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UK Report: TBS6 [P3] Supreme Leader Snoke Wave Found!

The latest wave of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures are arriving in the UK. JTA reader David H. has found them at Forbidden Planet!

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  • Walter F.

    Awesome. Hope distribution improves world wide next year for everyone. Long overdue.

    • Darth Necris

      Agreed. I hope the good distribution helps to keep the scalpers away as well. I’m getting a little tired of the old “supply and demand” BS line.

      • Walter F.

        Ain’t that the truth. Nothing worse than having to pay double, triple or even more for something.

        • Darth Necris

          Here’s the thing, there are only a couple times I get a figure being way out of normal price. An exclusive figure, perhaps SDCC, or an out of production figure. I recently bought Bossk and IG-88 for about 90USD between the two of them. I may not like that price, but I understand that they only make but so many of them.

          • Walter F.

            That’s true. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet if we want it. I know I have.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            $40-$45 USD is my limit for out-of-production black series figures, but i only did that once and it was for the legit darth mauls reported on this site , but i’d pay 40-45 for Anakin and Boba Fett

          • Walter F.

            That’s about what we gave for Malgus.

          • hammyhamster

            Agreed. Got both Anakin and Maul for about $40 US, but still want a Boba. One day.

  • Kal Kylen

    TRU have had these on sale at 50% off (worked out at £12.48 a figure) up until last night. There are many happy collectors in the UK right now 🙂

    • David Harrison

      Gosh I wish I’d gone there instead of Forbidden Planet – as you can see I paid full price! £12.48 is a great price especially if you can get Jaina Solo, which is sure to be much sought after.

      • Kal Kylen

        Yeah I managed to pick her up from the Liverpool TRU thankfully. Also managed to get Snoke, Rose, Poe, Maz, Praetorian Guard, 40th Anniversary C3P0 and Death Star Commander. Christmas came early!

        • David Harrison

          You got 40th Threepio and DSC for £12.48?!?!?!?!

          • Kal Kylen

            Yup! Full cases were coming and going all over the place apparently but they only had those two when I was there. Join the UK Black Series Collector page on Facebook for loads of up to date reports and sales to keep in the loop 🙂

    • TayVanis

      Managed to get the force link kylo starter set for £12.48 at TRU this week as well – a much more manageable price (especially as I’m hoping to get 2 in due course – one for each of the kids – just waiting for a good deal on a different starter set)!

  • CadeSky

    For those in the Northeast US…I found these figures at a Target in NH yesterday. Left them behind for the next collector, too…not on my “want” list.

    • Darth Necris

      I think the sculpt is great, but something about the figure does not appeal to me either. Maybe if the robe was black, or any color but gold. I’ll have to see him in the movie first, and maybe my mind will be changed, but for now this one is an easy pass. It just looks like a near human, old alien in a bath robe.

      • CadeSky

        Yeah, I’m really not sold on Snoke yet. Plus, that figure really looked disgusting…I mean, they did a good job with the sculpt lol.

        • Darth Necris

          I don’t think I mind him as a character. I’d certainly like to know more though.

          • CadeSky

            Yeah, as a character, sure, I want to know more. But as nothing more than a character design at this point…I just find him more than a little humorous, to be honest!

        • MisterJackpot

          Don’t hold your breath on any decent origin / character development for Snoke. He is the brainchild of JJ after all, which means Snoke will likely be a mysterious politician who rose to power using the dark side to manipulate the senate.

          I would say it could be Mother Talzen or palpatine taking a new body, but it seems to require too much knowledge of Star Wars for the JJ universe. The Anakin scar on the forehead suggests Vader’s corpse brought to life; the similarity definitely seems intentional.

          • CadeSky

            Yeah, Rian Johnson pretty much just confirmed in a recent interview that we’ll know “exactly as much as we need,” which makes me feel like he’ll just…be there.

            I kind of hope there are no “resurrections.” That would be kind of strange.

  • Darth Parsley

    Nice Find

  • hammyhamster
  • Darth_Rizzen

    Also available in France at Toys R Us

    Yours for a mere €30 ($35.42, 20% VAT included)

    Apart from that, not a single Praetorian, ESB Snowtrooper, AT-AT driver, General Leia, Poe Dameron, Rose or Jaina Solo in sight.

    But piles and piles of Kylo Ren(remarkably unpopular), Rey (no more, I beg you!!!), Luke, Finn in disguise, and Maz.

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