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"Rare" Palitoy Item Hits eBay

Check out this super rare Palitoy Rancor-related item that JTA reader Justin found on eBay. You should definitely check it out because things like this rarely show up on eBay.

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  • AllThePowa

    …. Is this a joke, or are people genuinely wanting to buy this?

    • You tell me. They’re the ones selling it! 🙂

      • AllThePowa

        I struggle to understand your species.

      • Wedge Antilles

        Ok you got me, I literally had to re-read what I was seeing (I did not sleep last night, so I am a little off the ball) – but just my opinion, this is a classic!

  • bnicks87

    Oooh, just what I needed to finish my tattered old box collection! 😛

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Would love to see them do another Rancor since I missed out on the last one even if it is just an excuse to include a crappy voice chip and a repaint.

  • Diego

    I’ve got to start bottling my farts.

    • hokiepoker

      Already been done. Saw on eBay before and it actually sold. Someone bought a fart in a Gatorade bottle ?

      • Diego

        Get outta here! lol.

  • Jaken Wraith

    A Box? They are selling a box for $199. If someone buy’s this i am going to start selling thing’s for insane prices.

  • Keith Maurer

    It’s a little late for April fools but a good one Paul.

  • Elf_Jedi

    Aww dammit ! I was going to bid on it but it’s been opened now …and the value is in an “unopened” box & its contents, and all that 1980’s air has now escaped ! If only these sellers would understand the term “mint in box” means an unopened box! Man, now it’s only worth the price of … well … a box ! =oP

  • rusty_t

    The guy should place a Mentos inside. Then he could list it as Mint In Box.

    • Alientek

      Or a Peppermint Pattie…

      So when the buyer eats it, they can get the sensation they are an idiot who just paid a lot for an old smelly empty box!

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Not as funny as the stained and sad vintage Stormtrooper auction.

  • David Harrison

    This is just pathetic, really. I mean can you imagine putting that box on display?

  • bmales01
  • Henry

    Sweet! Now I can justify to my wife why I save so many Amazon boxes in the garage. Look how much money they will be worth in 40 years!

  • EPC-421

    Whoa hey guys check out this sweet 2010 TVC box!
    Bidding will start at $499.99.

  • Rick Jhalla

    Woah, Leicester’s my home town

    • ILoveSand

      Hey you could save on the shipping then. Just ask for free pickup. 😉

  • TonyE

    I do get why someone would want this. There were people spending upwards of $60-$80 for empty NES Classic boxes on ebay last Fall. What is ridiculous is that fact the seller indicates it will be shipped flat due to it size. That just feels wrong.

  • Santos Lozano

    It’s Hard to tell when your’e being sarcastic Paul.

  • Albert Escobedo

    To me personally, that box looks very cool…very cool, me personally. 😉

  • Lee Orzeal

    That’s absolutely insane.

  • Darth Your Mom

    This box is overflowing with all the F’s I give about this auction.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    We’ve got a box!! Weve got a box!!

  • Darth_Rizzen
  • OfWolfandMan

    The big empty. So dumb I can hardly contain myself. Someone who bids on this must really be thinking outside the box.

  • Jerry’s Finger

    I’ve actually got two of these in my collection, so I’d be willing to let my extra go for $99 (free shipping!)

  • Alientek

    Why does that Rancor look just like Wonder Women’s jet?

  • Alientek

    Even worse…

    $20.00 shipping!!!

    To put an empty box in another box!

    He better use a lot of bubble wrap so it doesn’t get damaged…
    Unfortunately it’s to late for his brain.

  • It contains the total sum of all evil in the galaxy. Shipping is evil, too.

  • DustyAyers

    It’s a steal at only $200…

  • AllThePowa

    Well, atleast it’s super-articulated.

  • regissuire

    I am personally interested to see in what kind of shipping boxes these items came in, for historic purpose, thanks Paul for this informative post … All in all and as regard to modern collecting, these brown cardboard boxes coming out from the factory are generally the perfect size for storage and I do happen to collect some of them, grabbing them for free directly at the store (when the store employee doesn’t tell me “it’s forbidden to give you an empty box! It has to be destroyed in the garbage bin!” lol).

  • Jimmy Griffin

    A cardboard box? I can get all of those I want at the liquor store; and the ones they have come with neat graphics as well.

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