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New Star Wars Trilogy Coming From Disney Via Rian Johnson

There is a whole new Star Wars Trilogy coming and Rian Johnson is involved. It is completely unrelated to the Skywalker bloodline too, supposedly. Click through for the formal announcement from Star!

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  • Zach Alexander

    And just like that…Paul became not only interested in Star Wars again, but renown faith that Last Jedi will be better than Force Awakens.

    • Ross

      I really can’t imagine anyone who dislked TFA getting into TLJ even if it’s a brilliant movie. My only worries are CGI Snoke, Maz and the Porgs ruining it for me but my anticipation this time round is far more grounded and I really can’t wait to see Mark and Carrie on screen and PLEASE GOD, Billy Dee.

  • Binary_Son

    I feel like I’ve been to a restaurant and commented that the meal was delicious, next thing the waiter brings over a whole trolley load of more food. I mean it’s nice to get more, but I dunno…

    • Caleb Amos

      No way dude. This is probably the most exciting news of the century. I mean, we’re talking MCU scale here. Sure the marvel movies have some flops, and if they start star wars like that there might be too, but what on Earth more could a star wars fan ask for than more star wars? Than all the star wars? No. This is amazing.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        marvel movies have become copy and paste, template style safe film making.

        i’d rather have less of the things im a fan of at a higher quality then a bunch of low quality things
        would you rather have 6 walgreens jedi lukes or one black series jedi luke?

        i’d rather have 2 SA 3.75 figures than 10 5poa figures.

        • Roq

          You obviously haven’t seen the new Thor.

          • Caleb Amos

            “the new Thor is just like guardians of the Galaxy blah blah blah” yeah, huh, maybe that’s cause it’s the same universe?

          • What’s your excuse for the same story?

          • Caleb Amos

            For what? Thor? That wasn’t the same story…
            The force awakens? That star wars is old and needed rebooted. History repeats itself. It was a story with similar elements but not exactly identical in it’s details. Honestly the only part I really didn’t like that was a “rehash” was the death star 3

          • A guy has to get together a team of reluctant heroes to take back what was taken from him.
            Which film is it?
            TFA was an atrocious story, what makes it worse is that people defend it.

          • JohnMorog

            Dude that’s like a ton of movies, not just Star Wars or marvel.

          • Ross

            It was no worse than the ‘story’ of the prequels in fairness.

          • CT-7567

            If TFA was an atrocious story then so was ANH. 🙂

          • Roq


        • Caleb Amos

          I honestly do not feel they are copy paste but that there is great continuity. Be a nay Sayer all you want, but Im excited for star wars because I like star wars.

          • Jerry’s Finger

            Me too!

        • hammyhamster
        • darthmo

          Well said.

      • CT-7567

        SW becoming like the MCU is a bad thing. Disney is going to take something that was once special, as well as few and far between, and water it down until nobody cares anymore.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Too much of a good thing. I certainly don’t mind more movies, I’m a fan, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up as a collector.

    • Indiana Skywalker

      It certainly does have that “Better Get A Bucket” vibe about it.

    • Mike_5555

      I’d be lying if I said I didn’t share those concerns. The rapid pace at which they’re developing these does make me nervous and have said in the past that they should slow down. At the same time, I am excited about this news and the potential it represents. And we’re getting more Star Wars 🙂

      • CT-7567

        It’s a double-edged sword. I love SW, so more is better. But too much isn’t necessarily a good thing. Like the new trilogy. We shouldn’t even be thinking about another trilogy before they’ve even begun principal photography on Episode IX. The 16 year wait between ROTJ and TPM was agonizingly long(probably more so because we didn’t always know there were more films coming). The decade between the PT and ST was about right, imo. We had TCW and standalones would have been welcome during that time. A SW trilogy should be a special event.

  • SlothFromHoth

    “Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”

    I’m cautiously optimistic. I mean, it could be great, but it is starting to feel like they are giving us little time to breathe here.

