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Developing BREAKING NEWS Story: Hasbro To Takeover Mattel?

Toy giant Hasbro has approached Mattel about a potential takeover offer, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, a deal that could put iconic brands such as Barbie and Transformers under the same roof. Click through tfor the BREAKING NEWS report at

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  • Roq

    Disney does it all the time. Why not Hasbro? LOLOLOL!!

  • Yay! More crappy overpriced toys with distribution problems assembled by sweat shop kids.

    • AllThePowa

      Actually, this might fix the distribution problem. Instead of producing the most popular toys to out sell the competitor, they may actually be able to balance it out. Besides mattel, the only other competitior is lego… But they aren’t really competition, are they? overpriced sets etc.

      Hasbro might actually fix this for once.

  • CadeSky

    I might be wrong, but I thought that Mattel has always been the bigger company? That would be huge…that would mean that most of the stuff in the toy aisles at stores is from the same company…

    • Super Amigo

      It is the bigger company, that’s why I smell the mouse behind.

      • SteveU1

        I agree. Hasbro buys Mattel then Disney buys Hasbro

      • Funtomaz

        Mattel’s market value is slightly less than 5 billion US dollars. Hasbro’s market value is more than 11 billion dollars. Mattel’s shares have fallen by 47% in 2017. Hasbro’s shares are up 10-20% or so.
        Hasbro is the much stronger company. Mattel has quite a few problems…

        • Matthew Leuck

          Barbie sales have gone down, and the DC Universe movies, other than Wonder Woman, have not been the blockbuster, Marvel-like smashes that I’m guessing Mattel was assuming they’d be. When Justice League opens this weekend, and doesn’t do anything close to Avengers-like business in the coming weeks, that’ll be another painful experience for Matty.

  • Super Amigo

    I can’t help but see the ghostly hand of Disney behind all this.

    Disney wanted to own Barbie for years. You know how you see when Disney will eventually try to own something? When you see a more or less prevalent presence of said franchise in their parks.

    The only giant that could stand Disney’s charge is McDonalds. If you run a successful business or project related to family entertainment, in time Disney will either buy you or destroy you, take my word for it (and I’m a Disney fan, by the way).

    • rebelsfangirl

      That’s a real stretch. Disney is a key partner of Hasbro but I don’t think they even own stock in the company, they wouldn’t have the pull to get them to spend billions to buy their major competitor.

      • Super Amigo

        Disney doesn’t have the pull to manage Hasbro?

        Right now Hasbro is practically Disney Toys, stock or not.

        They have to make public a single phrase to make Hasbro’s stock sink so deep, you’ll need James Cameron’s submarine just to check their value: “We’ll grant our licenses to another manufacturer”.

        • rebelsfangirl



          Then Hasbro could sue them for breach of contract and lose Disney would lose considerable money in licensing fees and the only toy manufacturer with the size to replace them is Mattel, which Hasbro might just buy anyway. Plus with the lead time on toy production it would mean a huge reduction in the amount of SW merchandise in stores for close to two years. Also Hasbro own Transformers and MLP, too huge brands in their own right.

          • Super Amigo

            No, no. They just announce the license switch when the contract is close to its ending, or to be effective when the contract expires. They don’t even need to make an official announcement; they just can start an anonymous viral campaign. Stock holders pay special attention to rumors.

            There are a lot of ways to cover your tracks if you plan to play dirty. Even if Disney were to officially debunk the rumors (they created) to avoid legal action, the damage would be done already.

            They did it before, when Disney granted the Princesses rights to Hasbro.

          • rebelsfangirl

            Market manipulation is a crime. Why would they do all this when they could just buy Hasbro before or after Hasbro bought Mattel? This is all fantastical nonsense.

          • Super Amigo

            It is fantastical nonsense, but only because Hasbro and the mouse have a very prosperous relationship that is hugely and mutually beneficial, so we won’t see any conflict of interests any time soon (or ever).

