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Chinese International Trailer For The Last Jedi Reveals New Scenes!

A new and awesome Chinese trailer has been released for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and features scenes never before seen. Check it out!

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  • James

    Its feels very similar to ESB. Does Disney not have any creative writers? why couldn’t they just write an original story that continued the Star Wars Saga? instead of ripping from the original trilogy. Is Rian Johnson’s new trilogy going to rip from the Prequels?

    • Yes, and remove as many white males as possible in the process.

      • bmales01

        I’m a bmales. Am I still safe?

        • I don’t know.

          • bmales01

            wait. I am a white male AND a bmales. Double whammy. I am so screwed

          • Paul’s got your back.

      • Grand Admiral Tom

        I don’t know, it looks like Disney left plenty of white males on the “Dark” side.

        • There are blacks and Asians in the First Order in TFA.

          • Asians? Not in the films unless you mean extras. The Resistance yes but only as background characters with one or two lines.

            TW, Blacks is not the politically incorrect term FYI it’s considered as gauche as “orientals” in 2017. Aside from token Finn there are no other ones in The First Order either.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            yea its “black people” not “blacks” that’s a rugby team

          • This conversation has gone South. Let’s end it here.

          • Yes, on Starkiller Base.

            I used blacks because I didn’t know what the actor’s nationality was and didn’t want to be presumptive and say African American.

      • Now youre finally getting it!

      • Poor white males. They must’ve had it so hard over the last hundreds upon hundreds of years. Shame on Disney for diversifying their casts. 🙁

        • Echo82

          Who were the biggest fans of the Originals in the 70s-80s? By the millions upon millions? White males I would say. Little boys whos dreams and imaginations were ignited by lightsabers, laser guns, and the force.

          None of us begged for a Mary Sue. None of us begged for females being placed everywhere in the backgrounds and foregrounds of all races. It didn’t matter. It was never about that. It was about the magic those movies were.

          Shoving diversity for the sake of diversity is just sickening, and TOTALLY distracts from the story. Yep there’s the token gay guy! (you know its coming) Yep there’s the token Female! Yep there’s the token etc etc. Millions of us can see right through what Disney is trying to do.

          SO yes, I agree, Victoria, with all my heart, shame on Disney.

          • David Harrison

            This is the most depressing post I’ve read here for a while 🙁

          • Jordan Siron

            I mean… Luke (like every protagonist based upon the archetype outlined in the mono-myth) is exactly what you’re railing against: a Mary Sue. Young boys saw themselves in this hapless twit who grew up after going on a journey, eventually becoming the master of his domain. The reason Rey almost doesn’t work in TFA is entirely to do with JJ Abrams–he’s too impatient to build a character over a period of films, preferring to have them go from zero to amazing in a frenzy. (See also: How he handled Captain Kirk, who started Trek ’09 already being the best, only needing to learn that friends are valuable.)

            Your summary of who made Star Wars successful may be true to an extent, but only so far as the 70s and 80s were still a period wherein genre films like Star Wars were perceived as “boy” movies. Having grown up in the late 80s and early 90s, I can attest that girls and women have ALWAYS loved the same entertainment that boys and men have. You just seem upset that now they’re encouraged to enter our treehouse.

            Johnson is a stellar writer, but it’s also possible he’s been hindered by Lucas Film/Disney’s demands to play this trilogy safe by giving the fans (your aforementioned white males, doing the heavy-lifting of Atlas himself) exactly what they want: A Star Wars that isn’t too different from what you already like. For all the missteps of the prequels (and they are legion), they at least tried to traverse some hypothetically interesting paths that strayed from the conventions of the OT. (Obi-Wan playing the part of a 50s noir detective, for instance.)

            Disney and the fans are equally responsible for the current tend of these new Star Wars films being too afraid to be daring or different.

            Also, how was the diversity in TFA distracting to the story? Because they had one black guy and one woman as main characters? They’re currently batting at the same average for diversity as the OT with Leia and Lando. TFA didn’t make a big deal of it in the story itself. You could have replaced either part with white dudes and literally nothing would have been different. The story didn’t draw attention to their race/gender, so why were you distracted?

            It’s a silly non-argument, and it’s a silly reason to take umbrage with the movie when there are genuine issues with the story they told that were 100% to do with everything else.

          • David Harrison

            Well said. I’ve yet to hear one reasonable argument from any of the ‘diversity is sickening’ crowd that explains how they feel the diversity is actually driving the story. I’ve asked it many, many times – how does the colour of Finn’s skin impact upon the story? This guy Echo 82 says it distracts from the story – is he saying seeing Finn’s black face on the screen is distracting him from the story? Because nothing the character actually says or does relates in any way to race. The script as written gives no indication as to his race. So if it’s not the words or actions, then what exactly is it that’s distrating? Unless they can offer a reasonable explanation, I can only arrive at my own conclusions. I’m more than happy to be proven wrong.

          • I would be careful. You’re editorializing others’ comments. “Diversity is sickening” is quite an accusation. Why jump to such an extreme conclusion? I don’t think that’s right.

          • David Harrison

            His exact words in the post above are “Shoving diversity for the sake of diversity is just sickening”.
            Victoria said sarcastically “Shame on Disney for diversifying their casts”. He replied with “SO yes, I agree, Victoria, with all my heart, shame on Disney”.
            I don’t feel he’s been mis-represented at all.

          • Yes, I agree. Apologies. I missed that.

