

    • You could always add something constructive to the conversation too! Your thoughts are just as important to everyone else’s.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      So far I’m surprised by how many people answered #1 with a resounding YES. Good for them!

    • Has Been Kenobi

      They would say ‘there’s no cheese with my whine!’

    • Daniel Preece

      Who’s the bigger whiner? The whiner or the whiner who whines about him?

  • TorynGlavin

    1 – Yes incredibly happy. I miss Lucas but really like the new direction. Especially the inclusion of many new women and people of different races in the franchise!
    2 – From fave down I’d say TLJ (9.6/10), TFA (8.7/10) and Rouge One (7.8/10) last!
    3 – I think they are stronger than the OT and equal to th PT
    4 – AMILYN HOLDO. An incredible character. I am obsessed. But Hera Syndulla is a close second. Raddus is also so cool! I really have little time for Poe Dameron. He bores me at times and I don’t feel much need for him. Also I do not love Kanan Jarus, Ezra or Zeb. I think they all feel too similar to the characters we’ve met before. Also Cassian Andor had little impact on me.
    5 – I adore both the sacrifices of Holdo and Erso. I think both moments are beautifully shot and make me FEEL SO MUCH. I really do not like the “don’t choke on your aspirations” moment in RO. But love the rest of that scene.
    6 – How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released? I think it’s okay for now. More than 1 film a year is a HARD NO for me. I also think we need a respite period after Episode IX and have little release after 2020 for a while.
    7 – December!
    8 – Unexpected twists and some real closure. An incredible and deserved send of for our Princess and Space Mom Leia! I want to cry in the theater. I want to be heartbroken.
    9 – I’m always excited for new Star Wars materiel.But this isn’t something I really look forward to. I don’t think this is a necessary story.
    10 – I don’t enjoy it. Let’s avoid this in the future PLEASE!
    11 – A pre-Ep. I jedi movie. The order as it existed before the Clone Wars. An Ahsoka Tano story would be incredible. Knights of the Old Republic era stuff would be super cool. Maybe a trilogy in that era ??
    12 I think Patty Jenkins would make a really interesting stand alone!
    13 – The books are incredible. The TV shows could be more connected to the movies. I don’t care for the video games.
    14 – Yes !! 100%.
    15 – Always. It’s a universe and should be a lot more connected!

    • Has Been Kenobi

      But… Cassian and Jyn have the same sacrifice…

      Were you talking about Galen Erso?

      • TorynGlavin

        They did and I knew someone would point that out 😛 But I just don’t love Cassian all the much. So I was kinda like “dude moveeeee I can’t see Jyn”. K-2SO was really cool tho. His sacrifice for me GREAT!

        • Has Been Kenobi

          Main reason I like Cassian is he’s almost a stand in for Kyle Katarn 😀 especially the figures.

          I wanted to get that clarification , since Galen did some pretty big sacrifices too. :/

          • TorynGlavin

            That is fair !!!! He did, i think his rationale was inspired and made so much sense. Like the whole “you’re going to succeed with or without me eventually, so I should work with you and sabotage you whenever possible”. I loved that.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            And I really liked how he did it to protect his daughter, even though she felt bitterly towards him for years for abandoning her and siding with the empire, leading to the catharsis of their meeting on Eadu 🙂

  • matt

    1. No. I wish they’d show more love and acknowledgment to the Prequels. I’d also love to see more white male leads, and an ability to introduce to themes and ideas alongside the old ones – complimentary and additonal, rather than contradictory and subtractive
    2. Rogue One… TLJ really far behind it; TFA needs erased from history…
    3. Not even close.
    4. Kanan Jarrus/Caleb Dume also love Director Krennic. Worst by far is Finn, sillly name, goofy character.
    5. Vader’s killing spree in Rogue One. The worst is everything I saw in TFA
    6. I need time to greive after TFA. That said, I loved Rogue One.
    7. Prefer May. December is a busy month.
    8. I would prefer not to see it all, esp since JJ is back.
    9. Undecided.
    10. Nope. Especially since the casting choices in general have been horrifyingly bad
    11. Kenobi, something completely disconnected, like a thousand years before ANH
    12. Bring back George Lucas. Much love for The Maker
    13. Somewhere between gutwrenchung disappointment and cynical apathy.
    14. Only if Dave Filoni is in charge.
    15. No… I’ve seen what they do to beloved characters…

    • TorynGlavin

      Are you really asking for more white male leads ?

      • matt

        I’m entitled to my opinion. I didn’t question yours, despite rolling my eyes at every sentence you wrote.

        • TorynGlavin

          Wow! I mean every Star Wars movie before 2015 had a male white lead. But yeah, definitely not enough of them. Also every movie since 2015 has featured male white villains almost exclusively. But yeah, 100% not enough representation. This is really disappointing in 2018.

          • matt

            Again, I’m entitled to my opinion. I really don’t care about you, your feelings on it, you have your own opinion, let me have mine and don’t judge me on it.

          • Echo82

            Trigger alert. Yes and those older movies sucked because white male leads right? And these movies are great because of your holy of holiest word “OMG DIVERISTY!!!!” Back off sweetheart.

          • Where was it stated that the old movies sucked because white male leads? Or that the new ones were automatically better because of diversity? And why is diversity bad? And why is it important that, if it doesn’t matter, the leads be white males? And people still think saying “trigger alert” and condescendingly calling someone “sweetheart” helps get their point across in a constructive manner?

      • Yeah… I checked out when I read that and there wasn’t a sarcasm tag anywhere. Wow. Haha.

      • OfWolfandMan

        You were very specific in your answer to number one. In your quest to be all inclusive, you should allow him to be as specific as you were.

      • ILoveSand

        Am I missing something? Where is that written here? I keep reading it over and over and am not seeing that statement anywhere.

        • TorynGlavin

          Ah it’s been edited out now. It was originally included in the answer to question 1 as a way the new movies could be improved. If the had more white male leads.

          • ILoveSand

            Okay, for a minute there I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

      • Daniel Preece

        What am I missing… I don’t see him ask for more white male leads in any entry.

      • Daniel Preece

        The race/gender make up of the cast isn’t a problem. It’s why and how they use them that’s the problem. When SW is mostly male leads, then the writing seems more free to simply tell a good adventure tale. But when Kennedy has mostly female leads, then the writing gets constricted to advancing a political statement at the expense of the story. Kennedy herself is the problem. When Lucas put females to the front, there was no problem.

        I’m not saying SW should be all male leads, but I no longer want any more movies from Kennedy with female leads. That ‘power’ goes straight to her head and she loses sight of what makes Star Wars tick–the adventures, not the agendas.

    • Mike_5555

      I would like to see greater acknowledgement of the prequels as well, and it’s always nice to see appreciation of Lucas.

  • Truthbetold

    1. No, I can barely get behind TFA and I cannot bring myself to enjoy TLJ. It’s a wreck. I think if they had given it to one competent writer/director to handle the entire trilogy it could have been better than handing it off.
    2.RO, TFA, TLJ
    3. Seeing the sequel trilogy and direction it’s going makes me appreciate the prequels even more now.
    4. Chewbacca. He can do no wrong. Finn is the worst. I was really hoping he would sacrifice himself in TLJ just so I could extend some respect towards that character.
    5. Darth vader at the ending or R.O. / least fav would be Luke dying from force power exhaustion.
    6. I don’t think it’s a wise decision. These movies need a couple years between them all so they can be thought out better and not have such imminent deadlines. The story suffers and it shows.
    7. May
    8. I really don’t care what happens. The newer S.T. characters aren’t interesting to me.
    9. I’ll have to see a full trailer before commenting
    10. If its far enough back and doesn’t interfere with the time period the original character was in, then i’m okay with it.
    11. Obi wan, boba fett, young yoda
    12. George Lucas
    13. It’s over-saturated, but it’s always been. That’s not Disney’s fault.
    14. Please no, they can’t hardly make a decent movie as it is. I’m scared to death to see nonsense they’d throw together for a t.v. show.
    15. Not really, I don’t watch any of the television series cartoons. They’re lame.

  • Arnold Corso

    1. Mostly. I do wish they’d done a better job thinking ahead with the Sequel Trilogy. It’s still not clear why the sequels needed to undo the ending of ROTJ. Still, I’ve enjoyed the films.

    2. RO, TLJ, TFA

    3. Nowhere near as smartly constructed as the Originals. Much more fun than the Prequels, but I miss the world building and philosophy from those films.

    4. Chirrut/Baze. Great relationship, subtle character arcs, interesting commentary about the nature of faith, cool costumes. Rey is my least favorite. I like Daisy’s acting and she’s charismatic, but she doesn’t seem to struggle with anything. I’d like to see her challenged.

    5. Close call between Snoke Throne Room fight and Rogue One ending. Least favorite is Han Solo’s death. Just didn’t move the way it should have.

    6. Slow down. Make each film to quality. Over the long run, Disney will make more by releasing quality films people want to see than rushing out garbage.

    7. December, strongly.

    8. Something that ties together the entire saga and helps explain why this Sequel Trilogy story needed to be told in the first place. If the Rebels already defeated the Empire in ROTJ, why should we feel invested in their struggle to defeat the First Order in IX?

    9. Meh. I want to see it, but expectations are low.

    10. NO. It never works.

    11. Kenobi, something set between OT and ST explaining what happened.

    12. Matt Reeves. He did a brilliant job with Planet of the Apes. Obviously knows how to handle a big-budget franchise film and special effects. A great mix of reverence for the material and innovation.

    13. Bad. The stories in the books, comics, and games are all inconsequential filler (except for Bloodlines). Most of the authors don’t know how to plot a story so the result is usually some poorly paced look at a bunch of events in some character’s life. Also there’s just too much to keep up with. Seriously I’d like to read non-Star Wars stuff every once in a while and not feel like I’m missing out on the story.

    14. Yes. Something set between the OT and ST. Again, we need to know what happens during this time frame.

    15. If it makes sense, sure.

    • Mike_5555

      I agree with a lot of what you had to say, Arnold. Your response to the third question is the most eloquent answer I’ve seen so far and I completely agree.

      Yes, I think they should slow down too.

      Matt Reeves would be a fantastic choice. Both of his Planet of the Apes films are great. Wonderful examples of quality, modern day franchise filmmaking.

      • Arnold Corso

        I’ve loved Luke and Han (and Leia) ever since I was a kid. I was never a Planet of the Apes fan and had no strong attachment to Caesar. Yet, at the end of War, I was crying like a baby when Caesar died. By contrast, I felt oddly cold when Han was killed, and sad but not tearful when Luke died. That to me says a lot about Reeves as a director.

        • Mike_5555

          Well said. Although I loved the original Planet of the Apes film, the new series completely surprised me. I never expected for them to work let alone make me care about the characters as much as I did. Caesar is one of my favorite characters in recent years and the work Serkis and Reeves did in developing that character was exceptional.

          • Arnold Corso

            I’ve been saying for years these films are maybe the only time a reboot has not only worked, but possibly surpassed the originals. Most reboots, remakes, etc seem like cash grabs, but these films feel like stories that someone really wanted to tell.

          • Mike_5555

            Absolutely. It’s rare for me to like a reboot, but these films proved me wrong when I said they were a terrible idea. They have certainly surpassed the many orginal timeline sequels. You’re right that these stories felt urgent and like they had to be told by the filmmakers.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica was pretty good.

  • Darth Awesome

    1.Disney buying it is the best thing that could have happened. It needed to be out of George’s control to breathe and grow. The post prequel special edition dvds are proof enough of that . I do think the marketing was better back in the day though, granted this is a different time.

    2. TLJ, R1, TFA

    3. Middle of the Road so far. But getting better and closer tto the OT

    4. I think I like Rey the best after TLJ (K2s0 ranks high too). My least favorites are all dead already! Maz would be better with a real role and not being shoehorned in.

    5. Snokes Throne Room. Hans Death.

    6. Compared to Marvel they could actually come out faster.

    7. Either or or both!

    8. Something new and different, but also Lando and Wedge! They could even be retired and chillen.

    9. Without much to go on for Solo, it’s hard to say. We’re all gonna see it no matter what anyway.

    10. I’m into it. I wasn’t clamoring for a Solo prequel but I’m not against new actors taking the reins. Recast Luke and do a post episode 6 trilogy, why not? Then everyone can have their Neo from the Matrix Master Luke and get over TLJ!

    11. A film about the rebels between Empire and Jedi with all of their Hero’s out of the picture would be interesting. Obi Wan, Darth Maul, I’m sure Lando will get a movie!

    12. Sure, but it wouldn’t be good!

    13. Rebels is great, interested in what TV comes next. The comics are good when they don’t get “too Marvel”.

    14. It’s inevitable.

    15. I’ll check out anything. A live action Hera TV show or movie could be good.

    • Darth Awesome

      12 got cut off. 12. James Gunn, he gets the feel of it. I’ve heard Tarantino is doing Star Trek, I’d watch him do a Star Wars movie, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be good!

    • Shoretrooper

      Your standalone idea about rebels between Empire and Jedi is cool !
      Don’t agree about Maz though – the less role she has the better imo!

  • Mike, am I allowed to participate?

    • Mike_5555


      • LOL! I will upset too many people. I better not.

        • Mike_5555

          Go for it! I want to hear your thoughts and if people get upset tell them to yell at me.

          • Xo Tica

            Pauls ideas probably involve a time machine where our new heroes can go back into time and change the space time continuum. ????
            Good night now, it’s midnight here in the UK, I’ve got to get up for work in 6 hours time. ????

          • Jimmy Griffin

            I wouldn’t worry about that Mike; everybody likes you (throws side eye at Paul)

        • Shoretrooper

          Do it – I want to hear your ideas for standalone films

        • ILoveSand

          I want to hear what you have to say!! Phooey to the haters.

        • darthmo

          Lol, you have to now with that comment!

        • zerobobby77

          Dew it! You always are very coherent about these matters. It would be interesting at least to hear what you have to say.

        • hammyhamster

          Just copy and paste my comments in here and use them as your own. I’m OK with that.

        • Littlegreenwiseguy

          Go ahead! Your opinion counts too.

    • David Harrison

      Paul have you watched ‘The Toys That Made Us’ on Netflix?

  • Shoretrooper

    1. Somewhat happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney in terms of production values, etc., these are superb. I don’t like a lot of the story choices made by the story group for the sequel trilogy, however, as it seems like there isn’t an overall plan. Also a lot of the new canon is vastly inferior to the old canon, particularly in the new comics.
    2. Ranking: Rogue One (best by a mile), TFA, TLJ (worst, by a long way).
    3. Rogue One is better than the prequels, almost on par with the original trilogy. TFA and TLJ are vastly inferior to the Originals and the Prequels.
    4. Director Krennic or Cassian Andor are my favorite characters from Rogue One. Kylo Ren is my favourite character from The Force Awakens. C’ai Threnalli is my favorite character from TLJ. I have no favourite character in any other Disney material.
    Maz Kanata is my least favourite. Could be improved by being killed off or written out of the story in such a way that they are ultimately deemed totally insignificant to the state of the galaxy.
    5. Favourite moment: The Darth Vader corridor scene in Rogue One. I basically had an out of body experience during that scene in the midnight showing. Chills. Every hair on my body stood on end, my eyes and mouth all opened wider than they ever have.
    Least favourite: the entire Canto Bight arc in TLJ. Everything about it. The epilogue with broom boy is awful and perhaps the worst if I had to single out an individual moment.
    6. I’m enjoying the rapid pace so far. There doesn’t seem to be a decline in production value as a result of the rapid pace (my issues with TLJ are due to creative choices, not due to rushing rapid pace of release).
    7. I prefer December release dates for Star Wars films
    8. For episode IX, I want to see Kylo Ren die BUT NOT redeemed. I don’t want any Maz Kanata. I want to see more Poe. I want to see Finn used WELL. I want to see Daisy Ridley improve her acting. I want to see Lando. I want to see Luke as a force ghost. I don’t want to see Jakku again. I want to see some answers. I want to see some of this republic we’re supposed to care about.
    9. Yes I am looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    10. I have no problem with the recasting of ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, if they are done well. I would be happy to see this continue. No-one had a problem that Hayden Christensen replaced Jake Lloyd.
    11. Future standalone films I want to see: a spiritual sequel to Rogue One about a rebel attempt to assassinate Emperor Palpatine shortly before The Empire Strikes Back (think a Star Wars version of Valkyrie). Also a horror film involving Tusken Raiders kidnapping Shmi (imagine a Star Wars version of the hills have eyes)
    12. Jon Favreau
    13. Television and publishing: both poor. Story choices for the new canon are really poor. Comics have had Chewbacca and Leia wielding lightsabers?! Rebels is just not entertaining. Video games are brilliant: Battlefront II is amazing.
    14. I would like to see an expansion of Star Wars television if it were real life or animated for an older audience – I’m not enjoying the kiddy TV shows.
    15. I would like to see some characters from the clone Wars television series appear in a live action film, but not any Rebels characters (with the exception of Hera Syndulla). I don’t want to see Ahsoka in a film unless it’s Clone Wars era.

    • OfWolfandMan

      5. DV in the corridor. That was awesome, loved it. That is the type of thing I imagined/hoped we’d get when the prequels were announced.

      • Shoretrooper

        Yes exactly! Particularly as so much ROTS marketing material had posters of Vader holding a red lightsaber, which he didn’t ignite in ROTS!
        It was a stunning moment. Admittedly gratuitous fan service. But still stunning and one of my favourite Star Wars moments ever!

        • Daniel Preece

          I don’t get this term “fan service.” It sounds derogatory. How can it possibly be bad to offer a product the paying customers want? I think by far the biggest “fan service” is all the plagiarized plots from the OT. Second is seeing the Millennium Falcon everywhere. The Vader scene is the single biggest missing piece of the OT, where we see Vader’s devastating powers in full use. Not just choke powers or playing cat and mouse with Luke, but a nasty bit of Sith meanness on some enemies. Vader got his rep somehow, and RO showed us why.

    • Daniel Preece

      Personally, I include the writing as a “production value.” TLJ’s script looks like a first draft rushed through without taking time to break it down and polish its flaws.

  • Xo Tica

    1) Not entirely. Like to see more Aliens,Droids, Bounty Hunters and most of all better stories
    2) RO, TLJ , TFA.
    3) personally from my point of view , NO
    4) BB8 favourite, Finn the least.
    5) Favourite moment was seeing Tarkin again, least was Canto Bight.
    6) Too quick a pace which doesn’t allow great stories to be worked on, it’s become all hands on udders to milk the Star Wars brand.
    7) May
    8) A decent end to the trilogy , if that’s possible.
    9) Not really.
    10) No , not really.
    11) Boba Fett and possibly Yoda.
    12) Gareth who did RO or maybe Spielberg
    13) Quality has fallen
    14) Only if there are really good stories and characters like TCW, if we are going to see to much Disney interference at every stage then forget it.
    15) Love to see Darth Bane from Season 6 of TCW .

  • ILoveSand

    1. No. I have not enjoyed the state of most of the various offerings from Disney, with the exception of RO and the two Claudia Gray books. I wish they would stop trying to make their own mark and just make good SW stories. With the movies it feels like a big middle finger to GL and what he built. I also wish social justice wasn’t thrown in the mix for these movies. Just make a good film people can enjoy for a few hours.
    2. RO- 7, TLJ- 2, TFA- 0
    3. I bought TFA on dvd only because I like things complete. Know how many times I have watched it on DVD? None. Yet I have reached for the first 6 movies countless times. I thin that tells you how I feel about the ST. RO I have also but I do not reach for that either, even though I enjoyed it.
    4. I do not have a favorite character from the new movies. I have not connected with anyone. As for least favorite characters, I did not like Rey and Ren but did feel they improved in TLJ.
    5. I liked Luke and Leia’s reunion. It was touching and beautiful. Least favorite: Rose stopping Finn from his sacrifice. It was a heroic moment for him and she stopped it. It ruined the moment for me.
    6. I think too much SW is not a good thing. I would rather see a movie every couple of years then a break.
    7. I like the December release dates. May is to crowded and my pockets start to run dry.
    8. A big red restart button.
    9. Not planning on seeing it. Han Solo’s story was told in SW already. Let’s leave some things to the imagination.
    10. No way. Disney should concentrate on creating new and interesting characters. Build them up properly.
    11. I kind of want to see a Kenobi film, only because there are many ways it could go. I personally don’t really want to see one set during his Tattooine time.
    12. George Lucas
    13. TV- hate Rebels after giving it a chance- gave up on it. Publishing- I have enjoyed Claudia Gray’s books and wish she would write some more. Hers have been the most enjoyable. The others I take a pass on. Video games- I don’t play them. Unless its old school Tomb Raider or Parasite Eve, not interested.
    14. The only TV show I want to see is the finish of the Clone Wars.
    15. They already have.

    • Has Been Kenobi

      But GL loved the last Jedi…. that’s a weird way to react to a middle finger.

      • Daniel Preece

        Lucas, just like Hamill, has been very critical of KK’s choices between the releases, but when the movies are out they say how great it is. They’ve each done this for each movie. Kind of an obvious pattern.

        Plus, Lucas owns 2% of Disney. He’s the 2nd largest individual shareholder Disney has. It’s HIS company to an extent and he doesn’t want Disney’s movies to fail financially. So he puts out quotes about how great everything is. Soon he’ll be back to calling them “white slavers” again.

        • Has Been Kenobi

          No i would disagree with your first point. Lucas was disappointed with the force awakens, since it was a redo of his films. If he was as much of a yes man as you say he is then he wouldn’t say anything. And that was like day one, he said that. And we haven’t gotten to the ‘in between movies’ area for this release, so who knows. Personally I don’t believe his mind will change, since it’s a good Star Wars movie.

          Of course it makes sense that he would want a business he has a stake in to do well financially. But I feel like he has a better understanding of this property than you or I do, he may genuinely appreciate parts of the last Jedi (which makes sense to me, at lesst).

  • Henry

    1. I think Disney has done a great job. I’ve loved the three films so far. I especially like that they have a “story group” to tie all the various ways Star Wars is told into a cohesive story.
    2. Last Jedi, Rogue One, Force Awakens
    3. I put the new movies in between the Original Trilogy and the Prequels. They are closer to the Original Trilogy in enjoyment, but I don’t know if they will ever make a movie that tops the three from my childhood.
    4. Favorite: Rey. least: Emo Kylo.
    5. Favorite: Rey meets Luke at the end of Force Awakens Least: Luke throws the lightsaber over his shoulder.
    6. Once a year is fine. If they go with more than one per year that might be too much.
    7. May
    8. I would like to see them continue exploring the Force being accessible by people aren’t in the Skywalker family. For the love of the Force, please no Death Star or other giant planet destroying weapon with an easily accessible self destruct.
    9. Of course.
    10. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the Solo movie. I do have my concerns, especially after the recent Star Trek reboot movies. It’s a tricky line to walk between simply trying to impersonate Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams, and carving out a place for yourself. Casting a younger version of Chewie seems easier.
    11. Ben Kenobi between Episode 3 and 4.
    12. My dream film is Terrance Malick directing a movie that’s basically a three hour meditation on the nature of the Force. Maybe as a Yoda origin story.
    13. I’m having a hard time keeping up. I have gotten behind on Rebels but want to get caught up for the final season. There’s no chance I will be able to read all the books and comics.
    14. Yes. I am curious to see if they finally develop a live action series. It could be a great opportunity in the current “golden age of TV” with the focus on long episodic story telling and well developed characters.
    15. Definitely!

    • Rivesjunctionite

      A million times YES – please no more megaweapons. Three death stars is two too many, and the megaweapon trope was done to death in the 90s EU stories. Think of a better plot.

    • Daniel Preece

      “cohesive”??? You and I did not see the same movies.

  • Tom Chorlton

    1. Yes, though I have been more happy since Rogue One and The Last Jedi. I enjoyed TFA, but felt the derivative nature of it hurt it immensely. While I grew to love the new characters over time, my initial reaction was dismay in feeling that it was the first Star Wars to do nothing new. For improvements, I would like to continue to see subversions to expectations, and hope that the backlash to The Last jedi does not end with us getting more “safe” fare like TFA.
    2. The Last Jedi, Rogue One, The Foce Awakens.
    3. I think they are immensely better than the Star Wars Prequels, but don’t think anything will ever really reach the Original Trilogy. I was a kid when I saw those, and was always able to sweep their flaws under my mind as a child. The Prequels I felt were full of fascinating ideas and concepts that were so sorely executed that they will never reach a mainstream appreciation the way the OT has.
    4. Rey. I am not bothered by her force abilities since I recall Luke only training for a few days with Yoda, and then taking on Darth Vader. I find her wonderfully charming and fun, and her arc thus far has kept me intrigued (especially after they did away with the “She has special parents!” stuff). My least favorite? I dunno. I guess it was Snoke. But I thought he improved in The Last Jedi.
    5. This is a tough one. I can’t pick one really, but so as not to screw up the metric, I’ll say that scene where Luke and Leia reunited in The Last Jedi.
    My least favorite would easily be the first scene at Starkiller Base with Snoke in TFA. I never cared for Starkiller Base, and didn’t find Snoke very interesting.
    6. I wish there was more time between them to let anticipation build.
    7. I prefer December, now.
    8. A new story that plays out in ways I didn’t expect.
    9. Yes, although I think it was a bad idea to do, and am not expecting great things from it. But I’d like to be surprised. Even a “fun” movie will work for me, although I think the best way to do a Han Solo movie would be to cast him as kind of the villain, so that his turn in Star Wars is still a “surprise”.
    10. I think Donald Glover is an amazing choice for Lando. I don’t think anyone could do Han though. I’d recommend against it.
    11. Kenobi. As a small, art kind of film. Sneak it past us. Call it “The Desert” starring Ewan McGregor, and don’t reveal it to be a Star Wars film until butts are in seats.
    12. I don’t know.
    13. I think Rebels is fine, albeit inferior to Clone Wars. I don’t bother with the books or video games.
    14. If it is done well, yes.
    15. Give me a live action Rebels with the voice cast all reprising their roles!

    • ILoveSand

      Your answer to 1 is something I hope as well, as far as safe films go. I cannot say I liked either TFA or TLJ. But I will give credit in that TLJ was at least fairly original compared to TFA. It took risks whereas TFA was not very original and too safe. I also hope the next movie takes some risks. I can say I do not want them to make a movie for the fan service, but to just make good movie.

  • bmales01

    I need some time to process this. The conversations from yesterday still have me shellshocked

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Did you put pants on your dog? What did he say?

