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Would Wookiee Weekend Work While Withstanding Wisecracks?

So far we’ve had Force Friday in 2015. Rogue Friday in 2016. And Force Friday II in 2017. For 2018, what would be a good product line launch name for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story? Unlike our headline, we’re “thinking” that Wookiee Weekend would be a nice use of alliteration, no?

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  • I like it! My prediction for Wookiee Weekend Wave 1…..

    Not-Han Solo
    Kira (Still think this is a cooler name for Rey like it was originally planned)
    Not-Lando Calrissian
    Thandie Newton’s character
    Phoebe Waller Bridge’s character
    Generic Stormtrooper (You know how much Hasbro loves repacks)

    Then again, We hardly got any figures for Rogue Friday so maybe about half of that.

    I still stand by this film until we see a trailer btw for a number of reasons and am looking forward to it more than VIII and IX for several reasons…….

    – A proven director who has actually won awards and has made classic films

    – Disney has shown they are capable of making a good film in the OT era with R1

    – They can’t eff up the timeline too much considering it’s another prequel

    – Good cast and even though JJ Abrams looks more like Harrison Ford than the guy playing him in this film, He is a good enough one to get down his voice/mannerisms

    – The Han Solo Trilogy is my top 5 of best books of the old EU and it seems like they are borrowing quite a bit from it. RIP AC Crispin, Best female author in SW ever! Not a bad Trek one either

    – Even though they will be played by different actors, Seeing Han/Lando/Chewie/Jabba again onscreen is far more appealing than any of the ST knockoff characters

    – We will probably get some cool vehicles out of it ala Rogue One that actually look like they belong in the SW universe and are original designs

    – It should be pretty funny and not unintentionally like the PT/TFA, Humor is something that has not been done right in the Star Wars universe in sometime.

    • Plus it will be released in the summer which will make it unique, It just doesn’t feel like SW when they are released in months that aren’t May.

      • CT-7567

        Different actors as Han and Lando don’t bother you at all? Is Worry Harrelson’s character actually called “Beckett” in the movie? Wasn’t that the name of his Cheers co-star Ted Danson’s sitcom? Weird?

        • OfWolfandMan


          • CT-7567

            Oops. I honestly thought it was Beckett. πŸ˜›

        • Funtomaz

          Beckett? Really????? Star Wars is well known for its weird names or names that are puns or tell you what their character is. Since when are mundane names a trend in Star Wars? “Rose”? “Beckett”? There are free Star Wars name generators on the internet, couldn’t the writers have used one of these if they can’t come up with any Star Wars names? πŸ˜€

          • General Hux

            Luke isn’t a weird name….

          • Funtomaz

            He’s the exception! πŸ˜‰ Also, his family name has a nice ring to it and is quite unusual. My favorite Star Wars name is still Elan Sleazebaggano πŸ˜€ I hope Rey’s last name won’t be “Miller” or “Smith” πŸ˜€

          • thelastwookie

            Lol. That’s the worst Star Wars name!

          • Funtomaz

            It’s so bad it’s good πŸ˜€

    • CT-7567

      I never knew A.C. Crispen was a woman. Or I forgot. It’s been years since I read those books.Ever read the original Han Solo Trilogy by Brian Daley? I love those books. When I was in grade school in the 80’s my school library had a couple of the small hardcover versions. There was very little non-SW film material back then and I really enjoyed those books.

      • shane

        I read Han Solo at Stars End and Lost Legacy. They were excellent.

      • DerekTrovi

        I LOVED these books, too. It’s too bad they won’t base the movies on them, or at least incorporate Brian Daley’s great grasp of the feel that Star Wars should have.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Daley’s Solo books were masterpieces. I was sad to hear all the “origin story” nonsense was going to be included in the new film. I was hoping for something along the lines of what Daley had done.

        • The D.O.

          Too bad he isn’t around to write the script. Would have been great.