          • David Harrison

            Thanks. In better news, I can confirm that this wave has hit the UK – I just picked this up from my local Forbidden Planet on my lunch break: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfe3e48afe0120677647203fef9f1beaeb63c6afc5cbb3035e87d79d65eaac16.jpg

          • Xo Tica

            TRU had the wave on sale last week , I managed to pick Snoke and Jaina for £12.49 each along with the Praetorian Guard.

          • David Harrison

            A steal at that price! As you can see, I paid full RRP for ol’ Snokey there.

          • Xo Tica

            If I hadn’t seen and bought him at 1/2 price , I would have gladly paid full price for him. I really like the figure.

          • zx_spectrum_30

            They had Jaina!? Curses, had no idea she had landed.

            Did get a couple of Praetorian’s otherwise was just a million Kylo’s at the two stores I visited.

          • Xo Tica

            My local store had lots of Kylos,Reys,Finns, Lukes as of yesterday night. But last Saturday I did manage to pick up Jaina,Snoke and Praetorian Guards along with the Hovertank Pilot. I had to get one of the workers there to help me find the 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack Vader which was roughly £23.

          • I can’t speak for who you’re speaking to in this comment, but I have NO ISSUES with anyone different than me entering the Star Wars tree house. I am THRILLED women and other minorities like me have always latched onto Star Wars. I don’t see doing this at the expense of removing strong white male leads however.

          • David Harrison

            Harrison Ford in TFA and Mark Hamill (hopefully) in 8 and 9? Ford in TFA was twice the man he was in RotJ.

          • There is nothing wrong with seeing different types of people in lead roles in Star Wars. People know what I have troubles with and they’re twisting it.

        • Xo Tica

          The biggest shame is the writers not having very strong women in the series such as truely believable villains. I so wanted a female Sith Lord.

        • There are some poor white males out there who have worked hard their entire lives, just like you and I did. So monetary status is irrelevant here. Why is it OK to overgeneralize a group of people by their race? You know what that is. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I worked hard.

          When Disney makes a good Star Wars episodic film with a diverse cast, then we can talk about it. Hopefully Episode VIII has a chance. 🙂


        It’s a Chinese market now.

      • thelastwookie

        I think they should introduce more Wookiees quite frankly.

      • David Harrison

        You okay bud? I know these must be tough times for you, the stuff your having to endure…….

      • David Harrison

        I mean – first they took away your articulation, and now THIS? The removal of white faces from Star Wars is a Civil Rights issue. You keep up the righteous fight. Keep demanding more white faces in SW! Your like a latter day MLK….

        • I have no fight to fight because I am not a victim. Despite being a mixed race person myself, I don’t identify myself by my bloodlines. It has made me a very happy person in life and I am thankful I had parents and spiritual leaders who guided me well in life so that I never clung to such nonsense. I don’t like actions that are discriminatory in any manner. Also, because I don’t like Disney, I can joke and say things about them in a sarcastic manner or serious manner because it’s an opinion. We still have free speech here. 🙂

    • rusty_t

      What a ridiculous comment.

      • GIBBS v2

        He did say he watched Faux News.

    • $$$ that’s why! The OT was created because it was GL’s passion as a filmmaker and his love of old fashioned serials while the PT was purely made for the fans even though most didn’t want the version of it he produced.

      The ST was made simply to please Di$ney’s wealthy shareholders and sell their upcoming SW theme park.

      The trilogy was NEVER about telling an original story let alone a good one.

    • flipfriddle

      I guess I missed the part in ESB where the quadrupeds smashed through a casino. I’ll give you the walkers on a white backdrop though.

  • bmales01

    The still pic on this thread looks like a giant hairless cat coming at me

  • Norman

    …Who let the Fathiers out? Woof, woof, woof woof (or whatever sound they make).

  • Looks like Snoke’s Fancy dinner party is going to be ruined by those things from Dark Crystal…again!

    • Wait, The Last Jedi is also ripping off Dark Crystal? Can’t they think of ANYTHING original for once?

      • Porgs! Porgs are the key to everything.

      • Answer me this honestly please. You don’t see The Force Awakens as a reboot of A New Hope?

        • Yes, to a large degree I do and I have said as much before. The same was true to a lesser degree of The Phantom Menace.

          • That’s my number one issue. My second issue is something we don’t see eye to eye on, and it has nothing to do with me being a male or you being a female. I wish we saw eye to eye on it, but it doesn’t affect how I feel about you, because you are my sister in the Force.


    oh no no no no no no

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Nice trench scene in the Battle of not-Hoth

  • Nick Dickens

    Very nice.

  • GIBBS v2

    Why does it seem every year as we get closer to a release date, all the jackholes come out in force?

  • Jaken Wraith

    Well, now we know how Finn, Rose, and DJ escape from the Canto Bight Casino, a Fathier Stampede is the distraction they need.

  • Walter F.

    Well they have Hoth trench positions. Wait did I say Hoth? Anyway trenches or not I hope it’s one heck of a battle scene. I always wanted to see more of the Hoth battle so I hope we get that here. Add a little more war to Star Wars please.

  • flipfriddle

    Love your avatar BTW. Are you all out of bubblegum kind sir?

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Darth Rey will become the most powerful sith since her grandpa Vader. And her and Kylo will be kissing couisins

  • General Hux

    Those Fathier’s look awesome!! Hasbro…We need an action figure!

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