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Some Walmarts Drop Prices On TBS6 Speeders AGAIN!

Only a couple weeks after their release, Walmart dropped the prices of The Black Series 6″ Centerpieces from $49.99 to $34.99 and The Black Series 6″ Rey and Luke Speeders from $59.99 down to $44.99. Now, it seems that Walmart are lowering the prices of the Speeders once again. JTA Reader DLane5871 shares a find at a local Walmart in Durham, NC. Both Rey and Luke Speeders were dropped to a mere $30! At this price, I would happily grab a couple more (I must admit, they make excellent display pieces). Have you see these prices near you or in another store? Let us know!


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  • John Newlin

    I haven’t seen any! Have only seen a few of the Guard wave at one Walgreen. No Obi Wan Spirit though.

  • Zone55555

    Holy hell, they haven’t dropped a penny in canada.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    I checked today there still $45.00

  • Steve Renner

    Haven’t seen any at any price at any of the Walmarts in NH.

    • FN-GZ

      No vehicles in Tilton, NH, but plenty of centerpieces.

    • RumSleg

      Most NH Walmarts still have them at $45, except Keene had them down to $25, and now they’re sold out there.

  • hammyhamster

    The pricing for Star Wars figures are a joke universally.

    For your own awareness, walk down other toy isles that aren’t Disney owned (Marvel or SW). Barbie, wwe, products of that ilk cost 25-50% less and typically offer much greater value with accessories than the black series product.

    Until they adjust their pricing (both retailers and Hasbro), this recent trend of near immediate discounts will continue.

    $100 canadian STILL for the rey and luke speeders at walmart and TRU? The bloom is off the Star Wars figure rose. Choke on it, Hasbro.

    • shane

      Completely agree. BTW, excellent movie, HCL.

      • hammyhamster

        Awesome, glad you saw it! I met Joe D1ck about a year after I saw it and it was probably the most nervous I ever was meeting a “celebrity”, but glad you liked it!

        And for Blade Runner (and this also goes out to the other boys on here who I discussed this with), I’m just going to bed now so what can I say in short… hmmm… I enjoyed it. I don’t want to say much as not to ruin it for the kiddies who didn’t see it, but I thought that there was some really cool scenes – The opening scene and Gosling and Solo fighting in a bar were two, but there was also a lot of jibberish, especially from Leto’s character. Funny enough I’ve met Leto and Gosling, but that’s another story for another day 😉

        IN SUMMATION: Hard Core was enjoyed by both and BR 2049 was too… but I need to follow-up on BR as I’m still not 100% sure on who was what, and it was probably 30 minutes too long for me. BR 2049 FINAL SCORE – 8/10. And I should’ve seen it in IMAX with no 3D. The 3D was a waste and I think I would’ve enjoyed it more without it.

        • The thing that pisses me off is because it did so poorly, I doubt they will ever explain what becomes of Leto’s character who kind of dropped off mid-way through the film. Poor substitute for Tyrell imo.

          I think like TFA, It lacked a truly great villain like Hauer as well.

          • hammyhamster

            Hauer WAS a great villian. True. I did enjoy BR 2049, but sometimes movies get too tied up in being “smart” (see Interstellar), and that lowers my interest at times.

            And Disney does villains horrible, ain’t no debating that. They’re too worried about scaring kids, and once again, that takes away from my enjoyment of the film. I wish I could be some “global warrior” and only care about watching a movie that “everyone loves”, but F that… I only care about me 😉

          • shane

            Some of the scenes could have been shaved down a bit but they just don’t make movies taking chances anymore like this. We are living in the ADHD no patience generation and Hollywood follows suit.

          • hammyhamster

            100% agreed! You know I beg for studios to create more original, exciting work, but I also don’t like leaving a theater feeling like I’ve missed something.

            That doesn’t mean I want a big, dumb movie, but sometimes I feel that a director gets too ambitious with their work and it affects the experience – like Chris Nolan and his influence on the voice work of his actors in recent movies (he fought to have banes voice muffled in tdkr, but thankfully he was voted down on that, and if you saw ‘Dunkirk’, I found it hard to hear about 25% of what was said due to his insistence on “realism”).

            In short it’s a fine line, but I would GLADLY see 10 more BR attempts than 10 safe TFA styled events.