            I won’t go any further in an exercise in conjecture, when the only point I’m trying to prove is Disney is the strongest party in said relationship, which doesn’t even need proof.

            We’ll have to wait and see.

    • CT-7567

      What happened with McDonald’s? I know Disney doesn’t have a relationship with them because they haven’t offered awesome Happy Meal toys for Rebels and TFA. They made an awesome Yoda for TCW.

      • Super Amigo

        Both companies enjoyed a popular and redituable relationship, when out of the blue Disney started campaigning against fast food, and retired their support.

        Fans of McD’s say that Disney tried to cut a deal that granted them control over the products and spaces that are designed for children, and McD’s said no.

    • 80sRobot

      I believe Disney is most certainly going for a toy acquisition. There are rumors that they are one of the recent major investors in Funko (makers of ReAction and those bobbleheads). (This is also why I predict we could see other companies making 3.75″ Star Wars figures.)

  • bnicks87

    Oh, great. Hasbro lost the Jurassic Park license to Mattel last year because they did a piss poor job with the JW line. Now they’re going to get it right back. Which if true, stinks because I heard Mattel had some awesome things in store for the line.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      3 seashells.

  • Diego

    Anyone with a business background know if this can be filed under breaking antitrust laws?

    • Matthew Leuck

      Even though they’re the two biggest heavy-hitters, there are still enough other decent-sized toy companies (Playmates, Bandai, Jakks, Funko, etc.) that it wouldn’t apply in this case.

    • Nick Dickens

      Can’t see it myself. Both together control not much more than 25% to one third of the market. So I can’t see any monopoly concerns.

  • Danny

    This is YUGE!

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Do I care? I don’t think I do.
    Should I care? I don’t know.
    I don’t care. The end.

  • Gloriouscollector

    Oh WOW! DC and Marvel figures under the same roof.

    • Danny

      DC may pull their stuff if the deal goes thru.

      • Funtomaz

        But who has the resources and the manpower to make all the toys for DC? Not too many companies left, I suppose… unless DC went to Bandai?

        • points_of_articulation

          DC Collectibles does great collector quality figures. I’m been getting some of the Batman Animated Series figures. I suppose a company like Funko or Playmates could do the more kid friendly figures?

        • Matthew Leuck


  • Funtomaz

    So what would the new company be called? Matbro? Hastel? 😉
    The US toy market in 2016 was something like 26 billion dollars? Hasbro and Mattel combined probably account for something like 5-6 billion dollars revenue in the USA, no monopoly here, I suppose. But still, combined they would be a global powerhouse with much more power to make more favorable deals. Or maybe a merger would only be agreed upon if some licenses are sold?
    Anyway… Mattel has been on the way down for quite a while, whereas Hasbro is on the way up. Hasbro’s market value is more than twice as high as Mattel’s.

    Does that mean we’ll have Star Wars Barbie dolls in the future? :-O 😀

    • AllThePowa

      I think it means hasbro won’t stop focusing on certain products to beat the competitor if they own them in the future… Finally balanced distribution?

    • Matasbro

    • rebelsfangirl

      Probably something highly original like Hasbro-Mattel.

      • coreworld

        HasMat is not an option.

        • rebelsfangirl

          I wish, that would be fantastic lol

        • valdacarr

          HASMEL is an option

        • Nick Dickens

          Lol! Malbro? Hastel? Mattbro? Hattel? Masbro?

    • Darth_Rizzen

      We do have Batman, Superman and Mr. Spock Barbie dolls. Who knows? ????

    • Danny P.

      We already do. Have you seen those forces of Destiny figures?

      • Funtomaz

        They are dolls… but not Barbie 😉

  • BlueSaber

    I feel like there always needs to be healthy competition. I would hate for Mattel not to exist anymore, independently. Makes me miss the days when Kenner, Galoob and Tyco were still around.

