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HASCON Exclusive Clone Captain Rex Going For Big Bucks On eBay

Well this was expected. Look at what the HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex is going for on eBay. If you were fortunate and first in line you could grab four per badge. Then after 15 minutes they reduced it to two per event. All badges were marked to prevent a double dipping. It is expected that there will be a limited supply of remaining figures available at Hasbro Toy Shop for non-attendees.

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  • Jaken Wraith

    Patience youngling’s, Rex Retail’s for $25. For what People are paying for him i could fill-up my Tank and take run to Hascon to grab one cheaper lol.

    • Jaken Wraith

      I do love the “cut’s” on the back of the Box in the shape of his Helmet graphics.

  • Subcoolin

    I grabbed one…has to pay a premium. But the way I see it ….I would have to fly to hascon….pay to get in….them wait in line. I know it’s foolish to spend that much on a figure. I just wish I had an American address to ship items to.

  • Brian Beck

    4 per, this is where the problem starts, not enough for those that want it, and just feeding scalper DB’s.

    • Subcoolin


  • Jaken Wraith

    Consider this a “Public Service Announcement”. The SDCC Jyn and 1st Order Stormtrooper in the same style Packaging can now be found for around $60. Some are asking over $100 still, but they are not moving at that price. Have some patience and only take the plunge after HTS puts them up. Don’t feed the greedy.

    • Subcoolin

      You are correct however its like comparing apples to oranges.

      • Jaken Wraith

        At the time of the Trooper and Jyn they were just as “hot” as Rex is now. Boxed Rex will come along and he will be “common” just like most Fig’s. A Clone E-11 and long Rifle are also very common “exclusive” accessories. He has molded Holster’s so the Pistol’s and Helmet will be his Boxed accessories.

        • Subcoolin

          I agree with you. I really want Rex and I know I can’t make the convention and grabbing it from HTS is impossible. The only alternative is to buy it when you can.

  • rusty_t

    i have a friend as Hascon who got one for me.

    • HanSoloMio

      Hope springs eternal.

  • Moseisleynative

    Just goes to show that if Hasbro would add a few accessories to these figures & change the packaging to a more compliment the figure or wave of figures, people would pay a higher price. It makes the item feel like a premium collectible.

  • Joe Yannotti

    It’s not that crazy if you specifically wanted this figure in this packaging. A single day adult ticket to the event costs $60, then add on the price of the figure even at retail from the show, and the cost adds up. What is unfortunate is if people are in attendance with the sole purpose of flipping the item, or those who want it but it sells out at the event.

  • Wedge Antilles

    Those in Australia, keep your eye on Myer – so many exclusives turn up there for some reason (SDCC, EE etc.) at low retail price.

  • lord_varion

    A guy on 6 inch collector Facebook page selling 4 of these $110 each.
    But he’s not a scalper. Hahahahahaha

    • Jeffrozup

      Factor in the costs to attend the con, stand in line etc and I would be selling them for a profit too. You would be dumb not to try and recoup expenses for the trip/experience.

      • lord_varion

        So if I actually plan a trip, buy my ticket, and buy 4 figures and sell all 4 I’m definitely not a collector. Not going to argue with you about it, but you lose I’m a collector credibility when you are allowed 4 of an item and turn around and sell all 4 for double the cost. Hmmmm, yea, not a scalper at all.

        • Jeffrozup

          Never mentioned scalping at all. He might be a collector of other products and picked these up too. Maybe he went with his wife/friend etc and they each got 4 and are only selling 1/2? We don’t know and it’s not our place to judge what others do with their time and money.

          I attended SDCC once in my life (I live in Ohio) and the cost of everything was outrageous. I wanted to go for the experience. I picked up every Star Wars item (for my collection) along with all the Transformers, GI Joe, Marvel and Kreo to help offset the cost of the trip.

      • OfWolfandMan

        Sure, if that’s the business you are in. Their business is scalping.

      • Philbrick

        Not you specifically, I mean you in the general sense.

        You choose to take time off from work, buy a plane ticket, and attend a convention. You choose to stand in line to purchase an exclusive, or exclusives. You also choose to gouge people because “muh expenses”. That said, why the sense of entitlement? Where is it anyone else’s duty to help offset your own voluntarily-incurred expenses?

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      Ofcourse he isnt. Lol what a D.B

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      It’s only scalping if someone buys it.

  • DustyAyers

    It’s a nice figure, but not that nice at that price.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    Be patient. There’s alot of these. I lurked around Ebay when the new 3.75 TBS Lukes started showing up. And i got 1 for $20 BIN fast n free shipping. I bought it Wednesday and it showed up today. Ofcourse i want the whole wave. But cant afford it right now. After not seeing the scariff trooper or walrusman wave at retail im a bit skittish that this wave will actually hit my area. And Luke is a must have for me. So tgey retail $12-$13 after tax and shipping $20 to me is a fair price. I think if you let the weekend pass te price will drop on Rex as more n more of these start showing up online after Hascon.

    • TW7

      I agree with your overall point but I’d wager there’s gonna be a whole lot less of these available than the SA 3.75″ Master Luke. Luke will be seeing a wide release here shortly and not just a Walmart exclusive. Even the wider non-exclusive Rex will most likely be a bear to find. I’m not trying to hype up hysteria on it and I could be wrong but we’ve all seen this play out many times before.

