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HURRY! X-34 Landspeeder/Luke Skywalker Is $20 With Prime On Amazon!

It’s been found cheaply at TARGET and Walmart, but Amazon has it listed for only $20 with Prime! Hurry! Special thanks to friend Steve U. for the alert!

UPDATE: Rey’s Speeder (Jakku) is also $26 and change too!

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  • rusty_t

    Thanks for the heads up! I have the SDCC one on display in that amazing display box but this one is for opening!

  • bnicks87

    Oh well, too late for me. At least I was able to get mine for $30, so I can’t complain.

    Also, that ‘prime members only’ nonsense irks me.

    • Darth Lumberg

      I concur on the prime only but that’s how they get people to pony up the $99 or whatever it is for a year these days….

      • Steve Suchomski

        between discounts and free/fast shipping it’s worth it.

      • CadeSky

        Between the quick shipping, music streaming, and video streaming, I have never really had a hard time with the price of Prime. Definitely get a lot out of the service at my household!

        • bnicks87

          See for me, it’s not worth it. When I order something online, I don’t care how long it takes to ship. If I need something quick, I’ll go out and buy it.
          For video streaming, Netflix is good enough for me. And music, I still buy CDs, and use Pandora in a pinch.

        • RumSleg

          Same here. Also, living in the woods of NH like we do, it’s not so easy to just pop out to a store to find what Amazon is selling. 🙂

          • CadeSky

            You know it! And often at a better price!

          • TatooineSandworm

            I have been a Prime member for so long, that I sometimes forget it costs money. Sheesh.

  • Darth Lumberg

    Wow and I thought $30 was a good deal so I bought it before Xmas on Amazon. Safe to say this line is DOA as far as sales go even though this is a great set IMO.

  • JohnMorog

    It’s interesting how fast this went down in price. the 6″ FO TIE is barely now going down to like $40 from $169. But this set just came out a couple months ago and is already like 75% off some places.
    1) Why?
    2) Why ever buy stuff at full price if it’s gonna do this?

    • Truthbetold

      That’s the secret I learned after TFA came out, then RO and now TLJ. Never buy this stuff at full price on force Friday. Exercise some patience and within a few months these figures/vehicles will be 50-75% lower than they originally were.

      • rebelsfangirl

        It’s not really a secret, it’s the retail cycle.

    • rebelsfangirl

      1) Might just be post-Christmas sales
      2) Things might sell out before they get to go on sale

      • RumSleg

        It’s getting easier all the time to predict what will sell out before it goes on sale, and what will end up at clearance.

      • JohnMorog

        But this was on sale before Christmas, too. It was like 2 weeks after it was released it went on clearance markdown. It wasn’t just a sale, it was straight to clearance.
        Yeah, it’s a possibility but with stuff like this it obviously hasn’t sold out. The only stuff I’ve bought lickety split was TBS3.75″ figures that are hard to find. They’re practically the only stuff I see 100% sell out.

        • rebelsfangirl

          Was it? That is odd. I thought it was out a bit longer than that, though I’m not sure it is even in stores here yet?
          I’d be a bit surprised and disappointed of this is selling poorly, it’s really nice.

          • JohnMorog

            It seemed like that fast, anyway. I remember my dad got ahold of one on first markdown at WM like a good 3 weeks before Christmas
            It is really nice, which is why I’m surprised it has gone on so deep a markdown. The original pricepoint was too much, but for the first markdown $45 I feel like that was pretty worth it. But now it’s $20….

    • Mark

      If you ask Paul #2 he’ll say if you want it and you see it, buy it. That’s always a safe bet. If you only kind of want it though, waiting is probably ok. What REALLY has come out that you missed and never got a chance again at other than some of the convention exclusives? Nothing for me.

      • JohnMorog

        Exactly. As Rebelsfangirl mentioned, stuff may sell out, but it seems few things don’t make it back around. So far the only stuff I’ve seen totally sell through right away are 3.75″TBS figures like Old man Luke and the TLJ stuff and Shoretroopers.

        But I’ve seen Shoretroopers at retail more than once (months apart) as well as like ERGs like almost a year apart from the last time I saw them at retail.

        • Mark

          Yeah they are all trying to make money hopefully so if something sells out you would think the logical reaction would be to make and ship more. The anomalies like the latest SA wave and Shoretrooper don’t make much business sense…the TLJ SA’s specifically, considering the movie just came out. What are they waiting for!? All the TLJ fans want TLJ SA’s for Pete’s sake! Now…not next August. Who’s in charge of asking “What are we even doing” at Hasbro?