        • CT-7567

          If the Solo movie was like the Daley books I might actually be able to look past the recast ok f Han and Lando. But instead we have to get a movie that shows us a bunch of back story that we already know. Oh, and that swell paint job on the Falcon before Han wins it from Lando. And if course we actually have to see him win it. We have to find out that Han Solo isn’t really his given name. The character of Han Solo, as portrayed by Harrison Ford, has a story arc with a beginning, middle and end. This movie is an unnecessary cash-grab.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    But, but… There is no Star Wars movie being released in 2018!!
    Why a new line launch?

    (love the headline by the way. 😁 )

    • It took me WAY to long to come up with us. I don’t like spending my evenings in a thesaurus.

    • Nick Dickens

      Last time I checked the Han Solo movie is still coming out for May 2018.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        I know it is true. Unfortunately. πŸ˜†
        Just wallowing in pointless denial and self pity. πŸ˜‚

        Let’s slash a few defenseless computers for good measure. Then I’ll feel better…

        I really wish Ron Howard were attached to another project.

        • CT-7567

          I’m totally against the Solo film. Seems you feel the same way?

          • Darth_Rizzen

            It shows, doesn’t it? 🀣

            I’d have been very much OK with a film about the underworld of the Galaxy, possibly a detective story or thriller. With new characters, or even a less explored ruffian like the flamboyant Captain Hondo Ohnaka.

            But Han Solo around the time of ANH is Harrison Ford and no one else. To me, anyway.

          • Funtomaz

            Could be the worst idea for a Star Wars movie ever. Might be the first underperforming Star Wars movie ever. No one needs that movie, no one wants that movie.
            But maybe, just maybe the script by Kasdan and the new direction by Ron Howard will surprise us in a good way.
            But I think the whole project will look and feel like a high budget fan movie.

        • Nick Dickens

          I’ve got good hopes. I like Ron Howard as a director. But hey if it’s crap it’s crap.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I’m fine with everything about this film… Except the basic idea behind it. ☹

            If they had made it a story about two unknown, up and coming young scoundrels that were not Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, I’d have been eagerly anticipating it despite all the shenanigans behind the scenes.

            As it is, I’m not even going to bother watching it, at all. In fact, I’m going to actively avoid it.

            I will, however, check out the inevitable novelisation. That’s the wonderful thing about books, the only limit is your imagination, and you get to decide what the characters look like, not some megacorporation. 😁

            And who knows? There might be some nice ships in the toy line. πŸ˜‡

          • Nick Dickens

            There could be indeed.
            The question I think everyone is asking is this the film when Star Wars jumps the shark.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Brilliant! πŸ˜‚

            I don’t think Ron Howard directed that infamous episode, so there’s still a chance. Hopefully. 😁

  • I’m also really curious what you will come up with for the Obi-Wan film, I got nothing for that one.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who shops this Friday?

  • Brian B.

    And hopefully, for the sake of anyone who doesn’t happen to be among the first 10 people on line, distribution won’t be anywhere near as hairy.

  • Matthew

    Falcon Friday

  • mg1138

    That’s a good one indeed. And if you “think” so, then we trust you! The other one I could come up with would be “Smuggler Friday”… Quite unoriginal but works well too as most of us foreigners will have to go through online smuggling to get those new products!

  • Jason Attewell

    Superfluous Solo sale Saturday? Surpassing surprisingly sorrowful Sunday.

    • Zarco Rey

      Awesome alliteration, Attewell!

  • ARC-77

    They’ll use “Wookie Weekend” for the upcoming sequel to the Star Wars Holiday Special, starring Chewbacca mom..

    • BB-Mate

      Tarful? πŸ˜‰

  • bobcat

    How about ”this is the worse spin off idea yet,day” πŸ™‚

  • Subcoolin

    Kessel Run 2018

  • BB-Mate

    Wookie Leaks would have been worse I guess 😁

    • No, that would just be PRIOR to Wookiee Weekend (if there is such a thing coming).

      • BB-Mate

        In that case let me grab my carpet cleaner!

  • BB-Mate

    Scoundrel Saturday!

