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HASCON17: Snoke Put On Display After Presentation

Snoke was finally put out at HASCON today after the Star Wars presentation. Click below to have a look!


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  • Kevin Knight

    The head sculpt looks great, but that robe?

    Only one reveal for the Vintage Collection, eh?

  • Tony Diver

    Woah, this looks pretty cool, I can’t wait.

  • BlueSaber

    Loving it, he looks AMAZING. Everything I could have hoped for and the actual soft good cloak with arms is sweet. That gives me high hopes for a new Emperor with an all new cloak that doesn’t drown him and fits well on his arms.

  • Wayne Collins

    If that’s the bench mark for the vintage line….. bring it on!!!
    So long as Hasbro understand we will need a solid case of this figure (If the other in the picture make up wave 1) , then things are just starting to look up!!

  • JasonBL

    He ugly…I want it..

  • Rivesjunctionite

    What do you know? Hascon was good for something.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Not a fan of this character at all either in looks/personality (or lack thereof rather) but this is a pretty good likeness of what we have seen of him so far.

    Still think they should have done a holographic version of him to complete all the major characters from TFA.

    • dogbite

      I’d like to say wait for the holographic exclusive, but that seems to be more a part of the 6″ game these days…

      • darthmo

        A 6″ holographic version would work out just right for a 3.75 display of him talking to Kylo.

  • TorynGlavin

    I love this figure! I have the 6″ version with his throne on pre-order and I need this too. I don’t love the robe but I think really that’s the best Hasbro could do. I think that’s a really difficult character design to put into figure. But I really believe they’ve done their best. But I will still buy it and really enjoy it!

  • Matthew Leuck

    What’s under the robe- tan pants and boots?

    • Zedrick

      Gold slippers and white capri pants.

  • Zedrick

    Making a gold silk-like robe is just too hard to do in this and 6″ scale. Head sculpt looks great, but is this a prototype? Also it looks like he lost two of his fingers on his right hand?…

    • Jorge L. Espinosa

      He is 3.75 inches, from the vintage collection, not the 6 inch black series. Look at the boxes on the background and the Rey in the background

  • mic windu

    Thanks JTA, ironically the figure looks better than the character in the film! Bring on vintage collection, spring is very far away. Can’t wait to own this guy.

  • Fred

    Looks like he’s wearing a gold bathrobe. Maybe he lifted it from the intergalactic Four Seasons.

  • 6starwars

    Here’s another example of Hasbro proving that they can do great figures . . . when they try.


      I will never buy a Snoke. Maybe a holographic ep7 version with chair and hard robe, but not a flesh Snoke in a fuzzy gold robe.

      • 6starwars

        I don’t care for the Snoke character and hate his gold robe, but this appears to be a well-done figure. For the SA line, Snoke is a fairly significant character (unlike Rose, whose 3.75″ choice was disappointing). Here’s hoping that we learn more about him and his poor wardrobe choices in 8 & 9.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Yes, Hasbro is certainly capable of producing some fantastic figures, and they’ve done so for a long time – in both the SA and 5 POA lines. My only disappointment is that Snoke was the only new reveal for TVC.

      • 6starwars

        They’ve been doing this so long that all/most figures should be great, not just “some”. Producing a paltry eight, or so, new SA figures per year isn’t really trying IMO. Some of the recent 5POA figures have had excellent sculpts . . . and then we get that awful Bespin Han with a fantastic Boba. Agree that it would have been nice to have seen more than Snoke, but we know that everything is a big secret these days.

        • Mother_Talzin

          Honestly, the basic line for me, is far more exciting than the SA 3.75 lines offerings in the last few years. Snoke looks like he could change that, considering the 5 POA Snoke is only available in a $200 playset. I’ve found that the sculpts in both 3.75 lines tend to be good, its often the deco mistakes that can ruin a figure in either line.

  • Tom Chorlton

    I think this character was pretty lame, but love the toy! Or maybe I just WANT the toy since it kinda completes my TFA set? Whatever, I’m happy to get a good properly articulated one of this guy.

    • darthmo

      I think this character is about to get a lot better…

  • Jaken Wraith

    Great Fig. He is about Chewie’s height, yes?

    • Steve Evans said he is 7′ in the film.

      • Jaken Wraith

        Little less than Chewie prob. Mayhew was 7’2 i believe, and the new Kid is 7′. I want to see what’s under his Robe, look’s like a light colored “silky” Pajama Pant.

        • Caleb

          Under the robe eh? 😉

          • Jaken Wraith

            Snoke got somethin’ goin’ on under there haha

      • Danny

        This info is in Wookiepedia

  • Darth Parsley

    Looks amazing can’t wait

  • tony car care

    I think he has his wedding ring on

  • Sithless

    Yes, he can actually sit on his throne without his legs sticking out! I will now buy the Mega Playset just so he can sit on the throne that comes with it!

  • darthmo

    Awesome looking figure. And the robe to me is completely acceptable.

