Imperial Stormtrooper (30 20) - Hasbro - 30th Anniversary Collection (2007)
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Very Limited Supply Of Darth Malgus Figures On eBay!

If you’re interested, tunghori on eBay has only 5 Darth Malgus figures available as of this post!

UPDATE: Darth Malgus is now sold out, but tunghori on eBay ALSO has the fantastic TVC Darth Maul for only $8.99 with all of his accessories too!

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  • I’m bummed he no longer VC103 Obi-Wan. I got one a while back from him and it was my favorite figure. Unfortunately, my gf lost him in an attempt to do something sweet and I haven’t been able to afford a replacement. A carded vc103 is my grail these days, and I’m reeeeallly hoping he is rereleased in TVC2. Anyways, I know that has nothing to with anything. On topic, I’m happy with all the figures I’ve gotten from tunghori.

    • “my gf lost him in an attempt to do something sweet”

      So many questions.

      • OfWolfandMan

        Ha! Maybe he dated Monica Lewinsky?

      • So few answers.

    • Truthbetold

      And she’s still your gf..?

  • Big enough hood? I always figured he was named what he was since he was an alMAGUS of multiple Sith Lords – Anakin, Vader, Scion, etc.

    I am glad that thus far The Sith are finally dead in the ST which is one of the few things in TFA that doesn’t negate Episode VI’s ending but at the same time, Whatever Kylo/Snoke are they are damn poor successors to them and a big part of why the sequel films are lacking.

    I just hope James Luceno stays alive long enough after IX to sort out the Abrams/Kennedy mess in the way that he did in I-III with Cloak Of Deception, Labryinth Of Evil, and Plagueis. He’s probably the most consistent SW author working today.

  • CadeSky

    While I have been very happy withall of the figures I have gotten from tunghori, something looks weird about the hood on Malgus. The last time I browsed what he had available, I wound up not ordering anything because I kept noticing oddities in the pictures (things that were not accurate to the (can we call them “legitimate?”) original releases. I am happy with my TBS version of Malgus.

  • I have two of these: one bought at Tuesday Morning for $5.99, TVC carded, and the TBS version at the Disney outlet store for around the same price, sans card.

    • sam

      Was the TVC purchase made around when the line was first introduced, or was this a more recent purchase?

      • I purchased the TVC one after the line had been cancelled.

  • Erik

    These were peg warmers at Five Below back when.

  • Coleman Miller

    I recommend getting this if you can find it.

  • I still wonder how he has so many duplicates of these figures. Over 40 open Darth Mauls is a lot to have.

    • Its possible that a factory that was originally tasked with making these for hasbro, continued making them after the production run to make some extra money and sell wholesale to sellers like Tunghori. Its also possible but less likely that these are all factory rejects from the original factory run.

      • That sounds like as good as guess as any. Lucky guy to have that connection if that is the case.

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