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Thrawn #1 Comic Exclusive Sneak Peek At!

Before he battled with the Ghost crew on Star Wars Rebels. Before he was Grand Admiral. He was just Thrawn. And we’ll soon see his story in comic-book form. has an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming comic!

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  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Nice!!!, I’m glad to see a Thrawn comic book, though disappointed that it’s an adaptation of an excellent novel. Would prefer a pre-Thrawn (the book) comic book exploring the Chiss Ascendancy. Still nice though!

    • CadeSky

      I agree completely. I was just a little disappointed to hear that the comic would cover the same ground as the novel. It will still be cool, though!

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        I personally didn’t care much for the TFA and RO comic adaptations, they were all stuff I knew and saw, maybe this one will be adding a new visual perspective to my favorite canon novel.

        • CadeSky

          Yeah, I am nearly a completist when it comes to SW comics…but the movie adaptations are just things that I have basically no interest in. I want the comics that tell new stories and explore different angles.

          • Grand Admiral Thrawn

            You and me, I most comics of the comics, missing the Anakin/Obi Wan, Chewbacca and Leia comics, saving the Poe for when the series is complete. Apart from that all of the comics and most of the canon novels I own.

          • CadeSky

            Yeah, with the Poe series I have been waiting for them to publish the nice, bigger format hardcover…not sure if they are going to do that though. I liked all of the series that you mentioned that you’re missing…the Leia series the most though. Marvel has been making some good comics since the license came back to them, but I am a little antsy about how “safe” they have been playing it. I mean, my Disqus username here is an example of a character I really enjoyed from a series that tried to do something a little different…something we hadn’t seen before. I want Marvel to be brave enough to try some totally new stuff.

          • Grand Admiral Thrawn

            I think we will get eventually more obscure and new/differnent comics in a while, it looks like the whole canon is moving in a new direction with the announcement of Rian’s new trilogy.

          • CadeSky

            I’m hoping that’s the case too. You know, I hadn’t considered how big of a step that new trilogy is. I guess it really is quite a leap from what we have seen so far in the Disney era.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      AGREE. What a disappointment.
      I’d buy a new Thrawn comic in a heartbeat, IF it were new fiction. This, I might wait for the TPB, if I bother at all.

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        Lets just wait for Thrawn: Alliances. New Thrawn material with Vader!!!

  • Jimmy Griffin

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the excellent novel is realized in comic form.

  • pthfnder89

    I enjoyed the novel mostly, but honestly I felt like Thrawn just wasn’t as interesting as he was in the original novels. They took away any of his menace and villainous qualities and tried to make him too much of a hero. To me it just made him boring.

    It’s the same problem I had with the previous Thrawn novels post Heir to the Empire series. He’s not a ruthless conquerer any more, who believed in order through domination. Once he became popular Zahn turned him into a misunderstood hero.

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn

      I tend to agree and disagree with you, while I’m happy that his re-introduction was with a Timothy Zahn novel and in Rebels, introducing him to many SW fans who would have never picked up a novel about a character they’ve never heard of. It’s sad that IT IS in Rebels (even though I like it more than TCW) because this series shays away from death and permanent damage, something that is seen with a military mastermind like Thrawn.

    • Arnold Corso

      Agreed. This is very much a Mary Sue version of Thrawn. The original Thrawn was brilliant, but not omniscient. Thrawn worked so well as a villain because readers wondered how the New Republic could ever defeat him. He was a challenge to our protagonists. However, when he’s a protagonist, he’s so smart that nothing really challenges him, making for a boring story. Also, I loved how ruthless the original Thrawn was. He wasn’t above exploiting Noghri or having an incompetent officer executed.

      • Exploiting the Noghri was pretty ruthless but the Empire never would had been overthrown if they executed more incompetent officers. Both in the EU and ST, It seems like nepotism and a lack of discipline led to a rapid decline in the Imperial military.

      • pthfnder89

        Exactly. He was never bloodthirsty or masochistic like Vader or the Emperor, but he was ruthless when it came to executing his vision. That made him a great villain and a breath of fresh air in a universe where the bad guys were generally just out to hurt people. Sure the whole “defeating his enemies through art” was a bit handwaivy, but it worked because it just meant that he understood something that we the audience didn’t. It wasn’t a catch all for him to defeat everyone. The current Thrawn just can’t really be out thought or beaten, and he doesn’t seem to have an ideology he’s fighting for. He just kind of exists to be Thrawn.

      • Matthew Cohen

        Huh the ORIGINAL Thrawn was the Mary Sue. He was HORRIBLE. He was smart because the book said he was smart, his plans worked because they were written to work. His character was so lazy.

        Zahn apparently agreed with this because he fixed him his new canon book.

  • ARC-77

    Before he was Thrawn, he was… Fabio

    • His only weakness are Mynocks flying into his beautiful face when he rides holo amusement coasters.

      • Jaken Wraith

        Glad someone else remembers that, that still crack’s me up. I had a House on the Bay right outside Seaside (on the Mainland) and was down there when that happened to that poor Seagull lol.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          yea i remember that. i live 40 minutes from williamsburg, been going to BG my entire life. i was born in Newport News. Apollo’s Chariot may be a tame coaster but it has a killer drop and i love that feeling in my tummy. what is mainland? i’ve never heard these terms before. we just say Eastern Shore. that’s close to williamsburg, va?

          • Jaken Wraith

            I could of sworn that happened in Seaside Height’s NJ, but i just looked it up, and it was on Appolo’s Chariot. I have to google, i know someone got hit by a Bird on a small Coaster at Seaside.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        Apollo’s Chariot is my jam. sometimes it’s so dead they let you stay on as long as you want ahahhaha

  • These are from his days when he used to pitch I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and would appear on Danille Steel novel covers.

  • Diego

    Gettin the band back together?

  • ShipGirlLover

    Haven’t read the novel, but I didn’t like how he was on Rebels. I don’t recall Heir Thrawn being able to kick so much butt as a physical fighter, either.

    They did the same thing with many EU Imperials after their original series – Daala, Thrawn, Guri, etc. – they went from being villains to misunderstood heroes. I liked them BECAUSE they were villains.

    • Darth Maleval

      I’d love to see Daala return, one of my favorite characters from the old EU.

  • thelastwookie

    Yawn really cleaned up. I meant Thrawn.

  • Mbraze

    Not really a fan of the whole “Alien Military Leader that is a hero of its people and then somehow gets assimilated into the film villain regime” – Grievous was a warlord before ROTS, Phasma was (according to that excerpt) a leader of her alien tribe before TFA, and now Thrawn was too?

    I think I’d rather hear about characters that actually believe in the Separatists/Empire/First Order and were part of it from the start or willing recruits. Otherwise their leaders are more ragtag than the Rebels and their knock off cover band “The Resistance”

  • Coleman Miller

    Really looking forward to this!

  • mimay1

    For two years I look at Thrawn and all I see is Desslok from Star Blazers minus the blonde hair. He even has similar organ theme music…

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    i will probably pick this up. i dont read much new SW comics but this has my interest even though it’s based of the novel. they have kind of watered down the character though and his re-introduction into canon has always felt slimy and gimmicky IMHO, but i;m glad he’s around

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