            BTW there are “big, dumb” movies I like too (pacific rim ftw), but like in life, everything in moderation 🙂

          • shane

            Yeah I love war movies too, specially World War 2, but I could not get into Dunkirk. I just couldn’t, did not like that movie, I see what you mean. It’s just unfortunate BR bombed because I was so into Alien Covenant and was definitely disappointed with that. It wasn’t bad I thought until the ending looked and felt like a video game. I see him stepping away from Science Fiction at this point. It’s too bad.

          • hammyhamster

            I’m definitely a war-film guy too. We finally had an OK war movie come out in Canada… think it was ‘hyena road’, but definitely not enough when compared to US war movies. One of th Scott brothers did ‘Blackhawk diwn’, which can be playing 24/7 in my house if i was alowed lol… like that guy in ‘true romance’ (another Scott film), which is another great flick. In my ‘top 10’ for sure.

            And yeah,,I really enjoyed ‘Prometheus’ but felt that covenant was a bit of a letdown. Time for ridley to let Neil Blomkamp take over that franchise.

          • shane

            Agreed. And I could talk movies all day with you. I have my Ridley Scott collection with said movies. Then you mention True Romance which leads right into Tarantino ! Lol

          • hammyhamster

            There is a Tarantino distributed version of Hard Core Logo BTW. I don’t think that he had commentary on it, but you may want to check that out.

      • GIBBS v2

        The movie was fantastic. The international markets will eat it up and really good buzz follows a film into Blu-ray and rental sales. So it will ultimately do fine.

        • shane

          I certainly hope so. I plan seeing it again anyway and there’s no doubt I’ll buy the Blu Ray. On the other hand I’m afraid no more Alien and Blade Runner movies. I’ll bet Ridley is DONE with Sci-fi which is a bummer. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong though.

          • GIBBS v2

            While the aging Scott was only the producer Mr. Villeneuve is but a pup by comparison. The future of sci-fi is in good hands. The best that could happen to Aliens might be to give Blomcamp his shot.

          • shane

            Yeah, I think your right.

      • Mike Moore (04515f4n)

        I like how they had the guts to make the main characters non human, You’d think they’d have done that in Star Wars already.

        • shane

          It’s very good to see some SW fans support Blade Runner. I just took it for granted most SW fans were also huge fans of Indy and BR. Apparently I was wrong. I’m actually upset the movie bombed. It is a slow burner movie, not meant for the Transformers shoot em up with explosions crowd.
          But I’m glad you, myself and a few others did go see it.

          • GIBBS v2

            I respect and patronize just about any all decent sci-fi effort I can. I think nothing explores, challenges and contemplates the biggest questions that vex or inspire humanity better than sci-fi.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      but we’re supposed to pay full price for items deemed not worth their MSRP or else all lines die and im not a true collector …………

      • hammyhamster

        It’s so silly all around. Silly billies they are!

    • It’s no longer a premier franchise anymore.

      • hammyhamster

        I don’t know if I’d go that far.. but I think that Disney has found a way to piss off a large percentage of the core audience. Disney will make the Star Wars brand even stronger globally, but they are sacrificing revenue from lost sales from the core. The question is, can they re-coup that and more with that strategy?

    • shane

      I bet the licensing for SW through Disney is atrocious.

    • It’s eve more frustrating when the pricing is a joke within the Disney Owned stuff.

      We get at least 6 new marvel legends figures each wave, and about 5-7 new waves each year, plus a build-a-figure and some figures with alternate heads.

      With Star Wars we’re lucky if we get 4 new figures a wave, and it take forever to get new waves out.

      • hammyhamster

        I’ve even bypassed the current marvel legends run to go to to the original series 1-8 and finish that set. Everything about those figures are superior to what Disney / Hasbro are producing today PLUS they were going for about $8 retail back then! Even with inflation it’s only about $11 today. Almost half. Pathetic.

        I’m always going to spend money on collecting… but this year, Disney and Marvel are only getting about 10% of that, while they used to see about 90%.

  • CadeSky

    Don’t ask me why, but these were really low-priority releases for me. $30 would definitely get me to pick up the Luke set though. I admit that these do look great, but I’m just not interested very much.

  • Mark

    $20 at a couple of Walmarts in my area.

  • James

    Jupiter FL Walmart had $20 for Reys and Lukes Speeder about 2 weeks ago. I grabbed Lukes Speeder for $30 the day before. I thought I was getting a deal, then the next day I see they are $20 they completely sold out of both. Zip code is 33401 if anyone wants to check on brickseek. As of today the cheapest price is Reys Speeder for $40. I’ll pick one up when they hit $20 they have a lot of these in inventory.

