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TFA Battle Action Millennium Falcon For Only $19.99

Wow! Last night JTA reader Bryan L. sent us news that retailer 99 Cents has the Battle Action Millennium Falcon for only $19.99. This report comes from southern California. Does something like this once again fall into the “penny wise/pound foolish” pot when it comes to Hasbro? Did dumbing this classic vehicle down really pay off?

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  • Mark

    It was an unpopular and overpriced toy that collected dust and generally sold when clearanced for $25 a year later. Of course it’s $20 at a bargain shop 2 years later. Where else would it be?

    • Right. Why was it overpriced and unpopular?

      • James


      • Mark

        The Nerf itself wasn’t the problem. It was more likely the introduction of a new and unwelcomed popup cannon, 1/4 the size of the entire ship with 2 ill-closing doors that contained it. If the Nerf darts fired from 2 hidden ports at the headlight positions it wouldn’t be too bad. There were no landing gears or boarding ramp, the stickers “unstuck” after a while and the top that came off was cool that it included a play area when turned upside down but it should have attached to the ship in that position too. The sounds were nice and so was the motion sensing and landing sensing but too much was added to make it operate differently than how we know the MF operates. So, the popup cannon, popup center gunner position and popoff top panel that turned the MF into a rebel base may have been cool in theory but also took away the identity of the MF that we know and love. Most collectors probably found that out from reviews since $130 is a lot to drop on something without research first. Only the rich and uninformed bought this thing at msrp.

  • Keith Maurer

    What store? I would like to get one and either do a custom job or blow it up and post it on YouTube!

    • JediJones

      Please drop it out of a high rise building, crush it in a garbage press or smash it with a sledgehammer.

  • Danny

    I wouldn’t mind picking it up at that price, where exactly was it found?

    • 99 Cents in Southern CA.

      • Danny

        hmm, I’m in Southern Cali but I never go to 99 cent store, I may have to stop by and see what they got.

  • Moseisleynative

    Apparently these stores are only located in AZ, CA, NV, & TX

  • Hazzbro Jonez


    yea more “good deals” alright lol

    WHATTA PIECE OF JUNK!!!!! hey they were only trying to echo luke’s original sentiment lol haahahaha.

    • JediJones

      Star Wars fans are just as whiny as Luke. That’s the key to everything.

  • RumSleg

    This is starting to feel like a fair price…

  • mechabug

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!! Lulz Hasbro. They need to read JTA comments more.

    • JediJones

      Well, not that shocked?

  • SteveU1

    Undersized = Undersold

    • Brian Beck

      From someone living in a small Apt (and getting smaller) I ‘appreciate’ the smaller size. I also find it a bit ironic that people complain about TBS 6″ Tie being too big and this too small (yes I know it’s a scale thing ) but they take up nearly the same linier floor space. just my 2 cents.
      I was never a flacon fanboy to begin with, so/but this fills a ‘niche’ for it 😉

      • Mark

        I see your posts Brian and I always assumed you had a huge apartment or house. Finding out you have a small apartment scares me. 😀

        • Brian Beck

          🙂 You know the saying about getting 10lb’s of crap in a 5lb bag ?
          My apt has an ‘L’ shape to it and the majority is crammed down the little part of the L
          My bigger AT-AT display and BB-8 ‘death star’ are in the other part of the room.

          • Mark

            Oh shiver me timbers! You must get anxious when maintenance comes a knockin’.

          • Brian Beck

            OMG, you have no idea, I have already dealt with them, and they are not allowed to enter. I had the AT&T guy over the other week to replace my DVR, and he freaked out over the collection, but it was the most delicate he ever had to move while working 🙂

          • thelastwookie

            How do you keep that all dusted?

          • Brian Beck

            yeah, that’s a challenge 🙂 SW has that ‘lived in’ look remember 😉

          • UserError

            You must get laid like crazy, man. Where do all the girls line up?

      • Darth_Rizzen

        It’s undersized next to the BMF. That thing was a diorama/movie set piece more than a toy. Most impressive in fact!

        But seeing the NERFalcon next to the Alien Queen puts things in perspective… Her Majesty takes up an entire Detolf shelf all by herself… NOT standing up!

        The TBS6 TIE/SF does do one thing better than the NERFalcon: it’s a great display shelf: ????

    • JediJones

      Balderdash! 99 Cents guarantees they will NOT be undersold!

  • CJ

    I’d buy it for that price. I’d probably never look at it again, but I’d buy it.

  • meshadowfax

    Just as I was getting over my buyers remorse for paying $50 for this.

  • JediJones

    They should spin off Stephen King’s IT with a new, dumber clown named Poundfoolish.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Now, that’s a price I could live with…if I only had 3 months to live.

  • Ken Benobi

    I found this at Burlington Coat Factory about 4-5 months ago for $10. I didn’t bother to post about it because I told many people, and nobody else found it, so I figured it was an isolated incident. I didn’t want thousands of people racing over there, and not finding it.

  • thelastwookie

    Did anyone, anywhere, pay $130 for this thing?

  • Mr_Crankypants

    “Look! Look! They all sold!” said Hasbro.

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