    • AllThePowa

      I miss joyride studios. (It’s a one-time off thing, they made the first two halo games toys… They’re were really good quality, and fabulous figures….)

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Imagine Mattel with Hasbro’s poor distribution.

    • Matthew Sebastian Wang

      At least there will be distribution! Mattel’s DC lines have been non-existant in Asia for as long as I remember. Any kind of local distribution will be an improvement!

    • rebelsfangirl

      Manufacturers do not control distribution.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Would you prefer: “Imagine Mattel with Hasbro’s knack for nonsensical wave case assortments and overpacking proven pegwarmers” ?


        • rebelsfangirl

          Sure, but even then case assortments are made with an eye to what retailers expect and want (main character in every case even if it is one that isn’t selling well or makes no sense). But that at least is something Hasbro actually control, unlike distribution.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Not quite following your logic here… They don’t control it because retailers dictate what they want, but they do control it anyway? ????

            Trouble is that the market is extremely fragmented.

            Toy specialists of all sizes tend to have buyers that have a fairly good idea of what’s going to sell or not.
            How big are they compared to the distribution behemoths though? Not much…

            General retailers don’t really know or care, it’s just another aisle that really matters only around June/July (when they place their orders) and mid-October to December 27th (because Christmas rush).

            And even then, I’m not sure that Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Big C or Dunnes’ (add your favourite local retail chain here) all share the exact same goals due to very different markets.
            But I am pretty sure that if Hasbro USA do allow some retail chain to dictate their assortments, it’s not going to be Albert Heijn… ????

          • rebelsfangirl

            They do control it but they still need to make case assortments with an eye to what retailers want, they can’t just do whatever. That’s why every wave has to have a big name character in it for Marvel Legends and TBS and so forth.

  • Jason Wood

    A merger like this is bad for consumers because less competition on price and quality control. Very bad idea. Also means prices would increase everywhere.

    • matt

      100% agree with you.

    • Nick Dickens

      That’s what worries me.

  • Tod McCaskill

    So if this happens, I wonder if we’ll see a new He-Man line?

  • Barney Dunn

    Hasbro lost their Jurassic World license last year to Mattel. The Hasbro Jurassic World toys were of poor quality and really an embarrassment. We don’t want Hasbro anywhere near Jurassic World 2.

    • valdacarr

      Mattel lost the Disney Princess line to Hasbro which was 1 Billion dollars.

      • Nick Dickens

        That was always going to happen. Disney ha e major stakes in Hasbro so it made sense from a consolidation point.

  • rebelsfangirl

    It’s far from impossible but I would still be surprised if this happens. I’m not sure it would make much difference for collectors or consumers really, except possibly the Mattel licenses might see an increase in quality lol.

    • Nick Dickens

      In regards to the higher up end of collectibles Mattel are better than Hasbro. Now mainstream junk like SW or Marvel Legends isn’t MCU fifferent from the DC stuff they put out.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    They’re early! The traditional Hasbro/Mattel merger talks “rumours” normally happen on February each year (2016, then 2017). ????

    I’ll believe it when I see it happen. ????

    Now if it did happen, I’m honestly not sure if that would be good news from a collector’s perspective.

    While Hasbro still haven’t quite decided if their “collector oriented” stuff is for young children or not, Mattel have been trying to penetrate the adult collector market in earnest (beyond their usual designer Barbie dolls, that is).

    Matty Collector made a valiant (but doomed) attempt to resurrect Masters of the Universe.
    Barbie Black Label introduced 12″ Star Trek TOS and DC movie universe dolls.
    This year they made a very impressive Snyderverse 1/12 scale R/C Batmobile, compatible with their 6″ figures. Far more spectacular than the TIE/FO waste of plastic.

    Oh, and some of these actually CAN be found in stores too, for less than extortionate prices. Apparently, the same Evil Greedy Incompetent Retailers that can’t handle Hasbro’s products right have no issue with Mattel. ????

    I’m pretty sure all this would be axed ASAP should Hasbro take over.

