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Found! "Return Of The Jedi" 3-Pack In Philly Area

I meant to post this on Tuesday evening, but I ran out of time because of holiday travels. My local TARGET, much to shock and surprise, had the “Return Of The Jedi” three-pack out of the shelf. As you know, we’re crazy in love with this set and are hoping Hasbro will translate all of the figures inside of it to super-articulated glory. You can check out our review of this set HERE if you haven’t checked it out yet also.

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  • Riot trooper triggs

    Yup, found a bunch of these in the Allentown area. Didn’t take any pictures though.

    • BlueSaber

      No kidding, I’m closer to Quakertown, but I have not seen these anywhere when I checked the Target.

      • Riot trooper triggs

        Found them at the airport road target. They had a bunch. It’s worth the trip if you’re interested, the set is great.

  • mic windu

    Haven’t we got definitive sa versions of Luke and Guard?

    • No.

      Luke Skywalker (Final Duel) needs a definitive final update and we need an ERG without a removable helmet.

      • Tyler Frechette

        I’m assuming with his tunic, uh, flap? Is that what you mean? Because as far as I can see that’s about all we need. And maybe fix those wrists somehow.

      • mic windu

        What’s wrong with the TVC Luke? ERG if it bothers you that much stick it down! I can’t see how a non removable head would make the figure look any different. Besides two wasted spaces that could go to new figures/ character’s/ sculpts

      • CT-7567

        I understand the reasoning behind wanting the ERG without a helmet, but why do we need a better Luke? Slots for OT characters in TVC are going to be precious. I’m happy with VC23. I do wish TVC Bespin Luke had a better silhouette, but it’s still my second favorite modern Luke after VC23.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing – both of those TVC figures are great, why would we ever need more? Rehashing is boring – I want new characters. I can see the desire for a SA Emperor w/ softgoods and a throne, but not the other two…

    • shane

      I think we do actually.

  • Why does this three pack cost as much as the previous four packs?

    • Superflukullus

      Maybe since it’s exclusive to target.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Probably because they’re all new sculpts, compared to tossing a repack / retools into the mix, not to mention the Force Link chips. I picked it up with the 25% discount, so I think $20 is more reasonable. I do wish Hasbro and retailers offered more affordable pricing for kids, gift givers, and money conscience collectors – after all that’s why 5 POA was brought back.

  • El_tito

    Stone Oak Target has them in San Antonio, TX.

    • I remember that Target. That’s where I picked up gems like the 30th Anniversary Aayla Secura Jedi Starfighter and ARC-170 Elite fighter and Battle Packs set. Been nearly ten years since I set foot at that store. Thanks for the memories.

      • El_tito

        Awesome to hear that. Hopefully they get TVC in as well in 2018.

  • Quincy Lamar Edwards

    With all the versions of Luke, Palps & RGs Out there already, I am totally missing what is so special about these. They speak? They are movie accurate? There are repeat after repeat of the same figures, but with one slight change. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a brand new background character instead of this? Why encourage Hasbro to keep making the same old stuff? Even if the sculpts are great, doesn’t it make one just a little irritated that they’ve had a lots of versions of each of these figures already? What about the other previous three I’ve already bought? We’re they just warm ups to really bring it home on their fifth try?

    I have questions. I have doubts.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i dont understand all the love for a 5POA ERG when TBS3.75 black series ERG’s are readily available. i must be missing something …i almost posted a “hey uh, dont forget about me – TBS3.75 ERG” comment in the RDR for this set. i guess people like it because the Emperor figure ? i dunno

    • Mother_Talzin

      Understandable, but that’s what Hasbro loves to do because they know collectors will keep buying the same characters until the end of time, or they quit. Personally, I think the Emperor was a significant upgrade compared to all previous versions – the other two, while nicely sculpted, I could do without. I really wish they would have released the Kenner Imperial Dignitary in this set, since we’ve been asking for it for years now. After so many years of collecting, I want new and unmade characters more than any rehash…

    • I think part of the “excitement” of this “rehashed” set is that it is free of Rey, Finn, Poe and Darth Kylo. The ST characters are painfully boring, and it just so nice to see OT stuff in one multipack. Add to that the sculpts are excellent. If Hasbro can translate them into super-articulated figures in addition to adding new characters into the line, I think we’ll all be happy.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Respectfully, please don’t ever refer to him as a Darth ever again haha. He could only dream of ever being worthy of the title. It’s hard to get lamer than Dooku as a Dark Side user but Kylo takes the cake. (I love Christopher Lee, RIP, but his character was dull)

        • I though Lee did a good job considering what he was given but for such a “major” character he had a grand total of maybe 15 minutes of screen time across two films. Which is about 1/10 the amount Jar Jar got.

      • CT-7567

        Also, we haven’t exactly been showered with acceptable ROTJ-specific Emperor figures over the modern era. Imo an SA Emperor that actually looks as good as this one is a top priority. Im happy with Endor Capture Luke and even the ERG despite it’s EU sourced accessories.

    • ShipGirlLover

      Well, the Emperor figure has a supreme sculpt compared to the others we’ve had over the years. The robe looks perfect, too. Do we want a SA version? Absolutely.

      The EEG is yes, 5POA, but personally, as a customizer I just want the head/robes to put on one of my SA versions for some difference.

      Luke? Meh, but I’ll probably drop the head sculpt on my Endor Luke if I like it better.

  • mechabug

    Crazy in love? Where is Paul, and what have you done with our patron saint of SA 3.75″ Star Wars collecting? More new 5 poa sculpts, especially of OT characters, just makes me want to roundhouse kick my computer screen. I swear Negan & Lucille need to visit Hasbro asap and stop this madness.

