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Disney And Fox Are Closing In On A Deal....

It looks like a deal is closer than further away at this point. CNBC has the full story.

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  • thelastwookie

    What is Disney not going to buy? Tesla?

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Disney should buy the rights to add the Fox trumpet flourish to the beginning of every new SW film.

    • RM 1977

      I agree with this 100%.

    • Red V

      I totally agree. It was my first thought when I heard this might happen. I actually was under the impression that the 20th Century Fox Fanfare would automatically be part of the deal.

  • bmales01

    They should quickly get Hugh Jackman to film a cameo in the new Avengers 2-parter

    • hammyhamster

      The only thing I like about this (for teh X-Men side) will be a legit under 5′ 7″ in-costume Wolverine and… the FF in the MCU. That means Doom, Surfer, Galactus and Annihilus can all come out and play, yeah!

      What i DON’T like about this? No adult R-rated CBM’s like Logan and Deadpool. If that X-Force movie gets blocked so help me and my nerd wrath!

      • PG Predator and Aliens too.

        • hammyhamster
          • bmales01

            aw, now I’m sad

          • bmales01

            how are these jpegs static except for the cigarette smoke?

            I saw the exact same thing somewhere else and it baffles me

          • hammyhamster

            i WISH I could do these… even a simple meme! No clue, but if I ever figure it out I’ll tell you, and the world (and this site) will be much better for it 😉

          • bmales01

            I saw it on an show depicting an old historical event (I want to say WW2 or Bay of Pigs or something) but all the gov’t official in pics were still except for their cigarette smoke. it was visually neat.

            but smoking is still bad kids. mmmkay

          • Funtomaz

            The term you’re looking for is “cinemagraph”. There are apps for your phone that can create them quite easily.
            The procedure is not that complicated. You open a movie clip with Photoshop, you select the frame you want to have as your static background. This frame gets copied on top of the movie clip (via layers). And then you paint a mask on the static frame and this mask will reveal the animation. In the gif above someone simply painted over where the smoke is so that it moves while the rest is static.
            It’s quite easy to do. And even your phone can do that with the right app.

          • bmales01

            You say its not complicated, but you lost me at app 🙂
            The only app I have is Pokemon Go for my kid

      • bmales01

        the FF havent been portrayed correctly/well yet. sadly the first film was the closest/best. I dont have hopes for them being introduced

        not sure how the R-rated films get played into this. Jackman is done with Wolvie, so maybe there isnt as much an impact and they’ll reboot his character anyway

        Deadpool needs to be R-rated, but hopefully the second film gets grandfathered in as its pretty far along

        • hammyhamster

          All I care is that this movie, with this iteration, NEEDS to be done R-rated.

          If that happens my investment in high grade Archangel’s and Fantomex’s can actually mean something then 🙂

          • bmales01

            Fantomex sucks. he looks cool but his power set is just weird and contrived.

            Archangel is awesome. the Apocalypse version wasnt terrible. it wasnt great, but I take what I can get these days

          • hammyhamster

            Fantomex will play well off of Deadpool. That Morrison run of the X-Men is easily one of the best, and with Fantomex coming out of that he may get higher points then he actually should, but I’m OK with that.

            And I’ve always been an Archangel guy, if you can’t tell (small avatar and all).

          • bmales01

            I am a HUGE Iceman fan. ever since Spider-man and his Amazing Friends.

            I have an Iceman tattoo (to go with my Nien Nunb)

          • hammyhamster
          • bmales01

            I’ve always loved Iceman. He never got his fair due. Omega level mutant, looks awesome in his new full-ice spikey form. His character just never went anywhere until recently.

          • hammyhamster

            I think it was around the Morrison run (or just after) when they really juiced up his powers so that’s been since the early 2000’s, but yeah, he was always a punch-line or punching bag prior.

            I support any X-Men love so that’s a good thing! Except maggot… and that Marrow character. I think that was the late 90’s. Horrible era for the X-Men.

