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Don't You Just Love Destroyed Star Wars Collectibles Packaging?

“But they don’t get paid enough to care!” I recently was out shopping on an extremely rare toy run to pick up the newly released Rey (Jedi Training) (Crait) figure for our RDRs. (I don’t collect these things and going on toy runs has been pointless since 2013 in my area.) A couple of different stores had them in stock, but most of them looked like what is shown in the image below. Can’t Toys R Us employees show a little more tender loving care when it comes to our Star Wars collectibles? Accidents are always possible, but this was just careless rushing getting stock onto the shelves. We have also seen reports of this same thing across the country from our Facebook readers too.

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  • Jaxx Saber

    See the same thing far too often. Carelessness with the box cutter.

  • AllThePowa

    How would you feel if someone cut into your outer layer, employees?!

  • Walter F.

    And I bet they all had that nice clean center cut right across the bottom of the boxes. As if it was factory made.

  • Mark

    Things are probably coming in and out of stock the whole time you’re not going on toy runs. I used to go sometimes twice a day and found everything I ever wanted but if I went once a year then yes it would probably be pointless.

    • So because you find stuff means I will find stuff? My Toys R Us stores and Walmarts are swimming in Rogue One and The Force Awakens figures.

      • Mark

        You got frustrated in 2013 and stopped looking and now you say looking is pointless. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a natural step after a certain amount of disappointment.

        • OMG. The stores around me are fulfilling that prophecy. Not me.

      • Brian Beck
        • AllThePowa

          But Chirrut still came out empty handed.

          • Brian Beck

            His ‘mission’ was to make it to the switch, he did. Pauls ‘mission’ is to find something in the store 🙂

  • Geoff Brown

    I mean, these are teenagers working at a toy store… I promise they will never care about this. Its just cardboard.

    • thelastwookie

      Teenagers need to learn some respect.

      • Geoff Brown

        Adults need to learn some perspective.

      • Chad

        adults need to work on being less entitled. These are toys at the end of the day. But at the end of the day, I guess I never really understood MIB collecting. Why not just save money by going to the store and just staring at the box if you don’t plan on taking them out?

        • LOL. I totally agree with you. There is no difference between staring at a boxed item in a store and one in your collection. It’s pointless in both accounts.

          • AllThePowa

            Doesn’t that make the Vintage collection pointless if you can have super articulated figs in a different packaging?

  • DarthCanabis

    I see that all of the time. They just need to draw back the blade on their box cutters.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      no one should ever slice anything when opening a box with a box cutter, even if you’re just opening a box of boxes or a box full of box cutter blades. it’s just common sense/home training.

    • thelastwookie

      I know, how much blade do you need to cut tape? Yeesh.

  • JAL

    Just like Gamestop, i ordered this back on FF but it hasn’t shipped. Yet here it is in stores already. Getting tired of ordering from these companies when they don’t bother to ship what you order.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      this was available on FF??? i thought the pre-orders went up a few weeks after?

      • JAL

        Yeah i checked….was the 19th. Still was ordered when it first was available to order and still not filled.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          yea that would frustrate me. i cancelled my amazon pre-orders and just ordered them and already received them lol !!!! forget that noise!!! i don’t do this rush rush pre-order hoopla anymore….too many patterns persist to not alter one’s behavior IMO

          • JAL

            Fortunately my amazon order got here a few days ago. I was lucky that they weren’t damaged as no packing material whatsoever. They at least are putting the Elite Guard in a white Hasbro-type box to protect it. But the First Order Trooper with Gear had nothing to protect it at all.

          • Jaden Korr

            That stinks; mine came in it’s own box like the two exclusive guards I ordered: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/780da04697946e2a0e442137f7ce6f8cb227b42025defbce3bf53913e6a3f8d5.jpg

            Took me by surprise when I opened the shipping box and only saw 1 black and red box (a second #50 guard) instead of 3 and a larger one.

          • Brian Beck

            mine came that way too, but I’m an opener, so……

          • Jaden Korr

            You probably still would have gotten them at the same time if you kept your preorder. My original order from FFII (for 1 guard and a trooper pack) as well as a second one from a few weeks ago (for a 2nd exclusive guard and a #50 guard) both were estimated for the arrival on the 17th (don’t have Prime), but shipped together on Saturday and went across two state lines to get to me by Sunday afternoon.

  • Golden_Rod

    Sadly, It happens. And it sucks when it does. My local T.R.U. is actually pretty good about maintaining the package integrity. So there are still some locations out there that don’t completely manhandle the packaging.

