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TRU Exclusive The Black Series Admiral Ackbar And FO Officer Sighting

The ToysRUs Exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ Admiral Ackbar and First Order Officer 2-pack has been found at the temporary ToysRUs setup in Times Square, New York City. It might be a good time to start checking your local TRU’s if you want to get your hands on this. Have you found this at your local TRU? Let us know! Special thanks to JTA reader Jason M. for the heads up and the image.

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  • The D.O.

    Anyone have the TRU SKU? Thanks

    • Brian Beck

      here’s the upc (from yakface)
      UPC: 630509602193

    • Jaken Wraith

      No one should ever ask for an SKU/UPC again since Yakface listened to my idea of having a permanent Tab on the Main page that list’s all the current Number’s. I know i wasn’t the only one with that idea, but me constantly pushing for it did help make it happen. My idea for one here is to call it the “DRK-1 Database” with a pic of Maul’s Droid on the Tab. It would fit the Theme of this SIte perfectly. Yakface called it the “Master List”, and it the most important “tool” we have now to find Fig’s.

      • The D.O.

        Yes, that is a great tool, however, it doesn’t answer my question.

        • Jaken Wraith

          Can we even search TRU?

          • The D.O.

            If you are talking Brickseek and Brickpicker, no. But going into the store and giving the their SKU they can look up the item in their system.

          • Brian Beck

            they should still be able to go off of the upc.

          • The D.O.

            Yes they “should” but the SKU makes much easier…..

    • JohnMorog

      hehe TRUSKU

  • Mark

    I sent Paul a picture of these at my local TRU early last week. I didn’t think everyone was waiting for these.

    • Mark
      • Ben Bonstein

        Heading down to my nearest store pretty soon. Hope it looks like this so I can knock Ackbar AND Gree off my list!

      • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

        I wonder if Diego Luna avoids the toy aisle due to the damage to his actorly ego he must suffer knowing he was the biggest peg warmer of R1?

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          I bet he loves it. Gives him a chance to show off — especially if he’s single right now.

          He’s in a store and can be like – “Baby, it’s a short cut. Trust me. Everyone knows the Orange Juice is right next to the toy department…. Oh my…. what’s this. Star Wars figurines. Why look, it is Rogue One. And this one… it’s me. Can you believe it?? Here I am with you and here I am inside a little box hanging up with these other fine fellows. I am so surprised to see this. Do you think it looks like me? Which one do you think is a better kisser – the little plastic me or the real thing????”

          And then she can say something witty like “I don’t know? This red fishy guy might have you both beat.”

          “No doubt he is an amazing kiss this Admiral Ackbar, but I’m sorry to inform you, the Admiral only dates dolphins.”

          Then they smooch around in the toy isle for a bit. And it ends with “Orange Juice is not by the toys. Everyone knows the Orange Juice is in the freezers by the milk.”

          And since he’s the biggest peg warmer he could do this in just about any store in North America or Europe.

        • hammyhamster

          His acting, the writing for him, pretty much everything about him in that movie is bad, but Jyn… sweet, sweet Jyn is the real reason that TRU is on the verge of bankruptcy.

          No joke, I see at least 15 Jyn’s for every 1… whatever his name was at TRU. But I hear you, a sucky character on the shelves. Yes he is.

          That being said… I am glad that the ignorant fool had such a crash landing after bad-mouthing SW pre-Disney for not being “diverse enough”, though.

          ““There is a need to have a modern approach to this world,” Luna said. “There was a need for a ‘Star Wars’ film that talked about racial diversity, that rethinks the role of women, that is modern, that has more to do with the world we live in.”

          Lucas made a great attempt to make women smart, tough, intelligent, regal AND leaders within Star Wars. And when they weren’t? Someone like slave Leia strangled jabba for pimping her out. THAT’S a BAMF. No doubt.

          And if anyone thinks that there wasn’t strong representation for sexes and races in SW pre-Disney, you must be mentally challenged. Or Diego “My last name is ‘moon’ as that’s where my mind usually is” Luna. Or a Disney plant.

        • JVictor421

          From what I’ve seen it’s the Hovertank Driver, the pegs in my local TRU’s are still filled with them… still seeing Zuvios as well.. and yeah, plenty of Andars as well (why did they choose to have him in the parka) .. smh.

  • Tom Chorlton

    I hope they’re still there tomorrow!

