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Is Solo: A Star Wars Story Already At A Disadvantage?

Is The Last Jedi placing too much unfair pressure on Solo: A Star Wars Story? There is a great article at Forbes.com addresing this very topic. Let us know what you think in our comments!

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  • Jimmy Griffin

    Forbes also reported that TLJ, while making a $1 -1.3 billion had the biggest sequel drop in cinema history down $800 million+ from TFA. That article also noted sequels with some exceptions do more business than it’s predecessor 57% of the time. It left a bad taste in half of the audience and overall it sucked the enthusiasm out of the brand for now.

    I still have interest in this film but with low expectations in hopes of being surprised like R1. It really has had a rough road the entire time, TLJ fallout certainly is not going help along with the timing of the release. They should have waited until December to really perfect the film given all of the setbacks and give it some breathing room between the last film. I think they were more worried about saving face on keeping the release date than the quality of it. KK needs to go she is clueless or incompetent when it comes to this brand, the enitre road has been rough and it’s financial success was built on Legacy and the numbers don’t lie. Her tenure is taking a toll on the long term. Di$ney may want to rethink who is running the show and the Rian Johnson trilogy which I do not see happening anyway.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      If KK has made any mistakes, they’ve been fixed by the time each movie is ready for the public. Her track record for 3 movies in a row has been very successful.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Kathy has my complete faith. She’s three for three in my book. I’m hopeful that Solo will be an interesting diversion, if not a complete hit.


        I give you that on R1 but there is no excuse on TLJ. It is a beyond awful tragedy with an incoherent plot that makes zero sense and has more holes than James Edward Olmos’s face. TLJ can be taken apart every step of the way on plot/character/politics in a very balanced way. There is no defending that movie.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    It makes sense to say and think that Solo will be at a disadvantage. It’s opening 5 months after the last SW movie. They should have pushed it back to Dec. ’18; on the other hand, if they had pushed it back, it might’ve generated “bad buzz” that there was even more “wrong with the picture”. It’s also opening relatively close to Avengers, which is going to be YUGE! They don’t seem to be doing as much marketing for it as they would have at this point for a Saga film; then again, I think we are going to see a pretty big push here in the next month or so. So, disadvantage? Yes, definitely. Doomed to box office and critical failure? Not necessarily.

    • bmales01

      The Avengers and TLJ proximity is Dizney’s own fault. They control both properties. make the smart move.

      I only have empathy for disadvantages one cant control, not ones brought upon oneself

      • Jimmy Griffin

        A SW movie in the middle of summer, say July, would be an interesting novelty.

  • bmales01

    Its a disadvantaged in the sense that the concept of this movie is flawed

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I think it’s more flawed in the sense of making a Han Solo movie because it will make money, then scheduling it to compete with Infinity War.

      • bmales01

        fair enough

        although the same logic gave us 6 Bay Transformers movies

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Is that how many there are now? I gave up after the second one.

        • Barricade24

          Take it from someone who is a Transformers fan, TF6 was utter trash. By far the biggest cinematic wreck I’ve ever seen. At least as a Star Wars fan I’ve always got the Classic Trilogy as well as the Clone Wars and the Prequels as well. Yet there has never been a truly decent live action TF movie. The first one as a close as we got. Believe me, I surely hope Bay leaves. I won’t see another film from him if he is behind the franchise. I’ve been disappointed enough.

          • K Andrews

            I concur. I think that the main fear of mine is that Star Wars will become a franchise that stamping the name on a movie is enough to print money, but that doesn’t further the mythos that is the heart of Star Wars. When franchises dry up after putting out so many movies, they eventually go through a reboot phase (which I hope it happens sooner with TF).

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Solo has awesome people involved, and takes place in the richest era of Star Wars hardware, the darktimes.
    Pretty sure 5 months of marketing will be more than enough.
    John Williams helped a bit with the theme.
    It will look and sound like like classic Star Wars, it should sell itself.

    • Rivesjunctionite
      • bmales01

        My inner geek just smiled at the combination of 2 of my favorite properties

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Mine too.

