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Most New TBS6 Figures Are Back IN STOCK!

If you hurry, you can get Poe, Finn, Maz, and General Leia 6″ in stock Special thanks to friend Mike R. for the alert this morning!

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  • SteveU1

    Crazy how amazon knows the hot figure in every wave and holds those back for a awhile.

  • xdeathmedicx

    Got leia and maz!

  • CadeSky

    Of course I am taking a risk here, but I’m a pretty cheap person and I hope to find the figures I’m interested in for $19.99. I’m kind of in denial about the slight price hike that is happening at some retailers.

    • SteveU1

      I refuse to pay it. Amazon is crazy for trying 21.99. Even TRU went back down to 19.99 after tring 21.99 last year

      • CadeSky

        Especially irritating: Finn is $19.99 but the others are higher. And both are presented as “standard price.” Glad to hear I am not the only one who isn’t playing these games!

        • SteveU1

          Amazon wants to play that game then we play it back and buy them when they are $10-15 lol! Wave 1 is already dropping in price

          • CadeSky

            Yeah there sure is a lot of fluctuation. I want to support the line and realize that the MSRP is there for a reason, but when it wasn’t something I HAD to have for my collection, the Amazon blowouts can definitely convince me to pick up some stuff that I overlooked earlier.

    • Mark

      Me too. Walmart is still $18.84 luckily which is ‘ok’ since them keeping the price at $5 for so long really kind of ruined it for me. Walking out of there a few months ago with a fat stack of Deathtroopers for $25 was a great feeling.

    • TW7

      I totally get the principle thing. I really do. But some of us like me live in a part of the country that sees sporadic, or in some waves, zero stock. Paying an extra $2 per does bother me but it’s not a deal breaker…for now. Any higher and that’s it for me though. I would burn more than that per figure in gas just trying to find these at retail.

      • CadeSky

        And I definitely understand where you are coming from too. In my area, I hardly saw anything new in brick and mortar in the first 8 months of 2017. In fact, there’s one time when I did pay a little over $20 a figure at Gamestop. I know I wouldn’t have a Royal Guard if I didn’t take advantage of the Gamestop preorders, and they were charging $22.99. I also would never have seen a Qui-Gon, and there is no way that I would be okay with missing out on one of my favorite characters!

        I guess my main point is that none of these figures are actually a high priority for me, and I’m going to hold out and not pay more for them.

    • rusty_t

      On Force Friday for a few hours after midnight Dorkside Toys had the 6″ Jedi Luke for $15.99

  • Danny
    • Mark

      Paul posts links that redirect to his personal server that hosts all of these real looking fake retailer sites. He buys the Black Series from the real Amazon for $19.99 and sells them to you for $21.99. It’s a lot of work but $2 is $2 right?

      • Tom Chorlton

        I literally laughed out loud at this one!

      • Shh. Those are trade secrets.

    • You shouldn’t be surfing JTA at work. Your employer would not be happy.

      • xdeathmedicx

        my boss was trying to have a serious conversation with me while i was ordering them from my phone……

  • Seronious

    A little late to the party.. looks like Maz and Leia will be the two most in demand from the wave.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Now that the ROTJ remake is confirmed. You think we will get a shirtless Poe Dameron in slave outfit in 2019? Yeah, I know Slave Leia is banned by Di$ney but it’s not sexist when women oogle menz.

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