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Bob Iger Confirms Live Action Star Wars Television Show Coming

Bob Iger has also announced that there will be a live action Star Wars television show coming as well!

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  • soxpicks .

    Pay $$$$$ for another streaming service or wait for the blu-ray disc release ?????


  • darthmadonna

    Another Streaming service, LAME!

    • Rivesjunctionite

      That is extremely disappointing and upsetting.
      I refused to subscribe to CBSonline just to get STD (which it turns out was a good decision), and I’m seriously ticked about being forced to get yet another streaming service if I want to see the new SW show. So frustrating.
      Oh well. I waited to see every season of TCW on DVD, so I guess I’ll have to do that again.

      • Mike_5555

        It is frustrating, but it was inevitable once they announced the streaming service. There’s a longer Blu-Ray/DVD turnaround with streaming shows though. I don’t the FIRST season of Stranger Things is out on DVD for example.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Three was a Stranger Things dvd exclusive to target when season 2 started, but I get your point. But with Disney’s giant portfolio, maybe it won’t be so bad. But they have to treat it seriously with regular debuts of good material and not just a dump for their back catalog with a handful of exclusives.

        • CT-7567

          Season Six of TCW seemed to take a while. About a year, right?

          • Mike_5555

            Yeah, I think it was about a year.

      • CT-7567

        Have you watched the new Trek at all? I only saw the first episode and wasn’t impressed. Is there a reason the Klingons look so odd?

        • Rivesjunctionite

          I’m not watching STD. Won’t subscribe for it. I see a lot of negative reviews, so I’m not even enticed. If it hits Netflix then maybe I’ll check it out.

        • Funtomaz

          Discovery improves a bit. The pilot is very little like the show. It’s odd, but the pilot was actually a prequel to the show. The cast and setting was only shown in episode 3. Essential problems remain though. Mostly unlikeable characters. Also, the decision to focus on Michael Burnham hurts the show, since she is easily the worst character of them all. Star Trek used to be an ensemble show, Discovery is the Michael Burnham show.
          Discovery made Harry Mudd a psychopathic murderer. The captain is also a psychopath. And the Klingons are just weird. Also, they now eat humans. They actually ate the female captain from the pilot. They were out of food…. This is Bizarro-Trek or. Murderverse-Trek.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          I’ve been watching it. The only reason for why the Klingons look the way they do is because they wanted to redesign them. Funtomaz is right that it suffers by not really being an ensemble show. Everybody just sort of orbits around Burnham. I actually like Burnham as a character, but her backstory (and continuity) is needlessly complicated by making her Sarek’s ward. I think the idea of a human being raised by Vulcan’s is…fascinating; but she could just as easily been made someone else’s ward. Here’s the long and short, IMO, it’s not a bad show; but, at this point, I don’t feel like it is a good Star Trek show. However, I have recently come to hold the belief that Star Trek as we knew it, as it existed from 1966 to 2005 is gone and will not be back.

        • Darth Eddie

          Klingons are supposed to (mostly) look more human in this decade and general timeframe due to the Augment virus that ravaged the Empire during ENT and in the generations afterwards but here we have Klingons who not only have cranial ridges but look more exotic and alien than any we’ve ever seen before. The producers say there are good explanations for any discrepancies between DSC and TOS and that continuity and canon will be honored and things will make sense by the time the new series ends, but so far the new Klingons do not impress me whatsoever.

  • Binary_Son

    It used to be ridiculous when people compared Star Wars and Star Trek. Then Star Wars was this era defining series in three parts – beginning, middle and end, concise and definitive. Star Trek on the other hand was the sprawling franchise of films and TV shows, often feeling like they didn’t form a cohesive whole. Now…

    • And Abrams demolished both franchises too.

      • We need to keep him far away from Gundam.

      • Matthew Cohen

        Oh hey its thisguy again lmao

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      You’ve clearly never seen both franchises then. No matter the format, be it movie or tv, there is nothing in common between the two other than the word Star.

      • …and George Takei, Brent Spiner, Simon Pegg, Deep Roy, & Clancy Brown.

        We need to get Uhura and Bester in Star Wars sometime soon.

  • Tom Chorlton

    I hope its better than the network Marvel shows.

    • Only Marvel live-action shows worth watching period are the Netflix ones.

      • Tom Chorlton

        Yeah. And for me, only the first season of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

        • Mike_5555

          Yeah, even the Netflix shows are inconsistent.

      • Hazzbro Jonez


      • wedge1021

        Cherish those while we have them. They’ll be going the same way at the Star Wars show on Disney’s streaming service.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      yeeesh thats a low bar to clear lol

  • Fiery Little One

    Hmm… Okay.