      • bobcat

        thats the best thing about this movie ive seen so far 😀

    • JohnMorog

      I really agree. Thinking about it, it has a lot going for it. It wasn’t the story we needed, but the story we deserved. Something like that anyway.

    • joecooltheman

      So refreshing to read something positive in these comments. Thank you.


      If it’s on par with R1 I am with you. If it’s anything like TLJ no thanks.

      • doug vader
        • shane

          I was waiting for this 49% score. We knew it would happen. I wonder if people who originally liked TLJ will have second thoughts within a month or two. It’s a very bad film man. I watched it a second time ( only because my friend had to see it and paid for my ticket ).
          My conclusion after a second viewing is it’s by far the worst saga film ever made. Like….TPM blows it away.
          Thanks for the big SURPRISE you promised Disney/Lucasfilm.

  • ShipGirlLover

    Solo may be good, but I just don’t want it. I don’t care for it or its story.

    • darthmo

      It’s a massive mis-step in terms of navigating what the fans would actually want from the films imo ruining the mythos of these legend Solo stories while putting the unfortunate actor chosen to play Solo under the giant shadow of Harrison Ford.

      • Tyler Frechette

        In that regard, the new guy is really set up for failure. How can he possibly hope to measure up? If he sucks this film will get slaughtered on the interwebs

        • Darth_Rizzen

          The Interwebs already are slaughtering him now… ????

          • Tyler Frechette

            Ahahaha fair point, very true

        • Funtomaz

          On the other hand, the new cast for the Star Trek reboot was liked by most, and Kirk, Spock and McCoy are as iconic as Han Solo, even more so, I would say.
          I hope Alden Ehrenreich got the performance right. I’ll give him a chance. If not… poor guy! I hope he makes enough money with the movie, but Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were paid peanuts for TFA, so probably not.

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    Solo being looked at as an underdog is a good thing. This is a chance for Star Wars to take a step back so it can move forward later on.

    There is no topping The Force Awakens. Which is why people are saying The Last Jedi comes up short, when any other movie having the success of The Last Jedi would be herald as a sensational success.

    My guess is Solo is the low key start of a new series of movies starring Han, Luke, Leia, that takes place around the Original Trilogy. Lucasfilm wants to start smaller and if it connects with audiences build into something bigger – a Star Wars version of what Marvel is doing.

    Also not having a Star Wars movie out at Christmas in 2018 leaves time to build Episode 9 into a bigger deal.

    • RumSleg

      I would LOVE it if the Solo movie is the start of feeling out whether they could do a new series of movies starring recast Han, Luke and Leia. I’m not opposed to re-casting these roles if the new actors can capture the spirit of the characters. Some fun adventures with Luke, Leia and Han set between ROTJ and ESB would be wonderful, in my book. It’s more Star Wars! Who could be against that?

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        Hahaha. Probably half of everyone alive for the OT or Special Editions would be against it.
        But I’m like you RumSleg. I’d look forward to it.

        After those fun adventures between AHN, ESB, and ROTJ, we could get a series set between ROTJ and TFA. There is a lot to explore in those 30 years.

        • RumSleg

          The only reason I see for being against it is if you’re concerned it will block/prevent something else. Otherwise, if one doesn’t like it, ignore it. It seems like people don’t want the Solo movie to exist, but don’t really have strong ideas for alternatives (other than Kenobi and Fett, which are probably going to get made in some form or another anyway).

          • Carbonite_Hydrates

            Agreed. I’m loving this new golden age of Star Wars.

            Luckily I’ve really like all three of the new Disney films. If one comes out I’m not a fan of, it’s great knowing we’re no more than a year and a half away from what’s next. Plus we have Rebels on TV (which is not nearly as good as Clone Wars, but I still hold out hope it finishes strong) and we know there is even more Star Wars TV on the horizon which should be unlike what we’ve already seen.

            And regardless of what’s next I’ll always have the six George Lucas Films and three days of The Clone Wars to enjoy.

