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Great HASCON Hasbro Q&A At The Force Guide (Formerly Sir Steve's Guide)

Our friends at The Force Guide (formerly Sir Steve’s Guide) have posted their HASCON Hasbro Q&A. They ask some great questions and get some fascinating answers. There are also awesome answers surrounding The Vintage Collection. Be sure to drop by and check it all out!

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  • LesDudis

    Oh, that’s how “The Force Guide” started popping up on my Facebook without me liking them.. haha, I didn’t realize they changed names!

  • JohnMorog

    ” I think the fans—the passion and the screaming for it for as long as it’s happened.”

    Mostly the screaming.

    • David Harrison

      Those two guys must hate SW collectors….and not without reason.

      • RumSleg

        I get the impression that they like collectors, or SE at least feels a strong kinship with them. And aside from whether they *like* collectors or not, it is clear that they very much value collectors as customers. For a while there, Hasbro’s feelings on that issue were not clear.

        • Yes, Jeff Labovitz clearly disliked collectors (as evidenced by him daydreaming when being interviewed, rolling his eyes, and facial expressions when asked probing questions He also was never accountable for the things he said accidentally. He blamed others instead. I am glad he stepped away from the main Star Wars brand.

          • John Lindquist

            There has been a noticeable difference in the interviews and level of enthusiasm coming from the Hasbro SW team since Steve Evans took over. You can tell he really cares about the line!

          • I agree 100% here. I had seen him in several video interviews, and I never wanted to reach into my monitor and punch someone more than I did with Labovitz. NOW, if we could just get rid of the other half of the problem, Ninivaggi, the brand *MIGHT* make a full recovery. I feel part of his marketing strategy has also been to blame for the struggles of the brand.

      • They actually don’t. I am sure they tire of the whining, but they’re in our court. They’re as frustrated as we are many, many times about many, many things. In many ways their hands are tied. You can see proof of this in how they answered the “new” versus “straight repack” answer. I can’t believe they answered that directly. They’ve communicated this to me off the record in the past, but it was refreshing to have them answer it. Seriously, you have to read between the lines with this answer and see where their say “stops”.

  • JohnMorog

    TFG: Okay. And in terms of number of releases, is it going to be kind of similar to the Walmart Black Series line, like just a few a year?

    JN: No, it will be more than that, yeah.


  • David Harrison

    I really liked their answer about how Nerf and Force Link linked into the themes of the films….not sure it’s true, but very artfully answered!

  • Mark

    There has been an annoying amount of “Why the 5poa? I thought SA was coming back?”. I’m glad it’s clear now. 5poa and SA TVC will be separate lines.

    • mic windu

      Seems like such a waste of time, space and resource. Instead make one line that meets in the middle

      • Mark

        It is. They should just make SA, stop making 5poa and pass the cost savings on to us somehow.


    Wow, I completely forgot about Sir Steves guide lol. That site and Yakface were my favorite sites in the early days of POTF2. I still frequent Yak. I also no longer frequent JediDefender, I also liked those guys too.

    I much prefer the “Hate” on JTA, my kind of scum and villainy. This site is a gold mine for the triggered and I like how Paul does not back down from them.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish


    • TW7

      Another good site is StarWarsCollector. I tire quickly of the borderline sexist, misogynistic, veiled racism, and political rants in the boards here…some are just downright vile… So I head over there to look around and chill. They have great photo galleries and collector news. But JTA always comes first before ducking out when the crap starts. 🙂

      • Show me one instance of what you’ve accused here please. I wouldn’t allow such things, so I am really heated that you made such a blanket statement like this. Also, please don’t advertise other sites here. We don’t even get along with that site.

        • TW7

          Not accusing the site of any of that in the slightest. You my friend, and rest of crew do an awesome job. apologies if it came across the wrong way. I was referring to the comment sections and some of the stuff people post. no prob on “advertising” other sites. Had no idea of your relationship with them and I’m certainly not affiliated in any way. People were listing other collecting sites and didn’t think it was off limits. Ban me if you must 🙂

          • LOL! No, I have ALWAYS appreciated your input put, so I was really taken aback by your comment. I don’t ban for pleasure, just trolls. 🙂

          • TW7

            Well, just for the record, JTA is my absolute favorite place to go on the web. I truly appreciate your sentiment. Glad I’m not banned. 🙂

          • Thanks, but even if you hated me or JTA you would still be welcomed here. 🙂 I am sure you’ve seen people that just attach to me like leeches,obsessed with trying to make me look like a fool by twisting what I feel or say, those are the only people I deal with. 🙂

          • But if you see something, shoot me a quick note so I can see what you’re talking about.