  • mechabug

    LOL streaming. Will wait to rent/buy.

    • CJ

      Or better yet, skip it altogether.

      • Matthew Cohen

        But more Star Wars. Why would we skip it?

    • Diego

      More like, will wait for it to hit thepiratebay. If it’s any good, I’ll buy.

  • Commander Joe276

    We don’t need to see more live action. That’ll take what’s special away from the films we have and that are coming. Star Wars has been fine with animated shows and it’s main films imo

    • darthmo

      I personally stick to the films only but even then don’t want over-saturation with them.

      • Commander Joe276

        THe thing with Star Wars is that it doesn’t deserve to have “spin offs” or over saturation because the heart of the story should and never will change. The animated shows add much needed depth (not rebels but really just TCW). If you don’t watch the entire series then the PT feels rather incomplete due to the show filling many plot holes. No need for original content

        • darthmo

          I prefer the mystery of what’s not shown. The animated shows are wrote for a younger audience, to me this effects the writing decisions plus direction and how that fits with the films so I just choose to not pay attention to them.

          • Matthew Cohen

            You’re missing out on GREAT stories that interconnect, affect and are referenced/appear in the films

          • darthmo

            I completely accept some aspects are referenced. I’m also not criticising anyone who watches them. I just feel the two (films and cartoons) should remain two seperate entities much like the EU worked originally. And again, I like some aspects of the universe to remain free to the imagination, it’s just a personal preference. : )

  • I’m keeping my expectations in the sewers for this one, I just hope it’s better than that Star Trek Discovery crap.

    • Caleb Amos

      My one fear is that they will make this tv MA like discovery, and the marvel the shows on Netflix. Star wars has to be family friendly.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        That would be a giant failure to understand the audience. I can’t imagine Kathy letting that happen.

        • Mike_5555

          Yeah, I doubt she would approve that.

  • Caleb Amos

    I hope that Dave Filoni is in charge. The rebels cartoon is more star wars than tfa, let’s be real. If they can capture what they did in those stories we will have an amazing show to watch. This is way too exciting that were getting more star wars than we could ever have imagined for me to be pessimistic.

    • BlueSaber

      screw fanboy Filoni, he’s HORRIBLE.

    • Mike_5555

      I hope Filoni is in charge too. Let him work on the live action show for a few years then maybe they’ll finally consider him for a film…

      • CT-7567

        Idk. I mean, TCW was masterful. Rebels was mediocre at best. I’m not sure how he’d do in live-action. In his defense, I think a lot of the inherent problems with Rebels have to do with Disney.

      • Darth Eddie

        I’m still hoping some of Filoni’s creations and personal favorites like Ahsoka make it into the live-action films at some point. Getting to see an aging or elderly Ahsoka resurface after spending decades in hiding would be a pretty cool moment in the franchise and tie the Sequel Trilogy or standalone films to the Prequel and Clone Wars eras and help make the entire Star Wars universe feel more unified and whole.

  • Arm3nch Tripplehorn

    I’m not sure about it /:! The worst I can imagine is somewhat similar to Disney’s horrible live action series.

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    I hope it’s not sequel era.. altho it most certainly will be.

  • matt

    Quit f***ing around and finish the Clone Wars you parasitic leeches. Damn I hate you Disney. What a bunch of lecherous cretins.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      Damn Matt let it go. Watch the lost missions and rebels. Ended the clone war has.

      • If we’re lucky The Battle of Mandalore could be Battlefront 2 (2) content. All DLC is going to be free, and it sounds like they aren’t planning on a follow-up until after episode IX is over.

      • matt

        There are 8 story reels already half-made, and many more arcs left. It’s literally a season and a half with most of it already done… why can’t they just finish the bloody thing!

        I just can’t believe the scum at Disney cancelled the Clone Wars TV series, when it was a season and a half away from completion, just to replace it with utter crap.
        Given, I like Rebels a lot (I’m collecting all the Rebels characters), but let’s be real, it just doesn’t come anywhere close to the Clone Wars.

        I don’t want a “live-action” TV show with sh** acting and Disney-formatted BS.

        TFA proves that the Mouse House Mafia have no understanding of mythological motifs, but the mindless masses will buy it anyway.

        • CT-7567

          They should definitely finish the animation on those story reels. I mean, that’s a lot of money that could be made by either a straight to release or another lost season on Netflix.

    • Matthew Cohen

      Chill out dude, just enjoy Star Wars.