      • bmales01

        I dont have a dog. I will try it on the neighbors’ dog. The spring block party is going to be awkward.

        • Mike_5555

          What could possibly go wrong ?

          • bmales01


  • Rob Kasel

    1. I am very happy with what they’ve done. George was obviously burned out on Star Wars and I at one time believed we’d never see more films on the big screen until he passed away. I’m glad that Disney is putting the films in the hands of interesting directors and creative teams with new ideas that still honor the original films we grew up with. I never considered the EU as canon so losing it had zero impact on me.

    2. TFA, TLJ, RO

    3. The Disney SW films fit in nicely with the OT and are superior to the prequels.

    4. Favorite: Kylo Ren Least favorite: Jyn Erso. Can’t really improve on her when she’s got no more stories left to tell.

    5. Favorite Moment: Luke’s saber flying into Rey’s hand. Tied with Rey/Kylo vs. Guards.

    Least favorite: Han’s death. It still burns.

    6. I think they need to slow down on the releases. I don’t mind the trilogy films every two years. The other films need to delayed. It’s too much and saturation can hurt the brand.

    7. December is fine. Used to it at this point.

    8. A story that concludes the tale of Han, Chewie, Leia, and Luke respectfully. When the new trilogy was announced, I knew we’d have to watch our favorite characters die or fade away. I had hoped for a beautiful confrontation between Kylo and Leia. I think that’s what we were going to get before Carrie passed. But I hope this film does an awesome job of saying goodbye and pushes SW forward. I do think Rey will adopt the Skywalker or Solo name.

    9. Not sure yet. Solo is my favorite character. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    10. I don’t mind it. Characters aren’t limited to the actors that originally played them. See James Bond, Star Trek, etc. If the cast is right and the story is interesting then I’m good.

    11. Obi-Wan, Luke trying to rebuild the Jedi, a bounty hunter heist flick.

    12. Alejandro Inarritu or Denis Villeneuve

    13. They all have room to improve. BF2 is a lot of fun though.

    14. I want a live action series.

    15. I don’t watch Rebels or whatever the cartoon is called. Not to dis it I just haven’t seen it.

    • Daniel Preece

      How is #8 to happen when 3 of the 4 are already dead–and not respectfully so?

      • Rob Kasel

        I guess you and I can agree to disagree. I wish Han didn’t die the way he did but it is what it is. It worked.

        Luke died pulling the greatest Jedi mind trick of all time. Would you have rather he got stabbed in real life and jerked around gasping for his final breath? It would’ve been corny as hell and people would’ve found a reason to hate that too.

        But hey, if you don’t like it, skip Episode IX.

        You’re going to be okay – I survived the prequels.

  • HanSoloMio

    Do you like, do you feel, are you happy? All subjective. “The state of Star Wars since the sale to Disney”… the key word there is SALE. How about some objective revenue metrics to add perspective to the feelings people have? A fantastic measure of ‘people’s’ expression of feeling is how they spend their hard earned dollars. It sure would be interesting to be able to compare how all of those “significant materials” are faring from a revenue perspective both before the sale and after the sale. Can anyone come up with anything?

    • Peak-OB1

      Well I don’t have any metrics but personally as a hard core star wars fan, I buy less toys & comics and I have seen all three Disney films less then i did any of the George Lucas Era films, same thing applies with Rebels compared to Clone Wars. So i could say I spent LESS at the box office also.
      Honestly I think the metrics wouldn’t matter unless the human race stopped pro-creating and Hasbro stopped raising the price on everything! Disney & Hasbro Employ marketing Illusionist to make you believe things are better then they ever were with GL.

      • Daniel Preece

        Good point. In the past I was good for 3-5 movie tickets per film. So far for Disney, maybe 5 total (most of that was RO). Merch-wise, 90+% goes to stuff produced before Disney, and most of the other 10% is OT stuff. If I don’t like the movie, I’m not buying the shirts, posters, toys, collectibles, etc. Disney’s losing over $1,000 per year from me. I’m not the majority, but I’m not alone either.

    • rebelsfangirl

      Well, not adjusting for inflation the three Disney SW films are all the top three highest grossing SW films, and all are in the top ten highest grossing domestic US films and top 25 globally.

    • Mike_5555

      I recently posted an article about the box office performance of TLJ, and it contained some information along those lines. I really wanted this post to spark conversation and community engagement. The focus on opinion and not box office was intentional. I thought this would be more interesting/entertaining than box office numbers. If that’s a post you would be interested in, I would be happy to look into it.

    • Funtomaz

      In terms of box office: the new trilogy moves do a lot better than AOTC and ROTS. Rogue One’s performance is on par with AOTC and ROTS.
      TFA managed to revitalize the franchise MUCH better than TPM did, TPM sold something like 85 million tickets, TFA sold 20+ million more tickets than TPM. And while drop off is high, TLJ will end up with 70+ million ticket sales.
      So, overall performance of the Disney movies is much better than the prequel movies. But Star Wars had it’s most successful time with the OT. Always comparing ticket sales, since this is the only fair metric.

    • Daniel Preece

      Nup. Bad logic. Sales don’t equal quality. Sales don’t equal approval either. Only repeat viewings can suggest approval, and that’s not measured. At best, sales means people HOPED/EXPECTED/WANTED it to be good, or were just curious. No way to measure how many people bought a ticket and were disappointed.

  • Jason Raines

    1. Am I happy with Star Wars under Disney’s leadership?
    Well, it’s doing well at the box office (for now) but I don’t think there was enough Original Trilogy influence in The Last Jedi. Leia as a General wasn’t enough for me and I really missed Han Solo and the fact that they decided to make a whole new trilogy and couldn’t give us 1 scene of the 3 main characters together for even a couple seconds. I don’t think the Solo movie back story is necessary but it better be a decent movie. At least it’s set in OT timeline. OT can’t be beat!!!

  • Funtomaz

    1. Any Star Wars is better than no Star Wars. That being said, I am not entirely happy with the way the story goes for the sequels. In my opinion the entire premise (FO vs rebels) is a rehash of the OT and it shows. But I am confident that once we get that out of the system more original movies will come along. Disney needs to leave the OT era behind and move on sooner than later.

    2. RO – TLJ – TFA
    RO has weak characters, but is the much more coherent movie.
    TLJ and TFA have the better characters (mostly) but TFA is too much like ANH and TLJ has entire subplots that should have been removed. They slow the movie down and amount to nothing.

    3. In my opinion they are way behind the OT and since I happen to like the prequels I would rate them even lower than the prequels. But even then the Disney movies are still good. But they feel derivative.

    4. Most favorite: Rey. I really like her. Yes, some things are unexplained, but she, as a character is the Luke of the ST, and he was my favorite character in the OT.
    Least favorite main character: Finn. Wasted potential all the way. They should explore his FO background, why exactly did he defect? That guy was brainwashed since his early childhood and not a single sign of PTSD after the traumatic events on Jakku and his subsequent defection?
    Least favorite character overall: Rose. Not needed at all. Please kill her offscreen or relegate her to tertiary character similar to how Jar Jar was handled in Ep II.

    5. Most favorite moment… hm… nothing really stands out, actually. I suppose the entire Rey and Kylo scene on the Supremacy. But any of the other SW movies have much more iconic scenes. Luke vs the FO could have been nice, but it was a cop out and ultimately dissatisfying. There’s a real lack of truly iconic scenes in the ST, in my opinion.

    6. I can live with one movie each year. I hate waiting anyway 😀 Also, I am not getting any younger! Whether or not that is good for the merchandise is another thing. But one movie each year is not a problem for me.

    7. May or December… I don’t care really.

    8. Episode IX? We absolutely need an epic lightsaber duel. It is one of the trademarks of SW and so far we had lightsaber “brawls” or simply no lightsaber duels at all (TLJ). We need more proficient fighting with more Jedi acrobatics, not necessarily Yoda level of arobatics, the benchmark here is the Duel of the Fates. Episode IX should give us an interesting and satisfying conclusion, not simply the “all bad guys are dead” variety we had in the OT or the “all remaining good guys need to go into hiding” variety of the PT. I want Kylo and Rey to unite the galaxy and find a different way of ruling.

    9. I am looking forward to Solo, in a certain way. It is Star Wars, after all. I am concerned about the quality of the movie and especially concerned about the recast actors.

    10. Recasting characters depends on the kind of story you want to tell. If the story is really interesting and offers something new, then it is ok to recast a role. Obi-Wan was recast for obvious reasons and that worked perferctly. Han and Lando however don’t need a movie exploring their backstory. We know all we need to know. That being said, they absolutely shouldn’t recast Luke Skywalker if Disney ever feel they want to make a movie about Luke after ROTK but before TFA.

    11. I would like to see an Obi-Wan movie. He’s easily the best character from the prequels and seeing an old school Jedi on one final adventure could be really fun with just the right amount of melancholy.
    Other than that: Disney should surprise us. We don’t need standalone movies about Yoda or Boba Fett or Palpatine or any other existing character really. Standalone movies could show us yet unexplored time periods or parts of the SW galaxy we know nothing about (why not a standalone KOTOR period movie?)

    12. I think Steven Spielberg could and should direct one Star Wars film before he retires 🙂

    13. The Rebels tv show is ok, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s average. I don’t read any SW books, no opinion here and the comics I read were mostly forgettable, I don’t read Marvel comics anymore. Last SW video game I played was Kotor II. What I saw of Battlefront II on YouTube looked ok, but the game itself is a disaster. I would LOVE an open world single player game. Something like KOTOR, only with modern graphics.

    14. Yes, I would like more Star Wars on tv. Live action and animated.

    15. TV characters in the big screen? Sure, why not. Ahsoka has potential, unless she gets killed off for good in Rebels. And would it kill them to show us Hera as a secondary character in Ep IX? When I think about it, she could have been Vice Admiral on the Raddus instead of Holdo.

    • HanSoloMio

      Love your opening sentence. Same way I felt when Peter Jackson made the Hobbit trilogy, and JJ rebooted Star Trek.

      • Arnold Corso

        The Hobbit Trilogy was a disaster of epic proportions. In that case no Hobbit would have been better than those films.

        • Funtomaz

          While the Hobbit movies are inferior to LOTR, I still found them mostly enjoyable. They have their faults, too long, two movies would have been fine, but I liked them overall as another adventurte set in Middle Earth.

          • Mike_5555

            I only watched the first Hobbit, but thought it was unwatchable. I rarely say that about a movie, but I wasn’t really a LOTR fan to begin with.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Oh yeah, when that Goblin king started singing, I totally shut down. I started thinking about what I was going to do as soon as the movie was over. If I had had a smart phone at that time, I totally would have started checking out the latest on JTA!

          • Peak-OB1

            Do you remember those hobbit toys though?
            whoever that company was really did a great job designing them through the toys were a flop as a whole!

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Not a bit. I basically have no memory of the Hobbit trilogy, other than the overlong first movie.

          • Axonrey

            They were fantastic! Only flaw was the hard plastic moldings for robes and such. I know many people dislike soft goods, but those skirts negated so much articulation and covered up some nice detailing. As you said, they didn’t do well. Never even finished the dwarves. I remember Kmart having them on clearance before the movie even came out.

          • Peak-OB1

            I didn’t collect them but I’m the kind of guy that recognizes a darn fine job when I see it!

          • Arnold Corso

            I’d imagine the movies are better if you’re not a LOTR fan. As a fan of the books, I didn’t recognize anything I saw on screen.

          • HanSoloMio

            The great thing about them is that we can all get what we want. Those of us that are simply grateful to just have more of what we like get what we want, and those that think “no Hobbit” would have been better than what we got can get what they want too – simply by not watching them.

    • Has Been Kenobi

      No rebels spoilers! I have to wait for them on DVD 🙁

      • Funtomaz

        No spoilers here 🙂 We all know Hera survived Rebels, because she gets a mention in Rogue One. Unless, of course, Rebels will show us the battle of Scarif in the finale? I doubt that.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Scarif in the finale of Rebels? That would be totally out of left field.

          • Mike_5555

            They don’t have the budget to animate palm trees!

          • Rivesjunctionite

            I watched the final Maul arc from TCW the other night (brushing up on my Pyke Syndicate knowledge), and I was genuinely shocked at how good it looked compared to Rebels. I’d forgotten how “cheap” Rebels ends up looking. I mean, they’re doing OK, but compared to TCW, it’s no contest.

          • Mike_5555

            TCW, especially the later seasons, looks more like a $150 million Pixar film. The animation quality is honestly stunning. No show on TV looks that good. That’s what happens when a billionaire gives you an unlimited budget though.

          • Andrew Vieau

            It is because Rebels average budget is 350k an episode and tcw averaged 1-1.5 ish an episode all the way until the last 2 seasons which were from 2-3 million an episode. No tv show has ever put that much into an animated show..

          • Funtomaz

            Rebels really looks cheap compared to TCW…

        • Has Been Kenobi

          I mean, it COULD be Cham Syndulla, but you’re probably right, I forgot about that line. 🙂

          I mean, that would be interesting, but no way they could do the emotional weight of the space battle in rebels :/

          • Funtomaz

            The finale will focus on Kanan and Ezra. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            If they both survive. I think we’re in for a major death very soon.

          • Funtomaz

            There are no Jedi we know about in the OT, other than Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke. I wonder if a show for kids will have a dark ending…

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Have you seen the next two episode descriptions yet?

          • Funtomaz

            No, I know nothing about the second half of the season. Completely spoiler-free 🙂

          • Has Been Kenobi

            And I desperately cry into the void ‘thraaaaaaaawn’ but only see an empty void whisper ‘no’

        • rebelsfangirl

          Also thanks to Forces of Destiny we know she survived RotJ too.

    • Arnold Corso

      “Any Star Wars is better than no Star Wars.”

      I think the problem is bad Star Wars risks dividing fans and tarnishing the brand. I like TLJ, but look what it’s done to fandom. If Solo bombs, will many people just be turned off by Star Wars? My greatest fear is that people just start losing interest and fandom becomes even more toxic.

      • Funtomaz

        There’s always a risk that new movies will alienate the fanbase or divide the fanbase. Then there’s the risk that a new movie will run the franchise into the ground.

        However… any new movie never takes away from what’s come before.

        Terminator… I suppose most would agree that all the attempted reboots and sequels are not really that great. But you still have the two Cameron movies. You can still enjoy them.
        Alien… all the movies after Aliens are not that good either. But you still have Alien and Aliens.

        Should Star Wars ever reach a point where the majority of people are turned off by it, then Disney would stop making movies for a few years and then attempt a reboot.

        Star Wars has an in-built audience. Just like Star Trek has an in-built audience. The reboots failed on quite a few levels but should there ever be that one great movie again, or that one truly great tv show again, people would come back. Star Wars is in a much, much better shape than Star Trek. Star Wars will survive. I don’t worry about that.

        And the fandom has been devided ever since the prequels were released. It’s nothing new. Star Wars survived the critically panned prequels.

        • Arnold Corso

          That’s true to an extent. I have been pretty happy to keep watching the first two Alien and Terminator movies and forget the rest ever existed. But I also think it’s healthy to sound a note of caution. Sometimes bad movies can undermine our appreciation of the good and even diminish them. For example, Aliens means a little bit less to me knowing that in the official canon Hicks and Newt die senseless deaths. For some fans, the Sequel Trilogy has already ruined their beloved OT knowing that the Big Three don’t grow up to be heroes and knowing that everything the Rebels fought for as undone so quickly (I don’t agree, I loved TLJ). For some people, a bad film in a franchise can really leave a sour taste.

          • Funtomaz

            This is certainly true. Knowing how things turn out can alter your perception of the original movies. That’s why you need head canon 😀
            And the undoing of all that was ever accomplished in ROTJ is the biggest weakness of the ST. They weren’t courageous enough to do the sequels without any of the OT characters and to jump further ahead in time. But they also didn’t know what to do with them, other than killing them all off.

          • Arnold Corso

            a YouTuber I really like named Thor Skywalker just posted a video about this exact issue. As much as I do enjoy the Sequels, part of me thinks it might have been better to put the OT characters in a less central role. Have the OT characters be like Ben in ANH. I for one did like Luke and Leia in TLJ, but they definitely crowded out Rey and Finn’s arcs to the point where I’m just not as invested in those characters as I should be. Every time they’re on screen, I kept wanting to go back to Luke or Leia.

          • Funtomaz

            Which is why both Han and Luke were killed off, because they are scene stealers. When they are in a scene they take the spotlight from any of the new characters. Which is why I think that if Luke is a force ghost in Ep IX, it will be a very minor role only.

      • Littlegreenwiseguy

        I agree and I am losing interest in the numerical films.

    • ARC-77

      I don’t think Hera would keep her plan a secret for no reason at all though.

    • hammyhamster

      Funto, that first sentence in your first point? I hate to do this to you, but this GIF must be posted for that…

      • Funtomaz

        My logic is that anyone disliking the sequels can always choose to ignore them.
        There are a few Star Trek movies I ignore. But others may find them enjoyable. Good for them!
        Why not treat the sequels as some kind of alternate universe “elsewhere” stories if you disagree with the choices made. 😀

        • LimeGreenandTangerine

          That’s how I look at it. Canon is Episodes I-VI and The Clone Wars. The new stuff is essentially big-budget fanfic to me. Some of it is enjoyable (Rebels, RO) and fits within my personal canon, and some of it is the sequel trilogy.

        • hammyhamster

          I’d buy that IF they completely separated the Skywalker story and went a different path, but they got greedy and tried to satisfy the core audience and newcomers. I love the “what if” marvel comics, but they’ve twisted the legacy too much for my liking.

          The anthology movies SHOULD be what satisfies jaded fans like me, but because it was such a mess I really didn’t enjoy R1 as a movie and I expect more of the same from solo.

          Maybe if we get a kick-a $$ director to make ob1 or fett I’ll finally be satisfied. Maybe 😉

  • Peak-OB1

    1.) No they are trying to ignore the rest of the already conceived Galaxy… We as star wars fans even held George Lucas to the high standard of connecting the films. That’s what makes star wars what it IS!!!!!
    2.) RO TFA and TFA part 2 because that’s what last Jedi is.
    3.)1.) No they are trying to ignore the rest of the already conceived Galaxy… We as star wars fans even held George Lucas to the high standard of connecting the films. That’s what makes star wars what it IS!!!!! (Lets see how many times I use this line)
    4.)Favorite Kylo Least favorite…. Not Sure still need to see the third film!
    5.)favorite moment Rey Catching the light saber in TFA – least favorite moment Chewie Getting shamed by a Porg in TLJ
    6.) I like the pace as long as the films are good and make sense!
    7.) The date doesn’t matter, so probably May because that’s when the OT came out.
    8.) Closure that’s believable and doesn’t just convince us that Disney was trying to reboot star wars!
    9.) Of course i am as long as it feels like it’s part of the that rich time period!
    10.) if they are younger versions of the character, as long as they can bring some of the aspects of that character, then i don’t mind. Older characters….. Nope!
    as to seeing it continue, I’m indifferent at this point.
    11.) Bounty Hunter stuff , Underworld crime syndicates, Maybe something all new but with a star wars theme. “Stop trying to reboot Star Wars”
    12.)Easy! Dave Filoni
    13.) A.) What Star Wars television? , B.) publishing, some of the comics are cool but not too many of the Novels keep me interested C.) video games, I’m not much of a gamer but battle front 1&2 keeps me genuinely entertained
    14.) Absolutely Live Action & animation both!!!!!
    15.)3.)1.)Yes as long as they stop ignoring the rest of the already conceived Galaxy… We as star wars fans even held George Lucas to the high standard of connecting the films. That’s what makes star wars what it IS!!!!! Love the additions to familiar characters, places and vehicles in Rogue One

    Additional thoughts : As for Rebels, I really, Genuinely Love the idea of that show!
    But it’s abrupt ending and some of the content feels as though it was designed to simply replace Clone wars and Disney’s attempt to just give us a Throwaway Cartoon that doesn’t connect to anything…. I think Dave Filoni and crew high-jacked the story to finish the clone wars and try to keep that “connectivity” intact! This is also why “the jig is up” and he is ending the show! I will talk about my theories when the show ends but my gut feelings usually never fail me!

    It’s sucks that Hasbro can’t seem to figure out that the “George Lucas/Kenner Recipe for success” is the only thing that could possibly keep collecting interesting. This “surfacey” main character focus multi-scaled mess we are in now is failing!

    • Mike_5555

      I was hoping that someone would pick Filoni for the director question.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        I picked him to direct the Ahsoka movie with Ashley in the starring role.

        • Mike_5555

          I like the way you think 🙂

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Cool! That’s one!

        • rebelsfangirl

          I dream of a ST era Ahsoka film, I think an amazing arc for the ex-Jedi would be to end up helping rebuild the Jedi in a new, better for. You could even have something like Mad MAx Fury Road where she has to rescue kidnapped force sensitive children or something.
          Ooh I wonder what George Miller would do with Star Wars.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            George Miller SW would be FASCINATING.
            Maybe the Ahsoka film should finally resolve Palpatine’s penchant for kidnapping force-sensitive children. Ahsoka giving her life to rescue children from the depths of evil would be beautiful.

          • rebelsfangirl

            I want Ahsoka to survive :p I think she deserves it, after being betrayed by the Jedi and hunted by the Empire led by her former master having Ahsoka survive and help finally bring peace to the galaxy in the ST era would be a lovely arc for her. I was going to say “and having her interact with Anakin and Padmes kids would be lovely” but that won’t be happening now sadly. Well Luke’s force ghost maybe.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Maybe Filoni will put her in the new postROTJ animated show that we all know he’s developing.
            But honestly, a sacrificial death can be an amazing conclusion for a character. I felt kind of disappointed when Rose saved Finn, but then Luke saved everyone, so that was awesome.

          • Mike_5555

            I always wondered what Ahsoka meeting Luke and Leia would be like, I think it would be a very interesting dynamic.

      • Peak-OB1

        You know me buddy, I’m all about A person who truly understands what Star Wars is and how the content needs to be developed to have that connection that fans truly understand plus he studies under George and respects him in the right way!

        Whatever is going on at Disney they seemed to have forgotten the
        E.U. Does NOT stand for ENTIRE UNIVERSE
        It’s childish that such a big company wants to redesign the entire galaxy!

        But it’s all we got so I’ll taken it, I guess…. I like Disney Star Wars!
        I also agree with Rebelsfangirl on her picks for directors and the Spielberg idea is intriguing too!

  • erik173

    Long time reader, first time poster. Here’s my thoughts.
    1. No. They need to get rid of KK, JJ, Rian, and the story group and bring in some people who can create a great overall story that connects in the universe. Marvel seems to have there stories figured out; why can’t Lucasfilms?
    2. RO (by far), TFA, TLJ
    3. RO is probably my second favorite overall. I liked TFA, and thought it was better than TPM and AOTC, but TLJ is by far the worst.
    4. K-2SO was a great character and a great addition to the story (where BB-8 seems to be along for the ride in TLJ). Least favorite is probably Finn or Rose, both unlikeable and not necessary to the story at all.
    5. Either Luke being reunited with R2, or the Battle of Scarif. Least favorite is the “your momma” joke at the beginning of TLJ.
    6. I think they should take a break after the third standalone films. Even though Marvel is great, I’m starting to get a little tired of all the superhero stuff. I don’t want to get tired of Star Wars.
    7. Doesn’t matter.
    8. Make R2, 3PO, Chewie, and Nien Nunb have actual roles and not be in the background for 30 seconds. Also bring back Lando, and leave out Finn, Rose and Maz.
    9. I think so. Ron Howard is a good director, and for the most part the cast seems great. The LEGO sets looked incredible and got me really excited.
    10. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan was technically recasted, and he is amazing and probably the best part of the prequels. I hope Alden actually does a good job.
    11. Kenobi, Boba Fett, more bounty hunter stuff would be nice. Also some stories from in between ROTJ and TFA.
    12. James Gunn or Taika Waititi. James Mangold would be interesting more a Boba Fett standalone.
    13. Rebels is ok now, but still too goofy and kiddie. Some of the books have been pretty good. I haven’t really played too much of the new games so I don’t have much of an opinion.
    14. I’d love to see a live action Old republic series (but Games of Thrones quality, not Agents of SHIELD quality).
    15. Yes. There’s a lot of great characters in TCW I’d love to see more of. Some of the Rebels ones would be cool as well.

  • David Harrison

    1. Disney have made SW relevant again. Without Disney we’d have been staring down the barrel of an AotC 3D re-release, Star Detours and a 100 episode live acton TV series. I respect Disney’s genuine attempt to reinvigorate the franchise. I would ask that they consider reducing the amount of feature films they have scheduled for release though.
    2. 1.TFA 2. R1 3.TLJ
    3. Nothing can compare to the O.T., but S.T. immeasurably superior to P.T. thus far.
    4. Kylo Ren is *******g great.But Finn needs to prove the naysayers wrong in IX by doing something truly memorable.
    5. Best – DV corridor. Worst – Leia Poppins.
    6. I want longer breaks between films.
    7. Love Christmas Star Wars. It can be the new tradition.
    8. Something completely new.
    9. Yes, with great trepidation.
    10. Hopefully Solo will be the last we see of re-casting.
    11. None.
    12. George Miller.
    13. Rebels is hit and miss, I’ve read some magnificent comics and some poor ones, and I don’t play video games.
    14. Definitely not.
    15. No.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Detours…. [shudder]
      That was truly horrid. So glad Disney axed it.

      • Mike_5555

        Yeah, we may have lost TCW in the Disney sale but I’m so glad Detorus was axed.

        • bmales01

          Seth Green is one of our top Jews

          • Rivesjunctionite

            There’s a rank?

          • bmales01

            and a secret handshake and….I’ve already said too much

          • Littlegreenwiseguy

            Uh oh, now you’re in for it. 😉

          • Xo Tica

            For me you are the top on this forum. A true character who some readers should be like, not always having an axe to grind. I salute you sir.

          • bmales01

            shh. Paul doesnt like it when I get praise. And I am a terrible Jew 🙂

          • hammyhamster

            I had to walk Seth Green around Maple Leaf Gardens one night. He was very tiny. And a Jew. He’d go unpicked in the Racial Draft.

