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HASCON17: Jedi Temple Archives Interviews Hasbro

Jedi Temple Archives and our friends at Bantha Skull have been side by side throughout the entire HASCON event thus far. In fact, our Q&A sessions with Hasbro were back to back. Our Q&A with Hasbro is ready, so click through to listen to the audio. And be sure to keep checking back at for their Q&A session in the very near future too! We sincerely thank Steve Evans and Joe Ninivaggi for taking time out of their schedule to talk to us (it was great seeing you guys) and Alyssa Hackman from Litzky PR for setting up the interview.  We have also made Hasbro aware of all the questions you asked that we couldn’t add into our session, so rest assured they’re reading what you have to say. P.S. If anyone wants to transcribe this we will feature it in our comments. Thanks!


Listen to our full interview with Hasbro at HASCON 2017 using the player below. If you are unable to play the file, you can download it directly right here (downloadable MP3).


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  • Lando Griffin

    So we won’t see Cantina & Jabba’s Palace figures until ’19.

    • I don’t think you can glean this from the interview.

      • Lando Griffin

        Did you even listen to the interview?

  • TorynGlavin

    My thoughts:

    – I think any Rebels characters on TVC should have cardbacks like the Clone Wars characters in the original TVC. However it does not sound like Hasbro has really thought about it yet.
    – Multi-packs are back and this is GOOD!
    – So glad the question about why it’s so expensive to buy here in Europe was asked !! It’s sooooooo bad here !! Disappointed with the answer tho, the prices really really need to come down here. Soon.
    – The Ghost isn’t coming 🙁 Sadness.
    – I’m sad we won’t see more characters in 6″ from outside the movies.
    – I hope the collector panel would include some European collectors too! We don’t get to the conventions all that much so our voices aren’t usually heard!

  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Seriously? 12 minutes and you wasted it on those questions? Why weren’t you tearing them a new one over zero retail availability and scalpers running the market?

    • Seriously? You’re still asking about distribution? That’s so 2006. Buy online. TARGET and Walmart are destroying collecting. Don’t support them.

      • Fartrell Cluggins

        Hasbro and the online scalpers are doing a good enough job on their own of destroying the market

  • rusty_t

    Very nice chat with Hasbro guys. Don’t listen to the negative comments, some people are never satisfied.

  • mic windu

    Hi Paul do we have a definitive list of TVC for 2018? If it is just the repacks and three new sculpt revealed it’s a lacklustre start to the line. I will be supporting the line (repacks and all) but I want to see the line supported by a healthy number of new figures.

    I’d be happy to throw my two cents in as a collector to help Hasbro with character selections, themes, repacks etc. I’ve seen the line grow and evolve over the last twenty years, it be a privilege to give something back.

    • Jaken Wraith

      TVC the first year is only the Fig’s they said at SDCC. There is going to be ALOT more 5in’s in 2018.

    • Look for “rumor” reports here. We listed quite a few characters you should expect to see in TVC.

    • Travis

      From what I’ve gathered 2018 TVC will consist of repacks of TBS Jyn, Cassian, Deathtrooper, Rey, FO stormtrooper and the Hoth Rebel and new sculpts for Dr. Aphra and “5 figures based on new content” of which I’m assuming Supreme Leader Snoke is 1 and hoping Jedi Master Luke from TBS comes on a vintage card but is not included as one of these supposedly 5 new sculpts.So that’s like 12-13 figures confirmed

  • VaultBoy25

    Hi Paul have you heard anything about a new 6 inch Finn based on his TLJ design?

  • Jebediaah

    Always great seeing the interaction with Hasbro. Some exciting things seem to be coming in TVC in time. So disappointed that the Titanium vehicle line is dead. I blame stinkin’ Mattel.

    • Greg Romine

      I also hate that the Titanium vehicle line is dead. And yet we get Titanium figures (and helmets) that no one wants…

      • Jebediaah

        I like the helmets. I’d like to see about 12 more 2-pks before that line ends.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Mattel can pump out ships faster with their HW lines, so they seemed to capture that market. If the Titanium line were more innovative, they could have pushed HW aside. I’m disappointed Titanium ships are gone, as I have no interest in anything else diecast.

  • MyenShi

    Not a direct transcription. Edited for brevity.

    Scaling down 6” figures to 3.75”
    – It’s possible with some work.

    Rebels 3.75” Vintage
    – “It would be interesting to do vintage Rebels.”

    Rebels Vintage Cardback Style
    – They asked if animated or realistic. Paul suggested animated.

    Rebels 6”
    – They’ve heard the interest in finishing the Rebels characters in the 6” line.

    Special Action Figure Set
    – They’ll do at least one.

    Completing the Special Action Figure Sets
    – Paul brought up that completing the line will require new figures like Lobot and Hammerhead. A little vague, but we’d see “something like it.”

    – “Multipacks are a go.”

    European Pricing
    – They are aware of the prices. Retailers set the price. No easy answer. Want to work with retailers to try to bring prices more in line with the US. Nobody wants that. There’s nothing in it for Hasbro to intentionally gouge European customers.

    Titanium Vehicle Line
    – Ended. Worked to a certain extent but not a raging success.

    3.75” Ghost
    – They talk about it, but not any time soon. They have a couple of things coming that “could make something happen.”

    Rebels Products
    – May see more Rebels products as time passes and it becomes “classic” so they can pivot products towards collectors instead of the mass market.

    ETA on Jabba’s Palace and Cantina Figures
    – 2018 is fully slotted with revealed products and from new media that they can’t show yet. 2019 product line is being planned now. There will be aliens then.

    Termination Date on Vintage Collection
    – No planned end date. Grow it, make it awesome, they love it. Keep giving them ideas and keep buying it. They are committed.

    Non Film Characters 6”
    – They’ll continue to do them. Odd one here and there, depending on popularity, what looks good and what Lucasfilm does with the characters.

    Scarif Stormtrooper Captain 6”
    – No plans at this moment. If they can get a retailer to take the figure as an exclusive, they would do it.

    Forming a Collector Panel
    – Something they talk about. No definitive answer. They like to hear Paul (and or the community) talk and listen to what the community is saying, while being candid about what’s realistic.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I need a Ghost!
      What kind of silly world is this where I can get a BB-8 that inexplicably transforms into a FO base, but the main hero ship of the main heroes of Rebels is MIA?

      • Tyler Frechette

        A world in which Disney thinks it knows what’s best for us rather than giving us what we ask for. That’s what kind of world.

      • thelastwookie

        A Ghost ship would be amazing but it would basically be the equivalent of the Legacy Millennium Falcon and I’m not sure they’re going to make a ship that big and cool ever again.

      • Mr.Buechler

        As much as i want a Ghost, I’d happily settle for a TIE Defender!

    • Greg Romine

      It’s a shame the Titanium ship line is done – I quite liked it.

      • darthmo

        Yes, end vehicles but keep the helmets? Hmmm..

      • darthmo

        A real shame as vehicles like the new Walkers would have been awesome in the line.

        • Jebediaah

          I was still hoping to see a Titanium AT-DP walker from Rebels in the line.
          It’s been in several episodes in every season. Sniffle-sniff 🙁

          • darthmo

            I share those sniffles…

          • Brian Beck

            Yeah, and there is a new type featured in the season 4 trailer 2.

      • Mother_Talzin

        It was a nice line, but Hasbro didn’t seem to treat it like a priority – same with Micro Machines. Fans can tell when you don’t properly market or discuss a line, and know its not as important to the company.

        • CT-7567

          I only got the TIE Striker and Death Star. The Death Star is a beautiful collectible. Probably the nicest die-cast SW ship ever made. Hot Wheels do an admirable job of making SW die-cast ships. I have a few and they’re pretty good.

          • Greg Romine

            I think the Titanium line was much-more detailed than the Hot Wheels line, but I guess I don’t have a choice but to buy the Hot Wheels ones now.

        • Nick S.

          I often compared the Titanium vehicles to their HW counterparts, it could be 50/50. Like HW did an amazing, and screen accurate job on the Republic Gunship, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Y-Wing. While the Titanium TIE Striker, First Order Transport, and AT-AT walker(if you were lucky enough to even find one) were far superior

    • CadeSky

      Thanks for this transcription.

    • zx_spectrum_30

      Thanks for the transcription.

    • Leighton Gates

      Great interview. Thanks Paul for getting this. Some interesting stuff. We know wave 1. Suggestion here of a wave 2 (in 2018) based on “new media” = Han Solo Movie figures!
      2019 best realistic chance for some/any OT figures aside from Hoth Trooper. Seems very slow…..

      Couldn’t they easily repack some OT figures and just them out there in the meantime? Some easy choices and big sellers, just do some Original 12’s, repack some of those recent versions of the O12 in that beautiful Vintage packaging.

    • BlueSaber

      Ugh, REBELS have their own FREAKING LINE! STOP ASKING THEM TO WASTE PLASTIC in our beloved TVC line. Cartoons need to stay cartoons. The show really isn’t that great. Wouldn’t you rather have a new ROTJ Emperor, ANH Luke, Lobot, ESB Lando, 2-1B, Yak-Face, Admirel Piett, etc. the list goes on, yet people want THE SAME CRAP, in a line meant to support the OT and the films. Keep that cartoon trash away from it…

      • shane

        Agreed !

      • I’d still like a TCW version of Sidious but prefer him looking like the animated version than the actor Ian in a wine-colored robe (and definitely not that ROTS robe what made him look like he put on 50 lbs).

  • MaarekStele

    Call me crazy, but I’d love to see Rebels figures released on a Droids/Ewoks vintage styled cardback.

  • King Bowser

    Rats! I was hoping you’d ask why the 6″ line didn’t get their own fan poll this year, or one poll for a figure to be made in both scales.

    Those polls are important if we are ever to get the off the beaten path characters that we love.

    • EU zealots and Disney Star Wars zealots are going to hijack the polls each and every time. I hope they never do another one again.

      • King Bowser

        Even though I’m not a big EU fan, I still don’t mind them getting the opportunity to get characters they love. Sure you could make the argument that they are shilling responses or won’t buy the figure even though it won (they are just making a statement), but regardless they make for some pretty cool toys. I really like the Revan figure, and I only have the faintest idea of who he is, and the upcoming Jaina Solo looks like a really fun Woman pilot in a black flight suite. They’ve both been wins as far as design is concerned. I think Hasbro was smart in how they made Jaina a more appealing looking figure for those not familiar with her. As long as they continue to do things like that, I feel it’s okay and the figure will sell well.

        Disney could always limit polls to exclude EU or to be film specific. For instance if they had asked for us to vote on an Empire Strikes Back character to be made for the anniversary of that movie. I thin that would be an excellent poll!

        • Travis

          I love the idea of having polls exclusively for characters of a particular film like ESB or in 2019 even TPM


    Did you ask them if they plan on releasing a deluxe TFA Finn figure with sweating action? They can make him similar to the MGA L.O.L. baby doll line.


    In all seriousness, which is rare for me, seeing that Hasbro moved a lot of their manufacturing to Vietnam gives me hope. The quality was better and it way more cost effective. If no one has noticed yet look at you TLJ toys closer, you will see a lot of made in Vietnam, the quality seems much improved to boot. FYI – There is still some of it Made in China.

    The Toy industry needs to keep moving away from China, it’s getting too expensive to manufacture there.

