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Battlefront II Beta Extended

Good news, everyone! In case you missed the Battlefront II beta or if you just can’t get enough of it, EA has extended the beta’s availability until October 11th. The event was supposed to end today, but this extension gives fans two more days of gameplay. If you haven’t played the beta yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a blast!  


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  • EPC-421

    Wish I could play unfortunately I have an outdated driver… Dang it.

  • Jaden Korr

    I’ve enjoyed what i played, but the one part I really wanted to try (Starfighter assault) i haven’t been able to, since there’s a bug with the settings that won’t apply my southpaw stick settings to star fighters (standard and both legacy setups work) and after so many hours of N64 Rogue Squadron in my youth I have to have the left stick control flight.

    I also like how Hera’s blaster is an option for the Officer class :). Makes me hopeful for a playable Ghost hero ship!

    Also, for those who didn’t hear (and still have their copy), the season pass for the first game is now free if you want something to play in the meantime.

  • holy Q

    Spoken as a gamer:
    I tried it and was disappointed, because the game turned out like I feared it will, a pay2win experience. If you don’t have the time to farm 24/7. Solely spoken from a gamer standpoint. Otherwise, it looks fantastic, like the other Battlefields/Battlefronts, but in the end I guess it will turn out as the usual (vehicle) spam with mostly unbalanced teams. People will use their cards to get points faster, will have vehicles/heroes faster and dominate the battlefield even more. In the first part there were those tokens for vehicles and heroes and everyone could get them, if he was fast enough or just lucky. So the presence of power gamers and cash shoppers will be much more noticeable in multiplayer now, the casual gamer will stay a background actor. My son is hyped and wants to buy it, so maybe I will give it another try, but so far I am unconvinced.

    Spoken as a fan:
    It looks great, at first look, there will be much more content compared to the first part, also for offline gaming, that is a big plus. The story looks promising too, since I saw a star wars anime years ago, I was fascinated by the idea of female imperial pilots, so that is actually another big plus for me, maybe it even appeals to my daughter. The single player and coop stuff could actually be good enough to have fun with your family. But the negative multiplayer keeps me from it right now.

  • Theater Geek

    So many people complained about the 2015 Battlefront’s DLC subscription scheme that they have gone to the other extreme. The game ships with all the content, but now you will be able to purchase “crystals” with cash money that will allow you to buy the game crates in-game. This is what people mean by “Pay 2 Win” People will be able to purchase the same stuff that the rest of us have to grind for.

    I also think that the graphics are a step down from Star Wars Battlefront 2015. Maybe it’s just because it’s the beta. I hate all of the crappy video affects. The rolling scan lines, the chromatic aberration on lenses, the endless leaves and pigeons on Theed…doesn’t quite seem as immersive as the last game.

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