  • MellowVelo27

    TLJ fallout = FUD, it just crossed 1billion and compared to ESB, it basically has the same falloff % wise, so TLJ is not the reason Solo will fail. Solo was already in trouble before TLJ was released as well.

    • The Porg

      TLJ may not be the only reason it could fail but it certainly won’t help.

  • matt

    I don’t care about this film at all. The lead has been miscast. Aldenreich looks nothing like Ford.

    I think miscasting has been a huge problem. In the Sequels, none of the new characters connect with me, and none of them can act particularly well. Adam Driver with those big Dumbo ears and massive honking nose, he’s simply not believable as Han and Leia’s kid.

    The whole ‘not a white guy’ thing is very forced and had been really off-putting as it’s clearly more of a priority over good, cohesuve story telling or adding to the lore.

    • Tyler Frechette

      I couldn’t believe it when I read that sentence. Like wow. Is that what’s Star Wars is now? Ensuring the story is not about “a white guy”? Like wtf.

      • Funtomaz

        Read the MPAA annual reports.

        The Star Wars movies are among the few movies actually having an audience that is more or less representative of the ethnic distribution in the USA. But it’s heavily skewed towards males.
        Many other movies have audiences which are skewed toward Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. Especially Hispanics and Asians just love the movies. They are heavily overrepresented among moviegoers.

        Disney Star Wars movies have a 60% male and 60% white audience. Your typical blockbuster has more like 50% males and 50% white.

        I guess Disney is trying to activate more female, black, asian and especially hispanic fans, since these groups have the biggest potential to grow in numbers.

        To sum it up: Star Wars is still a franchise dominated by white males. Something that Disney would like to change to reach even more people.
        Rogue One had even more white male moviegoers than TFA, despite prominent hispanic, asian and female characters. So at least for RO, Disney’s plan didn’t work. Also, white males obviously don’t seem to be bothered by a diverse cast. But a diverse cast doesn’t seem to bring in any new diverse fans.
        I am waiting for the 2017 report to see how TLJ performed.

        • Daniel Preece

          Good info.

          It doesn’t appear to me that Kennedy wants that 50-50 balance. She does things specifically to offend white males (or as she calls them, the “subset of fans”). The anti-male agenda was glaring in TLJ, what with every female correct and every male correct, and that the only life worth valuing (as shown through Kylo Ren) is female (he slaughters the males in his life). Plus the “the Force is female” t-shirt photo op. The way she’s going, she wants 100-0 females to male.

          There are ways to expand that don’t involve such ham-fisted measures. Never in 40 years did I view SW in terms of contemporary politics. KK desperately wants me to change that.

  • Marc G

    Another article telling me what I should think and do!!!

    • Tyler Frechette

      Yup, exactly what I said. F ooofffff

    • joecooltheman

      Yep, and another negative article posted on this site. Its getting real old.

    • Daniel Preece

      Are you somehow new to human existence? That’s kind of a universal and eternal theme of life.

    • shane

      It’s screams of phony Disney favoratism

  • Funtomaz

    Solo was at a disadvantage the second it was announced. Because few fans really want to know more about Han’s past. We know everything we need and possibly want to know about his character. Also, recasting Harrison Ford would always be problematic. And Han Solo is not Indiana Jones (Solo is more iconic, I think) and River Phoenix only played the part in a flashback.

    That being said, there’s still a chance the movie will be genuinely good, at least thoroughly entertaining. But we’ll learn little new things, little we need to know, little we want to know.
    This movie could derail any career Ehrenreich has lined up. If he blows the performance, the mannerisms, the way Han speaks… people won’t be kind. Maybe that’s why he or Lucasfilm wanted that acting coach.

    I hope Solo will be a hit and a good movie. With Infinity Wars and Deadpool it could be a real bloodbath though. My guess is, Solo will be the first real Star Wars flop. Unless word of mouth is really good.