  • Coleman Miller

    Will he come with any accessories or just as shown?

    Getting this either way.

  • scram
  • CG

    This looks fantastic

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I can’t wait for DJ I mean Boba Fett to be released! I’m stoked!

  • Axonrey

    I dig it. But i like soft goods. Bridge Directs Hobbit figures were fantastic but Gandalf and Thanduil were ruined because of hard plastic robes nullifying articulation. I’m afraid old man Luke may suffer a simular fate.

  • Keith Maurer

    I still don’t like the Snoke character. Sorry to all those who like him. I think they should have went another way. He looks like an old man in a bath robe to me. The detail does look great though. I however don’t think kids will rush out to play with this toy. As a kid for me Old Ben just sat there and collected dust until I flushed him down the toilet like in a sarlacc pit. If kids do I think it would be a little disturbing.

    • dogbite

      To me he sorta looks more like some undead Hugh Hefner.

      • Keith Maurer

        Yeah someone might buy it as a walker and mix it in with their walking dead toys.

    • darthmo

      The idea of liking him or not outside of whether you like him conceptually in terms of creature design is difficult until more is revealed in the film don’t you think? I personally like the idea that he appears to be a wealthy character who wears lavish robes showing off his wealth.

      • Keith Maurer

        I see your point. Maybe if they develop the character more it will help. Maybe he is just an old Sith. Kinda the opposite of Yoda that would be cool. Even better would be if he gets a sick mask to cover that ugly mug and an ancient light saber. Now that would make my day.


    If you asked me back in 2013 when they announced the new trilogy who the main villain would be, I would have never guessed that it would a dried up testicle in golden robes wearing the Schwartz ring. Who says life is not full of surprises?

    • Diego


  • Snoke-A-Cola. Can’t beat the real thing!

    Seriously though… whoever made up these villain names gave them the least threatening names they could have. Kylo Ren… my grandparents had a dog named Kylo. It’s a happy name. Then the Ren makes me think of Ren and Stimpy. Snoke… sounds like a little lizard of some sort. Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Tyranus, the Emperor… those are some villainous sounding names. Ah well.

    • Albert Escobedo

      Snoke reminds me of Coke or Poke. Supreme Leader Poke…

      • We_Are_Groot

        Snoke sounds like phelgm or something. Not a villain. Kylo sounds like something some yuppies would name their kid to be “unique.” Doesn’t have the same ring as Vader, does it?

        Then again… Palpatine sounds silly too. And Tyrannus, Maul, and Sidious are a little too on the nose.

        • Albert Escobedo

          Kylo’s name is fine to me. He’s a guy who thought his name sounded cool. Kylo wanted the reputation of Darth Vader so the name would catch on as scary. I get chills remembering Palpatine name Anakin so I can imagine Ren went through something like that with Snoke.

          My thoughts on Snoke is that it’s just one syllable. I had gotten used to villain names like Grievous or Revan. I’ll get used to it but it does sound abrupt.

          • Batta Man

            Have a Coke, a Snoke, and a poke…
            Good sculpt on head and neck tho IMO…



  • Hazzbro Jonez

    pretty cool i guess. looks like neil patrick harris in halloween make-up the more i look at it

  • MaarekStele

    lol Snoke looks like Gold Member from Austin powers.

    • Elf_Jedi

      Oh yesh yesh yesh. This figgar is a keeper!
      He alsho comes with a shmoke und a pancake & is Dr Evils fahza – but he hash a weak spot …. in the kanickies !

  • Darth Awesome

    Sweet bathrobe dude!

  • Danny P.


    • Gloriouscollector


  • BigJim Slade

    That gold robe reminds me of Serpentor from way back in the day.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    From the Topps pics, it looks like Hasbro forgot to include the black thread into the robe’s weave in these figures.

  • Gloriouscollector

    I LOVE Goooooooooooolllllddddd!!! LOL

  • Darth_Rizzen

    The figure looks truly great in terms of sculpt and soft goods. Even has a suitably baleful stare.

    It’s the character’s design I have a problem with. Not Hasbro’s fault, of course.

    I mean, visually speaking, how does 900-years-old Gollum in a Goldmember bathrobe and slippers fit in with these guys?

    I guess it’s intended to be displayed in its own diorama, on the throne, surrounded by Praetorian Guards.

    • dogbite

      The vibe I am starting to get from Snoke, & the First Order in general, is that it’s all about wealth.

      The point is, Snoke doesn’t really fit in with the FO, you’re right…he owns them.

      I’m starting to see them as a sort of privately funded paramilitary group with Snoke at the top of the chain. This is why they seem to have such sleek tech, the best of the best, refined from equipment that at one point really did make a difference in helping keep the Galaxy under a thumb.

      The key difference between the GE & the FO is scruples, I believe; while the Empire was not above contracting out jobs to bounty hunters & the like, they relied upon their conscripted & volunteer fighting force, whereas with the First Order you have more than a few of their leaders (Phasma, etc) whom are basically mercenaries being paid & promoted to high ranks as a means to an end: training & leading into combat their “clone” army of child soldiers.