          • bmales01

            I havent met him in person but I’ve seen him on WWE and other shows and he looks to be about 5’3″. Nice that he likes hockey. Too bad he’s a Leafs fan though. And that statement coming from a NYR fans 🙂

          • hammyhamster

            As a former leaf fan I can agree; -) working in entertainment and sports in the Toronto area I’ve been fortunate to have met many celebrities over the years… and I haven’t thought of it until now, but I met Kevin spacey at a film festival when I was about 20 and he smiled at me in a weird way. Looking back, it was a good thing that he was in a rush that day to promote a movie. Dodged a bullet there lol

    • Mike_5555

      George Miller would be interesting!

  • Has Been Kenobi

    Thanks! This’ll be interesting!

    1. Yes, but I think they could do more to reference the prequel era (clone wars, clone trooper toys etc.)
    2. Rogue one is my favorite Star Wars movie, with the last Jedi vying for 3rd over all, and the force awakens was a good time in theaters, haven’t come back to it much since.
    3. I think so yes, especially with rogue one and the last Jedi actually acknowledging the fact that there are 6 movies, not just the original trilogy.
    4. Favorite new Disney character would be Agent Terex, from the Poe Dameron comics. My least favorite is Doctor Aphra. The character would have been so much more acceptable if they had killed her off in the darth Vader miniseries rather than faking it out. The epilogue to that series is horribly written to appeal to fans.
    5. Favorite moment when the camera pans around and you just see the back of yoda’s Head in the last Jedi. Least favorite moment, the weird direction choices in the sea cow scene.
    6. I can enjoy them, but I wish the merchandise was more diverse to reflect the entire saga, and not just to promote the current movie. Star Wars fans don’t have THAT short an attention span.
    7. Either works fine for me currently. As a student I have final exams in may and December depending on the semester, and Star Wars movies are a great way for me to destress after finals.
    8. I kinda want to see Rey turn to the dark side, contrasted by Ben’s redemption. It would be a very very bold decision for Disney to make, but I think it would be an excellent change of pace.
    9. Yes, I am, but not as much as I was to the last Jedi. I feel like solos story has been told in plenty of other mediums.
    10. I love Donald Glover’s acting, and can’t wait to see how he is in Star Wars. I don’t see there being much reason to after solo.
    11. Well the Kenobi movie is being made, so scratch that off the bucket list. Quinlan Vos would make a great movie. He is a canon character that has already appeared on screen twice, and one of my favorite Star Wars characters. Thrawn would also be a high choice. But only if Zahn is involved in development.
    12. Edgar Wright. But with like no limitations. Just whatever he wanted to make, but in Star Wars.
    13. Expand. More more and more. The stream of new media is slow to accommodate the new movies. Speed it up! Also fire EA, and expand the number of game developing companies to make even more Star Wars video games.
    14. I’d be interested, but only if it’s publicly accessible. No subscription services only please.
    15. No, then you’d be obliged to watch the shows to understand what’s going on. Tv should supplement the movies, not hold them together.

    • Funtomaz

      About 15: but isn’t that the case with the new movies anyway? You need to read novels or visual dictionaries to truly understand what’s going on or what the significance of certain characters is. If a tv character is introduced in just the right way you would not need to know the show. I think.

      • Has Been Kenobi

        I would disagree with the only exception being saw Gurerra, which benefits from knowing that character’s back story.
        I’ve read a few of the novels, and the biggest one I’ve encountered is that krennic‘s character is made worse eith the book expansion. He’s one of my favorite characters in rogue one. Obviously my experience is different than others will be, I’m a big Star Wars nerd 😀

        • Funtomaz

          I only read one Disney SW novel, the Rebels prequel novel where Kanan gets to know Hera. That was… not really necessary 🙂 I would like to read more SW novels and comics, but I find the comics absolutely boring most of the time, if someone can name me a few really great SW books I’d give them a try.
          The problem with the books being canon is that they can never really go wild or actually change something. Reading about the backstory of someone is not something I really enjoy most of the time. I’d appreciate SW novels that are not canon, which can explore anything and could be epic. Movies in book format 🙂 If you know what I mean. Something like the old EU.
          I don’t need to know how Leia got to know Holdo or how the Death Star was built or what Tarkin ate for breakfast.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            The Kanan and Hera novel went on and on and on. I never thought it was going to end. I was surprised how much I didn’t like it.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            *cracks knuckles*. You have come tothe right place 🙂 do you have any areas you want to explore? I’ve got great recommendations on old republic, clone wars, even some OT era.

          • Funtomaz

            I wouldn’t mind a few Disney era books. If there are any actually worth reading.
            The old EU… I only read the Timothy Zahn trilogy (who didn’t…). Old republic could be nice, I guess. Something with new characters. If I read about how Luke established the new Jedi order, had these kids with Mara Jade etc etc etc it would only make me sad 😀

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Join the cult of Claudia Gray. Lost Stars, the Leia novels. They are really well done.

          • Funtomaz

            Will check her out!

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Ok Disney era, read Thrawn. It merges fairly well into his existing series of books and doesn’t really contradict them 😀 also, zahn’s other books are exceptional, and all but one or two deal with Thrawn in some capacity.

            The darth bane trilogy is an interesting exploration of Sith origins, and training to become a Sith. Also good are the Dark Horse comics of knights of the old republic, which doesn’t require you to play the KOTOR games to enjoy the story

            Also by dark horse, i always like Clone Wars, which explores a Jedi turning to the dark side in order to infiltrate Dooku’s inner circle. The follow up, Dark Times, follows a group of Jedi post order 66

            Sorry, one more 😀 the republic commando novels really explores and expands on mandalorians and follows clone commandos and ARC Troopers. It added a lot to the clone wars that I think TCW series only touched on

          • Funtomaz

            I will look into that 🙂

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Good luck! 😀

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Or even post OT if you’re not concerned with canon

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Traitor was fantastic, but you’d need to read some more Vong novels to figure out what was going on. Still, great book.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            That’s part of the new Jedi order, right?

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Sure, I think that’s what they called it. It was just Jacen Solo and Vergere, with a lot of torture and re-imagining the Force. Kind of like TLJ that way.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Yeah, I thought they did some interesting things in the legacy of the force sub series

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Didn’t care for that one. It just seemed contrived to get Jaina to fight Jacen. Fate of the Jedi had some interesting concepts that I thought ended up pretty undeveloped. The Lost Tribe made for some great stories from JJM, but they seemed wasted in FOTJ. And the idea of evil force monster Abeloth breaking out of a prison and terrorizing the galaxy? Oh my, yes, please. Made me long for a real SW horror story (not a zombie story). But again, I thought Abeloth was limited by the nine book series. She was imagined as too powerful, which meant she had to be underutilized. She was never really allowed to cut loose or she would have killed everyone.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            Yeah, and the climax of apocalypse led to the letdown of crucible :/ that book made m sad, in the wrong way.

          • Has Been Kenobi

            I just don’t want to overwhelm you all at once 😀 there are so many good books

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    1. Not sure. I really enjoyed Rogue One, Rebels and several books and comics, but the sequel trilogy (and all the books and media associated with it) have not captured my imagination.

    2. Rogue One (9/10); TLJ (6.5/10); TFA (4/10)

    3. Rogue One compares well with the original 6 movies. The sequel trilogy does not

    4. Director Krennic. Least favorite would be Poe Dameron/General Hux

    5. Fav: space battle over Scarif. Least Fav: the meeting to blow up Starkiller Base.

    6. Im old and dont have time to be waiting decades for new movies… so I dont mind it.

    7. Don’t care.

    8. Any sort of exploration of the galactic political/strategic/military situation. More aliens species from the origional 6 movies.

    9. No.

    10. I really liked Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan.

    11. An Obi-Wan film, an Ahsoka film, anything set in the Clone Wars era, stories about new characters (like RO)

    12. Dave Filoni

    13. I enjoy Rebels and have really enjoyed some of the books and comics. As for video games, there hasnt been many since Disney took over. I like Battlefront 2.

    14. Sure why not.

    15. YES!

  • JAL

    1. No. Disney keeps repeating the same figures across every line. It’s old, very old. And even though they get everyone excited by new lines coming, i.e. Vintage Collection, they are going to kill it right off the bat with more repeats. Why the embargo on PT figures? Why not more EU figures?
    2. ANH – 1
    ESB – 2
    RotJ – 3
    RO – 4
    RotS – 5
    TPM – 6
    AotC -7
    TFA – 8
    TLJ – 9
    3. No. Disney has used the OT characters as a draw for their movies but then crap all over the history and legacy that existed. I gave TFA a chance to see how the questions raised in it would be answered in TLJ. It was garbage. So many plot holes and SWJ jammed down people’s throats. At this point i could care less what happens in Ep 9. I will not be seeing anymore of Disney’s crap.
    4. None of the actual new characters are inspiring at all. Rey has been given elite status for no other reason than because. Total joke. Finn came close to having a purpose in TLJ when he was about to sacrifice himself but that was destroyed before the scene could play out. Basically, every character is forgettable.
    5. Vader’s slaughter on the ship in RO would be my favorite. Every scene where Rey uses another force power she didn’t train for makes me cringe as it drives home her marysue status.
    6. They are coming too fast. This is causing lack of imagination storywise and a backlog of repetitious figures in the market.
    7. I don’t care whether they release in May or December or any other month. Just slow down.
    8. I want to see JJ basically tell us that 8 was all a dream. Otherwise i don’t really care at this point. TLJ basically crapped on so many things, i don’t have any investment in what happens to any of the new characters.
    9. No. Another story that doesn’t need to be told on film.
    10. Recasting is necessary if doing origin stories. I get that. However, do all of these origin stories need to be told? More discretion should be used in deciding what gets made.
    11. Kenobi. And Vader. Disney likes to milk things. Vader should be a no-brainer and will draw huge numbers.
    12. George Lucas. At the very least, he should be brought on board as consultant. Oh wait! He was already supposed to have that role before Disney screwed him over. I’m not picky on a specific director but i would rather have one that understands the legacy and history involved as Hamill mentioned that Trevarrow was in like thinking with him about Luke.
    13. I am behind on the books right now but from what i have read, publications seem ok. Not much of a gamer anymore so could care less about video games. Television is lacking. Other than Rebels, which is ending soon, there is nothing. Forces of Destiny shorts suck. I stopped watching them altogether. A live-action tv series would be welcomed.
    14. See last line from number 13.
    15. I could care less about cross over. Just make a good show. That’s all i want from the movies, but apparently that is beyond Disney, a company that only sees dollar signs and shoving it’s agenda down everyone’s throats.

  • padawanbear

    Too many questions. I don’t have the time involved with reading everyone’s responses, let alone give my own. Should have spread this dialogue out over several posts. Just my 2¢.

    • Mike_5555

      That’s fair. Thank you for the feedback! I’m always looking for ways to improve.

  • Sam Abaza

    1. No, better storytelling, protecting the Star Wars Legacy. Just as much money, if not more, can be made by following the aforementioned 2 steps.
    2. Rogue 1 – TFA ………………………………………………………………………………………………… TLJ
    3. Middle of the pack, but what they have done with the sequels is sacrilege!
    4. Rey = Fave. Rose, with respect to all ethnicities, you don’t use ethnicity to try to draw in a new audience to increase your market share and profits (No impact in China, btw). They are missing big time with on camera chemistry, which made the trilogy what it is.
    5. Least favorite, killing Han, and bringing Jake Skywalker to the screen. No Fav. Moment!
    6. The pace I can deal with, but something is to be said about the way the originals were made. They withstand the test of time, the new ones will NOT.
    7. May
    8. Too much wrong with the not so well planned trilogy…. Not looking forward to the next one, I just hope it doesn’t have a Trek influence! It needs to feel like SW, not ST
    9. After TLJ, no. Tired of the whole overdone feminist movement with Darth Kennedy at the helm! – Balance is key!
    10. Nope, even my 14 year old came up with a better idea. In his words: “Dad, why don’t they make a Han Solo movie with the real Han showing what happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens?! Good question kiddo!
    11. Anything other than the one thing I waited over 30 years to see (My sequel trilogy with my childhood heroes) – they are destroying my heroes with hatred and resentment. To Disney’s message of the past must die, I say: SUCK IT!!!
    12. Someone who understands SW, not an overinflated diva type, Rian!!!
    13. I used to care, after TLJ: Meh!
    14. Depends, are we going to tell good stories and develop good characters, or are we going to be overly concerned with feminism, ethnicity issues, and now, sexual orientation?! Smdh
    15. See #14

    • Truthbetold

      I see your line in the sand there and TLJ has obviously crossed it. I agree lol

    • Jimmy Kemp

      Amen Brother. Amen!

    • Funtomaz

      One thing about Rose, Disney most certainly did not include her to boost the box office in China. And if they did, they are really stupid. It’s as if Hollywood cast some Italian movie star in the hopes of boosting a movie in Germany.
      The actress is Vietnamese, she doesn’t even look Chinese. So, no patriotism involved here for Chinese audiences.

    • Daniel Preece


  • LimeGreenandTangerine

    1. Not really. Star Wars feels more like a product than an event.

    2. Rogue One, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi

    3. No, in my opinion they do not. They lack the epic scope and the timeless quality of the Lucas productions.

    4. Hera Syndulla. If we only mean film characters, Rose Tico. My least favorite is Kylo Ren. He could be improved by having a consistent motivation and by being played by someone cuter (well, it’s true).

    5. Favorite: the last ten minutes or so of Rogue One. Least favorite: Holdo’s last stand. What the flip was that?

    6. No sir, I don’t like it. It contributes to making Star Wars feel more like a product than an event.

    7. Actually, I kind of like December.

    8. I actually don’t really care at this point. The Knights of Ren, I guess? Remember them?

    9. I could take it or leave it.

    10. You kind of have to if you want to keep telling stories with these characters. I can accept that. Just don’t use them to remake the OT!

    11. Obi-Wan standalone with Ewan McGregor plz

    12. Steven Spielberg

    13. I’m sad that Rebels is ending, but it’s time. I only pick up novels that are centered on my favorite characters (bought Ahsoka, looking forward to Padmé). Don’t play video games.

    14. Animation, yes, absolutely. I want to see a series set between ROTJ and TFA, preferably with Filoni’s involvement. I’m not sure a live-action TV series could do the franchise justice, unless it was very limited in scope…say…a sitcom set in the Mos Eisley Cantina, starring Ackmena? Kidding, kidding (or am I?).

    15. I’m all for this. Building connections between animation and the movies (like having Saw Gerrera in RO) is important. Give me Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story! Or a young Captain Syndulla making a cameo in Solo!

    • HanSoloMio

      While I am grateful to Disney for more SW, I think you’ve hit on something here with #1 and #3. The first films were so risky, if any of the OT would not have been a commercial success, the subsequent films would never have been created. Disney has pockets deep enough to ensure that they are commercially viable (to your #1) which diminishes their ability to be #3. Not sure if I’m articulating this well, but Disney’s products feel like the “safe bet”. They aren’t ‘reaching out’ enough to really create something that feels as deep or epic. So while they are hedging their risk by making sure they appeal to the correct focus grouped customers and a very wide audience, it also rings false because Disney could really afford to stretch out. Not sure if I’m explaining my feelings well but I’m out of time! Well all this and plus the basic fact that the story just isn’t NEW anymore. Everyone KNOWS what the force is. You only get to have your “first time” once. Just glad I am old enough to have been along for the entire ride!

  • Rivesjunctionite

    1. Extremely happy. 2. RO, TLJ, TFA. 3. Very favorably to the OT, and astronomically better than the PT. 4. I don’t really care about that. 5. I don’t care about that either. 6. I think they could slow down a little, but the action figure market probably needs a regular injection of free publicity to sell toys to me. 7. December. I think they do financially better then. I have no evidential basis for the opinion, though. 8. A good story. 9. I’m looking forward to the Solo trailer. We’ll see about the movie after that. 10. Don’t care, but I really don’t want any more spinoffs like that. The galaxy’s a big place, and the timeline is huge. Let your storytellers free. 11. Anything in the Old Republic or Legacy eras. Show me Cade Skywalker and the One Sith. Or Nomi Sunrider and the Sith War. 12. Heck no. 13. I guess they really stepped in it with Battlefront II lootboxes. Maybe time to find a new gaming partner? 14. Not really. I prefer fewer things that the Story Group and KK can keep a good handle on. Too many projects means too little oversight and too many possibilities of sucking. I tell you what I would like to see: DTV movies, like the DC animated series. One or two of those a year would be great. Give me a great Thrawn movie or a standalone TOR story. Be experimental in ways you can’t afford to with the big theatrical movies. 15. Ahsoka! Filoni directs, Ashley stars. She survived that confrontation with Vader. What happens next? DO IT!!!

  • Kalzeth

    1. No. Borrow more from legends. More character development. More interesting comics. TV series that is more mature than Rebels.
    2. RO, TFA, TLJ dead lost by a long shot
    3. Mostly. RO is fantastic, TFA entertained but didn’t legend build. TLJ is the only one that I won’t buy product from.
    4. K2 is my fave by a mile. Least favorite is Kylo but many others tie him.
    5. RO ending space battle and Vader scene.
    6. I would like it if TLJ wasn’t so bad to me. I bought a ton of RO merch and TFA merch. Have not liked associated books and comics so think they could do better there.
    7. May
    8. Luke come back. More dark side. More character development. Force ghosts. Kylo die. Cliffhanger.
    9. I wasn’t but the LEGO leaks have made me excited
    10. Would have preferred other stories that didn’t require it but I am okay with it
    11. Kenobi. Sheet. Plagueis. Jango. Delta squad. Qui Gon.
    12. Nolan.
    13. Miserable. Rebels is okay but publishing has been a blight i read every book and comic in legends, the only thing I find decent is the new Vader series. Games is a mess. We need more single player games.
    14. Yes as long as not a kid style show. Do it GoT style
    15. Sure but don’t care too muc

  • Matthew Cohen

    1. Im mostly happy with the current state of SW. While TLJ did disappoint me it’s still far more enjoyable than the prequels. I do hope they’re listening to the fans and taking our feelings and feedback into account for the future.

    2. TFA, RO, TLJ

    3. Equally with the originals, better than the prequels.

    4. Favorite, Kylo Ren. Least Favorite Holdo. Holdo is dead. This is an improvement.

    5. Favorite is really any scene with Kylo Ren. Especially when paired with Rey. Least Favorite is Leia Poppins in space.

    6. Excited, but a little less so after TLJ.


    8. More back story, knights of ren

    9. Being pleasantly surprised

    10. I’m wary about it but I’ll know how I feel for sure after Solo.

    11. Adventures that don’t revolve around old characters. Rogue One for example.

    12. Steven Spielberg

    13. Incredibly happy

    14. Absolutely yes

    15. Absolutely yes

  • bmales01

    1. R1 was very good. The trilogy movies are not. This will inform latter answers.
    Stop ruining OT characters just so Dizney can own the new trilogy with their own characters. It isnt believable.
    2. R1 (ranking the others legitimizes their existence)
    3. R1 does. The acting and screenplay are definite improvements in the Dizney films.
    4. Favorite: Admiral Raddus or Bistan. 2 words: albino Ackbhar or space monkey. Least favorite: Kylo. He needs a valid reason for turning to the Dark Side. His parents failing him in some way is mundane and not a justification for turning evil (who’s parents didnt scar them a little, and we didnt all go on a killing spree) and it is another attempt to diminish the characters and relationship of OT
    5. Favorite moment: R1 space battle. Least favorite moment: E7 and 8
    6. I like it. Gets me out of the house. Hurts toy development though.
    7. December. I like the annual ritual of seeing SW with my son on X-Mas.
    8. NN strike down Kylo. Is that any more bastardizing than E7 or 8?
    9. nope
    10. Stay away from younger core OT characters. Dizney has ruined enough of them already.
    11. Nien Nunb: The College Years. seriously, lesser known characters are better rather then ruining OT characters
    12. Nolan. Spielberg. Not Michael Bay. I am not good at this question.
    13. I like the Visual Dictionaries. I have read any of the books nor comics. I dont play video games. Rebels is decent.
    14. Only if the material is worth watching. Something akin to R1 with new characters or peripheral ones that tie into the large OT story.
    15. Cant see why not. It should all tie together and it works for Marvel

  • 1. No. Writing this trilogy as they go is a huge misstep. They should have written the entire arc for the Sequels, instead of handing it off to the next guy and basically playing “Chinese whispers” with the biggest film series in history. Even better, they should have kept Lucas on board, cause y’know – he *IS* Star Wars!
    2. RO, TFA, TLJ
    3. Rogue One is as good as the the OT/PT. TFA and TLJ are simply not. TFA is simply ANH v2.0 and TLJ copies too many beats from ESB and ROTJ. They lack the creativity and intelligence of Lucas’ work, and there is next to no world building or incredible scenes (apart from the end battle on Crait) and a huge lack of classic OT/PT background aliens.
    4. Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Krennic, K2-SO, Bodhi, Two-Tubes are all great. Baze and Chirrut were fantastic! Even though he wasn’t new, Saw Gerrera was brilliant. Rose, Holdo and DJ are my least and could be improved by drawing over them with a magic marker – frame by frame. Those three characters seem out of place in this film. DJ looks and sounds like he just stepped off the set of 12 Monkeys. Holdo looks like an extra from Showgirls and Rose (worst name for a SW character) was dull and boring. She’s not the first asian female to appear in a Star Wars film (see Bultar Swan, AOTC – 2002) and that whole Canto Bight bit seemed out of place, and really drags down the narrative.
    Phasma was a great concept, but was horribly underused and just pointless! Waste of a good actress.
    Rey is a Mary-Sue who has no flaws and that is unwatchable, unbelievable and boring. The idea of Finn being a former Stormtrooper was interesting, but Rian had no idea how to develop his character for VIII, and what could have been great character development for Finn (flying into the canon on Crait) was ruined by Rose crashing into him and uttering that stupid line. That was ridiculously bad!
    5. The destruction of Jedha, Vader appearing in Rogue One, all scenes with CG Tarkin, CG Leia, Luke standing in front of the Walkers on Crait (which was lifted from DARK EMPIRE) and Kylo/Rey team up against the Praetorian Guards.
    6. Too much too soon. Not to mention product overkill at retail.
    7. May.
    8. A plot that isn’t rip-off of the OT. Answers to plot points set up in TFA.
    9. After TLJ, not really.
    10. I’m all for it, if the end result is good. With SOLO, we’ll have to reserve judgement, until we’ve seen the film.
    11. Kenobi
    12. George Lucas. It’s his baby and even if he ruins it, then at least his films will have some gravitas.
    13. It’s hit and miss. The comics have been good, some of the novels are good, but some are either bad (LEIA) or seem to have no point. Battlefront II was good.
    14. Only if they get a group of professional writers to write the show.
    15. Yes. Ahsoka! Cad Bane! Hondo! Hera! Sabine! Rex! Ventress!

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    1 – Yes. So far so good.

    2 – 1) TLJ, 2) RO, 3) TFA

    3 – Yes they compliment what came before. Rogue One is pretty amazing in how it adds new layers to the Original Trilogy. And after TLJ I can sort of see where the new trilogy is doing and where it is going.

    4 – Kylo Ren isn’t my favorite, but I’m most interested in seeing where his story goes next. We’ll finally find out what would have happened if Anakin had ruled the galaxy. Just like we found out how Luke killing Vader in Jedi would have turned out through Anakin.

    5 – Favorite either the reveal with the Falcon in TFA, Snoke’s death, or the music when Luke walks out to face down the Force Order in TLJ. Also K-2SO saying “Not me. I can survive in space.”

    The Effects looks much more real to me in Rogue On than in either of the Sequel Trilogy Episodes. Also The Force Awakens felt short on world building, but The Last Jedi has helped with that but showing us more where this is all going.

    6 – I like it. The Prequels would have benefited from smaller movies coming out in between.

    7 – December has worked out well. But I’m ready for a break. Keep Solo in May and leave some time for people to get excited for Episode 9.

    8 – Something new and unexpected. The way The Last Jedi ends the story can go anywhere.

    9 – Yes looking forward to Solo.

    10 – I’ll give it a chance. If it works then lets see more of it. If it doesn’t work try something else.

    11 – Obi-wan Kenobi and Owen Lars movie. Even if he is 20 years older now, how about Liam Nesson in a Qui-Gon movie?

    12 – Speilberg

    13 – Rebels is no The Clone Wars. The acting if fine and it looks nice. But you it feels so small and doesn’t take any of the risks Clone Wars did.

    14 – If it’s done right then yes. And if they can do it like they used to – can we get the last two and a half seasons of the The Clone Wars?

    15 – The way Saw Guerera was brought into Rogue One from The Clone Wars worked for me. Keep the universe connected but not feeling small. The Last Jedi did a lot to keep the universe open.

  • The Newt

    I don’t often comment but this looked too fun to skip!

    1. Sadly not anymore. Before TLJ I believed that any SW was better than no SW at all, but now i’m not sure they have handled it well in any format (movies, merch, games or books). If I could see one improvement i’d like them to let SW keep its own, unique style. The older films appealed to all audiences with the charm and LIGHT TOUCH comedy such as ‘don’t get cocky, kid’, while the new films are forcing comedy down our throats in a very Marvel-esque way. Too many movies are designed by algorithm now; it’s more science than art and SW should be bold and stick to the style fans have loved for decades.

    2. Rogue One at the top; it felt like that film fit perfectly into the originals in both style and story. TFA in the middle…a blatant copy but still SW at its heart. TLJ a distant last as my personal investment in the film diminished with each moment which broke the sense of ‘real’. Obviously it’s not real, but parodying itself in such a jokey way breaks the illusion of it being real; it broke my escapism.

    3. Simply, no. For visual effects they can be stunning but even this is hampered by less imaginative character creations. The OT was obviously unbeatable while the prequels were a step down but they still told us a story which seemed to ‘fit’. TLJ and TFA seem like they have been dumped into the timeline in a completely unexplained fashion. I’ve read all the novels and I still have no idea how the first order achieved any sort of power or why the republic let them gain a foothold.

    4. Finding it hard to pick a favourite as they wasted Phasma and Snoke. It would probably have to be Kylo Ren even though he is a flawed villain with a tendency to pop his shirt off. Least favourite is pointless Moz, they could improve her by giving her a slow and painful death!

    5. Favourite moment visually would be the suicide run in TLJ, that looked spectacular. Least favourite is many of the joke sequences in TLJ like Luke’s saber toss, “i’ve seen your schedule”, random space cow milk, flying Leia, BB-8 controlling an AT-ST…

    6. I’m okay with one a year, maybe 2 a year at a push so long as they maintain some sense and quality. Sadly I have no interest in any more Johnson films or the upcoming JJ conclusion to the trilogy 🙁

    7. As a younger fan I quite like the new trend of December releases.

    8. Hopefully the end of Rey, Finn and Poe as lead characters.

    9. No, Han is one of the few characters who should have been forever left as the original actor. Really of what relevance is his back story? If they wanted to make a generic action film then they could have chose many other characters.

