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Major Price Drops On Star Wars The Black Series 6" Products On Amazon!

Amazon has just dropped their prices on a ton of Star Wars The Black Series 6″ products. There are too many to list, but be sure to click the link below and chek out the incredible deals! Special thanks to friend Steve U. for the alert!

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  • Danny

    And the love continues…..gotta check out some of these deals. Thanks again!

  • DarthXit

    Yeah..but that stupid exclusive Stormtrooper has doubled from $25 to $52 in a week…what a rip

    • Yeah! What is THAT all about?

      • DarthXit

        I thought you might have some insight… Huge deviation from Amazon’s usual pricing behavior…. Big shock when I saw it… Got mine for 25 so I was psyched..

        • I’m very confused about that also. When the Praetorian dropped $2 and the trooper pack dropped $10, Amazon sent me the difference that I paid for the Pre-order since the original release date was December, and now it went up to $52. I think that has to be some sort of mistake. It makes NO sense to go up that high.

          • Jaden Korr

            You got reimbursed for both? They only gave me the $2 for each of my guards.

          • Brian Beck

            someone in the other post mention some sort of ‘price algorithm’ they use.

      • Batta Man

        Yeah?…scratch head…I chalk it up to Christmas spending, cuz no way ex. Storm trooper worth more than 30$,…and being generous.

    • Brody Scotts

      Amazon’s price algorithm will increase the price of an item as it sells more. This helps especially for items that people want, but maybe not at full MSRP, because it helps to find the best balance between moving units and charging people an amount of money that is adequate for the item.

      Unfortunately, what I suspect is that a lot of people probably bought that trooper when it was $25 (because at that price, it isn’t terrible), and the sales volume just launched the price into the stratosphere. I wouldn’t be surprised if their algorithm got so overloaded that it encountered some exception and just threw some ridiculous price. Perhaps Amazon encounters this issue with several of their items, and at the end of the day they have a pending list of product prices that have been flagged for resetting. If that’s the case, then this figure should be on the list….

  • Agustin

    ANd IRG BS6 are going for $11.99!!!

  • hammyhamster

    Paul, I’m really tired of this mess. Seriously, what type of voodoo have you created this time by sabotaging the hype for TLJ.

    Everyone knows that new product never goes on discount and pretty much EVERYTHING TLJ is now on discount weeks prior to its launch.

    I know it’s not due to lack of interest as TFA was the biggest movie ever and everyone loved it. This is the second movie so it’s obviously going to be twice as great so… there’s only one logical reason behind this : you.

    I love Rey. I love Finn. I even love that great new character, Rose. Disney has done an amazing job of making Star Wars new and fresh again. It’s so exciting watching original films like TLJ, and with the added value of offering unbelievably great leadership from the underappreciated Kathleen Kennedy there’s no stopping this franchise.

    For the children, please reconsider your voodoo magic and let the true fans enjoy these figures and toys properly without a “discounted” label next to it.

    • More likely, the issue is that they launched the product more than three months before the movie came out.

      • hammyhamster

        How did the toys for TFA do in its first 3 months of launch? Their force Friday and film street date had the same 3 month window and I kinda remember no discounts placed on product that wasnt even available due to the product selling through.

        I’m assuming Hasbro shipped more product this time around, but let’s be serious, the optics aren’t good when everything is being discounted.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        what does that have to do with anything? justice league figures release 3 months prior to that movie and havent really gone on sale outside of store-wide promotions…..TFA toys came out 3 months before the movie and none of those toys were on clearance before the movie came out…heck i was still looking for TBS Phasma when TFA was already in theaters.

        • You must have not been following the prices of them online leading up to the movie, then. Go to Amazon and look at how cheap JL Multiverse figures are. Heck, Walmart had two of them for $7 (down from $20) in recent days.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      The problem is Hasbro and too much media crammed too close together.

      • hammyhamster

        … or its Paul. He’s my pal, but we have to blame someone.

      • CT-7567


    • I wouldn’t at all be surprised if TLJ has an opening as big or equal to TFA but has less tickets sales domestically. The ST is made for a Chinese audience anyway much like Transformers, Fast And The Furious, Star Tripe, and every other dumbed down big Pedowood franchise.

      • hammyhamster

        I’ve done other bets on other sites but no one has ever paid up… sad for me πŸ™

        BUT if you want to bet, say even $10 USD, I’d bet that TLJ doesn’t beat TFA for opening weekend $ in north america.

        I love making money! πŸ˜‰

        • shane

          I was going to buy more than the handful of TLJ i bought but………didn’t. I bought SA Luke, Praetorian Guard and the Death Trooper, about 5, 5 POA and ended up just calling it a day.
          I did buy a bada$$ crome black heavy metal guitar that would make Slayer proud. Uh, decisions decisions.
          I tend to think my new guitar is probably a bit more exciting than 5 POA, opinion of course.
          Also I am far more pleased with the Probot, Vader and Boba Fett 5 POA than anything TLJ.

