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Stunning New SH Figuarts Figures Revealed At Tokyo Comic Con

Wow. There are some fantastic SH Figuarts reveals from Tokyo Comic Con. ToyArk has some fantastic images. Thanks to all who wrote in with the alerts.

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  • Indiana Skywalker

    S.H. Figuarts offerings on both a quality and diversity level continue to impress. They are well worth the cost if you are able to afford them.

    • MicroCapo

      100% agreed. Some of the best figures I own. Love the scale too, like shrunken down Hot Toys in some cases.

  • Jaken Wraith

    I have about a dozen Figuarts Fig’s, and with them it really depend’s on the Character. Some are really, really good, and some can be really, really bad. At Work i have seen some of the soft good’s, Jedi Robes Amazon sell’s, they prob go a long way making them look alot better.

  • JohnMorog

    These are incredible. It will be interesting if the face-printing Hasbro will be doing will make their figures more comparable to these. The face sculpts are probably what is most incredible here. I’ve handled some Figuarts, and the articulation looks better for the sculpt but isn’t a HUGE difference in range of motion. I wish I could afford them at $50 a pop.

    • Darth_Rizzen

      The face printing that Hasbro uses on Marvel Legends (and will use on TBS6 based on the Rey prototype) is very different.

      You don’t really have the SH Figuarts typical dot matrix look. It’s more fuzzy and looks a bit wet.

      It’s surprising at first but I like the result they got with Thor and especially Loki from Thor Ragnarok. Pretty stunning Tom Hiddleston likeness in a €35 toy.

      • MicroCapo

        I agree, it does look “wet” for lack of a better phrase / wording. It’s tough to order those Legends online though – I’ve seen Loki’s in the store that looked absolutely awful. It’s like you have to physically pick the one you want from 3-5 others.

        There’s not very much variance with Figuarts, all of my Figuarts are ordered (imported) online and I own just about every one, of them, only one of my Padme heads is a bit cross-eyed of the 60+ I own, 15+ human characters.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          I found Loki in store, and the faces were consistent on all 3 they had. I picked the one that the best painted outfit in the end.
          Thanks for the warning though.

          SH Figuarts is definitely one of the few brands that I order with 100% confidence. Never had a single issue. ????

      • JohnMorog

        I was stunned by the latest Thor figures. Those were incredible. If they can pump out figures like that for Star Wars they will really be on to something.

      • King Bowser

        I think the wet look is because of the shiny plastic Hasbro uses for those heads. I really hope they ditch that shiny plastic on the Star Wars figures. Gamora had green skin, and thus didn’t use the shiny plastic, and she looked so much better than Starlord because of it, despite her bored expression.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          What I called “wet” was not the plastic, but the prints themselves.

          It doesn’t show very well on the photo I posted due to the flash, but Loki’s skin is actually matte. It’s just, the eyes, eyebrows and lips that have this shiny, “wet look”.

          It looks a bit strange at first, then you realise it makes the figure more “alive”.

          I think Hasbro was going for the same effect that you get on high end 1/6 scale figures, with eyes and lips that are visibly glossier than the skin. Their technique is not perfect, but it’s so much better than the usual zombie stare we got with painted eyes.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        yea they are pretty cool. i actually got a little freaked out the first time i came across them…. Elektra from the Netflix DD wave is another good example. love that face

  • rebelsfangirl

    I might have to get that Padme. Not impressed with Leia, honestly prefer the updated headsculpt Hasbro version, the Figuarts headsculpt is too chunky. Dooku looks ok though.

    • MicroCapo

      These always look better in-hand than in prototype display photos.

      Confident Leia will blow away both Black Series offerings.

      • rebelsfangirl

        Maybe. I’ve never really been that impressed with the Figuarts likenesses even when I’ve seen them in person, not consistently anyway. Padme looks perfect. It looks like they made the same mistake with Leia Hasbro did, sculpting the makeup highlights instead of painting them on, making her face larger. Not as bad as Hasbros first attempt though.

    • CadeSky

      I also feel like Jabba just looks weird.

  • Chad

    I used to be really into DBZ figuarts, but just got to be too expensive to keep up with the line. The fact that each character always got an “updated”/repainted figure was getting a bit annoying too. Always felt like I had an inferior version.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    TPM Queen Amidala looks unreal.
    Count Dooku. YES! The AOTC roster will finally be complete. Nice cloth cape, too.
    ANH Leia, at long last. Time to ditch that sorry looking TBS6 figure! ????
    ROTS Anakin looks a bit weird, but it’s just a poorly lit presentation. They nailed AOTC Anakin, so I’m confident.
    Astromechs! Astromechs everywhere!
    Clone officers. Always good to have, and the original shiny was an excellent figure.