    10. Kind of covered that one above. I think Han / Leia / Luke should be left alone but anyone else is fair game. There seems little to be gained by background stories…I can only imagine the fun of watching Luke grow up on Tatooine!

    11. The SW universe can be anything the director imagines…you could have a James Bond style spy film, or a film based on the Sith Wars. There are endless possibilities so I’d rather see standalone films which tell us about one particular event (as RO did) or about an unexplored period. Background stories should be avoided as these are a bit of a cheap win.

    12. Dennis Villeneuve. In Blade Runner 2049 he managed to create a sequel truly worthy of the title – a genuine story which felt like it belonged in the same universe as the original.

    13. Television for me is nom-existent as i’ve not watched the cartoons. Games infuriate me! I love video games and while i disliked Disney’s decision to give EA the rights to make all SW games, I was hopeful they would pump out at least a large number of games, even if they were ‘safe’. Instead we have had 2 Battlefront games in 4 or 5 years. The first one was woeful and the second one is okay online (despite causing a huge reaction due to disgusting tactics) but had a poor story mode. We NEED games like KOTOR again…the lack of games is a travesty. Regarding books, some of them have been excellent (e.g. Dark Disciple) but others are becoming irrelevant due to the films (Phasma was a waste of a book).

    14. Some live action TV would be great. A Han Solo series seems more appropriate than a film, and many characters could be introduced or fleshed out in this way.

    15. Absolutely, it could work both ways (introduced in a film, then a series) too. It would certainly help explain some of the gaping plot holes in newer movies and make them more palatable.

    • Mike_5555

      Thank you for joining the conversation! That was the goal of this post, to get people more involved in the conversation and have fun.

  • Andrew Wirshborn

    1-Still pissed they killed off the EU. Not enough new cannon yet and REALLY hated the Star Wars comics Marvel got. Felt Dark Horse was much better.
    I would love a Live Action TV series based on something like Rogue Squadron. Something like Space Above & Beyond.

    2- TFA was good, better than the prequels but not better than Empire. I was a very safe movie that followed basic story telling of The Hero’s Journey.
    RO was freaking awesome, again it was safe as it dealt with a time and events we sort of knew but contained enough new things and focused on new characters that were just regular people…well as regular as anyone is a Star Wars movie can be.
    TLJ was fantastic, equal to Empire if not a bit better. This was NOT a safe movie, it actually had some depth to it. You had to actually pay attention and think, characters weren’t going to just give exposition.

    3- Well better than Episode I and II, filmed and edited better too. The writing is also better. TFA is maybe as good as RotS which was the best of the Prequels.
    RO is a bit below Empire, better than ANH. TLJ really one of the best so far.

    4- Rey & Kylo are the best. Finn & Poe are the weakest, Poe got a good arc that grew his character in TLJ. Finn hasn’t really grown yet, he seems to be very slowly growing. There was just too much going on in TLJ for Finn to have a good arc.

    5- Favorite the introduction of Chirrut in RO and his fight with the Stormtroopers.
    Least favorite- Poe’s “I’m holding for commander Hux” I mean there is Han Solo cocky and then there is Poe being WAY over the top cocky.

    6- too fast! It will lead to burn out. There is already super hero burnout

    7-May but only because I live in the NE and it is too cold at midnight in Dec

    8-no opinion yet.

    9- ehhhhh. I have mixed feelings about it.

    10- Remind me again what character Ewan McGregor played again. And what character did Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen play? My point is they have already do it in prequels.
    They CGId Leia in RO, which I felt was off becuase her face seemed to be in a softer focus and lit differently than the rest of her body. Now, should someone new take over Leia’s role in movies set after TLJ…FUCK NO!

    11- I want more films that are truly stand alone. Like some of the old EU, Knight Errant, Darth Bane, Lost Tribes of the Sith.

    12- no opinions, I can think of directors I WOULD NOT want to direct.

    13- TV STOP making shows building them up to be awesome then canceling them! Make more than just cartoons.
    Publishing I gave up on the Marvel comics, I haven’t read any of the new novels but have Canto Bight on my Kindle waiting for mr to have time, I also want to read From a Certain Point of View and get into the novels.
    Games I will not buy anything from EA, until another company gets the license I will not buy or play any new games.

    14- Yes, both more cartoons for kids and adults and a live action show.

    15-Well we already had two in RO and one in Empire! But yes characters from all media should be able to pop up in any other media

    • dogbite

      Wow profanity filter lol

      C’mon man, little kids…er, I mean Hasbro reads this site XP

  • rebelsfangirl

    1. Yes. It’s not perfect but the overall quality is better than Star Wars has been since OT days (including books, comics etc)
    2. RO, TLJ, TFA
    3. Favourably to both, not superior to the OT.
    4. Doctor Aphra
    5. The silent sequence of the Raddus eviscerating the Supremacy and FO fleet, and the Vader fight sequence in RO
    6. It’s getting a bit much, reducing it to 15-18 months between movies would be nice
    7. December
    8. Kylo Ren made to pay for his crimes. Female pilots that don’t die.
    9. Yes. I’m going in with no expectations and hope to be surprised
    10. Not a fan, certainly not for sequel trilogy films.
    11. Kenobi. A heist film with no Force users.
    12. Patty Jenkins or Ava DuVernay
    13. Rebels is great but has missed a lot of opportunities and that is it for tv. Publishing is superb, the novels and comics are fantastic, better than the vast majority of those produced under the old Legends EU in my opinion. Video games is farcical. I love Battlefront 2, but EA have produced two and cancelled one video game in nearly five years.
    14. Maybe. Ifthey have good ideas yes, doing it for the sake of it no.
    15. Yes. Tiya Sircar could pull off a live action Sabine, I’m fairly sure Vanessa Marshall could do Hera. Freddie Prinz could definitely pull off Kanan.

    • Mike_5555

      “Female pilots that don’t die”

      Right? I’ve noticed the trend of killing off female pilots the second they appear in both Rebels and the films. It’s almost approaching parody at this point.

      Patty Jenkins would be a great choice and I think Ava DuVernay would do a great job as well. Although, I would like to see how she transitions into blockbuster filmmaking with her new Disney film. She’s very talented though.

      • rebelsfangirl

        Yup. Like Rogue One so far is the best in that it had three and only one died (and another who was edited out was killed “off screen” at Yavin, which really pissed me off). Rebels introduced like ten female Rebel pilots and only one survived, because she got too injured to fly. They did, finally, have a female TIE pilot and she didn’t so some credit there. TFA too had one and didn’t kill her off. But given how few there are compared to men and the high casualty rate it is kind of ridiculous.

        I am so excited for A Wrinkle in Time, I hope it does well.

        • Mike_5555

          I hope it does well too. Hopefully it’s success will create more opportunities for Ava and other female directors, and I hope it’s successful because we need more blockbuster films that aren’t sequels or reboots.

          • Funtomaz

            Isn’t “A Wrinkle In Time” a remake/reboot/rehash? I remember watching some cheap looking movie many years ago…

          • Rivesjunctionite

            It’s an adaptation of a book that has been adapted before.

          • Mike_5555

            I thought it was just an adaption of a book series, but I double checked and apparently there was a made for TV movie from the early 2000s.

      • OfWolfandMan

        Maybe just fewer pilots that don’t die. Any pilot.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      So it’s just not my imagination, right? The Rebels cast looks eerily like their characters!

      • rebelsfangirl

        Nope, they definitely do lol. I mean, Zeb would have to be cgi so no reason why Blum couldn’t voice him too, and Taylor Gray could easily pass as Ezra too. I do wonder if they planned it. Technically Vanessa Marshall is a little old for Rebels era Hera, but under all that makeup you wouldn’t know. I’d love to see it happen

    • Funtomaz

      Hey, didn’t Jess Pava survive TFA? She’s not in TLJ, as is Snap, they could both return for Ep IX.
      The way the movies are going I’d be happy if anyone survives in the end 😉

      • rebelsfangirl

        She did, and she is confirmed to survive TLJ too, she evacuated earlier before the FO fleet came up. But on-screen she’s one of only a handful to survive, and while the casualty rate for the male pilots is high it’s not 90% high lol.

        • Funtomaz

          I don’t know I felt that in TLJ almost everyone dies 😀 There are only 12-20 people left, out of 400+
          I am always amazed how anyone would volunteer to be a pilot in Star Wars. Chances of survival are almost zero. No ejection seats for some reason. Shields seem to be either non-existant or super ineffective. There are no countermeasures against any type of weapon. The bombers were made out of papier-mache, it was comical.
          I would have liked to see more of that A-Wing pilot (she was cute, I have to admit that). But *blam* there she goes like everyone else 😀 What a waste of a potentially interesting character.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            I was just amazed that the A-wing packin figure was actually a character in the movie who had lines!

          • OfWolfandMan

            For sure, that pilot is A-ok.

          • rebelsfangirl

            Only those in the last evacuation wave! 🙂 The ships we see in TLJ are the last ships out, with the capital ships staying to protect them. We don’t know what percentage of teh Resistance was in the fleet that headed to Crait but it wasn’t 100%.
            Me too. It was very reminiscent of Rebels in how they handled her. Introduce her and kill her off before we have a chance to get to know the character. I was really hoping Pava or Lintra (once Pava actress got toop busy to come back) would be sort of like the Wedge of the ST but that doesn’t look likely now.

    • ILoveSand

      “8. Kylo Ren made to pay for his crimes.”

      You know, initially I was thinking this would be great to see Kylo Ren redeemed. To see how the difficult path to redemption is made and how others would react to Kylo Ren as a redeemed man. That may be too invoIved for a SW movie though as far as making it meaningful in the time they have. I will be curious to see if they actually do it and make Ren answer for his crime and in what way. Death by a lightsaber fight, or punishment at the hands of the whatever form of justice system they have? Or some other way. Maybe involving the force?

  • The Wampa Lover

    It’s been a long, long time since I have posted on here, but I’ve still been viewing the comments and keeping as quiet as I could. That being said, this questionnaire was too good to pass up, so I dusted off the keyboard and decided to put in my two cents.
    1. While I have not liked two of the three films released so far, I am mostly satisfied with everything else. I enjoy Rebels, and I like the fact that they are bringing in concepts from the Expanded Universe. However, I have always been a hater of inconsistency, and I feel like, in starting over with most of the canon, they have dropped the ball there. I feel like the material released is rather random; a short story here, a tiny comic in a magazine from another country there; there’s no structure. I feel like this could be best fixed if they streamline it, nixing the most of the comics into two: the current ‘Star Wars’ ongoing, and an ongoing anthology series instead of the mini-series.
    2. I am taking this one to mean in respects to the rest of the films. If that is the case, Rogue One is my fourth favorite film (behind the OT, which is most certainly not a bad thing), while the other two are far and away my least favorites (with TFA being the worst of all).
    3. See above.
    4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved? I’m sort of cheating here, but my favorite character (or in this case, characters) would be the Death Troopers. I love the mystery of them, their design, and how seamlessly they fit-in to the universe. On the other end, my far and away least favorite would be Kylo Ren. While I don’t necessarily mind the idea of Han and Leia having a son who fell to the Dark Side, I hate that his name is Ben (which would be more fitting for a child of Luke), hate how he killed Han, and hate how wishy-washy he seemed in TLJ. I don’t really thing there is a way to fix or improve him other than make him stay a Dark Sider and get his arms ripped out by Chewbacca.
    5. My favorite moment(s) would be in Rogue One, with the scenes involving Tarkin and Leia. I’ve always found CGI humans to be interesting to look at, so that was a lot of fun to analyze. Moreover, just how seamlessly they fit them in story-wise was wonderful, and was something I did not see coming at all. For least favorite moment, it’s a tie as well: the death of Han Solo in TFA and the space Leia scene in TLJ. For the first one, I just don’t like the way it was handled, there was no real time to grieve, while, with the other, that was so stupid looking they should have just killed her off there (especially considering she doesn’t really have much of a role after that).
    6. I don’t like the rapid pace as, in all reality, I don’t think that Disney should release any of the films, including Rogue One. In my opinion, the more films that are released the more it dilutes the uniqueness of the saga films. Leave any new stories for the books or other mediums.
    7. I don’t mind it being either May or December; I understand how May is supposed to be Star Wars’, but I wasn’t even born until after the TPM and didn’t become a fan until 2008, so I don’t really know any different.
    8. In Episode IX, I want to see multiple things (though I’m sure most of them won’t happen, which I’ll accept). First, as I said before, I want Chewie to kill Kylo Ren (highly unlikely). Secondly, I want for it to be set a longer time after TLJ, like how all of the other films are. TLJ taking place right after TFA, in my opinion, was a detriment as it made it unrealistic. Moreover, by giving more time between TLJ and Episode IX, then that gives time for the characters to change off-screen, as the original three did in the OT.
    9. It’s a tricky situation. On the one hand, as I mentioned, I wish there wouldn’t be any of the films being made, and I don’t really see the point in a Solo movie since his arc was made starting with ANH. On the other, I have enjoyed what has been leaked design-wise so far, and, knowing that I felt the same way towards Rogue One, I would have to say I am.
    10. Truth be told, I’m not against them recasting Han and Lando for Solo so long as they can nail the performances (like River Phoenix did for Indy in The Last Crusade, or Genevieve O’Reilly did for Mon Mothma in the PT and Rogue One, or the entire PT cast, for that matter). I don’t want to see, however, a recasting of Han, Leia, and Luke for movies set after ROTJ; I don’t think that it could be done.
    11. Though I don’t want any new films to be made (especially Johnson’s trilogy), I realize that this is not a realistic mindset. As such, I think that a Kenobi film would be cool (he is my favorite character, after all), but, other than that, I’m not quite sure.
    12. This is my favorite question. Matt Reeves would have to be my number one choice after his absolutely stellar Planet of the Apes movies. I love the technical aspects, the storytelling, the character development, everything. What’s more, one only has to look back to the opening of War for the Planet of the Apes to see that he can do a proper crawl. Aside from him, I would have to say Denis Villenueve as I loved Arrival and I feel like Blade Runner 2049 would be much the same.
    13. I’ve sort of already mentioned my thoughts on this in the first question, but, from everything that I have consumed so far that are not the films, I would have to say that I would be satisfied.
    14. Though I said that any new stories should be left for mediums aside from films, I think that television shows should be limited as well. There should be only one at a time, and each of these should sere a purpose in revealing something about the galaxy, much like The Clone Wars and Rebels have done. My number one choice for that would be an animated series set between TPM and AOTC.
    15. If they serve a purpose in the film, I think that it would be fine for TV characters to show up in films, so long as they are not force-sensitive characters.
    I hope I wasn’t too long winded in my answers, I just haven’t been able to go over my thoughts out loud. 🙂

    • Arnold Corso

      I second Matt Reeves! And he’s close to JJ Abrams, so maybe it’ll actually happen.

      • Mike_5555

        I was hoping that Reeves would get the Episode IX job but he just had to sign up for Batman.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Yeah, I don’t know whether to be interested in a potentially great Batman film or to be apathetic because he’s spending his time on ANOTHER Batman film.

          • Mike_5555

            I’m perfectly happy with Nolan’s Batman films. I’m just not very inetersted in yet another version of Batman.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Especially the BvS version, who physically crashes through brick walls and tosses people around like they’re softballs. I thought my eyes were going to pop out from rolling them so much during that movie.

          • Mike_5555

            Let me find a delicate way to put this… Batman vs. Superman was a dumpster fire of a film. Between that and the Hobbit we found two of my least favorite blockbuster films of the last the decade.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            I’m a huge Batman fan and in general a fan of DC comics characters. I found Batman v. Superman to be too dark, too loud, and too violent. They took the payoff in a great comic (The Dark Knight Returns), which was built on the (at that time) nearly 50 year history of both Batman and Superman and tried to wrap a borderline nonsensical movie around it. It was a disservice to Superman and Batman and all their supporting characters. The only good thing was that finally we see Wonder Woman in a live action film. That said, I did like Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons’ performances.

          • Tom Chorlton

            Batman v superman made an effort to be a more “important ” film than it ended up being. I hated the movie, but was impressed by the effort. That said, it was as deep as a freshman philosophy course, and it showed. The symbolism in it was as overt as a freshman would attempt, not a Hollywood film. I felt it was poorly done.

          • Funtomaz

            I know plenty of blockbuster that are much worse than BvS. It’s weak praise, I know. Transformers? To name just one franchise. i actually enjoyed BvS mostly, some parts were really stupid or weak, sure.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

      Eh, Ben was the reason Han met Leia in the first place. I very much agree with the idea of Han, who went from disbelieving in the force to recognizing it and getting pulled to a life changing adventure in which he met his wife, insisting that Ben was the name to go with.

      • The Wampa Lover

        That’s a very interesting point of view. I guess it’s just that I’m still bitter about calling Kylo Ren ‘Ben’ since Luke’s son was Ben in the EU. I guess, had Luke had children in the new canon, I would have more reason to gripe.

        • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

          I’m still hoping he did and that Mara’s out there somewhere as well! Maybe he named his son Ben too!!

  • Jimmy Griffin

    1. Overall, yes. Sometimes I think that they have played it too safe; but then I think about TLJ, and safe is not exactly the first word that comes to mind.
    2. I don’t think any of them have been awful; however, none are perfect. Overall, my favorite is RO. I think TFA was basically what the franchise needed when it came out, but I agree that it was highly derivative. TLJ was wonderful, but some of the humor was too much.
    3. That’s hard to say considering we have access to the completed OT and PT, but not the ST. Honestly, nothing compares to the OT. In some ways the new movies are better than the PT and in some ways worse.
    4. My favorite new character is a tie between Kylo and K-2SO. I wouldn’t have said Kylo before seeing TLJ, but Adam Driver really nailed it. I’d say my least favorite would be a tie between Snoke and Phasma. Snoke was just never very appealing or compelling. Phasma was just poorly used. It’s not the character or the actor’s fault.
    5. Favorite moment: Kylo/Rey vs. Praetorian Guards. Least favorite: Rose stopping Finn’s suicide run.
    6. Once a year is ok for now, it’s way to soon for Solo to be coming out 5 months after TLJ. I hope they eventually level off to about one every two years with live action and animated TV in between.
    7. I’m used to December now, but it really doesn’t matter.
    8. A conclusion to Kylo’s story.
    9. Yes
    10. I don’t know. I want to see Solo, I want it to be good. But this opens the door to recasting Leia, Luke, Anakin. I don’t know. Maybe if it was 15 or 20 years from now it would be different.
    11. Obi-Wan! Something set in the Old Republic!
    12. Patty Jenkins, Matt Reeves, Christopher Nolan
    13. Television needs to expand. We need animated and live action shows that branch out from the period immediately surrounding the PT and OT. We need stuff that’s not just Empire VS. Rebels. I love most of the comics and novels, but again, they could stand to branch out.
    14. Yes, definitely.
    15. I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t feel they need to be “validated” by appearing in a live action film.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I vote K-2SO as best new character.
      Cassian said I had to.

    • Mike_5555

      Once again, I agree with almost everything you said lol.

      • Jimmy Griffin

        I could have gone into a lot more detail on every answer, but I didn’t want to be too long winded. Any one of these questions could have been an entire post unto itself. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Eric Martel

    1. Yes, it could be more interested. The time between each movie is too short….
    2. R1, TFA, TLJ
    3. Tender to the original trilogy, but never equal…:(
    4. Favorite = JYn Erso, Chirrut, Baze, least = Finn.
    5. Battle on and arround Scarif.
    6. Too fast.
    7. December all the way.
    8. Sign that the Jedi order will be back.
    9. Off course !
    10. Wait to see what Disney will do with Solo, after we will see.
    11. Yoda, Boba Fett, Old Republic, Obi-wan Kenobi, another ewoks story….
    12. I don’t know.
    13. Fine for me.
    14. Possibly.
    15. Yes, why not ?

  • CJ

    2. TLJ, RO, TFA
    3. I’m not sure what this means. The prequels didn’t compare to the OT, so it’s kind of moot.
    4. Favorite: K-2SO. Least favorite: Everyone from Rebels that isn’t Hera. They can be improved by death.
    5. Favorite: Luke’s send-off. Least favorite: Saw Gererra’s memory monster
    6. It hinders the toy line, but otherwise it doesn’t bother me.
    7. No preference
    8. OT Alien designs.
    9. I’m not not looking forward to it.
    10. If the stories make sense, recasting doesn’t bother me at all.
    11. None. I’d prefer original stories and characters.
    12. Christopher Nolan?
    13. The TV shows aren’t for me. Some of the books are OK.
    14. Only if there’s a story to tell that doesn’t rely on dredging up characters from the past.
    15. If it make sense to a story and isn’t just forced fan service.

  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    1. Overall, yes, but please note that SW saga films follow the hero’s journey. Stop trying to manufacture “I am your father” surprises! That one came naturally and was a shock to the main character as much as it was to the audience. Also, too much important stuff was allowed to transpire between movies. SW is about showing, not telling, stop trying to hide stuff in mystery boxes. Lucas planned Luke’s arc, but he planned to show us. We need to be shown more and told less.


    3. The ST is fun like the OT, but doesn’t carry the weight or importance that even the PT had. I see two main reasons.

    First, we haven’t been told outside of encyclopedias and books why the galaxy is the way it is after the apparent final victory of ROTJ. Again, too much was allowed to happen offscreen between trilogies. We don’t connect with Rey nearly as much as we would if JJ hadn’t insisted on his damn mystery box. She’s a secret = I don’t know her = I don’t identify with her. The surprise is only effective the first time someone watches it. I don’t really want to sit through Star Trek Into Darkness and sit through 30 minutes of fake outs again just to arrive at Cumberbatch is Khan. I was mildly surprised the first time, mostly cos JJ lied about it. It’s not entertaining now. Stop with the mystery boxes.

    Second, the trilogy is 2/3 over and only two or three days have passed. There isn’t much room there to think up adventures for my toys to have that aren’t exactly what happened on screen. The OT allowed for that.

    4. Cassian is my fav. I liked how he’s a bad guy on the good guys’ side, kinda like James Bond. Least favorite is Phasma, mostly because of politics. She’s touted as a great female character, especially cos she’s hidden behind the armor and her looks don’t come into play. But Phasma doesn’t really do anything but look good in her armor and boss men around. She did a bit more in TLJ, but she was given credit for what a droid did and without her good looking armor, she would have died even quicker.

    5. Favorite: Ren vs. Snoke vs. Praetorians vs. Rey -or- the battle of Scarif (wish this was what was promised in the celebration reel). Least favorite: any of the times that Rey told us that her past was a secret (I hate mystery boxes for the sake of surprising the audience if you can’t tell).

    6. Release dates need to spaced out more. It’s screwing up toy distribution and the thoroughness of the lines. Also, I used to be a huge Marvel fan, but now I’m really just done. I’m trying to stick it out through Infinity War in hopes of a conclusion, but I feel like I go more out of obligation than interest now because there are SO MANY.

    7. May. December is far too cold to stand around outside, snowstorms and holidays get in the way, and my kids are still in school in mid-December and can’t go to a premiere on a school night.

    8. I want to see a time jump of several years; Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda as Force Ghosts, and some adventure with the main trio actually together.

    9. Yes, I have less emotional attachment to the “stories” and look forward to it as a fun SW romp. I don’t expect to be moved or convinced it’s really Han.

    10. I don’t want to see more recastings, excepting a young Luke playing a small role in an Obi-Wan story. Apart from a Yoda origin or a Fett/Jabba crime movie, I wish they’d move far away from characters we already now.

    11. A young Yoda movie that is weird–like SW mixed with Willow or Neverending Story. KOTOR trilogy or series. And, seriously, no joke, a SW romantic-comedy that takes place on Coruscant. Nothing but the setting/costumes/a bit of dialog would distinguish it from a rom-com in New York.

    12. Anyone but Tarrantino or Kevin Smith.

    13. I’ve been bored with the last several Rebels episodes. I love the characters but feel like it can’t go anywhere cos it needs to line up with the OT. Please, move SW media away from established events! Comics are fun, I only read the main comic and love the extra adventures of Luke, Leia, and Han. The video games–everything that comes out feels like a gateway drug to try to extort more money from players to EA. I would love an Uncharted style series.

    14. SW Live action TV? Only if it’s written and show at once. Network style American TV is full of filler and is aimless. Limit the episodes in each season, plan it out, write the episodes together and film them together, then I might be interested.

    15. Eh, indifferent.

  • Axonrey

    I’m not going to itemize, but i think Star Wars needed to move on grin Lucas. I think more content is good. Rogue One is easily my favorite outside the OT, and the Vader scene was absolutely the epitome of what i wanted out of the new stuff. As much as i don’t like the new trilogy, it’s biggest offense to me is that it’s boring. Recreating the backdrop from the OT was a massive mistake to me. As much as the prequels get pooped on, they did invigorate the fantasy component. A post episode 3 Vader movie would be dope and a tv show during the same time period but focusing on a different character or characters would be cool. I like a survivors of Order 66 concept.

    And i think Solo will be fine.

    • Daniel Preece

      Curious, “move on” [from] Lucas? But he’s the very one who did NOT want to repeat the plots of the OT, or focus more on fan-service like the Millennium Falcon than on new ideas, new designs, and new stories. With Lucas, we wouldn’t have gotten Rogue One, that’s almost certain. But we also wouldn’t have gotten the two sequels as they are. So I wonder, how many fans would give up RO to get a do-over on the sequels…?

      I’d take the do-over and lose the cool Vader scene.

      • Axonrey

        Yeah, I’d make that trade, too. One thing I do like about Disney is their intent to get movies made. Lucas didn’t really have that sense of urgency (for better or worse, I suppose). That’s what I mean by moving on from Lucas- not necessarily creatively.

  • Greg Romine

    1. I wish the new movies more-closely followed the old Expanded Universe storylines. Luke’s life in the books was a much-better life than what we were given in these movies. I really want to see Mara Jade brought into the new canon, too!

    2. TFA; RO; TLJ
    3. Better than the prequels, but not as good as the originals
    4. Most-favorite: Rey – although she had been given powers way too quickly. Least-favorite: don’t really know. Many of them are just “meh.” Maybe DJ – his stuttering really bothered me.