  • JAL

    Just a FYI, but my Guards 4 pk from Barnes & Noble just came in and it was packed well but they stuck two of those theft deterrent stickers on the bottom plus a sticker over the barcode. So much for mint packaging.

  • SteveU1

    I see this all the time and it just shows how out of touch retail is.

  • “Toy runs in my area have been pointless since 2013”

    I call BS on anyone who says this isn’t true of theirs.

    • JohnMorog

      I have TBS scarif troopers, death troopers, and praetorian guards from recent toy runs. Those are just walmart runs.

      I also do toy runs to different collectors markets and second hand stores where I’ve bought some really good older (and newer) stuff. So no, I love doing toy runs. It’s my #1 pasttime, probably.

      • Brian Beck

        Same here.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        same here. indoor auction houses where people just pay to leave their collections, flea markets, indoor flea markets, second-hand shops i go to all that stuff.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        my wife and kids went to see a movie tonight. guess what im doing?

        TOY RUNS !!!!!!!! ahahahahahah

        • JohnMorog

          Story of my life lol

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      lol wut? i’ve found mostly everything i have at retail. i ordered an extra 40th c3p0, Hera, Thrawn, Leia 3.75 Leia 6 Maz and Rex on HTS, oh and Ponda, Fett, and Sandtrooper and that amazon TBS6 darth maul they featured on this site. the last time i ordered online before all that was over a year ago when i obtained the Kylo Ren exclusive. everything else i copped was all brick & mortar. i collect more lines than star wars and i have 3 kids so im ALWAYS OUT AND ABOUT

      • Brian Beck

        I’m glad someone else collects multiple line of stuff. at least you got an “excuse” with the kids, cause when I put my pile up on the check out line, the cashier will go “someones going to have a nice birthday/holiday” and I go ‘yeah, me’, then they look at me like- :/ 😉

  • On Golden Ponda Baba

    Bruh, toy runs are largely pointless regardless of whether you collect BS6 or not.

    • Darth Eddie

      It’s getting that way, isn’t it?

  • Νίκος Μουσμουτης
  • Arnold Corso

    At least they found it! I can’t get one because they’re no longer available on the TRU website.

  • Caleb

    The solution is we all quit our current jobs to work at toy stores and help make the world a better place. Only YOU can prevent product mishandling!

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Thats what online toy stores are for.

      • JAL

        You mean like Gamestop and TRU who take your orders and never fill them while putting them up for order at a later date so everyone else gets theirs and yours never even gets shipped? Or they ship them with no packing material and they get damaged all over and you send it back and never get the promised replacement? You mean THOSE online stores?

        • Darth Eddie

          I won’t order online from GameStop for that reason. So much of what they ship ends up crushed or otherwise damaged and since that company gears itself toward collectors and gamers they should know better.

  • Fiery Little One

    It’s rare for me to encounter something like that. The worst I usually run into is dented packaging. But since I’m an opener, all I really care about is that I get what’s in the box home in one piece.

    • Jaden Korr

      Yeah I’ve really only run into 2 examples of damaged packaging in store (bad dents), and in both cases they ended up being the ones i picked. 1 was a Zuvio that I was getting for free anyway (previous store deal that gave me $10 gift card) and another was a Walmart Shoretrooper I was going to customize as a Captain.

      • Fiery Little One

        I see.

        (Side note: It would have been nice if Canada had gotten the Shoretrooper. But Walmart Canada is terrible about store exclusives. I also saw the Squad Leader exactly once, but passed thinking I’d see more later.)

        • Jaden Korr

          I only managed to get my squad leader because I showed up just as they were done restocking and were about to take the case back to the back room since they’re was still so many of the first RO wave figures on the pegs (they hadn’t opened the case to see the assortment was different).

          • Fiery Little One

            Huh. In my case, I saw the Squad Leader in a Chapters (Americans think Barnes & Noble) and I considered Krennic the priority. I was also not entirely sure I could pay for more than one figure. (It’s happened to me before.)

  • TheVaderMan777

    As someone who stocks at Target I gotta defend the employees here, this stuff happens all the time and with the amount of work put on employees on a daily basis during the Christmas Season, slicing the top of a toy box isn’t a big concern. Just means the people who open their toys might be able to swing a bit of a discount.

    • Logan

      As someone who worked in retail for over 20 years and managed a toy store I can tell you this can be prevented. This happens when employees aren’t happy with their jobs and are complete morons.

  • hammyhamster

    This figure has pretty much killed any interest I have in collecting for this movie.

