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Finally...Some Good News For Those Patiently Awaiting Snoke's Throne

That’s right…after many, many, MANY delays and date changes they have FINALLY sent out shipping confirmations for the Gamestop Exclusive Supreme Leader Snoke Throne. Phew…what a wait that was! If you haven’t gotten one yet, I highly recommend that you do! It is currently sold out at, but you might be able to start checking stores this next week. It’s an awesome piece and that has great diorama potential with Kylo Ren (Throne Room). If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out our review of Snoke and see why he’s a must have.

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  • DarthXit

    I got nothin…maybe tomorrow

  • Luke Gonzalez

    Had ordered on 9/1 but didn’t see a pending charge in paypal so i cancelled and reordered on the 27th. Really hope I get an email soon and didn’t get screwed over.

  • JediRebel71

    Received my shipping confirmation about an hour ago:)

  • Jaden Korr
    • Chad

      love this

  • Chad

    Glad to see people getting confirmations. I havent gotten a confirmation for mine yet. I also ended up pre-ordering one in store as backup in case something went wrong with my online order. Hopefully I hear something soon.

  • TatooineSandworm

    Guys?! Did the trailer do something to Paul? Is he ok? 4 articles by Colin, 1 article by Chuck and only 2 articles by Paul today. Just checking in to make sure everything is ok 😉

    • DarthXit

      I think he was awestruck by Daisy’s brilliance and the obvious genius of the writing/production team. He is just to afraid to admit it,

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn

      Was about to say the same thing. Paul, we won’t hurt you.

  • Darth Revan the Great

    I had to reorder mine cause my 1st order fell off my preorder list!! Now where is my Inferno squad figure???? Ship date was 9.29.17….now it’s 10.10.17 still hasn’t shipped! Who is screwing this up, game stop or hasbro?

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    I ordered on the night of Force Friday, still haven’t received a Shipping Confirmation. I don’t even have a pending payment on PayPal, even though I still have the order on my GameStop account.

    • Logan

      I got my shipping confirmation today!! I placed my order minutes after it went live. Good luck on your order.

      • Grand Admiral Thrawn

        Argh!!! Lucky dude, enjoy it! The fig look out of this world!!!

        • Logan

          I’m sure your order will come through. On the Inferno Squad fig I placed a pre-order in store. Hopefully they don’t screw the order up like they almost did my R5-D4.

          • Grand Admiral Thrawn

            I would pre-order on a store.. But I’m from Costa Rica and have to place my orders to Miami and use a freight forwarder to not pay 3x the original price due to shipping and tax.

          • Logan

            Oh man, that’s is some serious amount of work to get your items. Well, if your order doesn’t go through let me know. I ordered 2 Snoke but only plan on keeping one.

          • Grand Admiral Thrawn

            Thanks dude! Don’t worry, I can wait for him.

    • Chuck Glowacki

      I had to call Gamestop’s help line yesterday the 10th and ask about the same problem. Apparently they’re site is having issues accepting Paypal so you’ll see the transaction on Gamestop but that’s it. I actually had to give them another form of payment. The representative told me that Paypal is not accepted all of a sudden. So call for sure and have them process another payment or your order will just be sitting in limbo..cuz they sure werent going to notify me..

  • Toy Bounty Hunter

    Now all you have to do is wait for your figure to arrive hoping it doesn’t look as if someone stepped on it just before placing it in the shipping box with no packing material.

    • jerome

      pre order to your gamesto…i save shipping charges that way and everything ive pre ordered that way has arrived mint…

      • Todd Hofherr

        I have preordered at a local store, too. Hopefully, these types of orders are finally shipping, too!

  • rusty_t

    I just checked and my order is still listed as open, so it hasn’t shipped yet…….

  • Thats an odd way to black out the order number.

  • Barbecue17

    I received my shipping order last night, too! I preordered around 2 or 3am on Force Friday II.

  • Sean Rothe

    I ordered very shortly after they went up and still have not received a shipping notice. A friend of mine who ordered after me on September 1st later in the afternoon that lives in Shreveport got his shipping notice already. That seems like they are not doing these by first come, first serve which kind of stinks because if they sell out and have to wait for another shipment that won’t come until January….I am going to be bummed.

  • WampaClaw

    I pre-ordered on Force Friday at around 11pm. I still haven’t received a shipping notification either….

  • JAL

    I’m f-ing sick of Gamestop!!!! They sent my Guards 4 pk damaged. Had to send it back. It’s been 2 weeks and still haven’t received my replacement even though they say they sent it but have no tracking for it. Now people are ordering Snoke and getting shipping notices when i ordered back when it was first available to order and haven’t gotten jack. Sick to F with these incompetent companies screwing people over. I hope they are hacked and all their assets stolen and their stores burned to the ground.

    • Chad


      • JAL

        Fed up. Sick of bull$hit.

  • Danny P.

    Happy for those who ordered it but the only good news I’d love to hear is that the 3.75″ version of Snoke is available.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’ll probably check EB Games a little bit more actively in the next little while.

  • ShipGirlLover

    Is this really going to be available in stores? My pre-order from Hobbylink Japan says November so I wonder if I should cancel it and just grab one from the store.

  • Art

    I still haven’t received a shipping confirmation and I preordered mine at 2:49 am on Force Friday.

  • Sean Rothe

    More reports of people getting shipping notices that ordered way later than people who ordered moments upon these being available on Force Friday. GameStop is just going to ship to whoever they want to ship to.

  • Zach Alexander

    I ordered on 9/4, still nothin

  • gargan123 (Kerry Spencer)

    Well, today is the 12th and still no shipping confimation. Order still shows “open.” I ordered 2 Snokes on Force Friday at my local Gamestop right at 10 AM when they opened. What’s the deal??????

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Snoke is playing all of you!
    He will never ship!

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