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Found! Return Of The Jedi 3-Pack Hits Toys R Us In Canada!

The TARGET exclusive Return Of The Jedi three-pack is either a Toys R Us exclusive or general release item in Canada. JTA Canadian reader Steve B. lucked out and found this great set at his local Toys R Us in Vancouver. Get me one! Why doe the American version have to come so much later? Great find, Steve!

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  • Superflukullus

    The head on Luke looks like the dark haired ROTJ Luke from Kenner.

    • The majority of 80’s Kenner figures are better than anything SW Hasbro has produced this decade.

      • CT-7567

        Agreed, except TVC was technically this decade. I generally don’t compare modern SW figures to vintage Kenner.

  • Coleman Miller

    I thought this was supposed to be available on Nov 1, but that’s what I get for thinking.

    The only thing I’m not wild about is Luke’s stance. Just stick with the standard 5 POA pose, don’t make it all POTF2.

  • Ricky Chang

    Canadian tire got them as well, so might be general release


    Remember the time Emp had a chair? Hasbro’s budget doesn’t.

    • If we’re lucky maybe they’ll include it on a digital app.

    • AllThePowa

      Remember when the figures could sit on the chair? heh.

    • Tyler Frechette

      Pepperidge Farm remembers… No but in all seriousness we desperately need a new throne chair. The new Emperors don’t fit in the POTF one…

  • I can’t unsee the young Donald Trump resemblance. Still, I think whoever painted this piece of crap probably saw Jedi more than Abrams did.

  • CadeSky

    When I see this, I’m definitely picking it up. Looks good to me. πŸ™‚

    • 11Eleven11

      Jedi Luke = shut up and take my money.

      • CadeSky

        Pretty much!

      • CT-7567

        Agreed. Well said.

  • That Emperor looks very good. To me he’s always been a figure that doesn’t;t need a bunch of articulation so this version works.

  • It seems like every exclusive lately is first being found internationally lately.

    That Emperor looks incredible! Luke looks great too.

  • Fiery Little One

    Our TRUs are usually pretty good about slapping an exclusive sticker on what they sell, unless it’s supposed to be general retail.

  • bobcat

    ah poor americans dont get this set right away. come over to this side of the pond for awhile and you’ll see what we do and dont get! crickey! (ive heard more complaints about this set then i have good,that doesnt mean everything but still)

    • Brian Beck

      You should see how we get when we can’t find the McRib πŸ˜‰

      • bobcat

        lol. thats not in Canada either last i knew..prob part of why you said it! πŸ™‚ exactly! haha

    • OfWolfandMan

      Moe’s Tavern got a deep fryer from an aircraft carrier, and it can fry an entire buffalo in three seconds. But Homer wants it now.
      Also, USA! USA!

  • Brian Beck

    So what does the force link IRG say ?……….

  • DustinW

    Damn, the only conundrum here is that I am going to need two of those ERGs. Anyone want a spare Emperor/Luke?

    Also, anyone notice we are back to Emperor’s Royal Guard after the big fuss that was made about them being Imperial Royal Guards? Hasbro mishap or intentional??

  • I like the Emperor sculpt, particularly the lightning effect hands, but the set is a redundant one. However it’s still good to see the OT included in the mix of new merchandise. Is it a Target or TRU exclusive for the USA?

  • Cameron

    Yeah you can also find it at Canadian Tire for what that’s worth.

  • Nick Dickens

    That’s a lovely set. The ERG looks particularly good, as does Palpatine. The Luke looks (sorry) to be a new sculpt.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    This was released at Canadian Tire first.

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