    • CJ

      Wait. Did that actually happen? I thought I just made that rumor up.

    • Echo82

      If true this great news. I collect the POPS! and while they arent everyones cup of tea, the paint apps are amazing, compared to the Hasbro line the past 5 years. This could be amazing if true.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Good question’s. Between this, and “Action News’s” Youtube Interview they gave up alot of info actually. On the Youtube Vid i was VERY happy to hear how the 6in’s are selling VERY strong, and will continue to be the main Focus at least thru all of 2018. There will be alot more 6in’s next year than TVC Fig’s. And they also said that the last batch of 40th R2-D2’s and Han Solo’s just shipped, and will be hitting retailer’s soon. But other than that, they are now completely done and out of production. Said some Wave 2 Fig’s may still be in the Retailer “pipeline” still, and could show up somewhere.

    And nice conversation with the Rebel’s Cardback’s. I think the Pic should stay true to the source material, and be an animated pic of the Character as they appear on the Show.

    • King Bowser

      I can’t seem to find the video, can you list the title of the video exactly so we can find it?

    • Lando Griffin


      • Jaken Wraith

        I have it up, waiting to be “approved” because i posted a Link. But the Vid is up on Star Wars Action News’s Facebook Page.

        • King Bowser

          Thanks, Found it!

          • Jaken Wraith

            I am trying to find a Vid of the Presentation, but none are posted yet. Alot of times they show up after the Con is over, and whoever post’s them from Home and have a chance to edit and everything. A few Vid’s of the Booth are posted now, bout’ it.


      You are are probably one of the only few here that is happy to hear about 6inch being the main focus.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Nah, there’s lots of 6in fans.


          On JTA? The Marvel guys like 6 inch.

          • King Bowser

            I can’t tell if you’re teasing.

            6″ lines have more or less become the standard for collector lines.

          • Maynard

            Not for collectors over the age of 17/
            3.75 is and always will be THE TRUE SW COLLECTORS LINE.
            That is, unless, you happen to find me a 6″ dated 1978-1984.

          • King Bowser

            You’re right, we are talking modern lines, hence the “become the” in my statement. It didn’t start that way and is a more recent trend. Things have changed.

            But as for the “Not for collectors over the age of 17” comment. That’s obviously not true. By nature collector’s lines are more expensive that children’s lines. Kids 17 and under simply couldn’t sustain that market. Adult collectors are buying larger scaled figures.

          • TonyE

            yeah agreed, no doubt adult collectors are sustaining the 6 inch line. I am not one of them though. but your point is solid.

          • Jaken Wraith

            Hasbro does say the 6in line is doing TREMENDOUSLY well, and is where the “Collector” Focus is at.

          • Their collector focus is with collector figures: that means 3.75″ SA and 6″.

          • Jaken Wraith

            Yeah, Steve says that when the TVC comes they will “share” the Focus. I think it will be a great Product offering, having the 5poa’s being a “Movie Centric” Line that changes with the new Movies that come out yearly. And the TVC and 6in BS Fig’s being the collector Focused Lines. The main thing with the 3.75 SA Fig’s will be having them “freed” from just being in Walmart. That alone will help that line tremedously no matter what they are Packaged in.

            I do think that them changing the Packaging allow’s them to “get off easy” by doing a bunch of re-Pack’s. Just think, if they continued on in the 3.75BS format, they could not do all the re-pack’s they are doing with BS Fig’s in TVC Packaging.

          • Stereotypical Evil Archer

            I saw thousands of dollars spent on 3.75inch for Force Friday in 4 stores. I saw $160 spent on 6inch in 4 stores.

            3 $200 3.75inch playsets sold at midnight in just one store.
            3.75 inch pegs were all cleared out except for a couple Hux’s.

          • TonyE

            thats fine, the point of my argument here is that it likely wasn’t kids under 17 buying those 6 inch.

          • Lord Toys

            That is farther from the truth if you are referring to Star Wars, I personally along with many collectors have chose to watch the dust pile up on the 6″ line and saved myself lots of money and room, now I have a great savings built up and ready to spend on the Return of the Vintage 3.75″ SA

          • King Bowser

            What exactly did I say that was further from the truth?

          • Lord Toys

            That Collectors buy the Larger Scaled Figures, that simply is not true…

          • King Bowser

            What? Then who’s buying them at $20 a pop?

            Who’s buying those $60 Black Series vehicles, the $20 Black Series, the Marvel Legends, anything NECA, Diamond Select, McFarlane, DC Collectibles, DC Multiverse, Four Horsemen Studios, Masters of the Universe Classics, Figuarts or Figma at $60 a pop, plus almost every boutique line?

            I take it you don’t collect outside of Star Wars, otherwise it would be grossly apparent that 6-7″ is the prefered scale of collector lines.

            It’s not kids buying those. They simply couldn’t afford them. It’s not gift givers… Christmas and birthdays are only twice a year. Nothing could sustain that market except adult collectors willing to spend their hard earned money on them.

            If collectors were not buying larger scaled figures you wouldn’t see larger scaled collector oriented lines.

          • Daniel Preece

            The collector themselves decide what a collector is. I refuse to allow anyone, Hasbro or others, define me or tell me what I have to buy to be a collector. I’m a dedicated SW 3.75″ collector and have been since 1978.

            Other lines don’t apply here. Marvel, et al, are just about the figures themselves. Kenner Star Wars was about the “environment.” They built the line to be about EVERYTHING in the movies–the ships, vehicles, beasts, and playsets just as much as the figures. The size of the figure (3 3/4 inch) was chosen based on the size of the vehicles they wanted to sell, not the other way around. If you just want the main characters, then other scales do that as well. But if you want the FULL Star Wars action figure experience–as intended, as created to be–then come back home to 3.75 scale where it is done the best.

          • King Bowser

            “The collector themselves decide what a collector is.” That is exactly right. And I listed a dozen licenses/brands that have tailored their lines to a scale that “collectors” want. They ONLY reason they did so was because there is collector demand for that scale, and that is where the money is at.

            Obviously anyone can collect anything they want. But when talking about the preferred scale in collector oriented lines the demand has clearly shifted to 6-7″.

            You are correct too, large ships will never be as viable in the 6″ line. I won’t buy many of the larger ships, but the truth is, I personally didn’t enjoy them in 3.75″ too much either. I have dozens of ships that are boxed away in a storage unit that haven’t seen the light of day in ten or more years. If large vehicles are your thing, 3.75″ is great for you. No argument there. Enjoy.

            If 3.75″ figures are your thing, no argument there. Enjoy. What I will argue over is the obtuse argument that collectors don’t want 6″. That collectors aren’t buying 6″. That is unequivocally not true.

            Some people may not like 6″. Fine. Why should I care? And why should anyone care that I like 6″ ? We all vote with our dollars, and Hasbro will follow the money.

          • Struggle buggy

            Well, speaking as a 43 year-old collector who had a huge collection of 3.75″ as a kid and has since switched over to 6″, I would argue that some of us have learned to embrace change. Let me remind you that 3.75″ is not a “line”, it’s a size/format. Are you still using the same format for video games, the same type of phone, watching the same size TV and wearing the same size clothes as you were from 1978-1984? If so, please post pics…oh, I mean mail me your polaroids when you get a chance. We all know that’s the TRUE INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY LINE.

          • OfWolfandMan

            Well, actually 3 3/4” is still being made. The video games, phones, tv you mention, are not. Although supposedly vinyl LPs and record players are making a come back, and I know a few people who ride unicycles.

          • Struggle buggy

            Well, it sounds like your point is that the people on here whining about the fact that 3.75″ does not receive the same level of attention as the more modern standard of 6″ should just be grateful that their preferred format, as opposed to all the other “true standards” of 1978-1984, is still being manufactured at all. If so, great point! I couldn’t agree more!

          • OfWolfandMan

            Hee hee

          • CT-7567

            They still make Atari systems. 🙂

          • Lord Toys

            No change is needed when everything was working well, and Hasbro obviously learned that because they are heading back to the right direction, they are going were the money is at….

          • King Bowser

            Wait… your argument is, “No change is needed when everything is going well”, and that’s why they are going back to 3.75″ ?

            Then 3.75″ must have been doing pretty poorly for them to neglect it like they did….

            You simply can’t have it both ways.

            It seems more likely that they are struggling to find a healthy balance between the two lines. Trying to get as much collector dollars from both group of fans. It’s only a good thing if they are trying to keep both sets of collectors happy.

          • Lord Toys

            Yep.. Thats what I said.. Just because Hasbro got greedy and decided to change everything in hopes that we all would fall in line and spend the extra $8 and start our entire collection over when it doesn’t cost them more to make a 6″ versus a 3.75″…when all was said and done they realized how wrong they where.. They may of got new collectors to jump on the Band Wagon, but it was not enough to make up for the losses of their long time and devoted fans… ?

          • shane

            Couldn’t agree more !

          • regissuire

            Quite inexact actually… The format didn’t change (6″ is not better articulated or detailed than say TVC 3.75″ in the most parts) … A better comparison would be like you have a cell phone and then all of a sudden they decide to double the size of the whole phone (with same technology inside) just because it looks nicier on visual … Or if you prefer, you have a 12″ long blu-ray player and then they decide to make them as a 30″ big long box for aesthetic reasons and same functionalities inside … That’s how I feel about 6″ as compared to 3.75″ lol

          • King Bowser

            I think a more appropriate comparison would be a tv with a larger screen (i.e. increase the scale to 6″) and better picture/sound (i.e details of the figure).

          • regissuire

            6″ doesn’t work for large vehicles and environments, period. It’s like being seated on the first row of an Imax movie theater: you don’t enjoy the experience that much, it’s too big. Ok for main characters but Star Wars is not just the characters. What’s the point of having a bigger TV with better sound if that excludes seeing and hearing all the stuff you want to hear and see inside? I don’t prefer smaller TV, 3.75″ si as big as 6″ for me because the characters may be smaller on the screen but you can see environments inside where you can’t otherwise. Think “zoom in” or “zoom out” instead. But that’s a matter of taste I concede.

          • rebelsfangirl

            Sorry but that is completely false. NECA, McFarlane, Mezco, Four Horsemen etc. all the larger collector oriented toy companies produce almost solely 6″ or larger scale. all the high end import lines are 6″ or larger. Virtually no one produces 3.75″ figures in larger numbers anymore, certainly not exclusively the way some produce 6″ or larger. If collectors really did prefer 3.75″ figures, then the collector oriented companies would be producing them. They aren’t.

          • regissuire

            I buy both 3.75″ and 6″ but I think 6″ doesn’t work as well for Star Wars than say Marvel or other sci-fi universes or any other 6″ brand or products. The reason being that Star Wars characters need to interact with ships and environments to be found attractive and reveal all the power of the design behind their creations (the black vader with white stormtrropers are beautiful when set in the grey death star corridor, that provides contrast, death star playset hint hint lol). 6″ is too big for that (6″ Tie is an awful piece and is not really good looking at that scale). Only 3.75″ does allow a full display at that scale.
            Just my opinion.

          • King Bowser

            The larger vehicles I’ll give you, those are tough to make at 6″ scale. They take up too much real estate and are too expensive. The medium sized vehicles work very well in 6″ scale though.