  • darthmadonna

    Went to Walmart and grabbed one these and tossed it at my mom told her to catch. she freaked and yelled at me avoiding it. I said just pick it up. She then said, “Oh is it empty?” LOL

    • joecooltheman

      Not sure what is so funny.

      • JohnMorog

        it’s cause it’s so light. You’re paying $60 for a really light, hollow piece of plastic.

  • Brian J.
  • TM Garrington
    • shane

      And no one understands why I think Toys R Us stinks.

      • JohnMorog

        There is a reason they filed for bankruptcy… Hopefully with it we’ll see some changes that help with junk like that. I don’t get why they like never put stuff on clearance at TRU.

        • shane

          I loved them, years ago.

  • Plastic Cowboy

    These were marked down to 12.50 at one of my wal marts . They had one Luke and seven Rey’s. next morning. All gone

    • A scalper struck.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        good luck scalping these ahahahahah

        • Well, scalpers arent known for high intelligent quotients.

    • OfWolfandMan

      At that price? Not surprised.

    • James

      Sweet price, could you share the zip code?

      • Plastic Cowboy

        Sorry just saw this it was in Lubbock Texas. Not sure of that wal marts exact zip code

  • jerome

    im assuming this means vehicles are not doing well again? i bought both right away…i think theyre awsome. either way…my walmart never got them…and numbers wise it doesnt appear alot of these were even made…im shocked theyre on clearance already 2 weeks ago i saw in Wisconsin. i thought these would had been big xmas sellers….i am glad to see em cleared out…bring on the dewback

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      no it means they should have never been this price in the first place…. the hasbro/disney team taking a page from nike and getting premium coin from those fish who feel the need to bite first……

  • thelastwookie

    I’m actually running out of space for my Star Wars crap but I would gladly grab these at $20 a pop any day.

    • hammyhamster

      Both Rey and Luke? I’d find room for Luke, but wouldn’t for Rey at $20.

      • thelastwookie

        I like both vehicles.

        • GIBBS v2

          I’m just as nostalgic as the next guy but her speeder is sweet. I love that it stands/flies so nicely too.

        • Mike Moore (04515f4n)

          I got both at bbts because here in Canada they are $100 and only at tru and EB Games. My town’s Walmarts didn’t carry them. I saved on the taxes anyway. Anyway love them both but love Rey and her speeder most, just an incredible figure and vehicle.

  • Tanit Choktanasiri

    This Rey action figure in 3.75″ scale should be in vintage collection : )

    • Mike Moore (04515f4n)

      They did a Rey like that in TBS 3.75

  • shane

    Reduced in my area as well. I think the centerpieces are too actually.

  • CptnRx

    Still $120 in Australia… I don’t get how retailers in the US discount this kind of stuff only weeks after release, and they aren’t small discounts either!

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Still $88.57 (before tax) in France.

    No sign of the Centerpiece statues so far. The retailers I talked to aren’t even aware of them.

  • Brian Beck

    I do think the real issue for Hasbro/retail is spotlighted by the sheer diversity of these posts-from “it never showed up here”, “it’s still full price here”, to “it’s even cheaper here”

    Only 2 of my 5 marts even got these-only one got the centerpiece, and that’s the store that has them for full price-the other has the speeders on discount at $45, and they are not that far from one another.

    • GIBBS v2

      I though my walmart messed up. They never got these or ANY vehicles from the The Last Jedi. I check once a week, they just got the repackaged Tie Fighters and that’s it.

  • JohnMorog

    Got one for $45. That was satisfactory pricing, tbh. But $30 is amazing!
    If only all Star Wars toys were that decently priced, hah!

  • RumSleg

    I’ll buy a landspeeder if I see it for $30. And at $30, the only reason I wouldn’t buy additional landspeeders and Rey’s speeder immediately is because I get the feeling I’ll be able to buy them for $15 in another few weeks. 😉

  • GIBBS v2

    And this is why I am done with Force Friday.

  • Frank Ibarra

    I got mine for $10 each today at my Wal-mart….its a blessing and a curse living in a small city.

    • James

      Nice deal, whats the zip? any left?

      • Frank Ibarra

        38401….Columbia, Tn

  • My walmart never even got the speeders. It did have one of each of the centerpieces in the clearance section.

  • Rich Jordan
  • Rich Jordan
  • Rich Jordan
  • Rich Jordan

    Also there’s a store called diet cheap here’s some of what they have if you could repost or something I apologize in advance it’s 40% off the price tag

  • Rich Jordan
  • Rich Jordan
  • Rich Jordan

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