          • Letting Paul know does work. At one point a group of the good ole boys decided to have an Alt-Reich hoe down, and I let Paul know. He took care of it immediately.

          • TW7

            You want a few examples? Here ya go. Pulled directly from the comment sections….and I didn’t even get to the political or more racist stuff..and this was just from one regular poster that shall remain unnamed (who it is is not the point):

            “She’s showing us all why women don’t make good leaders.”

            “You can’t spell KKK without KK”

            “Kathleen Kennedy did not have the resume to take on the task of steering this franchise. Maybe if Lucas had hired Frank Marshall instead and just kind of let her look over his shoulder and nod with a few “good idea, dears.” ”

            “KK is a closet Nazi”

            “Katherine Waterston is the lead so the studio didn’t seem to be interested in beautiful faces.”

            “Amy “She-Beast” Pascal at Sony had the same problem.”

            “Rose looks like a big cheeseburger fan.”

            “I think Asian babes are hot too but I know it’s way easier to find thinner ones than women from any other race. No reason they had to cast a Margaret Cho lookalike.”

            “SJW fangrrls will be here defending her up and down as the savior of a franchise they never cared about before anyway…the franchise Marcia Lucas recently confirmed George Lucas invented for 10-year-old boys.”

            “modern feminism isn’t about equality and kindness, it’s about weak, whiny women putting their own individual emotional immaturity and petty, selfish desires above all other concerns.”

            “They can pack an exclusive Rey with the Easy Bake Oven and print on the package that this toy will teach girls how to cook for their Jedi master.”

            “Good idea to help get Rey back in the kitchen.”

            “What film, Cooking on Tatooine?”

            “But I don’t get Forces of Estrogen. Since when do all these Star Wars females operate independently from the males with their own separate storylines? That’s not what they were designed to do.”

            “Yes, plus it’ll be executive produced by the social justice witch of Star Wars, Queen Kathleen Kennedy. Fat chicks are the next level of social justice as shown by Rose in Last Jedi, so Melissa McCarthy may be a shoo-in for this one. Dakota Jones…”

            “Unlike in garbage like Spider-Man: Homecoming or Ghostbusters (2016), they haven’t recast the characters with an assortment of races and genders that are different than they were originally to satisfy a small fringe of loudly barking, radical, leftist, PC, anti-white-male zealots.”

            “Where does Boyega stand on the Planet of the Apes movies? Just askin’.”

            “Good thing they didn’t call the 6″ line the White Series or Boyega would’ve told his fans not to buy it.”

            “We let a lot of things go for a long time. There is no White Entertainment Television. There is no Congressional White Caucus. Yet we never complain about the black versions of same. Where does it get us? We simply see more and more anti-white sentiment every day. It’s time to say no and push back on all of these racial carve-outs that just makes certain people feel more and more victimized and entitled.”

            “How many “major characters with speaking lines” are there in the movies? Blacks are 12% of the U.S. population. There shouldn’t be more than 1 out of every 10 major roles to be proportional.”

            “There is a massive over-representation of some of these groups in North American media, especially of non-heterosexuals. People when surveyed think there are something like 20% of homosexuals in the population despite the actual number being a fraction of that, because of the media’s massive over-representation of them.”

            “You’ll know when they bring the Wachowski “sisters” on board the project. Han Solo can take a little potion that turns him into Greta Solo for a very special adventure.”

            “Also Stass Allie appeared to be a black human so blacks were WAY overrepresented.”

            “Diversity supposedly making money for movie studios certainly wouldn’t apply to a homosexual lead character in a children’s or family film. They represent a very small portion of the population and the inclusion of one as a lead would surely turn off more potential audience than it attracted.”

            “Can we harden ourselves against women too? Sometimes it just happens unintentionally.”

            “Ah, the good old days, before women shaved it all.”

            “I would advise Hasbro to agree to produce any female figure that anyone is willing to write them a check for to cover the full production costs, unless they are confident it will be a profitable item on its own.”