            The diorama bit I can’t give you. You give the example of a Death Star Corridor. There are indie companies that make that for 6″ (and more recently 3.75″). Those displays look amazing. And the larger scaled figures stand out really well on a shelf.

          • regissuire

            I completely agree, 6″ works very well to display as main premium characters standing on a shelf and the small vehicles like speeders are nice at that scale too … Everything else beyond that scale would take too much space for 6″… Environments are for 3.75″

          • rebelsfangirl

            Fair enough, but that’s a subjective thing really. I mean yes, 3.75″ does have vehicles but for someone like me that prizes screen accuracy the vast majority of them are still too small. A properly scaled Falcon for example would be 6′ long in 3.75″ scale. So even to get this important element of 3.75″ to work you have to sacrifice accuracy. Plus Hasbro could easily produce 6″ scaled death star corridors and the like if they wanted too, I mean GTP toys do without Hasbros economies of scale. 6″ vehicles I grant you are harder, especially the larger ones
            I don’t agree about the 6″ TIE either, I think it looks amazing. I don’t think it was the best choice for the first larger 6″ vehicle

          • regissuire

            You mean it was the worst choice right, lol ? I am pretty sure a 6″ X-Wing with great details would have sold better… But it probably made too much sense for Hasbro to produce it in favor of the Tie … I can sacrifice screen accuracy in 3.75″ scale when we are given such masterpieces like the 2008 Legacy big Millennium Falcon no problem 😉 Everything mostly depends if the vehicle is to be considered a toy or a movie prop. I like the vehicles on 3.75″ scale to be toys, with firing buttons, detaching parts, lots of bells and whistles, but on 6″, I expect them to look more like movie props. I definitely don’t want a 6″ Millennium Falcon (unless I own 2 floors in a building in the near future after winning at the lotery lol).

          • rebelsfangirl

            I wouldn’t say worst choice no, a worse choice would have been some obscure EU vehicle lol. But yes an OT X-Wing or TIE would have been much better. Sure, and fair enough, but that’s still a subjective thing. You’re choosing to tolerate compromises in scale to accommodate 3.75″ vehicles, I’m choosing to accept I’m going to have a lot fewer 6″ vehicles and some like an AT-AT won’t ever happen lol.

          • Travis

            Am I the only one that wishes EU comic characters were part of the Marvel Legends line and didn’t take away a character slot and budget from our beloved TVC? lol

          • CT-7567

            I never thought of that and it’s actually a good idea. I take it you were being sarcastic, but i like that idea a lot. Marvel publishes the SW titles and Hasbro makes both lines. Disney owns both properties. A Marvel Legends sub-line devoted to SW comics woukd actually be a line I’d collect.

          • Travis

            I was being half serious, I think there are a lot of collectors who would like the more comic book-y proportions, colours, and costumes that a SW Marvel Legends line of figures could bring

          • CT-7567

            It’s actually a really good idea and I’d be interested in it. You could have waves with a BAF, having each wave based off a title. Like a Vader wave.

          • CJ

            JTA is exclusively a six inch site.

          • LIES!

          • Eric

            Some refuse to face the truth. In constant denial, they are.

          • TonyE

            thats what she said

        • CT-7567

          Some of them are brilliant. I just prefer 3.75″. Plus, there so much 6″ stuff hitting and it’s expensive. I’d rather have two SA 3.75″ for figures for $26 than one 6″ figure for $20-22.

    • CT-7567

      Agreed on that last point. I didn’t really like the TVC cardbacks for TCW Anakin and Obi-Wan. Ahsoka was ok, nut I’d still prefer the animated pic. Then again, I prefer animated style figures too.

  • Tyler Frechette

    YES we are interested to get Rebels characters in TVC!!! ESPECIALLY Thrawn!!! Please Hasbro, just shrink the 6″ version, add the helmet and armor from Zero Hour and call it a day!!

    Up vote if you agree!

    • Travis

      There’s a pretty great 3.75 Admiral Thrawn from an existing comic pack they can repack and add the helmet as an accessory

      • Tyler Frechette

        I own it and it is indeed an exceptional figure, one of my favorites as Thrawn is one of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars. But the 6″ version is superior, both in sculpt and articulation.

        Thrawn never got released in TVC as one of the Expanded Universe choices despite being probably THE best candidate for it. The entire EU exists BECAUSE of the Thrawn trilogy. He absolutely deserves it and the Zero Hour accessories would be amazing. He would look so good with some Death Troopers!

        • Travis

          Ya Hasbro had an interesting answer to the “scale down 6 inch for 3.75” question, we all knew it was possible I just didn’t expect them to sound so open to the idea with some re-tooling. I hope we see a few of these at least by 2019

          • Wheresvintageoola

            I think the Wampa is a recent example of this. There isn’t much else for an OT fan though…..

          • dogbite

            Look at the 5poa Qui Gon that was just on display at Hascon, they’ve clearly already started doing it.

          • Travis

            Even that Darth Maul looks a lot like the 6″ version

        • CT-7567

          I love the Thrawn Trilogy.

    • CT-7567

      Animated style.

      • Tyler Frechette

        Figure, or card back?

        • CT-7567

          Both, actually. TCW(especially the SOTDS phase)is one of my favorite modern SW lines. Possibly second only to TVC.

  • TonyE

    are we still on for the previously rumored (confirmed?) February release for TVC? Also really hope they take into consideration pre-punching all the new TVC cards during production so that in-package collectors like me don’t have a breakdown compromising punched vs unpunched. its so exhausting.

    • Jebediaah

      I want unpunched cards.

      • TonyE

        ideally i do too, but if BOTH unpunched and punched versions exist as an option to buy from either retail or specialist sources, there will be a premium on unpunched. i think its why i would just throw in the towel and accept punched if they ALL came that way out of production.

      • CJ

        I want to punch your cards.

        • Zarco Rey

          I want to card your punch…somebody spiked it.

  • We_Are_Groot

    I’d like to see most:

    -More Porgs. Now.
    -Chirrut Imwe
    -Baze Malbus
    -Bodhi Rook
    -Grand Moff Tarkin
    -ARC Trooper Fives
    -Rebel Fleet Trooper
    -First Order Flametrooper
    -First Order Snowtrooper
    -Imperial Scout Trooper
    -ARC Trooper Echo
    -Saw Gerrera
    -Hera Syndulla
    -Kanan Jarrus
    -Director Krennic
    -Bib Fortuna
    -Ishi Tib
    -Hem Dazon
    -Zeb Orellios
    -Sabine Wren
    -Ezra Bridger
    -Bespin Security Guard
    -Chief Chirpa

    • Lord Toys

      Hopefully the Line Up for 2019, 2020 … more Collector Focused Vehicles, Scaled Correctly, I am still waiting and Dreaming for the Ultimate Y Wing, OT Version….

  • Eric

    3.75 soft good cloak super articulated Jawa, on. vintage, Hasbro. Please make it happen?

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Yes! We want this!

  • Remember when we were told we were getting the Shoretrooper Captain very soon last year? Oh well.

    Disappointed Hasbro wants to wait until Rebels is “classic” to appeal to collectors and not mainstream crowds. Seems like a load of crap to me so they can say they’re not preforming well 2 years after the show ended. The 2 ones for FF2 sold better here than any other figures.

  • DarthSharky

    Hope they find a way to get us the Ghost someday, BMF sized. As long as the Rebels figures are done realistic style the card art doesn’t really matter to me. I also hope we get more characters than just the Ghost crew. And lots of Rogue One characters too.

  • CadeSky

    I never bought the Titanium ships but heard good things about them. It did seem odd that those existed as well as Mattel’s Hot Wheels ships. Maybe there was some behind the scenes griping on the part of Mattel and Hasbro now can’t continue to produce them, Not sure how all of that background legal stuff works…

  • localfromiskalon

    Sad to hear Titanium ships are done; I’d just started getting into those. Encouraging to hear TVC is open-ended with no planned end date. Multi-packs! Sounds great–could be a great way to get Ewok movie packs and Ewok cartoon (realistic, like Kneesaa)character packs…Nice interview, Paul.

  • Alex James Finch

    They both sound like pretty good guys.
    Their response to more Jabba’s palace and cantina aliens in TVC makes me pretty optimistic that we’ll see at least a few in the line and that’s all we can hope for really.

    Guys – ‘if you make Taym Dren Garen and Shasa Tiel for TVC’ – I’ll be your biggest and most grateful fan ever! 🙂

  • Nick S.

    This is the 3rd time(4th if you count those 3 vehicle packs) the Titanium Line has been canceled. Hasbro, either keep it going or don’t! Maybe if they did a better job releasing that wave that had vehicles people actually wanted(AT-AT, Gunship, Snowspeeder) it would’ve done better this time. But instead it was just one First Order TIE and Kylo Ren Shuttle after another!
    Really they keep pumping out the shampoo bottles and Hero Mashers, but nicely detailed die cast vehicles are to be ended? Great call….

    • Mother_Talzin

      I enjoyed the Titanium line, but it wasn’t diverse like it once was and the repacks dragged the line down. Hot Wheels nabbed the market apparently. As HW grows, the chance of seeing Titaniums again is slim…

      • Nick S.

        I’m totally fine with HW taking over. If you’ve seen the vehicles they have coming out now and in the near future, it’s fairly diverse

    • Wayne Collins

      Just another case of Hasbro messing up assortments.

      They released one or two Tie FIghters in every assortment, and the result was shop where full #4 and #13 Tie FIghters. OT vehicles like AT-AT, Snowspeeder, Imperial Shuttle, got one per case on one assortment.

      There is definitely a market still for Titanium, but I am afriad another example of the case assortments, screwing the line.

      • Nick S.

        Well said!

  • Mother_Talzin

    I would have loved a bit more depth when it comes to Rebels – are the basic Rebels figures on hiatus as well, until they become “classics”? I understand that years from now the kids that grew up with Rebels will want more someday, but what about the kids that are wondering where they are at retail? Is Fenn Rau going to be released in 2018 and then that’s it?

    • rebelsfangirl

      I’m hoping what they mean when they say we might see more Rebels releases in the future that we are now is that they will continue to release the main crew at the current rate (two a year), then when the next SW tv show starts and everyone has moved on to hating that and praising Rebels as the brilliant classic that was ended prematurely then we will start to see more depth added.

      • Brian Beck

        ” then when the next SW tv show starts and everyone has moved on to hating that and praising Rebels as the brilliant classic that was ended prematurely”
        Lol, you are 100% correct.

      • CT-7567

        Brilliant classic? I don’t hate Rebels but don’t you think that’s a bit much? I love the original Battlestar Galactica, but mostly because it was so much like Star Wars and back then we only had three movies. But it has many flaws and even though I like it I can see that it’s flawed. Rebels has several flaws. TCW was more of a brilliant classic, imo. 🙂

        • rebelsfangirl

          Yes, that’s the joke. :p I’m contrasting the sudden lionization of The Clone Wars with the hate for Rebels and implying that it has more to do with nostalgia and hating on the new thing than the respective qualities of each. TCW is very good, but it isn’t without flaws either and when it was running it came under considerable criticism as well, criticism which largely evaporated when it was cancelled. Then when Rebels was announced even before it aired people began hating on it.

