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TARGET To Close A Dozen Of Its Under-Performing Stores

This is a little bit surprising. TARGET is closing a dozen of its under-performing stores. USA Today has the full story. Click through to see who is closing up shop.

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  • nomadscout

    I don’t think this is anything alarming, despite all the constant bad retail news around the country. Target is clearing out some of their dead weight, as all big companies do periodically. They have over 1800 stores, so this is very minor, especially as they’re planning on investing heavily into many of their existing stores, as well as opening new ones elsewhere.

    • The article states this is “surprising,” not alarming. You should have been surprised, not alarmed.

      • nomadscout

        I’m neither surprised nor alarmed. I work in retail.

        • I can’t help it if you’re dead inside and have no emotion.

          • nomadscout

            It’s my truth. I can handle it.

          • As someone with emotions and feelings, I cannot.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            Don’t you work in healthcare? I do too, I know good and well that you are dead inside too.

          • I have no comment.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          Really? Where? Can I have your discount?

        • I feel your pain. I used to work retail. It’s left me all but dead inside. I completely dispise the Christmas season push with product on shelves the day after Halloween, and even today blame my years in retail for crushing my Holiday spirit. As fas as customers, some of them can be just downright rude and ignorant. “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Well, I’m relieved to see that the store nearest me is not one of the ones closing.

    • nomadscout

      It would have been your fault. Who wants to live with that?

      • Jimmy Griffin

        You’re right; I mean just because it’s like 50 miles away and they haven’t had anything new since September, that’s no excuse for me not to go everyday. I’ve never heard of these smaller Target stores, maybe there is still hope for them to open one of those in my town.

        • nomadscout

          Do a google search for Vermont Target. They just announced their first store in that state, and it is of the smaller, 60,000 square foot variety that the article mentions. Toys R Us is also exploring opening smaller stores than has been typical.

  • Walter F.

    Last purchase in Target was the RO 6″ 3 pack. Just never have a need for anything in there.

  • The Target that’s closing in San Antonio isn’t located in prime real estate. It is in a nice neighborhood, but there’s another Target a mile or two up the road that’s located inside a huge shopping complex that includes Best Buy, TRU, TJ Maxx, I’m pretty sure that Target draws people away from the neighborhood Target, hence the closing.

  • 11Eleven11

    I’m not surprised at all. Target was beginning to see a slow-down back when my wife was in management with them, and that’s been almost 10 years ago.
    The truth of the matter is, the more well-educated, affluent shoppers who used to love Target are the same shoppers who are now buying as many things as they can online. That’s why Walmart will be the last retail giant standing. The less fortunate don’t have the same regular access to the Internet or credit cards, so they have to go where goods available at the cheapest price and where they can pay with cash or assistance programs.

    • Darth Maleval

      Actually, Target is upping their game in the online marketplace. Many stores have instituted a ship from store program and that has tremendously increased overall sales. Target actually makes an effort to keep up with current trends….whereas Walmart just continues to be Walmart.

  • Captain America Trooper

    One just opened within walking distance from my home. Don’t be surprised by this fake news.

  • Fiery Little One

    I think I’d be more surprised if they said it was several dozen. Mostly because I’m Canadian and I think we all know how well Target did in my country.

  • 12 out of how many? It’s a big company, things like this happen. I’ve nothing personal against Target stores but if not for the occasional SW exclusive I’d have no reason to shop there. They have mostly the same items any big box store does only with higher prices and longer check out lines. Honestly, beyond food and the other occasional necessities (including the obligatory SW aisle check) there’s very little I actually ever shop for anywhere.

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