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Walmart Receiving Kickers Packed With Old Products

File under: “Too Much Too Late”? JTA reader and friend Nick B. sends us an image of a Walmart kicker display that features a whole bunch of stuff most of us already have. Will there be enough gift-givers in the buying public to pick these displays clean? We certainly hope so. Click the image to see the new display arriving at stores.

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  • mechabug

    And yet they cannot even put their own “exclusive” SA 3.75″ figures on these displays. Don’t the Solo toys hit in like 4 months too?

    • I am not ready for Solo yet. Let’s not rush it. 🙂

      • JohnMorog

        You’re not ready for a horribly sculpted 6″ figure of Alden Ehrenreich in bespin Han gear before you get the Harrison Ford version?

        • ShipGirlLover

          Gonna be a pegwarmer that rivals Zuvio and Jyn.

    • ShipGirlLover

      Imagine if it was full of Praetorians and Executioner Troopers and Lukes. Stuff might actually sell.

  • RumSleg

    I’m fine with this. I want to be able to leave the movie with my son and immediately buy him a Luke, Rey and Kylo, if he wants. For TFA, at the time the movie came out, all you could find on the pegs were backgrounders like Sarco Plank. I don’t want new stuff to hit before Christmas if it means kids won’t be able to find the main characters.

    • I think you and your son are a minority. Most kids don’t want action figures. They want electronics and games.

      • JohnMorog

        I ask my parents for action figures every year for Christmas lol

        • Yup, and you’re between 30 and 50, right?

          • JohnMorog

            I’m 24, but I can almost guarantee you by the time I’m between 30-50 I will still ask my parents for action figures haha. My dad asked me for action figures and he’s 47. He and I are going to a Star Wars toy show on Saturday with my 2 month old boy who will also get Star Wars figures from me for Christmas!


          • JohnMorog

            lololol you could also almost be a grandpa by that logic 😉

          • Jimmy Griffin


          • Bekim

            That’s awesome! I’m 47 and my 4 month-old son has pretty much the entire Rogue One 3.75 collection waiting for him, thanks to his old man…and Ross ; )
            I can only imagine what else he will have by the time he’s 5 years old!

          • JohnMorog

            Right? I realize though, that I mostly buy figures for myself lol. But I will be keen to share them when he’s old enough to talk… I have a big bucket of 90’s figures to share and a separate box for clones to build armies with.
            As an aside I also have a closet full of LEGO for him……

          • Bekim

            Yeah, I will have to figure out how to keep him from getting ahold of dad’s MOC in Star Cases TVC collection when he’s old enough haha!! Hopefully, he will have enough fun with his collection of SW toys that he won’t get the urge to open dads figures. Some dads can’t wait to play ball with their sons- I can’t wait to play with SW toys with mine!
            Ahhh, Ive been eyeing LEGOS for some time. Cant wait to jump down that rabbit hole now that I have a little boy that will ‘need’ them! ; )

          • JohnMorog

            It is a necessity haha.

      • RumSleg

        My son is young enough (5) that I can dictate the terms. The offer of electronics and games is not on the table. 🙂 The offer is: we just saw the new Star Wars movie, would you like to pick out a 3.75″ action figure from the movie? It’s a yes or no question, and when you put it to him that way, it’s an easy “yes”.

    • Brian Beck

      I saw the DJ, Leia, R2 wave at a Target this morning.

      • RumSleg

        That wouldn’t be a bad wave to have overflowing the pegs on 12/15. Luke, Leia, Rey, R2, good stuff. And Rey is amply available in the two-pack with the Praetorian.

        • Brian Beck

          True, but the new one is nice, and it’s 7poa, thats 2 ‘bonus’ poa for the price of 5 ! 🙂

      • Jimmy Griffin

        I need to get my @$$ to Target, I need that Leia.

        • Brian Beck

          Not to sound to weird or anything, but I thought of you when I saw it 🙂
          The store I was at, also happened to be the first store in the area that had the RO wave 2 figures last year, so I don’t know how many other target have them, but its a start 😉
          “Tonight on Alien hunters-two teams compete…….”