    5. Favorite: Rey calling the lightsaber to herself on Starkiller Base, and then letting the Force guide her against Kylo Ren; Least-favorite: Luke milking the thala-siren.
    6. The movie are coming way too fast – one every other year is the most often we should be getting movies. There isn’t time to digest everything, learn the new characters/vehicles, and Hasbro can’t make a deep line of toys – they have to move on to the next movie after maybe only two waves of toys. It’s no longer an “event” – it’s just something that happens every year.

    7. May
    8. I want to see a big showdown between Rey & Kylo, and of course seeing the Resistance somehow triumph. I’d like to see some new worlds (maybe even a trip to the Unknown Regions or even another galaxy), but also some more familiar worlds and species, to keep the “Star Wars” feeling.
    9. Not really – it’s unnecessary, and I don’t remember anyone asking for it. I am looking forward to seeing Emilia Clarke, however!
    10. I would be in favor of recasting characters if it meant having new movies between Episodes 6 and 7, but I’m rather tired of “prequel” eras.
    11. An Obi-Wan Kenobi movie would be cool; Darth Vader hunting down the Jedi would be cool; a MARA JADE MOVIE WOULD ROCK!!!
    12. Don’t really know – Steven Spielberg?
    13. I haven enjoyed “Rebels” as it has gone on, but I wish it was on regular Disney, instead of Disney XD. I would love to see a cartoon between Episodes 6 & 7, with some of the original actors lending their voices to their characters. I have been very disappointed in the books and comics since Disney took over – the only ones I’ve bought are the movie novelizations/adaptations. I plan to read the Thrawn books, but nothing else (other than the Visual Guides, which are great) has interested me. I’m not into video games, so I have no opinion on those.
    14. I’d love to see a new animated show set between Episodes 6 & 7, or possibly one around the events of the new sequel trilogy. OR, just adapt the Thrawn Trilogy already!!!

    15. I would be in favor of that, depending on who they were. Hera an Ahsoka come to mind immediately

  • Albert Escobedo

    1. Yes I am happy.

    2. The Last Jedi, Rogue One, The Force Awakens

    3. The new heroes like Rey, Finn, and Poe strive to do the right thing like the Prequel and Original film protagonists before. I say that makes them as enjoyable.

    4. My new favorite character is Sidon Ithano: a space pirate who lives for treasure glory and adventure with his best friend/first mate Quiggold. More of this please.

    5. My favorite moment in the Disney Star Wars films is when Han shouts ‘Ben!’ to his son…silence for a few seconds after.

    6. I don’t mind it, but I think some more waiting in-between is better for big movies like this.

    7. I prefer May release dates. I am usually sick during December premieres.

    8. I want to see no loose ends in the next one. Come on Disney, make this the actual final chapter in the Skywalker legacy.

    9. I am looking forward to Solo. Redlettermedia’s predictions are a checklist for the film at this point. While I am excited to see more Star Wars, I prefer future not past.

    10. I don’t mind.

    11. I would like to see a Jabba/Tatooine crime movie.

    12. I don’t have a preference in director.

    13. I would prefer large-scale Star Wars games (original Battlefront games) where everything is finished, requires no online connections whatsoever, and quick to play. Rebels is dull and no published Star Wars piece has interested me.

    14. No

    15. None whatsoever for me

  • zerobobby77

    1- absolutely no. Everything they have done is insultant. They could improve bastly by firing Kathleen Kennedy and hiring someone who cares for Star Wars.
    2- i can’t put TFA and TLJ far away enough from any other movie. They are aberrations. However, Rogue One is a great movie, but i’m sure that the success of that film is due to director Gareth Edwards, who carried the project’s weight on himself.
    3- is this even a question? Only Rogue One is worthy to making it to a list of SW films.
    4- Baze and Chirrut, K-2SO too. All well written and acted, not basing the characters on their ethnicity or sexual orentation. The worst, probably Rose. An unnecessary character, with an useless plot, and it’s sole existence is justified by the fact that she’s an asian female lead. It can be improved by removing it’s existence. Kylo is a close second, a very teen spirited character portrayed by an adult actor, the result is ridiculous.
    5- Vader in Rogue One, for sure. I can’t remember a single scene about the other two, except how humiliatingly they killed Han, Luke and Ackbar.
    6- they should spend more time to make better movies, not more movies.
    7- december, i’m fine with it.
    8- that the two previous installments were just a bad dream that Nien Nunb had.
    9- i’m curious, i think the movie could be good and enjoyable, if it wasn’t a Han Solo movie. Specially with that guy as Han.
    10- please no. A big reason those characters were lovable in first place is because of their original actors portrayal. If you have to do it, at least do it right.
    11- Obi-Wan of course. And a Jar Jar trilogy.

  • darthmadonna

    1. The only thing I am the most disapointed in since the acquisition is the lack of 3.75″ figures and Hasbro shunning the original scale figure.

    2. TLJ-RO-TFA

    3.TFA was weak IMO RO and TLJ are Ok

    4.I do not really have a favorite like I do with Obi wan or clones Least fave is definitley Maz Kannata

    5.LLuke using the force projection as he did in Dark Empire to Trick Leia into leaving Byss. Getting rid of Snoke.

    6. Movies are way to fast.

    7.MAY release. Followed by a nice Christmas push for home video

    8. For JJ not to create more mysteries and no answers.

    9. Not really, Han is a fave for me and Ford is an extremely important part of that. I kinda prefer We let Han be. But I am interested in the film and toys

    10 Not super crazy about recasting.

    11 Tales of the Jedi, Yoda story that George had said he wanted to make post ROTS

    12 Dunno

    13. I LOVED the video games as much as my figures and this is another area that Disney and EA have really screwed up IMO. Books and comics are OK

    14. I wouldn’t mind a live action series or even another Animated like TCW or Rebels maybe in the ST era

    15.Sometimes a crossover is fun but with Star wars anymore it is more like fan service and and can feel forced to connect everything or everyone.

  • Caleb Amos

    Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
    I am happy with it. From more star wars to freakin an entire star wars land at Disneyland I think it’s awesome to be getting new experiences, especially since I didn’t see the OT in theaters. Don’t worry though, I was raised with it 🙂 constructively, though, I think the collector situation could be greatly improved. Secrecy does not psyche me and I’m sorely missing out on what 3.75 was mid 2000-10

    How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    Force awakens is low overall for unoriginality. Rogue one is top three of all star wars films, and last Jedi is 3 or 4. I was impressed by the original story, plot twists, and the way the characters grew.

    Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    I think they fit in the universe. One of my favorite things is the way the force is depicted.

    Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    I like kylo and I like Rey. Least favorite is either dj or rose.

    What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    Force projection like, but I gotta say, I remember when kylo stopped poes laser blast in TFA I was like whoooooooa!
    Least favorite is probably either free the fathiers or when Finn didn’t actually die…

    How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    It’s okay, but it definitely is hurting the toy side of things. It will be interesting with solo in May instead of next December. Hopefully that will allow hasn’t to catch up.

    Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    Really It would have been nice to have skipped tfa and made tlj number 7 and then have two more movies after. I’m not sure how they’re going to wrap things up…

    Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    I am! I think that it will be a really fun movie to watch. But, I think there were several other choices that could have been better.
    How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?
    I liked Luke in the last movie, and his end was appropriate, but I would have liked to see more of him…

    What future standalone films do you want to see?
    Is this even a question? OBIWAN!

    If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
    I’d take Rian Johnson again. Kinda weird jjs doing another…

    How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
    I think the the shows have something special. They are really well done. Ahhhh, the games. If only eat could get it right…

    Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
    With Dave Filoni record I am really hopeful for a live action show.

    Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?
    I think rogue one did it well. I’d rather it not be excessive, but a crossover here and there would be pretty cool.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Currently, there’s 194 comments and the answers to #1 by my count are:
    Happy or mostly happy: 22
    Not happy: 13
    Split opinion: 8

    I did not expect that.

    • OfWolfandMan

      Funny, because I was doing something similar…….

      • Tom Chorlton

        I was drinking. But similar concept..?

    • Mike_5555

      Interesting! Thanks for doing that.

  • rusty_t

    I don’t even need to read the comments below because I have a feeling 99.999% of them are against Disney and their SW offerings.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Surprise! It’s currently about 51% in favor of Disney and 30% solidly against.

      • rusty_t

        Better than I expected! Nice to see.

    • Tom Chorlton

      I think you’d be surprised.

      • rusty_t

        I am! Very refreshing for a change!

    • Daniel Preece

      What I find curious is that many of those who answer #1 positively then go on to make a bunch of criticisms about it.

      There are nice things I could say, but I won’t because they in no way outweigh the negative. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m content enough to remain a paying movie customer. TFA gets a zero for killing Han the way they did. Nothing good in that movie can overcome that. TLJ gets a negative score because of the handling of Luke. No amount of good effects or silly jokes can move the scale because of that. They can’t beguile me with the Millennium Falcon. That ship forever reminds me of how TFA took from us the reunion we deserved after a 32 year wait, and can now never have. So if I say “the movies look good, but…” someone might interpret that as a 50-50 opinion. It’s not. Disney gets two big zeroes from me on the sequels. There are unforgivable lines, and Disney keeps crossing them.

  • Shawn Hull

    1. Yes, I believe that Disney has added new life to the saga & engaged interest with a whole new/younger fan base. Without Disney, we may have never received another Star Wars film. I do feel that Disney made a mistake by not embracing some of the expanded universe stories that had existed. The whole First Oder vs Resitance feels like a watered down version of the original trilogy. I would have loved to see Luke’s Jedi academy & feel that Janina/Jacen Solo would have been better characters than Kylo Ren or Rey. Ultimately the same character arc could have unfolded by using existing EU characters & starting before Luke’s academy fell. This might have made a more interesting story.
    2. Rogue One, The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens
    3. None of the Disney films are as good as the Original Trilogy but Rogue One is better than any of the Lucas prequel movies. I think both TLJ & TFA are better than AOTC or TPM but I would rate both behind ROTS.
    4. The entire Rogue One team were great characters & they made the movie feel like Star Wars. Characters like Finn & Captain Phasma just feel unnecessary & forced.
    5. Most favorite is the Scarif battle from Rogue One. Least favorite is the middle 3rd of The Last Jedi. A slow spaceship chase that ultimately felt like it had no real meaning and brought down the tempo of the movie.
    6. I like seeing Star Wars films at a rapid pace as long as the stories are good. If slowing the pace would improve the movie quality then I am all for that. I honestly believe that the stand alone Star Wars movies will end up being better than the sequels that are trying to connect with the Lucas films.
    7. December
    8. I really don’t know. George Lucas always said that Star Wars stories had a beginning, middle & end. TFA was more confusing and forced than the beginning of a story and TLJ felt more like an ending than a set-up for the next chapter. I am not sure what to expect from here.
    9. Yes, Rogue One has shown that the stand alone films may be better than the sequel trilogy films.
    10. Originally I loved that we would be seeing iconic characters from the past but I feel that they were only added as window dressing without substance. Luke made a brief appearance in TFA, had very little impact in TLJ outside of the final Crait battle scene. Leia really hasn’t done anything over 2 films. R2D2/C3PO have been props. Admiral Akbar died without really doing anything in TLJ. Han Solo & Chewbacca are the only characters who felt like they had a place in the story.
    11. I think movies based on video games such as Knights of The Old Republic & Battlefront 2 would make great standalone films.
    12. Christopher Nolan
    13. Decent overall
    14. Yes, I feel that the animated show should like Rebels are great and live action shows could be equally good if written correctly.
    15. Yes, I felt that the Rebels characters were great and love the idea of Seeing Thrawn in a live action movie.

  • OfWolfandMan

    ……I was waiting for 200 comments, no reason, just a good number. Of course not all 200 are lists or answers, but just for fun. Not looking for an answer necessarily, just an observation: The other day there was a pretty good, mostly civil, conversation based on one of Johnson’s answers. Uh, oh, I’m nervous. Here goes. Most of the answers to number 12, are well, male names or “don’t know” “don’t care” . So far, only four respondents named an actual female. Compared to 40 ( so far, 207 comments, not all are lists/answers) . Just found this interesting based on all the heat the other day. Also, it appears RO is ranking pretty favorably, considering it has gotten a lot flak.

    • Daniel Preece

      SW is a traditional male power fantasy. It’s good ol’ “adventure.” In all of cinema history, how many female directors come to mind when you think of that kind of adventure?

      I think these male-dominated answers tell us that fans want Star Wars to remain an adventure-focused franchise.

  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Too many questions to scroll up and down between typing and/or reading comments but I’ll let off some steam anyway.

    I’ve seen TLJ twice. First time, I disliked it quite a bit. Second time was the longest 150 minutes I’ve ever had.
    I’ve been a prequel hater since 1999 and I can honestly say this:
    I watched AOTC and ROTS in December and genuinely enjoyed them both more than TLJ.
    If George Lucas had R2 D2 walking around in a roofless AT ST, people would have said Lucas lost it.
    Rian Johnson has BB8 do it, and its OK and TLJ is the greatest Star Wars film since 83.

    I enjoyed Episode 7 and loved Rogue One but I personally think that Star Wars has become so damaged, that the perfect final shot of ROTJ has been ruined.

    I didnt need to see Han die, R2 shut down, Chewie reduced to a pet, or Luke try to murder his nephew and fly off to an Island to die. I was fine not seeing any of that.
    Not to mention Leia probably dying in an opening crawl.

    I have zero interest in Solo and even less interest in Episode 9 (so minus one interest)
    Any star Wars is better than no Star Wars??
    No. No Star Wars is better than The Last Jedi


    • Daniel Preece

      Well said! Disney has added only ONE thing I could ever want to see…and that’s Vader in RO. I’d pay Disney to erase everything else and start over.

      • Hardcore F’n Mudd

        Vader in RO was one of the most thrilling moments I’ve ever had in the cinema in my life. My heart nearly burst out of my chest haha It was a moment of horror.

  • Mike_5555

    Let me add some narcissism to the discussion by filling out my own survey.

    1. Overall, yes. There’s a lot of room for improvement and the ST in particular is flawed in key areas, but I’ve enjoyed all three films. I won’t go into great detail about the issues I have, but I’ll bring up a relatively minor one. The lack of existing aliens. We should see the classic OT aliens and some prequel aliens in the new films. It’s an easy way to make it all feel more like a cohesive universe
    2. Rogue One, The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens
    3. They aren’t in the same league as the OT, but RO in particular is great and I don’t think the ST films are that far off in quality from the prequels. Rogue One is on par with ROTS, TLJ is below that but definitely above the rest, and TFA is in the same category as AOTC.
    4. K2-SO is my favorite. I’ll go with Ezra for my least favorite.
    5. It’s a toss up between the Vader rampage in RO and Yoda’s scene in TLJ. Although, I’ll give an honorable mention to the entire battle of Scarif and the Praetorian Guard battle.
    6. It’s too fast and they need to slow down.
    7. December, much to my surprise. It has become a nice tradition.
    8. I could write a long list, but I’ll keep it simple…LANDO.
    9. Not really, but I’ll keep an open mind and give it a shot
    10. It makes me uncomfortable and I’m not a fan of it, but we’ll see how Solo turns out.
    11. Obi-Wan film with Ewan is still my top choice. something set thousands of years before the PT could be interesting too.
    12. I’ll say Matt Reeves, but Filoni deserves a shot and I would be interested to see what Chris Nolan would do with a Star Wars film. Patty Jenkins would be great too. Spielberg will always be the dream though, right?
    13. Rebels has been fine, not interested in the publishing, and have enjoyed the Battlefront games despite their flaws.
    14. Yes, but not a needless expansion. Have a vision and work with the right people.
    15. Yes! Ahsoka and Rex would always be welcome but characters like Hondo and Cad Bane would be pretty seamless additions.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      Re: #5-Least favorite moment?

      • Mike_5555

        Good catch! I updated my comment. I decided to go with the trench run style attack on Starkiller base because it was so poorly done and represents the main issues with the ST very effectively. Rose stopping Finn’s sacrifice was in the running though.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          Yeah, I mean it’s not as though I really wanted Finn to die, but why did they put him in that position and then not go through with it?

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Honestly, I haven’t really been blown away by Spielberg since JP. Minority Report was pretty good though. But I think the days of Jaws, Close Encounters, and Indy are long behind us. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        So you didn’t care for Shindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, or Catch Me If You Can, or Munich?

        • Mike_5555

          Schindler’s List and JP came out the same year. That still blows my mind.

          • Carbonite_Hydrates

            That fact really is amazing. Two such great movies that are so different.

        • Hardcore F’n Mudd

          I’ve seen Jaws, ET, Raiders, CE3K and Duel 10 to 20 times each and hope to see them another 10 to 20 each before I die.

          Im OK not seeing Munich, Saving Private Ryan or Warhorse again.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Honestly, those films, as good as they are, are a whole different Spielberg. The guy who made Jaws, Close Encounters, ET, Indy, and JP kept me on the edge of my seat, eyes wide open and holding my breath. He just doesn’t seem to make a lot of films lately. I remember seeing War of the Worlds, and thinking, “This is it! Spielberg is back!” The complex family drama, the grim basement scene, and the nailbiting invasion had me on the edge of my seat. And then it ended with the happy reunion, and I just shook my head. What a disappointment. He even admitted in interviews that he probably would have let the kid die if he’d made the film in the 80s, but now that he’s matured, he likes the happy ending. The last time I was really gobsmacked by Spielberg was when I watched Duel for the first time on DVD. I miss that Spielberg. When he’s in top form, he’s just unbeatable, but he makes serious movies now. That’s fine, but I wish there was more. I’m hoping Ready Player One really knocks me on my butt. That would make me very, very happy.

      • Mike_5555

        Unfortunately, yes his best films are probably behind him. Saving Private Ryan was after JP though and I still think it’s great. It may not be Jaws, but I also have a real soft spot for Catch Me If You Can. I really like that one. Munich is underrated and Bridge of Spies and Lincoln were solid, well crafted films.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      Mike, since this year is the tenth anniversary of The Clone Wars, do you think you might do some sort of retrospective article later this year?

      • Mike_5555

        That’s something that I will definitely be doing! TCW means so much to me as fan, I’m not going to overlook the tenth anniversary. 🙂

        • Walter F.

          Too bad I can’t up-click this more. So I will do this. Click, click, click, click, click……………………………………………………………
          TCW got my son into Star Wars and also boosted me more into it as well.

  • hammyhamster

    Too many questions for me to answer, but I can give you my answer in one picture and a handful of words.

    I finally finished opening my Christmas and stocking stuffer gifts today and one of the items was a Star Wars mug. NOT Disney Wars, but legit Star Wars.

    When I looked at the mug and accompanying images, I felt things that I haven’t felt after three Disney Wars movies. What I saw on the cup was passion, fear, triumph, heroism and creativity. When I think of the three Disney Wars movies,;all that comes to mind is unoriginal, corporate, flat, disappointing and soulless.

    Disney is marketing trash. There’s no other way of looking at it.

  • Ulek Calus

    1. In general terms, yes, but it’s not at all hard to imagine a much better state of affairs. Firstly, while Rebels is one of my favourite TV shows, I still feel like I have a The Clone Wars-sized hole in my life. Cancelling and leaving the series unfinished is probably the biggest thing souring me towards the Disney era. There is NOTHING I want more from Lucasfilm and Disney than to see it finished properly.

    Secondly, while I consider the movies to be some of the most enjoyable in the franchise, they’ve been marred by politics (the sequel films specifically, not so much Rogue One). I hesitate to say it because I know I’ll get flak (and I’m not trying to start something), but I feel that they’re protecting the female characters from being depicted with certain traits or placed in certain situations (i.e. ineptitude, ignorance, cowardice, selfishness, facing failure, relying on assistance), whereas male characters are free to be written without such restrictions. I wouldn’t know who to point fingers at even if I wanted to and I’m not saying that Disney has an agenda (I certainly hope it’s not a directive coming from the top), but I feel that if they broke free from the pressures of the real-world political climate, they could craft not just exciting and entertaining, but truly powerful stories.

    Furthermore, the state of Star Wars in gaming is probably the worse it’s been in over two decades. I’m not in the industry or anything, but I don’t think the EA exclusivity deal is helping. This is a great medium for darker, more mature stories, so it’s a disappointment seeing it squandered.

    Finally, because of the very nature of this site, the state of collecting needs to be addressed. I can’t complain about the amount of Star Wars content being released in the Disney era; the franchise is at the cultural forefront once again. However, Hasbro doesn’t seem to have the capacity to catch up with the old characters or keep up with the new characters, especially with the 6″ line (and probably TVC as well, when it returns). The toyline currently has much less breadth and depth than it did during the golden age, between ROTS and the Disney purchase. A part of me truly misses the days of being able to buy characters from almost any movie, TV show, game, comic, or novel that tickles your fancy, but I can’t see a way to reconcile the merchandise landscape of old with the entertainment landscape of new.

    2. Rogue One, The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens

    3. Yes. They don’t hold up quite as well to scrutiny (neither did the Prequels, but for different reasons), but they are just as enjoyable as far as viewing experiences go. I’ll refrain from ranking the Sequels as a trilogy, though, since we still have one to go.

    4. Kanan Jarrus is my favourite Disney character so far, and one of my top 5 all-time. I wouldn’t say I hate any of the new characters, and if a character just doesn’t land with me I don’t really think about them much, so it’s hard to say. I’m going to go with Vice Admiral Holdo. I found her character conceited and lacking in leadership ability, yet it didn’t seem like she was intentionally portrayed as such, so she never has to take ownership of those flaws. She also lacks characterization and history, which would have made her relationship with Leia more believable and her sacrifice more powerful (I haven’t read “Leia, Princess of Alderaan” yet, so I’m just speaking as a film viewer).

    5. My favourite moment was the Vader massacre at the end of Rogue One (duh), with Rey and Kylo vs. the Praetorian Guards coming in a close second (also duh). My least favourite is probably Rose crashing her ski speeder into Finn’s, an anticlimactic end to one of the most suspenseful moments in all the Star Wars films.

    6. Release two a year, then fans won’t have to take it so hard if any of them don’t go the way they want. Also, getting those spinoffs out more quickly will let them get through the movie characters and then maybe move onto the treasure trove that is the EU (Mara Jade, Quinlan Vos, Plagueis, etc.), or even completely original, untethered stories.

    7. I’ve come to associate Star Wars with the holiday season, so I wouldn’t mind if it stayed there. There are also so many other blockbusters during the months of May and June, which would give me fewer opportunities for repeat viewings.

    8. Firstly, I want it to put the Knights of Ren in the spotlight. Secondly, I want it to kick me right in the feels, something they haven’t managed so far. Finally, I want it to wrap up and tie together the 9-part saga in a satisfying way. Other than that, I’m open to anything.

    9. I have my reservations about it, but yes, it’s Star Wars.

    10. It’s difficult to pull off, but not impossible. Regardless, it’s going to need to happen in order to tell certain stories, and I wouldn’t want a good story to be passed up just because it involves recasting.

    11. Darth Bane (Battle of Ruusan and creation of the Rule of Two), Darth Plagueis (similar to the novel), Quinlan Vos (amnesia, training Aayla Secura), Darth Vader (his first days in the suit, like the 2017 Marvel comic), Shadows of the Empire (straight adaptation of the novel), Mara Jade (from Hand to smuggler, similar to Dark Horse’s “By the Emperor’s Hand”). I only leave Knights of the Old Republic out because that needs a whole trilogy.

    12. I’m not too concerned about which directors they choose, as long as they’re a good fit. Quentin Tarantino would make a pretty interesting film I think, especially if it were to involve the scum and villainy of the galaxy. Hateful Eight with bounty hunters, maybe? Or maybe they can bring George Lucas back for something, if he has it in him.

    13. Rebels is a good TV series that would have been even better if they’d gone back to the multi-part arcs of The Clone Wars. It would have let them flesh everything out more, without having certain episodes feel like filler material or wheel-spinning while other game-changers feel rushed. Hopefully the next series does so. On the currently non-existent live-action side, we could really use that Old Republic series. It doesn’t need to be R-rated or anything, but it should be mature enough that adults (not just adult Star Wars fans) can become invested in it. I won’t talk about gaming here, I already mentioned how bad it is in Question 1. As for publishing, while they’re fewer and of arguably higher quality, the books and comics lack the scale and gravitas they had during the Legends days. They’re obviously making sure they don’t step on the toes of future films, but there’s a trade-off in doing so.

    14. Of course I would. There’s plenty of room for animated and live action.

    15. Sure, why not? Pull Ahsoka out of purgatory and put her in a lead theatrical role!

    • JAG1313

      Well put. Literally to a ‘T’. Could not have said anything any better than what you posted. Although, I will say I enjoy the ST just a tad bit more (so far) than the PT. But I don’t think anyone who argues otherwise is wrong.

      • Ulek Calus

        Thank you.The only PT movie I like more than the TFA and TLJ is ROTS, actually, which is probably immovable, being my entry point into Star Wars. So there’s a decent chance that once it’s done the ST will top the PT overall in my book.

        • JAG1313

          I don’t hate the PT overall, but the abysmal AoTC keeps it the worst part of the saga, to me. As much as I like TPM and RoTS. I don’t understand how people don’t hate that movie more. There was so much more potential to make that movie the best of the trilogy. But instead it’s the weakest of all of the movies so far.

    • Daniel Preece

      Blame goes to Kathleen Kennedy, head of Lucasfilm. She’s the one mangling the franchise for her personal agendas. People bitched about Lucas but his agenda was (a) great visuals and (b) a HEROIC adventure. He stumbled a lot in ways, but he always kept his focus on a universal mythology untainted by topical issues. That’s why SW became an international sensation for 40 years.

    • ILoveSand

      “I wouldn’t know who to point fingers at even if I wanted to and I’m not
      saying that Disney has an agenda (I certainly hope it’s not a directive
      coming from the top), but I feel that if they broke free from the
      pressures of the real-world political climate, they could craft not just
      exciting and entertaining, but truly powerful stories.”

      I feel like this is happening across the industry, not just in SW. Even the WWE has become stale as though they are afraid to be as creative as possible lest the SJW’s come down on them. To me it seems to be one thing hampering creative content. People don’t seem to appreciate letting a story ride out and see where it goes. So these companies old back.

  • BlackBeltJohnson .

    1… No, I’m very unhappy with the Disney’s stewardship of Star Wars. The only way I see for them to improve is for them to mend fences with George Lucas and get/ keep him involved, not just with the story, but ABSOLUTELY with the creativity.