    Of course, we might also see better articulation and likenesses in the 6″ DC figures line as well (which wouldn’t be too hard). Who knows?

    Only thing that can be said for sure is that large mergers are bad news for the employees… ☹

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      lol i would hardly call the MOTU resurrection doomed, it lasted for 8 years under mattel, constantly sold out, commands some pretty stellar prices on the aftermarket, and is still going strong thanks to super7/the four horseman…..i’d actually say it was a huge success…..just because matty collector shop closed down due to mattels mis-management shouldn’t really factor in to it.

      • Super Amigo

        From the general market standpoint, MOTUC didn’t exist.
        It’s clear Mattel wanted to resurrect the line at retail for the genral public, and in that regard it was a failure.
        They didn’t risk too much (or anything) to make that happen, though.

        Now, in the collector niche market, it was epic, and unlike most modern toy lines, a true investment. Those figures are the bitcoin of toys.

        • Nick Dickens

          It was never intended to go mainstream. I think Mattel have realised that the mass market is pretty much kaput.

          • Super Amigo

            If memory serves me well, which now more than ever does not, there were some Q&A with the (then) manager of the line in which he made public some intention from Mattel to eventually launch the line at retail in a somewhat different way, with less accessories, limited quantities, different packaging or something like that.

            They tested the waters with the DC/HE-MAN 2 packs, but soon the project was abandoned before it even got started, because like you said, they realized there was no market for the line.

            It hard to sell a character based toy line without the support of (in chronological order): legends passed by word of mouth, history or fantasy books, radio, cinema or TV.

            Mattel seems to have pulled it off with He-Man (the couple of years the line went without the TV show), but actually I’ve found contradictory information regarding the early success of MOTU. Some say it was a failure before the show premiered, while other sources affirm the line was a hit from day one. The other thing I’ve been trying to find to no avail, is how Star Wars and He-Man coexisted in the market and the details about their shelf presence. If you consider the second half of 1983 as the year He-Man became mainstream, it’s easy, but what about 82 and 83? (March 82 being possibly the soft launch of the line). It’s a mystery!

            Please some Star Wars and He-Man historians shed some light on this matter!

          • Nick Dickens

            He-Man was released in limited areas. It was a big hit once the show came out and like all those things it did feed off the show and the show fed off the toys success. Like all those shows though the toys died not long after the show or was losing traction. But for children that’s right. Most kids won’t collect a toy range beyond that if even that long, growing up will cause most to drop out along with other interests AND then folk like me never really lose love or interest in say MOTU then try to jump on board.

            MOTU really did take off and fly from early 83 (the show debuted much later in the year) and started to fizzle out when She-Ra came along. It was still going strong into 85 and 86, but Thundercats was the next big thing, TMNT and also in 84 and 85 Transformers really started to bite.

            This is also the time that Star Wars really ran out of steam when ROTJ hit. Within a year of its release SW was the 8 track of toy collecting – only for the super dedicated. 18 months later they canned the line.

            The sad irony is within 3 years all these lines were dead and buried, or in the case of Transformers lumbering on like an extra in the background of The Walking Dead.

          • Super Amigo

            Amazing read! So there wasn’t any real overlap during both lines prime then, just like I thought. Perhaps just a few months after release of ROTJ at most.

            Thanks for the info!

          • Nick Dickens

            You’re most welcome my friend. I was going off my old diaries and also off my friends research and mine as well as the recent and brilliant He-Man books from Dark Horse.

            There is some great MOTU content on YouTube and online. The He-Man org website is great and a personal favourite, as is the brilliant Battle Ram blog. Which has a very good and growing database of articles on all the original MOTU range.

          • Super Amigo

            The Battle Ram blog is one of the most amazing things that happened to MOTU since…. well, since Mattel decided to hire Mark Taylor as a designer.