          • CT-7567

            Ok, well then I’m happy to help get your point across. 🙂 TCW definitely has its flaws. My main frustration with Rebels is that it’s getting better, but towards the end. I feel like they didn’t try hard enough early on. Especially with character development and the use of story arcs. The potential for a great show was there from the start. I remember reading A New Dawn and being really interested in seeing Hera in the show because she was the highlight of that book for me. She was definitely underused. She SHOULD have been the best character in the show.

          • rebelsfangirl

            I’d actually disagree Rebels is getting better towards the end. Like it did, but it got REALLY good towards the end of season one, and even before that while there were a lot of “kiddy” episodes you also had hard hitting, mature themed episodes like Rise of the Old Masters. Season two in my opinion is the weakest of the seasons overall, while it had some completely brilliant episodes it also had some very poor ones and the focus on Ahsoka and Vader undermined the Ghost crews story arcs. Season three was a big improvement, far fewer mediocre episodes and it did focus a lot more successfully on the crew and largely told enjoyable, engaging stories.
            I would agree that the show has squandered a lot of its potential though, a reliance on returning TCW characters instead of creating its own supporting cast being one of the shows major flaws in my opinion.
            I certainly agree Hera has been underused as well.

          • CT-7567

            My hope for the next animated series is a post-ROTJ show. Like right after ROTJ. F that actually happened, I think a slightly older General Syndulla woukd be a great character. Do you have the 6″ Hera yet?

          • rebelsfangirl

            I’d like that too, or a show about some criminals during the Empire, tell a different story to the usual good vs evil stuff heh. I don’t yet no, hopefully soon though.

          • CT-7567

            You’re going to like that figure a lot. It’s definitely one of the best 6″ figures Hasbro has made to date.

          • regissuire

            I agree with you, but I also think that the “kiddie” approach is what brought the most criticisms to Rebels as compared to TCW. Just comparing the deaths on screen, there seems to never be any in Rebels, thus giving the show a much less dramatic impact … I like Dave Filoni so for me Rebels is just the continuation of TCW, just with a more “friendly” approach …

          • rebelsfangirl

            Sure, but according to Filoni at Celebration (I think, it might have been SDCC last year) the darker path they took with TCW actually hurt their ratings amongst kids, with the implication that could have been a factor in the show ending.

    • J Verdant

      I’m guessing any future Rebels will be in TVC. Hell they can just repaint the Concept Art Chewbacca for Zeb 😉

    • Darth_Rizzen

      From what I understand based on the interview, the kiddy (but premium priced) 5POA will continue until the show ends, then Hasbro will consider more collector friendly products, with tie-ins to Rogue One.

      It’s a good approach, I think.

      • Mother_Talzin

        I hope this is the case, I believe there is a silent majority that prefers the animated figures (especially kids) when it comes to cartoon characters. Hasbro’s own market research has shown this for CW. I’d like to see the basic Rebels continue, but none have been announced outside them mentioning Fenn Rau being repacked in 2018.

        • CT-7567

          I prefer animated style figures. I want them to look like they do in the show. Just like I want screen-accurate figures from live-action movies.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I hear you.

            I did like the realistic versions of TCW Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka that they made for TVC. But for Ahsoka, the elusive CW44 is the one to own IMHO.

          • CT-7567

            Unfortunately CW44 is one of 12 TCW figures I never got. Usually I miss a few figures, like three from TVC, but the 12 from TCW is the most I’ve ever missed. I like the TVC Anakin a lot. In fact, it’s probably better than the animated versions. I’d just like to see an animated style head sculpt on it. I like TVC Ahsoka a lot. I only got one of her back in the day, so last year when she was released in TBS it was like a new figure to me. I never got a second copy of Obi-Wan to open, but again it seems like a great figure. I definitely don’t like the artwork of the cardbacks for Anakin and Obi-Wan. They look too fake. I think troopers and aliens work better in realistic style. Like the new 6″ Hera. Its meant to be a realistic interpretation of the character, but really it could just as easily represent Hera as an animated character. Same with the 6″ Ahsoka.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            CW44 is absurdly rare. I’ve only ever seen one example of this figure at retail in France, which I bought it on sight. It’s still MOC to this day and I’m certainly not selling it. My display version is an opened damaged one which I found for dirt cheap.

            I wish they’d re-release the figure, along with TCW Darth Sidious and Seripas, just to give scalpers and speculators a nice kick in the groin. ?

            I like the TVC Anakin a lot. In fact, it’s probably better than the animated versions.

            I have a fondness for CW45 Anakin, personally

            The body proportions are off, but the serious expression, strong build and Force gesture pose for the left hand (is it a mind trick or a choke?) strike the right balance for me. The following versions just looked scrawny.

            TVC went for an interesting off screen look, and is a must buy to go with realistic CW Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Mace Windu.

            I definitely don’t like the artwork of the cardbacks for Anakin and Obi-Wan. They look too fake.

            I know what you mean. The TVC card art for these looked like hastily Photoshopped movie stills. Which they probably were. ?
            The figures were good, that’s what counts.?

          • CT-7567

            That’s actually my favorite animated Anakin. I never got the last one in the Yoda line look, but I still think CW45 is the best. I like the force gesture and I definitely like the interchangeable arm.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          Full disclosure, I actually collected the Rebels 5POA figures until they stopped showing up at retail.

          Quite frankly, I’ve given up on finding Thrawn or Fenn Rau in this line.

          They’re OK, design wise. I just wish they had more articulation like the TCW animated figures used to.

  • Ulek Calus

    Non-movie characters (EU, TCW, Rebels) are the saving grace of Hasbro’s 6″ line imo. If it wasn’t for those, I’d probably collect S.H. Figuarts instead. I would’ve liked to hear something a bit more reassuring than “the odd one here or there depending on what Lucasfilm’s doing” but I guess that’s the best we can hope for with with the current number of figures they put out each year.

    • Mother_Talzin

      A diverse character range makes every line better – I hope TVC dips into EU, CW, and Rebels as well. The popularity of some of these characters should be evident, and including them will help both 6 inch and 3.75 lines.

      • Travis

        Anything but EU..

    • Darth_Rizzen

      Same here.

      SH Figuarts and to a lesser extent MAFEX are now my go-to brands for 1/12 scale movie characters.

      But for non-movie, offbeat figures, Hasbro are the only source in all scales, and have been for literally decades.

      I definitely went out of my way to import Ahsoka, Darth Revan or Thrawn from the US (significantly cheaper than relying on importers, and regular retailers just don’t carry those). I might get Hera, as well. The figure just looks that good and that’s the first 1/12 Twi’lek, unless I’m very mistaken.

      • CT-7567

        You have the 6″ Thrawn? What do you think of it?

        • Darth_Rizzen

          I only have it on pre order from Amazon (USA of course) for now…

          “Star Wars The Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn”
          Estimated arrival date: October 13, 2017 – October 20, 2017

          Updated to:
          Your new estimated delivery date is: Friday, September 22, 2017 – Friday, September 29, 2017

          Fingers crossed! ?

          • CT-7567

            I got it on FF. I think you’re going to like it. It’s not Figuarts quality, but it’s pretty good for a Hasbro figure with a humanoid likeness. I really would have liked to get the SDCC set.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I’ll let you know. ?

            I’m rather pleased with TBS6 Ahsoka, and curious to compare this Thrawn with the Sideshow version.

          • CT-7567

            You have the Sideshow Thrawn? Awesome. 🙂

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Yep. Not the command chair version, unfortunately. But still… ?

            TBS6 Thrawn should be here soon…

          • CT-7567

            Awesome. 🙂

          • Darth_Rizzen

            You were right. ?

            Definitely one of Hasbro’s finest efforts for TBS6.

            I’m really happy with the realistic look they chose, somewhat closer to the Legends design, yet keeping some of the Rebels elements. Very clean paint apps on the outfit, too.

            The eyes are striking in person. More than the traditional solid red used for the Legends figures.

            It belongs in a museum (couldn’t resist)…

          • CT-7567

            I’m glad you like it. All the Rebels 6″ figures have turned out pretty good.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            They have indeed. I’ve never seen Sabine in the wild, but Kanan and Ahsoka are pretty good.

            I was convinced by JTA’s review of Hera, and now that I have Thrawn I definitely need her to display both Rebels arch rivals together. ?

            I wonder if they’ll ever make more of the series’ villains, like McQuarrie style Vader, the Grand Inquisitor and his acolytes 7th Sister and 5th Brother (Helicopter Inquisitor not required ? ) or Hondo. They’d all be great opportunities for alien figures (except Vader).

          • CT-7567


  • Funtomaz

    Thanks for asking the question about prices in Germany/Europe, Paul. It’s good to know that it’s apparently not Hasbro gouging the fans here, but obviously retailers and etailers just want higher margins for themselves?

    That’s frustrating, because there’s little you can do about that. Other than not buying in Europe and buying in the USA instead. But this might hurt the line here if Hasbro saw declining sales in Europe because of people who buy on Amazon USA or any other etailer in the US like BBTS, EE or Dorkside.
    If Hasbro is reading this: we have two etailers in Germany that are the only place for German collectors to actually buy and get the figures, since TRU here in Germany is very spotty when it comes to receiving new figures and unless you know exactly when TRU gets new stock it’s virtually impossible to get any desirable figures. Anyway, the 6 in General Leia figure is up for pre-order on one of the etailers, and they want 45 euros. She’s the only one that expensive, the other figures are around 35 euros (still very expensive, Black Series used to be 25 euros in 2013). So this is another figure I’ll try to import from the USA.

    • darthmo

      It’s completely outrageous how much you pay in Europe. I used to think it was bad here in Australasia (Aus/NZ)
      Companies in the EU are clearly setting the wrong RRP as currency conversion would dictate a far cheaper price.
      Like you say though, a tricky situation if you want Hasbro to continue with the territory.

      • oolax

        In France you can find de 5poa at more than 14€… 17 dollars !!! A shame !

        • regissuire

          14.99 to be precise ($18) … I guess they will charge 28 euros ($33) for one 3.75″ TVC at that point … 6″ is 37 euros ($45) already … Madness … No kid can afford that, no parents will buy that for a kid and not much collectors can place their passion above their duty (pay rent, bills etc) What are those retailers thinking?

          • oolax

            In France : la grande récré is one of the leader in toy selling but the worst in term of price… Joué club and toys’r’us. Are not so far.. I don’t talk about specialized Shops in Paris were We can buy rare products “in import” and were the prices are more justified…

    • zx_spectrum_30

      Not sure I completely buy Hasbro washing their hands on this as the RRP/base price has to come from somewhere and I don’t believe the 6 or so retailers I can think of independently woke up and decided to sell 3.75″ at £10 and 6″ at £25.

      Sounds like Germany has it even worse than UK!

      • Darth_Rizzen


        Same thing for the TIE Silencer: I can’t believe for a second that all the retailers decided that the minimum price tag should be €90/$108, a 116% price increase compared to the US retail price.

        • Vasco Madeira

          I have yet to see any TLJ hasbro stuff in Portugal. TRU only has Lego sets from TLJ . No 40th anniversary stuff or any other 6″ bs figures besides piles of FO snow trooper commander!

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I just don’t know what Hasbro’s doing in the European market.

            Retailers certainly have a part to play in this mess, but so does the supplier. If supply, quality, assortment makeups and prices aren’t good, consumers don’t buy, retailers don’t replenish. Basic rule of commerce.