  • CJ


  • Caleb

    Can’t wait. Hope it’s about Porgs and there’s an episode where they go to the forest moon of Endor and help the Ewoks battle Duloks!

    Guest star: Salacious Crumb!
    Can’t wait.

    • Can the Gungans & Hoojibs come too?

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Hoojibs FTW!

  • Jimmy Griffin
    • Rivesjunctionite

      I’ll wait for the DVD.

      • jason1978

        This will be in such high demand people will illegally download it and Disney likely will put it on one of their television networks. They are saying it will be on their streaming service likely to get people to buy into it but with so many other options out there, people not having the money to buy all these different services, this likely backfires on them

    • Darth Eddie

      Disney Streaming. Sounds like a urinary issue.

      • Jimmy Griffin

        Hey! There he is!

  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Star wars fans complaining about a show that was only announced an hour ago that we know NOTHING about.

    Never change, guys!

    • CJ

      We know it’s on a pay streaming service. For me that’s enough to lose interest.

      • bobcat

        then just download it off the internet. like no one does that right ? i know i dont! haha

    • kknight

      My first thought:
      Cool… One more thing for Star Wars ‘fans’ to cry about.

      I say it’s about time… And I hope it takes it’s art from the abandoned 1313 game and is about the underworld and bounty hunters including Fett, but not entirely about Fett.

    • Darth Eddie

      As Harry Mudd might put it: Aye, laddie buck. That’s the ticket!

  • Peak-OB1

    Don’t know about this, what’s in it for me? Now….if Filoni is at the helm, sign me up!
    Does Disney understand what Star Wars is? They need people developing it that really understand it’s not just another sci-fi show.

    • Matthew Cohen

      Its not literally going to be Disney, it’ll still be Lucasfilm.

  • Coleman Miller

    I just hope this series doesn’t kill Star Wars the way Discovery had for Star Trek.

    • Funtomaz

      Discovery is so different (concerning aesthetics) because the production company only owns the Kelvin timeline elements. The classic Star Trek shows are owned by a different company. So Discovery can’t really use any of the established classic Trek designs, which is why it looks like the reboot movies and has these new Klingons.
      Also, it has Kurtzman as a producer, this person should not be allowed to touch anything Star Trek ever again. He ruined the reboot movies, now he ruins Star Trek on TV / streaming.
      Star Wars is different, Disney has all the rights, there’s no need to be different. The TV show will most probably look and feel like Star Wars and not create such a jarring experience.

      • Poopfart

        You’ve got it backwards. Discovery is made by CBS who own all the shows but DO NOT own any of the films, including the Kelvin timeline, which are made by Paramount. The reason it looks similar to the new movies is because it’s a fresh visual reference that general audiences will be more familiar with and that will sell better than rehashes of outdated 50 year old designs.

        • Funtomaz

          My understanding is, that Discovery is made under the Paramount license, produced by Bad Robot / Paramount and distributed by CBS? At least that’s the info you can find. And this license prevents the series from using any of the original designs, as Bad Robot/Paramount only have access to the Kelvin timeline continuity. Unless they pay a license fee (for a Tribble, for example). Hence the Klingons look different, more like in the reboot movies and not at all like the Klingons in TNG, DS9, Voy and Ent. And this is why the show has the Kelvin timeline aesthetic.
          And yes, it would have been silly to use the original TOS designs, but a slightly updated and tweaked TOS look would have been better, I think.

          • darthmadonna

            You are correct. DIscovery is a byproduct of Bad Robot not wanting to lose their license for Star Trek. They must utilize the license and as of now they are unsure when they will make another film so Bad Robot went with making the TV show. CBS who does own the original Trek is just sitting back and getting paid as Bad Robot does the work and what they want.

      • Coleman Miller

        I was just talking about the made up stuff (Spock had an adopted sister?) & this desire to be PC. I prefer the Axanar fan film to Discovery. Just hoping this SW series doesn’t diminish the franchise in a similar way.

      • CT-7567

        Wait, Discovery is in the Kelvin timeline? Doesn’t Paramount own all of Star Trek?

        • Funtomaz

          According to the producers Discovery is in the Prime timeline. Which makes no sense. But this is what they say.
          Paramount doesn’t own all of Star Trek. They own the classic movies and the reboot movies. CBS (what once was Viacom) owns the rights to the TV shows. CBS couldn’t freely use elements from the movies in a TV show, Paramount can’t use any of the designs from the TV shows without paying a license fee. And since Discovery is produced by Bad Robot / Paramount they are stuck with the Kelvin timeline designs. We would only get a true continuation of the Star Trek TV franchise if CBS decided to produce a show. We’re stuck with this weird hybrid of a show for now, though. Discovery would have much less problems if the producers didn’t insist on it being a prequel set in the Prime timeline.