            That blog proves that you don’t need to form an elitist society aimed mainly at throwing VIP parties with your friends and grow your own personal collection at the expense of fan’s donations and work, in order to research and share the most amazing information regarding MOTU history.

            It’s the cooperative will of true fans that make the difference. I’m glad some recently unearthed slides containg an essential piece of MOTU history was shared first and foremost on that great site.

            Highly recommended for all fans of fine artistry and well designed toys and characters.

          • Nick Dickens

            That is is entirely. In that regard I think MOTU is a far more grown up and sharing collector community than many others.

          • shane

            You have some excellent observations. I remember everything your reflecting here. I’m going to try and guess your age because in 1983 I was 14 and I was rapidly getting out of toys .But I remember my friends had younger brothers and MOTU was HUGE with many kids around that time. The only thing you didn’t mention was G.I. Joe which was second ONLY to Star Wars toys.
            I’m guessing your between 42 and 46. ( If your making your comments from memory ).
            I always appreciate your reflections, makes me remember a whole lot of fond memories. I remember when the first Star Trek 3.75″ came out, and Indiana Jones.
            One of my favorite lines ever at this time for me was Dungeons and Dragons.

          • Nick Dickens

            I’m 45. I remember MOTU well, it was my second Star Wars and the first BIG action figure line I got into.

            I didn’t mention G.I. Joe. Being in the 80s we got Action Man the 12” European version of Joe. We did get 3.75” versions of G.I. Joe: ARAH But truly much later in 1987 – the UK Action Force/G.I. Joe story is even more complicated than Takara and Hasbro.

          • shane

            It was certainly the golden age for toys. I try to explain to my 68 year old dad how much all those toys are worth now and he don’t get it. Funny cause he was the one buying me alot of that stuff.

          • Nick Dickens

            Indeed. They may look a bit primitive now (except next to the Hasbro stuff) but they have a charm. The new MOTUC range from 2009 certainly beats anything that Hasbro has put out. Beyond the recent Rogue One Vader and the Rex and a few other figures like the Royal Guard and the mostly masked figures, nothing Hasbro has put out really comes close.

            In 3.75” the last truly great figure was the 2015 TBS Episode III Darth Vader.

          • Nick Dickens

            PS I forgot to mention D&D. A great Toon too. So gutted we never got the likes of Eric, Bobby or Venger in action figure form.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        I’m sure the laid off Mattycollector employees will be pleased to know that they don’t “factor” into anything. ????

        Again, my point isn’t about how well the MOTUC line was/is doing, but about the fact that Mattel aren’t shy about openly targetting adult collectors.

        Something that Hasbro won’t do.
        Seriously, look at any Star Wars figure or vehicle box, even the acclaimed TVC figs or “big” vehicles like the SotDS/TVC AT-AT, AT-ST or the BMF. They’re all TOYS, designated ages FOUR and up.

        You’re going to tell me that, as an adult collector, you don’t care? Well, you should: a toy designated ages 4+ MUST be designed to survive the most destructive force in the universe: children. If not, it will fail compulsory safety tests and won’t be approved for sale.
        That means a LOT of compromises in terms of sculpts, materials and accuracy. All things that companies like Hot Toys, SH Figuarts or even Mattel’s Barbie Black Label don’t need to worry about: the box clearly states it’s all for adults. ????

    • Nick Dickens

      Excuse me, MOTUC doomed? It’s been a huge success in the nearly 8 years it’s Brenna around. Matty Collector was very good but Mattel abs outsourced that to Super7 who are making a great job.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        I’m not saying anything about the Masters of the Universe line’s current health or quality, or people who collect these. You like little plastic barbarians and fantasy beasts? Great! Me I’m into little plastic space men. Same disease in many ways. ????

        What I am saying, however, is that as far as Mattel (and the former Mattycollector employees) are concerned, MOTUC failed.
        Mattel’s a business. If it had been profitable enough, they’d never have sold their operation to Super7.