            To be fair, I wouldn’t expect Hasbro’s director of design and development for Star Wars to know the answer to that.
            But since the local European branches just aren’t listening to enquiries, all we can do is pester the head office…

          • CT-7567

            I thought it sucked when we didn’t see the YodaAOTC figures in the US in 2013 and the Darth Maul wave of the 5poa figures. You guys have it really bad over there. I would think that after the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Germany would be really important markets for Hasbro. Requiring full distribution and fair pricing on all Hasbro products.

          • regissuire

            2012’s The Phantom Menace 3D debacle killed the market in Europe … I can still find some 2012 products on the shelves … Strangely enough, as nothing from the States seems to be distributed anymore here in Europe except in specialized shops 3 times the usa retail price, we end up receiving some cancelled waves like the ones you mentioned, for whatever reasons …

          • Darth_Rizzen

            It’s a very strange situation.

            Hasbro still try to put some degree of effort in the Marvel Legends line by providing some European/non-USA products every now and then (special MCU Hulkbuster wave, Civil war pack).

            But when it comes to Star Wars, it looks like they’ve given up outside the USA.

            The situation has actually gone even worse after 2015. The NERFalcon could be bought for €90 or less around Christmas 2015, now that’s how much they’re charging for the small single seater TIE Silencer…

            Just for laughs, inflation in France since November 2015 has been 1%. ONE percent. We can reasonably assume that inflation is not the explanation…

            So yeah… Somebody is gouging European customers. Hasbro claim it’s not them. And I know for a fact that French retailers may be greedy sons of a Sith, but most of them are neither crazy nor stupid.

          • Funtomaz

            The Black Series launched in 2013 and figures were 25 euros in Germany. In 2017 it’s 35. And yes, inflation is quite low. So it’s not inflation that drives up prices.
            If what Hasbro says is true, then it’s retailers. I’ve been wondering myself if really ALL retailers had the same plan.
            All I know: General Leia goes for 45 euros on one of the etailers here, all other figures from the same wave are 33 euros or so. This is price gouging at its worst and the etailer is most certainly the greedy party here.

        • CT-7567

          $108?!?! Wow, DR, that’s insane. I’m waiting for clearance on it and here it’s $50. Unbelievable. 🙁

          • regissuire

            $122 at my local supermarket. I also live in France. Toys are rotting on the shelves at that price and they never go into clearance (or you have to wait several years for that) …

          • CT-7567

            I’m sorry to hear that. We get stuff on clearance months after release. I got the RO TIE and U-wing for $20 each. There my plan for the TIE Silencer.

          • regissuire

            I know, when I can afford that, I buy a $600 flight ticket and come do shopping in the states (when the shelves are full, which is not the always the case, like when I came last june I was shocked that 6″Black Series 40th were nowhere to be found in New York / Boston area) but all in all even with the price of the trip it remains less expensive to buy the whole line in the states rather than trying to collect here in France which is a shame, really, it didn’t use to be like that in the last decade…

          • CT-7567

            You were in Boston? I’m from just North of there. Did you enjoy it here, aside from toy distribution issues?

          • regissuire

            Yes I always go to Symphony Hall listening to the Pops concerts;) but the toy distribution issue kills it everytime because I spent hours and hours going from one Target to another (Toys r us, Walmarts, Kmarts and so on) and ending up not finding much since 2014 🙁 My whole vacation always looks like an Indiana Jones chase without any rewards at the end lol

          • Darth_Rizzen
          • regissuire

            Lol, you did well, and I do hate Zuvios, one is just enough lol

        • Funtomaz

          It’s not unheard of that companies form a cartel, for the weirdest things sometimes.
          We’ve had illegal cartels in the EU for…
          window panes, car windshields, elevators, car polish/wax, plasterboards, vitamins to name a few. There was even a zipper cartel once.
          So who knows, maybe we have an action figure cartel 😉

          • regissuire

            lol, that would be funny, who knows? With 6″ Black Series they might indeed have come to the realization that adult collectors were buying these and not kids, so perhaps they thought “they do work and are like addicts so they don’t mind paying big bucks” lol … But that doesn’t explain anything for 5POA and the vehicles …

          • Darth_Rizzen
      • TayVanis

        Correction: walked into a Sainsburys today and they’re now flogging the basic figs for £11 each. I have no issues with 5POA generally speaking (a lot of the new sculpts are amazing) but not at that price!

        • zx_spectrum_30

          Quite, got quite a few RO at £7.99 but that was top end for me on a 5poa.

          Trouble is with these TLJ there is no incentive to buy at £10+ when I know they will be half that or less in a few months. The supply isn’t scarce and there are no ‘stand out’ figures that I need to grab if I see them so will just be patient.

    • RogueLeader

      There’s one other factor that I haven’t seen anyone bring up, that probably plays at least some part in the higher prices in Europe. The Value Added Tax imposed by the EU and any additional taxes on imported goods imposed at various rates by individual European countries. I know it’s easy to just assume that the retailers are just trying to gouge as much as possible, but what does it cost them to get SW product from Hasbro?

      • Funtomaz

        Trade tariffs for toys are not that high. It all depends from where the EU gets the toys, directly from Asia, then it’s either Vietnam or China. Or we get everything from the USA. For Vietnam trade tariffs are basically zero except for very few products, we have a special trade agreement with Vietnam here in Europe. China, maybe 5%, USA, not sure, but certainly only a couple of percent. VAT is always added in Europe, which is the only real difference between EU and USA. Remember, companies in the USA also have to pay trade tariffs when importing from China/Asia.
        Then we have exchange rates. I guess Hasbro pays in dollars when importing their toys from Asia. Euro/Dollar exchange rates have been quite favorable in recent times. For every Euro earned in Europe they get $1.20 at the moment.
        If I take the US retail price for Black Series figures, convert everything in Euro and then add VAT of 19% (Germany) a figure should be 22 euros. Not 35, and most certainly not 45.
        So, 25 euros back in 2013 seemed like a fair price. But since then prices have increased by 40%. Why? It’s not inflation and exchange rates vary approx. 10%, so it can’t be exchange rates either.

        • oolax

          In my opinion I have the feeling since few years That big retailers in Europe- France particularly- had expanded their margins espacially since New films. They May be imagine that the strong demand on the franchise could improve their returns… As collector I have the feeling that They want my money as If They were specialized “import” shops They are not.

    • Wayne Collins

      IF HASBRO ARE READING THIS, they know the answer they gave blaming European retailers, is complete and utter B.S. If they don’t, then before answering questions like that, they need to check their figures, because that is completely wrong, but very easy to say when the interviewer has no knowledge of what they are saying, and has no comeback.

      Of all the lazy **** that has come out of Hasbro’s reps mouths at these conventions, that is the biggest load of garbidge they have ever spouted. Please do not believe what he said. He is wrong.

  • darthmadonna

    I agree with keeping the animated pic on the card but keeping the figure realistic.

    • Ulek Calus

      I find it interesting that so many people prefer that. The original artworks were my favourite cardbacks last time.

      • Gloriouscollector


      • J Verdant

        You know what would be kinda cool… if they put animated show characters on vintage cards inspired by the old Ewoks and Droids cards…

  • David Cruz

    Good interview. Exiting to see the partnership. Little disappointed The Ghost is not in the plans right now, very exiting time. Thanks again Paul.

  • regissuire

    I had the feeling from listening to the audio that Hasbro was slowly but surely coming up to their senses as far as what the collecting community wants (3.75″ TVC with vehicles, playsets and multipacks) … This is a new hope.

    I am a little bit skeptical though about their reply concerning european prices, why would european retailers be more greedy than the american ones ? Kylo Ren Tie Silencer at $122 equivalent in France instead of the expected 49 euros is outrageous. I could buy online from the states but shipping and tax would make me pay double so it would end up being $122 again, and also I hate ordering online cause I collect mint on box and the products ALWAYS arrive crushed or damaged, ALWAYS, and especially from amazon. So what’s the option other than stop collecting because I can’t justify spending half of my collection’s money in shipment costs and taxes ?


    That might be the solution of it all, thank you.

  • Brett Brocato

    Sounds like the team really wants TVC to be successfull and in-turn, here to stay. This is great news to hear. I don’t think it will have any trouble selling. Especially because so many more people buy online now than who did 5 or 6 years ago.

    • Wheresvintageoola

      I’m sure don’t want a failure. The question is do they know HOW to deliver a success. The wave 1 lineup doesn’t suggest a success to me.

      • 11Eleven11

        The first wave sounds like easing into it, IMO.It seems the turnaround time on these figures is pretty lengthy. It may be as simple as ‘we are ready to re-start this line NOW, but we don’t have any figures ready so let’s start with a lot of repacks’.

        • Wheresvintageoola

          I dont buy that. It doesnt address the issue of not enough OT figures. How do you explain that?

          • 11Eleven11

            If I had to guess, they are starting with the major characters from the new films — Rey, Jyn, Kylo, Snoke — as the major characters have already been done from the OT. From what I have read here, I think TVC was on life-support when they heard an overwhelming cry for it from collectors. I think Hasbro was content to go all-in on 6″ premium and 3.75″ POA until the people spoke. They had to re-think it and change what they had planned. I am guessing for an operation this big to shift focus and change plans is akin to stopping a barge and having it turn around and go the other direction.
            IMO, re-packing the figures from TFA and RO was just the easiest thing to do, especially considering people have had a difficult time finding them. Also, and this is an honest question, other than the Tusken Raider and Leia, what was the last brand-new TBS OT figure to appear in that line? Luke Jedi, Vader, Ackbar, etc. were all re-packs from TVC. Even the Boba Fett prototype had already been made.
            If you don’t but my theory, what do you think?

          • Wheresvintageoola

            Ive discussed this a lot. The Vintage line is a premium line, and is aimed primarily at collectors and NOT kids/casuals. Therefore OT figures are more appropriate for this line. “New media” figures are essential, but they have their own line (basic line). I accept they are also important to any vintage line, but only to a point. I feel this is too disproportionate for the first two waves (and likely beyond based on Hasbro quotes). Some OT repacks on Vintage cards would really have appeased collectors! I dont see why there arent a couple more at least. And the “new media” choices are really bad ones (Snoke aside). Most are actually still available and some are pegwarming. And they could have done some little variants/kitbashes to give collectors something new without incurring tooling costs. (BTW Tusken Raider wasnt new, Ceremony Leia was the last new one, and one of very few in the past few years)

          • 11Eleven11

            I don’t disagree with you, but personally, the idea of the line continuing to include the new media is extremely exciting for me. I’m 40 years old, so I grew up with these classic card backs. Taking Jakku Rey out of an ugly black box and putting it onto a vintage card immediately causes me from going from ‘pass’ to ‘shut up and take my money’. Given that those figures did warm pegs, Hasbro may also be running an experiment to see how many people feel the way I do. Will the demand for the new characters from new media go up on the classic cardbacks? I can only speak for myself.

          • Wheresvintageoola

            I love the packaging and I will buy most of the “new media” releases. But I would just be much happier if they didnt start so heavy with TFA and R1, with very little sign of more than 1 OT figure anytime soon.

            I dont even need new sculpts, I would LOVE them to do a repack of the whole O12, I would be them all in a heartbeat, even if they are old figures I already own.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    As always, thank you so much for this interview and all the hard work that goes behind it!