    • icatch9

      I totally agree. I wonder if it will be going way back to the creation of the Jedi. That may tie in with whatever Luke found that made him so curmudgeon in TLJ. I watched a video on YouTube today that speculated that Rain created a whole new backstory for the Jedi very different than the Legends that we were all used to. That could be it. Still…More light sabers more better!

  • What if the new-new trilogy focused on an alien species and had humans as secondary or tertiary characters?

  • bmales01

    Sweet. Now lets also change the name of the trilogy to Space Battles, and then I can pretend this isnt Star Wars.

  • mg1138

    Well… I really enjoyed Rogue One so I’m pretty sold on the idea of regular standalone spin-off movies, one at a time… But now a spin-off-trilogy??? What the…??? That seems too much really, there’s a great risk of trivializing the notion of trilogies, saga and episodes within the SW universe… IMHO the Skywalker saga should remain the only storyline deserving multiple movies, sequels, trilogies as a whole… The spin-offs should remain standalone things to avoid undermining the original saga!

    • Norman

      A family called Starkiller in the Old Republic times that had to change their name at the end to Skywalker…that would be cool.

  • Potentially pretty exciting stuff. Ive been hoping they give the Skywalker saga and prequels a breather and explore other areas of the galaxy.

  • ctwins3688

    So this is essentially confirmation of the rumors that Disney loves the way TLJ turned out, but….

    Anyone else worried about over saturation?

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      lol its already over-saturated.

      • darthmo

        Hold onto your hats then…

    • darthmo


  • Norman

    Thank. the. Maker….it’s not coming from JJ Abrams. I think it would have to be the Old Republic times and how this mess got started but 1000 years post Battle of Yavin would be cool too with the Jedi being referenced only in legends…

    • Completely agreed. I was pretty meh on this but the fact that Abrams is not involved and we could get a KOTOR trilogy would get me on board.

  • Fiery Little One

    Well, okay then.

  • mechabug


    • CJ

      That’s racist.

      • mechabug

        Only if they’re white/offwhite and voiced by a male. Then your only option is make them a villain and/or kill them off.

      • bmales01

        not “racist”, its “xenophobic”.

        • CJ

          But it’s excluding humans in favor of aliens. So, anthrophobic? Or would it just be misanthropic?

          • bmales01

            anthrohobia would work.

  • MaarekStele

    Welp, good bye vintage collection 2.0. Hello 5 POA for the next decade.

    • Mike_5555

      Yeah, that’s definitely a concern with this news.

  • Commander Joe276

    I hate Disney. At this rate Star Wars will be just as over made as Marvel movies ???? Let’s milk our favorite franchise until it’s completely dry, right?

    • Caleb Amos

      So you don’t want more star wars?

      • Not really. It’s gonna be harder and harder to get excited about, which is half the fun.

      • Commander Joe276

        No I don’t. The story of Star Wars already exists- the story of the Skywalker lineage and its consequences on the galaxy. At this point they should only make the 6 movies feel more complete (oops I mean 8 and counting????)

        • Caleb Amos

          Some star wars fan you are!

      • darthmo

        The interesting question is do you want more SW if it means diluting the quality further or canonising Story arcs that are just outright ridiculous? Too much of a good thing can become a negative.

    • darthmo

      Agreed regarding the over saturation problem. Less is more for me personally. I don’t need every aspect of the universe explained and revealed. One film every three years should be the going rate maximum.

      • Brux Macoy

        Totally agree.

      • Commander Joe276

        I completely agree! While I’m not a fan of the new trilogy YET, I have faith it’ll be better once I see the entire trilogy. But part of the awesomeness of Star Wars up through ROTS is that it doesn’t come out all the time making it feel that much more spectacular.

        • darthmo

          It’s the idea of keeping fans hungry that has worked for SW making it an event.

    • CT-7567


  • Fercho

    If TFA should have come differently, this should be AWESOME news… Am I the only one scratching my head now?