        I wish Super 7 the best of luck BTW. From what I heard about the mess around the Snake Mountain “playset”, there were quite a few vocal social media warriors that expected top notch, no compromise, Japanese or Hot Toys quality and mammoth sizes for 80s prices (NOT adjusted for inflation, of course ???? ). Time to stop believing in Santa Claus, guys. ????

        All joking aside, I do salute the attempt by a mainstream toy manufacturer to cater to nostalgic adults collectors, beyond the designer dress Barbie dolls. It may not have worked out in the end (hence “doomed”) but it was bold and they kept at it for quite a while (hence “valiant”) ????

        • Nick Dickens

          If the MOTUC line had failed why’s it still going? The reason Mattel (did not sell it off) but gave the running of the operation to someone else I don’t know. Laziness is I suppose a part of it at an educated guess.

          The MOTU line has also covered all the classic MOTU and She-Ra figures which will create a wind down effect to an extent.

          Remember despite what Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm and Disney would like you to think ‘everything ends.’ There is nothing wrong in that. To keep making MCU films and SW films ad nauseam will only irreparably harm the brands. One only has to look at Star Trek to see what I over-saturating the fans will do. Even regular audiences will get turned off and grow tired of them.

          Look at the dips in quality and the massive swings from huge peaks to low troughs that SW has gone through at Hasbro.
          The line has been running now for 22 years. Even back in the 80s SW had roughly 8 years in it.

          I guarantee if Hasbro had rested the brand in say 2011 and brought it back for TFA it might have been even better. Part of the problem they do face is this perpetual production cycle they’ve got. Eventually collectors who are still hanging on will let go. All of my friends and collectors have said they’ll cherry pick what they want like they do with Marvel and DC getting just the figures they want.

          Before? Well SW was always the brand you’d ‘collect them all’ as Kenner used to accurately boast. Not ‘get just a few. You know, the main characters.’

  • Coleman Miller

    Not going to happen.

  • Albert Escobedo

    Mattel’s Jurassic Park/World line sounds incredible from early reports. It matches that of the beloved Kenner lines. I hope it goes unaffected by Hasbro’s poor quality control.

    • Derek

      Oh, the Jurassic World lines sound exciting and from what I’ve seen (not much) they are promising, BUT the entire product line aimed at “price conscious” consumers and everything is 3D sculpted compared to Kenner’s traditional development. The industry has changed and what we will see on the shelves will not be the same quality as the good old Kenner days. It will however be a massive improvement over Hasbro’s JW line!

      • Albert Escobedo

        “price conscious” is the way to go for sure. The line should be first and foremost for kids. As long as each dinosaur stands up, the line will already be an improvement from Hasbro’s line.

  • Barney Dunn

    Disney will buy Toys R Us, Hasbro and Mattel. Walmart will buy Lego and Funko. Target will buy Walgreens, Nerf and Jakks Pacific.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Amazon will buy them all.

  • Nick Dickens

    I can see this deal being very good for Mattel. Hasbro? I’m nirvana so sure. Martel need this deal more than Hasbro it seems.

  • Peak-OB1

    How does this benefit the consumer?

    Prior to the Disney buyout, in a single year Hasbro was offering a seamless, cohesive 3.75 collection consisting of 60 New/repack TVC figures & 60 new/repacked Clone Wars Animated figures, all with modern articulation, soft goods and cool accessories, for a reasonable price….

    While i know those days are long gone, why is it that the bigger this toy company gets the types of toys they offer are in many ways restricted and also we are forced to collect the products they want us to buy because they are at a higher price point.

    Even though Hasbro has made a nice effort over the past year it’s not enough!
    We are simply left wanting more and feeling unfulfilled. If they continue to starve us and raise the price all the while holding modern points of movement for a kings ransom, yet every other company continues to add these innovations to their products for the same price, these “bad habits” will just continue to drive long time collectors to other companies for their star wars collecting needs.

    I would hope if a merger ever happens it gives people more option not less!

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