    3:42: a certain German reader (hallo, Herr Funtomaz ? ) asking why it’s way cheaper to buy, say, a 6″ Landspeeder from Amazon US than from Germany.
    Hasbro’s suggested retail price is “in line with what you would be charged in the US”. “It’s not Hasbro gouging European customers at all (…) there’s nothing in that for us.”.

    I’m a bit uneasy with this one. Local retailers can and do overcharge in Europe, but as greedy and out of touch as they are they don’t typically all go for a 100% (and up) price increase compared to the USA. And this is exactly what’s happening with Hasbro’s Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer. So… What gives?

    5:10: The Titanium line of vehicles wasn’t a “raging success” so they’re “moving on to other things. Like vintage”.

    5:47: Is a 1/18 scale compatible Ghost in the cards?
    They don’t “think it’s coming any time soon”.
    Interesting comment about how Rebels “is still fresh in terms of the retailers” and hasn’t quite hit “classic” status. They want to see how it ties in with Rogue One to better appeal to collectors. “as time passes you will get more Rebels stuff” and it will be geared more towards collectors than retail products that are intended for a broader audience. Makes sense actually.

    8:58: Glad to see that my question regarding the possible release of TCW/Rebels/Legends/EU figures in the 6″ format has been answered positively. ?
    It won’t be a “collection within a collection”, it will depend on the character’s “popularity, what looks good and if there’s any story that relates to those characters as Lucasfilm rolls out new stories and new publishing and anything like that”. Fair enough as far as I’m concerned. ?

    09:40: Any plans for a 6″ Shoretrooper captain?
    It’s not coming in TBS6, unless an exclusive retailer figure.
    Short answer: go buy the SH Figuarts one. ?

    • Wayne Collins

      The answer they gave about pricing in Europe is complete and utter BS.
      Either they knowingly said that expecting not to be challenged, or as I suspect, they just don’t have a clue what is going on out there.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Honestly, I think they just don’t know.

        They’re US based and neither of the Hasbro people who were interviewed was involved in overseas sales and marketing.

        • Wayne Collins

          I think you 100% correct. But then the big question I have is, why lie? If they don’t know what they are talking about, and from his answer, he clearly doesn’t have the first clue, why not just say that, rather than try and shove the blame on the retailers!

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Hmm because it’s more important to say something, anything, even bantha poodoo, rather than admit you don’t know? Style over substance, always!

            I’ve seen this kind of behaviour so many times at work. It used to irritate me, now I just don’t say anything and check for myself whenever possible. ?

            Plus, when you know how the retail world operates (the managers and buyers, not the shop floor people), when you bash them you’re probably right. ?

  • bobcat

    im loving how open and cool they are being compared to those last few years :/ those were dark times! haha.

    its sounding good! for TLJ FFII i found more then i did for TFA FF but the most product ive seen at once so far was for Rogue One last year. not sure i get that but its a bit weird being its the spin off and it had the most compared to the big main movies. ah well. i got what i wanted 🙂 so i cant complain! still weird though

    great interview though! thanks to all!

  • Stew

    Hey Paul thank you so much for the Interview. Sadly they stopped my fav titanium vehicles line 🙁

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Scarif Stormtrooper Captain 6”? when we cant even get a Bhodi?

  • Vasco Madeira

    Paul we need answers!!!! Is hasbro playing optical illusions with us or are the new cards smaller? Bigger blisters?

  • Axonrey

    It would be cool if they could slightly redo some of these instead of straight repacked like an unmasked kylo ren on the TBS body. I could easily swallow that as far as buying repacks.

  • John Ingham

    great interview! thanks for this seems like hasbro is on are side also would be great if i could buy just one of each of the figs as most are hard to find at a decent price

  • lordtyrannusaurus

    Hasbro— Once again, with the understanding of the necessity of repaints in TVC, we NEED the AOTC Clone Captain (Red) and Clone Commander (Yellow) using the VC45 sculpt. Please make this happen and finish up our Clone ranks! :).

  • Brian Beck

    No Distribution issue questions, Hmmmm……

    • What’s the point in asking? it’s retail’s fault.

      • CT-7567

        Case assortments that carry-forward peg-warmers are Hasbro’s fault, don’t you think?

        • regissuire

          Hopefully with solid case assortments and no carry forward figures this issue should be no more next year. TVC had great case assortments.

          • Wayne Collins

            Case assortments is what killed the original Vintage line. That is a fact. There is no debating that.

        • Brian Beck

          I was at a mart yesterday that had 5 new Vaders already peg warming ( along with a smattering of Kylos )

          • CT-7567

            It’s such a good Vader. I wish I had waited for the boxed one myself. I love the card for the 40th version, but the stand was a ripoff.

          • Brian Beck

            I visited 2 more marts and found 5-6 at each store :/
            had they stuck one in the new ‘centerpiece’ thing, instead of a ‘statue’, I would have already gotten it !

          • CT-7567

            Those Centerpiece things should definitely come with figures instead of statues. I’ve said before many times that I like the Tantive IV hallway piece.

      • Brian Beck

        I’m sure that makes up a chunk of that, but I’m not 100% onboard with it. Company’s that make product, ‘typically’ want to sell it and make $$$. If their retail partners are doing such a poor job of ordering/selling product, someone at Hasbro needs to pick up the phone, or make surprise visits and go ‘what the F, why is there nothing there?’

        I know that this is not Steve’s dept, but while you are constantly asking about getting super obscure characters with bendy elbows, it might be worth mentioning, ‘yeah there are still people having a hard time even finding ‘basic’ stuff, what is being done at Hasbro to insure that we can get it, cause if its not sold, it would be considered a failure, and that’s not the case’. and yes I know you will respond with “they know”, but I feel its not being addressed as it should. This Farce Friday was kinda a bust, as my stores had jack, on a big product roll out/launch.

        its the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” theory. they’ve been hounded over blink and you miss them cantina aliens, now hound them about being able to casually walk into a store and getting them.
        “rant off” 🙂

  • Han solo’s flying gloves

    Great interview guys! Thanks very much.
    Direct questions & Direct answers,cannot ask for any more then that ( maybe more interview time would’ve been nice)
    Cheers for the hard work on all sides..

  • Bekim

    TVC Saw Gererra and Edrio Two Tubes!

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Rebels versions or Rogue One versions?

      • Bekim

        Oh sorry…def Rogue One versions!

        • Bekim

          Carded versions of those, Hovertank Pilot, Death Troopers and Scarif troopers would be amazing!

  • Stanley Opiel II

    After hearing the interview:
    Paul did I understand Steve and Joe correctly,
    NO OT FIGURES Slated until 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      As far as TVC, it sounds like repacks and new media; Last Jedi, Han Solo movie, perhaps a new animated show could be part of that. From what they said some OT repacks could happen in 2018.

      I want a new attempt at a definitive OT TVC Stormtrooper. A new sculpt could have 10-12 years of Stormtrooper variants, troop builders, repacks, etc.

      • PeakOB1

        I would really like to see Hasbro make the newest Rogue one stormtrooper super articulated and offer us something similar to what hot toys has done
        With the (Jedha stormtrooper) and give him a some gear that can be removed so that it serves both purposes and maybe make a variant, one clean, one dirty.

      • Nick Dickens

        From what I’m hearing and reading there won’t be a new animated series. It’ll be the long awaited live action series.

    • Nick Dickens

      Seems to be the jist of it.

  • DarthCanabis

    Very disappointing to hear about the titanium vehicle line, as I was a fan. I was hoping to one day get a repacked Medical frigate and Mon Cal cruiser (the only 2 I never found). I don’t particularly care for the Hot Wheels line of space ships but I guess that’ll have to do for us who like the smaller scaled die-cast vehicles.

    As far as the Scarif Captain, it’s actually a very simple custom paint app to do (for those who are artistically inclined. It literally only took me about 20 min). The Japanese imports are an option but getting a Walmart Scarif Trooper and a little light blue and yellow paints would be much cheaper. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Hasbro actually making one of these.

    And yes distribution is still very much an issue (regardless of who is to blame). My local TRU still hasn’t received any new TBS6 figures. Nothing on Force Friday and nothing to date. The local Target stores may have received a total of 2 or 3 cases on Sep 1st but nothing since then. And to make matters worse, one of the Targets around here still shows a total of 24 TBS6 in stock however, they don’t have any on the floor and no one can seem to find them anywhere in the back. Once again, Target’s inventory system strikes again! I hope we don’t have another DPCI debacle with TBS6 like we did last year.

    Oh yeah, maybe we should’ve asked Hasbro why is it when we order a Con exclusive direct from them, the boxes always get here all smashed up? I just received my SDCC Thrawn, with a damaged box. This wouldn’t normally be that big of a deal to me but when the box that the toy comes in, is part of what makes it exclusive, is all messed up, well it’s pretty damn disappointing. And I know I’m lucky to have even have been able to order one from them, for that I am grateful. Look, I understand that things happen in transit but I order things from all over and I can say that when I order from Hasbro toy shop, they consistently send damaged items. It starts with properly packing the toys. Hasbro, you should talk to the people at BBTS, they know how to properly pack their shipments…..

    • regissuire

      Damn, and I thought in my comments down below that ordering from Hasbro Toy Shop could be a solution… I cannot stand mint boxes that arrive damaged.

    • Nick Dickens

      Well despite what Hasbro told us very recently I knew the range wasn’t doing well and the dearth of product in this line wasn’t helped by nothing being announced for TLJ.

      I also think lumping it into TBS line hasn’t helped it. However it’s all moot now. Despite what they say, the lower price point and much more ‘kid friendly mass market aimed at Hot Toys vehicles did it. I think even if Mattel only put out stuff for the character cars they’d still be popular. But pushing for actual movie vehicles has paid off for them.

      Sadly I do have far more of the Hot Wheels vehicles on the last two years (well the last year really) than Titanium – they outnumber them by 10:1.

      The reason? Good prices and discounts – and they’re everywhere. Unlike Hasbro’s product. 🙁

      • Matthew Leuck

        Yeah… the Hot Wheels ones aren’t nearly as nice, but they have consistently released new product. For the whole Rogue One line, we got a grand total of 5 (extremely well done) new vehicles… and a bunch of re-shipped vehicles that no one wanted, now at $2.00 more than they were the year before.

        • Nick Dickens

          Yes they are. Everything Mattel has done has shown up Hasbro.

  • PeakOB1

    Wow Paul, Right out of the gate with the image on the TVC cards being animated for properties like rebels and clone wars!
    I so agree with this kind of THINKING, because it honors the show as a whole…. why bother with some fake airbrushed image that doesn’t really fit in the first place.
    Bravo Sir! ;D

  • Eric

    Hasbro, for vintage, you should make Red Leader, Garven Dreis and Theron Nett, X-Pilot. Those two are greatly needed. Captain Raymus Antilles with removable helmet, gun, and gun holster.General Dodonna would be great on vintage. He can have a soft-good long coat.When removing his long coat. HE has his jacket on.

  • MicroCapo

    Fortunately Figuarts provided a 6″ Scarif Captain, which is fantastic. As much as I would like one from Hasbro, I wouldn’t want it to take the place of a new figure in a 6-8 figure wave. Collector panel is a great idea, as long as both scales are represented evenly across with little-to-no bias and parity across the board.