          • bmales01

            Maggot was awful. I dont mind Marrow as much. I love Morlocks. Could have done without the extra heart thingie but whatever.

            I stopped reading comics shortly after Age of Apocalypse

          • bmales01

            wont Cable play off of Deadpool in the same way?

            I am not overly familiar with Fantomex

          • hammyhamster

            Differently. Fantomex is the sexier, smarter and kinda smooth criminal version of Deadpool. Both Deadpool and Fantomex are just as violent, but Deadpool is insane.

            Cable is just brute everything, but both would work well off of Mr. Wilson.

          • bmales01

            but yes, a rated-R black ops X-Force needs to happen. use Cable rather than Wolverine. he is oversaturated as it is

          • hammyhamster

            I expect that to happen, but with this team… I’d love him to be part of it.

          • bmales01

            Nice team. Still rather have Cable instead of Wolvie. But thats because I dont want Wolverine to dominate yet another film and I dont know who the post-Jackman actor will be.

          • bmales01

            hoooo, Cable and Domino instead of Logan.

    • Roq

      He said he’s done with Wolverine…

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Zac Efron is the next Wolverine. Yikes, that’s a terrible sentence.

        • bmales01

          seriously, that sentence was one of the most frightening thoughts ever

      • bmales01

        he is on record as saying he’d come back to be in Avengers

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i can wait.

      i want a short ugly wolverine.

      • Thank You! Finally a guy who gets it!

      • bmales01

        the term you werent looking for was “runt”

  • hammyhamster
  • Roq

    One company to rule them all.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    They could bring back the 20th Century Fox Fanfare to the new movies!
    They could release the original Star Wars on Blu-ray!

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      yes!!!! those themes were so ingrained in my head as a child i used to think the fanfare was part of the star wars theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahhahah

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Someone needs to buy Hasbro and bring back KENNER!

  • “This deal’s getting worse all the time”.

    • Still not buying another subscription service especially if Disney’s SW show sucks as bad as Rebels and their network Marvel ones.

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        Have you seen The Punisher? It nears House of Cards season 1/2 level of perfection. Daredevil season 1/2 are also on that level.

      • JohnMorog

        Rebels is great, idk what you’re talking about.

        • Grand Admiral Thrawn

          It is great!

      • bmales01

        same here,
        from what I have read, the current Marvel shows on Netflix would remain there

        • Jaken Wraith

          Only until 2019.

      • Jaken Wraith

        With the Rep’s ending Net Neutrality, the prices for Service are all going to go thru the roof anyway.

  • BlueSaber

    Kenner needs to rebuy Hasbro! That would be an amazing move

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      wouldn’t they have to exist first?

      • BlueSaber

        If they could materialize in vintage form, yes. It was tongue-in-cheek man…

  • zerobobby77

    Cinema is dead.

    • LOL. I think it is too.

      • zerobobby77

        Yeah, the past 3-5 years just have proved it.

  • One ring to rule them all…

  • Thank the Maker this has no effect on Fox’s news channels.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Oh yeah, wouldn’t want to lose those

      • You’re not going to be able to trigger me with your sarcastic retort. 🙂

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Trigger, trigger, trigger. I don’t watch Fox or CNN.

      • Jaken Wraith

        Yeah, the ONLY News Outlet officially classified as “Entertainment News”, and not classified like all other News Outlet’s by the FCC.

        • Tom Chorlton

          Hey, even Fox had Shep and Chris Wallace!

          • They still do!

          • Tom Chorlton

            Typo, meant “has”! ????

    • bmales01

      Fox News new anchor team

      Dont worry, no one will notice the difference 🙂

      • I love Tucker Carlson.

        • bmales01

          And I love how each snowflake is unique and special. 🙂

        • GIBBS v2

          Thats explains a few things.

        • Walter F.