          • Is there ONE person writing these comments or is it multiple people? Please out these people so I can deal with them? I agree, I would never allow these comments if I had known about them. You have to understand how busy we are. We don’t have time to babysit adults. Pathetic.

            Some are blatant, others I agree with (any identity politics topic), but most are reprehensible, so I will deal with them.

          • TatooineSandworm

            I am guessing that it all from the same person. I have a couple of people blocked because of comments like the above selection.

          • TW7

            As I stated before the list, yes. These above are from one person. But go to any of the hot button headline topics that are posted here (which in my opinion should stop) and you can easily see them come out of the woodwork. It’s usually the same handful of posters. I will shoot you over an email.

    • There is no hate here. I would prefer if everyone stopped using that word. If you mean the hypersensitive calling “I don’t like TFA” hate, then yes I agree. They need thicker skins.


        Paul I 100% agree that is why I wrote “Hate”. It’s total BS and too many throw it around.

      • CG

        This is the most intolerant collecting website on the web. The climate is toxic. You can claim it’s not all you want but that doesn’t change anything. If you put a quarter of the effort you put into defending yourself into making the site a better place maybe people would stop calling it hateful

        • Out of 10 people we have about 1 person who complains about how terrible this site is and then the other nine people are asking us not to change a thing. That’s just from the survey results. You’re very vocal about it, but most of the happy people remain silent. There is always room for improvement, but I think those who don’t like me need to stop being so hysterical when someone says TFA is a politically correct version of A New Hope…. because that’s exactly what it is. That is sexist, misogynistic and racist to you, but it’s not. So, label throwing isn’t going to work. If someone says something that bothers you, ignore them. We need to agree to disagree more.

          • CG

            Your response doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t say anything about TFA. I said you and your followers are intolerant of other opinions than yours. I hate TFA but I can be respectful of people who don’t. You don’t possess that ability or you just don’t care enough to. You rudely rip anyone apart you disagrees with you. You post inflammatory articles on your front page. And you let your followers harass people in the comments. Agree to disagree? I don’t think you understand the concept. It doesn’t mean you to get to be rude to anyone you disagree with. It means you listen and then share your opinion and then move on if you don’t agree.

          • I think you need another dose. You’re way too volatile here. I am really tiring of you judging me and insulting me and telling me how terrible things are here. Maybe it’s time to find another site? You’re welcome here, but I won’t stand for this nonstop jumping on me when it’s never warranted. You’re way too hostile. I think you need to look in the mirror on how YOU respond to others that hold different opinions than you.

          • CG

            If you’re tired of it than do something. I won’t stop calling you out for your hatefulness and disrespect. Period. I am not being hostile I am defending myself and trying to improve this site.

          • FINAL WARNING. Shut up. Stop calling me vile things. I WILL ABSOLUTELY MAKE YOU STOP. It’s simple for me to do. It’s one button I have to push. I swear to you. THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING.

            This site is FINE as is. You will DO NOTHING to improve it. ONLY WE WILL and if we feel like it. You have NO CONTROL or iNPUT here. I hope I cannot be clearer.

            If you respond to this it will be interpreted as HOSTILE and you will be banned. FINAL WARNING. Try me.

          • Anon Collector

            Hello Paul,

            It seems like you can’t take constructive criticism. His point is that you should simply need to report the news and stop infusing your articles with politically charged statements. The kind hostility that you direct towards your readers is what will drive them away. Rest assured that screenshots have been captured and they have been sent to Hasbro directly. We’ve been in contact with Litsky and they’re leaning towards severing ties with JTA all together. I would stop attacking your fan base and try to recoup whatever dignity you still have. Not that there is much remaining.

            Anonymous Collector

          • TatooineSandworm
          • CG

            A calm and measured response to hostility is not hostile. You’ve banned me before. I’m sure you’ll do it again. It never works. You cannot stop me. It’s physically impossible. All you’ll do is show how intolerant and nasty you really are but you do that every day so you don’t seem to care apparently. Go ahead. Try me

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      I think you mean honesty.


    “I think the fans—the passion and the screaming for it for as long as
    it’s happened. We were just saying, Steve and I worked really hard to
    bring this back and we’re fans of it as well and we’re just thrilled.”