    Def want to complete the rebels line, with a few odd ball characters thrown in to spice it up.

    Good news that the Vintage Collection will go on as long as it’s popular, which sounds to me like it’ll never end (as long as they have good case assortments and less repacks moving forward after this year).

  • If hasbro is truly listening then hear this: Please lay off the TEXTURE on the 3 3/4″ figures! Its getting to be too much. The latest example is Emperor Palpatine. The figure is great but it looks like he is wearing a black burlap sack. Thank you.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    As always, thanks Paul and JTA for being on the front lines for all of us and representing the hobby with passion!

  • Stanley Opiel II

    Everyone please read this: I will not support s line that has 0 new OT figures! We’re being sucker by these clowns!!!!!!

    Hasbro knows exactly what they are doing.

    -no money on new tooling for OT
    -reissue existing new media tooling
    -keep pushing (the higher profit margin) 5poa, and 6″ line.
    -charge $15 for new cards

    They know enough collectors are weak willed.

    The SA 3.75 inch vintage carded figure price is approaching SA 6″ price. You want that vintage card so much? Here it is for $15.

    This is the nastiest move they made so far. They made this big “the vintage is back!!!” announcement to collectors.(notice the sudden and repeated photos of vintage “nostalgia” photos along side their presentations at shows lately). Only to change the tone in the JTA and interview. There was a lot of “now just to be clear…” , as if to say “don’t go thinking you’re getting the return of the vintage collection the way YOU THINK you are…oh no no no…no”

    Hasbro thinks your stupid. They think are all a bunch of sentimental saps.

    $15, for reissued new media figures that were just available in stores.

    and hoth trooper.

    How CAN this be what collectors want? It can’t be.

    They think we’re stupid.

    Theyre lying is most obvious in those ridiculous metal figure things during the 40th anniversary, for $16. But people won’t buy SA OT characters for $15. Too risky.

    Right, sure.

    *btw, that new tank driver? Scariff trooper body molded in white, head from the 4 pack.

    • There were MANY conversations off record and out of respect I won’t post those details here, but you should walk away from this Q&A looking forward GREATLY to the future of The Vintage Collection.

      • Stanley Opiel II

        Plans constantly change at Hasbro. Out of respect will there be ONE NEW ORIGINAL TRILOGY SCULPTED FIGURE for 2018( repack dont count). I’m been a collector for 40 years our last figures was 5 years ago.

  • ExarKun777

    Thanks guys for being there asking all of these. Really appreciated!

  • Nick Dickens

    What is telling is that Rebels hasn’t been a hit for Hasbro. That’s hard to imagine with hardcore fans. However in Hasbro’s defence it was never as popular with fans as TCW.

    Could Hasbro’s own lack of product though have contributed to the lack of interest in what was available?

    • Jimmy Griffin

      Good question. I like (not love) Rebels, but I have bought less than half a dozen figures and nothing else from the line.

      • Dan

        I would have bought more of the rebels toys if they weren’t 5 POA. CW from what I remember was SA figures which I bought several thousands of dollars of those figures.

        • Nick Dickens

          The Clone Wars line was vastly different. SA figures and loads of choice.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          It’s a stark (and sad) contrast between the two lines.

      • Nick Dickens

        So you’ve bought most of the figures 😉

        • Jimmy Griffin


  • 11Eleven11

    It certainly seems we have at least been heard on The Vintage Collection.

  • Theater Geek

    Would love to see realistic SA versions of the Rebels crew in 3.75″.

    • They have been getting a lot of feedback about that.

      • Theater Geek

        That’s great to hear. Sabine and Hera, especially, but the rest would be great too.

  • shane

    Are TVC cards smaller or not ?

    • They looked exactly like the previous versions. The punch hole is huge however.

      • shane

        I found the new BS 3.75″ wave today. Not impressed with Luke. Crappy material. Don’t like the plastic/ rubber over his legs. And his hand just falls off for no reason. I hope TVC is going to be better than BS quality but it’s not looking good. Guess we shall see.

      • shane

        Wow, that’s a really strange dynamic to mess with people obsessed with the whole unpunched, punched thing.
        And now, big time punched ….era.
        Big punched is the new cool way.
        Kidding, no it’s really not that big of a deal if everything else is all good about this. But it did occur to me the REBEL SOLIDER TVC pic could have been zoomed in a little or.. something.

  • Me: “Can we ever get a Master Luminara from Rebels?”
    Hasbro: “Master Luminara was never in Rebels.”
    Me: “WRONG! Didn’t you see the misleading ‘Rise Of The Old Masters’ episode?”
    Hasbro: “Master Luminara was dead in that episode.”
    Me: “That’s what I want. A Dead Master Luminara figure. Inquisitor accessory.”
    Hasbro: “Sadistic *****.”
    Me: “Disney and Filoni lied. Now who’s the sadistic one?”
    *Hasbro perplexed*

  • Wayne Collins

    IMO an overall disappointing use of the time and questions asked.

    Nothing about distribution, nothing about the complete mess that 40th Anniversary was, nothing about how poor case assortments are straggling most of the lines. Hasbro couldn’t have choose those questions any better themselves. Even the awkward one thrown in, seemed stage managed, and the answer was out and out wrong.

    I understand that this is a fan site. But the reason its one of the most popular and has so many followers, is because it is not shy about holding Hasbro to task on issues. It is not scared to criticise Hasbro on a number issues. That is until you get a one on one with them, and revert to type. I am sorry, but that interview sounded like an excited fanboy given access to Hasbro’s “finest” and was not going to say anything that could remotely stop being invited to the next interview.

    That maybe harsh, but from there was a massive difference from what the website is about, to what the interview was. And if this site is so important to Hasbro as they claim, is 12 minutes all they could spare? I just get the impression JTA have “played” quite nicely here by Hasbro.

    The only slightly awkward question asked was about pricing in Europe. I could answer that directly here, but won’t at this moment, but without certain information to hand that question should never have been asked. Because Hasbro have blamed the retailers in the past for most of their failings, when the truth is actually completely different. Had certain information been available, then you could have shot Hasbro down there and then, and exposed the real reason. There is a very simple reason why Europe is more expensive than the rest of the world, and I’ll tell you now, its nothing to do with retailers! But all that question has done, is incorrectly passed the buck from Hasbro, when, like distribution, the issue and blame lays firmly at Hasbro’s feet.

    Now Hasbro can make the greatest vintage figures ever. But if they screw up the case assortments, then they will kill the line, as they did in 2012. Is anyone going to try and argue that the case assortments of the last vintage run, towards the end, did not kill the line and get it pulled! Whether is was Lucasfilm or Hasbro behind it, case assortments killed the original VTC line. There can be no doubt about that.

    Can anyone in the last five years, say that they could pick a case assortment and say Hasbro completely nailed that one?!

    I can’t. I can pick well over 50% of the case assortments, probably a lot higher, and say WTF are Hasbro picking those for? Starting with the upcoming wave 13. – Snowtrooper, At-AT driver, Kylo Ren… are not needed. That’s nearly 50% of the wave that will be slow sellers. So many better recent choices that are needed. Scariff Trooper, Revan, ERG to name but a few. Wave 11 – Did we really need a 3rd issue of Krennic and One Royal Guard?

    Hasbro thought so. Hasbro thought we need three times more Krennic then ERG.

    Take a second to think about that. Hasbro packed Krennic in three assortment, and the Emperor’s Royal Guard ONCE!! The solid case was an after thought, hence the long delay for it.

    Wave 10 – Third repacks for Jyn and Cassian, whilst Scrariff Trooper was being scalped. Wave 7 – Was Rey needed when the stores we flooded with cheap remakes of TFA wave 1 and 4. and I could go on, but will leave it here…. 40th Anniversary anyone?? Obi Wan and Leia who were current at time of release in wave 9, 2 per case and a solid case, R2 & Han that were years old one per case!!! How more wrong can Hasbro get it!

    So instead of asking if this figure is being made, or shall we have real life or realistic pictures on the rebels cards, maybe you should of asked, will you be packing wave 1 figures 2 per case across the assortment, because if so, Snoke will sell out and be scalped, and Kylo and Finn will stink up the pegs as they have done in different ranges in the past.

    Then if, as Hasbro tens to do, they repack Kylo and Finn in wave 2, the rest of wave 2 will become rare, and the pegs will jam even more. SO until Hasbro can address this issue (and its not rocket science, its not hard to address if they actually reached out and opened their eyes), you can ask all the questions you like about vintage figures, because ultimately the line will fail, again, if the pegs are not kept fresh or if the wrong figures are repacked over and over again.

    And its not an issue that may happen. It WILL happen, just as it has done for the past 5 years, just as it will do in the future when wave 13 arrives with three unneeded repacks….. and you think the wave 13 repacks will block the pegs and slow down distribution, then you wait and see what is in wave 14, because if Hasbro have not changed their lists since the end of last year, then its repack central, so forget about finding wave 15 on the pegs (and wave 15 is one of the best assortments for years and will have some very highly sought after figures).

    And two last things. European Pricing – They are aware of the prices. Retailers set the price. No easy answer. Want to work with retailers to try to bring prices more in line with the US. Nobody wants that. There’s nothing in it for Hasbro to intentionally gouge European customers. – COMPLETE AND UTTER BS

    Titanium Vehicle Line – Ended. Worked to a certain extent but not a raging success. – WELL IF you put two or three tie fighters in every assortment even when the pegs are jammed full of Tie Fighters, and stare the line of AT-AT’s Death Star’s, OT vehicles…. you know…. the ones people actually want, its hardly going to be a raging success it is.

    I put nearly all distribution issues down to poor case assortments. Stores will not buy more stock when the pegs and warehouses are full of slow selling figures. Hasbro cannot force people to buy rubbish they don’t want, and ramming down our throats wave after wave, will only make matters worse. They need to stop being lazy and actually address the issue, because as I say, I think its very easy to do with very little effort, but by placing someone in charge of them who thinks the market needs three times more Krennic’s then ERG, means Hasbro have learnt nothing, and not challenging them when the opportunity arises with these Q&A is a shame.

    So when the next line, Vintage, struggles and fails because of it, don’t regret not doing something when the opportunity arose. Don’t regret not asking questions that Hasbro may not have liked to be asked at their big PR event. The big chains are on a massive downer as far as Star Wars goes at the moment.The clearance market worldwide has seen clearance stock like never before from Hasbro in the past year. It’s not going to take much for them to give up on certain lines completely. I just hope this does not go down as a missed opportunity. I fear it will.

    • You’re conflating feedback and interview. It wouldn’t make for a very compelling interview if it was it was just shouting criticisms at Hasbro and having them say “okay, understood.” Paul has to ask questions that Hasbro can elaborate on.
      An interview that elicits a string of one word answers is pretty boring.

      Feedback was constantly provided during conference. It just wasn’t recorded as part of the formal interview. Not only was it provided, it was solicited by the team members.

      • Wayne Collins

        No I’m not. Not in even in the slightest am I conflating feedback and interview.

        I am sure a lot on here would love Hasbro to “elaborate” on how they make the selections they do when it comes to case assortments, considering they get so many choices wrong, and they only way to get certain recent figures is to way 2 or 3 times their value on ebay.