          Don’t back down, calls them out and lets them have it.

        • Tyler Frechette

          Me too!!!

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Hey, no need to get insulting.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        i love these dudes.

        today’s kids would call them “trolls” or “haters” or what they did from that balcony was “throwing shade” but i say pure comedic genius

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        i’m always surprised by how many people know of these two yet don’t know their names lol

        • bmales01

          they should educate themselves. The Muppets are one the most important comedic ensembles ever created. pure genius

    • Todd Hofherr

      And I’m sure Disney would LOVE to be able to control the news outlet….

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        Disney has ABC… By law they cannot own Fox News.

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn

      IDK if this is sarcasm…

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      our only bastion of hope in these dire, murky times. i’m glad they staying true to their principles and not selling out.

      thats sticking it to the man!

    • GIBBS v2

      Even with all the money in the Disney coffers they couldn’t afford the ding to their reputation.


      That will be the name of a new quasi religious Star Wars show they produce.

    • Nope. Wouldn’t want them to pop that bubble.

  • The only thing my mind does whenever I hear Fox and Disney in the same sentence is unaltered blu-ray/4K Star Wars. That is all. My brain will now return to its regularly scheduled nonsense.

    • bmales01

      and for me, its combining X-Men, FF, etc with the MCU proper

        • King Bowser

          I want figures of that ASAP!

        • CadeSky

          Haha was this a real thing? Info please!

          • Don’t know. Found it on Google images.

          • CadeSky

            Well thanks! It’s great!

          • bmales01

            I dont think it is real, as in Sesame Street never did an X-Men parody (like they often do with other properties)

          • CadeSky

            It should be real. Love both X-Men and Muppets lol.


        Gonna be a long wait for an all new Xmen team after the Fox version is rinsed out of the media mind. FF is going to stay in the trash indefinitely as most people won’t care.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      me too. anytime these two are in the same sentence i get anxious ahahahahaha

  • Jaken Wraith

    Great for Marvel, not as much for Lucasfilm. Except they get the Theatrical right’s back to “A New Hope”. I think Fox “dropped the ball” owning that over the Summer. I would of had it re-released in 3-D for the 40th on Memorial Day in a limited run. This was prob the last Summer without a Star Wars Movie from Lucasfilm, they could filled that “void”, and it would of fit great with “Rogue One” just having finished up it’s run in Theater’s. Missed opportunity.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    This feels fitting, somehow…

    I guess we can say goodbye to Deadpool as well… ????
    Not clean enough for the Mouse.

    • 80sRobot

      My prediction is that if this deal goes through, Disney will keep all ownership to ANH and Fantastic Four and X-Men. Then they’ll sell the other IPs (e.g. Planet of the Apes, Alien, Predator, X-Files) that don’t quite fit with their brand to the other studios, and do so to avert any concerns by the government over them becoming an industry monopoly

      • Darth_Rizzen

        The sudden irruption of the Mutants in the MCU could have some interesting consequences…


        But yes, they’ll have to rethink a few things. A mega movie with the Avengers and the X-Men would be extrremely hard to make.

        • 80sRobot

          I see them giving the X-Men universe a rest for about five years, as they work in the Fantastic Four characters into the next phase of the MCU. In the interim, they greenlight a Deadpool 3 to finish that series out.

          Kevin Feige and his team will spend this rest period hashing out which is the best approach: Launch a new X-Men movie first and then bring them into the MCU? Or, introduce Mutant characters first into the MCU, and then do a new X-Men movie?

          Either way, the obvious title for the first MCU X-Men movie: “Uncanny X-Men”.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Definitely upvoted for “Uncanny X-Men” ????

            Technically the Mutants are already in the MCU, albeit in a convoluted way (Scarlet Witch and the late Quicksilver). That could be a starting point to introduce the X-Men proper, perhaps?