  • Henry

    I hope I like Episode VIII, and hopefully he will be directing three Ewok spinoff movies.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Ewoks v Hoojibs: Dawn of Justice

      • Henry

        I hope the Porg join forces with the Ewok.

  • I think we’ll have to see TLJ to get an idea how this will turn out. I think a trilogy is a bit much but the fact that Abrams is not involved with the production and this can take place anywhere on the timeline with characters who we don’t already know the fate of could be a very good thing.

    I just hope it’s radically different from what we seen already. Like someone said on here, I wouldn’t mind seeing ZERO humans in it and make the cast entirely alien/droid. That would be pretty groundbreaking for a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy.

    • dogbite

      Hmm, I wonder what James Cameron has planned for the Avatar franchise, hopefully he doesn’t beat them to the punch!

  • Caleb Amos

    I find your lack of excitement disturbing.

  • Hazzbro Jonez




    • Kicker2

      Then people will complain it’s not Star Warsy enough. If it’s not one complaint it will be another.

      • CJ

        Yes. We like complaining.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Stay away from the empire altogether. Old Republic. There’s a thousand generations of Jedi alone. Let’s get something really original.

      • Mike_5555

        Exactly. That’s where I hope they’re going with this.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      I believe thats called Avatar 2-3-4

  • BlackBeltJohnson .

    Not sure how I feel about this. I WANT KotoR….I really really want KotoR….but done by him? I’ll have to wait till TLJ.

  • Caleb

    More movies = more toys.

    More toys = I’m happy!
    More toys = wife upset.

    Therefore: Neutral reaction.

  • zerobobby77

    prune face trilogy!!!

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Well, now more than ever, here’s hoping The Last Jedi doesn’t suck.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Well said

    • Mike_5555

      I’m cautiously optimistic.

      • Jimmy Griffin

        Same here.

    • CT-7567

      Ikr. It could be worse. It could be an entire JJ trilogy.

  • Rivesjunctionite


    • General Hux

      Dang it Rives!! You’re supposed to whine! Don’t be happy! COMPLAIN.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Can’t do it. I think this is what I’ve been hoping for. I wanted them to stop being stuck in the TOS/Prequel/Empire era with the same characters as “spin offs.” Give us something completely different. And Kathy is wicked smart and knows exactly that. They’ve satisfied their Disney overlords showing that SW can be extraordinarily profitable, and now they’ve got more freedom to do something totally original. My reservations are just Rian himself (because I haven’t seen TLJ yet) and whether he will actually do something completely original (rather than just a different location during the Empire era). But I’m impressed with Kathy’s judgment, and so I say, BRING IT!

        • Mike_5555

          Well said!

  • Peak-OB1

    I’ll say it again…As a life long fan of Star Wars, Disney still hasn’t convinced me that they are not just trying to “REINVENT STAR WARS”

    I don’t care how much money they paid for this property, if it doesn’t LOOK, FEEL & SOUND like Star Wars it will just be another sci-fi film.

    Star Wars Originally was a fantasy that broke every rule making it different special and unique! If they keep injecting it with Science, logic, modern earth bound topics and personal causes it might not be as good.

    • Matthew Cohen

      You mean like how Lucas did with the prequels lol?

  • Danny P.

    I’m fine with no Skywalker but there had better be some sort of jedi/force users/lightsaber welders in this new trilogy or it will be completely unappealing to me.

    • darthmo

      A trilogy based around pre-Emperor Palpatine and his apprentice days would be interesting.

      • safari4ad

        Yes yes yes x 1,000,000.

        • darthmo

          Of course there’s many stories that would make a great trilogy, lets hope Disney and Johnson choose wisely..