      • Matthew Vandebogert

        I agree about Rex. I mean the regular release depending on the distribution may be a pain to get at retail. If he gets the Asty trwatment then i definitely have a bad feeling about this. But its Rex so i would imagine he will be in every store. I think id still wait to see what happens on general release instead of paying $100+ for this exclusive. I see your point tho. Its a fair 1 for sure. Its always a gamble when it comes to highly anticipated figures. Hopefully these come down in price and people can find him at retail.

        • TW7

          I absolutely agree $100 + is ridiculous. I’m not advocating spending that much for sure. A part of me wanted to. Lol. I’m not even a huge clone fan or Rex fan in particular. But I do know the massive fan base is out there for this one. I am hoping the retail version is easier to find but if past is prologue… Yikes. The last 6″ figures I’ve seen here in Portland were Rogue One and an occasional 40th Anniversary so I’m not holding my breath.

          • Matthew Vandebogert

            I know. Thats why i jumped on that 3.75 Luke. Havent seen anything padt the Phasma wave here. In Illinois i found the Jyn DT Erg wave. I see prices are coming down on ebay. Still high at $60-$80 bit better than the over $100 earlier. Yes its Rex hes THEE Trooper for alot people. Im a huge Clone fan and i love Rex. So im geeked over this 1. Im not mich of a 6″ collector most of the time. But this figure is must have. 🙂

  • Joshua Hanes

    when it releases on HTS, would I go to the star wars section and sort by new or is there some special place?

    • OfWolfandMan

      Visit the section titled: Available for One Minute and Seventeen Seconds.

  • Daniel Preece

    I’m just glad I don’t want this item…

  • General Hux

    Good luck to all who try (and fail) when this goes up on HTS.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    All this Rex talk has me watching The Clone Wars that have him in it. I love Rex!!

  • Fiery Little One

    For some reason I was expecting the prices to be worse. Probably will be next month, now that I think about it.

  • Chezwa

    I’m at Hascon. There are TONS of these still available. Have hope maybe a lot make it onto HTS. I know it’s hard for a lot of people as they’ve been waiting years now for him.

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      Thats great news for fans. Hopefully they can get him when hes on HTS.

  • ctwins3688

    I only collect 6″ troopers and have 0 interest in this figure- maybe it’s bc I’ve never watched the clone wars/ rebels, but it’s just not doing anything for me

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      The Clone Wars is definitely worth watching. You would probably then want this figure. Rex is a great character. 1 of my favorites in all of Star Wars. I know people have their interests and likes in SW. Thats what majes it so great. Its such an open Universe. From films to books to cartoons. And games n toys. Something for everyone.

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      Im also a big trooper fan. My all time fav is still the old Sandtrooper with orange pauldron. Im stoked for the Dewback.

      • ctwins3688

        I agree- still partial to the original stormtrooper, but sandtrooper is definitely my favorite “variant.” Can’t wait for the dewback! Fingers crossed the Trooper that comes with it is solid and not rubbery like the biker scout

  • Santos Lozano

    Does anyone know when we should expect to see them on HTS? After hascon, but when? In a week? Monday?

    • Zarco Rey

      Some day of the week and time when most of the potential buyers will be at work.

      • Philbrick

        So the professional toy flippers can buy them all up and continue the cycle.

  • That was an unfortunate typo wasn’t it

  • TonyE

    Sorta strange, perhaps not, but I actually like the fact I don’t for one bit like or need exclusives. As an in-package collector, I like to have more than one thing that comes in the same packaging style. I need that. Because they come in more unique packages I have no interest.

  • rebuiltHK47

    Can we just go ahead and set fire to people that do this?

    No? It’s still illegal?

    Ugh. Fine.

    • Darth_Rizzen

      No HK, you can’t kill the meatbags (yet).

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    REX doesn’t come out again until Spring 2018 !
    So all of you thinking the price will drop on these is WRONG!

  • Austin Sensei

    id pay for it at that price assuming HTS wont have many

  • LadiesMan217

    It’s funny because it doesn’t even have the digital face print. So basically everyone’s all over it just for the sake of getting it earlier than everyone else and some package that belongs in the recycle bin. (jk)

    • TW7

      I was wondering about that. I thought I heard that Rex would be the second figure after Rey to get the digital face printing. So the wider release Rex will be coming with the new printing tech and this Hascon version will not?

    • iPhoneHome85

      He actually does have the digital face print as confirmed by Hasbro themselves as SDCC. He is the first.

      “TWG: The Captain Rex Black Series figure was revealed earlier today, and he’s one of my favorite characters. Could you talk more about the technology used to capture Temuera Morrison’s likeness?

      Joe: Yeah, so we have a new process that we’re applying basically in spring 2018 and beyond. Captain Rex is actually the first product you’re going to be able to get with that. He’s our HASCON exclusive, so if you come to HASCON, you can get him early.

      TWG: I will!

      Joe: Good, please do! Tell your friends!

      I won’t get into the specific technology, but it’s a new mapping process that allows us to really take photo-real accuracy of a character and apply it to our figures. So our sculpts have been growing leaps and bounds in terms of the quality. Our team is just killing it with that. We’ve been frustrated with being able to really get the paint to sort of justify the amazing sculpts that we have, so that new process is letting us do it. You’ll see that with Rey and Rex, just early examples, but we have a lot more coming.”

  • SK

    Did this sell out at the con?

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