          • JohnMorog

            I’ve been asking the same question for a while now……. Seriously. I guarantee if they did a wave that was
            2x TLJ Luke
            4x Praetorian
            4x Shoretrooper
            2x either FO executioner or a differernt army builder repack

            That wave, which is 100% repacks, would sell out. Send 2 cases to every store that carries toys, and they will all sell out.
            But no. We get
            4x Jyn
            4x Cassian
            2x finn
            2x rose and I still see them everywhere.

            These aren’t even to mention the new figures they should be doing!

          • Mark

            Yes that would be a great assortment. And everyone would be $150 poorer but at least happy and content after that haha.

          • JohnMorog

            So true! And Hasbro would be $150 richer from everyone! And that’s why I’m asking the question who on earth is over there that doesn’t want our money?? Lol!

          • Matthew Leuck

            Stores in my area haven’t gotten anything more recent than the Ackbar/Ahsoka wave. 🙁

  • Mark

    If we, as humans and Star Wars collectors, could all agree not to buy anything when it first comes out, we could really speed up that clearance process and end up a lot better off overall. Who’s with me?

    • RumSleg

      We might not even need to do anything to speed up the clearance process. Some of the prices TLJ stuff was selling for before Christmas was a little shocking. $4 for the Rathtar. $14 for the Ski Speeder. $17 for the A-Wing. $19 for the TIE Silencer. $83 for the BB-8 playset. I bought them all for these prices. I’d have never bought them at their original price. I was just stunned at low they went in the middle of the holiday shopping season, as opposed to afterwards.

      • Mark

        Yeah I wasn’t sure what happened. The TFA Falcon sat around for a year at $129 and all the TLJ merch barely even got dusty before dropping.. The ski speeder actually began its life at $10 clearance and one of the WM around me. Maybe it’s a new plan to keep things moving and avoid peg warming? Who knows.

      • Matthew Leuck

        I think Amazon has just been particularly cutthroat with toy pricing this holiday season- it hasn’t just been Star Wars stuff. Some other retailers marked their items down to compete. Amazon was even cutting prices on all kinds of Legos (not just Star Wars), which has been virtually unheard of to the degree they were doing it. I think they want to continue to dominate, and contribute to the further decline of Toys R Us, K-Mart, etc. in this “retail apocalypse.”

    • TatooineSandworm

      I mean sure, let’s make sure no retailer wants to carry these figures and Hasbro has no one to sell to.

      • Mark

        So you’re with me? Great!

        • TatooineSandworm

          I’m with you in the sense that Hasbro has lost touch with what collector’s want and are looking for. Zero collectors want to buy a figure that in 3 waves comes with more accessories in the same package. In that sense, sure stick it to Hasbro for sticking it to us.

          I’m with you in the sense that no one was asking for a 6″ scale First Order TIE Fighter with no context in the toy line. There are no companion pieces, no “play ability” factors with something so huge, and no audience connection to the dang thing. You want to shoot for the moon, do it with something people love, not something that is on screen for less than 10 minutes.

          I’m with you in the sense that Hasbro needs to re-calibrate their pricing. These are movie years, and they are putting out crap but charging luxury pricing. The Landspeeder and Jakku Speeder should have come out around $45 to begin with. Hasbro and retailers would have made profit. But $60? That’s crazy town. And the entire reason these things sat like a wet turd on Force Friday.

          I AM NOT with you in the sense that we should wait three months to buy everything on Clearance because that sends the message that Star Wars is not in demand. Not in Demand = no new toys.

          If you wait 3 months to buy new Vintage Collection Figures when they come out, you are in no position to complain when the line is cancelled in 2019. I won’t blame anyone for not buying Wave One. That’s on Yazflow. But they better have Wave 2 up for pre-order so they can see that demand in the line is there otherwise, they killed their own golden goose.

          • Mark
          • TatooineSandworm
          • Matthew Leuck

            I mean, I’m going to buy wave 1 of TVC just to support the line. I don’t care as much about 6 inch, so it was easy for me to wait on the speeders until I paid $30-ish each. I’m not going to do the same for the 3.75″ Hover Tank, because I want Hasbro to get the message that we WILL buy collector-targeted 3.75″ vehicles without waiting for markdowns.

          • Logan

            I’m with you. I’m not waiting on any TVC item to go on clearance. The 6″ Black Series items are a different story since they are so overpriced it’s worth the gamble to wait for them to drop on price. When it comes to 3.75″ toys everyone is going to go crazy for them.