  • Tyler Frechette

    Is that really our standard? How much money it made? That’s the determining factor in whether the movie was a success? I’m so tired of that argument. People saw it out of curiosity. There was never any question TLJ was going to make money. Let’s be real here. That doesn’t mean the film was good. In my opinion, there are MANY more things to DISLIKE about it than to like about it, so I don’t see it as a success. I’m still trying to even view this trilogy as legitimate, or just very high-budgeted fan fiction. Leaning towards the latter.

    Solo IS in trouble because very few people care to see such an iconic character recasted (myself included). The story, while it is nice to see Han’s backstory play out, is pretty unnecessary. And TLJ DID leave a bad taste in the mouth of MANY, MANY fans. Possibly — no, probably — the majority. Whether the film is actually good is irrelevant to many fans as they will deliberately choose not to see it to stick it to Disney.

    I feel like Disney is acting towards hardcore fans like Commander Appo did to Bail Organa at the Jedi Temple: “It’s time for you to leave.”

    • I am so glad someone picked up on this.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Thank you as always, Paul. Keep up the great work. I know it must be exhausting sometimes, as you elected to continue doing this long after you said you’d be done. Honestly it’s a wonder considering the state of 3.75 the past several years but we appreciate it so much.

    • Funtomaz

      Money is never a metric for quality.
      The “but it made lots of money” argument proves nothing. So many objectively bad movies make lots of money.
      However, it is the only thing that matters to Hollywood. Hence all the bad movies. We get the movies we deserve.
      BUT: 2017 was also the year where quite a few tentpole movies flopped (in the USA). Maybe the audience is finally on to something.

      • Tyler Frechette

        That first sentence you wrote sums it up perfectly. Thank you. And totally agree.

    • darthmo

      Agreed, it’s become the prime argument for anyone defending the film. The real result of TLJ will be how fans and general audience are receptive to the coming Solo and EpIX films. If the audience attendance and profits for those drop dramatically in comparison then Lucas Film and Disney better think quick about how to regain the fanbase and correct course.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Yup, got that right. Totally correct. It will be interesting to see what the fallout is.

        • BlackBeltJohnson .

          Indeed. Even so, it’s hard to imagine at this point how Ep 9 couldn’t be a total disaster, regardless of what Disney tries to do ‘for the fans.’ At the risk of super over-generalizing the fanbase, I don’t get the sense that Rey, Finn, Poe and BB8 have connected with fans enough for people to really care all that much about what happens next. I sure as heck don’t.

          • Tyler Frechette

            Definitely not and that is the fatal flaw with this trilogy. They swept aside or killed off (or both) all of the old cast that people cared about and had emotional weight, in favor of establishing new characters… that no one cares about and are poorly written.

            I understand the concept of passing the torch. That’s not my problem with this trilogy. My problem is the utter disservice/ruination of the old characters. They didn’t have to do that. Think of how little screen time C-3PO, R2, amen Chewbacca have. I don’t even LIKE C-3PO and I still think he deserved better. And Han and Luke? Everything wrong with what they did to their characters had been talked to death. We all know, so I don’t even need to go there.

    • ExarKun777

      “It’s time for you to leave.” This is my feel too about their intentions, how sad.

      • Tyler Frechette

        And so it is…

    • Darth Maleval

      I guess according to you I am in the minority. I liked TLJ and the small parts I thought were a little silly did not influence my overall opinion. I saw it a second time and appreciated it even more afterwards.
      I am actually very interested to see this movie. I’m not concerned about Disney being in control or not. I like the fact that we get to see a little different point of view of the Star Wars galaxy for a change…not just Jedi vs. Sith.

      Whether a movie is good is a matter or opinion. You obviously did not like TLJ, I did. Not everyone agrees. Disney will continue to make these movies, you can either choose to see it or not. They know it will make money either way.

      It is not easy for some people to accept a new actor in an iconic role, but give him a chance. He will either rise to the occasion or not. I don’t really think Star Wars fans would decide to completely not see the movie for this reason.

      It’s nice to read other points of view sometime, good comments!

      • Tyler Frechette

        Apologies for the delayed response but I did want to reply to this. First off, thank you for being civil here. I appreciate that even though we have differences in opinion. Fans have been at each other’s throats about this.