          • bmales01

            SW and Quicksilver are NOT mutants. At best they are mutates. Their power was bestowed upon them by the scepter with Infinity Stone. Mutants are genetically born with their powers.

            But I agree, they are characters who are mutants in their comic counterparts.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Well, we both know why they used that whole stuff about Hydra experiments and Mind Stone use instead of just saying the M word. ????

            As you correctly guessed, I’m influenced by the comics.

            That Mind Stone is a wonderful thing indeed. It can influence minds, create AIs (both good and evil) out of thin air, shoot lasers… Can it also turn lead into gold or, better still, make coffee? ????

          • bmales01

            I am a comics-first guy also. I consider them mutants. I still consider them the children of Magneto, because I believe the reason for that retcon was movie driven

      • they might sell some British tabloids, and that’s that. A brand is brand, and they know how to make money out of it. Darkhorse will loose some comics yet again 😀


        I think they will keep A&P close and well managed since it’s a huge merchandiser. Disney is slowy becoming Comicon Inc. as American values change with new generations.

    • Kicker2

      Bull, it makes money being R, they don’t hate money. You would admit to that. I guess you forget all the R rated movies they’ve distributed over the years under their subsidiaries.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Seeing how a certain toy company has been functioning for the past 6 years, I’m actually beginning to think that some businesses actually do hate money.

        Especially if the currency is not US$. ????

        • JohnMorog

          Even US… I have been questioning Hasbro’s business decisions for a while now.

  • Tom Chorlton

    This will be great for the X-Men/Fantastic Four/Avengers crossover where there are 45 main characters and everyone gets 30 seconds of screen time, and the villain is dull.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    you guys do realize that Pulp Fiction; among many other R-Rated things, was released AFTER a Disney acquisition ????

    like huh????? yall just not internetting today? is this thing on?????? hellloooooo

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    just give us a pretty complete MCU and some remastered theatrical cuts and i’m in.

  • GIBBS v2

    The sheer number of licenses, channels, franchises, shows actually involved in this deal is kind of mind blowing.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    can we even be sure to the validity of this report? i mean it came from CNBC of all places. the president routinely reminds me via social media tweets that im not to trust mainstream media

  • Funtomaz

    Makes sense for Disney to buy the Fox movie/tv studios. Marvel would be almost completely united. We might get a good Fantastic Four movie for a change, X-Men can be rebooted yet again. This has great potential for the MCU in general which is in the final stages of its current incarnation. And of course, Disney would have full rights for the classic SW trilogy.
    Disney/Fox would be quite the powerhouse even if Fox has been struggling quite a lot for some time now (which is probably the reason, Murdoch wants to get rid of the entertainment branch). Their biggest movie hit in recent years was “Deadpool”, a R rated movie that came out of nowhere. A more distant second is “Logan”, other than that… not so much, the planet of the apes movies did ok, but they were not the massive global blockbusters that other studios released.

    And yes, having new (or all) Star Wars movies with the traditional 20th Century Fox fanfare again would be great. To me, that was always part of the experience. As a kid I was always excited when the fanfare played in the beginning.

  • Fiery Little One

    If this is legit, the MCU is going to get more complicated and more complete. As for A New Hope’s fate, finally.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    The only thing I want to hear from fox and Disney is there working on a unaltered blu-ray/4K Star Wars, until than I got my Despecialized Original Trilogy back up.

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      Awesome looking BluRay case!

      I’m glad you have that because we’ll never see an official release of the Despecialized Original Trilogy. Where’d you get that? How do the movies look?

      • Sith Lord Jacen

        I got it from a guy on youtube look up “”How to get Original Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy on” and they look awesome . The original Despecialized is the only way to watch Star Wars.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          Thank you for the info. I actually prefer the 2011 BluRay cuts of the movies but I’d like the chance to see the orignal cuts of the movies again looking the best they can and not as ports of a 1995 Laserdisc.

          So how do the movies look? Do they have menus and everything? And what are these versions of the movies sourced from?