  • JeanJean42

    Can they wait at least 10 years before starting this stuff? Man, I remember a time when I missed Star Wars af! Now, I feel like a duck in a foie gras factory. ( and I love foie gras…)

  • Funtomaz

    Having a new, completely unrelated trilogy can be a good thing. People accused TFA of being a carbon copy of Ep IV. And so far all the new movies have relied heavily on OT nostalgia. To create something new, really new, could be quite exciting. If Star Wars wants to stay fresh, it needs an infusion of new ideas.
    This also shows that Disney must be extremely happy with what Rian did with TLJ.
    I only wonder… does it mean there’ll be no continuation of the current trrilogy? Or will we have two trilogies and the Rian Johnson movies will take the slots of the anthology movies? Or will the story of Rey and Kylo conclude with Ep IX and they’ll never be seen again?
    I suppose the new trilogy is still a few years away. Ep IX will probably be released in 2019. So 2021 maybe? Or will Star Wars go the MCU route and have two movies each year?

  • Super Amigo

    I think they should tell some really epic story during the Old Republic times.

    I think the way those games somehow mix the aesthetic of Star Wars with Lord of the Rings, end up producing something that, most of the time, is really original from a visual standpoint. Also the stories, battles and general scope is always quite big, again, like LotR.

    I won’t be interested in it, as I don’t care for the games, but it will be something different.

    • darthmo

      Fans have been calling for an Old Republic film/s for ages, if Disney are clever this is the move they should make.

    • Mike_5555

      Yeah, I think they should go for the Old Republic era with these films. Not an adaptation of the games or those characters, but a new story set in that era could be amazing.

  • Andrew

    Unless they’re just being ultra secretive, it seems like this also would confirm that Rey’s journey likely ends with this trilogy.

    • Andrew

      Unless this NEW trilogy takes the place of the stand-alone films.

    • CJ

      Well. Luke’s journey ended in 1983. Then it started up again. I’m sure Rey will have her novels and comics and whatnot until Disney decided to ignore all those in 20 years and make more movies. Why stop?

    • Seronious

      ahahahhahahah… you’re forgetting this is the Mouse House. Rey’s journey is just beginning. They’ll be alternating between trilogies. “new trilogy”, then “ben skywalker/darth rey” trilogy, then “new new trilogy” followed by “Ben Skywalker and Rey’s twins trilogy all while interspersed with 9 different anthology films. Get your popcorn this stuff is going to be around for some decades.

  • Imperial AMG-mobile

    More toys!!

    • ShipGirlLover

      More 5POA figures for the next 10 years 😉

      • Imperial AMG-mobile

        Lol if it feeds the beast to allow other products to be developed then hey, I’m all for it!

  • darthmo

    This trust in Johnson bodes well for TLJ.

  • Gloriouscollector

    Hmmmmm…..Interesting very interesting

  • darthmo

    I like the way Iger and Disney have taken five years to develop Frozen II because they wanted a sequel product of exceptional quality but with Star Wars they’re pumping out films etc like Mr Burns’ Monkeys trying to write Shakespeare…

    • ShipGirlLover

      As if Frozen 2 won’t just be like most every other Disney Princess movie sequel – vapid villain, retread issues, and the Princess and the Prince get married.

      Oh, and watch Elsa randomly get a boyfriend.

      • darthmo

        Of course but there are still great and not so great Disney animated films within that narrative. It’s just interesting their approach to the two properties. For how insanely popular Frozen is and they could have already pumped out another sequel or TV series by now they chose not to due to not wanting to diminish the legacy of the first film.

  • Lando Griffin

    Paul’s trying to make up for the slow news day Fenn article yesterday, and green lit Disney’s release of the live action and trilogy news today.

  • CadeSky

    This really makes it sound like Disney has a lot of faith in Johnson. There have been quite a few problems with directors, so…

  • BlueSaber

    Too soon. You’re JUST finishing up a Skywalker end trilogy. They need to let Star Wars rest for 10 years, do some epic planning and pre-production and get into it with the right mindset. I have no doubt Rian Johnson can be THE guy for the job, and I hope he is as good as the Last Jedi seems, but it’s still too soon. This is a desperate cash grab. At least they picked the right guy this time… could have been JJ!!!!!