    2… Rogue One is the Best, followed at a distant second by TFA. I place TLJ at a very distant 3rd.
    3… I don’t feel that any of the Disney films compare favourably to Lucas’s films because they are all imitative and largely unoriginal.
    4… I don’t have any favourite new characters from the new films, though I really like the look of TFA Kylo Ren, masked and robed. My least favourite character is Finn. As is, he’s too childlike. An improvement would be to have him mature into a more confident warrior.
    5… My favourite moment was Darth Vader’s assault on the Rebel Fleet troopers. My least favourite moment is pretty much everything that was done with Luke Skywalker in TLJ.
    6… I’m currently ambivalent at the rapid release pace thus far. While I like that there’s something new to see every year, I’m concerned at burnout.
    7… I don’t care which month Star Wars is released.
    8… At this point, I don’t care what is in Episode 9, so I can’t say there is anything I would like to see.
    9… I am indifferent on the Han Solo movie.
    10… I’m fine with the recasting of iconic characters as long as they get someone who really looks and acts the part perfectly.
    11… I would love to see any film that revisits the Clone Wars, especially a major battle. I’m also still eager to see any film involving the KotoR era.
    12…I would love to see Dave Filoni direct a Star Wars film.
    13…I’m largely indifferent to Star Wars games and TV and current publishing.
    14…I would like to see a new cartoon series that delved into the KotoR era.
    15…I would be happy to see Clone Wars characters make it into the films.

  • noble.ammonite

    1: Yeah, in general.

    2: TFA, TLJ, RO.

    3: I think they all have strengths and weaknesses? I felt there were a lot of problems with the prequels but I liked a lot of things in them too, and I think the Disney stuff is no different.

    4: In movies? Favorite would be, uhhhhh… Rey, I guess – but I like almost all of the new characters. Bodhi was my favorite from Rogue One and I’m still mad he doesn’t have a 6-in figure. In all of new canon? Hera, hands down, but Chopper is a close second. Least favorite: Kylo. How he could be improved: By… dying? I just really, really hate him. (Driver plays him really well, tho!)

    5: Honestly, when we saw Rey climbing out of the crashed Star Destroyer and her theme started playing. It just… really hit me. The scale of the ships in the desert and the the John Williams score after it being so long since seeing SW on the big screen made me tear up. Least favorite? People on Takodana seeing Starkiller’s laser beam and watching Hosnian Prime explode. I know SW is not very scientifically accurate, but COME ON! Oh but wait, the flying Leia scene was cringeworthy. I think it’s a tie.

    6: Not a huge fan, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be like two years between everything. One year seems smart, so I think Solo being so soon after TLJ is a bad plan.

    7: May, but that’s just because it’s my birthday month 🙂

    8: Honestly, I try not to speculate, because then I’m not disappointed when I’m wrong, and I’m surprised at what does happen. That’s just how I like to watch all movies.

    9: Not especially, but I’ll still go see it.

    10: Meh, and no.

    11: Please Obi-wan please Obi-wan please Obi-wan please- (Although now that I think about it, it would be cool to see more of Ahsoka, and to have a non-human lead! Obi-wan first, though.)

    12: I have no idea because I don’t really pay attention to directors.

    13: I’m sad that Rebels is ending because I love the characters, and I’ve enjoyed most of the new canon books I’ve read. I haven’t played videogames in ages, so my opinion doesn’t really matter I guess, but I don’t like online multiplayer games, so I’d prefer they not continue to go that way if I ever get into playing again (and I have been thinking about it).

    14: I’d like to see it continue if they have a solid plan of where to take it! I’m not sure if I’d want another animated series or to see them try live-action – I enjoy the animated stuff for sure, but neither TCW or Rebels are really my favorite style of animation. I’d really like them to explore Coruscant, preferably prequels-era – I feel like there’s a lot that could go on there.

    15: Well… Chopper already has. 🙂 I suppose it would depend on who it was and if it makes sense. I’d be curious to see what they do with Lasats and loth-cats in live-action.

  • Jason Wood

    1. No, not sure
    2. I enjoyed TFA and Rogue one except for the ending where Jyn dies. I had major issues with characters and plotlines in TLJ but that lightsaber battle with the guards was awesome
    3. No except Rogue one
    4. Rey, pass
    5. The lightsaber battles. The deaths of k2so, Jun and Cassian and Admiral Ackbar also whole sections of TLJ.
    6. Hate it I prefer 2 years between movies at least.
    7. May release there is too much going on in December.
    8. At this point I don’t care
    9. A little but I think this movie is going to bomb because they cast the wrong lead to play Han Solo. My expectations are very low because of all the issues and problems with this movie.
    10. Not impressed and No thanks
    11.Boba fett and an Obi wan Kenobi film with Ewan McGregor
    12. Steven Spielberg
    13. I expected more from television.
    I personally would love to see Shadows of the Empire as an animated movie and other books that Disney could make canon as animated movies like the heir to the Empire trilogy. Explore the 30 years between ROTJ and TAG. But that is me.
    15. Undecided

  • Seronious

    1. Not really. I feel that Disney is one of the few companies with the money to pull off Star Wars, but they are the wrong ideology to do Star Wars properly.

    2. Enjoyed Rogue One quite a bit, but the other two are lame. Rebels is also not very interesting to me.

    3. No. Rogue One kind of got there, but the sequel trilogy is horrendously terrible. They blew a prime opportunity to have the main cast of Star Wars to go on one last adventure with poor scripts and a mostly weak adversary.

    4. Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus were the two I liked the most. The worst is by far Rey.

    5. Vader scene in Rogue One is the best. The entire movie of the Last Jedi can be summed up as bad.

    6. I don’t think Disney can pull this off. It’s starting to seem formulamatic and it’s only going to get worse. IF I see one more scene with rebels getting into imperial of first order clothes to sneak onto their base, i’m going to scream.

    December release. I like it being near the holiday season.

    Luke Skywalker re-emerge and lead the rebellion.

    I’m moderately interested in the Han Solo film if it’s done right, and cuts out the cheese.

    I’m fine with it to a certain degree.

    Obi-wan Kenobi, a Knights of the Old Republic film, and maybe a Yoda origin story. After that it gets less and less interesting.

    George Lucas

    Not interested.

    No… Rebels proves it would be no game of thrones and wouldn’t hold my interest beyond a season.

    I’m ok with that.

  • Daniel Preece

    Some will say this is snark. It’s not.

    1. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)

    …No. Kennedy must go. Find someone without a personal political agenda. Find someone who’s #1 goal is the greatness of Star Wars, not to convert SW into a vehicle for something else. Get a “Geoff Johns” type (DC fans know this guy). He knows what heroes are about.

    2. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?

    …Rogue One.

    3. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?

    …No. The prequels may have lacked quality polish, but he sequels lacked internal logic and rejected certain key fundamental elements.

    4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?

    …Most: Krennic.
    …Least: The fake Luke Skywalker. Should have used the original.

    5. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?

    …Most: Vader in RO.
    …Least: The whole sequence with “Luke Skywalker.”

    6. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?

    …Since they stink, it depresses me. If they were good, I’d love it.

    7. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    …May. I don’t like my Christmas’s ruined.

    8. What do you want to see in Episode IX?

    …Rey to wake up on Jeddha and say “what an awful dream…”

    9. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

    …No. It’s a movie I never wanted made. (I didn’t want the prequels made either.)

    10. How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?

    …No. I will avoid it all. If the OT characters had been respected in the sequels, maybe my interest would be different.

    11. What future standalone films do you want to see?

    …Bounty Hunters.
    …A new Luke Skywalker movie starring Mark Hamill where he wakes up and says “what an awful dream…”

    12. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?

    …George Lucas. Peter Jackson.

    13. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?

    …The sequels kill my interest in any new “EU” material.

    14. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?

    …No. This Lucasfilm is incapable of producing quality, imo. RO appears to be a fluke.

    15. Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

    …Doesn’t matter at this point.

    • zerobobby77

      Absolutely! George! They gotta get him to produce, or be a creative consultant or something. They can’t put him aside and act like he’s dead.

      • Daniel Preece

        The theme of the sequels is “kill the past.” I believe this is so they don’t have to compete with the past anymore. And that’s because they don’t have the vision to surpass it. So ruin the old, make everyone hate it, and then new audiences will be happy with whatever hippy dippy dreck KK wants to make.

        • zerobobby77

          Yes, It’s blatantly obvious what they want.

    • hammyhamster

      Here’s the thing: I actually gave Disney the benefit of the doubt when it came to their SJW angle.

      I look at pretty much everything from a business-minded perspective and chalked their story and character arcs up to marketing.

      But after TLJ, and that absolutely pointless “Finn and Friend” waste of film space, it’s clear now: The Disney hive has ruined SW and their other properties – like ESPN and Marvel comics – and made the choice to sacrifice a good, pure, organic story over their own SJW agenda.

      Disney is trash and they have ruined their properties over their own self interests. There is no doubt now.

      • David Harrison

        How on earth have you come to the conclusion that Disney have ruined Marvel?

        • Andrew Vieau

          The movies no but he said the comics and fans 100% agreed.

  • ARC-77

    1. I’m mostly ok with it.
    2. 1. Force Awakens, 2. The Last Rogue Jedi One
    3. 75% of the Prequel Trilogy was boring, so I like the Disney stuff better than them, but I don’t think they’re as good as the Original Trilogy.
    4. Favorite: Kylo Ren, Least Favorite: Does Jake Skywalker count as a new character?
    5. Favorite: the whole TLJ throne room scene. Least Favorite: Rey beating Luke in a fight and then him not taking his lightsaber when she offers it to him the second time.
    6. Not a fan. Quality is more important than Quantity.
    7. Don’t care.
    8. Most important would be a satisfying conclusion to this new trilogy. Other stuff: Luke Skywalker should be in it and act more like Luke, force ghost Hayden, Lando as long as they don’t kill him or ruin his character, don’t pointlessly kill any more OT characters, a cool space battle.
    9. A little, mostly because it’s going to be set in the Imperial era.
    10. Not a fan of that idea. Maybe the Solo movie will change my mind?
    11. Kenobi with Ewan McGregor, more stuff in the OT era, something in the time between ROTJ and TFA.
    12. George Lucas ( as long as he doesn’t write the screenplay), Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan
    13. Television is meh. I haven’t read enough of new canon publishing to have an opinion on it. The state of the videogames is terrible, please let someone other than EA make SW games.
    14. Yes. Also bring back Clone Wars.
    15. Anyone but Ezra Bridger.

    …Seriously never let EA near another Star Wars Game.

  • zx_spectrum_30

    1. They have to find balance between pleasing long term fans and creating a new base. Never going to make everyone happy, but would say doing ok.

    2. Rogue One 9/10 – loved it, felt like Star Wars and a great example of how to introduce new characters, species and worlds whilst making them look like they have always been there.

    TLJ 7.5/10 (provisional as only seen once) – lots of good stuff but lots of room for improvement too. Don’t mind humour, but don’t make it too ‘earth like’; pretty average as a storyline and opportunities to create better connections to old SW missed.

    TFA 6/10 – ANH did this story better.

    3. Not worthy to be uttered in the same sentence as the OT (possible exception of RO). Character elements probably better than PT, plot and visually worse.

  • 1. Yeah, mostly. I would like a new cartoon with some more Clone Wars story lines. 2. Last Jedi, Force Awakens, Rogue One. I love them all despite some very obvious flaws. 3. Can’t say at all. Not only is it like apples and oranges, but Star Wars is like one big story in my mind. I mean, yeah, some chunks are better than others, but it’s all just one big spectacle to me. 4. Favorite? Probably Finn. Anytime he’s on screen for me guarantees a good time. Least favorite? Ezra. I stopped watching a little in to S3, but holy cats was he annoying. Always with bad one-liners and irritating comments with no backstory whatsoever. 5. Favorite? Tough choice. Watching the Falcon in Force Awakens does it for me since it just felt like Star Wars with the twist of a bunch if nervous kids starting it up again. Both the dawn of a new era and a continuation of the old one. Least favoite? Poe’s walking at the beginning of Force Awakens. It’s so obviously sped up. It always takes me out of the movie. 6. It’s awful. Remember all the hype behind Last Jedi? Exactly. There’s no more excitement surrounding it, it’s just an annual thing. Kinda like Christmas. It’s nice and all, but you know there will be one next year like there was last year. 7. Doesn’t matter, really. May, probably, but just for the novelty of the original month. 8. Rey becoming a mentor. That seems like an unlikely full-circle type thing. 9. Yeah, but not as much as Disney wants me to be. More excited for the toys. 10. Let’s see how Solo does before we decide. But it’s a way to continue their stories, so hey, I’m in for now. 11. Obi-Wan, I suppose. I never hope for standalones, they don’t really work for me. 12. I’m no good with fan-casting. I’ll just say Denis Villeneuve, I like him. Or maybe the Coen Brothers. 13. I don’t get involved with most of it. Don’t have a game console, don’t watch Rebels, can’t get into the few SW books I’ve read. Certain Point was great though. 14. Depends. Probably not given the budget it would require. 15. Rex or Ahsoka, mostly to the the universe’s together. Hera would be nice too.

  • David Aspmo

    1. Mostly happy, but with a huge caveat: I believe that the Sequel Trilogy has been severely and irrecoverably botched. But pretty much everything else they’ve done story-wise (Rogue One, Rebels, the books, the comics, making Thrawn canon) I’ve been very happy with. It’s just such a shame that the most important thing (Episodes VII-IX) has been so wrongheaded.

    2. Rogue One, Force Awakens, Last Jedi – with wide distances between.

    3. Original Trilogy is still the best; Rogue One is better than the Prequels; Force Awakens is maybe on par with the Prequels in a sense – the Prequels were sound conceptually but the execution was poor, Force Awakens was conceptually poor, but the execution was lively and made it watchable – but for me conceptual problems are more significant; Last Jedi didn’t work conceptually or in execution.

    4. Best: I liked all of the Rogue One crew, but I feel like I’d be happiest to see Cassian in other stories.
    Worst: Amilyn Holdo (movie version, because the Leia book version is a completely different character), because she’s not just nothing more than a plot device, she’s a bad plot device.

    5. Best: Something from Rogue One, obviously, but it’s hard to pick one; the Vader scene is cool of course, but it’s kind of superfluous to the movie; I think the death scenes are generally well done, but it’s weird to think of any of them as a “favorite”, there are lots of great moments in the space battle. I don’t know, maybe when Jyn learns to truth about what her father has been doing all those years.
    Worst: Luke igniting his lightsaber intending to kill his nephew – not just because it was out of character, but because it was just dumb and lazy in general, like in a “Wrongfully Accused” story when a character finds a body and picks up the murder weapon for no reason other than so they can get their fingerprints on it.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    It’s too late for this new trilogy.
    They can’t undo all the damage.

    Moving forward, FIRE EVERYONE, including the “story group”. Including chucking Rian’s new trilogy over their shoulder. These people are in a bubble and just pat themselves on the back, as they stand on Lucas’s shoulders and take dumps on the legacy.

    Then they need to hire a new Lucas. It’s not JJ, or KK, or least of all Rian.
    They need a Kevin Feige type that is also a writer and knows what the hell HE’s doing. Yes, HE. Not SHE. Cowboy hat dude that ran Clone Wars and Rebels should be up there at least as the right hand man to a Peter Jackson or James Cameron type in charge. An A+ talent, not the B grade hacks that made Ep7-8. KK is not Spielberg or Lucas. She’s a good producer. She’s not a writer or director and it’s time to retire.

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      Yes someone with vision like Kevin Feige is badly needed.

    • hammyhamster

      Kevin Feige is the ONLY thing saving the MCU. Every picture I see regarding Marvel background talent in comic or film nowadays has 20 women circling any man with a “dinner time” look in their eyes. I may be exaggerating a bit, but that’s Disney today.

    • Andrew Vieau

      Someone like, I dont know…. Dave Filoni? Not like he was groomed for a decade to take over.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    1) Mitigated I’d say.

    The films so far have ranged from good surprise to lazy yet disrespectful rehash. Rebels has had a chaotic track record, but picked up momentum and turned pretty good at times, a bit like TCW.

    Games: Very few games available on mobile, PC or consoles, and all of them follow a PvP only, online only model which does not interest me.

    What I’d recommend?

    * Keep Kathleen Kennedy as an administrator, boss, super bean counter (and occasional voice of financial reason), but take away any creative decision making from her. Her ideologically driven ideas and obvious lack of understanding of the saga, lack of respect for her former boss’ work and long time Star Wars fans, I feel that someone else should decide on the artistic side of things. Dave Filoni would be a good choice IMHO. I feel that in many ways, he is the spiritual heir to George Lucas.

    * Less films, but better written, story-driven, well thought out in advance.

    * Less licensing. There’s too much Star Wars branding on everything everywhere, on even the zaniest products. It’s sensory overload and it dilutes the brand.

    * Open VG licensing to other publishers, not just EA.

    2) Ranking, best to worst
    1-Rogue One
    2-The Last Jedi
    3-The Force Awakens

    3) Rogue One integrated pretty well with the OT while opening the universe a little bit. I’m pleased with this one.

    The ST has been stricken from my personal canon. So no, to me, it does not compare with the original Skywalker Saga (Episodes 1-6) in any way.

    4) Favorite new character: K-2SO. Closest thing we ever got to seeing an actual assassin droid in action. Love it! ????

    Least favorite new character: Maz Kanata. This weird, incoherently written “smuggler Yoda” doesn’t work for me.

    5) Favorite moment: Chirrut Îmwe wiping out Stormtroopers. That was spectacular. He is one with the Force, and the Force is with him, indeed! ????

    Least favorite moment: Rey mind tricking JB007 without any training. This is the moment that turned the entire ST from “new canon” to “glorified fanfic” for me.

    6) Not a good idea.
    I can see that brand fatigue is rising around me.

    7) Doesn’t matter to me.

    8) A satisfying conclusion. And OT/PT aliens. Come on! you can do it. It won’t hurt I promise! ????

    9) Err… I’m sorry… Looking forward to what?

    10) If it’s recasting in the same way as River Phoenix playing young Indy in The Last Crusade, fine. Otherwise no.
    I don’t want this trend to continue.

    11) Films that explore unknown aspects of the universe, with new characters. I want to see a Star Wars Film Noir. ????

    12) Give Filoni a chance instead of looking for outside talents (then firing them).

    13) Rebel is getting good now: Thrawn helped, and so did concentrating on the more interesting characters (Hera in particular)

    Chuck Wendig’s screenplays drove me away from the books completely. I mostly gave up on the comics, except Darth Vader.

    Video games: As a strictly solo campaign/adventure player, there’s nothing on the market for me right now. So… Dreadful!

    14) If it’s done well, sure. Tell good stories, and I’ll follow.

    15) Thrawn, perhaps, IF done well. Hera has kind of made it into live action already, how about giving her a movie?


    1. I like seeing more real sets and dialogue that isn’t cringe inducing. I don’t like how they feel like cut and paste jobs from the older movies, a plan for the whole series and stories of all the rebooting

    2. Ep7 ep8 r1
    Best to worse

    3. They will never have the staying power of the OT and while they feel less like toy catalogs on screen then the PT, and don’t get me wrong those toys are fun, they are lacking their own original scenes to make them stand out.

    4. I like Kylo Ren. He has some depth to him, his angst and struggles are fleshed out. So far my least favorite is Holdo. There’s strong new women characters, then there unlikable sabre rattlers who give no reason for the audience to genuinely care about them or believe them. Is this the only time Laura Dern has ever been disliked in a role?

    5. Favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars movie? In Ep7 Rey looking over at the old woman scavenger and realising this could be her future if something doesn’t change. Great story telling without spoon feeding the audience. Least Favorite? It got cut, but in R1, Jyns line about “I Rebel”. I have second hand cringe.

    6. The rapid pace is fine as long as the movies aren’t total junk. Get a game plan for a trilogy or two.

    7. I don’t care about the release dates.

    8. In Episode IX, I’d like to see Lando, I’d like to see Phasma used better and should Leia be CGI’d into the film, she needs a fantastic death.

    9. I’m not looking THAT forward to Solo, but I’m sure I’ll see it.

    10. They can recast the old characters with good actors that look the part. No race or sex changing of pre establishment characters.

    11. A future standalone movie? Ideally Zuckuss but realistically a Starfighter squadron movie of Rebels operating off of a carrier. Like Wing Commander only with Star Wars.

    12. A director for Star Wars? Nicholas Meyer of Star Trek II and VI fame or maybe Pete Travis who directed Dredd 2012

    13. Currently Star Wars hasn’t done anything to make me hate it, but the under current of SJW attitudes are a poison, there is too much lifting from older movies and lacking big memorable set pieces.

    14. I wouldn’t mind a Star Wars TV show. Just don’t make it look cheap. Get some good costumes and good action set pieces with a cast of charismatic and memorable characters. The minute it looks like budget shooting is when it will look bad.

    15.if a TV show is made, I would’nt mind them in a movie or their own movie. Just get the same cast

  • Nick Dickens

    1 Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
    Yes, of course the comics suck. Lol. I’m happy. Of course there are things I wouldn’t do and emphasise other things – more BB-8 in TLJ Lol. But who wouldn’t do things differently.

    2 How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    I’ve liked them all. I loved Rogue One the best, then The Last Jedi next, then The Force Awakens. I’d have to say;
    Rogue One 10/10
    The Last Jedi 10/10
    The Force Awakens 8.5/10

    3 Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    Hell yes!

    4 Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    Hmmm, hard one, I *could* say Thrawn, but that’s a good argument for cheating. I’d say my favourite is either Hera or Rey. I don’t have a least favourite. I can’t think of a bad character as they all serve the story well.

    5 What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    Finding the Falcon and hearing the fanfare, or when Rey intercepts Kylo Ren’s attempt to seize Anakin’s lightsaber.

    6 How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    I am worried about the franchise burning out. But so far there doesn’t appear to be a problem. Once a year, to 18 months is fine with me.

    7 Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
    Not fussed either way. I do like the Christmas date, something to look forward to and the original one was slated to be released December 1976, so it feels right to me.

    8 What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    Luke Skywalker Force Spirit. I’d love to see that. But I’m happy with what they will do.

    I wouldn’t presume to tell an artist what I want in their work.

    9 Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    <Absolutely, and the toys too.

    10 How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?
    Unfortunately it happens. None of us can convincingly play us at 16, 45, 80 unless we are those ages. Harrison Ford was recast by River Phoenix in the Last Crusade to play his younger self. I don’t see this as anything different.

    11 What future standalone films do you want to see?
    I want something like Star Wars 1313, the legendary canned game. More edgier fare like Rogue One and what they’ve implied in Rebels (Tarkin having the Inquisitor behead the two officers is one of the all-time Classic shocks in the whole saga.

    12 If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
    Stephen Spielberg just HAS to direct one.

    13 How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
    I’m not happy with EA games running/ruining the games, but most aren’t. The Marvel comics are as bland, formulaic and as ‘play-it-safe’ as you can get. I’m loving Rebels after it’s rather unconfident seeming start.

    14 Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
    Of course (silly question really isn’t it? 😉

    15 Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?
    They already are. But yes in more ‘starring’ role of course.

    I wanted to put the answers next to the questions and hope this reads well.

    A lovely little questionnaire gentlemen and ladies of Jedi Temple Archives, Thank you! And remember, The Force will be with you, always.P

    • Indiana Skywalker

      I respect and admire your blatant and open optimisim in your answers to this questionnaire, it is inspiring. I truly desire to reach that level of optimism at some point in this new era but am finding it to be difficult to obtain. I have loved all things Star Wars for so many years, and find it disturbing that my interest has declined so sharply in recent years.

      • Tom Chorlton

        I wouldn’t be surprised by this. This is quite literally how every person I know in real life (not on Star Wars message forums) felt about Star Wars after the prequels (often the first two, many folks I know never bothered with the third). I am the ONLY Prequel defender I’ve met outside of message forums about Star Wars. The new films have reinvigorated those folks. It was amazing, after TFA came out, and to walk around Manhattan and as you passed by people on the street the number of times the conversations you would overhear would be about Star Wars again. It was neat.

  • regissuire

    01 – I am happy but George Lucas should be involved with the story of Episode IX
    02 – 1st : The Last Jedi – 2nd : Rogue One – 3rd : The Force Awakens
    03 – They are in different sandboxes, I love the 3 trilogies for the differences they bring
    04 – Favorite : Rey / Least : none since the Last Jedi (it was Finn and Poe)
    05 – Favorite : Luke’s death & Holdo’s hyperspace move / Least : Hux’s scenes maybe?
    06 – The pace is ok, would it be slower we wouldn’t have had Carrie Fisher in Last Jedi
    07 – Now that May is settled for big MARVEL movies, I prefer December for Star Wars
    08 – I want to see Liam Neeson, E. Mc Gregor and Hayden Christensen as Force ghosts
    09 – I want to see Solo, it’s not exciting on paper but so was Rogue One in the first place
    10 – Mon Mothma was recast, so was Obi-Wan, so no problem once in a while
    11 – I want to see Ewan Mc Gregor / Obi-Wan standalone movie on how the Force works
    12 – I always believed Steven Spielberg should direct episode 9, or Lucas himself
    13 – I love Dave Filoni’s iconic Rebels TV show, and I don’t care about video games
    14 – Expansion of Star Wars TV is ok only if Filoni or same talented crew is involved
    15 – Already happened with Saw Guerrera. I like the idea. I love Ahsoka Tano.

  • Eric Leavitt

    1. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)

    So far no. The Star Wars license is spread too thin. I also have had problems with the films not done with George Lucas at the helm. They seem to not understand the world-building aspects that Lucas did. They also seem to have decisions made by committee. The new novel program is like this. I have read all of the “The Road to…” novels which are not allowed to say or do anything. The novels and comics seem to have to carry the load explaining things that should be on the screen. Also, Rebels seems geared to too young of an audience. The tone of the Clone Wars was better. I would like to see one person in charge like a Kevin Feige with Marvel.

    2. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?

    Rogue One is the best one and seems like it was created by Lucas. The other two may cease to exist for me.

    3. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?

    Rogue One fits in with the Original Trilogy. The Force Awakens is entertaining. The Last Jedi is anathema.

    4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?

    Jyn Erso was great. I like Kylo, Finn, Rey, and Poe just fine. Their character is not the problem, their stories are. I don’t know how to improve them.

    5. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?