    * Not so happy…
    I’m not feeling Jabba and his segmented, “mechanical” tail. In this case, I think that the TBS6 version still has the upper hand.

    Is it me, or does ROTS Obi-Wan look a lot like AOTC Obi-Wan… ????

    * Unrelated
    They also showed the Movie Realization TFA figures and I’m amazed by how well the FO trooper design transfers over to sengoku era Japanese armour.

    • rebelsfangirl

      It might be the photo but I’m not impressed by the Leia, head looks too chunky. Better than Hasbro’s first attempt though lol. I don’t like the plastic robes either

      Padme looks amazing though. Dooku too.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        The photo conditions (lighting and angle) were less than ideal, so I’m willing to give them a pass here.
        Besides, SHF always look better in person. ????

        ANYTHING is better than Hasbro’s first 6″ attempt at ANH Leia. ????

        Not sure what to make of the robe. The photo isn’t clear. If they went for their usual hinged rigid panels I might just steal the TBS6 robe and use it on the SHF. Or wait for rickhor409 to release a good one.

        They’re on a roll with Padmé. ????
        The AOTC one was brilliant.

        • rebelsfangirl

          That’s true, definitely too soon for any kind of firm judgement. Sometimes. :p People said that about RotJ Luke and I thought that was bad all ’round.

          That’s true too. :p

          It’s the sleeves that get me, pose in a certain way they going to look really bad.

          Yup, the Padme is perfect. I’m definitely getting her. also my favourite Padme costume so that helps.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Regarding Leia’s sleeves, this design is reminiscent of the SHF Jedi outfits. I see what you mean, it can be a bit finicky, and you have to be careful that they don’t get caught anywhere, but you can adjust the sleeves in convincing action poses without too much trouble.

            I’m not too worried about that TBH. And I definitely want Leia posed taking aim with a E-11.

          • Mike_5555

            I would love to see that version of Padmé and Dooku in TVC when it returns.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            yes me too!

        • MicroCapo

          Agreed. AOTC Padme is in my top 5 figures.

          SHF, in hand, is always better than prototype photos from camera phones. Most of these photos were relatively rushed too, considering there was fines and “the boot” to take photos as it was prohibited.

          I’m confident that Leia will be better than both Black Series attempts. The second attempt was better, but their human faces just aren’t on par with imports. Until they implement face printing, it will always be mass produced bare minimum (Snoke was good, Kylo this time around was better too).

          • Darth_Rizzen


            Also Snoke is “easier” to get right since his ravaged appearance is all in the sculpt and shading, and Hasbro do this quite well. ????

      • TatooineSandworm

        I think the angle and lighting is off. I think that Carrie’s likeness is as perfect as we will ever see in a 6″ figure.

      • King Bowser

        I don’t know if you’ve already seen it, but if not, check out the picture of Lea TattoineSandtorm just posted here in this Discuss thread. She looks perfect in that pic.

      • Mike_5555

        At least they remember Padmé and Dooku exist. I’m looking at you Habsro.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          Hasbro isn’t reading this post!!! (or are they?) lol ahahahahahahhahahahahhaha

    • MicroCapo

      ROTS Obi-Wan is in attendance, he’s behind Count Dooku. They messed up the placards. BTW, ROTS Obi-Wan was said to have one of the best face paints and sculpts.

      I absolutely can’t wait for these figures.

      Those droids will be released both individually, or packed in with 2-packs (similar to the BB units from TLJ).

      That Dooku… Amazing. Queen Amidala, while articulation is non-existent or limited, doesn’t even need articulation. I’m fine with her standing there, looking majestic in sculpt and paint.

      • Indiana Skywalker

        That is absolutely correct. There are better images of the actual ROTS Obi-Wan that are surfacing on other websites, though Toyark did an admirable job.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Ah yes. Thanks for the tip. ????

        And it looks like a lot of preordering is going to happen on my end. ????

        Totally agree. This version of Queen Amidala doesn’t do kung fu, she just needs to look regal. And she does! Can we have a Theed Palace diorama now? ????

    • Indiana Skywalker

      I am very enthusiastic about the release of a Count Dooku figure as well, however, I do hope that the sports bra can be removed. ????