    Translation: “SW toy sales were tanking and we needed a good story to spin to retailers so they do not cut our space and we lose our jobs. We are banking on the groveling grown men that we ignored for years (like jilted ex girlfriends) to save our bantha behinds since we know they never got over us and will come back.”

    • mic windu

      If it works, they can spin what they like!

  • Lando Griffin

    Thanks for posting links to other sites’ Q&As. Makes me feel like I’m getting all the info that’s out there and having to only go to one site to keep me informed.
    Wasn’t your heterosexual lifemate Chris supposed to have a Q&A posted?

    • bmales01

      Bathaskull did post one. Paul linked to it. Check the font page and scroll down 🙂

      • And @bmales01:disqus is Paul’s lifemate (whether he likes it or not).

        • bmales01

          Man I miss you. How you holding up?

          • I’m out of the hospital (I was hospitalized for two months). That’s a good thing, but I’m still bed/housebound, so I’m pissed about missing certain figures, etc. That and medication that makes me sleepy… not a happy collector. Let it be known – I am keeping receipts on people whom I have helped in the past.

          • Let me know what you’ve missed.

          • bmales01

            well it sounds like an improvement. thats good to hear.
            Cant you order your figs from your bed/house? For these receipts, are you talking exclusives or basic releases?

          • General Hux

            Glad to hear you’re doing better. Hope to see you a bit more on here.

    • If you mean Bantha Skull, then yes. We already linked to it on the front page.

  • JohnMorog

    I am very happy with this interview. I personally think it is perhaps the most positive I’ve read, and perhaps with the least excuses. I like it. It makes me calm down and look forward to the release of TVC next year!

      • JohnMorog

        Lol, but I’ve been very skeptical of most if not like all the other reviews up till this one. ???


          I’m razzing bro and reminding you not to drink it until they deliver the goods.

          • JohnMorog

            This is true… They sat it down in front of me too. Thanks for catching me 😛

    • RumSleg

      The tone of interviews seem to be steadily improving. A lot more substance and honesty, a lot less “we can’t talk about that” and “the future is bright”. Even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to us getting more information, I feel more respect coming from the brand team, and I think it really makes a difference in how they are perceived and treated.

      • JohnMorog

        100% This interview is a lot different than that deleted instagram photo our dear leader posted about being happy his toys were on clearance… I feel like in this they actually do listen, rather than produce things their customers aren’t interested in (which is just stupid…)

        • What’s this about an instagram photo?

          • Steve Evans posted an image of clearance Rogue One figures at TARGET saying that there are some good deals out there. Then the collecting community overreacted and claimed he was saying that 3.75″ wasn’t viable at retail. He didn’t mean anything bad by it. I think they were out of control.

          • Typical these days. Everything one says or does is out there forever, and everyone has an opinion about it. Thank the Maker that things weren’t like this during my teens and 20’s. (Then again, I might have gone viral and made some coin.)

          • JohnMorog
  • RumSleg

    Really interesting that Liam Neeson’s heavy brow and pronounced nose were the reason they made 6″ Qui-Gon’s eyes a separate sculpt.

    • That’s what grabbed me too! Hey, do you know anyone else who did a HASCON interview. I don’t Star Wars fan site surf anymore.

      • RumSleg

        I don’t think I’ve seen any that you haven’t linked to. Maybe SWAN posted a video?

        • OK, I will investigate. I didn’t even know they were there.

          • Lando Griffin

            I think I ran across an Imperial Shipyards interview too. Sirstevesguide used to pull all that stuff together, but haven’t the last couple years. So now I rack my head trying to remember all the sites Hasbro used to answer questions for.

          • IS was there too? Wow. We’re all so disjointed nowadays.

    • thelastwookie

      Heavy brooding Irish brow.

    • CG

      Yes, I feel like Palpatine would be a figure that also needs that treatment

  • Mother_Talzin

    Excellent interview – especially how they did follow-ups on a number of the answers. So glad they hammered home fan desires to see characters like the Imperial Dignitary waiting patiently to be released in the TVC reboot. The big shock is no new Rebels figures planned? Are they ignoring season 3 & 4? Why would kids / collectors want them years from now instead of on pegs with TLJ assortments?

    • Jabba John always does a bang-up job with the Hasbro interviews.