    My favorite moment was when we saw a young Princess Leia again proclaiming hope at the end of Rogue One. It still makes me cry. My least favorite moment was when Leia channeled Mary Poppins.

    6. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?

    The pace hurts the story telling (see The Last Jedi) but does hurt the technical film making. The films are beautiful, but maybe more time should spent on scripts first.

    7. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    May. Give me something to see over and over through the summer.

    8. What do you want to see in Episode IX?

    An explanation for the First Order. Who are they, where do the come from, and why are they here? Don’t ask me to make suppositions from novels and visual dictionaries.

    9. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

    Yes. They need to remove the bitter taste after The Last Jedi.

    10. How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?

    I have no problem with it. Ewan McGregor was fantastic as Obi-Wan Kenobi. It makes sense for Prequels. Genevieve O’ Reilly was fantastic as Mon Mothma.

    11. What future standalone films do you want to see?

    Obi-Wan Kenobi and a movie about Bothan spies.

    12. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?

    Spielberg should have done one by now.

    13. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?

    Not great. They seem more concerned with explaining the story, that should have been seen on the screen.

    14. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lucas designed underworld live-action.

    15..Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

    Of course. Marvel Film and Marvel TV is dropping the ball by losing the “it’s all connected vibe.”

  • Mbraze

    1) Yeah overall I think so – as much as I’m not a fan of the direction the sequel trilogy is going, we got Rogue One, and I adore that movie. I didn’t really like much of the previous EU stuff in recent times, it got so messy so I thought that needed rebooting.

    Improvements: Flesh out stuff better, avoid the ‘mystery box’ stuff with no backstory –
    EXPLAIN HOW THE FIRST ORDER/SNOKE ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Also, going forward, don’t turn it into a Marvel machine where we get like 3 films a year that just become throwaway. So much of Marvel stuff lately has been merely ‘ok’. I keep coming out of them thinking “eh that was alright, but there’s another one in 3 months maybe that’ll be better”.

    2) Rogue One, huge chasm of enjoyment, then tied Force Awakens, Last Jedi (both have massive problems but each one has different problems).

    3) Rogue One massively favourable. The Sequel Trilogy suffers from imitating and a lack of world building, plagued by inconsistencies. Good acting and effects, bad character/creature design.

    4) Favourite – Kylo Ren – played so well by Adam Driver. Jyn, Baze, Rose and Poe are up there too.

    5) Least favourite – Maz Kanata – how can she be improved? Release the Sequel Special Editions where she is edited out, and replaced by Lando or Watto or Jira or Gragra or something.

    6) Favourite moment – The RFT banging on the glass screaming “help us!” with Vader behind him in Rogue One, that’s an image that will stay with me for years. In the Sequels – the Hyperspace rip.

    7) Honestly, One a year isn’t TOO rapid if they’re alternating between sequels and spinoffs. Any more than that and it’s a problem. The gap between TLJ and Solo is too short and not enough time for merchandise to clear at retail.

    8) December – less crowded, the summer is just a mush of superhero dross and overblown cgi messes, and I like seeing them multiple times over the holiday period.

    9) Something that explains what the First Order/Snoke are. Something that makes me FEEL something. The biggest problem I had in TLJ was that I didn’t get chills at any point. I’m kind of sick of all the internet arguments about TLJ and Snoke, it’d be nice to see a film that is more universally loved. Yes, I know we didn’t get much Emperor backstory – but they established that there was an Empire, so naturally you need an Emperor. The problem with Snoke is that he’s been around LONGER than the Empire. Where’s he been?

    10) Yeah I’m looking forward to it, probably be a bit more comforting after the mess of TLJ (I really wanted to love TLJ, I just don’t)

    11) They recast Obi-Wan and he was the best part of the prequels. Both actors they’ve picked are very talented so hopefully they’ll be great. If they pick people that resemble the characters, why not?

    12) I’d like to see stuff that doesn’t involve HUGE battles or Lightsabers or Force users – some Bounty Hunter stuff would be great, maybe something set generations before/after the Skywalkers.

    13) I’d like to see Denis Villneuve as Arrival and Blade Runner have been some of my favourite films of recent years.

    14) TV- lot to be desired (Rebels has declined in quality) Publishing – must admit I’ve lost track of what’s going on, but it seems like they can’t touch anything cool or do anything TOO “out there” as they might do it in a new film. Video Games – a mess, as much as I like playing Battlefront, it’s still lacking in online co op, and lacks depth.

    15) Yes I would, if it’s still kept small scale – can’t be having huge space battles, as we’d not really need to go to the cinema to see it any more? Again, don’t do a Marvel and drown us in the stuff.

    16) Kind of – stuff like Saw is fine, where we don’t really need to know he was in TCW. We can’t just have Ahsoka pop up and say she’s Anakin’s apprentice as the general public would just think “What?!” likewise with Maul reappearing.

  • Coleman Miller

    This should be fun!

    1. Yes, however I would like to see what they have in store for the new TV series. Also try to keep political statements or ideas to a minimum. Regardless if you’re right or left don’t alienate half your audience over it. Hey we got sequels but while I understand killing off Han since Harrison Ford didn’t want to keep playing him, killing Luke & they will also likely kill off Leia is unacceptable.

    2. RO, TFA, TLJ

    3. No. Prequels are better than the sequels.

    4. No favorite film character since they kill off anyone interesting but I have enjoyed Kanan & Karrus on Rebels. Hera is a close 3rd.

    5. Vader vs Rebel soldiers; deaths of Han Solo & Luke Skywalker

    6. I like it!

    7. May.

    8. Something that resembles a clear story, Ep 8 was a mess. Also someone clones Luke & the young Luke is played by Sebastian Stan. Or Anakin returns from the dead to truly bring balance to the Force. Hayden Christensen returning in that fashion or as a ghost.

    9. Yes!

    10. When the sequels were announced I felt we needed to know how the New Republic & New Jedi Order were formed, and that we should start 5-8 years after Ep 6. That meant Luke, Han & Leia would be recast. It worked for Star Trek, and if we want film adventures of the original big 3 they will have to be recast. As far as Solo, I like the choice for Lando, jury is still out for Alden as Han.

    11. Kenobi, Boba Fett, Darth Bane, Darth Revan, Mace Windu, Tales of the Jedi

    12. George Lucas. If not him, Spielberg.

    13. This is where I feel SW is at it’s best. Rebels is very good, the comic books have been great, especially the new Darth Vader series & Battlefront despite it’s flaws fit very well in this new universe. Only the video games need some work.

    14. Yes! Something after Episode 6 or Palpatine’s origin.

    15. Depends on who is used.

  • Norman

    1. Q. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see?

    1. A. Not really. When I watch a Marvel film, it does not feel like a committee approved everything in it. I believe going into Star Wars, they burnt a bridge with George and he should have been worked with a bit closer.

    2. Q. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?

    2. A. Rogue One, fantastic, The Last Jedi, a wonderful and beautiful film, The Force Awakens, a shameful attempt.

    3. Q. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?

    3. A. There is something missing but it is not as noticeable in the R1 or TLJ.

    4. Q. Who is your favorite new character that has been
    introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and
    how could they be improved?

    4. A. Rey is a wonderfully conceived and portrayed character and the entire cast of R1 was stellar. My least favorite would have to be Finn. I like John but his character should not have been the slapstick character it is. A wasted attempt.

    5. Q. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?

    5. A. R1 Space/Scarif battle…Luke and Yoda conversation…Rey/Kylo/Snoke confrontation and fight scene. My least favorite moment(s) is the poor creativity in TFA.

    6. Q. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?

    6. A. I’m OK with it.

    7. Q. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    7. A. May

    8. Q. What do you want to see in Episode IX?

    8. A. A different writer/director than JJ.

    9. Q. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

    9. A. Yes.

    10. Q. How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?

    10. A. That would be fine. I like Alden but his looks are so jarringly different from Harrisons, though. I’m sure he will do fine but I believe there were better choices out there.

    11. Q. What future standalone films do you want to see?

    11. A. 1. Ahsoka movie. 2. Jabba gangster movie. 3. An all bounty hunter movie, NOT just Boba Fett.

    12. Q. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?

    12. A. Dave Filoni. Runner up…Joss Whedon.

    13. Q. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?

    13. A. I don’t follow Video Games or Publishing but I do hope the television aspect grows. I feel Disney never had full confidence in Star Wars Rebels hence the shows poor budget. More risk taking on TV, please.

    14. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?

    14. A. Absolutely!

    15. Q. Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

    15. A. Most definitely!

  • Indiana Skywalker

    1. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see?

    There are certainly elements of this new regime that I enjoy though it appears to be more challenging to find these elements since Disney took the helm. Being a lifelong fan of this franchise, I have been able to locate the aspects that I feel are interesting amongst the exorbitant amount of material that exists. Even among the “dreaded prequel era” I was able to find a plethora of well told stories, collectibles, etc. that held my interest yet as stated the instances have become less frequent in the past few years. The extreme division of the fan base and the dirge of negativity that has permeated the fan landscape of late gets to be a bit disturbing. Although it fails to sway my opinion on matters, I grow tired of reading/hearing it on an almost daily basis. There are certainly going to be differences of opinions on any topic, but the focus tends to be on what is disliked.

    2.How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?

    Rogue One, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi

    Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?

    This is a difficult question for me to give an unbiased answer to unfortunately. Having grown up with the original trilogy movies, characters, etc. I will always hold those movies in the highest of regards. They were the primary source for every comic, book and collectible toy for decades until the release of the prequels. Having read and absorbed every ounce of minutiae regarding that era causes all other facets to pale in comparison by default. I am by no means a “rose-colored glasses” OT fan, and see the inherent issues with those movies, however, overall I still feel they were better produced than anything that succeded them. The prequels and sequels have their moments and as time passes I have warmed up to elements of both (it may take longer for the sequels though).

    Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership?

    As I care little regarding the perceptions of others regarding my fandom, I will state for the record that for one reason or another I thoroughly enjoy the Iden Versio character from the Battlefront 2 campaign. As a matter of fact, Inferno Squad in general is of great interest to me.

    Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?

    There are far too many to choose from sadly, so I will select Kylo Ren. I feel as though he has an incredible amount of potential that has (as of yet) been untapped. Outside of the incessant temper tantrums (which I view as more of an inner struggle with The Force) he can be viewed as a multi-layer character that couid become a classic for generation if handled better in the next installment. Personally, I wish to see him pursue a clear goal as opposed to struggling with his inner demons for two chapters only to continue to do so in Episode 9.

    What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film?

    As I thoroughly enjoy unconventional moments in Star Wars movies (see my recent post regarding the Dexter Jettster/Obi-Wan conversation). I will choose the scene from the beginning of Rogue One when Krennic is confronting Galen about his current status and then makes a smart remark regarding his wife’s miraculous resurrection and then chaos ensurs. The tension in that scene was very captivating to me.

    What was your least favorite moment?

    Once again, sadly, there are too many to choose from. Rather than continuing to derail The Last Jedi as there seems to be an excess of that going on currently, I will go with the Phasma/Finn/Han confrontation scene from The Force Awakens. It took me out of the movie completely and I found it to be extremely awkward and lacking in creativity. The trash compactor “wink at the audience” by Han was unnecessary/embarsssing fan service. This is coming from a fan who loves fan service more than one should.

    How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?

    Personally, I would rather that they continue to release anthology movies every two years and steer clear of any additional trilogies as I do not feel that they have enough cohesion between the various groups involved in the storytelling. I would like for Star Wars to return to its “event” status rather than being proverbially bombarded by a new movie each year.

    Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    I prefer the May release date as the holidays tend to be a bit hectic for myself and find that my enjoyment is deceased due to the holiday release. I enjoy engaging in the reading of source material/expanded universe offerings prior to the viewing of a Star Wars movie and do not have that luxury during those months leading to a December release.

    What do you want to see in Episode IX?

    I am a bit neutral on this subject as I am not sure exactly where Episode 9 can be taken at this point in time. I felt that Rian Johnson sealed many of potential plot threads for the next chapter. My expectations are very low and remain so until the release of it.

    Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

    I am looking at this movie from a Young Indiana Jones Chronicles perspective in hopes that, like that show, it will surprise me and prove my initial fears to be unfounded.

    How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian?

    Recasting characters is not a new concept in Star Wars with regards to younger versions of characters (i.e. Obi-Wan Kenobi), however, I draw my personal line at recasting any of the characters that have already been established at various points in their lives. For example, I do not wish for them to recast Princess Leia during a series set between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.

    Would you like to see this trend continue?

    I wish to see Disney cease utilizing any of the pre-established OT/PT/ST characters and instead make an attempt to create an original story with original characters set within the Star Wars universe with no/or only loose ties to anything that has come before (much like some of the Dark Horse Comics did).

    What future standalone films do you want to see?

    An Obi-Wan movie would be interesting, but as stated above I prefer to see a story set in the Star Wars universe with little to no ties to previously established characters. The Star Wars universe is so voluminous that it should be relatively simple for a creative team to do so.

    If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?

    If he were able to obtain more experience with live-action direction, Dave Filoni would be an interesting choice. He seems to have a relatively good handle in what makes Star Wars interesting.

    How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?

    Like previous eras of Star Wars television, publishing and video games, you must filter through the offerings to find something that speaks to you. Regarding the comics specifically, I grow weary of the era between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back and feel that it is time to move on to another era (perhaps the decades long gap between The Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens).

    Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?

    I certainly would enjoy seeing a Netflix-style series based in the Star Wars universe, the caveat being that it cannot be directly tied to what has come before in terms of plot or character.

    Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

    No. I would prefer that they stay within their established medium.

  • Darth Lumberg

    1. Yes. Because I love SW and George Lucas had no interest in making Episodes 7-9. Love them or hate them, I’m still very happy we got to see Luke, Leia, and Han again in these films. Putting aside what you may think about the films now that time has passed, I know I felt like a kid again when Han and Chewie entered the Falcon for the first time in TFA and the Luke reveal at the end. I thought TFA introduced enthusiastic actors that did great with the script and story they were given. I thought the new characters took a backseat to Luke in TLJ and that’s OK with me because his arc again love it or hate it was the best part of TLJ for me. The backseat isn’t good for EP9 though as momentum has fallen off on the new cast.
    2. RO, TFA, TLJ
    3. RO –YES! TFA and TLJ- Not so much. What I as a SW fan and to collector love about Lucas SW films is all the time and care that went into background characters. I couldn’t wait to go buy obscure figures with one second of screen time. TPM is my least favorite SW film BUT I love all the toys from the film-I just don’t care to rewatch it anymore. RO did a masterful job capturing that aspect-so many cool characters I would love to have as figures. TFA did a pretty good job with the First Order troop figures but not with the rest. TLJ is barren of any memorable characters except finally getting that Luke!
    4. K-2SO and BB8. Although TLJ did a terrible job with BB8.
    5. The Battle on Scariff. Absolutely no contest whatsoever! The 2nd best SW battle scene after Hoth and that is high praise!
    6. I’m OK with it. It’s fun to have a SW movie to go see every year. It’s also how Disney does things- see their Marvel franchise.
    7. December
    8. I’d like to see Rey join Kylo and turn to the dark side rather than Kylo get killed or come to the light. The Alliance gets defeated and FO rules. Ending the trilogy on a dark note would be so cool and unexpected and that’s why it won’t happen sadly.
    9. NO! Worst idea ever and getting worse all the time.
    10. NO! Leave them alone. I am only in favor of movies where the actors face wasn’t shown anyway like a Boba Fett movie or orig actor comes back like Kenobi. Ewan McGregor is the best part of the prequels EASILY
    11. Whoops-just said it Fett, Kenobi…..TANO!
    12. Gareth Edwards
    13. I play SW Commander on my phone-I love it!
    14. Not sure. Loved the Clone Wars, hate Rebels.
    15. I would LOVE to see Ahsoka Tano cast in an unanimated role.

  • ShipGirlLover

    1 Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
    Somewhat. I feel the new characters are completely flat save for Kylo, and the lack of even semi-important (like a few lines spoken or a few scenes in) aliens is discouraging. The lack of R2 and C#PO is also disheartening given BB-8 especially in TLJ has no real personality.

    2. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    A) TFA
    B) TLJ
    C) Rogue One

    3. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    Not to me, no. Outside of Ben Solo being what Anakin should have been.

    4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    Most favorite – Kylo Ren. Least favorite – Finn. Such a rich and interesting and possibly timely backstory and it’s just ignored for a goofy janitor black sidekick. I feel he sets back African American MCs in Star Wars, especially after Lando and Mace.

    4. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    -Favorite moment is Rey/Kylo vs. Praetorian Guards. Least favorite is Snoke being halved with no story behind the character revealed.

    5. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    -Needs to be 3 years but…not if it just gives more time for 5POA figures I won’t purchase.

    6. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
    -May, but May seems to be Avengers so it should be December now.

    7. What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    -Rey fail SOMEHOW and Kylo Ren show to be a competent leader.

    8. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    -Yes, it’s Star Wars. And maybe it’ll have SOME focus on aliens but probably not.

    9.How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?
    -I hate it and don’t want it to continue. A NECESSARY recast ala Leia going forward is understandable and acceptable, but I don’t need to see a totally different dude playing a like 5 year younger Han.

    10. What future standalone films do you want to see?
    -Somthing with the Bounty Hunters and maybe a CGI or animated Shadows of the Empire.

    11. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
    -I’m fine with any director, but I DON’T like that person also being the writer. That said, Spielberg would be interesting.

    12. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
    -It’s lackluster. Battlefront 2 has a boring story and too much little else to do. The books all refuse to go past TFA at best. Rebels was Ok until it just went down the toilet.

    13. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
    -No. I feel no real need for it unless it was an episodic anthology type series like say Tales From Mos Eisley Cantina or something like that.

    14. Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?
    – Yes, but given how the different productions work, it’s not feasible. Just look at how the MCU ignores Agents of SHIELD.

    • Nick Dickens

      The irony for me is I think recasting Leia For Episode IX would be really offensive. Han is meant to be 10 or so years younger than Harrison Ford. So Harrison can’t play 50 years younger than what he is so I think recasting is all they can do. They recast in films anyway to flashback scenes and the like.

      I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen the film and I think people will be pleasantly surprised by Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  • Brad Monastiere

    Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
    OVERALL, yes I would say I’m happy. The reset of the EU, the creation of the Story Group and the expansion of canon stories across multiple media have made consuming Star Wars a more fulfilling experience for me, in the big picture.
    How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    1. Rogue One
    2. The Last Jedi
    3. The Force Awakens
    Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    IN my opinion, I rank Rogue One 3rd out of 9, with TLJ and TFA falling behind all 6 of the Lucas films.
    Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    FAVORITE: Rey LEAST favorite: don’t have one.
    What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    FAVORITE: Luke arriving on Crait. LEAST: The entire Canto Bight sequence
    How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    SO far, so good.
    Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
    I didn’t think I would, but I do. Festive time of year.
    What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    A well-told, complete story with a seamless sense of closure for the Skywalker/Solo clans.
    Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    MORE than I was a few months ago.
    How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?
    GIVEN when they’re telling the stories, they have no choice.
    What future standalone films do you want to see?
    1. OBI-WAN stand-alone 2. YODA stand-alone
    If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
    How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
    It’s very strong in my opinion. Although the subject choice for novels needs to get better, more compelling. Perhaps it will after Ep. 9.
    Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
    Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

  • Super Amigo

    1. I’d say I’m happy because of the ammount of material being released and the spinoffs. I’m also happy for the continued involvememt of Filoni. He’s the Bruce Timm of Star Wars, the true Lucas heir. I’m not happy with the new trilogy for reasons I expressed to death in many posts. But the overall feeling is happy. I’d improve the franchise by giving Filoni absolute freedom and further involvement in the development of stories.

    2. Rogue One, Last Jedi, Force Awakens, although I don’t care for the last two.

    3. Rogue One is better than the prequels, but it’s not really comparable because it’s a short tale based on a well stablished story. Like comparing the Illiad to the Eneida. The new trilogy is much worse than both the OT and the prequels.

    4. My favorite is Galen Erso. My least favorite is Kylo Ren. It can’t be improved. It must be destroyed.

    5. My favorite moments are Galen’s hologram and the Death Star plans transmission and recording in the disk. I don’t know why but that file transfer did touch some buttons in my subconscience. My least favorite is Luke’s stupidity, from which he never recovers.

    6. It’s good. I don’t think waiting more will produce better films or improve people’s response.

    7. Difficult question. December makes it feel like a Xmas gift (we’ve been bad boys last year apparently), and adds to the euphoria of the period. May is more teaditional and comfortable to go to the movies. I say May.

    8. Not really. Don’t have any interest, just curiosity and curiosity I can handle.

    9. Yes. I don’t like the premise but love the OT setting.

    10. It’s not ideal but I don’t see any other reasonable way yet. We’ll have to wait and see. It worked before in some cases and didn’t work in others.

    11. Kenobi and some story based on the origins of the Rebellion right after the Clone Wars.

    12. Quentin Tarantino. And that assures Morricone music, also.

    13. TV good with Filoni in charge. Publishing so so to bad as it always has been the general rule with Star Wars. Games good, but it could be much better.

    14. Definitely. But preferably in animation. These guys are too dangerous to let them do a TV series, unless the guys who did Starnger Things are in charge.

    15. Yes. Why not? If they are done well, of course. Hera is a must as is her personal antagonist Thrawn. A Superman/Luthor relationship was born here.

    • Nick Dickens

      Mmmm Tarantino. Good choice. I hope he makes this Trek film he wants to.

    • Peak-OB1

      I feel the same about Filoni, Do you think though that this might hurt his future with Lucas film because he was too much like George???

      Make no mistake Disney is somewhat AntiGeorgeLucas I know some of us are catching this vibe?

      I hope I’m dead wrong but for some reason I feel like Dave might be on his way out…..Hope I’m wrong really really do!
      Such an abrupt ending to Rebels don’t you think? No real announcement of anything else either….

      • Super Amigo

        I’m afraid you might be right.

        I agree with everything you said above: his vision is not compatible with the direction Star Wars is going right now.

        I think they kept him because they needed the animation to maintain the franchise alive right before TFA premiered: Rebels was the first Disney Star Wars media product, they needed it fast, and I don’t think they had anyone else who could crank an animated series to bridge the transition, even if that material started its development prior the buyout, which I’m sure Disney didn’t like much.

        Still, Disney could have ended the series in season 3 or even 2, but they didn’t for reasons unknown.

        • Peak-OB1

          Thanks for talking to me about this! I’m really worried Dave just tweeted tonight that the end is almost here, dude is creeping me out!
          I have a bad feeling about this! As Star Wars fans we can’t just blindly claim that they are going to make something new after so many people complained about this show and they have yet to announce anything else. This show was cancelled plain and simple Disney wants to make live action.

  • localfromiskalon

    1. No (with the exception of RO and Rebels). They’ve come up with good characters, but can’t come up with a good story for them. Not sure…Handle the franchise with more care and respect, find better writers…Add aliens. Movies built around story and characters, not just ‘subverting expectations’ for the sake of subverting expectations. Keep forced politics and modern social commentary out of stories set a long time ago in a GFFA…
    2. RO, TFA…
    3. Nothing will ever top the OT:) RO was great, my 4th fave overall after the OT, I had TFA above the PT, even, until TLJ spoiled that. I put TLJ below the Holiday Special.
    4. Best–Tough one…I actually like the main characters quite a bit. This is one real strength of the ST…maybe Rey, but I do really like Finn, Chirrut, K2SO…Worst? No real worst, though they did squander Phasma and Snoke…
    5. Fave–Rey summoning the lightsaber in the Starkiller forest. Worst–SO many things from TLJ…probably Luke throwing the lightsaber over his shoulder. The first of many things that pulled me right out of the movie.
    6. Too fast.
    8. Luke waking up next to his wife and saying, “Mara–I just had the worst dream…” Other than that, seriously not interested in IX at all.
    9. Not right now. Maybe much later in the future. Really soured on Disney stuff.
    10. Don’t like it. Make up new stories with new characters. One thing Disney SW does well is coming up with new characters and casting. Play to your strengths!
    11. KOTOR-era, Mara Jade, or something completely unexplored. No more retconning/ignoring previously established stories/histories. Something outside of the current ‘alternate reality’ offerings.
    12. Gareth Edwards. Or Christopher Nolan. Or Patty Jenkins.
    13. I like Rebels, but with the exception of Timothy Zahn’s ‘Thrawn’ I have zero interest in the book/comics reboot. Tried some things, but didn’t like them. It HAS made me interested in checking out more of the ‘real’, pre-Disney stuff I missed.
    14. Perhaps an ongoing animated show that just tells (not re-invents) the Thrawn Trilogy, or a series like Clone Wars, set in another era disconnected from the OT.
    15. Maybe…

  • Kevin Knight

    I’ll try to be brief, but these questions are begging for discussion:
    1) You’re asking about the “state” of Star Wars, and essentially with the 2019 Galaxy’s Edge and more movies coming I think it’s solidly moving forward. Not a huge fan of the sequel direction and the handling of the big 3 but they weren’t in the distant future anyway.
    2) Rogue One is the kind of thing many long time fans wanted so to me that’s the best of the three. TFA is a C and TLJ is a messy D grade.
    3) The PT had it’s issues so they certainly compare to the ST. The OT is untouchable.
    4) Fav: BB-8. Least: Probably Finn, simply because he had potential and that was undermined by poor writing in TLJ.
    5) Fav Moment: Han and Chewie ” We’re Home” (if you were looking for fav moment from a new character it’s probably BB-8’s thumbs up) Least Fav: no brainer – Carrie Poppins
    6) I got no problem with the films coming out rapidly. The problem is with the story.
    7) I kinda like getting Star Wars at Christmas…..
    8) Loaded question. Can they undo what’s been done? 3 things that could fix a bit: A) start with a Memorial statue dedication to the “Heroes of the Rebellion” so their deaths are actually acknowledged. B) Use Hamill, Ewan, Hayden, Liam, and Yoda as force ghosts withe the ability to influence things one last time. C) Give us a new threat that Rey and Kylo are forced to face. Forget about rebellion and empire it’s over.
    9) Still looking forward to Solo… but treating it as Disney EU. I already know Han’s story and I’m sure it will be better than whatever they cook up.
    10) I think future Star Wars needs to steer away from the established heroes.
    11) Obi Wan should still happen because they have Ewan. Keep that story on Tatooine and keep it OT. A Boba Fett movie should happen also. A “last man standing” type movie could easily be done with all sorts of bounty hunters … some we’ve seen and some we have not. Other than that, I’d like to see KOTOR explored in a movie.
    12) I think Dave Filoni “gets” Star Wars as much as anyone I’ve seen. Whether he’s a good choice to direct I do not know, but he’d write a good one.
    13) no opinion. Haven’t watched read or played anything post Disney acquisition beyond Rebels.
    14) A live action Star Wars show could be really fun. With the right story.
    15) I don’t see anything wrong with casting someone for a Quinlan Vos, Assaj Ventress, Ahsoka Tano, or other majorly popular character in a movie role of some sort. Why not?