  • Jaken Wraith

    Nah, the “Smuggler’s Run” Midnight Event. Use the Augmented Reality App to avoid Bounty Hunter’s trying to stop us from geting the new Toys.

    • BB-Mate

      The security cam footage would be hilarious!

      • Jaken Wraith

        I didn’t even think of that, but now can’t get it out of my Head lol.

        • BB-Mate

          You are welcome sir πŸ™‚

    • But we already have bounty hunters… they just like eBay.

  • Solo Shot Second Saturday

    • Worthless Wasteland of Wookiee Wealth?

      • CT-7567

        Worthless Wasteland of Donald Glover and Alden Whateverhisnameis action figures.

        • Your alliteration has failed. πŸ™‚

          • CT-7567

            Lol. I wasn’t trying. I was expressing my disgust for this movie. πŸ™‚

          • Cody McDonald

            They should have waited…. a while…. before making this movie. Like a LONG time. I don’t think anybody was ready or begging for this to happen.

    • CT-7567

      Lol. I prefer Solo Shot First Friday. πŸ™‚

  • Matthew Zellmer

    Everyone loves Wookies. Even my wife (who loathes Star Wars) likes Wookies.

    • General Hux

      Hasbro LOVES Wookiees. But they LOVE Princess Leia more.

  • Nick Dickens

    Fur ball Friday

    • Darth_Rizzen

      A day to Laugh it Up!

      • Nick Dickens


  • Wow. You think someone is angry? I guess there HAVE BEEN ramifications.

    • TatooineSandworm

      care to explain the context?

      • Nope. LOL. πŸ™‚

        • TatooineSandworm

          I want to be in the cool kids club. πŸ™

    • RumSleg

      There’s been a burst of passive-aggressive, read-between-the-lines, I’m-not-saying-what-I’m-talking-about-but-you-know-what-I’m-talking-about, exchanges on social media lately. It’s more interesting than the toy news now that FFII is past.

  • TatooineSandworm

    So, no puns here. Just requesting that Disney, Lucasfilm, and Hasbro drop this asinine marketing strategy on the sale of their licensed goods. It didn’t work for Force Friday, Rogue Friday, or Force Friday II. Start Pre-orders at ALL retailers one month before the “event”. If you want to come to the event, you can pick up your pre-orders at that time or any time after that “event”. Still have product available for J.Q. Public to purchase when they see all the cool stuff being picked up by all the people who pre-ordered. This “mystery shroud” of product, and then only having enough to satisfy 1/10th of the people that show up needs to stop. It needs to stop now.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Yes, please! I wish I could upvote this a million times.
      Also, stop punishing collectors, consumers, and websites for posting LEGAL pictures of items LEGALLY discovered or LEGALLY purchased in stores before the release date. STOP PUNISHING YOUR BIGGEST FANS for innocent mistakes of apathetic stock people.

    • shane

      Very well said, couldn’t agree more. And THEN BS 3.75″ comes out 2 weeks later. Makes no sense at all.

  • CT-7567

    I’m not looking forward to this film, so I could care less what they call the merchandising event.

  • DarthCanabis

    Force Friday, Wookie Weekend; How about we have day where all the toys Hasbro has been soliciting are actually in the store…

    I’ve fallen for this, one too many times. No more Hasbro

    • ILoveSand

      What would we call that day? In-Stock Saturday?

  • Darth Bre

    I have a bad feeling about this, Friday? No reward is worth this, weekend?

  • The D.O.

    To rip off someone else………..Smuggler’s Bounty………or Sabbac’s Delight, as it is a crapshoot what will actually be out for the release.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Idiot’s array.


    NO. This means they would trot out Chewbacca Mom again. Her 5 minutes of annoying ‘fame” have turned into 50.

    How about just release product in a timely manner like they did in the 2006-2011 period when new product came on a monthly-six week basis.

    • Darth Bre

      Hmm the thought of being asked to attend ‘ Itchy Friday’ and ‘Lumpy Saturday’, agree they need to ditch this idea. Just do a hasbro update on their ‘pulse’ site or did that flatline too?

