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More TRU Exclusive Black Series Rey Sightings

I was driving past my local TRU this morning in East Brunswick, NJ when I got a text from a friend about a TRU product which prompted me to veer off into the TRU parking lot and have a peek. Thankfully I did because they had just stocked the TRU Exclusive Black Series Rey and some of the Ackbar/ FO Officer 2-packs. I had missed the Rey pre-order so it was a welcomed surprise. If you need this beautiful exclusive, it’s time to start checking your local TRU.

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  • Brian Beck

    yep, mine had about 10 of them and got the FO pack this past week also, and the Walgreens Medusa is out also, for those interested ( I’m a sucker for redheads )

  • Jon Morgan

    Just picked one up in Nashville. Excellent release.

  • Brian B.

    I live about 10 mins away from there, did you see any left? Really want this one lol.

  • Arnold Corso

    When is the Walmart Kylo Ren coming out?

    • Jaden Korr

      Hopefully he and the Target Luke army far behind.

    • Darth Eddie

      Can’t be too far off since Flyguy has already reviewed the Kylo Ren on his YT page and this means the exclusive figure has already begun shipping to some buyers.

  • CadeSky

    The Ackbar/ FO Officer two pack showed up well over a week ago at my TRU and it really seems to be just sitting there. Seeing the set in person made me even more okay with just waiting for the release I really want: an ROTJ Ackbar figure.

    Haven’t seen this Rey yet, but again…not interested.

  • Jaden Korr

    The Target Luke is $30, and this Rey is $35. Both have a display base, soft goods, and a die-cast accessory (Luke’s hand and Rey’s extra lightsaber hilt). Does the extra plastic blaster and lightsaber and bruised paint effects really demand an extra $5?

    • Darth Eddie

      No. But this is Hasbro and these are exclusives, so….yeah. (*Sigh*)

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    Found one and was the first one at my local TRU to purchase it, it’s a very beautiful exclusive.

  • Fiery Little One

    Hmm… One of the next times I’m in a TRU, I’ll have a look..

  • Aaron Smith
  • Danny P.
  • Now when are the preordered ones gonna ship? Can’t be long now, right?

    • Imperial AMG-mobile

      I’m waiting too

  • Joseph

    Yup. I just swooped one up too.

  • I didn’t find this, but I actually found several items I was missing; Gamestop Snoke & Throne, Inferno Trooper, General Leia, and the Ackbar, FO Trooper two pack. Not too bad given how the pegs are still clogged with Jyn and Cassian here.


    Is there evn room for this at TRU? Their shelves ar loaded with product from 2 years ago. Seriously I went there today, it’s insane how much stale product still lingers. Total mess.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    i saw these yesterday at Tru in S.E Wi.

  • Darth Eddie

    I have yet to see the new exclusive Rey but I did get to see four of the new Ackbar/First Order Officer 2-packs on the shelf at my local TRU. Unfortunately all four were in mangled and creased boxes that were unsuitable for most packaged collectors and symptomatic of what happens at some stores when the employees either don’t care or deliberately damage the boxes to spite collectors.

    • Brian Beck

      I find it epically hard to believe that an employee ‘deliberately’ damaged boxes, they are hiring all sorts of holiday help right now, so I’d caulk it up to semi poor training of new people, or not caring cause they are swamped, it is a toy store-i.e. stuff for kids–so I’m sure they not thinking ’40 year olds, who need a perfect/pretty box’.

      • Darth Eddie

        You’d be surprised. Toy department employees in my area have been caught deliberately damaging packaging just to spite the collectors and have a sadistic chuckle to themselves. It’s happened.

        • Brian Beck

          Fair enough. I’ve never worked a part time minimum wage job, so I can’t 100% relate. Unless the employee is a ebay scalper DB and keeps some pristine ones to sell, I don’t understand the logic of doing that.

    • Brian Beck
      • GIBBS v2

        I felt like that guy was doing his best “Dark Jim Carrey” impersonation.

  • Farhan Raja

    Pre-ordered mine as soon as they came up online and status still says back-ordered. Contacted Customer Services and they said they are awaiting stock and when it comes in, it will be delivered. I am like they are already in stock and the reply is we cant do anything as different stock allocations. I replied that shouldn’t the people who pre-order be catered to first and he said i can cancel your order and you can purchase it at store to which i replied that no wonder TRU has filed for bankruptcy, excellent customer service.

  • GIBBS v2

    Better get them quick before they go on clearance and are gone!

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