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Star Wars Rebels Gets A Live Orchestra For The Finale

After four seasons, Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end. We’re halfway through the final season, and it appears Dave Filoni and company are pulling out all of the stops for the show’s conclusion. Kevin Kiner has finished the final score for Star Wars Rebels, and he was given a live orchestra to work with. Dave Filoni confirmed this news on Twitter but we want to thank JTA reader Joseph for bringing it to our attention.  Click through to see Filoni’s confirmation.

Dave Filoni is right. Thank you, Kevin Kiner. Between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Kevin Kiner has been producing exceptional Star Wars music for over a decade.

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  • Wait. This show is still on television?

    • Mike_5555

      You love it.

    • Not for much longer. I’m sure they’ll make something else for you to bash. =-P

      • I don’t bash this. It was just unwatchable for me after the pilot.

        • Mike_5555

          If you want to give it another shot, I can put together a (short) list of the series best episodes. 🙂

          • Jimmy Griffin

            I’d like to see that list. Maybe after the finale, you can do a series retrospective.

          • Mike_5555

            Great minds think alike, Jimmy. 🙂
            I was already planning a series retrospective/best episodes list for some time after the finale.

        • TatooineSandworm

          Both The Clone Wars movie and the Rebels pilot are rough starts to their respective series. If you want to really enjoy some of the best story telling in the Star Wars saga, you should give it another shot. I know Mike’s love of both shows well enough to trust he can give you a kick butt list.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          It got better…then worse. Then better again (so far).

  • TatooineSandworm

    Agreed. Thank you Kevin Kiner and thank you Dave Filoni. The Clone Wars and Rebels is now one of my favorite parts of the Star Wars Saga.

    • Mike_5555

      Hopefully they will work together on another Star Wars project in the future!

      • TatooineSandworm

        I of course have my wish lists on time periods I would like them to tackle, but at this point, if their name is on it, I am fully on board.

        I know I was hesitant when they cancelled CW and announced Rebels, but really, Rebels has been such a fun ride and the characters are really fun to watch.

        • Mike_5555

          For me, Rebels was a rather significant step down from TCW but I still enjoy it. They have produced some legitimately great Rebels episodes. But yeah, if Filoni and Kiner are involved then I’m watching.

  • Jaden Korr

    Do we know when the second half of the season starts? I can’t find any concrete answers online.

    • Mike_5555

      No, I couldn’t find a concrete date either. I’ll do some digging and create a separate post if I find something.

      • General Hux

        February 24th is the date, All but confirmed.

        • Mike_5555

          Thanks Hux! Source?

          • Mark

            Just search star wars rebels in google and it’ll be with the top stories.

          • General Hux

            I’m not sure who exactly but there’s episode descriptions and everything leaking out.

      • Jaden Korr

        Thanks; someone was claiming in a video that the last half of the season was being postponed to the summer, and when I went online to try and find any sources backing it up, I couldn’t find any dates period.

        • General Hux

          Do a google search. The probable return date is February 24th.

          • Jaden Korr

            I did do that, about 12 hours ago. Looks like first article saying that was 8 hours ago.

          • General Hux

            Oh gotcha. Hopefully the rumor is true and it airs the 24th!


    Overall, this show could not hold a candle to the quality of CW but season 4 by far has been the best of the series. I think they are ending this at the right time anythig longer would be too long in the tooth.

  • thelastwookie

    Nice! Looking forward to it.

  • CadeSky

    I am going to miss this show when it is over. It’s had its ups and downs, but it’s been a fun ride! The season two finale is right up there with my top SW moments of all time…just haunting and emotional. Great stuff!

    • Mark

      It’s been a close friend to me. I too will miss it when it’s gone.

      • Has Been Kenobi

        The DVDs will always be with you 😉

  • hammyhamster

    That’s too bad. Truth be told, i was never a fan of this show, but I wish that Disney
    could find another animated show to extend or even use the template for and create another era of Star Wars animated TV from. A show which would be more mature, engaging, thoughtful and interesting than Rebels. That be really nice, but i just wish that there were such a thing…

  • Gloriouscollector

    I actually do like the show for what it is, and what this is is just pure fun. Although I don’t take this show as serious as a live-action movie.

  • TheSegaMan

    Rebels has a ton of problems, but this last season as been fantastic so far. I’m glad that they are ending it on a high note. I love the crew that worked on both Rebels and The Clone Wars, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

  • Andrew Guiberson


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