  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    Why is the “Revenge of the Sith Kenobi” from Attack of the Clones?!

  • MicroCapo

    YESS!! Man I love how fleshed the 1/12 scale is becoming.

    These are some of the highest quality figures I own – I just received the Darth Maul from the re-release as well as Kylo and it’s just unparalleled quality at this scale. Closest thing to a shrunken down Hot Toys.

  • Charlie Carden

    I don’t own any from this line, I collect TBS 6ers strictly. But these change my mind! Where’s the best place to buy them ?

    • Indiana Skywalker

      Click on the link provided by JTA in the S.H. Figuarts review section. Amazon has yet to fail me in my procurement of figures from this line. I can assure you that you will enjoy them.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

      I highly recommend starting with the Farmboy Luke. He is amazing, especially compared to that TBS version.

      • MicroCapo

        Agreed. One of my favorite.

      • born_2_ill

        This is very good advice. I started with this figure, which is very impressive compared to any extant comparable attempt & can still be found new at a very fair price. Once you go SHFA, you will mind your money differently. I believe you get what you pay for with this line.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish
      • Indiana Skywalker

        Nice display. ????

    • Funtomaz

      Buy them from one of the Japanese etailers. This is the easiest and cheapest way to buy them. Amazon USA is another source, however, it can be more expensive on Amazon.
      Just google Amiami, HLJ (Hobby Link Japan), Mykombini, Nippon Yasan, Nin-Nin Game to name a few.
      All of them ship worldwide.

    • Matthew Cohen

      I use Amazon for figures that have been out for a little while. If you filter for Prime, you’ll get the American specific sellers (Regardless of if you have prime, as some of them are still Japanese sellers FROM Japan. My experience has been excellent pricing with Amazon for those.

      For new figures that are on pre order I use AmiAmi. INCREDIBLY fast shipping (with a variety of options) and you don’t pay a dime until the product is ready to go out to you

      Some figures are “web exclusives” and only websites get those. Those are a little pricier overall and you’ll have to put the money up front for those. But those almost always double to triple in price after release. I use Mykombini for those


    • Amazon and eBay, sadly.

  • Andrew R

    How do these scale with TBS6 figures?

  • CadeSky

    I’ve never dipped into the imports, mainly just because of cost. But yes, that Queen Amidala is a figure I’m hoping Hasbro gets around to! And Dooku.

    • Chad

      Dooku is the #1 figure I hope we get a black series release for

      • King Bowser

        It’s pretty high on my list too. Unless Hasbro reveals and impressive Dooku figure soon, I think I’m going to go ahead and purchase the Figuarts one. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait for Hasbro to get around to him, or how good a job they’ll even do.

  • SENTENZA1138
  • I started SH Figuarts this year, and I’m stunned and pleased by the quality. They blend very well with my TBS6 display, and with pre-orders up for Jedi Exile Luke Skywalker, I feel as though this is the pinnacle line for 6in Star Wars.

  • TatooineSandworm
  • Funtomaz

    I’m really excited about the new reveals!
    One caveat though… just because SHF shows figures on display doesn’t mean that they will ever see the light of day and will get production runs.
    We were shown a General Grievous a few years ago…. no release yet. The Clones were shown several times now, I think, and the impressive B2 Super Battle Droid was shown a few times before as well… Jabba was on display a few months ago.
    I think Dooku, Ep III Obi and Anakin, Leia, Old Han and Queen Amidala will most certainly be released. But don’t bet that any of the clone trooper, R2 and battle droid variants will be released soon, if at all.

    And I think Queen Amidala may be the very first 3 POA SHF figure, but that’s ok, a character like her needs to look regal and dignified and just stand there. Which is what this great looking figure will do. I can’t wait to get her. Leia’s headsculpt is superb, it rivals Hot Toys. Pre-order dates can’t come soon enough!

  • Jason Dreibelbis

    That is the TPM Queen Amidala I’ve been waiting for, also loving the rots Anakin and Leia

  • Yslar

    Cant wait to order that Anakin! so glad I skipped on the black series one

  • Kalzeth

    I don’t collect 6” but if I did I would not waste time on Hasbro. I would be all in on these

  • Yslar

    It’ll be awesome to see Paul review figuarts again! These figures are incredible

    • I plan to make it a focus again starting in 2018. It’s been hard keeping up. Does anyone have a complete checklist of these figures?

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