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Huh? Hasbro-Produced Small-Scale Vehicles Hit Big Lots

Here’s something interesting. Big Lots is getting in a new smaller scale of vehicles that retail for $15 that are based on vehicles from The Last Jedi. These are produced by Hasbro. JTA reader Bryan L. sends us an image of what he found.

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  • flipfriddle

    Wasn’t Poe’s X-Wing already small enough?

  • mechabug

    Wtf?! Do figures even fit in these? What really angers me is these required all new tooling. Granted they probably just scaled down the digital files which reduced development costs, but for something all new at $15, give us some cool mini-rigs or something. Hasbro is literally producing everything under the sun (and more) EXCEPT what collector’s are clamoring for.

    • JohnMorog

      Yup, they claim they can’t make new figures for TVC2 because of budgeting, but then they show us where their budget is really going…

  • Mark

    I’ll bet you anything 90% of the people buying these don’t know they’re smaller scale and Big Lots is counting on those too lazy to return them.

  • JohnMorog

    How much smaller are these than the regular releases? It is an interesting choice and I’m not sure why they did it… Competition to Revell’s models? Simply a budget line like their 5poa 6″ figures? I guess they have a place, but I’m just done seeing these and knowing they aren’t going to be giving us more than a couple new figures for TVC2.

    • Brian Beck

      ‘Budget tie striker next to revell tie with the new Disney one in front.

      • JohnMorog

        Oh, wow, yeah so they’re pretty much the model kit size.. Huh, I think this is kinda cool tbh, but also kinda pointless. I mean, I remember some of the smaller ships from days past that were honestly pretty cool and detailed, but I never really liked those midiscale ships cause they weren’t pocket size like titanium series, nor were they figure size.

    • The X-wing is pretty much the same size as the Revell easykit x-wing. The difference in sizes is a few centimeters. I would be so excited if they made a TIE fighter. The only miss for me was the Falcon, and thats only because the sidewalls are much higher than they should be. This line has been pretty solid for the three that have been released so far. Im looking forward to these new ones.

  • Zack W.

    I bought 2 of the X-Wings from the R1 line & absolutely loved them! Especially after a “$5 off $15 or more purchase” BL coupon. The box is rather small, so I’d be shocked if anyone buying these is confused how big they are when they open them.

    • Plif

      Many of the complaints came from people who purchased them online through the likes of amazon, where the perspective on the promotional images were deceptive

    • Can you provide me a list of the vehicles that have been made in this scale?

      • Zack W.

        I know for R1 they released a Tie Striker, X-Wing (Red 3) & the Millennium Falcon (rectangular radar dish). I don’t think they released anything in this line for TFA. Other than those 3 & the aforementioned TLJ two, I think that’s it.

        • Plif

          Yep – and all three can still be found on amazon via marketplace sellers if you scroll through enough (since there’s no easy way to specifically search for this scale).

        • The Falcon was released in the TFA line look first, and repacked for Rogue One.

  • CJ

    I saw these a couple of weeks ago. I assumed anyone who cared was aware of them. I also assumed nobody cared.

  • Walter F.

    Why in the world would they want to do this? When it seems that they’re trying to get the vehicles back on track, they turn around and put money, tooling and time into these things.

    • These are great for people who are interested in collecting ships with accurate proportions, but dont want models that they have to put together. The previous X-wing actually came with sturdy and straight cannons.

      • Brody Scotts

        Agreed. I bought the 3.75″-Scale Kylo Ren TIE Silencer because it was $35 on Amazon. I love the ship, but I’m so far past done with 3.75″ scale (which breaks my heart), and $50 is too much.

        I like having impressively-large ships near my working area, but I certainly wouldn’t mind slightly smaller ships that are well-proportioned for a reduced price…

      • Walter F.

        No argument there. The fear is the other line may suffer from it. But just maybe they can make enough from to put towards it. Hears hoping.

  • Super Amigo

    I don’t hate these, the X-Wing seems to have a lot of colors, which isn’t common for the line. As we saw with the RO X-Wing, the sculptural detail can be quite impressive.