    If you bought it and liked it, great, I don’t understand why, but to each their own. It’s just that in the last year, how many times has Hasbro recycled product (for all intents and purposes the same product)?? And this one more than DOUBLE the price for the one that came out a few months earlier, and that one went on discount almost immediately. $15 on Amazon right now!

    Garbage recycled figure. Garbage character. I can’t wait to see what other garbage Hasbro can repackage and sell as “new” in 2018.

    How are you 3.75″ loyalists holding up? I like both 6 and 3.75, but there’s nothing in either form for me right now.


    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      All 3 of these exclusives are really annoying. We are stuck with another Kylo just to get the Helmet and base. The helmet should have been included in the first place. Hasbro is really milking it.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    it’s not that difficult to open a box with a box-cutter yet still leave the contents of the box unharmed. these are just people who pee on the seat and park on the line

  • jerome

    this happens alot…hasbro cant fix stupid…some employees will always do this…hasbro could add a cheap piece of material in cases to prevent this but thats not going to happen as long as the figs sell despite the damage…my thanks though goes out to the countless classy open box collectors ive seen purposely purchase damaged boxes and leave the better ones for in box collectors…

  • Nick mann

    What bugs me even more than the box cutter marks are the benders -Collectors who buy their Phil and then destroy and crush the bubbles in the cards of all the remaining stock

    • On Golden Ponda Baba

      Wait, really? Like this is a confirmed phenomenon?

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      If I ever see that happen in person I will beat their azz.

    • JAL

      Target stores used to do this intentionally with Hot Wheels. I wouldn’t put it past them to do the same to other collector lines as well. For those that didn’t know, back in the day, Target would make intentional cuts in the cards so that collectors wouldn’t want them. This wasn’t a mistake with a box cutter. This would be entire cases and at all stores. Eventually, word got back to Mattel and they put a stop to it somehow. But it was intended to keep collectors from bothering employees about hot wheels all the time. I have seen the card bending as well. Also have seen dinging or crushing bubbles as well. Plus, think like a stocker or dept manager…..if they have a bunch of figures that have damage and never sell, they don’t have to reorder any more. One and done. less work for everybody. System shows they have enough on hand.

  • This can be prevented if an extra piece of cardboard is placed between the product and the openings of the box where it is meant to be cut. But that makes prices go up.

    • How much do you want to bet that an extra piece of cardboard would increase the MSRP on each figure by a dollar?

      • And even if it didn’t, that’s what we’d be told.

      • Littlegreenwiseguy

        Hasbro did use extra pieces of card board in cases to general retail up to 2001 for STAR WARS toys. I’m not sure if they stopped during 2002 or later.

        • Darth Eddie

          Not only would Hasbro say a piece of cardboard would add a dollar to the price of each figure but you’d also get collectors who’d believe them and fall for the corporate line each and every time.

    • Darth_Rizzen

      Hot Toys actually do this.

      Hey! So that’s why their Yoda is so expensive! ????

      (joking of course, the figure is gorgeous and has plenty of accessories)

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      That is still typical carelessness with a boxcutter. I’ve worked retail for years and they only have to be a little careful to avoid such damage. UNFORTUNATELY THEY NEED TO ACTUALLY CARE FIRST.????

    • Imperial AMG-mobile

      Cost of a piece of cardboard vs cost of reduced prices to sell damaged product or having it sit on the shelf forever? Tough call.

      • Darth Eddie

        Hasbro can be cheapskates if you hadn’t noticed. Big ones.

  • All of mine except for ONE had the slices through the top. It’s madness. I did that work for a little bit and I NEVER sliced all the way through like that (unless we were in the pantry aisle and it was a case of Jack Links and we were hungry *free damaged goods*). It’s like they just dig it straight down. sharp blades, angle…simple. geeze.

    On the other hand, this is SUCH a frequent issue that Hasbro could easily include a piece of cardboard on the top and bottom of packages (though I get it’s not on them). Walmarts near me do this constantly as well. The first 3 weeks after Force Friday, every TBS6 I found had the slices across the sides. Very aggravating .

  • thelastwookie

    It’s just terrible as TBS is for collectors.

  • Captain Yorr

    this is whyi became a damaged in the box collector. And boy do I have quite a collection.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    Most box cutters have a rounded tape cutter on them to keep this from happening, but in 3 years on the night stocking shift, I never saw anyone but me use them.

  • Jaken Wraith

    My TRU never has the sliced Boxes on any of the Fig’s. I just came back from TRU and all 3 Crait Rey’s were perfect. Walmart is notorious for doing it though. They should be trained to just slice the side tape on the Cases, then just rip the Tape off going over the top. Or just a small slice on the top after the slicing the sides, then it will just rip open easily.

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