          • hammyhamster

            So far, for the TFA I bought: the 5poa chewie w/porg and the 6″ Pwhatever guard. And I only bought the guard this weekend because I was on Amazon buying books for an Xmas gift and saw it was discounted.

            This weekend I also bought hotel stays for 4 nights in Manila in early January, a flight within the Philippines in late December to visit some resort, a night in Niagara in 2 weeks and… another Slave Leia VC Revenge of the Jedi figure… plus two marvel Legends figures (Juggernaut and Silver Surfer), two Fenn Rau’s and a 9.8 first issue of teh Anti-Monitor. In short: my spending is out of control!

            Your Slayer proud guitar is understood. Mine? Not so much.

          • shane

            I was going to respond sooner but when you said you bought another Slave Leia , I was very disappointed with you. I thought you were cool and then this happened. What if some small child sees it or something ?

            What if some father or mother is offended ? Don’t you care about doing the right thing ?
            LOL. Naw, my stupid internet when out……….again.
            This whole area has some serious problems with that. I’m at my GF apartment. Anyway, as I said, if your ever around my area ( one hour drive South of Cleveland, I’ll put you up in a decent Hotel down the road from my house.
            If that ever happens, the madness will surely commence.

          • hammyhamster

            Dude you so know I’m there. As i told you, I seem to always end up in the Clev every few years so you can count me in. And the invite goes vicey versa in the Toronto to Niagara area for you.

            And how DARE you question my precious VC slave leia collection! That’s gonna be my retirement fund and I don’t care if I step on a few toes, or melt some snowflakes tender hearts doing it :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

          • shane

            It really wouldn’t bother me to see Rey in similar attire. I know that’s really horrible of me. And I have to live with myself and everything.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i think people in general have grown tired of the introductory get it first price hike. this is happening in the shoe game as well….air jordans are not selling out for the first time in a decade and so little people bought lebron james’ last signature shoe that nike actually re-organized its pricing structure and reduced prices on its flagship shoes. now will hasbro take note and do the same? only time will tell.

      i do like that all TBS6 figures at my local wal mart match Mattel DC multiverse prices….those DC figs are 16.82 and TBS is like $17 something. i dont know if this is nation wide tho

    • I don’t know how to reply to these type of comments.


    That’s the old Ep7 Kylo that was clearanced.

    • Funtomaz

      The new Kylo is even cheaper… $8.64…..

  • Funtomaz

    I’ll cry myself silently to sleep now that I have seen how cheap some of the sets are that I bought for way too much money a few months ago… that Jyn Eadu for a little more than $9 really hurts my feelings! πŸ˜‰ Leia is $15? I just got her two days ago and I had to pay 34,90 euros ($41). And Ep VIII Kylo is $8.64?????? I didn’t get him because I pre-ordered SHF Kylo but I am tempted to order him now, even with shipping the figure is dirt cheap.

  • jerome

    over $50 for a current amazon release!? if there going to f@#k us like that they might as well pack a d$%&o with it as added accessory….

    • The Trooper pack right? I don’t understand WHAT happened with that because last week it dropped from $34 to $24 and then went up to $52! That has to be an oversight or something.

      • jerome

        yeah thats the one…i almost bought it at 24.99 but knew ill see it 24.99 again when im less busy…but now that ive seen amazon show us xmas cheer by going in deep i think i just might boycott this fig permanently…i can live without another trooper in a fancy box…

  • Jaden Korr

    I think I’ll go ahead and get the TLJ Poe and Finn for that price.

    • jerome

      theyre both cool figs…especially on sale

      • Jaden Korr

        I was initially passing on Poe because his outfit was basically Cassain’s minus the rank badge, and on Finn because I already got the updated riot baton from the Amazon Trooper set (plus the examples I had seen in the wild had rather poorly painted eyes) but for almost half off I figured why not.

        • Tom Chorlton

          I got Poe so I could head swap him wi th my pilot one.

          • Jaden Korr

            I did the same thing but with the Jakku one from the Target 2 pack.

          • Tom Chorlton

            Get the new one, it’s even better! Unless you get a cocked eye one.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Some of these awesome 6″ figures really on the cheap… Not sure how much demand that scale will continue to have. I like it, but really can’t wait for TVC return!

    • King Bowser

      Must have missed the earlier post about in demand SA 3.75″ figures like Ponda Boba, Sand Trooper, and Tuskan Raider going on clearance for $6-7 (about 50% off).

      It’s all relative… πŸ˜‰

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Sure it’s relative but those 3.75″ figures are all repacks. That Tusken has been released at least 3 times now. But when great 6″ Imperial army builders are 50% off on Amazon (and really still haven’t hit mass retail), that’s pretty bad.

        • King Bowser

          I imagine you are referrring to the 6″ Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver, both of which are re-releases and had solid case packs. They have been available in exuberant quantaties online since thier intial release. And they’ve been seen at retail, I’ve seen them at least.

          Ponda Boba at one point was going for Ridiculous money. Now it’s $7 and on clearance.