  • Funtomaz

    Makes sense. And, if done well, could be a great addition to Star Wars. If Disney invests some money and wants to compete with the likes of Game of Thrones or Westworld, a high quality Star Wars TV show could be lots of fun. Having more quality SF shows on TV / streaming is never a bad thing. But a Star Wars show needs a lot of money, the budget must be quite high. I hope Disney is willing to give the show the money it needs.

    TV (streaming) can tell quite compelling stories, it’s not limited to the 2 1/2 hour runtime of your typical AAA movie, you can have much more depth in character and more elaborate story telling. I’m all in for a live action Star Wars show, if it’s done right.

    • CT-7567

      Is Westworld actually good? I couldn’t get past the pilot. Of course, that happened with Game of Thrones and I only ended up starting to watch it last spring. Now it’s one of my favorite shows.

      • Funtomaz

        I really loved Westworld. It’s one of the best new SF shows. But if you didn’t like the pilot you probably will have a hard time enjoying the show. Maybe give it another chance.

  • Seth Vatt

    Looking forward to weekly episodes completely neutered of Jedi, the Force, space battles, basically everything that makes Star Wars unique, in favor of a three part character struggle about Greedo’s mom’s Rodian cancer.

  • Mother_Talzin

    A lot could happen between now and 2019, so I’ll wait to see a trailer to judge – but like many, I have no intention of paying for a streaming service to watch a TV series, even if its SW. I imagine there wont be an action figure line though – because kids wont likely have access to the show unless their parents pay for the service. That being said, I wonder what audience they are going for?

    • Brux Macoy

      Interesting questions.

    • wedge1021

      There may be some hope for action figures, depending on what the show is and who the target audience is. Hasbro just did a wave of 6″ Marvel figures based on the Netflix shows, so who knows?

      • CT-7567

        Hasbro tends to acknowledge the existence of adult collectors with Marvel for some reason. I think we’re going to see the current Hasbro business model for a long time. So, basically, every movie or show gets a few 5poa waves and then move along.

  • CadeSky

    I like the fact that TV shows made specifically for the streaming services don’t have to have those predictable commercial break lead-ins, etc…but I really hate how the platforms are trying to find that ONE thing that you want to rope you into a subscription service. That’s the thing that I don’t like here…but I get it…the future has arrived. Anyway, I am all for the existence of a SW live action show.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Yeah, well, the future’s going to wither and die. There’s no way consumers are going to pay $200+ monthly for 20+ different subscription services just to keep up with their casual franchise interests. So there will be some kind of competition, and Netflix will win. And in the mean time, popular franchises that lock themselves behind paywalls will find themselves bleeding fans and customers like arterial spray. THE key to business is to make your products as accessible as you can. This strategy of locking up your content and making it difficult to find will FAIL. Disney just thinks they’re big enough to make it work, and they might well be in the short term. Time will tell.

      • CadeSky

        Thanks for saying all of that, really. It’s exactly why I haven’t seen Star Trek Discovery. Sure, I like ST, but the ability to watch a single show is in no way worth whatever they charge on a monthly basis. If anyone would be able to pull this off though, of course it would be Disney. But yeah, really hate the business model. Personally, I am a person who lives without a cable subscription…Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a good local library with lots of DVDs work well for me lol. So in my case, I don’t pay for cable, and I am STILL not interested in all of these new subscriptions.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Yep, me too. I never even had cable to begin with. Netflix was an obvious thing to get, and I get other perks with Prime. Disney might actually entice me if they had MCU and SW content, but it will have to be good stuff. If they do like Netflix and crank out multiple worthwhile shows, then I’ll probably subscribe. But I probably won’t be an early adopter.

          • CadeSky

            Yeah, Prime is totally worth it in my household. We order things all the time, use streaming music and video, etc. Netflix is almost unbelievably cheap. I’m hearing what you’re saying here. There is the chance that Disney could really present subscribers with a really wide range of content. Unlike this CBS All Access thing…the only show I mildly want to check out is Discovery, and I’m not biting!

          • CT-7567

            You’ve never had cable? Also, with Amazon Prime you get the streaming service and free shipping?

          • Rivesjunctionite

            That’s right. Never, ever had cable.
            Prime gets you some free video, free shipping, and miscellaneous goodies.

  • Eradicator

    I wonder if they are going to dust off the scripts George Lucas said he had for a TV show?