      • Indysolo007

        Itchy Friday, one too many dates on the lower levels of Coruscant aye?

    • Seronious

      I only hope Chewbacca’s Mom is in the new movie. We find out the real reason for the Kessel Run was to get Chewy back to his home planet in time for the Christmas special.. hence tying it back to the OT canon of the best special of all time..

  • Indysolo007

    Falcon Friday

  • Danny

    All I know is that I’ve already started to save so I can buy a $500 BMF when it comes out on Wookiee Friday.

  • shane

    I would suggest….SMUGGLERS RUN.

  • CadeSky

    While waiting outside TRU for Force Friday this month, this was a topic of discussion. Will there really be another release like this next summer? I kind of hope…not. Save it for Episode IX, maybe. But there was hardly anyone who showed up at midnight for Rogue One merchandise last year, at least in my area. It’s okay to have some “softer” product releases. And yeah, FF is overblown and the secrecy of everything is a pain. on the other hand, a big event like this got some retailers (Target specifically) to organize a nice big push and provide a lot for people to purchase. Target also had coupons that helped.

  • Zarco Rey

    Everybody’s Wookie for the Weekend! Everybody needs a new bromance!

  • ctwins3688

    Why can’t they just call all of them Force Friday? Regardless of how involved the force is in these stories, it goes hand in hand with Star Wars and would work.

    Seems like it would also save time and money, plus provide customers with a consistently named event to look forward to each year (which is bound to help revenue)…

    • If there is actually a ‘Wookiee Weekend’, it might be because they’re reserving the “Force Friday” branding for the episodic films.

      • ctwins3688

        In this hypothetical scenario (lol) that makes sense from a branding perspective, especially if the non-episodic film events are on a smaller scale, but if they are the same scale I still can’t help but think naming convention continuity would help drive consistent turnout.

        I wasn’t back into collecting when Rogue One came out, and only have FFII as a point of reference- was Rogue Friday on the same scale as FFII in regards to marketing and new products?

        • No, it paled in comparison. Most stores didn’t even know what collectors were talking about. I can attest to that all of my retail locations closest to my house.

          • ctwins3688

            Ah well then it all makes sense- thanks!

          • Plus they didnt do another one of those awsome product demonstration live streams like they did on the first one.

  • OfWolfandMan

    Hey Hasbro, Where’s the Wars Whatchamacallit We Wanted?

  • Brian J.

    I could get behind Wookie Weekend.

  • Logan

    Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder Friday!!

    • Please dont mention Nerf. I heard say that hasbro is watching.

      • Logan

        I guess you haven’t watched Empire Strikes Back or else you would get it.

  • Richard Lewis

    sith sunday

  • Seronious

    Well, its supposed to take place on 4/20… SOOOoooooo…umm.. yeah.

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • TatooineSandworm

        Wookiees like to eat cookies made with herbal enhancements.

      • Seronious

        See! you haven’t leaked all the news…. other sites beat you do it..

        You just need to follow along the yellow brick road.

      • Funtomaz

        Let me put it this way… a man, born in Austria, who unfortunately later became a German citizen and who then was responsible for the death of 60 million people… was born on April 20th 1889.

        Some people still like to celebrate that date. But it has nothing to do with Hasbro or Star Wars.

  • Tom Chorlton

    Is this movie ACTUALLY coming out in May? Jeez, I may need to eat some crow on this one. I’ve been convinced it’d get pushed, like all the others.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    “What Would a Wookiee Do?”

    I like that song.

  • Binary_Son


  • Funtomaz

    They’d best sweep it under the rug and pretend nothing is happening! πŸ˜‰

    In all honesty… I can’t see the Han Solo toyline having any success. Even if the movie turns out to be the best thing ever… how many people want to have a Fake Han and Fake Lando action figure? Plus Daenerys in some very Un-Games-of-Thronesy outfit and a Hunger Games action figure?

