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BB-8 Playset Found For Less Than Half Price

JTA reader Mark sends us proof that his friend found him a BB-8 Playset for less than half. Click the image below to see how much.

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  • Was the price due to impatient clearance or typical Walmart buffoonery?

    • Diego

      I’m guessing Walmart employee taking liberties with the price-change gun. He probably bought the third one or had someone else buy it.

      • Mark

        No it was $89 for at least a week. Even marked as so on the shelf. We just managed to get to the store yesterday and get those 2 but the 3rd was also purchased yesterday since Brickseek did show 3 yesterday early.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      Oh, how I have benefited from Walmart buffoonery over the years; on the other hand, I have also suffered from Walmart buffoonery over the years. Oh well, as they say: sun faced Buddha, moon faced Buddha.

      • CJ

        I hate that my Wal-Mart seems to be run by only slightly incompetent people. I never benefit from buffoonery.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          There’s nothing worse than mediocre incompetence.

  • Indysolo007

    Checked in brickseek and they are full price in my area

    • Brent Norton

      So what is the number on that receipt picture and what number are you suppose to search on brickseek?

      • Indysolo007


      • Mark

        Search DPCI: 087-06-8338
        for Target
        and SKU: 775877489 for WM

  • SteveU1

    Down to 129.99 on amazon

    • thelastwookie

      At $100 I’ll definitely grab it.

      • Indysolo007

        I’m going to try and see if target will price compare for 129.99 and then get the $25 off toy purchases over $100

        • thelastwookie

          Good idea!

          • Indysolo007

            If anyone attempts this let us know if it works. I won’t be able to hit target until after work tonight.

        • Stereotypical Evil Archer

          Plus save another 5% with your Redcard.

        • shane

          Let us know if that works and I’m in.

      • shane

        That’s what I’m thinking as well. I do want it.

  • Jaken Wraith

    I have no desire for that thing at even $50, except for the Snoke 5poa. I don’t like how it turn’s into BB-8. Would of rahther of had a more Screen accurate Playset, that has to be assembled. But i guess that’s what the Black Series and TVC is for, screen accuracy over playability. For the 5poa’s something like that is appropriate.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    That seems like a more accurate price. Walmart sells other large playsets for $89.

    • Mark


  • CadeSky

    I’ve only seen the pictures of this thing but the $200 price tag seems completely ludicrous. $89 though sounds much more appropriate!

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    The UPC on the receipt doesn’t match the UPC of the Mega BB-8 playset. Unless my info is wrong.


    SW toys have become retail cancer. Everywhere you go stuff is rotting and there is plenty of TFA merchandise still available two years later. there are some great videos on Youtube showing the state of SW toys from a guy called WorldclassBSr’s. It matches my retail area exactly, SAD!

    • Not at all surprised if Episode IX crap is only available online given how dire things are now.

    • shane

      Yep, I did see that awhile back. I picture that guy and Paul pretty much best friends.

  • Kerr Roeder

    I might be interested in this for that price. I haven’t seen any at my local Walmarts though. Just one at my local Target and three or four at my local TRU. I’d say it’s a maybe at $89 and a definite at $50.

  • CJ

    This type of thing isn’t my bag at all, but I really didn’t think the retail price was inappropriate. This is a bargain.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    My Walmart doesn’t even carry the BB8 playset.

    • shane

      Exactly, I’ve never seen it. I’ve been to 5 Walmarts, I don’t understand.

    • darthmadonna

      My Walmart doesn’t even carry anything 3.75 except the basic figures. Even those are only a handful and been that way since FF. Tons of fake lazer swords though. But hey there isn’t a distro problem or anything.

  • Glenn P. Winkler

    I used some TRU coupons and discounts to get mine and I love it. It’s a glorious display piece. When it’s in playset mode you can’t see the BB-8 parts, it just looks like a playset. It’s a little bittersweet for me, though, because it reminds me so much of the old Kenner Death Star Station playset that I’d love to see re-imagined in the Vintage Collection.

  • Mark
    • Brent Norton

      But they have Star Wars 10% off! wow discount!!!
      And look, it use to be $249.99 for some reason so you are saving that also!

  • Indysolo007

    Priced jacked back up at target. Hopefully Amazon doesn’t bump back up before I can go price compare tonight.

  • Diego

    Speaking of Walmart, stopped in today and there is no sign of anything being on order for 3.75 TBS. Early November was it? Or did Hasbro already blow its load and no more are coming. That’d be swell.

    • CT-7567

      November 1st is the date on the box. I expect to see nothing.

  • BlueSaber

    Dang, why can’t I ever get one of these lucky deals!? Smart fella to buy 2, I’d sell the other one for a premium at this point…and I HATE scalpers, but that’s just foolish not to. I’m guessing a lot of international buyers can’t find them yet and will pay higher to get it.

  • General Hux

    I would probably buy it at that price, looks like an awesome TOY for kids and a decent display piece for collectors.

  • darthmadonna

    checked Brickseek and the only walmart that has it is 50 miles away and in the middle of NO where. Meanwhile I am in the suburbs of a major city with 10 walmarts all with in 20 miles and they have squat for 3.75 stuff.

  • SarcoPlankton

    Haven’t seen this thing since Force Friday.

  • Logan

    Not in LA. These are still full price around here and Disneyland just got these in this week.

  • Mark

    If anyone in the DFW area wants the 2nd one for cost let me know.

  • Indysolo007

    Picked one up at target, price compared with Amazon for $129.99 and then got $25 off.

    • Diego

      Interested in getting this for the kiddo for Christmas. May attempt tomorrow if the price holds steady on Amazon. Any tips? Did you say upfront you wanted to pricematch AND use a coupon?

      • Indysolo007

        Yes, took it to guestbservices and got the price match. Then had the coupon ready to scan in my phone. She didn’t even have time to think. Target wants to take away my brickseek, I’ll get $95 bucks off my damned playset!

  • Diego

    Price is up to $154 on Amazon.

    • Indysolo007

      Essentially Amazon and target were pricing against themselves. Amazon bumped it down to 180 to reflect the target price. Then Amazon took off an additional 25 to the 155 price to match the Target 25 off coupon. That’s when I decided to price match and then get an additional 25 off. That price war benefitted me.

  • shane

    Hey Mr. Harrison, can’t wait for the review on this !! I take it, you just don’t have it yet.

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