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What's Scarier Than....

Halloween has passed, but hopefully a scary joke will still work? Typically jokes about Constable Zuvio are played out at this point, bu this is a good one. What is scarier than seeing Zuvio at your local retailer still? Click through to find out the answer.

How about Finn (Jakku) in place of the Constable Zuvio figure on a Constable Zuvio backer card. *shriek!*

But what’s scarier than any of this is the people money are dumping on eBay bids to secure this stupid factory error. Click HERE to see the madness!

Special thanks to JTA reader and friend CSE for this humorous auction.

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  • Coleman Miller

    MY EYES!!!!

    But all jesting aside maybe this is why Finn sat on the shelves for so long.


    I have no problem with this.

  • Indiana Skywalker

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” -P.T. Barnum (erroneously credited)

  • RumSleg

    The perfect vortex of pegwarming.

  • bmales01

    Yazflow finally figured out a way to get fan boys/girls to buy pegwarmers. Intentional errors. Bravo.

    • shane

      Upvote just for saying Yazflow again.

  • Peter Longdon

    i was hoping to see a retailer giving these away with purchase or something

    • bmales01

      I’d still refuse it.

      • Peter Longdon

        So would i but they’ve got to move them somehow

        • bmales01

          Toys for Tots? Although that’s a mean thing to do to a kid around the holidays 🙂

  • Kinja

    What bids? I see no bids. Only a ridiculous opening price. Doubt anybody would be dumb enough to bid on this thing.

  • AllThePowa

    Has anyone reported this to the police? That price is a crime on its own.

  • Damn shame, Zuvio became such a joke because he was one of the few alien designs from TFA that didn’t suck even if he was never even onscreen.

    As for Finn, I would not be surprised at all if Boyega cut some sort of Weinstein deal in Bob Iger’s hotel room to get the part.

    • Jaden Korr

      He actually was on screen…for two whole frames!

  • Walter F.

    That’s a Gem right there folks.

    • bmales01

      There is literally no situation that a Simpsons jpeg cant address.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        That’s a gif.

        • OfWolfandMan

          The Simpsons. The gif that keeps on giving.

          • Rivesjunctionite


          • Hazzbro Jonez

            or the Jiff that keeps on giving depending on perspective.
            corrected the person up there but glanced over this. tsk tsk.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          not for people with slow internet connections, flash issues, etc

  • Trippin Ninja

    I was at Target and Walmart this weekend. Walmart was so sad, all Finn’s, Jyn’s and Zuvio’s on clearance. Literally 3-4 pegs full of them and no other 6 inch in sight. Target at least had a newer wave but it was 2-3 pegs of 90% Executioner. I have been hearing about good finds in JC Penny lately, mine didn’t even have 6 inch at all. Sadly, retail is so bad that at this point I’m happy to pay more just to not go through the hassle.

    • thelastwookie

      All of my Walmarts now have a tiny section of one aisle dedicated to Star Wars. My local grocery store has more stuff than Wally World now.

  • Mark

    Did the auction reset? It shows 0 bids right now which isn’t very scary at all.

  • TheLastTrooper

    This is really off topic, but I was going through some of my old Star Wars figures and found this Rebel in Hoth outfit. The top of his left leg isn’t painted brown like the other. I did some research and couldn’t find any that looked like this. If someone knows what it is worth, if anything, please respond.

    • Zarco Rey

      Paint mistakes like that are worth BILLION$.

      • TheLastTrooper

        how much exactly?

        • shane

          IDK, but it’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen this variation.

    • OfWolfandMan

      Just going out on a limb here, a right limb actually, because it is his right leg that is not painted.

  • This may not even be an error, but a well-done mock-up using the first two figures he saw at K Mart

    • thelastwookie

      I was thinking that with the way these cards are designed it wouldn’t be too difficult to do that.

  • Super Amigo

    Phewww!!! For a second I thought that was a Z guy (I won’t utter his name) in a Last Jedi card. That was scary!

  • jerome

    this dude is nuts…i hope no one buys it….ive still got a 6in b.s. ig-88 that was packaged in a darth vader box…and im pissed its like that…i cant wait to buy glass cabinets so i can finally open it and forget about it

  • ShipGirlLover

    Would be scarier if somebody had actually gone through the trouble to steal a Zuvio by purchasing him and returning the card with Finn inside.

  • hammyhamster

    Some collectors like it when the exterior appearance and internal “package” have some conflict. Who am I to judge?

  • zerobobby77

    I wanted to sleep tonight!

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Finn is Zuvio… confirmed!

  • thelastwookie

    Yeah, we’ll see if anyone bids on that garbage.

  • Big Rich

    My fear was Zuvio as 12″ that was lost through distribution…

  • Darth_Rizzen

    A pegwarmer in another pegwarmer’s packaging…
    A new concept: Pegwarmer Inception! ????

  • Gloriouscollector

    LOL Even the factories don’t care anymore.

  • HothHan

    I guess I am missing the “dumping bids” part…it says 0 bids.

  • Fercho

    The Ultimate Chase.

  • Captain America Trooper
  • Hazzbro Jonez

    this is actually cool. it’s what the kids are calling “meta”
    it’s like if the concept of peg-warming materialized and gained sentience/ it’s corporeal form haunting and taunting us collectors from this ebay listing.

  • ShipGirlLover

    I’ll admit – I saved my SA Rose box with the hope of putting a Finn figure in it for lulz

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