      Which system is truly more evil, though?

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Very interesting theory.

        That would explain how the battered, exiled, cash strapped Imperial remnant managed to turn into a viable regional military power in a relatively short time span.

        I’m still puzzled by the FO’s sudden increase in firepower from TFA to TLJ: new Resurgent-Class cruisers, new specialised vehicles (AT-M6, Mandatory IV), in addition to refurbished AT-ATs. And where were the TIE Bombers when the FO hit Takodana?

        more than a few of their leaders (Phasma, etc) whom are basically mercenaries being paid & promoted to high ranks as a means to an end: training & leading into combat their “clone” army of child soldiers.

        Which is pretty much what the Kaminoans did for the Grand Army of the Republic’s special forces (ARC troopers and Commandos).

        It’s not the only parallel with the Republic in fact. The FO relies on rapid deployment of ground troops and massive starfighter support rather than sending capital ships and walkers like the Empire. They also felt the need to create a mobile artillery unit (AT-M6) along the lines of the Republic era AT-AP or SPHA-T.

        It’s a bit ironic that an anti New Republic zealot like Hux would adopt the Old Republic’s military doctrine, actually.

        Which system is truly more evil, though?

        The FO wiped out an entire system without fair warning simply to satisfy a murderous ideology. Also kidnaps and enslaves children to turn them into cannon fodder.
        Is there even a contest?

      • darthmo

        I agree. We haven’t seen that side of SW in terms of wealth and extravagance etc Looks like that’s a bit of a theme in EpVII.

    • Vasco Madeira

      We need the throne in 3.75!

      • Darth_Rizzen


        But Palpatine’s 3.75″ throne first. ?

        I wouldn’t mind a 6″ as well… My customised 6″ Palpatine can sit down. ?

        • darthmo

          Hasbro throne two pack…

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Evolutions pack ?
            AOTC Supreme Chancellor Palpatine with office chair (first ever release in SA)
            ROTJ Emperor Palpatine with Throne
            TLJ Snoke with Throne

            What? I can dream…

          • No you cant.

          • darthmo

            Dream? Hasbro should be giving you a discount voucher for the idea!

    • CT-7567

      Which Phasma is that?

      • Darth_Rizzen

        It’s the MAFEX Phasma.

        Only one in the 1/12 scale with a movie accurate, slightly battered chrome armour and wired soft goods cape.

        As far as I’m concerned, this is the definitive 6″ Phasma. ?

        • CT-7567

          I’d have to agree with you. That display is beautiful, btw. 🙂 Regardless of how I feel about TFA, I love FO troopers.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Thanks! ?

            I must say that these FO guys do look like they mean business, gathered like that. My 6″ Imperial display always looks much messier for some reason.

            All I need now is a truly great looking General Hux. Hopefully SH Figuarts will provide just that in the future.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      what phasma is that? model kit? love the set up by the way. good mixture

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Thanks! ?

        It’s the MAFEX Phasma.

  • If only snoke would come with a changeable black robe, but Im sure their premium golden robe set them back so they wont even be including accessories.

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Looks a great sculpt, lots of detail. Must be from the scene where Snoke hurridly gets out of the shower because the postman is knocking.

  • Tyler Frechette

    Don’t care for this trilogy at all and not particularly invested in any of the characters, including Snoke — all of the “villains” are sadly pretty lame. I will say though, the scarring and sheer detail of this sculpt is incredible. Well done Hasbro. I will buy this just to support TVC.

  • dogbite

    Ok, not trying to be a hater, Snoke looks great…but they gotta fix those mismatched joints on Rey & the other figures. I’m pleased that she’s coming fully decked out, but if I’m going to buy her twice in an outfit she is only in a couple of scenes for (those pesky gloves!), she has to be superior to the BS release, same goes for the other reissues. Either way, 2018 is seriously shaping up much better than the year past at this point, & I’m getting excited!

  • Batta Man

    Not interested in the 5POA stuff any more…gonna buy TVC by the case tho…

  • Daniel Preece

    Why does Snoke look like the “Ancient One” lady from Doctor Strange?

  • Chris Kosin

    If anyone noticed the ring on Snoke’s hand, it does have great meaning, and Disney is brilliantly merging two universes. Snoke originates from the planet Mongo. We’ve all seen that ring before:

    • darthmo

      And just proves villains can be glamorous.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      So that’s Lor San Tekka’s ring?

  • shane

    Snoke sounds like a good excuse to call off work. ” Ah yes, I can’t come in today, I’m afraid I have a bit of a Snoke that’s been going around. “

  • Maxime Pare

    Is that Hugh Hefner?


    I think I’ve seen as one in one of those anti smoking ads, putting on his wig and cleaning out his stoma…

  • Captain Antilles

    The Walking-Dead-Snoke: zombie with gold bathrobe and Capri pants 😉

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