    • DustyAyers

      Disney paid too much to let it rest for 10 years. I’m assuming there will be a SW movie every year for many years to come.

  • Danny

    If they wish to do spin off like Rogue One, Solo, etc. I’m good with that but if they wish NOT to follow the Skywalker bloodline with new episode movies = no more Star Wars for me.

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    Hopefully it will be about the first Jedi or the mandolorians or KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC!!

  • Superflukullus

    Why not just make a tv show?

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Galaxys are big…really ‘king big…this has scope to be it’s own great Star Wars without damaging what we have now.

    Corporate Sector would be nice.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    finally the Jar Jar Binks saga will continue.

  • David Harrison

    They are making more films whether we like it or not and there’s nothing ever going to stop them. I’m just thankful they’ve handed the keys to RJ – those who’ve seen TLJ must have absolute faith in him.

  • Brass Dragon

    Hell No!!! Different characters + Different galaxy + Different tech? Well then its not Star Wars. Go do something set in the KOTOR era if you want to do Star Wars removed from the current characters Rian. Right now it sounds like you are proposing ‘Star Wars: Prometheus’.

  • Maz Kenada

    One movie by year is OK.

  • ActivistFanGirl

    Is it me or is there too much star wars happening now? Remember what happened to Star Trek?

    Episode 8 isn’t even out yet and Disney have delusions of grandeur with their egos and $ signs

    Everything is now being diluted like cheap cordial.

    Disney are really going to wring out the Star Wars ‘cash-cow’ till it’s dead and the bones are nothing but dust …

    • It’s really sad. Star Wars is truly over as we know it. But I am glad they have a hoard of temporary fans now that will likely leave once they stop mass producing the films. Once the instant gratification is gone, so will Star Wars be.

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        @Paul_Harrison:disqus I disagree, I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I can remember, and I’ve never been as happy with the franchise as I’ve been know.

      • Ross

        How can it be sad? The stuff you loved is still there – if you have no interest in any new Star Wars material then by all means turn away now, but for many of us this is fantastic news. I only wish it had been milked 20 years ago whilst the original cast members could have benefited from it, but it is what it is. Personally I’m thrilled we get 7,8 and 9, I enjoyed Rogue One enough too. I always dreamt we would get a Han Solo smuggling film, and now we are. When we get a Ewan Obi Wan film that will also be an amazing thing. If the downside of that is a crappy unrelated trilogy that doesn’t interest me in the slightest I can simply choose to ignore it in the same way that The Clone Wars and Rebels kind of pass me by and don’t affect my life.

      • rusty_t

        I disagree completely. I think STAR WARS is the biggest and best it’s been since the OT and I’ll be 50 in February so I was a kid when the OT came out. I think TLJ is going to be fantastic. Even though you don’t like TFA, I did and I’ve come to love Rogue One even more than TFA.
        I have to come out and say this, but from what I see, it seems 90% of commenters come here to cast negative views on everything from toys, to the new films, to the directors and so on. It’s their right to feel how they want to, but as far as I’m concerned I think we are in the middle (or start!) of a new golden age of STAR WARS and I’m thrilled about it.

      • CT-7567

        Well said. I just hope TLJ is better than TFA. Also, at least Abrams isn’t involved. I think if they had announced this new trilogy as a JJ project I’d have put my collection on eBay.

    • Diego

      I agree, it’s concerning. They may turn it into watered down crap.

    • Funtomaz

      Too much Star Wars? I don’t think so. We’re talking one movie each year, a new trilogy movie every other year and inbetween we get anthology movies that tell stand-alone stories.
      So now we have annual Star Wars events instead of one event every three years. I’ve always hated the wait. Three years are an eternity when you’re a child.