        I am sure people would love Hasbro to “elaborate” on why Hasbro under supplied the market with 40th Anniversary figures, meaning to complete the set on the stand that Hasbro saw fit to charge $20 for with Vader, they will have to turn to scalpers on eBay, and what Hasbro are doing to stop it happening again?

        How would either those questions have been a one word boring answers. Sure Hasbro would like to have been able to give a one word answer, but then that was an interview is isn’t it, to ask questions and get meaningful answers.

        Is the Titanium line over (pretty obvious that it is as there have been no new waves announced for well over a year now) was a pretty boring one word answer question.

        The only “difficult” question Hasbro took, about pricing in Europe, was only ever going bring a BS answer. What are they going to say….. yes we are milking the European market for every penny we can get out of it. We just got the standard “pretty boring” its the retailers fault answer, when its not.

        • Wayne – email me a list of questions you want me to ask them. I am seeing them in October and will ask them if they’re not sarcastic, rude or already answered, LOL. 🙂

    • I think you’re a little out of line with your accusations. This was a happy, fun and family event. This was not meant for adult collectors to whine again. We hold the more pressing questions for NYCC, SDCC and Star Wars Celebrations. We will be asking more pressing questions at NY in October.

      Also, how many times do you want the same questions asked? Hasbro is going to do what they’re going to do. Distribution is retail’s fault. Hasbro has very little guilt when it comes to getting products to stores. Sure, their case assortments could be better, but they’re making solid cases to make up for that. There are solid case packs for every figure.

      • Wayne Collins

        How many times do I want the same questions asked….. maybe until they answer it. Distribution is not the retailers fault. It is Hasbro’s fault. Was the distribution of 40th Wave 2 down to retailers? Was the fact that it was in such short supply and sold out in stores and online in a matter of a couple of days down to retailers??? Repeat for 40th Wave 1.

        Of course is wasn’t. It was because Hasbro did not make enough of it. It was because Hasbro did not know the demand for it. That is because Hasbro does not understand the demand for its own products. That’s the bottom line here. Hasbro do know what figures are needed and in what numbers.

        If they had offered preorders as they went into production, they would have seen the demand, and could have make a lot more of the product and meet demand.

        That is not fault of the retailers if Hasbro are not offering information and orders early enough. It is not the fault of retailers if Hasbro does not supply all the stock retailers or distributors request. It is not the fault of retailers that collectors have to turn to scalpers on ebay to complete their collections.

        Is the fault of retailers that assortment time and time again carry weak repacks? Is the fault of retailers that for example Hasbro released Krennic in three waves, and ERG in just one. (again the solid WAS an after thought for the mainstream). Show me a retailer that asked for multiple issues of Jyn, Krennic, Cassian, and a short supply of Revan and ERG, two of the most sought after figures so far. So the pegs get jammed with unsalable reissues.

        That is Hasbro decision, that is Hasbro’s fault. Not the retailers.

        They have told you that they have shown you the entire line up for Vintage in 2018? Why not start to offer it for preorder now. Why not try and gauge the demand for it in advance. Because what will happen if they don’t is the same as what happened with 40th. Demand will outstrip supply, and it will take them months to put it back into production, and by the time they get stock to market, people will have moved on, whilst being fleeced on ebay in the meantime.

        But according to Hasbro, that will be the retailers fault.

        Is it the retailers fault that European stock is a lot higher than the rest of the world? No its not. Despite was Hasbro say. So whilst asking the question is great, excepting their PR answers as cannon, which are obviously wrong, is not. How many other lines do “retailers” get wrong so often? From where I am sitting its only the Hasbro Star Wars line that suffers this bad. But lets bury our heads in the sand and blame retailers.

        And for the record, whilst solid cases are welcome, they are even managing to screw that up. So far they have not managed ONCE to offer solid cases at the same time as assortments. There is always one or two late arrivals. But solid cases will back fire on Hasbro if they do not manage it right. There is no point in offering Kylo Ren as a solid, then repack him in 3 assortments. It defeats the object of a solid case. But then that will be the retailers fault again for not buying the solid cases of Kylo Ren!! I hear them now. We offered them, but the retailers didn’t want them. The General Leia (the most popular figure in wave 13) had NO solid case on initial lists. It was tagged on nearly two weeks later as an afterthought, after retailers had rushed to order their wave 13 assortments. Its a bit late now when retailers are already stuck with the pegwarmers like At_AT Driver, Snowtrooper, Kylo Ren, because they had to order wave 13 to get Leia. Its Deja Vu with the ERG in wave 11. So when retailers stop replenishing stores with new stock because pegs are full of unneeded repacks, I suppose according to Hasbro, that will be down to retailers as well!

        If they don’t sort it now, the same will happen with your beloved vintage collection as it did in 2012. Was it the fault of retailers back then that the vintage line died, or was it Hasbro flooding the market with unwanted Episode 1 figures wave after wave after wave. Nothing it changing, and if Hasbro’s answer is to still to blame the retailer, I think its long overdue, that sites like JTA start to challenge them on this.

        ERG, Han, R2 where all offered as solid cases late because Hasbro messed up their original release, They are all presold out at Hasbro. THe Fenn Rau was a solid case figure. They sold out at Hasbro, and they are not even due for months yet. It is the distribution on this figure “the retailers fault”?

        But my point is, JTA is the edgiest “in your face” sites there is, and IMO that is why you are one of the most popular out there. But if you are going to ask them these edgy questions, as in the case of the pricing in Europe, and then when they give you a complete PR answer, which is complete BS, then you may as well not bother, as they are either giving answers that they do not know the real answer to (as I believe is the case on the EU pricing question) or they are simply playing you for a fool, and using you to put the blame on the retailers.

        I’ll give you the details (who Hasbro give to European retailers) of a couple of distributors in Europe. Main ones. Make out you are a business and ask them for trade lists. You will then see how the answer they gave in the interview on pricing in Europe is complete and utter BS.

        • How do I know it’s a PR answer? I am not in your shoes. You have to be proactive and give me more details to work with. I am just a fan, not a journalist. Give me tools so I can counterattack their arguments. I can’t fight blindly you know! 🙂

          • Wayne Collins

            It is not obvious it is a PR answer? Do you honestly think ALL retailers in Europe are getting together and keeping the price that high. Do you not think one of them would start undercutting the rest and force prices down….. just as with virtually any other product in the world? Or it is just Hasbro’s products the retailers of Europe are treating as a special item, and fleecing their customers with. Why even ask the question if you haven’t got the tools to counterattack with? All you have done is play into Hasbro’s hands, and anyone who listens to that interview will now believe what Hasbro want you to believe.

            You seem to have accepted Hasbro’s answer that distribution is the “retailers fault” despite nearly the whole country not being able to find 40th Anniversary figures, before Hasbro have sold out of them, because its never challenged.

            Is that not obvious that its an issue with Hasbro not knowing their market and not producing enough of the stuff, or it is as Hasbro seem to have convinced you, it is the retailers fault. Because I have never heard anyone directly challenge them on that.

            It’s a shame because I’ve been around collecting this stuff for as long as the intenet and these fans sites have been around, and I have seen a lot of them challenge Hasbro in the past and push them for answer, only to one by one be slowly be controlled by Hasbro and their PR.

            Unfortunately I think JTA was one of the last to have a stubborn side and stand up to Hasbro and say what it think, but it looks like even JTA are now slowly becoming just another Hasbro PR fan site controlled by Hasbro, over the return of vintage.

            But please don’t be fooled into thinking Hasbro are giving anything you are posters on this site are saying over any other fan site, or that they take much notice of what these sites have to say in the comments. If they were that bothered with opinions of these sites, they would bring back the regular Q&A sessions. They have a PR company controlling all these site, its wouldn’t much of an effort to do regular Q&As would it!

            Their only concern is keeping their products in the customers eye, and if that means telling you that they read everything, and take notice of everything that is said on these pages to get you on board, then don’t you think that’s what they have done?Do you not think a couple of Q&A sessions would get them far more feedback, without having to go through hundreds of comments on dozens of sites.

            If Hasbro read and listened to these pages, they would know we need more 40th Anniversary and that people are getting fleeced on Ebay. Had they read comments, they would know we badly needed reissues of Darth Revan, Scariff Trooper, ERG, but instead they repack Krennic, Snowtrooper, AT-AT Driver. I don’t recall ever reading a comment from anyone that we need more Krennics, or are desperate for a repack of K-2SO, can you? Yer, they had to drop Hera from a wave at late notice, and instead of reissuing Revan, or Scariff, which fans on all these sites where commenting that they could never find…….. they put in K-2SO. THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY READ AND LISTEN TO THIS SITES AND OTHER SITES COMMENTS SECTIONS!! They had an opportunity to put Revan in wave 13, but they chose the AT-AT driver, which currently sells shipped ($15) on Amazon, for less than the standard trade price. Again, I don’t recall the waves of comments stating that we need more AT-AT drivers can you?

            So don’t kid yourselves they have any interest in reading or acting on comments on these sites, as the last few months would sort of confirm that they don’t and never have!! Unless of course I have completely missed all the comments where everyone was crying out for more Krennics, and all the posts where everyone was moaning about the amount of Revan’s and 40th Anniversary rotting on the shelves.

            Think about that. Honestly, think about it. Do you honestly think, hand on heart, Hasbro are doing anything other than telling you what you want to hear, to stop the negative posts JTA used to post? When have they ever taken notice of what a fan site has said?

            You are one of, if not the most popular fans sites around at the moment, it’s is not in Hasbro’s best interests to stop that negativity, and don’t you think that letting you think you have an influence over what they are doing, will keep you off their backs, and stop the negative posts against them?

            Of course it won’t be another 12 months until any of the 2019 stuff leaks out, but the general feeling is Vintage 2018 is a year of repacks and has brought a lot of negative comments across the board because of the figure selection, so with you on board the next 12 months of PR, telling everyone to hang in there and that 2019 will be great and worth the wait, and that JTA and other fan sites can have a say in the line up, makes their life a lot easier doesn’t it?

            I’ve seen it all before.

            See you in a year’s time.

            (And just for the record I am not completely anti Hasbro. I honestly think they make a lot of decent stuff. I have seen the early draft of the 2018 lists and as far as 6 inch goes, there’s a lot of good stuff coming, especially if they use the face printing tech on all the figures. My only worry, it too many of them will be short supplied, while too many will be peg warmers and continue to screw up distribution. They keep trying to convince us its improving. But it never has. Just keep 2012 vintage waves 10-16 in mind. It’s no real better 5 years on; Hasbro haven’t learnt a thing, and with 2018 being a year of repacks for vintage, who’s to say the line will even make it to 2019. They brought back Titanium vehicles and with their case assortments killed the line within a year. With the amount of Hasbro SW clearance around earlier this year at wholesale and retail, the big box stores are not going to keep throwing money away on the line! Speaking to a couple of European clearance houses, the Star Wars action figure line is seen somewhat of a poison chalice at the moment. I think the days of Hasbro pulling vintage out of retirement and everything magically turning to gold, are long behind us. Hasbro are about 1 or 2 years to late if they think that is the answer, and judging by their 2018 (lack of) efforts and repacks, I think Hasbro think they are already onto a winner, without needing to make much effort, especially if they don’t keep the price under control.

            It’s going to be an very interesting 12 months!

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