      • John Lindquist

        Thanks! And thanks for posting this here!

    • Mike_5555

      Yeah, it seems strange that there aren’t ANY Rebels figures planned. They’ve largely ingored the show but it would be nice to have a wave or two for the final season. Then again I’m not that surprised, Hasbro completely abandoned the fantatsic TCW line right when the show hit its creative peak.

      • Mother_Talzin

        So true, history is repeating itself – they abandoned CW, though they claimed it was their most successful line at one point. If Rebels figures are doing poorly, that’s one thing, but have we seen signs of that? I think they do well at retail, unless they are needlessly repacked like the Rebels Leia or Ezra on speeder. I figured they’d at least give us an updated Kanan & Ezra before ditching yet another line.

      • BlackBeltJohnson .

        Agreed! I’m still a bit sore on the demise TCW too, lol. Actually…next year will be the tenth anniversary of the show’s beginning…could they have anything in store for that I wonder?

        • Mike_5555

          I wish they would do something to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TCW, but I highly doubt they will. They barely acknowledge its existence.

          • CT-7567

            Even though Hasbro’s current approach to any TCW figures is realistic style, I think if they took the nine final TCW figures that weren’t available in the US, added CW44 Ahsoka and split the figures up into two boxed sets it would be a neat tenth anniversary collectible. They’d all be repacks, so it wouldn’t cost as much as something all-new. Anakin, CW44, Rex, Artoo and 501st Trooper in one set(marked 1 of 2) and the other five in the other set. Would you get them? The set with Ahsoka and the 501st Trooper would probably sell well. They even work thematically with the first set representing Anakin and the 501st and the second set emphasizing Obi-Wan vs Maul and Savage. I’d be all over those sets if they made them.

        • Nick Dickens

          Well if it’s as amazing as the 40th SW anniversary I wouldn’t count on much.

          • CT-7567

            The 40th was a letdown in the toys, but I was thinking that getting RO, which is such a great film and companion piece to ANH, was probably the best anniversary”gift” we could’ve gotten. Technically RO was released in 2016, but in the final couple of weeks.

          • Nick Dickens

            It was indeed.

            “Lord Vader will handle the fleet. Target the installation on Scariff. Signal reactor ignition.”

          • BlackBeltJohnson .

            Lol, good point.

          • Nick Dickens

            I know that kind of junk gets me waking up in a night clutching the sheets and waking in a cold sweat.

            Forget flipping Wolverine with his Weapon X issues.

            Try being a Star Wars fan with Hasbro 2017 on the case. ?

      • CT-7567

        I know I’ve said this before, but man are there SO MANY TCW figures that could have been little masterpieces in that line that never got made. I’d like to see a few more Rebels figures. I can’t believe we never got Lando. I wouldn’t mind seeing an animated style Obi-Wan. I’ve started to like Kanan more, so a figure of him in his season three costume would be nice. Tarkin, Imperial Mandalorians, Gar Saxon, animated style Deathtrooper. Even Ezra, whom I’m not a huge fan of, I still wouldn’t mind getting his season three look since he looks much less Disney.

  • Mike Short

    So you can’t change anything on a repack, what about head swaps? What’s the solution, packs of separate heads or standard head pegs so we can swap our own?

  • Candid and straightforward; I really hope The Vintage Collection succeeds, but Hasbro has to support as much as we do.

  • MaarekStele

    I wish the reissued Special Forces TIE Fighter had came out before Hascon, so someone could have asked them why they released it with the same warped wings the TFA release had. It’s a safe bet then that Poe’s X-Wing will have the same problems with the blasters again.

  • Funtomaz

    Great Q&A. I wonder if Hasbro is testing new products only with parents and kids or if they also have adult collectors testing products for them… I get that 5POA and the associated vehicles should be tested with kids and parents. But 6 inch Black Series? TVC?
    Also, Hasbro, if you read this: it would be a great idea to just make new head sculpts with photo real tech paint apps for your older 6 in figures 🙂 At least find a way for Han, Luke (all the Lukes) and Leia, the newer figures look ok, acceptable for what they are, but the core characters of the OT have some of the worst paint apps and likeness can still be improved upon.
    For example: make medal ceremony Han and Luke and give each figure an extra head as an accessory we can use for the first Han release and Farmboy Luke. And when you make Endor Leia or Hoth Leia give her a Slave Leia head sculpt as accessory. Make the head/hairpiece modular so it’s easy giving a head sculpt a new hairstyle. Otherwise all your old figures will look very odd when displayed with the new figures.