          • Sith Lord Jacen

            the movies look great ,no menus and they came from harmy’s star wars: despecialized edition – history & sources documentary (extended version) you can watch it on youtube

          • Carbonite_Hydrates

            Thanks. These sound great!

          • Sith Lord Jacen

            there is a set on ebay item##152816139813 and don’t know if its legal to sell on there ..I paid 1/2 of what he’s asking

          • Carbonite_Hydrates

            Thanks! I’ll check it out.

    • Brett Brocato

      I snagged a set and it is by far one of, if not, my favorite blu-ray purchase ever – hands down.

  • Brett Brocato

    To everyone worried about Deadpool movies being suddenly changed to PG – you do realize Disney has released over 50 R-rated movies in the past under their many other movie studio companies, right? They could easily release Deadpool as such. And the X-Men movies have all been PG-13, so nothing would change with those either.

  • Gabriel Rosalez

    Is nothing sacred?

  • Diego

    Timing is a bit off. Would’ve been perfect for Infinity War.

  • Zone55555

    Firefly in Disney hands? Please?

    • 80sRobot

      I think they would sell it. Maybe to Universal (which co-produced and distributed Serenity).

  • Carbonite_Hydrates


    That’s why Disney wants to do this. AVATAR. Disney already has the theme park built and it’s name is AVATAR

    The buyout will give Marvel enough new characters to keep things going and relatively fresh another 10 years, yes. And that’s a big help also.

    Really this deal doesn’t do much for Star Wars other than making a re-release of A New Hope in theaters marginally more likely and profitable. We’ll see the 20th Century Fox Logo and fanfare removed from all the movies going forward. We won’t see the orignal cuts of the films remastered – not when the focus is 100% on what’s next and new. Disney isn’t looking back.

    But AVATAR is being predicted as the next big thing. We’ll see.

    And maybe we’ll all see four more movies called AVATAR

    • Nick Dickens

      Well that’s one of the sticking points. If the deal goes through they may not be more Avatar at least with James Cameron involved. He has deep reservations about the deal.

      Marvel Studios/Disney have the rights to the vast majority of Marvel IP anyway.

      Disney may reinstate the Fox logo on all original 6 films.

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        That’s interesting. I wonder what Cameron can do about it if the deal happens?

        But why did he go through with the amusement park being at Disney World? I’m sure Disney can show Cameron a number that removes any reservations. And it also means Cameron’s movie gets a bigger PR push and Disney can clear the way so Avatar doesn’t have to compete head to head with Star Wars.

        I’m curious how monopoly laws work when it comes to content of created worlds and fictional characters. I understand why it’s not good for all movies to be made by Disney or all TV networks to be owned by ComCast. Or to only have one oil company.

        But any studio or TV network can make up their own original stories to compete. I seriously doubt the government can come in and tell Disney they have a monopoly on cool stories people like and have to split up Star Wars from Marvel and Pixar from the Disney Princesses. Surely this period of unbelievable success and cultural impact for Disney can’t last forever.

        • Nick Dickens

          I don’t think the monopoly laws change that much in regard to the deal for the FANG reason – Facebook, apple, Netflix and Google as the media like to call it. Fakebook aren’t a problem it’s the likes of apple when they really get into the streaming service and subscription model beyond music that they will do, and Netflix. Murdoch is a dinosaur and he’s realised scale isn’t everything. When you think this deal is with $60 billion dollars at best and apple are sitting on around $300 billion in its bank account and Netflix are going to spend $8 billion dollars next year on original content you realise just how small the likes of Fox and Disney are.

          With the Avatar ride Fox own Avatar so Cameron has little control in that area… remember he created Avatar, he doesn’t own it. Unlike George Lucas did with Star Wars.

