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More TBS6 [P3] Luke Skywalker (Ahch-To Island) Finds And More Images!

JTA reader and friend Danny R. has ALSO found the TARGET exclusive Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) (Ahch-To Island) 6″ figure and we asked him to take some images inside of the packaging. Luke also appears to have a zombie-like quality to his facial paint operations. Also, accessories are less than other figures in this line. Click each image for additional details.


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  • Does anyone have information on the Walmart exclusive Kylo Ren 6″ figure?

    • Matthew Cohen

      What about it? I own one

      • The UPC and Walmart number so I can search for it on Brickseek.

        • Danny

          Yakface posted that awhile back

          • I don’t follow them.

          • Mike DeRose

            Oh man, you totally should! Gets the news out quickly, unbiased, and always shares useful info the moment it’s available. (Realistically a much better job than the guys here do TBH.)

          • mechabug

            LOL! I come to JTA for the articles, but stay for the comments!

          • Danny

            I posted a link, approve my post please.

        • StarTron

          UPC: 630509615865 and Walmart SKU: 287877571.

        • Matthew Cohen

          Ah sorry, box is long trashed lol 🙁 Can’t help you there

      • Farhan Raja

        You surely are lucky. Where did you find one?

  • hammyhamster
  • ShipGirlLover

    Star Wars Episode 8: Attack of the Zombies.

  • Funtomaz

    I’m glad I skipped that set and went for the basic release of Luke. Why they didn’t include Porgs with that set is puzzling.

  • Danny

    I looked at all 4 figures and they all looked the same [zombie].

  • Jon Morgan

    Anyone know where this was spotted?

    • Danny

      Southern Cali

    • MicroCapo

      I found mine last night in Arizona.

  • Logan

    So this is the Walking Dead exclusive Luke Skywalker?

  • Alientek


    We get more clear rubber bands, and a plastic rock with patches of astroturf!

    Way to pack in the added value accessories!

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Thanks for the pics. Meh for the set.

    It’s far less interesting than Snoke with Throne. Or even Kylo Ren
    with the throne room floor piece, which came with additional metal
    accessories for the figure.

    The rock floor piece with moss isn’t anything you couldn’t find in a modeler’s shop… Or in a forest. ????

    Extra accessories for Luke? Like his cane, a metal Anakin’s lightsaber hilt, or even a Porg? Nope.

    The zoned out expression for Luke is typical TBS6 fare, unfortunately. And will be until the photo real tech takes over.

    • ShipGirlLover

      Yeah. This is THE set to include Porgs and they miss that opportunity. Guess they want to charge us $20 for a two pack of Black Series Porgs.

      Sad that the Elite Series Luke is so superior. Superior sculpt (BTW the heads DO fit on TBS 6″ figures) and he comes with that cattle prod thingy.

      • MicroCapo

        It’s all subjective but the Elite Series is an awful line. Nothing is superior in that line. Amazed it’s lasted this long.

      • ChocolateCrisps

        Porg two pack is $6. That was announced weeks ago. I agree they should have come with this set though.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        The DES Luke head fits on the TBS6 body? It’s not oversized?

        That’s something new then! Most DES so far were close to 1/10 scale, versus 1/12 for TBS6.

        That makes a huge difference when you try to mix them. Jyn Erso being as tall as Darth Vader is a bit jarring in a display. ????

        • ShipGirlLover

          Slighty oversized. The issue I tend to find is that the Black Series are so pale skinned while the DES has more natural skin.

          Your mileage may vary. Some look good and some look water headed.

          My TBS Kylo unmasked looks fine with DES head on him.

  • Darth Lumberg

    Thank you Hasbro for the $10.00 behemoth action figure stand. This will look amazing staying right where it is….on the shelves of a Target near you.

  • mechabug

    Wow that looks just like the rocks with algae in my yard!! Is there nothing toy companies can’t do today? (Aside from make cool playsets of course.)

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    yall just now getting surprised by the rock? does this luke have a different eye color???

    • mechabug

      I did not see the rock before today because 6″ SW figures make me nauseous, depressed, and ill-tempered (more so than usual).

  • MicroCapo

    I really love this set. These environmental displays are great, and there’s an extra peg hole at the bottom of the base for Island journey / Resistance Rey – creating the end scene of TFA.

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