          • Jimmy Griffin

            That’s cool. You’re in MI right? I haven’t seen anything past FF stuff in my area; except when I saw the Jaina Solo wave of 6 inch at my local comic shop. (Well, I’ve seen the TLJ wave of TBS 3.75 since FF)

          • Brian Beck

            Yeah, the NW side of metro Detroit. I don’t know what going on here, but of late things have kinda exploded with stuff, I have passed over so many Scarif Troopers, it would make several here cry, I have’nt not found what I’ve been looking for of late, my wallet hates it, but that’s another issue 😉

  • Mark

    So like, the movie comes out in 2 weeks and Christmas is in 3 weeks. I think a new main aisle display with “old” new stuff is a good way to push sales. The SW section at my Walmart is at the very back of the toy aisle and kids aren’t allowed to just hang out in the toy section while mom shops like it was when we were kids so a little more main aisle visibility is probably a good thing nowadays.

    • Of course you’d feel this way. The kids coming out of the theaters are not going to want action figures that only are purchased by 30, 40 and 50 year-olds.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Back when Hasbro knew what they were doing, shippers like this would have been Wave 2 of figures for TLJ… and for the deluxe, it would be Wampas instead of Rathtars.

    • Those days are long gone my friend.

      • I was out of collecting for a couple of years. Can you pinpoint the time/event when things started going downhill? Was it just The Phantom Menace 3D or was it a combination of things? And why did it happen?

        • hammyhamster

          Paul’s always busy so let me help out! Why is the current SW toy market the way it is (and when did it begin)?

          Well, here’s video of Hasbro and Disney’s first meeting after Disney took over Star Wars. Hasbro asked: “I think that it’s wise to offer a continuous stream of new and exciting products over rehashed figures that no one wants in multiple waves”… sadly. that Hasbro marketing rep was never heard from again

          • Larry Edward Jones

            It’s unfortunately just not that popular of a line anymore – I really think people don’t get that a lot of people just aren’t into Star Wars anymore – it’s not nearly as popular as it has been in the past imo – seems like not many people I know who are fans are even that excited for TLJ ????

          • ShipGirlLover

            Maybe if they had better offerings that had more articulation and better quality? Most 3.75 figures I see still have SA.

            3.75 always did better with alien, droid, bounty hunter, Jedi, and army builders. ALL things the figures for the past few years don’t have.

            Notice how hard 3.75 troop builders were to find. Deathtroopers, Scarif Troopers, Sandtroopers, Praetorian Guards – all hard to find. Even with the Walmart SA Phasma wave, Phasma and the FO Trooper generally sold well. It’s terrible versions of Han and Leia, and a super scene specific Rey that didn’t.

          • Haha! Thanks. That’s funny. That doesn’t really help me, though… Do you have links to articles or any factual info?

            I do get the smoke of what happened (like the gif you sent me), but I want the fire.

          • hammyhamster

            I only present the facts. The actual faces were concealed to protect the innocent, but in a nut-shell, there’s your answer.

            Or it’s simply corporate greed,but I like my version better.

  • 11Eleven11

    I’ve still not seen wave 2 of TLJ 6″.

    • Really? Well, to be honest, I haven’t either. But they’re available everywhere online for less than retail.

      • 11Eleven11

        Yep; I got a Poe and a Leia from Amazon.

  • JohnMorog

    Seriously, who is on analytics at Hasbro? Did they just over produce these figures from the get go, or did someone goof after they hit on FF2 and they started producing more even though pegs at every store have all these figures still on them?

    • Jimmy Griffin

      All of the above.

  • CJ

    I don’t have any of this stuff.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      That’s because you either don’t want it, or are waiting for Big Jim level discounts.

      • CJ

        I might want that probe droid eventually. I need to see it a few dozen times first.
        Bigjim discounts are a myth.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    …because Hasbro/Wal-Mart, that’s why.

  • Brent Norton

    Really would have thought they’d had the next batch of 3.75 at least in something like this. The big Yoda’s will sell, he’s really awesome.

  • darthmadonna

    Saw these and just shook my head.

  • TheVaderMan777

    Anyone know when the deluxe Wampa set is coming out???

  • Larry Edward Jones

    I’m really starting to think that Hasbro totally overestimates Star Wars Toy popularity – just not there like it was

  • Gloriouscollector

    What all this says to me, is to simply wait till next year. I’m serious I don’t own a single piece of Star Wars merchandise from this year.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    i was able to score 6″ Bkack Series Praetorian Guard off 1 of these. so that was new and they were on sale. so nice surprise

  • Seamus Gameus

    thats new product here in Canada lol at least the 6″ figs

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