        People can say what they want about Rotten Tomatoes being rigged or whatever, but the majority of comments I see here, various instagram pages, and YouTube videos points to me being correct about the majority of fans not liking it. I also conducted my own sort of Facebook poll with some probably two dozen people and the results were overwhelmingly negative. So, if that pool is a representation of the greater fan base (which I think it is), then yeah.

        Agreed with your second paragraph though. I loved Rogue One, and it proved you can make a very success Star Wars movie without much influence from Force users.

        As to the third paragraph, I think that’s part of the problem. The mentally that “oh it’s star wars people will see it and it’ll make money” I think encourages laziness on the part of Disney.

        • shane

          Well said. Agree 100%

    • Marc G

      Nice post. Agreed – I didn’t like TLJ it felt sparse and deliberate. The plot seem to flow from scene to scene like big slabs of concrete dropping on the floor. It simply did not feel like star wars.

      That said, I will judge each film on its own merits. If Solo is ‘word of mouth’ good (note: ignoring the official critics) then I will go to cinema and watch it. If it is not good then I will wait for it to come on netflix or something and watch it then.

      I won’t punish Solo for the sins of TLJ.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Thanks man, appreciate that.

        That is very fair and I think the right way to go about it. I will do the same, even as skeptical about this movie as I am. I still want to see it.

    • doug vader
      • Tyler Frechette

        Hahahahaha nailed it!

    • Darth_Rizzen

      Depends on who you’re talking to. ????

      To a studio exec, how much money a movie made is the one and only standard of success. Business as usual I’m afraid

      Our appreciation of TLJ differs greatly obviously. And that’s quite all right. ????
      What we do seem to agree on is that we tend to treat the ST as a “what-if?”, non-canon, scenario, like the Infinities comics of old.

      My main gripe with the 2018 movie thing isn’t TLJ, Rogue One, TFA, Jar Jar Binks or who knows what, but its underlying concept and the fact that someone in charge actually approved it.
      I really wish they stuck with the Rogue One concept: known universe, all new characters. Plot doesn’t even have to be related to a known character, event or location. It’s a whole galaxy with room for all kinds of colourful ruffians: go crazy! Tell us stories!

    • Daniel Preece

      “It’s time for you to leave.” …. that’s what Kathleen Kennedy meant when she said she had no obligation to appeal to a “subset” of fans.

      Fine. I can’t control what SW movies are made. But I can control where my money goes. I want to see how well Disney likes trying to survive off of “casual fan and girl money.” Good luck with that.

    • Blue Knight

      Well stated Tyler Frechette. I couldn’t agree more.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Thanks man!!

  • doug vader

    Nothing to worry about unless they have chewbacca getting beat up and suddenly reveal his weapon x claws. Why? Because superman Leia is edgy

  • ctwins3688

    In my opinion the short answer is yes. There’s clearly a bit of Star Wars fatigue, it will be the first time Disney has tried to follow up a December release with a May release, many Star Wars fans think this film is unnecessary, and given the production issues there’s a strong chance it will have problems (whether critics will stand up to Disney or not is another story). My guess is it won’t break $750M at the global box office.

    Im still excited for it because Star Wars is Star Wars, but I don’t have high hopes

  • bobcat

    that article is stupid. did Disney pay Forbes to write this cause they know its going to suck so might as well make ”its unfair” excuses for it ? pfft. its at a disadvantage cause its a bad idea not anything to do with anything else.

    • Tyler Frechette

      Rolling Stones too.

      Everyone is just making excuses for this movie and praising it left and right and trying to assure people that “oh it’s just a loud minority. Really, the movie was good!”

      I want to throw up in my mouth. Don’t tell me how to feel about it and DON’T tell me I “dislike it for the wrong reasons”, “didn’t understand it”, or “don’t want change”.


      Edit: Sorry, my rant was about TLJ. Obviously we have not seen this movie yet. But agreed, the article was stupid.