    • DarthMangar

      Pic up top is mine. There were around 20 as of 8:45 PM tonight, so I think you’ll be in luck! Also had a bunch of Commander Gree all the way over on the right hand side on the shelf in the corner if you still need him.

      • Tom Chorlton

        Sweet deal! Yeah my wife works in Time Square, and she checked.. jeez, I wanna say on Friday, but all they had was the wall of $30 Gree’s and a lone Kylo Ren.

  • hammyhamster

      how did he not lose his arm?

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        I get that he has a skeleton head, but why’s the rest of him blue?

        • RumSleg

          I dabbled in the Masters of the Universe Classics line and was surprised at how many of the character backstories have been significantly fleshed out.

          • CT-7567

            I absolutely loved MOTU as a kid. After SW was over, MOTU, Transformers and GI Joe were my favorite toy lines and I was very much into the TV shows. I still have Castle Greyskull. Unfortunately I traded my very large collection of MOTU figures to a comic shop when I was in my teens. 🙁

          • Are you waiting/hoping for a cinematic universe?

          • CT-7567

            For MOTU? I always thought, if done properly, it would make a great film. I actually liked the 1987 film as a kid. I still like the troopers. I like the troopers from Krull too. 🙂

      • hammyhamster

        That’s like asking: “Why would Skeletor do random somersaults”???

        ANSWER: DOESN’T MATTER. Dude can do what he wants, and we were put here on this earth to thank him for that. Please respect him.

  • Jaken Wraith

    I’ll check tomorrow. On a side note, the new 3.75BS Fig’s are now in Walmart’s System. Just have to run the SKU for the Executioner. If you run Jedi Luke’s it show’s nothing. But i checked in a Walmart today, B-Seek said 21, and i had 5 older ones on the Floor, meaning they have 2 new Cases in the back somewhere. And a Handheld in the Store showed the same number, so they are there. Have to go back early tomorrow.

    • CG

      My walmart showed 20 this morning. You inspired me to look so thanks. Now they show 18 so I think they’re on the floor. I’m on the bus there right now so wish me luck. All of the figures have pages on walmarts website now too

    • Mike

      I think they have now lumped the new TBS3 figures in with the old, as last night one Walmart was showing 13, and this morning 82! And all of the other stores in my area are now showing huge numbers too. Now these will be even harder to track down!

    • Jeffrozup

      I thought the case assortments for the last jedi 3.75″ figures were 12 per case? I am only asking because my Walmart has them on the pegs (they won’t ring up at the register yet due to Nov. 1 date) and they were 4 Luke, 4 Executioner, 4 Rose and 4 Elite guards

  • Ahsoka Lives

    California TRU’S had them on Force Friday

  • Brian Beck

    One of my TRU’s restocked…….RO cardbacks wave 1 and 2. I s*** you not. I got 3 stormtroopers, that’s what caught my eye.

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I hope that means that more exclusives are headed there way onto store shelves I mean it is almost fall and fall starts from Sept 15 to the 25th.

  • Mike Moore (04515f4n)

    I know a lot of people want to pass on this set, but we have far too few aliens in this line and some of them have sadly been peg warmers (Greedo, Zuvio) so I want this set to show Hasbro that we have enough troopers, we need more aliens!

    • King Bowser

      Though I 100% agree we need more aliens, and I am buying this set if I can find it, I still want more clone troopers. I love those guys.

  • RumSleg

    They look really nice hanging there next to the full-price two-year-old Class I speeder bikes and troopers that never appeared in TFA and sold very slowly even after going on clearance.

  • Lawrence Dagstine

    My wife had a doctor appt in the city today. After I saw this, I had her go over there and pick one up. They have plenty, as in 16 or more as of 1:40PM, 9/11/2017. Also, just pre-ordered the guardians of evil 4-pack from B&N, so now I just need the Black Series Snoke. But they’re going to eventually release Admiral Ackbar in his own Black Series packaging, as a stand-alone, right?

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      I just bought all 16!


    • Aerik

      We don’t have any rumors of an Ackbar in the regular Black Series, but…

      It makes sense to me that they might do his odd outfit as an exclusive, and his iconic white suit from ROTJ as the mainline release.

  • CG

    It would have been cool to get a named officer instead of a random one

  • I went to TRU while running errands yesterday. It’s in a sad state of affairs. The shelves are filled with TFA and Rogue One pegwarmers and minimal TLJ figures.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’ve only visited one TRU since Fore Friday, so far nope.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    “”IT”S A CRAP “” outfit. I would buy it if he had his Jedi outfit on, but not this one,

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