    These fill an important segment of the market: the lower price value products. You have a good toy at a similar price of a bootleg one, with infinite better quality from package to materials.

    This isn’t so difficult to understand and I’m sure most JTA readers know it very well, so people please, let’s have a more inclusive mentality.

  • If these are anything like the X-wing and TIE striker released last year, these will make excellent additions to anyone who collects ships/vehicles.

    • Brian Beck

      Yep ๐Ÿ™‚ I had to go get this-
      Kylo better straight up destroy some MO-FO’s with this ship, now that I have 5 versions of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • darthmadonna

        what is the one on the end with the red windows?

        • Brian Beck

          The Disney one. The ‘budget one’ is nearly identical. the body (cockpit) is the same, and there is a bit more detail on the Disney one, and its wings are just a bit overall longer. in the pic I have the end of the wings lined up, but if you line up the body they are just a bit bigger.

          • darthmadonna

            Cool I am working on the Revel model kit now. I am gonna paint it up and add it in to my Bandai 1/72 collection.

          • Brian Beck

            Nice. The only Bandai one I got is the Tie Inceptor. Only about 100 more pieces to put together compared to the revel ๐Ÿ™‚
            ben eyeing their AT-AT for a long time, but don’t like the price.

          • darthmadonna

            The Bandai kits are nice. Sometimes I will add them to my watch list on Amazon and you can find them cheap on there once in a while. The catch is they come direct from Asia on a slow boat. This is best for the figure kits as those are not allowed to be sold in the states thanks to a certain licensee trying to sell figures in the USA.

          • Brody Scotts

            Ugh. I would love to get into the models, but I’m afraid of how much money I’d spend on the ancillary goods to produce the results that I know are achievable…

      • Very nice comparisons! Its actually very helpful so thanks.
        In your opinion, is the Disney version worth the $5 more than the BigLots one? Which one has finer detailing? Im thinking of getting one or the other since they seem to be pretty much a similar scale…but now that Im seeing the Revell one, it seems like its closer to the 1/72-1/74 scale which may be more appealing.

      • I read your description of the Disney store version versus the BigLots one. That extra length might make the difference for me. If its not too much trouble, can you give me the length of the wings on the Disney version? cm would be great but inches is fine…I read somewhere that it was 14 inches long but that doesnt seem right.

        • Brian Beck

          Disney–29.8cm 11.75 inches
          Big Lot–26cm 10.25 inches about 5.25 inches wide on both

    • darthmadonna

      Didn’t you do a video on the Rogue One vehicles? I kinda remember seeing one on your youtube channel.

      • Yes I did. Thankfully, now you can find videos about this TIE Striker that are far more palatable than mine! The Dan-O Channel has a comprehensive video on TIE Striker stuff and showcases pretty much every format they have been released.

  • If anyone is wondering these are the sizes of the two ships from the last wave and how they scale up, using the measurement of the lengths. (It seems like they just make the ships big enough to fit the length of the box):

    X-Wing: 23.2cm = 1/54
    TIE Striker: 24cm = 1/72

    The X-wing is in the same scale with Rey’s speeder from Hotwheels, the SW Command Rancor, and the Revell pocket kit Jedi Interceptor.
    The TIE Striker scales with Revell pocket kit TIE fighter.

  • Big Lots? They’ll always be McDumpsters to me.

  • Peak-OB1

    Hey Han, I heard you liked Kyloโ€™s tie silencer, now it doesnโ€™t even need a figure to fit inside……what do you think?

  • These have been available for the last two years. I picked up the Falcon for $5 on Amazon a few months ago.

  • tigersith

    Anyone have a barcode or SKU# for these new ones? Thx!

    • Brian Beck


      • tigersith

        Thx for the info, mich appreciated!

  • Christopher Lyons

    If I was 8 and my parents couldn’t afford a $50 X-Wing for me for Christmas this would be awesome. Don’t hate on it.

  • Excellent job on the photography on the box

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