      • bobcat

        i dont know who you been talking to but i havent come across that sorta vibe! haha :S

        as far as this movie goes i thought most were on the same page..that its a bad idea. i know i will see it along with all the other people that think its going to suck..it might be a great parody! lol thats about the best i can say for it without being too negator 🙂

        • Tyler Frechette

          I hope it does well, because it’s a GOOD FILM — not because it has “Star Wars” in the title. But we’ll see…


        I’m with you on this. Most things I can understand the honest divide and difference of opinion but this movie is so beyond flawed and terrible in every way I truly do not take anyone that honestly likes this movie seriously.

        • shane

          I truly do not take anyone that honestly takes this movie seriously, seriously.

  • Darth Your Mom

    The way it looks like Disney is handling the public’s multi-generational fan base is: Saga films = younger generation(s) and new fans, anthology films = older generation(s)

    • Tyler Frechette

      I would say that’s a faulty strategy. But I think you got it right.

    • ctwins3688

      I was just thinking the same thing, and honestly i wouldn’t be mad at the approach if it were to hold true (bc at least then they wouldn’t be totally disneyfying every release). I just wish they would be honest and transparent with their audience.

  • I’ve certainly not tried to keep my dislike for this movie secret, but I will save all my bashing for when the movie comes out. I will give it a fair shake, but I still think this was an unnecessary movie to make. Can it surprise me and pull a rogue one? Sure, but boy oh boy… if there’s ever been a movie I would petition to have stricken from the Star Wars canon, it might be this one lol but really, I hope I’m wrong and it’s amazing, but everything seems wrong about it to me personally.

  • CJ

    I don’t understand the premise here. Pressure assumes some danger. Even if this flops, it’s not like Disney is going to panic and shut down Star Wars.

    • Daniel Preece

      More’s the pity.

  • CadeSky

    I didn’t read the article (will freely admit that). But it does just seem surprising to me that Solo is coming out SO SOON. Not a lot of time between SW movies.

  • Michael Moore

    TLJ wasnt as fun and action packed as a SW film should be. The dialogue was really flat, with little back and forth, it was overall a good story, just poorly executed. Im hoping Solo will be fun, Rogue one was fairly good but the characters were flat, but Han and Lando are supposed to have swagger.

  • ExarKun777

    They should have centered in doing the new trilogy only, giving all their creative efforts to it, giving a span of two years between each film. Thus giving the fans the proper time to enjoy each episode and find the collectibles, giving time to Hasbro to develop more and better toys, and giving time to their marketing team to promote each episode. But I don’t care too much now after seeing their watery rebooting of the OT.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    The only person I want to see is that hottie sitting by the guy who looks nothing like Han Solo,but I’m not paying big screen prices for this turd.I can wait for redbox

    • joecooltheman

      See you there on opening night.

      • Sith Lord Jacen

        ya you go ahead and save me a spot “”i’ll be there “” there is no way I’m paying to see cosplay solo

        • joecooltheman

          Way to have an open mind, you don’t even know what it will be like.

          • Sith Lord Jacen

            I’m going to rent it

          • joecooltheman

            at Blockbuster?

      • Daniel Preece

        Disney gets no sale out of me. If I watch it, it will be for free (lots of legal ways to do that).

        • joecooltheman

          That will show ’em. Whatever will Disney do without your ticket purchase?

  • zx_spectrum_30

    A lot of hardcore Star Wars fans will see it beacuse it’s Star Wars (I’m in).

    A lot of hardcore Star Wars fans will not see it beacuse they don’t see the need for origins (so don’t be moaning about Snoke!)

    For everyone else it depends whether it’s any good or not.

    • Daniel Preece

      I’m hard core and first generation… and I’m not. Too pissed about Luke to give them the satisfaction of me buying a ticket. Plus, I hate the idea of this movie.

      (An aside: Snoke’s info is necessary to understand the half-baked sequels. It’s not a principle of always knowing backgrounds.)

      • zx_spectrum_30

        I do actually agree about needing some background on Snoke. It’s needed to give context (in a way that wasn’t necessary for Palpatine in ANH beacuse that was the start point) and it’s not good enough to say it’s in some novel.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Why is it that everyone tries to ram ugly politics and ideology into Star Wars?