          However if Cameron hates the deal and wants no Avatar films made under Disney he’s got one option. Walk away. He may honour his contract or not but if he walks? Disney just get a new writer and director in. For that reason I think Cameron would stay, but let’s face it, in a deal this size no one will give much of a thought of that till after the deal. Of course Disney aren’t going to want to pee off the guy that created the biggest box office films of al time for the last twenty years. Avatar 2 will be massive and they’ll want that to continue.

          • Carbonite_Hydrates

            That makes sense for Fox. Instead of fighting it out for a foothold in this rapidly changing media world they can cash out now for more money before the war starts. So are they keeping the news and sports side of their empire. How does this effect their TV network if they don’t make original content anymore?

            I looked up how much money Avatar made in 2009. Over seas it made an unfathomable amount of money. It’s foreign total is almost what The Force Awakens made world wide.

            That’s pretty much as close as you can get to a sure bet with a young franchise. I see why Disney wants to own this so badly.

            Still I’m not sure what Avatar’s success at the Foreign Box Office in 2009 money translates to in 2017. There are to many variables and so much of it is based the strength of the dollar compared to other currencies.

          • Nick Dickens

            I’m nit sure now what Avatar took but TFA only came up just short. If they’d conquered China like Avatar did then they’d be quids in as we say in the UK.

            Regarding the ins and outs of the deal I cannot say exactly as I just don’t know. It’s a massively complex deal.

            I do know it will not be for Disney getting their hands on the Marvel stuff – or that Fox didn’t recast Wolverine (why would they need to this soon?) but if Hugh Jackman and maybe even the X-Men appeared in say Avengers 4 I’d be really happy! But that’s an afterthought on a deal of this size and scope.

            When you’re lookimg at the msssive shrinking of cable subscriptions in the channels and everything and people opting for the likes of Netflix and ‘skinny’ deals – basically pay per view, you just pay for what you watch The deal is very much loaded in Fox’s favour and not Disney’s.

            Essentially Disney are buying into a business that has a lot of businesses that are shrinking or undergoing massive negative change as well as all the assets. So they’ll want to get rid of the liabilities unless they could find away to turn them all around which is sadly doubtful.

            Fox meanwhile get to a massive price and unload all the stuff they invest heavily in and see a return on but doesn’t really do much beyond that.

            They make massively successful films generating similar revenue for Disney but the cost to them is less.

            I think Disney makes around $80 billion on its films for running costs of making them of around $1.5+ Billion dollars.

            Fox meanwhile generate similar in around $80 billion on its films but production and running costs are only around $80 million dollars.

            It can be a very good deal for Disney. It is a good deal for Disney, it is a brilliant deal for Fox. Disney just may be left holding the baby in some areas.

    • 80sRobot

      I totally forgot about Avatar. You’re right. Avatar is one of the four IPs that Disney wants from this deal. After they acquire them, I think they will sell off most of the rest to other studios.

      I also, unfortunately, agree with you on there not being “original cuts” of the OT ever being released. Disney doesn’t have a history of releasing different cuts of their movies, and the studio seems to avoid “looking back” with their film library. Also, KK has gone on record saying that the current version of ANH is “George’s vision” and so there are no plans to go back.

  • 80sRobot

    My humble idea and prediction if Marvel Studios gets the Fantastic Four and X-Men rights:

    Middle of Phase 2: Fantastic Four and related characters start to be introduced. Reveal: the FF existed in the MCU in the late 60’s. They disappeared in the Negative Zone. They return to the modern-day MCU, and haven’t aged a day since.

    Phase 3: Due to the events of Phase 2, something awakens the Mutant X gene in thousands of humans throughout the world. (The Mutant X gene has always existed throughout humanity, but it became suppressed/recessive somehow. Something in MCU history caused this to happen — perhaps a re-imagined version of the Age of Apocalypse event, which resulted in all Mutants at the time to lose their powers.) Thus, the MCU depicts the origin of the X-Men and Xavier’s school as rebooted, coming together in the present-day of the MCU.

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