  • BlueSaber

    I’m sorry, Star Wars just doesn’t belong on TV. This is the BS endless quest of dominating all media and over saturating everything. There was once a time where to be in love with Star Wars was almost a cult thing. Now apparently, it’s the NORM. That’s a scary thought. Star Trek started on TV and worked amazingly on TV. Going from film to TV is a horrid proposition. Just look at any of that Marvel crap, it’s the poor man’s movie. Let it be cinematic, not some TV drama garbage.

    • JohnMorog

      Do you even Rebels?

      • Rivesjunctionite

        I Rebels!

    • Matthew Cohen

      You forgot Rebels and Clone Wars exist huh

      • BlueSaber

        Ok let me clarify that statement, it doesn’t belong on a LIVE-ACTION TV series. I still don’t even feel like the cartoons have been that great. They’ve been good, sometimes awesome, but never “great”.

        • CT-7567

          Never great? Apparently you’ve missed several episodes of TCW. Like the Ahsoka arc at the end of season five. I do tend to agree about live-action SW. I prefer they save it for films.

          • BlueSaber

            I’m honestly not an Ahsoka fan at all, I thought she was a horrible and majorly annoying character and should have been one of Anakin’s first kills. I hate that she survived, if only so girls could have a role model to identify with in the shows. I’m not sure why Leia couldn’t have sufficed in REBELS, they had to go a draw all new ones to show women can be rebellious too and spray paint stuff or fly ships. I get it, but there were female pilots in ROTJ for crying out loud! I also hated the idea that Anakin would have EVER had a freaking apprentice. In my mind, that totally took away from the fact that he was still not a Jedi Master when Obi-Wan was training him in ROTS. He hadn’t even done the trials at that point! How in the heck could he have possibly taken on a learner is beyond me and beyond stupid. Anakin and Obi-Wan was the ONLY major relationship we needed to see or care about or focus on and they screwed that up bad enough in the films.

    • jason1978

      When Lucas sold in 2012 he said he wanted Disney to keep making movies, cartoons, television shows long after he was gone. Day 1 of the sale Disney announced plans for a live action show. Lucas before the sale even discussed it. Nothing new but it has taken longer than expected…which maybe was a good thing

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Fantastic news, it would have to be something special for me to sign up to Disney Streaming, but sure it will be out on DVD.

  • Barney Dunn

    with stereo simulcast on WPLJ 95.5 FM

  • Super Amigo

    I hope they explore the times between Ep3 and, let’s say, Rebels. But not too close to Ep4, but more like a couple years after Ep3.

    It could be called Star Wars Exodus or something like that and should manage a few parallel storylines, with the Jedi on the run, and the proto Rebellion. The stars? Vader, Obi Wan (with his own separate storyline), the first rebels, Ahsoka, the Inquisitors, Saw and Jyn, you name it. Perhaps even bring back Xizor and the rise of Black Sun.

    I know there are a lot of canonical comics covering (poorly, as ussual) all that, but Disney could just openly contradict them and turn them irrelevant, honoring a long standing Star Wars tradition.

  • ShipGirlLover

    Would have to blow me away to be really interesting. Rebels started out OK but played it too safe, and how much of this will probably just be following Not Luke, Not Han, Not Leia, etc.?

    I do expect the MC to be white, female, brown haired, and British, though 😉

    • Kevin Knight

      Rebels made an attempt to give us a diverse crew, they were just too bland. Zeb and Hera were interesting alien species that don’t get enough to do while they focus on Kanan and Ezra… 2 white dudes. Sabine got some stuff to do, but I agree with others, just too safe … it’s like Care Bears or something.

  • Mike_5555

    I’m not thrilled that it’s going to the new streaming service, but it was inevitable. It’s the direction the industry is going. I say give it to Filoni. He understands Star Wars and how to tell Star Wars stories better than just about anyone. I trust him.

    • CT-7567

      Do you think he could make a good SW standalone? Live-action and animation are two totally different animals, but you’re right about him knowing SW well.

      • Mike_5555

        I really think he could. His mentor was George Lucas after all. Yes, animation and live action are two different things, but plenty of directors have successfully moved from animation to live action. Tim Burton actually began his career in animation. Brad Bird is a good example too. He went from The Simpsons to Iron Giant to Pixar to Mission Impossible. And the line between live action and animation is becoming increasingly blurred with the importance of CGI in blockbuster films. Look at Jon Favreau’s Junngle Book movie form last year.

  • jason1978

    Disney is doing this in hopes people will buy their streaming service but it will likely backfire and this will be even more illegally downloaded than Game of Thrones and I guarantee will end up being on Disney Channel or ABC…one of their channels

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