    So… There are the good guys that

    liked The Last Jedi because it was a politically timely adventure that pushed “not a white guy” heroes to the forefront and took the Star Wars franchise in new directions

    and the bad guys who

    wanted a more traditional Star Wars episode or at least something qualifying as escapism (…) more comfort food(…)



    How about watching a film because you’re interested in the characters and want to know what happens?

    Regarding that 2018 movie thing as far as I’m concerned:

    Because I think it was a horrible idea that should never have been approved in the first place and I have no interest in seeing it. Period.

    • Funtomaz

      I think Kathleen Kennedy started it. She made various statements about more girls in Star Wars and diversity. It was to be expected that once that box was opened people would comment on it and watch out for it in the movies.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        I’ve heard of such statements from her but could never locate any article, interview or recording confirming them. So I’ll remain cautious on that point.

        I’m just fed up with all that nonsense being applied to Star Wars, which championed strong female leads from the very start (Leia, Mon Mothma), and had female Jedi knights and masters (including Council members) who weren’t afraid to draw their lightsabers and do some damage.

        Let’s not forget Ahsoka, Ventress, Mother Talzinn, Satine and Bo Katan Kryse…

        All approved, promoted and canonised by George Lucas.

        Not Kennedy. Not Disney.

        If there is a franchise that has no lesson to receive from any ideologist, it is Star Wars, along with the Alien saga (the four films, not the Covenant spinoffs or AvP). IMHO, of course.

        Surprise me, Disney Lucasfilm! Release a SW Story about a female Rodian bounty hunter or private investigator. I’m in! ????

        • Funtomaz

          Only saw your reply today…

          I remember seeing a video of her at one of the various conventions/events leading up to or shortly after TFA where she explicitly exclaimed something to the effect of “girl power” and that in this day and age people need representation on the screen. Now, my memory might be playing tricks on me, maybe I can find the video.

          She also gave an interview to the New York times, saying that she (the franchise) owes nothing to men, she doesn’t feel the responsibility to “cater in some way”.

          Then she wore the “The force is female” t-shirt.

          All this and then Rogue One had even more male moviegoers than TFA (I think it was 58% men for TFA and 61% men for RO)). To me, Lucasfilm seems to be in denial about the fact, that 60% men and 40% women go and see Star Wars in cinemas. And the question is how many of these 40% women were “dragged” along by their husbands and boyfriends.
          And that probably a much larger percentage of men drive merchandise sales.

          Also, all the female heroes are much more popular with men than with women. Even the minority characters are more popular with white people than with the target demographic. That recent Star Wars survey was quite informative.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            That’s all right. ????

            Frankly that would tend to prove that the person in charge of Star Wars neither knows nor understands anything about its history, legacy and characters.
            That’s sad… But not surprising. George Lucas hired Kennedy for her proven skills as an administrator, not as a creative mind.

            When it comes to creativity, daring and yet respect of the legacy, I feel that Dave Filoni should be in charge, with Pablo Hidalgo as guardian of the archives. But that’s just me.
            And that wouldn’t address the number 1 problem: creative minds don’t own Lucasfilm anymore.

            You pointed out these reports often before and they were most fascinating, no doubt. It’s always good to highlight some cold, hard facts. ????
            As I’m sure you’re aware, rabid ideologists and vocal zealots ignore any fact that doesn’t fit their fantasy world but fortunately these people are a minority. ????

          • Funtomaz

            Yes, let Kathleen Kennedy be the bean counter and person who manages Lucasfilm, let people like Filoni and Hidalgo be in charge of all creative decisions. Best of both worlds 🙂 Especially Filoni has proven again and again that he understands Star Wars.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Precisely! ????????

            Even Rebels, which has had its ups and downs, seemed to get better when Filoni got more directly involved.