  • ExarKun777

    Here we go:
    1- Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive).
    Answer: No, I’m not. The principal improvement they need is not ignoring the style and the huge universe from the other six episodes (yes including the prequels, they are very important too). They are creating their own universe like a reboot, and the majority of the fans do not want a reboot, we want a continuation please. Please do not ignore all the lore and planets and aliens form the other episodes, I do not care about your new “style”. We need new stories of course, but not a new universe. 2- And also equally important do not use Star Wars to give any kind of mainstream political message, this is silly and not creative. Also please do not put all the men in your new trilogies behaving like careless idiots or cowards.

    2-How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    Answer: I’m not even considering The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi as continuations of the Episode VI. Their plot is really bad for my taste, they do not feel like the same galaxy and I do not care about the new characters. As standalone films I consider Ep 7 and 8 as mediocre histories, specially Ep 8 since it has many plot points. Ther have really nice effects, good actors and good shots, but I do not like the script at all, so in a scale from 0 to 10 I give The Force Awakens a 4 and The Last Jedi a 3. Regarding Rogue One, I still fill it does not belong to the same galaxy as the OT or PT, but as a stand alone film is very good! I give it a 9. Good job Gareth Edwards!

    3- Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    Answer: Not even close, Episodes I to VI feel like a cohesive universe sharing planets, organizations and species. The new trilogy feels like a bad reboot.

    4- Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    Answer: My new favorite character under Disney creation is K-2SO, I certainly like this droid. My least favorite character is Rey, I still do not understand what is the history or the purpose of this character, and it is not clear for me if she is carrying the weight as protagonist or not. And there is not a problem Rey is a woman, I like a lot to have women as protagonists, Ripley from Aliens is one of my favorite protagonists from all the history of films, but it is because she is a believable character, with realistic history and behavior.

    5- What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    Answer: My favorite moment under the new Star Wars is the space battle above Scariff station in Rogue One, with Admiral Raddus leading the ships, this feels like a Star Wars battle and like the classic universe. Again, good job Gareth Edwards.
    My least favorite moment is when I realize they copied all the plot from Episode IV to create the Force Awakens. What a lack of creativity and mediocre decisions. They choose to ignore Lucas history delivered to them, ok no problem, but at least create a new plot!

    6- How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    Answer: This is not good. The best in my opinion would have been is to release the films with two years span, and first release the new trilogy and later other films. This giving the fans enough time to talk and enjoy the new films, and buy the new collectibles. Also giving their merchandising department enough time to give good advertisements and give enough time to the toy companies to release quality products .
    7- Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
    Answer: It’s the same for me, as long as they do not over saturate with many films. As I said in question 6, the best is a span of two years between each film.

    8- What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    Well, basically a believable plot and believable characters, no silly jokes please. To be honest I do not care about Episode IX after the history presented in VII and VIII. I do not care at all about the new characters since they decided to disconnect them from the original characters in an awful way.

    9- Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    No. I prefer to not deal with the big charaters’ past, it’s a delicate subject for many fans. It’s better to leave their memories as we know them from the OT.

    10- How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue? No, like I said in question 9: I prefer to not deal with the big charaters’ past, it’s a delicate subject for many fans. It’s better to leave their memories as we know them from the OT.

    11- What future standalone films do you want to see? Old Republic Universe please, this is a huge opportunity to develop new characters, this time believable characters.

    12- If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film? Dave Filloni, he has a good understanding of the Star Wars lore. And Gareth Edwards again, this time leave him work.

    13- Some things are wood and others not so much. I ave not been paying much attention to the new books or comics since I’m upset that we need them to understand huge plot holes in the new trilogy of films. This is not good history telling, Disney/Lucasfilm, please use the comics, books and videogames to expand about the history and the characters, not to fill the gaps in the films.

    14- Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television? No, this is just because personal preferences. I really prefer all the live action to be in film format and not dilute the history with endless shows, this is not Star Trek.

    15- Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film? Yes, but use characters that almost all the fans like: Ahsoka, Captain Rex or Hera from Rebels would be nice choices.

  • Alexander Gates

    This was fun Paul, I just hope someone reads… 😉 The overarching theme of my answers: Fans/Children are not stupid. Star Wars does not need to be dumbed-down. It’s lost its fun, it’s lost its spirituality. Disney is about money over story.

    1. Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? Simply, there needs to be a single person at the head of Story Group with common sense. I know you have to suspend disbelief since this is all fiction, but there are so many logical issues that no one is catching. Stop talking about canon, it’s taken the fun out of the saga. No one cared pre-Disney. Longer release times between films; essentially stop the money grab and focus on quality.

    2. How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney? VII was a disappointment. R1 was fun at first, but is hard to re-watch. VIII was a step in an original direction but effectively closed the trilogy; going back to #1, someone should’ve had oversight of the project/edit/story.

    3. Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies? If anything, they drastically improve how amazing those original films are. The OT and PT have both aged so well, are endlessly re-watchable, and are filled with nuance. Those were event films, a religious text for some of us. The new ones are just movies.

    4. Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved? Poe, mostly due to Oscar Isaac and the comic series, and Finn due to John Boyega’s acting. Phasma, complete waste of a character; should not have been in TLJ in that manner.

    5. What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment? Bail Organa scenes in R1. Canto Bight, entire sequence.

    6. How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released? It’s detrimental to the hobby of collecting, and even worse for those who like to reflect and analyze the films. It’s impossible to read all of the reference and tie-in material to the point I’ve personally given up.

    7. Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films? May all the Way!

    8. What do you want to see in Episode IX? Answers, no new questions. Wrap-up as to why TFA and TLJ were stories worth telling (a pay off). Hopeful ending. Last time we see Rey, Poe, Finn, Hux, Kylo going forward on film.

    9. Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story? I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m afraid there will be too much fan service. Lack of merchandise and marketing makes it difficult to feel attached to this one.

    10. How do you feel about recasting iconic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue? This is fine for this case (the Leia cameo in R1 was just awful). I personally hope the tie-in films either cease completely, or only focus on new characters. Going for the nostalgia grab is the wrong direction.

    11. What future standalone films do you want to see? Ideally none. (Stay away from Yoda, Boba Fett, etc.) I’d LOVE to see animated features like the DCEU that adapt Legends stories. For live action: Obi-Wan starring Ewan McGregor like in “Kenobi” would be wonderful. A movie about the Jedi pre-TPM. A movie about the Underworld. Get away from empty action, more philosophy, more dialogue.

    12. If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film? Go back to experienced, established directors yet ones that would work under a dictator.

    13. How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games? TV: it’s “good”, very much enjoyed Rebels. I look forward to what’s next. I think there should be multiple shows in different eras; kids aren’t stupid. Get away from blips and super short shorts, those just cater to the attention-span issue of children today. Publishing: The books are rubbish; the fun is lost. Bring back Legends stories, fans aren’t stupid. (I guess my whole point here is Star Wars is being dumbed-down like everything else in the world today, have more faith that people will understand chronology, character, and story differences.) Christie Golden’s Sword of the Jedi trilogy is a great start; we’d love to know more of Jaina’s story. The comics have been mostly good with a few big misfires (Bad: Leia, Crait, C-3PO, TFA. Great: Darth Vader I & II, Poe, Star Wars.) Video Games: Awful. Again, fans are not stupid. Get rid of the casual mobile games, they make the brand look childish. Get away from money makers, focus on quality and fair play. Star Wars used to be about story, money was secondary.

    14. Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television? I think people could handle two shows at a time; one live action, one animated in different eras.

    15. Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film? Maybe in cameo; R1 had just enough, Rebels fans were delighted, average audiences didn’t notice.

  • Funtomaz

    Still waiting for Paul’s replies… 🙂

  • Axonrey

    I really don’t think Disney is the problem. With recent acquisitions, they are playing to an audience that intersects with, but is still not the same, as the one they’re used to. They’ve retained talent, that on its surface, seems like it should be able to read this audience and produce accordingly (Kathleen Kennedy, for example). I think we’re all finding out together (maybe some of us knew already) that isn’t the case.

  • Geoff Brown

    Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)
    – Pretty happy. Nothing overall to complain about. Maybe work faster on some live action TV? I guess also do some more original stuff. Get outside of the OT timeframe and characters.

    How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?
    – 1) TLJ 2) TFA 3) R1

    Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?
    – Lightyears better than the prequels. About on par with the OT with some room for argument.

    Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership? Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?
    – Favorite: Kylo. Everything Vader should have been. People give him crap for being whiny. But that is kind of the whole Skywalker thing. He’s whiny buy also violent and out of control at the same time. Least Favorite: Probably Finn? He’s just a little boring. Not awful, but he’s just not really exciting. Not really sure what to do to improve him

    What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least favorite moment?
    – Favorite: Probably the Luke/Kylo “fight”. Least favorite: Sadly Leia Poppins

    How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?
    – Its fine for now. I’m a little concerned as to the pace after EP9. I don’t want to get the fatigue I have with Marvel.

    Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?
    – Don’t care

    What do you want to see in Episode IX?
    – More Luke. More dark-side tempted Rey. Knights of Ren!

    Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?
    – Nope.

    How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian?
    – Nope.

    Would you like to see this trend continue?
    – Nope

    What future standalone films do you want to see?
    – Obiwan! I hate the prequels for the most part, but I’m on board for this one with Ewan McGregor.

    If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?
    – Denis Villanueue

    How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?
    – We need a live action show. Publishing is fine. We also need a longer single player videogame. The Battlefront 2 singleplayer was great but waaaaay to short. Give me a Luke Skywalker game set after ROTJ.

    Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?
    – Yes.

    Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?
    – Sure, why not?

  • Thaingu

    1. I have mixed feelings. it’s great seeing SW on the big screen again, some great moments in the movies, but getting tired of the cash grab with abundance of crap merchandise, the incessant release of one movie after another, and I feel that creators are bound by executives at Disney and this hampers creativity. I find that Disney puts too much emphasis on youth: there’s always this thing about having young, talented untrained characters that has all this potential and going to save the world (although I admit, we did see this in the OT, PT and Rebels) Also, I feel that Disney is moving towards cutting the cord with us OT fans by killing our childhood one character at a time. And ending Clone Wars was a mistake.
    2. TFA, Rogue One, TLJ…(not the most popular ranking on this website), but I liked TFA for its nostalgic feel. But story and suspense wise, Rogue One rules.
    3. The OT are still the better (vs PT or ST) and they set the standards for SW. The PT are better in the sense that it introduces new elements to SW and the geopolitics are enjoyable, although the execution of those PT movies was horrendous.
    4. Rey. I like her despite so much hate on this site. least: Snoke. thank God he’s ‘dead’.
    5. favorite: Rey grabbing Anakin’s or Luke’s lightsaber from Kylo Ren (TFA), Luke walking out of the base to confront the First Order, Finn breaking Poe out.
    Least: oh, where to begin: Leia space floating, Ackbar declared dead, Starkiller base vs Death Star comparaison in TFA, Finn saying Starkiller uses the power of the sun, Kylo taking off his mask for the first time, Luke trying to kill Ben in flashback (pretty much ruins our childhood memories of Luke being heroic character), Maz Kanata (all of the scenes), .
    6. Stop producing movies every year!!! We don’t need that SW movies! just produce good ones every few years! please!
    7. does not matter. Slight preference for December because of holidays.
    8. Less Finn and Poe and Rose and BB-8, more Kylo vs Rey, more Luke. No more Snoke, and Maz Kanata. more Flashbacks of Luke, Han, Leia
    9. no. don’t need back story for Han Solo.
    10. I’m ok with it, depends on the characters.
    11. Would like to see a young Luke movie, an Anakin movie (with same actor but with better director). Would definitely want to see an Obi-Wan movie with Ewan McGregor
    12. As lng as it’s someone who’s good at directing how actors act and delivers their lines.
    13. it’s ok, like the comics,
    14. would like to see live action mini-tv series, the continuation of Clone Wars
    15. yes: would like to see Ahsoka and Hera in films.


  • Ross

    1. Not entirely happy but was not happy with the prequels either. They should hire someone with creative vision and let them steer the ship all the way.
    2. I liked TFA aside from Maz and Snoke CGI characters. I liked Rogue One but I HATED Tarkin and Leia. I disliked TLJ overall, it may improve – it did cut down the CGI characters though overall.
    3. The sequels may end up being as good or better than the prequels – they are not a patch on the originals.
    4. Favourite new character would be Kylo Ren for the main cast and I loved Sidon Ithano.
    5. Favourite moment would either be the lightsaber duel in TFA or Han talking about Kanjiklub.
    6. Glad the films are coming thick and fast – if you don’t like one there’s another coming along.
    7. I couldn’t care less when they are released.
    8. In episode 9 I want to see Lando back with Nien Nunb, no CGI characters (looking at you Maz) and I want it to somehow make the trilogy seem complete – tall order! Want Mark back in it as a force ghost.
    9. Yes! I have high hopes for this and hope it restores the faith.
    10. It’s actually a good idea to do this movie but I admit it rests on the actors to pull it off.
    11. Obi Wan movie makes sense. Little else does. Really don’t want a Yoda movie at all. I’d love a Sidon Ithano space pirates movie in the SW universe.
    12. Well those new planet of the apes films were ace – so that guy.
    13. I liked season one of Rebels. That’s about it.
    14. Live action Star Wars sounds great but I fear it will cheapen the franchise.
    15. I think again there is a danger of cheapening the brand.

  • Jeff

    1. I am happier with the sequel movies and Rogue One than I was with the prequels, but there was nowhere to go but up in my opinion. I am not as happy with the merchandising. I feel like there is SO much crap everywhere. When it was just Lucasfilm, product was less, but better. I am happy and excited about Galaxy’s Edge! Improvement that I would like to see is less Star Wars stuff everywhere, but more targeted merchandising.

    2. TFA & TLJ rank above the prequels but below the original trilogy. I think Rogue One is the best thing that has happened to Star Wars since Return of the Jedi.
    3. JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson have avoided many of the mistakes that George Lucas made with the prequels (see Plinkett’s reviews on youtube, he does a great job dissecting why the prequels are so bad). Abrams and Johnson, however, created their own missteps. Abrams was less than original and Johnson made a farce out of the Star Wars mythology that many of us hold dear.

    4. I love all of the characters in Rogue One. They just did such a great job, my hat off to them. I’m not going to say that I care as much about the characters in Rogue One as the original trilogy, but at least the movie made me care! I must say that I think Rey is a great character and I think Kylo Ren was better in TLJ than in TFA, but all of the other new characters really such (Oh, BB8 is cool)! I do not know how you improve them as this point, I think the ship has sailed.

    5. Favorite moment was the end of Rogue One with DV. Least favorite was the whole Canto Bight part of TLJ.

    6. I do not have a problem with the pace as long as Disney is trying their best to turn out quality movies. I would think that they would want them to be as good as they can be, otherwise they are going to run the license into the ground prematurely.

    7. I prefer May as a release since that is the summer blockbuster timeframe. Plus, it reminds me of when I went to SW as a kid.

    8. I am really disappointed with the sequel trilogy (not as disappointed as I was with the prequels though). At this point, all I can hope for is that they come up with something good in terms of killing off Princess Leia in the beginning of the movie. Additionally, I would like to see Luke come back as a force ghost. I would love to see Billy D. Williams as Lando Calrissian as well. Other than that, I have nothing.
    9. Yes, I’m looking forward to it.
    10. I am not crazy about recasting classic characters in SW.

    11. I think sandalone films have promise! I do not know about the Han Solo movie, but I have high hopes for the Kenobi film as McGregor was one of the only good things about the prequels. I am also interested in a Boba Fett movie, why not. A Boba Fett movie could not be worse than what they did to the character in AOTC.

    12. Directors for Star Wars movies; Denis Villeneuve (he did an outstanding job on Blade Runner 2049 and now he will be doing Dune!!!). For Boba Fett, I would love David Fincher.
    13. Not happy with SW on TV. I want to see that live action TV show, but now that Disney owns SW, I’m not certain how it will come out.
    14. I would like to see a live action TV show that shows the under belly of Star Wars as it was planned before Disney bought SW.
    15. Yes, I would love to see characters from a live action show that is well done on the big screen.

  • noble.ammonite

    I tried to comment before but Disqus marked it as spam? So I’m trying again and if they both go through, I apologize!

    1: Yeah, in general.

    2: TFA, TLJ, RO.

    3: I think they all have strengths and weaknesses? I felt there were a lot of problems with the prequels but I liked a lot of things in them too, and I think the Disney stuff is no different.

    4: In movies? Favorite would be, uhhhhh… Rey, I guess – but I like almost all of the new characters. Bodhi was my favorite from Rogue One and I’m still mad he doesn’t have a 6-in figure. In all of new canon? Hera, hands down, but Chopper is a close second. Least favorite: Kylo. How he could be improved: By… dying? I just really, really hate him. (Driver plays him really well, tho!)

    5: Honestly, when we saw Rey climbing out of the crashed Star Destroyer and her theme started playing. It just… really hit me. The scale of the ships in the desert and the the John Williams score after it being so long since seeing SW on the big screen made me tear up. Least favorite? People on Takodana seeing Starkiller’s laser beam and watching Hosnian Prime explode. I know SW is not very scientifically accurate, but COME ON! Oh but wait, the flying Leia scene was cringeworthy. I think it’s a tie.

    6: Not a huge fan, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be like two years between everything. One year seems smart, so I think Solo being so soon after TLJ is a bad plan.

    7: May, but that’s just because it’s my birthday month 🙂

    8: Honestly, I try not to speculate, because then I’m not disappointed when I’m wrong, and I’m surprised at what does happen. That’s just how I like to watch all movies.

    9: Not especially, but I’ll still go see it.

    10: Meh, and no.

    11: Please Obi-wan please Obi-wan please Obi-wan please- (Although now that I think about it, it would be cool to see more of Ahsoka, and to have a non-human lead! Obi-wan first, though.)

    12: I honestly have no idea because I don’t really pay attention to directors.

    13: I’m sad that Rebels is ending because I love the characters, and I’ve enjoyed most of the new canon books I’ve read. I haven’t played videogames in ages, so my opinion doesn’t really matter I guess, but I don’t like online multiplayer games, so I’d prefer they not continue to go that way if I ever get into playing again (and I have been thinking about it).

    14: I’d like to see it continue if they have a solid plan of where to take it! I’m not sure if I’d want another animated series or to see them try live-action – I enjoy the animated stuff for sure, but neither TCW or Rebels are really my favorite style of animation. I’d really like them to explore Coruscant, preferably prequels-era – I feel like there’s a lot that could go on there.

    15: Well… Chopper already has. 🙂 I suppose it would depend on who it was and if it makes sense. I’d be curious to see what they do with Lasats and loth-cats in live-action.

    • I released all of the comments that fell into SPAM.

    • Nick Dickens

      I think we all want an Obi Wan film and Ewan is the one for that.

      I must admit I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that too.

  • mic windu

    1.Overall I would say yes. A lot of love is going into the films, that to me is evident. But three film’s in I’m intrigued as to how it would look with Uncle George in control. However coincidence or not collecting/ product (Hasbro) has been worse.

    2.RO, TLJ, TFA

    3.Slightly behind the OT but better than the prequels

    4.Best, quite a few to be fair, all the characters in RO, there isn’t a weak link. It may have to be the new take on Luke if that could count! Worst, Maz or Snoke, they looked terrible in TFA and amount to naff all!!

    5. Either seeing Evazan and Ponda in RO or the throne scene in TLJ just wished they hadn’t gone separate ways after. We almost saw a new path in star wars ‘the middle ground’

    6.It is the worst part of it. Film’s aren’t allowed time to soak in and become classic before our attention is drawn to the next. I’d prefer to see a minimum of two years between film’s.

    7.December, just feels right, it’s an exciting time of year anyway.

    8.Justice for the remaining legacy characters, the droids having more time and Chewbacca being addressed as a character rather than being a sidekick, I’d like to see him growl ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve lost everyone I love, I want to go home now’ he deserves it and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house!

    9.Yes and No. Han’s past doesn’t need to be seen, no least without Harrison. But I will be open minded and think his story will still be entertaining, the trilogy of books were good.

    10.No not really, I hope this is the only time they do it. The only exception being a very young Luke in an Obi Wan film but he would have to be about 10 and not feature in it anymore than a scene where Obi Wan has to indirectly save him.

    11.More RO type with new characters on the ground struggling against Empire/Crimelords. Mixture of gritty and adventure.

    12.James Mangold for Obi Wan.

    13.TV is meh but better than clone wars, an adult live action is what’s needed. Marvel comics are meh some good but a lot boring. Video games we have only had battlefront 1 and 2 both with issues but there is a good game buried in there.

    14.Yes live action either one 12 episode season a year or two unrelated 6 episode a year. Less is more.

    15.Only in passing, Hera or the Duros (Sheiv?) guy from battlefront 2 but only in the background like how chopper was used in RO

  • darthmo

    Not perfect answers and I know some could be better explained but this took forever…

    Are you happy with the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership? If not, what improvements would you like to see? (Let’s be constructive)

    A) Originally I thought it was a great move but as time goes on my position is moving towards the concern camp. Kennedy’s initial comments about the future of SW and the respect for its legacy don’t seem to be being applied so far.
    I feel right now they need to treat the franchise with more reverence rather than a cash cow to bleed dry in every format possible. For me the gloss is being rubbed off and losing the whole aspect of SW being an event.It needs to return to the special once in a blue moon event that it once used to be.
    Disney also Imo needs to remember too that the franchise is meant to be enjoyable escapist entertainment not a real world social political commentary as is evident in the past three films as it overrides great creative and seems to create more divisiveness among the fan base than needs to be by what I’ve read and heard.

    How would you rank the three Star Wars films that have been released by Disney?

    A) Right now they all sit in equal place, all with equal moments of great and moments that are questionable or problematic. The OT still remains the benchmark but I would love that to change if someone could know a film out the ballpark.

    Do the Disney Star Wars films compare favorably to the either the Prequel or Original Trilogies?

    A) These new films are a product of their time in terms of story telling, pacing and editing. They’re made for a different audience to the OT films. I doubt they will age well in comparison.

    Who is your favorite new character that has been introduced under Disney’s leadership?

    A) It’s a tie between Poe and Kylo though all the characters for me suffer a little from character development at the moment.

    Who is your least favorite and how could they be improved?

    A) In regards to trilogy main characters it has to be Rey frustratingly. They have over baked her character to the point her abilities etc are just unrealistic and no explanation will ever justify this. It would be hard to resolve her character traits by the end of IX.
    Hux started off with potential but he’s now been written as a bit of an idiot/comedy fall guy which is a shame, give him some serious lines in EpIX and he could be a great villain.

    What is your favorite moment in a Disney Star Wars film? What was your least

    A) Favorite moment is every moment Mark Hamill had on screen and the first time the Falcon appeared.
    Least favourite was how they handled Han’s death. There was no emotion or pay off. That character deserved more.

    How do you feel about the rapid pace at which the films are being released?

    A) I believe it is damaging to the brand long term. It takes away the event factor and waters down the quality of the films as they require to keep pumping them out. Less is always more imo.

    Do you prefer May or December release dates for Star Wars films?

    A) May.

    What do you want to see in Episode IX?

    A) This could be a thesis but I feel they have some major issues to resolve going into this film.
    I would like to see Kylo survive and possibly turn to the light side. Though now I hear from JJ the Skywalker lineage dies with EpIX.
    Force Ghost Luke redeeming his character from EpVIII
    The absence of Leia handled in a logical way and gracefully and for me if it means CGI’ing her to make a sensible storyline so be it.
    Finn’s character arc getting a decent storyline and fleshed out, he’s become a bit of a fall guy with TLJ.
    All 3 main new characters be in the same plot, these new films have had a feel of a disjointed band of heroes compared to the comradely of the OT characters.
    Less real world social political agenda being pushed. SW is escapism, It should be left that way.

    Are you looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

    A) No. This feels like a massive misfire from Disney from the day it was announced.

    How do you feel about recasting ionic characters like Han Solo and Lando Calrissian? Would you like to see this trend continue?

    A) Not at the expense of the original actors. Some iconic performances are just better left alone.

    What future standalone films do you want to see?

    A) Kenobi.
    Old Republic
    An early Palpatine story line.
    But really I would be happy with just trilogy films with a break of every 5 – 8 years.

    If it was up to you, who would you choose to direct a Star Wars film?

    A) Matt Reeves
    Denis Villeneuve

    How do you feel about the current state of Star Wars television, publishing, and video games?

    A) Too much across too many media platforms and too much canonising and cross referencing among all the differing formats of media. It doesn’t work unless you have too much time on your hands to make sense of it.

    Would you like to see an expansion of Star Wars television?

    A) No. Less is more.

    Would you like to see characters from the television series appear in a live action film?

    A) No. The films should be independent of anything in other formats though I’m aware this is not happening.

  • Walter F.

    1. No. Main line films stretched out a few more years would be good. Other thoughts
    just fall on deft ears.
    2. R1, TLJ, TFA
    3. Only R1 compares to the OT. TFA and TLJ have a Star Wars look and feel but not a continuing Story feel.
    4. I have many on both sides of this.
    5. Vader’s combat moment in R1. Finally saw him be the horrific threat to the Rebels like we have always read in the EU novels and comics.
    6. Too soon.
    7. My Opinion, December.
    8. At this point I’m not sure anymore.
    9. Mixed emotions, but I will see it.
    10. If done properly, yes.
    12. Wouldn’t be the last two from TFA and TLJ.
    13. TV needs some work. Let Feloni have the reins back. Haven’t played the recent
    14. Yes
    15. Yes, I would. Quite a few actually.

  • DustyAyers

    I think it may be a bit too early to tell. I think the franchise is still riding a nostalgia high but that could be coming to an end. The Solo picture is struggling and TLJ split a lot of fans and the massive exposure makes me think there will be an inevitable backlash. If that occurs it will really shake things up and I don’t know what the outcome will be.

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