      You would think that Marvel would have lost steam. Iron Man was released in 2008 and ever since then we’ve had two Marvel movies each year (with few exceptions) and people still flock to the theaters. And this year we even had three Marvel movies, next year we’ll also have three Marvel movies.
      There have been 17 modern Marvel movies so far since 2008.
      Star Wars has had two movies since 2015 the third will be released next month.
      In 2018 we’ll have in short successon Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War and the Ant-Man movie, the latter two only one month apart. So, too much Star Wars? I don’t think so.

      The audience can handle one new Star Wars movie each year, I’m pretty certain. It all comes down to script quality and fresh ideas.

      Also, the problems with Star Trek were not rooted in oversaturation, in my opinion, but in the sameness of the TV shows (too many recycled ideas) and the odd decision to make Enterprise a prequel show (which is the big problem with Discovery too). Also, the last few TNG movies were just bad, Insurrection and Nemesis did the franchise no favor. The problem was quality, not quantity, I think.

      • CT-7567

        I like Enterprise. Season three is a bit ridiculous in concept and season four tried too hard to replicate TOS, but I still really like it. I just wish they stuck to the “early Starfleet years” concept of the first two seasons. I really wanted to see the Romulan War.

        • Funtomaz

          I also like it. It was better than Voyager. I never understood why people hated it that much. And it’s lightyears better than Discovery. Enterprise had the spirit of Star Trek. I would have liked to see more seasons.

          • Caius

            I really liked Enterprise. Strangely one of ny favorite series, and wished they had done more.

          • Funtomaz

            I’m glad I’m not alone 😀 Since most people usually hate the show.

      • Caius

        You mentioned script quality and fresh ideas. You certainly could not have been thinking of TFA or RO (script specifically). Yes there have been a lot of Marvel movies or lets just say superhero movies to catch them all. Many are good like Avengers and its spinoffs and many are just plain bad like most X-Men movies Superman, Suicide Squad to name a few. Superhero movies have been popular for decades and particularly are a fad again now. Because studios can churn these out extremely fast and efficiently due to todays technology, they do just that. Marvel movies are not necessarily employing any fresh ideas. They are following a known storyline with known characters and locations. I already know how Infinity Wars plays out having read the series. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy these movies but where some are good most are unmemorable (Ant Man) and I dont care if i ever see them again. I would rather SW not become unmemorable. The more movies they churn out the more likely they will just be mediocre. Disney can make plenty of money on mediocre as can be seen with TFA. So there is no real insentive or need to take care and make a quality product. Audiences today have a very limited attention span and crave instant gratification over patience. Studios are well aware of this phenomenon. Three years may seem like an eternity but it can be sure worth the wait. OT proves that not to mention Indy films. Also waiting teaches a child patience, builds excitement and yields positive reward. Im all for more movies, though I will be done collecting after 9, it would just be nice for Disney to slow down a tad. Its already on its way to mediocre and for me that is a sad end for a once amazing franchise.

        • Funtomaz

          I said nothing about the quality of Marvel movies 🙂
          The first two Thor movies were average, at best, the second one even completely forgettable. Iron Man 2 and 3 aren’t real highlights either. I am actually surprised that Marvel movies still make that much money after so many movies and quite a few forgettable installments. This shows that an annual Star Wars event might work for a very long time, as long as the general audience is entertained. Marvel gets away with 2-3 movies each year (which says nothing about qualiry, just popularity).
          And yes, TFA and RO don’t have any new or fresh ideas, which is why I think a new, completely unrelated trilogy might give Star Wars just that, a new approach, a new angle and not just milking the OT nostalgia ad infinitum.
          TFA is ANH 2.0, RO is OT nostalgia turned up to 11 and the Solo movie is yet another OT nostalgia feast (most probably). I like nostalgia here and there, it can be a very nice thing. But let’s not have all Star Wars movies play the nostalgia card.
          I hope Rian Johnson will think of something new and unique and entertaining for the next trilogy.

  • Jaken Wraith

    This move gives me ALOT more faith that Episode IX is going to kick-a#@. I have a stronger feeling about this Movie than i did “Force Awakens”, my expectation’s are higher, and from the look’s of everything so far they will be fulfilled.