    • In a sea of Sequel Trilogy nonsense, it’s refreshing to see something focused on the OT.

      • CT-7567

        Agreed. Plus it’s from ROTJ. Hope you had a nice holiday, Paul. 🙂

    • First he fell head over heels for 6 inch figures and now he is drooling over 5 PoA!? Lets not forget that last year he said SA format was dead. What is happening around here?! The world is upside down!!

    • hammyhamster
      • CT-7567

        I can’t get into it. I think the show is running too long.

        • shane

          Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

          • CT-7567

            Thanks. 🙂 I hope you did as well.

        • hammyhamster

          WAY too long, at least with this Saviours angle. They wasted the cannibals arc with a what, 1 or 2 episode run to start and finish that season and now we’re onto what? Episode 6 and it seems like they haven’t done anything?

          • CT-7567


      • shane

        Where is THAT thread so we can discuss this ?
        The show makes me cringe as much as it is cool. And Negan just isn’t in it enough.

        • hammyhamster

          Thankfully, we’re above rules!


          Now that that’s outta my system, this season has been so bad. As you said, cringe-worthy bad. I really don’t care what happens now. Just finish it, either way.

          • shane

            Cause I mean, am I supposed to care about the king’s depression or something ? Or , ok I’m just gonna stop now cause I forgot how sensitive certain SJWs are ( not the king, some OTHER characters. Somethings are just better left unsaid but um…..yea.

          • hammyhamster

            These idiots have ONE job to do, and that’s to save their lives (by taking out the group they already tried to slaughter), but obviously they don’t like living.

            From having the chance to kill Negan off RIGHT FROM THE START when they surrounded the building and didn’t, to Rick and darryl being a couple of lady boys arguing, and poor Morgan having to leave because the dude just wants to do what he’s “paid” to do to another SJW moment where I’m like “WTF is Maggie part of the Holy Trinity now. If they needed a female it should’ve been Michone?!?!?”, your point above and more… it’s just past its expiration date by now.

  • BlueSaber

    Glad to hear that the packs are FINALLY in PA, the distribution of Hasbro is killing me. Whenever it’s actually something I want, it’s never here. Got plenty of Last Jedi junk, none of the glorious OT stuff…

  • hammyhamster

    I’ve seen these at Canadian Tire for weeks. It didn’t buy it because it’s another Hasbro SW product that holds zero interest for me.

    What good is having a SW franchise if both the film and product launches are garbage over the last few years (save the 40th 6″ black series)?

    Sometimes I wish that I never became passionate about SW in the 80’s as a kid. It would’ve made today’s world of collecting much easier.

    • shane

      I’m always wavering back and forth on Hasbro collecting. Here, I’d like the Emperor on the single card when it comes out.
      But I must say, there ARE actually other things to buy in life as well.

      • hammyhamster

        Ain’t that the truth. I’m always going to collect something, it’s just that Hasbro and Disney don’t get my dollars right now. Will that change? Only time (and a product that interests me) will tell.

        • shane

          Can I just lol here for a sec ? Cause perhaps I’m old fashioned or something looking for really old product that I’ve never seen in person like the BS proto Fett and the damn Scarif Trooper.
          Other than those failed attempts at retail, I got nothing to do here but wait for the Emperor 5 POA on SINGLE card.
          Guess I’m just calling it done for awhile until TVC.

  • Caius

    FYI these characters have already been made in super- articulated glory. The Royal Guard only months ago. Please Hasbro dont waste the time and plastic doing it yet again.

  • Diego

    Be nice if we could start hearing some store reports on the TBS 3.75 The Last Jedi wave. What the heck is going on? Was that early release of figures before the street date it for the year?

    • CT-7567

      I haven’t seen them around Boston either. I’d like to have them to open after seeing TLJ, but unfortunately Hasbro is incompetent.

    • Walter F.

      That’s been the only time I’ve seen them. And that’s at multiple store locations. We’re just now seeing the Boba and Ponda wave.

    • ShipGirlLover

      I’ve seen them multiple times…Rose, at least.

      Outside of that, the only time I saw the full wave was before the street date. Saw one at my local Walmart where the lady rang them up manually for me, and saw just some Executioners at another Walmart where the lady gave me the “lead paint” excuse.
      I have yet to see Luke and Prateorian Guard in store after that, and haven’t seen any Executioner either.

      Then again, I keep seeing the Jyn/Cassian ave with NO Deathtroopers or Scarif Troopers.

  • CT-7567

    We already have two of these in SA glory. Endor Capture Luke is a masterpiece. I would like to see an ERG that’s truly ROTJ-specific and, of course, a new Emperor.

  • Coleman Miller

    I picked this up yesterday! Didn’t think it’d be available until after Nov 30 (according to my check in on Target’s website) but they had it on the shelf. Be sure to check the Star Wars endcaps because it will not be on the racks where they display the action figures.

  • Walter F.

    Our Targets seem to have them here in Middle TN. too.

  • ShipGirlLover

    I saw one in Warrington Target yesterday (somebody had dumped it with the two packs) and grabbed it. Set is really good.

    Lots of Yodas, too. Haven’t seen another Obi-Wan yet, though.

  • Tanner Peterson

    One of my local Targets here in Dallas, Texas had about 10-12 of these hanging on the pegs. Picked one up after reading the JTA review. Gotta say, I’m pretty happy with the Emperor sculpt. SA would be nice, and I’m still holding out for a SA version, but I don’t find I need a whole lot of articulation for an OT Palpatine figure.

    Is this the definitive version? Probably not. Still waiting on that. But this is pretty nice and will tide me over until then.

  • General Hux

    Paul: “I don’t go on toy runs.”

    Also Paul: “I found this at my local Target!”


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