          You can’t really use any of this stuff as justification as to whether one line or another is doing poorly. Both have their ups and downs. A lot of both have ended up on clearance at one point or another.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            6″ Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver available in “exuberant quantities online” and “seen at retail”?

            Not in Europe, my friend. ????

            100% of my Snowtroopers and my AT-AT driver were imported from the USA. As far as we’re concerned, these two are rare, USA exclusive figures.

            I’m thinking of getting extras in fact, while I’m here…

          • Brian Beck

            I think you and Funtomaz need to pool your money and fly to ‘Merica, I’ll take you to my marts and targets, and clear it out for me πŸ™‚

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Yeah, we whine a lot. And we’re not the only two Europeans out there.

            But to be fair Hasbro, distributors and importers keep giving us plenty of reasons to do that. ????

          • Funtomaz

            Spirit Obi-Wan… 39 euros online, which I thought was ridiculous. A figure without any accessories? Now TRU also sells the figure here in Germany. And they only ask for 42 euros. That’s $50. Yeah, sure.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            42€? I’ll take 3!

            Oh it’s TBS6? My bad, I thought we were talking SH Figuarts here. ????

          • Funtomaz

            SHF would be cheaper πŸ˜€ The recent (non webexclusive) figures are all between 34-38 euros or so.

          • Funtomaz

            We have a deal if you pay for the tickets and we get to take all the figures we buy back home πŸ˜‰ You can have my extra, unopened Phasma that I still have πŸ˜€

          • Brian Beck

            Only if it has that funny euro money symbol on it, so I can sell it to some hillbilly on ebay as a misprint variant πŸ™‚

          • Darth_Rizzen

            No euro symbol, but the warning gibberish box is on the back, not in the front. Works for you? ????

          • CT-7567

            You’re in the US, DR? Welcome! What part of the country are you still in? I hope you enjoy yourself here. πŸ™‚

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Unfortunately, no. What I meant was “while I’m here browsing on Amazon”.

            Sorry about the confusion. ????

            But, yes, I should go one of these days. It’s been a long time since my last trip there.

            I appreciate the welcome BTW. ????

          • CT-7567

            Oops, my bad. πŸ™‚

          • Darth_Rizzen

            The bad is all mine. ????

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            Every single 6″ vehicle, multi pack, deluxe set, etc. has had trouble moving at full price too. Sorry, the 6″ line just doesn’t have the legs that 3.75″ does, for a lot of long time collectors, the bigger scale is more of a novelty than a passion; especially when we see how far 6″ Bandai figures blow Hasbro out of the water. And that’s coming from a fan of Hasbro’s 6″ scale, but there’s a reason why for over 35 years, 99% of the line was 3.75″ scale.

            3.75″ is just a more well rounded scale… we’ll never see the kind of depth in 6″ scale character wise either. Pretty sure things like Yarna, ICMG, General Dodonna, Lott Dodd, Sarco Plank, etc, etc, etc, will never be realized in 6″ form… the demand in 6″ scale for such obscurity simply isn’t there… Just imagine the deep discounts we’d see on those if Hasbro made them in 6″ scale!

          • The TVC Ponda Baba STILL goes for big bucks. It’s the whole TVC experience. Also, Hasbro treates Ponda Baba like a new figure for Walmart and produced WAY TOO MANY for a second run.

      • The only thing I will add to this is that all of those 3.75″ figures have been released previously. They even sold out the first couple times we posted they were in stock months ago. These 6″ figures are first time offerings that are only a couple of months old.

        • ShipGirlLover

          That’s bad news for TVC 2, which is almost all repacks of stuff rotting on Walmarts shelves.

          • That’s on Hasbro though, not collectors. I hope that enough collectors want ST figures in TVC packaging so that wave 1 sells through, but TVC collectors are not really ST fans.

          • Ross

            I am a TVC collector and a ST fan – I think you made a sweeping statement there.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Some of the lowest prices are for TLJ Kylo Ren and Rey.

    This echoes the situation in physical stores, with entire rows of those not moving.

    Except they’re €30 ($35.7 after taxes) instead of $18 for KR and $21 for TLJ Rey, after shipping and taxes…

    And then there’s Rey’s speeder:
    €61,49 from Amazon US (shipping from the US and taxes included)
    €86,14 from Amazon France (again, shipping and taxes included)

    I’m sure it’s all the retailer’s fault, not Hasbro overcharging European customers… ????

  • DJ

    Cool, someone is trying to sell Zuvs for $35.

  • ShipGirlLover

    Have they just made too many Kylos or is he really just that unpopular? Can’t recall any other major or minor Star Wars villain being such a pegwarmer.

    • Brian Beck

      Both, He’s in wave 12,13, and 14 :/

      • ShipGirlLover

        Oy vey. Should have been more Luke, Hera, Thrawn, Jaina, and Praetorian Guard.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    guys we all know that amazon stormtrooper isn’t going to remain at $52 so i don’t know why everyone is acting all Maury Show-paternity-reveal-surprised at it’s current pricing

  • darthmadonna

    The royal guard was so tempting but I stopped and decide not to break my no more 6″ rule.

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