    I’ve said it before, I say it again: please, Hasbro, be smart and give us extra head sculpts with likenesses of Ford and Williams for the inevitable action figures. If not… the term “peg warmer” might not be the correct term anymore, “peg-ocalypse” perhaps?

    It would be an insult if we get Ehrenreich and Glover photo real action figures whereas the real Han and Lando figures look like cartoons.

    • It would have to be a head sculpt of a young Harrison Ford though….You okay with a River Phoenix portrait?

      • Funtomaz

        Do we know when the Han Solo movie is set? How many years before A New Hope? Even if Han is in his early 20s, why not make a young Harrison Ford headsculpt. I’m not saying not to give the figure an Alden Ehrenreich likeness, I just think it would be a wise movie to give collectors and general fans a choice and also give him an alternate Ford headsculpt as an accessory.

    • Seronious

      I heard Jabba is in this movie, and it’s filled with some bounty hunters. If hasbro was wise….. they’d have a lot of aliens in this lineup. Maybe a few imperials (if they are even in this movie).. and of course at least Woody Harrelson’s character.

      • Funtomaz

        Having Jabba in the movie would make sense. Han worked for him (at least during ANH). I’d love to get bounty hunters and aliens. That would be great. But I think the two main heroes of the movie could be peg warmers if they look like Ehrenreich and Glover without the option to give them alternate heads and this might create a serious problem at retail and for the Black Series in general for the following months. I could be all wrong of course.

        • Seronious

          Us old timers are going to have to eventually let go.. Harrison Ford is an old man, Carrie Fisher is dead, Peter Mayhew can barely walk, and Mark Hamill..well he’s still in it, until a young Luke is selected for the upcoming Obi-Wan film.. I’ll give the new kids a chance and see what they can do. I do agree though that I dont want to see more than 2 variants of Han for this film, and only one of Lando.. The film needs to be filled with aliens and what made Jabba the baddest gangsta in the outer fringes.

          • Funtomaz

            I have little problem with new actors playing established characters in movies/tv. As you say, the original actors get older, they die. For example, I have no problem at all with the new cast of the rebooted Star Trek movies, I quite like them. I’d rather have new movies with new actors than no movies at all.
            But I have zero action figures of the new Star Trek cast. I want my action figures to be the iconic versions, if that makes sense πŸ˜€ So I have a Mezco Kirk, Spock and Sulu, who are all from the TOS era. When people picture someone like Spock, they probably have Leonard Nimoy in their heads, not Zachary Quinto. I might enjoy new entertainment with new actors, but when it comes to collectibles? Wouldn’t most people rather have a representation of how they picture the character in their mind, the iconic version?

          • Seronious

            I get what you’re saying, but we already have 10,000 different variants of Harrison Ford as Han Solo… And there’s more rumored to be on the way, so i’m good. I’m cool with getting a Alden variant of one. Sure why not.. Let’s see where it goes. He might play the role well, to where we only complain about it most of the time, not all the time πŸ™‚

  • Superflukullus

    If they even do one. Toysrus going bankrupt would hurt hasbro so bad i don’t know if they would recover. The end of toy collecting can be upon us.

    • Seronious

      Not really… That just means the stock goes through hasbrotoyshop instead….or amazon gets shifted even more stock becoming closer to a monopoly. Plus, I can’t tell you the last time I bought a black series at an actual Toys R Us store. I did buy the latest exclusives online through TRU, but other than that…their stores tend to serve as nothing more than a giant showroom.

  • This is on an adjacent tangent, but I hope this new movie doesnt establish that Han and Lando were inseparable friends until “home-wrecking” Chewie came along. That would totally ruin wookiees for me.

    • General Hux

      It’s gonna be like Toy Story. Lando is the equivalent of Woody, Han is the the equivalent of Andi…But then comes Chewbacca (Buzz Lightyear) who changes everything…

  • Coleman Miller

    Wacky Wookiee Wednesday (if toys are released on a Wednesday)

  • thelastwookie

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