  • mic windu

    It is painfully slow the progress the star wars Hasbro team are making. They are wasting good sculpt, deco and character selection on the 5poa line that many collectors AND children turn away from. It can still be a basic line with just a little more articulation, like the legacy era figures. The very very least include ball jointed elbows, remove leg articulation on ‘long skirted ‘ characters. Meet the two lines in the middle and you’ll see nothing but increase in sales, who won’t buy a figure because of an improvement.

    Please consider and put this into action for the episode 9 line (or sooner!)

    • CT-7567

      I just grabbed the new Yoda yesterday. It’s a good example of using articulation where necessary. His legs don’t move, but he has ball-jointed shoulders and the reverse ball-jointed head. He can really obtain some incredible poses. As I type this I’m looking at him holding his stick with his head down like he’s sad that the CW just began. He also looks good with his saber held out to the right and his head ! looking up, like he’s about to jump up at Sidious. I wonder why they started adding articulation to these basic figures? As for the legs, if a little less lower body movement allows for a figure this good that’s $7.99 as opposed to $12.99, I think it works out well.

  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Wow Sir Steves Guide! It was the first time I seen photos of POTJ figures. I remember sneaking into the IT room at school and printing photos of them to take home and dream of owning!

  • Coleman Miller

    Nice to see they are thinking Comic Packs, some new Canon characters I’d like to see but hope they would go Legends & give us some of the Emperor’s Dark Jedi from DE2 & characters from Jedi Academy Leviathan.

    While I am not a fan of the 6 inch line, I am pleased to see some of the 2nd wavenof vintage figures will get repacked, but I hope Darth Revan is one that gets repacked in the future.

    I don’t understand why they aren’t doing more Rebels figures, they’d be better on the Vintage Collection IMO, but I guess Hasbro is focusing on this new series I keep hearing about. Just shaking my head on that one.

    Finally regarding 5 POA: I wonder why Hasbro never thought of taking that line & making it 9 POA? Make the elbows & knees bend. Just a thought.

    • In reply to your question about the 5POA line….. I have said for the last few years now, that I would be okay with both the SA and 5 POA lines coming to an end, in favor of a line of standard 8-10 point line that could be found everywhere. No Walmart exclusives, no crappy 5 POA. Just go back to where they were before all the SA stuff started. It would be more cost effective for them, as they would only have one main line to worry about. Give us decent sculpts and good paint, we would probably be very happy.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Some good tidbit’s of info in it. So i guess the Luke X-Wing, and Preatorian Mini-Helmet sets are the last of them. And they were wrong when talking about the Carded Fig’s, said only the new Sculpt’s were getting boxed, but yet we have the Stormtrooper Boxed. And really glad i picked up a second R5-D4 to open, guess that is the only time he will be released. He is not getting Boxed.

    • TW7

      I agree. That was a great Q&A. I bought two R5’s as well. But arghhhh… I have SUCH a hard time opening these 40th releases. Only opened spare Leia so far. Even tho I have two, I keep looking at the carded R5 and put it back on the shelf lol. Was hoping it would come boxed too.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    A very interesting interview indeed!

    Discussing the return of TVC:

    Steve and I worked really hard to bring this back and we’re fans of it as well

    Steve as in Steve Evans? The one who said that 3.75″ is for 6-year-olds? ?

    The older WM exclusive TBS3.75″ will be straight repacks. I understand the financial aspect, but that also means that openers (like me) won’t be buying.

    Older human 6″ figures will not be revisited with the Photo Real. Bummer. ☹

    The Titanium helmets are also gone, not just the miniature vehicles. I was a tad surprised by the vehicles’ demise as the line sold through eventually, but the writing was on the wall for the helmets. These just didn’t sell here and the last never got past wave 2.

    JN: And we’re still looking at potential ways to get that Fenn Rau figure out with better distribution, because we know he was pretty short in the beginning of the year.

    To say the least! ?

    JTA already mentioned this, but they reconfirmed that the new 40th figures will be repacked in the usual TBS6 look. Good to see!

  • Thank you so much!

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