          • Mark

            Oh I’m with you there. I’m no fool. We’re expecting high quality with figures, accessories, vehicles and playsets and I’ll support that wholeheartedly right from the get-go. I am a little suspect of wave 1 though but I’ll try to keep an open mind.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        that kind of weakens the sentiment here. the point is these things are being price gouged and tried and true fans that have dumped tens of thousands of dollars for star wars merchandise over the years are becoming smart to the hyped up, hiked up pricing. the only people who pay ubsurd amounts for this stuff are the Instagram influencers that Mr Steve likes to see because Litzky PR has convinced his team that IG influencing and social media viral marketing is they way things go these days, and those methods shut out pretty much 80% of the original collecting community.

        this site also pushes a confusing narrative ; one that states NO you shouldn’t wait for these things to go on clearance because it hurts the hobby but YES none of this things are worth this inflated pricing . both are constantly stated

        you know who else used to gouge prices out the gate , then had a big sales loss that caused them to lower and restructure prices ?
        NIKE . hasbro needs to pay attention and take note

    • Logan

      That’s what I did with the Luke Speeder and Black Series Centerpieces. My patience paid off and I only paid $15 each for the centerpieces.

    • No, that won’t work.

      Some things I’ve only ever seen once, as a single item on 90% clearance.
      I’ve seen things stay on shelves for almost 5 whole years.
      I’ve seen things turn up a year after when they were meant to be out.
      Then there were some things I’ve never seen at all.

      • Mark

        It was really just a joke but there is some truth. If the quality justified the price then everyone could be satisfied. But too often we’re getting low quality for unreasonably high prices. Sometimes price rollbacks fix it, sometimes clearance prices fix it and sometimes nobody wants the product, clearance or not. But big retail should have that clearance process locked down by now. There’s no reason anything should sit around for 6 months to a year anymore with new movies coming out every year.

  • I want them to re-release the 3.75″-scale TVC speeder.

  • AmNotR2

    Seems to be gone. 🙁

  • Jon Morgan

    Picked up both BS6 centerpieces for $14.95 each at Target. I was not really interested in the non moving black series figure on a display environment but I gotta say, looks super nice displayed with other figures on the shelf.

    • AmNotR2

      Same story here. Couldn’t resist that price, and now it’s on my desk.

  • TM Garrington

    There is a real problem with Hasbro pricing, these markdowns are happening at a whiplash pace, it is not good for an already fragile hobby. I bought this at full price, I don’t regret it, but will ABSOLUTELY take a breath before buying any other overpriced item going forward.

    • Mark

      Yeah that’s a key comment. If something sits around forever and goes on clearance 6 months to a year down the road, early buyers don’t necessarily regret buying it at full price. But things like this that basically just came out that have been slashed 50% and all the harder to find (initially) WM SA’s that suddenly dropped from $12 to $5 made me feel like an idiot for paying full price. It really will make people think twice before buying new toys and we’ll be back to the sad collecting years.

      • RumSleg

        It really makes me suspect that the original MSRPs are set artificially high. They know they’ll get a bunch of impatient collectors to pay the inflated full price. Then the products get put on ‘sale’ to a price where the more general public becomes interested, but I bet they still make good money at the lower prices.

  • CadeSky

    I picked this up for $30 at Target…really like the set, but $60 was definitely making me think twice. Nice set!

  • meshadowfax

    This was the first time I purchased this kind of SW stuff when if first came out. Never again, I’ll wait for the price drop.

  • ctwins3688

    The single biggest takeaway I have from my first year collecting TBS6 is: NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT FULL PRICE

    There are a few exceptions with specific figures, but this seems to ring true for all vehicles and environmental sets/ centerpieces

  • smitre

    Too bad the deal is already gone. Would have jumped at this.

  • Matthew Leuck

    Hasbro needs to set realistic prices to begin with (and package items like this in more attractive ways. “The Black Series” packaging is the most boring Star Wars toy packaging ever designed). The Speeders should have been $44.99. The Ski Speeder (which is actually a pretty great toy) should have been $29.99, and the TIE Silencer should have been $34.99-$39.99. The Centerpieces should have been $29.99 (I just bought a Vader one for 70% off at Target). The 6-inch SF TIE Fighter should not have even been considered for production…

  • Matthew Leuck

    Also, as it relates to some items (but less-so these Speeders)- I think Amazon has just been particularly cutthroat with toy pricing this holiday season- it hasn’t just been Star Wars stuff. Some other retailers marked their items down to compete. Amazon was even cutting prices on all kinds of Legos (not just Star Wars), which has been virtually unheard of to the degree they were doing it. I think they want to continue to dominate, and contribute to the further decline of Toys R Us, K-Mart, etc. in this “retail apocalypse.”

  • Faust

    I thought it was the older one from TVC and I got all excited. Opened the link, saw it was for the sixer crowd, said “aaaaw maaaaaaaaaaan!” Now I’m disappointed. Thanks JTA!

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