    • If Mark Hamill didn’t like what they did to Luke Skywalker before the Disney lawyers made him rescind his slips, then I probably won’t like it either. Hopefully I will get proven wrong this December, but I don’t expect a miracle.

      • Diego

        Is Mark Hamill known to have an ego? I’ve always loved his work in Star Wars and voice-acting as the Joker, but don’t really know if he has a reputation for being a div-o. That was my first impression when I heard that news.

        • Who knows. I find his comments interesting, but I don’t take them as gospel. No one knows until December.

      • Kevin Knight

        I think Hamill always saw Luke as a hero who is “not afraid” and I think this movie is going to show that Yoda was right when he said “You will be”. Luke Skywalker seems wrong as anything but a hero, so I am also hoping that their version proves me wrong.

  • Diego

    I really hope he’s thinking about Knights of the Old Republic.

  • If the kill off Rey then I am excited for another new trilogy to start from scratch. Have at it!

  • Diego

    I hope not.

  • JohnMorog
  • Kevin Knight

    I agree totally with the KOTOR group. I would love to see a bunch of Sith vs a bunch of Jedi! Anyone not on that bandwagon needs to Google “star wars old republic deceived”, “star wars old republic hope”, and “star wars old republic return”

  • Darth_Rizzen

    How about giving the Galaxy far, far away a break?

    I’m not lashing out at Rian Johnson or anything. I haven’t seen TLJ at this point. Besides, I’m all for some originality. Not everything has to be about the Skywalker family. Besides, there’s a lot of different story lines and genres that could be explored, spanning millenia, even.

    What bothers me is that part of the fun with George Lucas’ Star Wars was the build up, the anticipation, the excitement for the next movie.

    This obsessive need by Disney to have a film every year certainly fits the Marvel universe, its plethoric cast and comic book roots.

    When it comes to Star Wars, I’d prefer that they take the time to sit down, think about a good story, with compelling heroes and memorable villains, then do it.
    But let’s face it, with Scrooge McDuck running the show, it’s not about taking your time anymore.

    • Funtomaz

      Since we’re all getting older not having to wait three years for a next installment of your favorite trilogy isn’t necessarily a bad thing 😉 We still have to wait two years for the next trilogy movie.

      Marvel gets away with two movies in a year. DC also has two movies in a year. One annual Star Wars event is fine with me, as long as nothing is rushed.

  • Mike_5555

    Well, hopefully TLJ is good lol. I’m excited about this news though. There’s a ton of potential in a trilogy of films removed from the Skywalker saga set in a different corner of the universe/time period. People kept saying Disney should do something new, well here you go.

  • Given this is the man that may explore the first Jedi Temple in The Last Jedi, I would hope they explore an era based around that foundation. Whatever the case may be, Lucasfilm has a great deal of faith in Rian. I’m looking forward to his involvement.

  • A rogue band of force insensitive drunks blast out of Mos Eisley and end up stealing a space station that they thought was a moon and end up accidentally targeting a Magic Kingdom in Orlando (“what does this switch do” in Rodian) It was after hours though so casualties were minimal and it turns out the Mouse has really good insurance. The rogue band was summarily arrested and forced into destiny training classes for six weeks and given 60 hours of galaxy service and also had their light speed permits revoked. If they can stretch this for three films I’ll watch. They all hit rock bottom in the second and then in the third they get their act together and start doing speaking engagements at community centers for at-risk youth.

  • Chris Young

    Soon as Lucas sold to Disney it was always going to happen. Im happy about it, the worst has already happened ( even though that was Lucas at the helm, the prequels) yes there will be some great ones and probably not so great ones but as a collector it means collecting will be endless. And if the story moves away from the original characters all the better , if someone has the imagination great lets use it. James Bond continually reinvents itself with some of the newer movies better than the old ones. The original trilogy will always be great to me, I grew up with these films but why stall a great universe when there is so much to explore.

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