  • Super Amigo

    Remember how annoying it was in the old EU when every single extra or character that appeared one second on screed was given a silly name and had a 600 pages back story in which we find out he/she played a pivotal role in Star Wars history, and not only that, but as it turned out he/she crossed paths numerous times with the main characters as well as most other characters?

    Not to jump into conclusions, but some stories are better left untold…

    Still, this movie is OT based and it could prove to be something really different. I guess we should wait and see.

  • Funtomaz

    According to more or less reliable rumor reports Han Solo will add another 3 weeks of reshoots/pick-ups at the end of January.
    Now, filming pick-ups etc is normal. You sometimes see in editing that a few scenes don’t quite work the way you intended them to or you see that an additional scene here and there is needed and so pick-ups are scheduled.
    But still, that leaves them not much time until the May 24th release date. Once pick-ups have been filmed, there’s only 3 more months to go to finish the editing and effects.

    I wonder if any of the footage Lord & Miller filmed will even be in the movie. I hope one day we get to see their footage.

    • Super Amigo

      And I wish we get to see a Director’s cut of Rogue One as well.

      I also hope they keep the May release date and don’t push it to December as usual.

      Perhaps releasing the movie in May will work as a good luck charm.

  • Brent Norton

    I hate that movies are getting “reviewed” before they even release. At least in most people minds. Then again I never asked for a Solo movie to get a new casting for Han. So I don’t know what this will exist. I will see it and I hope it’s great. The Young Qui-Gon series coming will be great also! …….

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    If you need to know more about Snoke and his origins, then you need to know even more about Han Solo’s origins.

    • Daniel Preece

      Nope. We need Snoke’s info to understand a half-baked story. We already know enough to understand Solo in the OT.

      • Nintendo Killed Atari

        No kid, you DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HAN SOLO. What is there to understand about a rogue captain named Han Solo? Luke and Ben need a ride to Alderan and they found a scoundrel pirate who in one scene shots first. In the end the pirate redeems himself by coming back and helping Luke to win the battle. Everything you need to know is already in the PLOT and Harison Ford’s characterization. Can somebody tell me who the F@@k is Snoke? Like what is his profession?

  • arvel helmet

    i’m sure that Solo will be a great movie. Like RO. The era is perfect, there’s tons of good ideas etc…
    For TLJ, the good question is : is there any story telling in it ?? NO
    I don’t care much about the other (good) arguments that can destroy this movie.Its’ too easy.
    But let’s face the truth : where is the scenario ? some good ideas NEVER make a good movie on it’s own. You can spend times and times on it , this is not SW. This is something else.
    So the next question is : why Disney call it SW ??? Please, call it what you want, space war, opera star, 1st order in the stars etc….But please stop the massacre.

  • Funtomaz

    Deadpool 2’s release date has been pulled forward, it will now open May 18th, one week before Solo. The original release date was two weeks after Solo.
    Perhaps Fox was afraid Solo might hurt Deadpool’s box office.
    The question now is, will Deadpool 2 hurt Solo’s box office?

  • Daniel Preece

    Would anyone argue “The Superbowl was great! See how much money it made?!”

    No. Because quality is not the primary draw, the experience is. Many know they’re going to watch a Superbowl (or a SW movie) well before anyone knows if it will be any good. The idea of not seeing it is unthinkable. And that’s still true despite the response to the prequels. That’s why–as long as that situation exists–money will never be any indicator of quality for a Star Wars movie.

  • Nintendo Killed Atari

    This new trilogy feels really weird to me. I really dislikes it. It is like an alternative universe where everything is upside down? For example in the Last Jedi Luke is a coward, murderous selfish person while the Luke in the OT is courageous, benevolent and a selfless person. Leila in the OT is force sensitive but in TLJ Leila is a super powerful as a Jedi. In the OT Han was a selfish pirate that became a altruistic, a good friend and war hero while in this trilogy he is a selfish moron, deserter, bad friend and a bad father. WTF?
    The force works also in reverse. The light side of the force do not require any training, it is very seductive and easier to master while the dark side requires lots of study, practice and it is not as seductive as the light. I do find these themes really disturbing.

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